i can't

I CAN’T!!!

Whatever happened to witty banter, intriguing dialogue, and humorous exchanges of cultural phenomena? Why must you guys be so boring. I mean I do not want to have lame text, or these one-sided conversations where they say, “Nah, I like to hear you talk?”… and if you ask them anything, it’s a bunch of , “Umm, well like, ya know, ah, I guess, I kinda like, ya know, bowling, but, ya know… Um, I’m pretty, ah, simple”.‪#‎KillMeNow‬ Read a book, educate yourself, develop a personality, get some goals, and then maybe try dating, but don’t come to the table with nothing to offer, emotionally, financially, and intellectually.‪#‎ThingsThatMakeYourPussyDry‬