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To add more to the Jon-Ned parallels! (as of recent developments)

- Both had responsibility over Winterfell thrust upon them due to circumstances; they never expected to rule

- Both had a father and an older brother (who they both admired and simultaneously thought was better than them) suffer cruel deaths

- One younger male sibling is still living (who plus points! coincidentally meet in the current time-line): Benjen and Bran - both also have ties to the three-eyed raven

- Many comparisons have been made of Arya and Lyanna in both looks and temperament (as I come to know in the books), and I imagine Lyanna also shared a very close relationship with Ned mirroring Jon and Arya’s relationship (but please don’t let the parallels be too literal for these two) 

- A significant red-head ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  is by their side to help them rule and whom they didn’t necessarily love romantically at first (in Ned’s case), but whom they felt/feel an obligation towards and a deep protectiveness 

- Creepyfinger still caught in the loop a generation after. Man, he must feel a strong sense of deja vu


Another one for my Jared injuries tag (11/?), a broken rib sustained over the Christmas break 2012/13. (Also, ‘no more wrestling’? Sure, Jared, sure.)


What does G.LOW mean? {K-much name meanings}