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A/N: This piece was a request asking for an angsty Spencer x Reader fic where they are cold towards each other and get captured by the unsub. It might not be exactly what you had requested but it’s very sad and I’m happy with the way it turned out, so I hope you lovelies can enjoy it.💙💙

(I love when you guys ask me to write stuff, I absolutely love doing requests and stuff for you lovelies, so please keep requesting writings because I really like doing them!)

Warnings: VERY sad and angsty, death. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It’s been weeks since you’ve said more than just a few words to him, you probably wouldn’t have said anything to him at all if it wasn’t for work.

You’d met Spencer when you joined the team three years ago, he was withdrawn but the rest of the team said that “he has to warmup to you”. That never happened, you thought he was attractive and tried to get him to at least acknowledge you but he would just brush you off.

“JJ what the hell is his problem with me? Did I do something wrong, or does he just hate me?” You asked, you were now just annoyed by the fact that he still hadn’t warmed up to you instead of heartbroken like at first.

“Y/N, trust me I’ve tried to get him to tell me what his problem is but he won’t budge. I seriously doubt that he hates you, I know spencer and that’s just not like him.”

The call with JJ did little to reassure you, so you decided to take a shower and go to bed, all that you could do now to fix your small issue was to hope that tomorrow the handsome genius might be a little kinder towards you.

The next morning you stepped out of the elevator and into the BAU to be greeted by Emily announcing that there was a new case and you’d be briefed on the jet.

“Okay you’re all probably wondering where we are going, the case is in Oklahoma. The unsub we are dealing with is abducting people at random and in broad daylight, the bodies are found within days of each other and always by a body of water.” She relayed the information as quickly as possible.

“Judging by the times they go missing and the time the bodies are found, he’s able to control two people at once. Abducting one and then the other a day or two later.” You briefly noticed a hidden look on Reid’s face…he was impressed.

“Leaving them near a body of water is most likely a forensic counter measure.” He quickly added, there were no vocal clues for you to read into, maybe his impressed look wasn’t directed at you.

After a few days you had a suspect but not much else, and to top it all off you were now on a stake out with Reid. The two of you had been sitting in silence for the past 6 hours, he refused to talk to you, even when you knew it was a topic he would know a lot about.

“Okay that it, I can’t take it any longer, Spencer Reid if you have some kind of problem with me just come out and say it, I can take it just tell me you hate me or give me a reason as to why you’re the only person on the team who refuses to talk to me.” The feelings you had suppressed had resurfaced and you didn’t notice the tear trailing down your cheek.

Spencer’s eyes focused on the steering wheel “Y/N…I….” is soft, shaky voice was cut off when your window was shattered.

The last thing you remember was the look of sheer terror written on Spencer’s face before everything went black.

You woke up in a small room in what must have been the unsubs cellar, it was cold and you noticed the faint smell of bleach hanging in the air. There was a gash in your cheek and a sharp pain in your ribs when you breathed.

“Spence….Spencer…” you could barely get the words out of your mouth. You were so tired but knew that you probably had some kind of concussion.

“Y/N, are you okay…how bad are you hurt?” You couldn’t see him but knew by the sound of his voice that he couldn’t be hurt too badly.

“Spencer…I-I don’t know….i think I have a few broken ribs…and…I’m really tired.” You felt your eyes drop even more, they so desperately wanted to feel the sweet comfort of sleep.

“Y/N please…you have to stay awake, whatever you do you can not sleep. The team had to have found our car and are probably on their way to get us right now, Y/N just hold on a little longer” his voice was desperate and shaky, you could hear sniffling as he spoke.

“Spencer are…are you crying?” The pain in your ribs was excruciating now.

“Y/N…I can’t lose you, and I’m sorry for making you think that i hate you….I could never hate you….I-I love you and that scares me…” you could hear him sobbing now. “Y/N I need you to promise me that you’ll stay awake….I need to know that you’re going to be okay until help comes…I don’t want to lose you.” He was frantic, you could hear the concern and sadness in his voice.

“Spence…I love you too….” your breathing was slow and heavy, the pain was getting too intense.

