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One of These Nights (7/?); jongyu; pg

Jinki knows that he’s gay. What he doesn’t know is how to handle a crush on someone as entwined in the music industry as he is.

part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6

AO3 Mirror

Really sorry this has been such a long wait! My other wip has gotten far out of hand and is consuming my life, basically. Now jongyu get to shift from the is-he-gay-dance to the do-i-want-to-risk-my-friendship dance. Hope y’all enjoy! Things are going to move a bit faster after this one.

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The Angel and the Demon Pt. 1

This story was inspired by @batfam-imagines Clark’s Niece series. I have their permission to use their idea.


Too many people. Too many different colors. Too many different heartbeats.

Your uncle had thought it would be a great idea to take you up to the watchtower to meet the rest of the League.

Instead, you had lost him in the crowd. You searched for the familiar blue and red, but you weren’t used to this many people. His heartbeat was indiscernible in the cacophony of heartbeats surrounding you.

“Uncle Clark?” You whispered softly, spinning in a circle slowly. Your cape swished around your legs and you tripped over the edge of it, falling backwards.

Strong hands caught you, and you breathed a sigh of relief as your uncle lifted you up.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I shouldn’t have left.” He apologizes as he floats above the crowd, holding your hand.

“Where did you go?” You say, looking around.

The view from the watchtower is incredible, and you can’t help but stare at the Earth from this angle.

“Batman arrived, and he brought his son, Damian.” He grimaces a bit when he says his name. “I had to talk to Bruce so he would keep Damian in line.”

“How old is Damian?” You question, turning to float on your back.

“He’s a year older than you.”

“So, ten?” You do a back flip and laugh.

“Yeah, he’s ten. Come on, they’re down there.” He begins his descent towards Gotham’s Heroes.

A wave of shyness overtakes you suddenly.

What if Damian doesn’t like you? You had heard about the child from Conner, who met him once when he was with Tim. According to Kon, he was “a literal demon from hell.”

You sped up and stayed behind your Uncle’s giant frame, so you wouldn’t be seen.

“Batman.” He greeted the man in black.

Batman’ voice was unnaturally deep, and your hearing picked up on the tiniest bit of flaw in the voice, so you knew it wasn’t his real voice.

“Hello, Superman. You’ve met Robin?” You use your x-ray vision to see him gesture to the boy standing next to him.

He has black hair and blue eyes, and his outfit is the most different from the other Robin’s, with a hood shadowing his eyes, which are covered by a domino mask.

It had never occurred to you to wear a mask. Your Uncle didn’t, and neither did Kara or Kon. Your glasses had always been the most concealment you needed.

No one suspected the Kent family to be superheroes. Although, a few had commented on how odd it was that everyone but Lois wore glasses.

“Weren’t you planning on bringing your niece?” Batman questioned, crossing his arms.

“She’s-” Clark turned and saw you standing behind him. You smiled and waved sheepishly.

“Y/N,” he said in a mock stern tone.

You lifted so your feet were a few inches off the ground, and giggled, your cheeks turning a light shade of pink.

He stepped aside, an you moved with him. Every move he made, you copied him, all the while giggling playfully.

Finally, his arms shot out and grabbed you, before whirling around and holding you in front of him.

You laughed, curling your legs up in the air.

A cough brought your attention back to the intimidating pair, and you straightened, looking in awe at Batman.

“Hello, Y/N, I’m Bruce, and this is-”

“Tt. I can introduce myself father.” The boy cut him off. He faced you and you looked at him with interest. “I am Damian.” He held his hand out, and you tentatively reached out and shook it.

“I expected more strength from a Kryptonian.” He said under his breath, so low that if it hadn’t been for your enhanced hearing, the comment would have gone unnoticed.

You plaster a smile on your face and squeeze his hand harder, before letting go and stepping back, satisfied. >

As you fly to meet the other heroes, you can’t help but hear a conversation between the duo.

“What do you think of her.”

“She interests me, and she is already more tolerable than Drake.”

Finally ended! Finally done

I came back to Tumblr because of this anime. Can’t believe that there’s gonna be an anime came up to ruin my life by drag me sit in front of the computer, launch my hand to finish many full drawing like this, and make me sleep at four every day. Also even though my English is suck but I’m still keep reading many critical YOI articles. This’s quite a new experience for me because I never be like this before. 

