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The Anti-Myth Masterpost

Out of sheer boredom and frustration, I’ve compiled a list of dumb things antis say and some facts to contradict them. Though I don’t think antis actually pay attention, they just vomit nonsense and never stick around for a rebuttal, here goes nothing anyway. Because I am tired of seeing good, pure people being harassed and sent death threats by these crazies. So here we go.

Anti-Myth: Otayuri is pedophilia.

Fact: Pedophilia is legally defined as attraction to or sex with a minor under the age of 13

Anti-Myth: Yurio is still a minor.

Fact: Yurio is now 16, the legal age of consent in Russia. He and whatever partner he chooses, as long as his partner is over the age of 16, is within their legal right. 

Anti-Myth: 16 year olds brains are not developed enough to comprehend sex.

Fact: A 16 year old can understand sex. Hell, even a 15 year old can. Teens at 15 or 16 hop into bed with older teens all the time–even I did. It’s actually normal. Plus, 16 is a far more common legal age of consent in the developed world anyway, this is not some perverted law by Russia and Kazakhstan, it’s actually very very normal. Even in Canada, 16 is the legal age of consent. If you’re American, respect your own laws, but we’re talking about A. fiction, and B. another country.

Anti-Myth: Otabek is too old for Yurio.

Fact: Otabek is literally 2.5 years older than Yurio. They’d literally be a junior and senior in high school, which happens all the time. It did with me, it did with countless others, and none of us were being abused. Plus, Otabek is not technically an adult, he’s still a teen himself. Same with JJ, if that is your ship. 

Anti-Myth: Shippers are disgusting because they are forcing Yurio into a sexual relationship and don’t respect their friendship.

Fact: Dude, if you want to see them as platonic friends, go ahead, no one is stopping you. Secondly, I’ve never met a shipper who doesn’t enjoy their friendship as being the stable building block of their relationship. For you, the relationship stops there. For us, we go on to see them as starting a romance after they’re ready. It’s all about the friendship, we just add to it.

Anti-Myth: Shippers like to sexualize 15 year olds. 

Fact: Well, maybe a few do. I mean, that’s what happens in big fandoms, you get some bad apples, especially if they come from countries themselves where the consenting age is 14 or something. But many, many shippers do not. They usually ‘sexualize’ Yurio when he’s a little older, or like to imagine him a little older when he starts becoming intimate. Plus it’s not just us, the creators and animators of the show have been sexing up Yurio for months now in official art, and with WTTM flashing his nipples and abs–I mean, don’t blame us.

Anti-Myth: Otayuri conditions children to think pedophilia is normal.

Fact: First of all, no it doesn’t. Yet again, pedophilia is any relationship where one is over the consenting age, and the other is under the age of 13. Which is not happening here. It may give them the impression that 16/18 is normal, and yeah it is, especially in many developed countries. If you have a problem with that, take it up with them, not us. This really should not be a hard concept. Also it’s FICTION. Do people jump into bed with their siblings after watching Game Of Thrones? No, because they’re not idiots. Not everything is based on American laws. This is an anime, written by a Japanese woman, made in Japan, and a lot of anime sexualizes young teens. No otaku I know of are hoping into bed with kids because of anime, unless they were already pedophiles. It doesn’t develop with a goddamn cartoon.

Anti-Myth: I’m uncomfortable with this ship because when I was younger I was abused by–

Fact: Okay, stop right there. I will try and explain this the best way I can. Whatever happened to you in your past is tragic and I do sympathize (one of my cousins was abused when she was younger so I know the horrors of dealing with that), but I’m sorry, it has nothing to do with shipping two teenagers. You’re imagining abuse, despite nothing canonically abusive happening. Otabek would never hurt Yurio. He’s no pervert. See, Americans who prey on 15 and 16 year olds do so because they KNOW it’s illegal. That’s why they do it. But if you’re from a country where, once again, the legal age of consent is 16, there is no abusive mindset. It’s normal behavior. There is no perversion or predatory behavior, because it’s not illegal. I do understand you being uncomfortable and it bringing up memories for you, but the reality of the situation is there is no actual abuse, and you really must try and understand that. This is literally like saying I can’t post pics of dogs because you were bit once, and that I’m condoning you being bit or something. It’s not true, nor is it fair to me, I just like dogs. But I do hope you find peace in your life.

All this being said, I will admit I use to be an anti myself. For about ten minutes, until I realized all this stuff and I knew I was being silly. And hey, there is a good chance Otayuri could become canon after everything we’ve seen, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for that by trying to understand these points I’ve made. It’s not too late to see things differently and to be a decent human being.


Yuri on ice Viktuuri One-shot. In which Yuuri challenges Viktor to not kiss him one week.


“Life is more fun if you play games” - Ronald Dahl, my uncle Oswald.


It was evening in St. Petersburg, Russia and just outside the windows of their apartment, the vibrant orange and red hues of the setting sun illuminated the clear skies just above. Not that Viktor (or Yuuri for that matter) were paying much attention to it anyway. Instead, the two of them were tangled together on one of the more plush sofas in their living room currently enmeshed within the each other lips. Viktor had taken to straddling Yuuri’s hips, resting atop his thighs and using his arms to prop himself on either side of the other his head while Yuuri was lying beneath him. Viktor’s hands were busy sliding their way up Yuuri’s sides, bunching up the shirt he wore and running his fingers across the warm skin underneath it as Yuuri’s arms were looped around his shoulders. The kiss that they were sharing wasn’t hurried or rushed, yet it was purely the two of them just enjoying the other’s presence in the closest way possible and Viktor was treasuring every second of it. The two were practically inseparable. There was nowhere that the other went to or was that the other wasn’t at their hip. It had become a constant thing. In the beginning it was more out of apprehension and paranoia than anything else but now their closeness was out of their increased connection to each other. They reveled in the other’s existence mentally, physically and spiritually. It was immensely satisfying to both of them to just be near each other at any point in time, but even more so in moments like this.

“You taste really good.” Viktor had told him in between kisses and Yuuri giggled.

“I had some fruit earlier if that’s what you mean.”

Viktor shook his head. “No not that,” he went back down to brush his lips over Yuuri’s again. “Well yes that, but you just naturally taste really nice…”

He then paused briefly. “Also you kind of taste like…chocolate?”

Yuuri smiled. “I had a little nutella earlier.”

“A little?”

He rolled his eyes. “Okay some.”

And Viktor chuckled softly, giving Yuuri a smile that made his cheeks turn upwards.

Of course.

“I’m going to have to hide it from you one day.”

“Why?” Yuuri questioned. “You’re not jealous because I might like it better than you, are you?”

“Not at all. And I know you love me more than nutella.”

“Do you now?”

“Yes,"Viktor leaned down to capture Yuuri’s lips again. "And I also know about the secret stash Yuri smuggles in for you.”

At this Yuuri froze, his eyes widening and Viktor grinned at his victory.

“How’d you find out about it?”

“I bribed him,” Viktor went to kiss his cheek. “Two new cheetah print jackets and he told me everything.”

“That’s not fair.” Yuuri pouted.

“I never said I was, love.”