The sound of sirens filled you with hope, you let your eyelids pull closer together and the world around you began to fade out, a feeling of peace surrounded you and the pain and coldness you had felt seconds ago were now things of the past. You heard Spencer screaming and what felt like a pair of warm hands on your face, you couldn’t force your eyes to open but some part of you could tell that it was him.

“Y/N please, please stay with me…” you heard him and the sirens, except this time they were loud, you must be inside an ambulance, there was something else too.


You recognized it as the machine monitoring your pulse….it was slow and soothing.


You were sure that everything would be fine now, help made it, they found you and spencer everything was going to be fine.


Your body was telling you to sleep, but everything else was telling you to stay awake, sleep wasn’t your friend right now, sleep isn’t a good idea.


You couldn’t shut out the tired feelings anymore, sleep finally consumed you, it was like a warm blanket, you noticed the noises around you less and less, spencer had left awhile ago. Now it was just you and the monitor beeps, but they were growing faint.


And then they stopped, you had finally let sleep win.

Spencer paced around the waiting room, his mind racing as he couldn’t shake the horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. ‘Somethings wrong, why haven’t we heard anything, I can’t lose her’ tears rolled down his cheeks and the thoughts continued.

When the doctor stepped into the room, he knew…every muscle in his body tensed up, and then his knees felt weak.

“I’m so sorry….we did everything we could there was just too much trauma, she didn’t make it off the table.”

Finally hearing the words he dreaded most he collapsed, he had just lost the person he loved. He’d never gotten the chance to hold her, kiss her lips, he’d never get to spend his life with her. She was ripped away just moments after he’d been able to tell her how he really felt.

You were gone. You wouldn’t be standing in the BAU on Monday morning, smiling and happy to see your friends. Your desk would sit empty as a sad reminder of the friend they’d lost.

Spencer couldn’t save you, he was unable to protect you, and now you were dead.

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I really love your writing. A whole lot, I think reading your stuff has helped me think I can try and write again. Back in high school I loved making drabbles all the time and it was fun but then depression hit and I didn't have the passion to do it much unless I forced myself to. And that's never fun. Please keep writing and I hope you love doing it, and I hope everything goes well for you mwah!

THANK YOU SO MUCH. Please, please, please start writing again and let me see it when you’re comfortable with it! I so hope you’re feeling better because I did the same thing where I stopped constantly writing in a notebook at night for YEARS before I suddenly got inspiration again.

I’m still having a blast and have so many ideas I want to get out there! Thank you for your support and you are AWESOME!

accepting voltron fic prompts

soooo I’ve been trying to write this one sheith fic for AGES but I got stuck and now I’m in a terrible writers block so please hit me up with voltron fic prompts 

ships I write for: 

  • Sheith
  • Hance
  • Klance
  • Shallura
  • Really anything related to Hunk I love him (Heith, Hunk and Shay/Shunk???, ect.) 
  • tbh really any ship that involves Keith, Lance, Shiro, Hunk, and/or Allura. I’m not big on Pidge ships, but I can write platonic stuff and also I might write it anyway if I like the prompt

tentatively no content restrictions (nsfw/gore/poly all ok) but I’ll decide on a prompt-by-prompt basis if I’m actually ok with it

hit up my ask box pls: http://whatahunkgarrett.tumblr.com/ask

actual fics I write will be posted on ao3 and linked to on tumblr

Someone else on tumblr pointed out that PASSENGERS might have been a more meaningful movie if it was about just THE ONE person dealing with being alone on the ship for the rest of their life.  And if, to cope, they go through and make it a point to learn everything they can about all of the other people on the ship.

And I just keep thinking about this idea.

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@taylor-tut tHIS IS SO LATE I’M SO SORRY MY FAB FRIENDO! But! It has finally arrived!! I’m sorry if it’s a bit crappy, I like haven’t slept in three days haha

anyhoo, onto the story:

Lance woke up with a sneeze.

He blinked his eyes open, immediately groaning at the light that pierced through his eyeballs and into his temples. He brought an arm up to shield his face, shivering slightly. Taking a deep breath, Lance conducted a mental survey of his condition, assessing his apparently numerous ailments that seem to have manifested overnight.

Congested sinuses that dissolved into a throbbing headache that pulsed outward with each movement? Check. 

Raw, sandpaper throat, and lungs that rattled with every inhale? Check.

