i can watch this gif forever

Harry: *fangirling internally, surprised and silently pleased with the fact that his arms can enclose Louis’s waist entirely* (bless the size difference) *need to calm himself and try to look cool and flick his hair when they eneded the too long hug* love you boo, congrats.

Louis: *blushing* *silently afraid of what the management will do to them now, but love is tough and hard, who is he to go against the rule of nature* *enjoying the fact that he and hazza fits like a puzzle* love you too, haz, congrats.

Zayn: *slightly hesitant, dunno if Liam really like Peazer or not* (shall I go hug him or not, he is so cute with that excited grin and blush on his face…) *internal/ eternal struggle*

Liam: *hesitant and shy* (dunno if Zayn will want me to hug him, he is moving so slow, does it mean he doesn’t want to hug me???) *slowly open arms invitingly* *puppy look all the way*

Niall: *frustrated at how hesitant ziam is* (they are freaking blocking his view of a perfectly nice larry, and if they really want to do the blocking part, they may as well as do it when hugging each other) Hmph! you two! JUST HUG EACH OTHER ALREADY! *push zayn real hard*

Zayn: *stumbles, like a first born deer, though this normally applies to harry*

Liam: *his life flashes in front of his eyes * *gasp* Zayn! You aren’t going to fall are you?

Zayn: *stumbles into Liam’s embrace* I have already fallen, you idiot, I have fallen for you for so long.


Audience: *clapping for Larry and Ziam, and for the great job Captain Niall is doing*

Niall: *enjoys the view for a sec, moves on to hug Larry* Congrats, good job boys, the display of affection was impressive.

All the boys: *hug*

Ziam and Larry: *happy cheesy lovely couples*


(i guess this is one of the rare occasions that Niall doesn’t mind being left out) 


Rembrandt | Martin in Nightwatching (2007)

“I will let you into a secret that you will tell no one. I have a lazy eye…But now I finally realize what this is all about. My eye was never lazy. This eye was just waiting, waiting nearly 30 years to see you. And now, having patiently waited for so long,I find it is better of my two eyes. This is the eye waiting to view a miracle, and the miracle, is you.”

I love this film, especially these lines, they’re so beautiful.


“It is not so that the good detective should act, eh? I perceive your thought. He must be full of energy. He must rush to and fro. He should prostrate himself on the dusty road and seek the marks of tyres through a little glass. He must gather up the cigarette-end, the fallen match? That is your idea, is it not?”

His eyes challenged us. “But I - Hercule Poirot - tell you that it is not so! The true clues are within - here!” He tapped his forehead. “See you, I need not have left London. It would have been sufficient for me to sit quietly in my rooms there. All that matters is the little grey cells within. Secretly and silently they do their part, until suddenly I call for a map, and I lay my finger on a spot - so - and I say: the Prime Minister is there! And it is so! With method and logic one can accomplish anything!”

- Agatha Christie, Poirot Investigates: The Kidnapped Prime Minister


And Taron, seriously, fax me.
Yeah, I will. Cheers, love.


I was going through a Starbucks drive-through and … and when I pulled up I had just ordered a coffee and then I had pulled up to the thing and the girl that was at the window: 

“Oh my gosh! You’re my favorite! I love you on the show! I never have seen you and you’re my favorite! And I love your face so much!” 

and just like- but going off and like they’re really fangirling and getting like more and more like- just like nervous and adorable and everything and she was just saying the cutest things like: 

“Your face is my favorite! And your character is my favorite! And like this…” 

and then her colleague goes: 

“Allie, you’re on the intercom!”

and so she was taking the orders from Starbucks and it was like on the whole time. It was really cute- it was like my favorite, favorite fan encounter ever.