And the petulant look Yuuri gave him after that was utterly adorable. Swooping down he pressed a long kiss to Yuuri’s lips in order to placate him and once he felt him soften underneath him he pulled back, but with doing so he took notice to the absolutely wicked grin plastered upon Yuuri’s face. Viktor’s eyebrows furrowed.


But Yuuri only grinned more devilishly. “Nothing.”

He then pulled Viktor back down to kiss him soundly; threading his fingers through his hair and dragging his lips wholly over Viktor’s which caused the man to moan softly. After a few seconds more, they parted and Viktor peered down at Yuuri through drooping eyes.

“I love kissing you.”

“I know,” Yuuri spoke, raising his hand to cup Viktor’s cheek. “And that’s why you’re not going to be able to kiss me again for a very long time.”

Now it was Viktor’s turn to completely freeze. Yuuri patted the side of Viktor’s face and moved to sit up, but Viktor took his wrists and pinned him back down to the sofa below.

“What do you mean I can’t kiss you for a very long time?”

“I mean that you can’t kiss me…at all. Not until I say you can at least.”

The expression upon Viktor’s face was of sheer disbelief, his mouth hanging agape until he shook himself out of his stupor. “Is this about your stash?”

“No it’s about you bribing Yuri to get him to tell you about it.”

“I lied.”

“Nope, too late,” His voice was chased by underlying laughter.

“But Yuu-”

Yuuri had wriggled his wrist out if Viktor’s grip far enough to place a finger to Viktor’s lips.

“You say I can’t live without Nutella…” A look of complacency etched itself onto Yuuri’s face pausing briefly to smirk. “Then I say you can’t live without kissing me.”

Viktor scoffed. “I can live without kissing you.”

Yuuri dead panned at this before craning upwards against Viktor’s hold and simply pecked him on the lips. After retreating, Yuuri snorted at Viktor’s feeble attempt to chase after him and then the man whined.

“That’s not fair.”

Yuuri shrugged deviously. “Never said I was, love.”

Curse this man…

Narrowing his eyes, the man let out a low growl of defeat.

“Fine,” Viktor relented. “How long do I have to wait before you forgive me?”

Yuuri tilted his, biting his lip in mock thought and Viktor fought back his urge to kiss the man again.

“Mm…5 days. Through nationals.”

There was a high pitch scream that resonated throughout Viktor’s mind but he folded both his lips together in order not to release it.

“5 days?” His voice was nothing more than a raspy squeak. Yuuri then nodded and Viktor watched as the man smiled even more impishly underneath him. He soon gathered all of his resolve, shutting his eyes briefly before heaving out a sigh of air. “Okay deal.”

“Great, so let’s play a game,” And using the not so hidden strength in his upper body, Yuuri used his own weight to push upwards and shove Viktor off of him (the man letting out a meek yelp as he did so) and backwards onto the other end of the couch. Now Yuuri was the one straddling the other man and holding his wrist at either side of his head. “Don’t try to kiss me for a week and you’ll get a prize.”

Viktor widened. “A week? But you just said 5 days!”

“True” Yuuri admitted nonchalantly. “But those are the rules and if you have enough restraint as you think you do, then it shouldn’t be a problem.”

He then groused. “What’s the prize?”

“You’ll know it soon enough.”

Viktor stared at Yuuri with wide eyes, his mouth opening; ready to protest the injustice of it all but then he was soon silenced as Yuuri leaned to hover just over his face. “Game on Vitya.”

Yuuri moved to get off of his lap after that, standing up straight and then sauntering back to their bedroom. Viktor sitting up to watch the slight sway of his hips as he did. He bit his lip. Yuuri could definitely be playful when he wanted to be and woefully cute whenever he was which just added to his secretly coy nature, but this…this was very different. Anyone else might have said he was bluffing, but Viktor knew Yuuri. Knew that familiar glint of seriousness he got in his eyes whenever he got determined to do anything and Viktor knew that Yuuri was determined to drive him up the wall with this little game of his. It wasn’t a tall order. Just seven days of no physical intimacy. He could easily manage that and it’d be over before he even knew it. He could do this.


He couldn’t do it.

It had only a couple hours into the next morning and Viktor’s reserve was already half empty. The night before when the two were getting ready for bed, Viktor had tried to snuggle up to Yuuri but the man had just continued to simply scoot away from him. He even placed Makkachin as a barricade between them in order to prevent any wandering hands or attempted closeness and Makkachin (being the little furry traitor he is) completely went along with it, even refusing to move when Viktor tried to pry him away from Yuuri to insert himself in the dog’s place. Makkachin would even growl at him, which in turn woke Yuuri and he chided him (something about influencing an innocent poor dog to his evil ways) before making his way to the living room for the rest of the night with Makkachin following right behind him. And Viktor had never felt more betrayed than that one moment after that. When he woke up the next morning, still partly tired due to him not being able to sleep the night before, he figured drinking some coffee would wake him right up, but upon turning into the kitchen the sight he found there jolted him awake faster than any amount of coffee would.
Yuuri was standing over the stove, cooking something Viktor assumed, but it wasn’t that that stirred that familiar feeling in the pit of Viktor’s stomach, it was what Yuuri was wearing that did it.

He wore his red and white Russian Olympic jacket, (that barely covered his ass as is) and nothing else besides a tight pair of dark blue boxer briefs. And Viktor felt his throat go dry. Upon sensing another presence behind him, Yuuri paused in his actions and twisted to see Viktor standing just beyond the kitchen’s entrance.


Yuuri’s voice was unusually cheery and the grin on his face was drawn just a bit too wide as if he knew just exactly what he was doing. And when he turned around, Viktor had to forcefully grip the nearby kitchen island in order to simply stay upright. Viktor had unfortunately miscalculated just how tight Yuuri’s shorts were and he also realized just how low they were as well. Not to mention that the jacket he wore was only partly closed so that he could see the captivating exposed jut of his collar bones.

“I was wondering when you were going to get up,” Yuuri then stood on his toes, reaching for the cabinet that was highest over his head and Viktor didn’t miss how his jacket rode upwards on Yuuri’s hips. “You’re normally up before I am.”

And it was then that Viktor actually realized he had been staring mindlessly at Yuuri’s legs after a few seconds of stalled silence between them. He then blinked rapidly in attempt to focus on something other than the man before him which proved a nearly impossible feat in itself.

“Are you okay?”

Viktor eyes shot towards Yuuri who was actually looking at him with genuine concern on his face and Viktor nodded fiercely. Taking the hand that had been bracing him upright on the kitchen table and using it to wipe at his eyes.

“Yea…yea, I’m fine.”

But Yuuri, still somewhat unconvinced, made his way to stand in front of Viktor (with Viktor of course, watching him every step of the way.) and placed the back if his hand upon his forehead.

“You don’t feel hot.”

Which was odd because on the inside, he was scorching.

“Do you want anything?”

Viktor let his eyes roam over the man in front of him, taking in every dip and curve that was available to him before he licked his lips.

“I can think of a few things…”

And they all involved pinning Yuuri down on the nearest surface, ravishing and kissing him bloody senseless.

“Oh, well there’s breakfast on the stove,” He turned, motioning to the various pans and pots arrayed on its surface. “If you want any.”

