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Y'all I typed up a big ole post and the Tumblr machine ate it. It basically said:

- I had a top notch weekend that included both getting shit done and taking some me-time

- I’m feeling so much better mentally these days m. I don’t know if it’s from the seasonal change, being back on a regular running routine, losing weight, or just the last bits of my depression lifting. I don’t care why it’s happening, I’m just so fucking glad it’s happening.

- In addition to taking care of myself by working out and eating well, I’ve also been focusing on things like taking care of my skin and trying to break my awful habits of popping zits and relentlessly picking at my cuticles. Self care all around. Which is why I blew a small fortune on facial products this weekend. Good gravy that shiz is expensive.

- My weight is still up but I feel lean and mean and I DGAF about it.


- I’m copying @amanda-healthyhappywhole and making myself a monthly goal spreadsheet where I can tick off my goals each day. I’m setting most of the goals monthly, but there’s still a lot of unknowns with my running and PT at this point, so workout goals will be set weekly.

- Y'all it’s going to be EIGHTY DEGREES at the end of this week and I’m in such a happy state right now that I can hardly stand myself.

I hope you have a good Monday, friends. Let’s kick some ass this week!

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Kuroo, Bokuto, Sawamura and Tsukii had a date with their s/o and the female s/o still shows up, but shes sick so they stay home and watch movies and shiz

I’m so sorry for the inactivity🙇, but apparently I’ll have to build a wall, so I’ve been getting lots of sleep so I can work to my fullest 💪, Kidding aside I’ve been really busy😫 but I didn’t want to let pass this weekend without posting anything. And nonnie-chan who requested this I’m so sorry for taking so long with your request🙇, I wrote it several times since you sent it, but I wasn’t happy with the result, but is finally written so I hope you like it ❤😊❤

I’ll leave this here and tomorrow I’ll get to answer a couple of questions I’ve got, please don’t feel like I’m ignoring you🙏, also I’ll be closing the ask box for requests tomorrow

Sawamura Daichi

“You are sick.” He states plainly as soon as you arrive to his side, face flushed from running the last blocks in fear of being late.

But of course he noticed. You should have known better than trying to trick him. But you were hopeful that if you played it well he wouldn’t notice. With the nationals around the corner and also exams and your own busy schedule it had been ages since your last proper date, and you were really excited for this one.

It’s not your fault that your best friend finally decided to pass her cough to you just yesterday.

“I’m fine Daichi. I swear.” You say, trying to look healthy and not at all agitated from your little run. But Dadchi is giving you the look, and you know there’s no point in pretending.

There’s nothing more you can say and soon you’re wrapped in a cozy blanket that smells too much like Daichi to think straight.

When he enters the room he is holding a bowl of hot soup in his hands and you have to restrain yourself from squealing. He’s a vision. “I couldn’t find the thermometer,” he says, putting the plate in a little table beside you. “we’ll have to use the old way.”

You watch him in confusion and the next second his leaning over you, his strong arms resting by your sides and his forehead resting against yours.

You gasp and squeal a little, but your hurt throat doesn’t give too much. He has closed his eyes, features contouring in concentration. The sudden proximity takes you by surprise and you end up closing your eyes too.

You can feel him breaking apart but you don’t open your eyes yet. You’re trying to bring your heart back to his usual beating.

He chuckles at your expression and your eyes snap open. “Daichi! You could’ve warned me!” You whine, but Daichi only smirks a little.

“Well, you don’t have a fever but your face is ‘burning hot’.” he mocks.

“Daichi!” You whine, pulling the blanket up to cover your growing blush. “You’re gonna give me a heart attack!”

“I hope I don’t. I don’t know how to treat that.”

Tsukishima Kei

Okay. You can get him being mad about you arriving late for your date. You can also understand him being pissed after having to change the tickets for a later movie and having to give up his favorite seats. But still the tching sounds coming from his mouth are getting a little too much.

After all you are doing your best to hold on the sneezing, but the air conditioning of the room is not doing wonders for your flu.

“Get up. We’re leaving.” He bluntly announces.