The strange sensation of being completely, bone-numbingly cold despite the warmth and clamminess of his limbs? Checkerooni.

Conclusion: Today is gonna suck.

If Lance were to be perfectly honest with himself, he would concede that he had been feeling off these last couple days. Nevertheless, the team needed his 100% right now, and any wooziness he may have felt had to be put on the backburner. With several months having passed without any sign of Shiro, tensions within the castle were palpable.  Keith and Pidge seemed inches away from snapping at any given moment, Allura’s training schedule seemed to have been kicked up the several notches from “very harsh” to “dear god I can taste my own pulse”, and even Hunk and Coran seemed somewhat subdued. It was the least Lance could do to try and keep up, and make sure the other’s stayed optimistic. He was the joker, the sharpshooter - it was his role, no matter how taxing it could be on his own body.

Lance steeled himself, counting down from five, before swinging out of his bed, pausing to lean against the wall as a wave of dizziness washed over him. Once the tilt-a-whirl he usually called a bedroom settled to a soft swaying, Lance began to make his way down to the dining hall.

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a little bit about Kevin Day who is also A Massive Loser:

  • feels the need to remind everyone that he’s left-handed 
    • brings out statistics about the pros of being a lefty
    • annoys the shit out of everyone when he constantly complains about hard it is to be left-handed
  • can get ready in the mornings in under 5 minutes to maximize sleeping in time
    • it’d be under 3 if he didn’t brush his teeth
  • holds secret funerals every time his racquet breaks
  • had the weirdest muscle gain/loss after Riko broke his hand
    • lost a ton of muscle on his left side and got built on his right because that’s the one he focused on training the most
  • likes to stand extra tall and look down on Neil when they’re arguing
  • wouldn’t have to eat quite so healthy if he wasn’t on track to giving himself alcohol poisoning
  • once tried to take revenge on Andrew by hiding his chocolate syrup in a higher cupboard
    • so. much. regret.
  • is super judgy about dollar store Exy racquets
    • tests the strings and handle quality as if it’s comparable to his own racquets and looks at them like they’re a disappointment anyways
    • honestly cried that one time Nicky switched out his racquets as a prank
    • (the Foxes couldn’t stop laughing)
    • (Wymack is not paid enough for this)
  • tries to convince Renee to donate to sports-initiative charities
  • went straight from yelling at a Fox to encouraging a six-year-old girl to follow her dreams and make Court
  • once called Abby “mom”
    • the kindest thing Abby could to was pretend she didn’t hear
    • but also sometimes Kevin would wonder what if
  • calls out misogynistic bullshit lightning quick
  • once watched the wrong History Channel while drunk and believed every single word
    • he won’t admit it to the other Foxes, but Kevin definitely thinks aliens built the Great Pyramids
  • does not have the keys for Andrew and Neil’s apartment but keeps banging on the door and leaving voicemails until they finally open the door only to find him carrying bags of fresh vegetables
    • tells them he should be charging their team for his time because Kevin is a fucking a s s h o l e
  • gets his first dog from the shelter and the poor guy’s malnourished and has a missing leg but Kevin skips out on practice to help him heal 
    • when the dog’s healthy and happy Kevin brings him to practices and they play a dangerous version of fetch with Exy balls flung around the court but both of them love it
  • goes to see Wymack at least once a month but spends the whole time complaining about his team’s quality
  • leaves Andrew and Neil angry voicemails after their games, no matter the score
    • leaves them angry voicemails after his own games
    • leaves them angry voicemails after Jean or Matt’s games
    • leaves incoherent fanboy screaming voicemails after Jeremy Knox’s games
    • (they won’t admit it, but Andrew and Neil definitely look forward to these as they’re absolutely hilarious)
  • is able to look at his racquet at the beginning of each game and think, I’m better than he ever was
    • is able to prove it to the world

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When I was going through like, middle school, I loved your music. But now I can't listen to any of the stuff made with Tom or Luke because it fills me with rage because they're awful.

I understand, I do. 

That’s why I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours re-writing and re-recording every single song I recorded with them. 

I started a band with my friend Christian Caldeira, we’re called The Caulden Road. The lyrics on those old songs were all mine, so we’ve kept those, but we tossed out all of the music and rewrote the melodies so they are completely new songs and completely removed from the old versions.

