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Someone wanted process on FB (there’s not much unfortunately plus there’s that whole weird skip where there was a lot of layering/overlaying/curve using).


So, I DM a Giest: The Sin-eaters campaign in NWoD. The characters are a krew with a prophecy to save the world and at the moment they’ve found the military hunter version of Gutanamo bay (‘cause one of them are employed by them and the military needed help big time). They’ve checked all the cells and become disgusted by the conditions and found 1 surviver. A woman, seemingly human, who seems to have been a part of the cult that had an evil entity attached to their leader and killed the whole compound except the group and 2 NPCs. 

Morgan, one of the characters, is the only one who can see into the Spirit realm due to his Stigmata Boneyard and he senses a spirit growing inside of this woman. Something out of this world, he’d describe it as a dragon embryo. One of the seals of the apocalypse is when a dragon returns to the world.

He failed to explain that before he said;

“So, I want to kill that woman. I need to hack her into as many pieces as I can with my knife. I want to slit her throat and stab her until no one can tell she was once a woman,“ 

Silence falls around the table and the other players just stare at him. 

P1: Woah.. Morgan… what the fuck man? No. She’s just a human woman.

P2: What the fuck is your problem?

P3 (whose character haven’t met Morgan before): So… that’s the resident psycho when I’m not here? Man you guys are compensating…

P4: I…No. No. You’re not doing that, Morgan.

Morgan: I have to. I’m a Reaper.

P1: So what? We don’t kill innocents. 

P2: When did you become psychotic, man?

Morgan: But she’s carrying the embryo of a dragon inside of her! She believes to be the chosen one! She can’t live and birth that thing! The Prohecy, guys!

All the others: Why didn’t you say that before!? What’s wrong with you!? You don’t start that conversation with how you want to hack her to a million pieces and THEN tell us it’s because she’s carrying the world eating dragon!

Morgan: So… I can get to work now?

P1: I’ll be outside. I can’t god damn watch that, even if she’s carrying a dragon.

P2 and P4: Yeah, we’ll come along. Do it quick, Morgan.

P3: I guess I’ll stay and make sure it get’s done then…. Nice…

It didn’t get done quick, and you couldn’t see that it was a woman when he was done. Now the characters are all a bit worried about him and his mental health. 

Dallas Introducing You to the Gang (Headcanons)

-He’ll either make a big deal out of this or no deal at all

-Like he’ll just walk in with his arm around you and if the guys look at him he’ll just smirk and say “this is Y/N” in a real proud voice and kiss your cheek

-OR he will make sure everyone’s at the house and introduce you in a v cheesy way

-(Either way) you can bet that his arm will be around your waist the whole time too

-“This is Y/N and they’re the sweetest damned thing I’ve ever saw”

-He’ll turn to you with a grin and try flustering you in front of the whole gang after that

-“I knew I just had to have you,” he’d say and then kiss you

-After he sat down he’d be free to any questions and probably tell everyone like 50 times on how you guys met


just a really short comic of Ariel getting her legs from Ursula but to be with Moana. I can see her doing it just so they can easily be together instead of persuading Moana to be a mermaid with her because she would dislike separating Moana and her people since she cares about them and is the only future chief (Ariel is pretty important back at her home too but she has like dozens of sisters to where she feel as if they can take her place). With Moana finding out about this and Ariel loosing her voice, she’s worried of the consequences this might bring. An angry powerful sea god who would want his daughter back putting her people in danger, and her people reacting negatively to an odd outsider. I can see the two work things out, and despite what consequences they might face, they’ll still spend fun times with each other.

The Millenium Wheel

Arthur stood by Merlin’s side in silence, staring out the glass cabin, as the white metal skeleton of the monstrous wheel lifted them over London.

“Your kingdom, sire,” Merlin said, looking over at him with all the devotion Arthur remembered from so long ago. His words were soft and reverent, and yet they held echoes of ancient power, as if by speaking them he were gifting his king the modern city that stretched to the distant horizon.

Arthur turned to face him, shoulders pushed back, meeting Merlin’s determined gaze with one of our own.  “Our kingdom,” he corrected.

Merlin smiled in response, soft and sad and full of adoration.  “I don’t want the kingdom,” he said.  “I only want its king.”

Arthur felt his breath catch, his throat going tight, overwhelmed again by all that Merlin was, and all that he’d done for him, both in their lives in Camelot as well as in that horrible separation that had followed.  

