i can't

Do you ever go down a Tiva spiral on YouTube and then scream into the void that THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOGETHER because good grief they were so bloody obvious and so blatantly in love with each other and FOR SO LONG TOO but then instead all we ultimately got was pain and misery? Cause that’s me now

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This is going to sound absolutely ridiculous and random but I was walking in the dark in my house about to raid the fridge and I stepped on something a lil hard and it made a weird cringey snap sound, like wood?

I turned on the light and found a dead beetle or something on the floor and its blood like smothered in one straight line.

Idk the thought of bug blood on my foot made me cringe, but now I feel really bad like what if it had a family? And it probably was thinking ‘oh let me live here it’s nice and warm!’ And then WHAM he’s dead omg