Viktor nodded, but naturally the man wasn’t interested in eating whatever Yuuri had made. He didn’t care for any of it. And maybe he’d have felt bad about letting the freshly cooked food go to waste if Yuuri hadn’t just tried to kill him just now.

“I’m gonna go take Makkachin out for a walk.”

Yuuri’s announcement brought Viktor oh of his musing once more and he let his eyes trail on Yuuri as he began to make his way out the kitchen. And even with all of the space on the opposite side of Viktor to walk through, of course Yuuri chose to squeeze, front first, past Viktor, allowing his body to press across his own. Viktor’s eyes screwed shut. He knew far too well that Yuuri’s actions were deliberate and he knew it by just how close he brushed up against him in order to exit the kitchen, but that didn’t mean that Viktor didn’t silently revel in every fleeting second of it. He watched as Yuuri disappeared back into their room down the hall, keeping his gaze on that direction until he reappeared some minutes later dressed in some baggy joggers with Makkachin in tow.

He then collected the keys off the island table that rested just beside Viktor’s hand and he didn’t miss how Yuuri’s fingers lightly brushed against it.
Yuuri made his way towards the door of the apartment as he grabbed the handle to open it.

“I’ll be back soon.”

And with a single bark from Makkachin, he watched as the door closed soundly behind them.

And Viktor dragged his palms over his face once more.

This was going to be a lot harder than he thought…


The second day (not too surprisingly) was a lot worse than the first. It was nationals week and practices were very intense and vigorous during this time due to it being the last stretch before competitions began. It wasn’t anything that he couldn’t handle, nor was it anything that he wasn’t adept to already but still, Viktor honestly felt miserable during the majority of it.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Viktor never looked up or responded to Yuri who had skidded to a halt beside him and simply continued to just stare across the rink at Yuuri who was busy practicing his own routines. With the man’s non telling silence, Yuri followed Viktor’s gaze until he too was looking upon the other skater.

Yuri then scoffed. “Yakov’s gonna pissed when he finds you over here drooling over your boyfriend instead of skating.”

‘Probably’ Viktor thought, but he really didn’t care for or to prep himself for Yakov’s guttural scoldings, because he was far to enamored in how gracefully Yuuri was gliding across the rink.

“Are you two fighting or something?” The boy questioned looking back down at Viktor. “Not that I’m complaining that you two aren’t, but normally you idiots are always all over each other.”

And Viktor could surely remember all the times when Yuri would yell 'gross’ at the both of them whenever they were being “too affectionate” in front of him but they never paid much heed to it. But with him hanging off to the side upon one of the rink’s benches with Yuuri in the far distance circling the ice, it was naturally due for some suspicion, but of course Viktor didn’t want to tell Yuri about his and Yuuri’s little game so he did the most logical thing.



Viktor expected a response of disbelief or shock , but upon peering up at the boy, he saw that Yuri was actually fairly amused.

“Wow,” He began, placing one hand upon his hip. “You must have fucked up pretty badly if Katsudon isn’t talking to you.”

But Yuuri was talking to him and he wasn’t angry at him either (Well Yuuri actually was upset with him…at least in his own wicked way), but it wasn’t anything serious. Admittedly, the talking has been sparse as well as awkward for the past day and some hours due to the regulations of the game, but they were talking. Although, it wasn’t their scattered conversations that was making him miserable. Viktor was, in truth a very affectionate person, everyone who currently resided in the rink knew it, but as Yuri so elegantly would point out he was even more so with his fiancé…or at least he had been before this game started. And ever since it did, he felt as if he couldn’t get in too close to Yuuri without breaking the one rule so in turn he was distant.

Just then Yuri hit him on his shoulder and caused him to jolt out if his thoughts and end his gaze upon Yuuri almost immediately. Viktor was just about to question the boy’s sudden action, until he noticed Yakov looming over them both with that familiar deep set frown wrinkling at the corner of his mouth.

“Why are you sitting down Vitya, practice has not been dismissed yet and you still have new routines to go over.” Yakov then looked to Yuri who was still standing at Viktor’s side. “Get back to the rink, Yuratchka.”

Yuri did as he was told, and skated back towards the back of ice rink where Mila and Georgi were situated. He then began to simply do some lazy figure 8’s around the rink’s border, the two watching the boy as he eventually rounded a corner and landed a single salchow with little effort. Yakov then turned back to Viktor.

“You do realize that nationals are at the end of this week, yes?”

Viktor nodded.

“And you do know that you must qualify there if you wish to go any further in the competitions.”


“Then why are you not focused?” Viktor bit his lip.

“I’m sorry Yakov.”

The older man then sighed. “It is not just you that you have to look after now, Vitya. You told me that you wanted to remain a coach while still competing yourself so you must be there for your student as well. I know you are fully capable of doing both and I know how impressive Katsuki can be, but he cannot coach himself-”

At the mention of Yuuri’s name, Viktor almost involuntarily looked past Yakov to the rink to find him talking to Yuri and he could feel the unease stirring within him as he saw a smirk work its way onto Yuri’s lips.

-have been out for almost a year and-Vitya are you listening to me?“

Viktor snapped back into the current reality for what seemed like the third time that day and shot upwards.

"Of course, routining the practice and flipping the quads, got it.

Yakov watched as Viktor then quickly made his way to the center of the rink and placed his forefinger and thumb to the bridge of his nose.

What was he going to do with this boy…


"Vitya keep your free leg up and off the ice!”

Yakov’s voice was echoing throughout the walls of the rink as he continued to reprimand his form and Viktor swore that even through the blur, he’d never seen his coach more red. He had been practicing for at least an hour now-maybe ten with how badly his legs were aching, but Yakov told him that he wouldn’t be able to rest until he landed all of his quads perfectly as well as consistently. Too bad he had screwed up on every single one of them so far.

“Keep your back straight and arms out, focus on keeping your balance!”

Which he was trying to do-desperately, but no matter what he did, he’d touch down, fall or under rotate and he could feel his own frustration growing within him. With rounding the rink’s edge for the 30th time, he spotted Mila, Georgi and Yuri standing again off to the side gazing at him with the smugest grins they could possibly muster. Then and in immaculate unison, they all puckered their lips and made kissing noises in his direction, before bursting out in laughter. And Viktor felt a nerve snap inside of his head. Skidding to a stop he searched the rink for that familiar light blue shaded jacket. Whipping his head around to each corner of the rink in effort to find him, because if he didn’t, Viktor was sure he’d internally combust in a matter of seconds. Eventually Viktor spotted him sitting upon one of the outer benches chatting and smiling away at his phone. Grinding his teeth, Viktor skated to the edge of the rink, ignoring Yakov’s prodding voice in the process and stepped out to toe himself out of his skates and made his way over to where Yuuri was seated.

Once he made it over to the other side if the rink, he noticed that Yuuri was still very engrossed on his phone (and apparently talking to Phichit) and that he hadn’t realized that Viktor was standing in front of him until nearly a minute afterwards.

Yuuri soon looked up to Viktor from his phone but the smile he had worn prior to this had slowly faded due to the expression upon Viktor’s face.

“Viktor, what’s-”

But the man grabbed his wrist and hauled him upwards before he could finish his sentence. Yuuri barely had enough time to set his phone on the bench when Viktor began to tug him onwards to what he guessed was the bathroom in the back of the building and heard a chorus of 'oo’s’ trail behind them as they did.