Lifetimes, Arthur thought.  Lifetimes he waited for me.  And alone.  Oh god, so alone-

Arthur stepped forward, cupping the sides of Merlin’s face in his hands, to gently kiss him, over and over, small soft things that told the miraculous man at his side again and again that of course Arthur was his, just as he was Arthur’s, just as it was always meant to be.

where's my love || dylan o'brien (part one)

word count: 4152

warnings: angst

prompt: none

author’s note: hey everyone! this is the first part of a series that i have decided to start! i’m really excited to write this. special thank you to hayley @sarcasticallystilinski, for reading through this and giving it a huge support! other than that, i hope you all really like this! love you all! 


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Due to something that happened to one of my other blogs on tumblr that almost drove me to suicide last night I am forced to take a break from this website. I am NOT putting myself in this situation again.

Everyone in the Wander Over Yonder fandom is lovely and this has nothing to do with you guys, I promise, (I love you all) but outside of that, there are people on Tumblr who I just cannot be around while suffering from anxiety and depression. This is for my own safety.

You have to realise that when things get this bad, I can’t put SaveWOY before my life. I have to cut Tumblr out. I can work on SaveWOY outside of tumblr when I’m feeling up to it. If you need to contact me you can at c.peepsqueak@outlook.com

Or add me on Skype, my name is starbour. I’m sorry guys but this just hit a dangerous level. I’m sorry for letting you all down.

WOY International Fans

If you want official WOY merch (and are 18+ years old), since they don’t ship outside of the United States, I can work as an intermediary to get the merchandise to you. I mentioned this in some vague sense before, but a more solid breakdown for how this would happen, with room for modification in the future, is:

  1. Pick the image(s), the product(s), and any style options.*
  2. I will send you screenshots confirming the options, and’ll wait for your OK before proceeding.
  3. There will be an extra cost for shipping internationally. I’ll quote you the price (or estimated price) and the final cost.
  4. Once everything is good, I’ll order the merchandise.
  5. Currently, you don’t have to pay until I provide pictures that I’ve received the merchandise. I’ll have to open it to check the goods, because they send it out piecemeal, and I’ve heard there have been some issues with sizing for clothes.
  6. Once I’ve received the payment, I’ll ship the merchandise to you with tracking if it’s available.
  7. I’ll check in until it’s safely in your hands.

*If you want customization, be aware it can change the price of the item. You can verify the final price (+ shipping if it doesn’t qualify for free shipping to me) by putting it in the shopping cart.

Payment will be, atm, through Paypal, and I’ll pay the Paypal fees, so for now that will not be part of the cost, which, disclaimer: is solely for reimbursement and for which I’ll be making no profit off of. I just know there are fans and friends outside of the USA who’d love to have official WOY merch.

Final cost = price of the merchandise + international shipping + domestic shipping (if that’s not waived).

If anyone would like to order or if you have any more questions, just hit me up in IMs, via ask, or on Discord, found on my blog since I change my name fairly regularly.

@savewoy @woyseason3 @peepsqueak

Can You Teach Me [Part 4]

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles x Lydia x Allison


Word Count: 2,389

** Guys this is absolute filth. This is beyond smutty smut and dear lord I just can’t. I hope you like it (; Part One Part Two Part Three

Originally posted by kritalia

            The day dragged by slowly, and by the time I was finally gathering the books for my last class I felt incredibly wound up, tense and irritated. I had spent all day listening to people gossip and snicker about Stile and I’s relationship. I roll my eyes in irritation just thinking about it. Who the fuck do people think they are to give their opinions on who they felt could and couldn’t date each other.

           Obviously my little stunt with Stiles in the hallways hadn’t made things better, and I spent the whole day worried about how he was handling everything. Especially when he told me to go eat lunch with Allison and Lydia because he needed to go talk to Scott about something and I haven’t really seen him all day after this morning in the hall.

           The bell for class rings obnoxiously and I walk into the classroom for Chemistry, making my way to Stiles and I’s usual lab table in the back of the room. Setting my books down on the table, I notice that his seat is empty and I sit down on the stool, biting my lip anxiously. The late bell rings just as Stiles comes sliding into the room, trying to creep to the back of the room without being noticed.

           “You’re late, Stilinski.” Mr. Harris says and Stiles grimaces.

           “I was… in the restroom?” He says and Mr. Harris grumbles something as Stiles lets out a sigh of relief and walks over to our lab table, sliding onto his stool.

           “Cutting it a bit close, aren’t you?” I whisper to him and he quirks an eyebrow at me.

           “What, did you miss me?” He asks, smirking at me in a very un-Stiles like fashion.

           “Well someone’s awfully confident all of a sudden,” I murmur to him and he grins at me.

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I’m frantically trying to speed clean my house and get all of my food prep finished up so I can go outside and play in the dirt. It is WAY too nice today to be stuck inside. How does my house get so torn apart??? It’s the little messy nighttime elves. I know it’s them. I’m setting out traps!

