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I've had people tell me that, due to the fact that I am a non-vegtarian/non-vegan I can't be animal lover or fight to protect animals rights. I was wondering what your opinion on nonvegans/nonvegtarians being animal lovers/animal righys activists?

I’m gonna use myself as an example. I love birds. I devote my life to rescuing them, driving hundreds of miles to do home interviews with adopters, getting them treatment when they’re sick, that’s all I care about is saving as many birds as possible.

How would it make sense for me, a bird lover go through thick and thin to help one bird, then go home and eat one for dinner? Why are their lives not as important as the birds I’m rescuing? To me, they are equally important. They feel pain, want to raise their young, and simply don’t want to die.
If I can take action to prevent their suffering, I’m gonna do it, because I’m a bird lover. 

If I love animals, why would I support an industry that harms them?

I was a transitional vegan. I kept digging and digging for information and slowly started to wake up to the realization that all animals deserve compassion. It’s not easy at first, but you eventually get used to it. Changing habits isn’t easy, but I think this is very worth it.

I want you to think on this. I’m not trying to say you don’t care about animals, I’m trying to encourage you to take an extra step to care about the treatment of ALL animals. 

If we stopped giving money to those who kill and abuse animals (animal agriculture), they would have to find other means to make money (Boar’s Head is making hummus now). Even eating eggs seems harmless, but it’s not. I suggest you look up “male baby chicks”.

My RWBY Secret Santa gift for Reba (floralninjachan)!!! Here’s some silly Lancaster for you!

I hope you’ve had a fun and festive week! Happy Holidays :D

Transformers Animated Season 4 Preliminary Episode Guide

My decrepit-ass scanner appears to have died after many years of service, so I am just gonna type these up.  If I get it working again, I will add scans!

These are all taken from a two-page spread in the newest (Oct/Nov 2016) issue of the Transformers Collector’s Club official magazine.  Issue 71.


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It was you, it was you!
The one who made me realize
If we can make even the darkness shine
It will become a starry sky
Stop hiding your sadness behind a smile
‘Cause every one of these shining stars
Will shine upon you

[Your Lie In April Crossover]

The opening song to the anime helped so much.