Once they made it there, Viktor pushed the door open to lead him inside, locking it shut behind them both before he backed Yuuri into the expansive sink counter and placed his hands on either side of him.

“You told them about it?”

Viktor didn’t really feel the need to clarify what exactly “it” was due to the fact that they both already knew the extent of the game that was going on between them as well as importance. It was exactly something that either of them was willing to forget or overlook.

“No,” Yuuri’s voice was earnest underneath Viktor’s staring. “Why would I have?”

And Viktor breathed a sigh of relief.

“Yuri kind of figured it out for himself…”


“He did I swear,” Yuuri insisted as Viktor drew closer one hand coming to raise in front of him as the other braced upon the counter. “I really didn’t want anyone else to know or for this to get out either Viktor.”

And it was ridiculous for him to think Yuuri would. Out of the two of them, Yuuri definitely was the more reserved (for the most part) in terms of the relationship 'behind closed doors and with their game out in the open now to other people it kind of did feel like the privacy they had had been breached. It also made Viktor’s discontent grow even further. It might be somewhat foolish to be this agitated over what should be a simple game especially since it was only just the second day, but it really couldn’t be helped.

“You seem really out of it today. "The sheer coyness that dripped from Yuuri’s voice caused him to grit his teeth. "Is something wrong?”

“You know exactly what’s wrong,” He hissed

A sly grin curled at the corner of Yuuri’s lips and the demure facade that he had just wore seconds ago practically melted away almost instantly.

“I didn’t know you’d be this bothered over it.”

And it was that specific tone that he always managed to effortlessly slip into that always seemed to chip away at his composure.

“I’m not,” it was a weak lie, one that he stuttered out as he pulled back from Yuuri. “But it’s not like you still aren’t trying your best to be…”

He paused choking back the rest of his sentence and Yuuri only took it as more of a challenge.

“To be what?”

And Viktor let his eyes roam over Yuuri in that moment.

Alluring…tempting…downright evil…

Any one of the three would have sufficed honestly to Viktor because all of them were undeniably true. A hand slid its way down his chest, to come rest just about halfway and Viktor was chanting at himself to ignore the heat pooling within him as Yuuri began to press himself against him.

“You can always give in…, "his voice was sultry and his breath was warm against his face "I’m right here Vitya…you know you want to…”

And he did. Letting his guard down for just that moment he realized that he’d be lying to himself if he said he didn’t. With the way Yuuri’s leg was inching its way up his hip, how close he was meshed against him and with the glossiness of his lips. Viktor was sure that with anymore pressure, the marble underneath his fingers would’ve crumbled. He really wanted to do it. He wanted to forget about the stupid game and its only stupid rule and just grab Yuuri’s face to kiss him right then and there…but he couldn’t. Tearing himself away, he took the hand that Yuuri had rested upon his chest and forcefully anchored it to the counter along with the other one, causing him to bow backwards slightly.

“Not today, Yuuri.”

“Maybe,” He shrugged.“But you still have 6 more to go. You won’t last long.”

“Try me.”

“I did…just now.”

Suddenly a hard knock sounded at the door and the two instinctively untangled from one another.

“Hey Geezer, Yakov said to get the hell out of the bathroom!”

They weren’t aware of neither the time nor how long they had actually been in there, but they derived that their time in here plus with their abrupt departure from the rink, they both had to have had the man fuming by now. After briefly glancing at Yuuri, Yuuri doing the same, Viktor left his side to go unlock the door and exited the bathroom. Already preparing himself for another one of Yakov’s grueling lectures when he made it back to the rink.


The third day Viktor thought, was simple enough. After a break from practice the three if them (Yuri included) decided to go to some quaint ice cream shop Viktor had suggested not too far from the rink. It was about a 10 minute walk and they had got there sometime after noon. The shop itself was mostly empty with only about a handful of occupants spread here or there so it was also fairly quiet save for the bell that tinkled as the three walked in. There was a wide assortment of flavors ranging from plain vanilla to more inventive and obscure flavors, but all three just went for their own personal usual. (Except for Yuuri strangely enough.) He has gone with plain vanilla, Yuri with peanut butter fudge swirl and Viktor opting white chocolate (with some other fancy toppings) and after Viktor paid the cashier, they all sat down at a lone table near the door. The talked idly about many things, (most of those things were about nationals and their routines due to the fact that it was so close) and simply filled their time with conversation until it was time to go back to the rink.

“Hey Katsudon,” Yuri called and the aforementioned picked his head up to look at the boy. “Watch my stuff, I gotta go to the bathroom.”

Yuri then scooted from his chair and made his way to the back of the shop where the restrooms were located which left Viktor and Yuuri by themselves at the table.

Like before, their time 'talking’ to each other were always awkward and mostly included silence. It was primarily due to Viktor not really knowing what to talk about that wasn’t about their game and from what he soon discovered Yuuri always practically (as well as very conspicuously) scoot his way into his lap whenever they did manage to actually have a normal conversation in order to see if Viktor would slip up and kiss him somehow. He was always on constant vigilance because Yuuri truly was extremely sneaky.

As Viktor looked back across the table he instantly met eyes with Yuuri whose chin was propped upon his hand.

“I never knew you liked vanilla ice cream.”

Yuuri shrugged. “It’s not really a favorite of mine,” He spoke. “But I kind of wanted to try something a little different.”

Fair enough.

But then, that familiar expression soon set itself upon Yuuri’s features, the one that he wore whenever he was about to do something drastic…and Viktor knew that mischievous glint in his eyes all too well. Grinning, Yuuri went back to the ice cream cone in his hand (which wasn’t much in itself) but then he began to lick over it with wide, long, slow strokes of his tongue and Viktor knew what he was trying to do almost immediately. Yuuri repeated his actions; using the flat plane of tongue to wipe at the frozen liquid before deftly swiping along the cone’s edge and gradually trailing upwards. He then swirled over its curled top a few times prior to sinking his lips around it and sucking off a generous amount. And he did it all while never breaking eye contact. Viktor’s hand clenched at the fabric of his pants. Yuuri hadn’t done too much yesterday and what he did attempt to do nearly severed his reserve, but now was the first time he’d actually ever done something like this. And it was just now that Viktor realized exactly why he had gotten vanilla instead chocolate…

Viktor bit his lip. Yuuri’s show had been bad enough to sit through, but of course he had been just so coincidentally sitting in front of an air vent and its heat was causing the ice cream cone to slowly melt. It wasn’t mess by any means, but the treat was beginning to leave a few tracks of melted liquid on Yuuri’s hand and wrist. Viktor silently prayed that he would take one of the bountiful napkins that sat in the middle of their table and wipe his hand with it, but he already knew that that would be far too merciful. Instead of doing what Viktor had desperately hoped he would, Yuuri instead switched the cone to his left hand and then let his tongue slowly lick up the streaks off the other. Finger by finger until he eventually drew his index finger into his mouth and released it with a loud pop. With the devious that Yuuri gave him, Viktor could tell that he was fully aware of his own diabolical intentions He also knew that Yuuri was very much enjoying watching him squirm within his chair and how thoroughly bothered by his actions he Viktor was, but it was all a part of his plan. Yet the worse thing about it was that Viktor knew that it would only get more unbearable as the week went on and he was already dreading it just thinking about it.

