i can't wait!!!!

i love this, you know? the peace sign that was there throughout sana’s season, and the peace sign even used in his message to mikael, next to each other like that. i think sana would be so glad to know that they’re in a good place now. because she wants peace to reign among the people in her life, i think that’s what she really wanted, in the end, and why this week she’s inviting everybody to come the the eid party, because she wants everyone to be there together, in peace :) 

I legit think he’s my latest accessory (’wanna carry him round all over town) is my fastest-kudos’d fic ever (by which I mean we got >250 kudos since last night and i am a l a r m e d and awed by that speed, thank you guys so much).

Big thanks again to @swingsetindecember for getting all the finishing touches down and getting it posted :) 

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