But Thank you to Kubo-sensei and the team to create this beautiful series. I’m looking forward to the next season!!

ps. continue from this >> http://moconiz.tumblr.com/post/154784513016/praise-to-yoi-ep12-tt-i-can-rest-in-peace

ps2. If not because YOI, I’ll not meet you two, @akashiseijuurou-4 @cicilovemakoto thank you so much to talk and been crazy with me. nice to talk to both of you TT/////////TT

ps3. print available in Redbubble http://www.redbubble.com/people/mocon/works/24507382-we-were-born-to-make-history?asc=u&c=629761-yuri-on-ice

Being scared together
  • Jon: Damian, are you ever really afraid of anything?
  • Damian: ...maybe.
  • Jon: It's just the two of us. You can tell me.
  • Damian: I fear that there will be a night when my father doesn't come home. That this time, he's not just going to lose his memories, there won't be a Chaos Shard to revive him or that there won't even be a body to place in a Lazarus Pit. That without me knowing it, he might just end up another bloodstain on broken concrete, just like Drake. Not even anything left of him to mourn over.
  • Jon: That's horrible! I'm sorry I asked...
  • Damian: You don't get a free pass. It's your turn to tell me yours.
  • Jon: Well, I keep thinking about why my dad and I have to try so hard to keep our identity secret. I get it now...people will know I'm different. They might call me an alien, they might call me a hero. But because they know I'm not like them, they won't see who I am. That to them, I won't be a boy, I won't be a kid named Jon Kent. I'm scared that to them, I won't even have a name, that I don't deserve to even have a name, or friends, or school or anything, because I'm not one of them after all. That I'm not human, and that I don't deserve to live like one.
  • Damian: Ironic. I fear the ignominy of death while you fear life without living. We're just a pair of scared boys, aren't we?
  • Jon: I guess. But you know what? Telling you about my fears and hearing about yours makes me feel better. Like, I know I'm not alone, I'm not the only one who's scared. It's like if you're there with me, I know I can be brave.
  • Damian: -TT- if being scared together gives us the courage we need, then I hope you're prepared to deal with me for the rest of your life.
  • Jon: You know, that doesn't sound so bad...

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Headcanons or imagine idc, of where Damian has a significant other who has abilities similar to poison ivy or like Pamela's protégée. Maybe reader hasn't met the family yet due to that reason

Sorry for the long wait! Hope you enjoy this and thank you for requesting!

You never thought Damian and you could ever be in a serious relationship because you are always plagued with thoughts of how one touch from you, everything you love can be destroyed. “TT. I can hear the gears in your head turning, stop, I’m not going to leave you.” Damian would often say this to you in the beginning of your relationship.

Damian actually likes you because you are somewhat similar to him but is able to carry yourself differently and that is why he continuously pursued you (and obviously, one can only reject the Wayne charm one too many times). You only relented to dating him when you were touched by how hard he had worked to get you to feel comfortable enough with him and you also saw that he was willing to let you touch him knowing how you much of a control you have over your powers.

When Damian asked if you wanted to meet his family, you had immediately told him no because you were afraid. You never minded what others thought of you but seeing as this was Damian’s family, you knew you would be devastated if they did not approve of your relationship with Damian. 

“TT. Father will approve of you and Pennyworth will probably think you are a beacon of light.” Damian would often grumble this to you as a way to reassure you but you are still afraid. It is a huge deal for you too because none of your relationship has ever lasted to the point of where your boyfriend would ask you to meet his family. 

Though as much as you try to postpone meeting Damian’s family, you actually met a few of them by accident – or to put it bluntly, you were sought out and some meetings were coincidences.

“So you’re the one who is dating the demon spawn then?” Red Hood had appeared behind you, knocking out the henchman who had a knife to you. “You’ve got some moves.” You did not even want to know how Red Hood knew about your super costume and your powers. “Though I think the demon spawn should correct your stance - your left side is always open for attacks.”

Meeting Grayson had been the normal one out of all of Damian’s family. You had been waiting for Damian in his apartment when the door to the apartment opened and Damian rushes in with his costume on. 

“Dick’s been poisoned.” You never wanted to hear those words coming out of Damian’s mouth because you knew what he was going to ask you to do and before you could even say no, Damian held your hand and looked at you. “I trust you.” And hearing Damian say that to you, knowing how unsteady your powers can be, boosted your confidence a lot. 