It was only a moment later when Yuri returned from his trip to the bathroom and began to make his way back to their table but not before he paused to shoot Viktor a questionable look.

“How the hell did you get ice cream all over your shirt?”


The fourth day had been taxing. Nationals were tomorrow in Moscow and he had been at the rink for most of the day trying to perfect his routine. The routine itself was very flashy in terms of the amounts of jumps that he had incorporated into it due to the fact that he wanted to go for the highest score possible, but he decided that since this was most likely going to be his final debut in the ice skating world he might as well give the audience one last show. As he walked into the apartment, Viktor took note that it was fairly dark and shrouded in silence. Which wasn’t entirely strange since it was late as well as night out, but he had just though Yuuri might have waited up for him. Setting the keys down on the island table in the kitchen he made his way back to their bedroom, figuring that Yuuri was probably in there. Upon approaching the room he saw that the door was slightly ajar and that the dim light of it that spilled through the crack out into the hall. A sign that might have signaled Yuuri hadn’t fallen asleep yet. Viktor went to grasp the door’s handle but as he did so he hesitated to push it open. It was crazy to say, but he had not the slightest idea of what was waiting for him behind that door and it was honestly an intimidating thought. It was the fourth day in their little game, some bit past the half way mark and in his mind he was expecting something extreme. Yuuri hadn’t really tried anything with him today in terms of his usual fair and in fact the day between them had been pretty calm, but that’s exactly what worried him. Exhaling a soft breath he gripped the handle and slowly pushed to enter the room, but upon doing so, his entire mind shut down.

He had been correct in his assumption that Yuuri had been awake, but what he had been incorrect in was how severe his hell was going to be.

Lying upon the plush mattress, right in its center, was Yuuri, splayed put in the most provocative position possible with arms raised above his head and legs folded in on one another. Wearing nothing but one of his red and gold silk robes.

And in that moment, Viktor actually forgot how to breathe.


Viktor’s response was delayed but when he actually managed to recover, it came out as nothing more than a series of mangled babbles. He watched as Yuuri gradually rose from the bed to a sitting position before eventually coming to stand before him and it was then that Viktor could truly feel that familiar deep stir well within the pit of his chest. Within the golden light of the room, Yuuri looked sinfully beautiful. The kind of beauty that ignited a fire underneath him and made him forget how to think or speak. Yuuri’s hair was tediously slicked back, his eyes almost seemingly amber underneath the long lashes that shielded them as he peered up at Viktor and the smooth expanse of one of his shoulders tantalizingly visible to his sigh due to the large size of the robe. And Viktor could feel the heat fill his face.

“I was waiting up for you,” Yuuri’s was so sultry that it made him shiver as he felt him trail a hand across Viktor’s neck and shoulders. “I missed you…”

“I was only gone for a few hours.”

“I know,” Yuuri then gripped tightly at Viktor’s shoulders and spun him around before pushing him down forcefully upon the bed below. He then hiked up the hem of the robe to expose the long length of his legs in order straddle him. “Still too long.”

The devious smile that he gave Viktor from on top his lap was almost enough unsettle him, but it was when Yuuri latched onto his neck began to kiss his way down that actually made him go completely lax. They started off as simply pecks here and there, feather light and ultimately soft, but as the seconds passed, they became heavier and turned into sucks as well as bites that would surely leave dark bruises in the morning, but he couldn’t even will himself to think on it properly at that moment. A hiss left slipped its way through his teeth as Yuuri bit down almost painfully at the spot just beneath his ear, but it soon turned into a hitched sigh as he licked along it with a stripe of his tongue. And Viktor could feel his smile against his neck as he did.

“It’s late…” he said softly, trying to focus on putting forth a coherent sentence. “W-we should p-probably go to sleep for tomorrow…”

“Probably,” His voice was slightly muffled against the crook of his neck as he continued his ministrations. “But you don’t want to stay up with me Vitya?…”

And the use of that name… paired with the utter sensuality of Yuuri’s voice made all the blood drain from his head and rush straight to his already hardening cock.

He then withdrew from his neck to hover just over Viktor’s ear, his lips just barely brushing it.

“Let me take care of you…”

At the last lingering kiss that Yuuri placed behind his ear, Viktor could feel himself finally unravel and It wasn’t long before Yuuri began to slowly roll his hips. His head fell back into the pillows beneath it. It was slow, almost torturously so, but there was no doubt in the pleasure that was increasingly washing over him and Yuuri only continued to go at it more deeply. Their sighs melded together until their breaths soon became one within the silence of the room. Viktor’s hands soon found Yuuri’s hips, never clutching at them but only resting upon them firmly enough to hold him steadily in place. There was voice in the back of his head telling him that all of this was just another one of Yuuri’s obvious ploys, but the heavenly feel of his body against his own wholly took over any logical thought that might have existed within his mind. Instead, It was drew blanks with every rut of Yuuri’s hips and each kiss that he lavished upon his neck. He was surrounded in that familiar floral scent that always radiated from Yuuri’s skin and he felt himself become lost within it. He could hear the soft pants that escaped from Yuuri’s lips and the warm breaths that washed over his neck as he continued to drive forward in a dragged out repetitive movement. He then sat upwards, using his hands to prop himself upon Viktor’s shoulders and began to roll his hips even more thoroughly. Viktor was the only one of the two who was fully clothed while Yuuri himself wore absolutely nothing underneath the robe he was wearing. It was a deliberate move on Yuuri’s part and Viktor knew this. The feel of Yuuri’s warmth against the thin joggers he wore was meant to unhinge him; push him over the edge. And it was working. He could feel the pace his heart quickening as he looked towards the ceiling of the room. Desperately trying to focus on anything that wasn’t Yuuri, but of course he faltered and hesitantly went to gaze upon him.

A mistake if he ever made one.

The fabric of the robe had completely fallen off both his shoulders, leaving the skin beneath it bare to the air around them and strands of his dark hair were now falling into his face. He was utterly flushed; sweat forming at his hairline as he peered down at him through lust filled eyes.

He was gorgeous… With his brows knitted together and his lips pursed, it was hard to tell where the line was drawn between their game and the pleasure derived from it, but regardless of the border, he could tell they were both slipping. He wanted it to continue, wanted to tear the remains of the robe that Yuuri wore to shreds if need be. To take him for himself. And It was taking all of Viktor’s sheer will not to because he knew if this went on, he most definitely going to break the game’s one rule so he had to stop. Before Yuuri could attempt anything else, he put his strength into twisting himself over which in turn knocked Yuuri off his lap, sending him to the mattress below and Viktor was quick to crawl over him and pin down Yuuri’s wrists after that. He couldn’t really remember how many times they have been in this exact situation within the past days with Yuuri doing his utmost best to seduce him and Viktor tenuously resisting all of his advances. It was almost like a muscle memory to him at this point.

“You really are evil Katsuki Yuuri, you know that.”

Yuuri’s eyes were ablaze with complacency as a smirk weaseled its way onto his still glossy lips. “You weren’t complaining about me being evil just now.”

And he couldn’t really argue about that.

“What am I going to do with you?”

“Anything you want.”