If you haven’t heard the new versions yet, you can listen to them all for free on YouTube or Spotify, and if you like them, you can buy them for super cheap from our website.

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Enjoltaire + "Are you flirting with me?!" if you're taking requests!

A/N: here, anon, have some fluff ^-^ sorry for any mistakes- this was written on my phone haha

Grantaire doesn’t know who told Enjolras, but he is going to kill them. That being said, it was probably Courfeyrac, and Grantaire quite likes Courfeyrac, so he’s not really sure where he stands on the whole ‘killing’ part.

It had started off as a normal conversation; Enjolras had been talking about some issue or other when Grantaire had slipped in with his usual lewd comments. The same wink that would usually have earned him an eye-roll had today turned Enjolras’ lips downwards into a frown.

“Are you flirting with me?” he’d asked, and Grantaire- Grantaire is still trying to formulate a response because what.

Grantaire flirts with Enjolras. This is a known fact to all inhabitants of the earth, except Enjolras himself. Grantaire teases and baits and irritates Enjolras, who doesn’t react to any of it except for the occasional sigh or look of disdain.

Enjolras does not know Grantaire flirts with him. Enjolras has remained oblivious to Grantaire’s flirting since day one, which leads Grantaire to the only logical conclusion: one of their traitorous friends has gone and clued him in.

“I’m glad you finally noticed.” Grantaire says dryly, because what is he if not honest?

Enjolras just stares at him. “How long…?” he asks, leading the conversation into a stretch of silence that’s going to get awkward pretty fast. Grantaire would take this opportunity to run and never look back if he didn’t wholly revel in the feeling of Enjolras’ gaze on him.

“I can’t give you an exact date but in looser terms, probably from around the moment we met.” He says, grinning in an attempt to keep everything playful and hide the sincerity the confession would have otherwise uncovered.

Enjolras looks strickened. “Courf said you were but I always thought you were just trying to wind me up.”

Ah, so it was Courfeyrac, Grantaire thinks grimly. They’re going to be having a Conversation later.

“Who’s to say I wasn’t doing both? Flirting with you is fun, seeing you wound up is a nice side effect.”

“Oh.” Enjolras says, his expression twisted into one of confusion.

“I can stop, if you want.” Grantaire says after a lengthy pause. Enjolras hasn’t moved away yet, still stood in front of Grantaire in contemplation, and Grantaire isn’t that much of an asshole that he wants to make Enjolras uncomfortable. “I didn’t think you minded because I’ve been doing it for so long, but if this changes anything, if I’m crossing some boundary-type-thing, I’ll stop. Promise.” he adds, placing his hand over his heart because, yes, he is just that sincere.

“No, no, it’s not that,” Enjolras dismisses, waving his hand as if to clear the air of Grantaire’s words. “I just haven’t had that much experience with flirting. That’s all. You’re welcome to continue, if you like.”

Now it’s Grantaire’s turn to stare. Did Enjolras just… give him permission to flirt with him? That can’t be right, Grantaire’s ears must be broken. Can ears break? He’ll have to as Joly later.

“I- What?”

“Maybe it’ll give me a chance to get better at it, too.” Enjolras’ face is as stoic as ever but there’s a spark in his eyes different from the usual Revolutionary Fervor, and Grantaire is so fucked.

“Sure.” Grantaire says. His brain is only capable of monosyllables at the minute.

The barest hint of a smile makes itself known on Enjolras’ lips. “See you around, R.” he says, leaning forward and pressing them against the stubble of Grantaire’s cheek.

It takes a second for Grantaire’s brain to register the use of his nickname, and another few to register the kiss. By the time he’s caught up with his body’s reactions, Enjolras is on the other side of the room, casually chatting with Combeferre.

Far from killing him, Grantaire decides he’s going to send Courfeyrac the biggest flower arrangement he’s ever seen.

send me prompts!!!

Valentine’s Pity Rose [fic]

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! I hope everyone had a wonderful day, and I hope this fic makes it a little better!

This was written for @percyyoulittleshit  who gave me the prompt:  “So let me get this straight. You want to hire me to be your date to a Valentine’s Party?” I hope it lives up to your standards, Mari! 


