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What are you? Coward or killer?
           Coward. Any day.

So, some people have been flippin’ the fuck out over Mashima’s tweet tonight - so have I lord save me. But for reals, let’s think back to this weeks chapters.

In 433 we have five panels in which Natsu’s bandages are a central point and ten times in 434. These panels especially are… well, Mashima clearly wants us to notice his arm.

We’ve seen Natsu attack bad guys enough times to know how it plays out. However, Natsu could have easily attacked with any other attack? His roar (which is usually his go-to move, right?), or one of the many attacks with his feet/legs, he’s headbutted a few people in his time, too? Why use this attack?

Mashima chose to have Natsu attacking with his hand/arm for a reason. Everything he does has reason. And it’s too much of a constant thing to be unimportant? 

Now, I’m not sure if his tweet is about the ‘special announcement’ people have been freaking out about or what - I could have interpreted it wrong. But he says ‘everyone’s reaction is fun to watch’ or something, so I can only assume he’s about to smack us in the face with some terrible emotions in the next chapters. 

And I can’t help but feel it’s about Natsu’s mysterious fucking arm.

who’s ready?