Meeting Bruce Wayne had left you weak in the knees because even though you already know how he looked like, the photos of him definitely did not do him any justice. “TT. Can’t believe you’re swooning over father.” Damian crosses his arms before nudging your shoulders with his. “That’s half of the family already.”

This causes Bruce to insist you to come for the next family dinner and that he would not take no for an answer. “Of course, I will bring her by the manor for dinner, father.”

Saved- Part One Damian Wayne x Reader

Word Count- 1455

Request- Hi! I have a request. Could you write an imagine where Damian meets the reader on lyric after he saves the reader. And he walks the reader home and they bond, the reader tells him they are new in Gotham and why they moved there. The day after they are at the same class and Damian gets kinda nervous around the reader. And he accidentally says something about last night that only robin knows so the reader finds out Damian is robin by they ain’t stupid. The reader promises not to say a word. So they start hanging out together (as friends). This is my first request. OMG this is so long have a lovely day!

Summary- Damian saves the reader while on patrol and walks them home. The reader tells him about how they just moved to Gotham with their family. The day after, Damian discovers that the reader is new at Gotham Academy and they have a same class together. Feeling nervous he accidentally says something to the reader that they had only told Robin, so it is obvious to them who he is. They confront him and promise that they won’t tell anyone, thus beginning their new friendship.

Warnings- none really. There’s a bit of violence I guess.

A/N- Yay! My second request. I loved writing this so much, thank you for sending in the request!! It ended up being really long so I’m going to post it in two parts.


All you wanted was to get a quick drink from the local diner real quick before you got home. Your house had a strict rule of no desserts, so when you discovered the diner that was only a few blocks away from your house, you would go inside to get a milkshake and drink it before you got home. Yeah, you had a bit of a sweet tooth.

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Wouldn't it be great to have a part 2 of the little fic you wrote about damian awkward wayne not knowing how to handle a crush? This time y/n confesses to him and so on?

I finally got around to writing this! Sorry it took a while. I honestly wasn’t planning on making a part two but since it was requested, I hope I did this well. Thank you for sending in the request and enjoy!


Damian Wayne hates it when he is not in control. He hates it even more when he knows he should be in control but he can feel control slipping through his fingers. He had been fine and perfectly in control before but the moment he met you, he should have guessed that the word control will no longer exist in his dictionary.

“Hi Damian.” You greet him and Damian almost falls from the chair at how close you are to him. If he leans forward, he will be able to kiss you – what in the world is he thinking! He scolds himself and with much control – or lack of – Damian pushes you away, causing you to slightly frown.

You cross your arms and look at Damian. He is avoiding your gaze – like he normally does but what’s new – and you sigh. After that talk you had with your Grandpa, it was really probably best for you to confess. When you think about it, it makes sense for Damian to act the way he is – you know the way he was raised was not what one would deem as normal so you figured he may have a hard time with feelings.

“I have something to tell you, Damian.” You uncross your arms and let it hang on your sides. Damian looks at you and lifts one of his eyebrows. You take a deep breath, exhaling slowly. There is no turning back now. “I like you, a whole lot. Not just the normal like but like-like, you know what I mean?” You tell him, looking at him with those big eyes he has started to like.

Damian’s face turns red when he finally registers just what you had told him. This is actually the first time you have seen Damian’s expression changing from one to another so quickly: shock, embarrassment, astonishment and even something unreadable. It had been too quick but you could care less because you have finally told him about your feelings. It really did feel like the weight of the world is finally off of your shoulders now.

“So yeah, just wanted you to know! I don’t really expect an immediate answer – or any answer at all to be quite honest – but thought you ought to know.” You give him a smile, one that almost blinded him. You are prepared to leave if your confession made Damian uncomfortable. This Damian who is quiet is making you nervous – you rather he answers you normally, bantering like how the two of you used to do prior to this confession because the silence is killing you.

“Okay, I’m going to – whoa!” You let out a yelp when you move to head towards the door when Damian pulls you toward him. He covers both of your eyes and your hands immediately went to hold on to the hands that are covering your eyes. “D-Damian?”

Damian could feel his face burning and honestly, your confession shocked him. To say he did not see this coming would be a total lie. “Be quiet!” Damian hisses. “I am trying to think here.” He grumbles as he stares at you. You mumble something incoherent but drop your hands from his. “Just listen to what I have to say.”

You relent, shrugging your shoulders. “Okay, okay – it’s not like I can go anywhere anyways.”