Viktor grinned. “Nice try, but still not good enough.”

Yuuri then huffed. “I almost had you.”

“Almost, being the key word.”

Yuuri growled as he narrowed his eyes. “I hate you.”

“No you don’t.”

At this Yuuri pouted and blew out a puff of air that sent loose strands of his slicked back hair from his face. He then looked back up at Viktor, with eyes bigger than they already naturally were and Viktor could feel his leg return to that familiar place on his own hip.

“Kiss me.”

And Viktor could only laugh.

“I guess you’ve finally ran out of ideas, love.”

Yuuri frowned. “Please?”

“Nope, not doing it,” He then leaned down to stare at Yuuri pointedly yet far enough so that he wouldn’t be able to try anything. “You said a week, nothing less. I’m winning this.”

Viktor then released Yuuri’s wrists and then moved to get off the bed before heading out the door, Yuuri rising to watch him leave with another indignant pout plastered onto his lips.


The fifth day admittedly was a little nerve wrecking for him. The Russian Nationals were today and he could feel the pressure building upon him. Not to say that he wasn’t confident, because he was. He knew his routine to a T, practiced it for days on end to ensure a smooth performance since he had been out the competitive game for more than a year now and he wanted a great debut. But unfortunately his mind was occupied with… other things at the moment. Last night, for the second time, he hadn’t really been able to sleep too well. If Viktor honestly had to count, he would say that he did technically sleep for a good amount of time, maybe a bit over eight hours so he felt rested in those terms, but in others he felt particularly restless. The truth was he really couldn’t stop thinking about Yuuri. He couldn’t last night and he couldn’t now. His last ploy in seducing him into kissing him lit a fuse within him that was still wildly burning, threatening to go off at any moment and all he wanted to do was find some way to put it out before it did, but he still had two days left. Two pain filled days of absolute internal anguish ahead of him and it made him want to bang his head against a wall due to the fact that it was still the break of dawn on 5th one. The programs were due to start in a few minutes and he found himself scurrying down the halls of the arena in order to find him, (since they had parted separate ways upon arriving) but with each corner that he rounded the halls were basically empty and he couldn’t help but let out a low frustrated growl under his breath. In his head he chided himself for what he was doing. Briskly making his way through the arena in attempt to find his fiancé and potentially fuck him up some random wall to rid himself of his own pent up lust before it was time to skate, but in truth he didn’t care. He would keep the regulations intact and not kiss him, but in all sincerity, kissing Yuuri was the least of what he was planning to do to him.

Rounding one more corner he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Yuri making his way down the south wing with Yakov in tow at his side.

“Yuri!” The boy and Yakov turned to face him as he jogged up to meet them and Yakov scowled.

“Vitya what are you doing back here? You’re program starts in the next 20 minutes!”

“I know, but I’m trying to find Yuuri,” he then directed his attention to Yuri. “Have you seen him?”

Yuri removed his ear buds from out his ear, before tilting his head briefly in the opposite direction. “The last time I saw him he was still in the dressing room, but that was like 10 minutes ago.”

Viktor smiled and without thinking he quickly hugged the boy. “Thanks.”

“Yea Yea whatever,” He then pushed the man off. “Just remember whatever you two idiots do in there, you automatically forfeit if you’re no shows.”

Viktor didn’t really stay to process the underlying meaning of Yuri’s words because he had already taken off in the other direction towards the dressing room.


He got there ten minutes later. The dressing rooms were located in the far back of the arena underneath the first staircase and he cursed himself for not getting there quicker since Yuuri was due to go on in the next five. Upon approaching the door, he reached for the handle, but before he could do so, the door swung open and there stood Yuuri.

And the only way to possibly describe how he looked was…breathtaking. His hair was in its familiar slicked back state and his lips were redder that usual, (lipstick maybe) but what really made his breath catch in his throat was his costume. It was black, a much richer one than his Eros one and shimmered with specks of silver. Two sheer cuts sliced their way down his left shoulder and at his hip and curled to lead just under the pit of his arm. The costume’s sleeves were long in themselves with a strap to go over his middle finger and from what Viktor could see, also a sheer fabric running down the inner side. And lastly a long flowing ruffled train adorned the tights that stuck to his toned legs.

He was the most beautiful person he had ever seen…

“Oh Viktor, I need your help.”


Yuuri then turned around and Viktor nearly choked on the very air he breathed. A large cut out exposed the entirety of Yuuri’s back and tapered off to a V at the lowest possible point of it, just between the dimples. Viktor swallowed the lump within his throat.

“Could you get this for me?”

Tearing his eyes away from the pale stretch of Yuuri’s back he focused long enough to see Yuuri holding the costume’s neck clasp within his fingers. Viktor then took them within his own hands and maneuvered the hook into its rightful place and adjusting it be for letting his arms drop back to his side.

Yuuri then spun back around to smile at him.


Just then the overheard speaker system rang throughout the arena calling for Yuuri to come to the rink, and as his head turned to face the speaker on the opposite wall above them, Viktor couldn’t help but to stare and admire him from afar.

After the second call Yuuri turned back towards Viktor. “I have to go, but I’ll see you later. Good luck on your program.”

“You too.”

After that exchange, Viktor then watched as Yuuri made his around the corner to the elevator on the other side of the dressing rooms and waited for it to ding open. Once it did, he stepped inside and pushed the button on the panel for the top floor. And a few seconds after that the doors shut closed.


Viktor made it back up to the rink just as he heard Yuuri’s musical composition began to play. Walking through the set of double doors, he made his way down the set of stairs and nestled himself within a crowd of people directly on the center side of the rink. The music was a booming classical piece, with hard percussion, horns and piano keys that preluded massive swells. It was an extremely hauntingly beautiful piece and Viktor was mesmerized with each note. The area in which he stood was coincidentally the perfect view of the ice so he could see everything. He watched intently as the long train of Yuuri’s costume fluttered like a black ruffled leaf in the breeze through the air and how it trailed elegantly behind him as he sped around every corner. He saw every single flawless jump which included five quads that he landed perfectly as well as the unrelenting ferocity and poise in his movements. And Viktor was certain he’d never seen anything else like it. He was utterly incredible…

Two minutes later, Yuuri’s program was over and there was no delay as the audience erupted in thunderous cheers and applause merely seconds afterwards. Looking out at Yuuri standing upon the center of the ice with his hands outstretched and a glorious smile etching itself onto his lips, suddenly to Viktor, nothing else mattered. Not his program, not any of the other skaters that would come after. Not even the game that had lasted between them for the past few days. Everything around him became meaningless, except that man who stood proudly in front of him. As the cheers continued, Viktor could feel how wildly his heart was beating within his chest at that moment and just how powerful the yearning tearing at him had become. Viktor’s eyes never left Yuuri’s form as he skated towards the kiss and cry where Yakov waited for him just at its entrance to hand him his skate guards. And watching Yuuri in that moment Viktor soon and surely knew what he was going to do.