What I've Learned After 3 Months of Being a Nurse

What I’ve Learned after 3 months of being a nurse

  1. There is no pressure like being in the code of a 23 year old you were talking to 20 minutes ago while their mother stands in the door way begging you to save them.
  2. There is no silence like the one at the nurse’s station while everyone is gloved up and waiting for the arrival of the fire department that just called to report they’re on the way with someone in full cardiac arrest. 
  3. It’s easier to tell your friends about the funny stories and the funny patients. You keep the sad ones to yourself. 
  4. It’s hard to get someone to care about following up with a primary care physician to get further care and medication refills when they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.
  5. Psych patients make thanking God for waking you up in your right mind a completely different thing. 
  6. Other peoples struggles can make yours seem so small.
  7. The screams of the family who just lost their loved one will ring in your ears for hours…sometimes days. 
  8. Nursing is NOT passing meds and listening to heart beats, its giving your all during a code and still pulling something out of yourself to hold a grieving family member and understanding your emptiness does not compare to theirs.
  9. I’ve learned to stop praying for things to go right but instead to pray for the strength to handle anything that may come way.
  10. Some patients will make it hard to care about them, others will make it hard to let them go. 
  11. I haven’t learned this yet but I’m practicing leaving all of these things at the exit door of the emergency room. So that I can exist outside of work.
  12. I love nursing and there’s nothing I’d rather do.

deliciousphantomfart  asked:

Hello! I'm from Fontcest group on vk. Sorry for my English. So all I wanted to say is that there's a lot of groups on VK that posted artworks and don't even put credits. In Russia nobody cares about it :( We made our group with links cause we thought that would be enough. But now we're realised that it's also was wrong. That's why we wrote you and lots of other autors.We think we can be a good example. Please if you understand it, answer us again. Sorry for the situation. We wanna be respectful.

So I assume that what you mean is your group is trying to fix up the uncredited reposts problem in the Russian fandom. But by a recent ask that one of your group member sent, you seems to have been reposted other artists work BEFORE asking their permission, and this is already the thing me and other artists see as disrespectful, because even you now ask us for permission, our work have already been reposted, you just share out our work WITHOUT our consent at first.

I am glad that your will to change the uncredit problems, but there is a much more appropriate way to improve the situation. So if you want to be respectful, ask the artists for permission first BEFORE posting their work outside. I hope you can understand.

I’m not a failure because I haven’t gotten to where I want to be yet; that’s not how it works.

The Outsiders

Warnings- I mention Soda dying in Vietnam. I give Pony a little memory issue, though.

Note- Johnny and Dally had already died in this one. I know the title’s weird.


  The old house loomed in front of the old man. It was a lot more decrepit than the last time he had laid eyes on it. It’s once white sides were now grey and vines were traveling up them. The roof had light marks on it and reminded him of soft spots. That was probably what they were: leaks and soft spots. The fence that used to surround the place weren’t there anymore and the yard’s grass was around two feet tall. The man’s eyes got misty. Why did it look like that? It had so much love so many years ago.

   "Grandpa? What is that place?“ The man looked over at his great granddaughter. She was watching him carefully and holding his hand. She gave him a look that said very politely that she wanted to leave. It was early in the morning and he had woken her up for a road-trip. The man patted her hand and started to walk across the road with her. They had been standing across the street from the house. His family member helped him walk. He’d had shaky knees ever since he turned eighty about seven years previous.

  "I used to live here. This was my home.” His voice was shaky as he spoke. She looked like she was very interested now. She’d never even seen pictures of the house before. It was amazing to see it in the flesh and know where it was. It was a key to her grandpa’s past and she’d love to know everything.

  “We called it ‘The Curtis House’, because, well, it was.” He chuckled, but spoke softly and slowly. His worn silvery green eyes roamed around the outside. “I lived in there with my two older brothers, Soda and Darry. Our parents died when I was your age, fourteen, so I grew up with my brothers.”

   Ponyboy and his great granddaughter, Jodie, walked through the tall grass and maneuvered their way to the porch. The cane clutched in his right hand didn’t help very much, so Jodie was really what was holding him up. Still, they walked.

  Ponyboy dropped his cane in the tall grass as he reached toward the splintered steps’ banister. It felt rickety and a rush of dread washed through the old man. The house should never have looked like this. He’d always swore to take care of it. He vaguely remembered everything he and his brothers would do to make sure the house stayed neat and taken care of. How had he let it get this way? Why was it abandoned?

  “You’ve never said anything about having brothers! How come?” Jodie asked softly. Pony’s eyes softened and he felt a shudder come from inside. He struggled for the words to answer her. They walked up the steps slowly and tried to reach the porch’s flat surface. It didn’t look flat anymore, however. It was more sagging and warped than anything. They cautiously walked to the front door.

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