“Huh?” You’ve barely turned to look at him, but he’s already standing and walking to the exit. You let out another sneeze before standing too, and follow his lead.

Free from the darkness you can clearly see how pissed he really is. There’s a little pout on his lips and his eyebrows are twitching dangerously. You sigh. “Sorry Kei.”

His eyes don’t show any sign of softening as he pushes his glasses up to the bridge of his nose. “Tch. Why didn’t you tell me you were sick?”

“You noticed?” Tsukishima looks at you with a raised eyebrow and you feel like slapping yourself. “I get it, it didn’t take Sherlock to find out. My bad.”

“You’re as sharp as ever, Watson.” He retorts, his lips curving upwards a little. As you try not to laugh, your eyes open in amazement when Tsukishima offers his stretched hand to you. Is not as if he is opposed of holding hands in public but, he rarely— if ever— initiates it himself.

“Come on. I’ll take you home. Akiteru is visiting, I’ll make him cook some soup for you.”

“How romantic.” You answer as you intertwine your fingers with his, feeling his firm hold squeezing your hand softly.

“What? Do you want to get food poisoning too?”

Kuroo Tetsurō

Yes. You’ve been throwing up your stomach’s content through the sink the whole morning. And yes, you’re pretty sure you look kind of pale and shaky. So yeah, you’re far from being in your best shape, but you still manage smile widely at your boyfriend after watching him emerge from the train station.

So his salute does far from cheering you up.

“Damn. You look awful!”

“Thanks Tetsu. Nothing brightens my day as your ever loving, kind and warm words.”

“No! That’s not what I meant, (Y/N)!” He apologizes, his hands going up in a sign of truce. “But I mean it.” You raise an eyebrow. “No baby! Please don’t get me wrong!”

“Don’t say it wrong then!”

“Babe, I’m sorry.” He sighs. “But you’re really pale, you look ready for a zombie movie.” He leans towards you and his hands move to cup your face, his thumbs slowly caressing your skin. “I’m worried.”

His cold hands feel delicious against your face and you close your eyes to fully enjoy his touch. Slowly, you open your eyes and stare directly into Kuroo’s worried gaze.

“Actually I’m not feeling well,” you admit, “but I didn’t want to cancel. It’s our first date in so long—”

“Shhh.” Kuroo’s index presses against your lips, stopping you from further talking. His gaze has turned soft and his fingers are rubbing gentle circles on your cheeks. “Silly (Y/N), I don’t mind what we do as long as we are together.”

“Even if it means holding my hair up so it doesn’t get vomit on it?” You ask shyly.

He chuckles before pressing a warm kiss against your temple. “Sounds like a great date to me.”

Bokuto Kōtarō

It’s no secret that Bokuto can be a bit of an airhead sometimes; and yeah, his focus can drift off easily; and yes, usually is on the court where his observational skills shine the most. But still, he can’t stop blaming himself for not noticing sooner that you weren’t feeling well.

After the initial panic and you having to assure him that you just needed a bit of rest he took you straight towards his house.

“Don’t worry (Y/N)-chan, I’m gonna take care of you!”

And so here you are, all tucked up under Bokuto’s blanket and buried under his mountain of fluffy pillows, with a throbbing headache. All kinds of loud sounds reach your ears from the kitchen, and you can only pray for him not setting himself or the kitchen on fire.

The noise finally stops, but it’s soon followed by the new sound of accelerated footsteps running up the stairs. Just a second later the door opens to reveal Bokuto’s frame. “How are you feeling? Are you alright? Do you need something?”

You chuckle a little, patting the empty space of the bed beside you. “I’m fine Ko.” You assure him, smiling softly. “All I need is for you to lay with me.”

You don’t need to ask twice, he’s already jumping into the bed and engulfing you into a tight hug. You let your head rest against his broad chest and soon after his warm presence and calm heartbeat begin to lull you.

“Ko,” you mutter quietly, and he re-accommodates to look at you, “thanks for taking care of me.”

His golden eyes lit up and he looks at you with adoration, his embrace grows even tighter and he nuzzles his head against your hair. “Anything for the most beautiful and awesome girlfriend in the world.” He firmly states before giving your forehead a warm kiss.