After his own program concluded, Viktor sat down for multiple interviews with Russian news outlets on his return to skating after his yearlong break. Everyone was interested in him and heckled him for any semblance of a response especially after his scores had been revealed. It had been high. Very high actually; a 92.56. Some points lower from his usual routines from before his break, but it was still a very good score and he currently resided in second place. First place on the other hand was of course Yuuri who scored with the phenomenal amount of 95.33 points for his first national debut in Russia and besides himself, Yuuri’s name was the only thing he would hear from everyone’s mouths throughout the arena and Viktor couldn’t be any happier. He really had no interest in answering any of the seemingly endless questions the news outlets shot at him, but nonetheless he smiled grinned and nodded just for the sake of the camera. It was tiresome after a time because the questions soon became repetitive and superficial, but even more than that, it became tiresome because all he truly wanted was leave and find out where be Yuuri had gone to again. After about another 20 minutes give or take, the interviews finally concluded and as soon as they did, Viktor made his way down the low stage steps and quickly set off to find Yuuri.

For his luck, (and joy) Viktor found him four minutes later sitting on the somewhat empty bottom row of bleachers closet to the rink watching Yuri’s own performance. Upon looking him over, he noticed that Yuuri had changed out of his costume and was simply dressed in his regular fair of black pants and a light jacket, though instead of his normal Japan themed jacket it was the newly designed white and blue team Russian one for this year. It didn’t take long for Yuuri to notice Viktor’s presence at his side, but Viktor never gave him a chance to speak or question it before he grabbed his wrist to tug him upwards. It had almost looked as if Yuuri actually wanted to say something to him, but again and almost like a replica of their time at the rink a few days ago, Yuuri followed him wordlessly. He led him out the door and into the main hall of the arena. It was mostly empty due to everyone being in the ice rink and Viktor thought it was perfect because he didn’t want anyone to see them. He just wanted to find somewhere-anywhere that he could be remotely privately with Yuuri. Eventually he settled upon an open storage closet located on an abandoned hallway and tugged Yuuri along towards it. Once there, he opened it, guiding Yuuri inside before shutting it and locking it in place. And immediately after doing so, Viktor quickly went to grab his face and dragged Yuuri forward to kiss him deeply. Yuuri never tensed at Viktor’s abrupt action or ever gave any indication of surprise at Viktor’s actions and instead he returned the kiss wholly with equal fervor and went to fist his hands in Viktor’s jacket. And Viktor hummed in satisfaction. It was strikingly obvious that from the way Yuuri was kissing him back that he hadn’t been the only one that had missed this and the way they melded together so seamlessly even after all those days was so utterly perfect that it made his head spin.

Viktor withdrew from Yuuri, Yuuri doing the same and began to stroke his cheek with his thumb.

“I guess I lost.”

Yuuri nodded rapidly and Viktor could feel his fingers curl more tightly into the fabric of his jacket.


After a second of staring into Viktor’s eyes, Yuuri stood on his toes to recapture Viktor’s lips with his own and threw his arms around his neck to steady himself. Their challenge, right now, was no more than an afterthought at the moment for neither of them cared about it anymore. The only thing that mattered to Viktor right now was the softness of Yuuri’s lips as well as needy kisses that he was brushing against his own and how they made him forget everything. His hands drifted to grab at Yuuri’s hips as he dug his fingers into the fabric of his jacket there. God he had missed this. The feeling of Yuuri pressed fully against him and his fingers threading through his hair. Viktor had almost forgotten what he tasted like in their time apart but when he licked his tongue past Yuuri’s lips he was reminded instantly. Yuuri whimpered at this and proceeded to draw Viktor closer to him, grabbing his hair to pull him closer in order to deepen the kiss. They both shared a breath. Kissing each other to thoroughly that it was almost a struggle to breathe and the pace of it never relented. It was hard and heavy smack of lips that soon turned into a open mouth kiss of tongues, Viktor taking to suck on Yuuri’s own briefly before returning to drag his lips over his, drawing out a deep moan in the process. Leaving his mouth, he began to trail kisses at the corner of his mouth then at the side of his jaw. One of Yuuri’s hands left its hold on Viktor’s hair to clutch at the skin of his neck as his lips made their way down his own. Viktor was quick to lay waste to Yuuri’s jacket, zipping it down and discarding it off to the side in order to expose more of his collarbone. The storage room was all shelves bolted to the walls of the closet which meant that there was no surface to sit or rest upon so Viktor simply backed Yuuri into one of the shelves behind them. He could hear items being knocked over, falling to scatter upon the floor from the rough impact but he didn’t care and only chose to slide his hand underneath Yuuri’s t-shirt. A soft gasp made its way past Yuuri’s lips at the coldness of Viktor’s hand but it was promptly silenced when Viktor went to press his lips to his. Fingers tugged at the hem of his shirt gesturing for it to be removed and Yuuri obliged, separating himself from Viktor only long enough to remove it before he kissed him again. Suddenly the bustle and loud chatter of people made its way to both of their ears and caused the two to separate. It was obvious that a crowd gathering outside, either from intermission or thd programs concluding. Of course they had no idea of telling which, especially due to the fact that they didn’t know how long they had been in here, but it was clear (almost painfully) that their time was limited. Viktor met Yuuri’s eyes.

“I think the programs might be finished."His voice came out in a series of pants.


They both went quiet to listen to the crowd outside and only realized that the noise had gotten louder. Remembering that he had his phone, Viktor fished around in his pant pocket to retrieve it. Holding down the power button briefly, the screen lit up to reveal the current time.

“It’s twelve twenty-five.”

Viktor then looked back at Yuuri who looks as if he was recalling something in his head. “The competition doesn’t end until one thirty today.”

And that meant that the crowds of people outside were definitely on break for intermission and the reshaping of the ice. This meant that they potentially had an hour. But that was only if someone didn’t catch them first. The door was locked, yes, but it was a storage closet and upon looking around it was a storage closet for food and snacks for the concessions stands just out front. It was entirely possible that someone would come in eventually, with keys to find them in here and of course he didn’t want that. Viktor first other thought was that they could just wait until they got back to their hotel which was only a block down to avoid that possible outcome, but they were already here…

Viktor raised his head to look at the man in front of him. “Do you have…?”

“No,” His voice was rasp and faint.“Do you-”

Viktor shook his head. “No.”


That of course complicated things. Musing over the possible options he realized that there weren’t much and he found himself within the same dilemma as before. Wait…or risk it. For a third time, He looked back to Yuuri and let his eyes roam over him briefly. He was still painting himself. Hair ruffled, flushed a faint pink with his lips pursed and plump. Darting between Yuuri’s dark eyes and those glossy, inviting luscious lips, Viktor quickly decided that he would risk it. He kissed Yuuri again with more vigor and urgency, pressing him even further against the shelf behind them as his hands gripped his shoulders.

He was so gorgeous…

They continued their passionate kiss for while, but Viktor broke it.

Standing from his place on the floor he snaked his arm around Yuuri’s waist, licking his lips clean before dragging him forward to kiss him. Still pliant from his body being spent, he followed easily and raised his hands to rest upon Viktor shoulders. Neither of them moved to deepen it for it was just a simple, equal press of their lips against the other’s and after a minute or two they separated and took to rest their foreheads together.

“I guess I really can’t go without kissing you…”

Yuuri gave a raspy brief laugh at this. “It was worth it though.”

Viktor nodded, but he then paused. He withdrew from Yuuri but only far enough for his face to come clearly into focus as his brows rose.