“So let me get this straight. You want to hire me to be your date to a Valentine’s Day party?”

Annabeth sighed. Honestly, it sounded terrible when you said it that way. Well, she guessed that it would probably sound horrible any way you said it.

“Yes,” she snapped, tapping her foot against the sidewalk. “You just have to come to the party with me. We only have to stay for a few hours.”

Percy was silent as he considered. He was loading his band equipment into the back of his Jeep. Annabeth had seen him outside when she got home from track practice, which is when she decided to cross the street to his house and solicit his help.

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Who Is It? (Tony X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Tony X Daughter!Reader, Peter x Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: I love your Tony Starks daughter stuff! Can you write one where the avengers come back from a mission to avengers tower and Tonys daughter is sitting in the living room being like ‘hey I hacked into your system 'cause I’m your super smart daughter and have no where else to go’ and Tony starts to get really protectiv over her. And then finds out that she is falling in love with Peter, but Tony is basically the last one to find out? Sorry, that kinda got long ^^ I love the way you write btw :)

Originally posted by fymarveluniverse

Feeling the jet land let the Avengers take a sigh of relief. Another mission a success. They all hurried out of their uniforms and into the tower, hoping to put on a good movie, eat some snacks, and take a well-deserved nap.

However, walking in to the main room, they saw you on the couch with your phone in hand, looking bored. “Y/N?” Your dad, Tony called.

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lvtvr’s writing tutorials, pt 1: battling my nemesis (or, how to punctuate dialogue)

Sup, fellow kids. I’m Charlie. I write.

I’ve also translated and proofread four full-length novels, so I now suffer from the work-related condition of never being able to turn my editing glasses off. This can make reading fanfic a bitch for me. Because, let’s be real: unbeta’d amateur work easily lets a lot of mistakes slip through.

It is, however, possible to minimize those mistakes.

Is the world going to end if there are errors in your fanfic? Of course not. If you want to focus on the content of your writing more than adhering to rules of language, by all means, do that. There’s time to learn this stuff later.

But you know what? Formatting matters. If you truly want to get better at writing, then eventually you are going to have to deal with this aspect of it. And yes, it’s hard work – but I hope to help you along the way.


This seems to be the #1 formatting problem that amateur writers struggle with. However, there are boatloads of experienced fanfic writers who still seem to struggle with it, or are just so used to making mistakes that they’ve made it “their style.” And at the risk of sounding like a total bitch, it doesn’t matter how amazing or well-loved their work is otherwise: wrong is still wrong. Just because someone is consistent about always writing “your” instead of “you’re” doesn’t make it correct, and dialogue is no different.

If these kinds of persistent mistakes don’t bother you, then good for you. Your life is probably a lot more fun than mine.

But if you want to learn to do it right – if you want the great look and perfect flow that immaculate punctuation will bring your writing – then you have to rise above this.

Time for some rules.


Let’s start with something simple.

“Hey,” he said.

This is a good sentence. This sentence is an upstanding member of our society. You can’t go wrong with this sentence. Got me? Okay.

Now let’s have a look at another one.

“Hello.” She said.

This sentence is a delinquent. In fact, it’s not even a sentence – it’s two sentences. And it is always, always, always wrong. Rule of thumb: never do this. Ever.

This isn’t just some elitist, snooty gatekeeping crap, either. There’s a purely functional reason why it’s incorrect.

By putting a period after your dialogue, you are cutting it off from whatever comes next. Whatever follows dialogue that ends with a period has to be an independent sentence. This distinction is used to regulate the rhythm and flow of the writing.

Now, “said” is a transitive verb, meaning it needs to take an object. While you can sigh, yawn, or laugh independently of anything else, “saying” isn’t possible unless you are saying SOMETHING. (I.e., “She laughed” is a complete sentence on its own; “He said” isn’t.) Same goes for synonyms of “say,” such as whisper, repeat, and exclaim. They almost always get lonely without some dialogue attached to them with a comma.

Let’s look at some examples.

“I’m fine.” He said.
“I’m fine,” he said.

The first example IS NEVER CORRECT. NOT EVER. It should ALWAYS be the latter. ALWAYS.