“Tt.” Damian shakes his head. He looks around the place – he will die if any of his brothers or even Alfred – hears this! He clears his throat as he stares at his own fingers. He can feel your eyelashes against his palms. “To me, you are…” He trails off, suddenly his brain short-circuited and he can’t find the right words to say. “What I mean to say is… you know… you are important…” Damian tells you dumbly and you shake your head.

“Damian, what are you trying to say? I am confused.” Which is a total lie because you happen to have an inkling as to what he is trying to say. You just wanted to tease him a little bit.

Damian takes a deep breath, exhaling through his nose. His heart is racing and he could feel his palms starting to get sweaty. He hopes you don’t mind. He opens his mouth to try again. “You… You are… I… You are important to me.” He finishes, appalled at how much he is stuttering. His mother had taught him better than this!

You finally let a smile appear on your face and you pull Damian’s palms away from your eyes before looking at him. “Damian Wayne, are you telling me that you like me?” You can see Damian tensing up! He pulls away from you like hot potato and you could not contain the smile on your face from expanding.

Damian sputters incoherently. “What are you implying! You don’t know anything – stop putting words in my mouth!” Damian exclaims, turning redder by the second. If you were any other girl, you probably would have been offended but alas, you are Alfred Pennyworth’s granddaughter so you are not just some random girl.

You giggle at the turn of events before throwing your arms around Damian, hugging him to you. Damian lets out another stutter – this time he’s doing it in Arabic – and tries to push you away. Because you are sitting and Damian is standing, your face is directly on his chest and you can hear just how loud his heart is thumping and Damian is just too much for your heart to handle.

“I like you a lot, Damian Wayne!” You pull him closer and at first, Damian resisted because what in the world. You are so close to him and he can feel your warmth through the shirt and he is starting to feel faint and what is going on.

But once the initial shock has passed and Damian relaxes himself, he carefully places both of his arms around you before hugging you back tenderly. His face is still red and he knows his heart is racing, he can feel it and Damian hopes you wouldn’t say anything smart about it. “I like you too.” Damian finally (finally!!) mumbles and you giggle quietly to yourself, hugging him tighter.

You Can’t Go In There: Older(-ish) Damian Wayne x Reader

Summary:Young-ish teenage Damian Wayne visits the local animal shelter and is surprised to find a volunteer his age working with the animals.

Abbreviations: Y/N: Your name, Y/A, your age


“You can’t go in there,” I stopped the boy starting towards the isolation unit of the shelter.

“Tt, I can handle myself.” He turned to look at me, and stopped. “Oh. Do you work here?”

“Yeah.” I said, putting the cat in my arms back in his kennel. “I’m Y/N. You are?”

“I’m Damian Wayne.” He studied me harder. “How old are you?”

“I’m Y/A.” I explained. “My parents own the shelter.” I got a text from my mom just then saying to bring Noodles, one of our newest arrivals to the shelter, up to the clinic. I bent down to retrieve her from her kennel and stroked her fur when she shrunk away from me.

“Shhh… C’mon, Noodles, it’s okay.” I waited until she warmed up to me to pick her up and draw her close. “This is Noodles.” I introduced her to Damian.

“Noodles?” He rolled his eyes.

“We found her behind a noodle restaurant.” I kissed her head. “She’s due for vaccinations.”

“Um…” He scratched his head. “Is there any way that I could, y’know, volunteer here?”

“We have forms up in the clinic. Follow me.” I said, then stopped. “Carry Noodles.” This was a little test that we used on anyone who wanted to volunteer. If they were truly good with animals, they would take an animal without a problem.

He followed me down the hall, and I heard Noodles purring, which I was pleasantly surprised by. “Do you have any pets,Y/N?”

“We don’t own any pets, but we foster a lot.” I said. “And I consider all the animals here to be mine– at least, until they’re adopted.”

“Hmm.” He looked at all the kennels and sighed. “That’s a lot.”

“Yeah. You?” I asked him.

“”I have acquired a cat, a dog, a cow–”

“A cow?” I laughed. “I didn’t know that the Wayne’s were big on farming.”

“We aren’t.” He smirked.

“You are full of surprises.” I grinned. I grabbed a form from the counter at the clinic and handed to him, and he transferred Noodles to me.

“Here’s another surprise.” He stated, and handed me a slip of paper he tore off the form. “My number.”