Dating Jay Park would include...

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MUCH LOVE TO THE ANON WHO REQUESTED MY BBY. If I had to pick ONE bias its Jay 💕💫

-Admin M ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ


-Dorky Jay when you’re both out with the guys

-You getting a little embarrassed

-Him working extra hard to get home to you

-You being all proud and shiz cause he’s CEO and such a hard worker

-Him loving to show you off

-Bragging about each other occasionally to friends

-Super sweet Jay

-Romantic Jay when he has extra free time

-Him always being cuddly and stuff when he can before he has to go to work or off on tours

-Staying up late waiting for him to come home

-Thus falling asleep on the couch waiting

-“Baby, I told you not to wait up for me”

-mumbling half asleep, “But I wanted to”

-lots of “Babe” “Baby” and “Baby girl” and maybe even “Princess”

-Spoiling the crap out of you occasionally because he feels bad that he’s always busy

-Very sweet and passionate in the bedroom, you’d be like a freaking goddess in his eyes

-Like he’d totally make sure to take really good care of you every time

-But sometimes rough and dom too

-Stealing his shirts

-Him telling you that you should wear them more often because you look H.O.T.

-Him getting you to listen to his songs to make sure they sound good and to see if he needs to fix anything

-Being inspiration for some of his songs

-Him flying you out to see him on tour sometimes

-Getting to be really good friends with all of AOMG

-He would just be a great boyfriend overall. Okay? Okay.
Blog Update

First of all, hey guys, I hope you’re all doing well, I’m just gonna notify you guys that I won’t be writing for this week because me and my family are on holiday to Turkey, so I won’t be updating. I wish I could but it’s going to be hard since I didn’t even bring my laptop with me and my works are in there… So maybe when I come back if that’s fine? Also I was going to post a Sehun X Reader but I forgot that my draft of the story is in my laptop… AT HOME AHH SHIZ. I’m also writing a Suga X reader right now so that when I go home I can just type it then post it… So until then, have a nice day guys <3 if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask me ok? Love u all lots 💙


Got myself a cintiq for home so I can work properly on the PnF fanzine shiz without getting back aches, and finish my commisions and the GF MAP in comfort (or mostly, until I get a proper chair that is). Also working on sprucing up my storyboard skills (cuz yah, I am still battling perspective, as you can see in the 2nd pic thar). And of course my Undertale comic story dealing with Sans is being sketched out now in comfort!

Another animatic from Ross and Barry’s playthrough of Undertale coming soon (there are going to be a couple, including the animated piece). Gonna try to colour it too, now that Storyboard Pro works.

Sam Wilkinson - Take care

Request:  Can you do a imagine about how Sammy is away for a while to see his family but you stay back home bc ur sick and have school work and shiz. But he has the guys stop by to check up on you. (can you make it where they live in La) And please make it all cute and fluffy. Thank ily and ur blog

Imagine by Fire-red-hair


I put the flowers down, and trudge back to our room. I plug my phone in, and I curl up in bed. I feel like shit despite the Advil I took earlier.


I awake to someone trying to shut my door quietly. I am slightly startled, but I remember Sammy’s little shenanigan. I see Johnson leaving the room. 

“Jack!” I say, my voice hoarse. He turns, looking startled. 

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you y/n!" 

I smile as he walks back into the room. 

"It’s ok. What did you bring?” I ask him. He brought me some soup and an icey rag for my forehead. He also brought my MacBook to my room so I can watch movies. 

After sitting with him for a bit, Jack decides he should let me rest. I finish my soup and turn on a movie on my laptop. I fall asleep again. I am awoken later by my phone ringing. It’s Gilinsky. I answer groggily. 

“Yes?” I ask. 

“What do you want from IHOP?” I look at the window. The shades are drawn.

“Jack it’s-” I stop, finally glancing at a clock to see that it is 9 am. “I’ll take a waffle or crape.” He gets off the phone and soon arrives with a breakfast in bed tray with all of my food on it. “Thank you Jack.” I say. 

Man, it’s funny how Sammy’s friends seem to care about me just as much as he does.