“I’m fine,” he laughed.
“I’m fine.” He laughed.

These examples are BOTH CORRECT, but convey different nuances. In the first example, he laughs the words. In the second, he says the words first, and laughs afterward. These are separate things, not two different ways to express the same idea. No matter how much fic you’ve read where they’re treated as synonymous, they are not. They are not. They are not.


When a sentence in dialogue ends with a question mark or exclamation point, you always keep that punctuation – you never replace it with a comma. This is where we use the above rule to make sure things don’t get ambiguous.

“What’s up?” they yawned.
“What’s up?” They yawned.

Again, these examples are BOTH CORRECT. In the first, they are yawning the words. In the second, they yawn after speaking. By capitalizing “they,” you are indicating that the question mark is behaving like a period. You are thereby orphaning the sentence that follows the dialogue. In this case, since the sentence can stand alone, that’s perfectly fine.

Next example:

“I’m okay!” the boy repeated.
“I’m okay!” The boy repeated.

Here, the first example is CORRECT. The second is ALWAYS WRONG. Remember, capitalizing “the” means you are drawing a line between the dialogue and the following sentence. “Repeated” needs an object, but now, because the exclamation point is behaving like a period, “The boy repeated” stands alone. That’s an ungrammatical sentence, and without the implied attachment to the preceding dialogue, it drifts alone in the void.

And, well, that’s not good.


Special section to address this other weird shit I’ve seen:

“I’m fine.” He murmured, pouring himself another cup of coffee, “I promise.”

This is a big WTF that has basically just reversed the correct order of things. It should be:

“I’m fine,” he murmured, pouring himself another cup of coffee. “I promise.”

Another example:

“That’s pretty cool.” The doctor laughed, turning to her girlfriend, “You should try it.”

We have two options to fix this, depending on if we want her to laugh the words or not.

“That’s pretty cool,” the doctor laughed, turning to her girlfriend. “You should try it.” (laughing as she speaks)

“That’s pretty cool.” The doctor laughed, turning to her girlfriend. “You should try it.” (laughing after speaking)

Sometimes, especially when you start working with more complex sentences, things can get confusing, and your options can increase. Feel free to shoot me a message if you’re not sure. However, the rules above are the basic ones to keep in mind.

Okay, you made it to the end! If it feels like a lot, that’s because it is. Yes, it’s plenty to remember, because writing is hard. Try to think about these rules when you’re reading published books (not fanfic, you can’t trust fanfic), and eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

Believe in the me that believes in you.

Good luck!

i can’t believe that i hadn’t noticed that until now but, this absolutely iconic blue plaid shirt mob #look?

it’s actually teru’s look.

i mean, he wakes up in teru’s apartment after the fight with koyama still wearing his battered white shirt, but right after he decides to go after claw, the next scene shows him wearing this. there’s no way he went home to grab a shirt in that space of time, especially considering how urgent the situation was. this nice shirt is teru’s shirt, no doubt.

At the airport waiting to board a flight…

Jin: Yoongi where is your jacket you’re going to be cold, you know you always get cold on airplanes.

Yoongi: *looks meaningfully at Jin in his giant hoodie* 

Jin: Did you seriously not pack a jacket?  How bout a hoodie? 

Yoongi: Why should I when I can share yours? 

Jin: You know they’ll make you sit in your own seat on the airplane, right?

Yoongi: Not if they can’t see me. 

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Hi, this post isn't really a question so I understand if you won't answer it. I'm just feeling so bad about 12x21. I've read your post about it, but I'm worried about the endgames. I really started to believe into an endgame including destiel, thanks to Dabb's episodes (and your meta/analyzing posts), but after Eileen pathetic and unnecessary death I'm doubting it. If they don't care about that, why would they care about destiel? Why would they bother taking the "risk"? I hope I was making sense

One shitty decision in one shitty episode, if that is what it is, does not for me negate 9 years of: 

Consistent. Narrative. Storytelling

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Mum gave me some books to help with my Cyrillic handwriting – I can write basic stuff in print but have never been able to read/write in cursive. This is a really pretty + useful page from The Penguin Russian Course, compiled by J. L. I. Fennell (1961)

being part of a fandom gets a lot easier once you realise there’s more than one way to interpret a character