“So it is.” I smiled at him. “I’ll use it. See you around.”

“Of course, Y/N.” He said.

I was walking back to Mom’s office, when I turned around and waved with Noodles’ paw, and saw him attempt to hide a grin as I turned back around to get her to Mom.

When she was in her office getting vaccinations, I sent Damian a text. “Say hi to the cow for me ;)


A/N: I’m trying to be a little more constant with my updates, sorry! I’ve been really busy lately and the situation doesn’t look like it’s going to remedy itself until at least early June :( But if anyone sends in suggestions I’ll try to keep up with them while I can. Have a great… er… day? Night? Whenever you’re reading this? Have a great whatever, lovelies!

Dick: We should play hide and go seek.

Tim: Why?

Dick: Think of it as a training exercise.

Damian: Tt, it’s a stupid training exercise.

Jason: Why? Scared you’ll loose Demon Brat.

Damian: Tt, you’ll never find me.

Tim: I’ll be it. Go hide I guess.

****Several Hours Later*****

Tim: Really Jason? Under your bed?

Jason: I was gonna go under your bed but your room is a disaster. You’re welcome by the way.

Tim: What??

Jason: I cleaned your room.

Tim: JASON!!

Jason: Don’t worry, your porn is still hidden under your bed.

Tim: …

*****A bit later*****

Tim: Ouch!! You bit me!!

Damian: *glowering*

Jason: That’s cheating. Why are you hiding in an empty wine barrel anyways??

Damian: Tt, I can fit in it.

Jason: You look uncomfortable.

Tim: Damian I think you take the whole fit-in-everything cat mentality a bit too far…

Jason: Need a hand?

Damian: I don’t require assistance from you Todd.

Damian: … *Falls out of barrel*

Tim: A+ for trying.

********Dinner Time*********

Tim: Hey Alfred, have you seen Dick??

Alfred: I believe Master Richard was last in the Cave. Do tell him to wash up for dinner.

Jason: Will do Alfie.

Damian: Well?

Tim: *in the batcave* Hey Bruce, you seen Dick anywhere?

Jason: He ain’t gonna tell us anything.

Damian: Father! Where is Grayson?

Bruce: …

Jason: Way to go Demon Spawn.

Tim: Dick!! Alfred says dinner’s ready!!

Dick: *appears from under Batman’s cape* Food!!

Jason: …

Tim: …

Damian: …

Jason: Never speak of this?

Damian and Tim: Agreed.

Spoken kisses

A/N: Hello everyone! I’m so sorry I’ve been soooo inactive lately! I’m finally out of school for my summer break, so I hope I can be writing more! TT^TT)9

Anyways, this fanfic was requested but, for some reason, I lost the ask! But it was something like:

“Otabek loses a competition and Yuri tickles him to cheer him up”, or something like that. I’m sorry about that, Anon! If you get to see this I hope you enjoy it very much. And so all of you. It’s a bit sucky, tho. I’m sorry about it!

Summary: Otabek Altin is an amazing skater and Yuri has his was to make Otabek belive him, also, Yuri is a dork and makes noises when he smooches Otabek.

Words: 1,550 (Under the cut!)

Yuri felt Otabek shivering between his arms when he placed a soft kiss on the back of Otabek’s neck. Their soft movements made the water produce its majestic sounds and overflow a little bit by the edges of the tub.

Yuri placed yet another kiss on the side of Otabek’s neck and was delighted when he heard a soft chuckle and his head got slightly squeezed when Otabek shrugged a little.

The water was still warm, reaching all the way up to almost cover up the middle of their chests; Yuri was placed right behind Otabek, spooning him loveling as he poured strawberry scented shampoo into the palm of his hands.

He would take a moment to tease Otabek about the shampoo later, but right now he just rubbed his hands together and then expanded the liquid soap all over Otabek’s head, messaging and scratching his scalp. Otabek shivered and hummed, closing his eyes and leaning against Yuri’s chest.

Yuri kept washing up Otabek’s head, getting ride off all the residual sweat after the competition and he sighed, remembering the events of a few hours ago. Otabek seemed to remember it aswell as he slided a bit more under the water, his head almost resting into Yuri’s sternum.

Yuri brushed his soapy fingers on Otabek’s ears, all over the shell and the lobe, cleaning them up completely.

“You did amazing tonight”, Otabek snorted and Yuri heard the rolling of his eyes. “You really did amazing tonight. I was surprised”.

“Why, thank you, Yuri”, Otabek answers, not exactly meaning his words. “I didn’t do it half as great as the other competitors, though, right?”, Yuri felt a slight tug at his heart hearing Otabek’s hostile voice.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! So I know prompts are closed but are headcanon requests open? If so can I PLEASE have some otayuri headcanons with ticklish!otabek?? The hero teddy bear of Kazakhstan need some tickles too! Thank you!! Ps: you're my favorite writer on here keep up the amazing work! ☺️💜

I am literally crying over here. This is the first time someone says I’m their favorite writer TT^TT) I can die happy. There you go some ticklish!Otabek headcanons, thank you so much!  I hope you enjoy this, thank you so much! You’re my favorite anon ♥♥

Prompts are still closed, but I think they’ll be open soon, so thank you for sending this in! I still need to find the inspiration to finish the other prompts, help. 

  • So! Otabek seems like he’s not ticklish at all, like people doesn’t even try to tickle him because he doesn’t give that aura? BUT he’s, in fact, hella ticklish
  • His hips are the worst ever, you can’t even look at them without having him laughing his head off.
  • His neck and feet are very sensitive too and so are his underarms
  • He’s overall ticklish, but those spots just kill him
  • He’s so so susceptible to teasing. It’s not even funny. You can be straddling him and just saying how bad you’re gonna get his hips and he’ll be crying with laughter
  • And embarrassment. He’s a blusher and a snorter, what a dork. He does this cute snorty little giggles when you tickle his neck~ and this dorky snorty laughter when his hips get tickled.
  • Talking about laughter. I think Otabek’s laughter is very hot to hear, yet it very funny because he squeaks and shrieks very girly sometimes lolol.
  • SO YURI! Yuri is so ruthless when it comes to tickle Otabek. Otabek seems very quite and all but he’s got a lot of stamina, it’s unreal. Yuri can tickle him for like five minutes and Otabek is still laughing at the top of his lungs.
  • Anyways, Yuri tickles Otabek when he’s being too serious (all the time) or when he hasn’t seen his smile for a long period of time (like three seconds) and also because, when he gets older, he gets taller than Otabek and he likes to tease him like a child
  • TEASE OKAY LISTEN, like I said, Yurio is ruthless when it comes to tickling, he goes for the worse spots and lingers there until Otabek is blue in the face
  • He likes to tease Otabek a lot “Otabek, I think I forgot where you’re the most ticklish. I have to find it out again”, “Beka, you’re ticklish here? I didnt know??” “*gasps* Altin, stop being so ticklish! I’m gonna tickle you until you’re not ticklish anymore”, “hey, let’s play this game. Try not to laugh while I tickle your toes okay? If you laugh I’ll tickle your hips”.
  • ALSO toe tickling drives him up the wall. He’s so ticklish there, Yuri really needs to pin him down in order to get his toes.
  • Otabek loses all his strength when he’s getting tickled, he just doesn’t know what to do with himself so his body just shuts down and he just lays there taking the tickling and pushing Yuri’s hand weakly.
  • THAT LEADS US TO MORE TEASING “ah, you like being tickled Otabek? Do you like when I tickle you here? *digs on his neck* or here? *wiggled fingers under his arms*
  • Again. RIP OTABEK
  • You could think Yuri’s the one who gets tickled the most in their relationship, but in fact Otabek’s the one who gets tickled the most
  • Because he’s a dork and he just can’t read Yuri’s movements until it’s too late
  • OTABEK IS EXCEPTIONALLY TICKLISH IN THE MORNING, sometimes Yuri wakes him up by lightly dragging his fingertips on his cheeks and Otabek’s all sleepy giggling and it makes Yuri blush.
  • He usually hides his face on his pillow and Yuri’s like “Altiiiiiin, don’t hide your face~”, so he drags his fingers down Otabek’s sides and Otabek squeaks and giggles louder and clamps his arms to his sides and HE FUCKING LOOKS AT YURI WITH HIS BIG SMILE AND EYES CLOSED AND SCRUNCHED UP NOSE AND YURI DIES AND I’M DYING
  • Omg and then Yuri is like stop being so cuuuuuute!!! And he launches on top of Otabek and nuzzles and nibbles his neck and Otabek is giggling too much ugh

I hope you like this, anon. They were fun to write. Thank you for being so nice to me! Have a lovely day/night ♥