“Do I still get my prize?”

“What prize?” Yuuri questioned slight confusion dawning upon his features.

“The one you said I’d get if I went a week without trying to kiss you.”

“Oh,” Yuuri’s eyes widened slightly but then he chuckled. “You just got it.”


“The prize was that you got to kiss me.”

Viktor watched that familiar grin break out across Yuuri’s face as he tried to stifle his laughter, but of course he was failing terribly.

“I hate you.” He pouted.

“No you don’t.”

Viktor then smiled as he began to lean back down to kiss him again.

“I know.”

Jonathan Byers x Reader (Request)

Request from @phan—anime: Can I request a Jonathan Byers fluffy imagine where you go missing instead of will and you and Jon secretly like each other - he goes crazy when you’re home but when you return it’s super cute and he says his feelings to you etc ? I have no idea if that makes sense - thank you in advance xx

A/N: Jonathan Byers is my photography loving, The Clash listening babe and I will forever love him.

Word Count: 3712 words

Originally posted by happycookiie

The place you hid in was cold. But you missed it dearly, or rather, the real version of it that you’d grown to love. Not this dystopian, crumbling version. No, certainly not.

You heard voices sometimes, but you believed them to be purely in your head.

There was no way you could hear Will, or Jonathan or even Joyce, not when you were so far away from them. You put it down to hiding in their house, staying there obviously was affecting your mental health combined with this world you seemed to have been dragged into.

You’d ran, and ran and ran. Away from the thing that had brought you here. You’d barely made it alive. It had run after you for ages, constantly on your tail. But you made it into Jonathan’s house, the only place that had come to mind for you to go. Needless to say, you were broken when you got there and found it to be empty, although you’d known deep down that it would be.

You missed talking to people. Going to the cinemas and seeing films with Nancy and Steve, walking in the forest with Jonathan taking photos of you. You especially loved the walks. Playing D&D with the boys, and dramatically acting out the game for them whilst Will told it. You missed sitting in the Byer’s kitchen on a morning, watching as Jonathan prepared breakfast for his family still with sleep in the corner of his eyes.

You were currently sat at that table, or where it should be anyway. There were slight differences between wherever you were, and back home. Like the table in the middle of the kitchen that was broken and smashed to bits around the room. It was never daytime here either and there was no concept of time, all the clock handles just spun constantly or the numbers stayed on 00:00. So you slept whenever you felt like it and as best as you could, considering you also had to keep a watch out for the monster coming back. You heard screams once, faint and very far away from where you were but they still terrified you. They were short-lived and you knew the monster had gotten the poor bastard.

You got bored easily as well, so you liked to go around and count things in the house. The number of paintings, walls, corners of a room, lightbulbs. You would sing as well, usually something Jonathan would play in his car or a song that Steve would have belted out horribly in the corridor at school in an attempt to embarrass you and Nancy. Stuff like that stopped you from being scared, a distraction from what was out there.

But as you sat in the middle of the room, you watched the clock on the wall and saw something that terrified you even more. The clock stopped turning. Of course, it could just be a battery running out, but you looked at the other clocks and saw that they were all the same. All of them read 6:32, and seemed to work as if they were all in sync with time again.

You didn’t know what it meant, but part of you wondered if it meant your rescue. Another part told you not to be so stupid and get your hopes up. How on earth could the clocks relate to your safety?

You averted your attention from the clocks and shut your eyes, leaning back in the chair. You were so tired, although you weren’t certain, you guessed you hadn’t slept for over twenty hours. The monster had passed by the house not so long ago, dragging something very alive with it. It had been crying anyway and making noises like it was in excruciating pain. You’d hidden in the cupboard under the sink as you heard it scratch around the building.

It left after what you assumed to be five minutes as you’d counted to your best ability.

“Y/N?” A faint voice called to you. You screwed your eyes shut tighter, ignoring it.

“Y/N!” The voice said again, more urgent this time. You continued to ignore it, massaging your temples with the tips of your fingers.

“Shut up.” You mumbled to yourself. The voices were coming back again, but you were determined to block them out.

“Y/N?” The voice was louder now, but again urgent to capture your attention.

“Get out of my head.” You hissed, sitting forward and hunching over yourself. Your head was pounding now, and you could do nothing except curl up in pain.


“Y/N, are you here?”

“Get out!” You cried, forgetting about being quiet in case the monster was nearby. The sound of creaking boards met your ears and your head whipped up to look at the kitchen doorway. Lights were shining in the hallway, casting shadows along the floor.

“Y/N?” The voice called through the house, and you realised it wasn’t the voices in your head but rather the voices of the people now in the house. One moment the lights were shining in the hallway, the next they were in your face and blinding you from seeing who was here. You covered your eyes and tried to shield them from the harsh torchlight, wishing you could see the stranger’s faces.

“Y/N! Oh my God you’re here!” Cried a familiar voice. One of the torches was lowered to the floor and someone crouched in front of you, shielding you from the light. But you could now see that the face hiding under a large helmet was none other than Joyce. She had tears in her eyes as she removed the helmet, detaching it from her hazmat suit so she could talk to you properly.

“I can’t believe we found you!” She laughed, pulling you in for a hug. You feebly brought your arms up to hug Joyce, managing a little squeeze. You were so malnourished and weak, yet you hadn’t realised how much so until you felt Joyce’s strong grip holding you.

The other rescuer removed their helmet and you were surprised to see Hopper’s face.

“Hopper?” You questioned, looking to Joyce for answers.

“It’s a story for another time, because right now we need to get you out of here before that thing comes for us.” Hopper barked, pulling his helmet back on and picking up Joyce’s torch.

“H-How did you get here?” You asked as Joyce helped you to your feet, hooking one arm around your waist and letting you lean into her for support. Your legs wobbled dangerously but you kept your ground and began to walk forward with Joyce.

“An open portal, it took a lot of persistency to get here. It wasn’t easy to get access to it.” Hopper explained, opening the front door and checking to make sure the monster wasn’t lurking outside. All clear.

You nodded, trying your best to focus on putting one foot in front of the other successfully.

“Hopper, help me. She’s struggling.” Joyce pleaded, trying to keep you up on your feet as you stumbled, your head going fuzzy as your vision swam before you. You reached your hand out to grab Hopper by the arm but your foot caught on one of the thick roots that covered everything in this desolate world. You crashed to the floor, letting darkness consume you.


You felt warm. For the first time in so long, you could feel warmth seeping into your bones. You were no longer numb from the constant chill of the air. Opening your eyes, you first saw the window to your right with golden sunlight pouring through. Turning your head to the left, you saw the door was open a crack and music drifted through from somewhere. You knew this room. You recognised the large vinyl player, the record albums all stacked up, rolls of camera film strewn over the little bedside cabinet. You wondered if this was all a dream, a sick trick by your mind that would eventually reveal that you were still in that other world. The other place.

You spread your arms out either side of you, stretching and clinging onto the bedsheets for certainty that this was real. You hadn’t been lurched back into the cold, unfamiliar world yet, so you figured this was real. But still…

Climbing out of bed, you noticed you were wearing a thick, cream-coloured jumper and your underwear. Had someone got you dressed for bed?

Your head was still fuzzy so you couldn’t remember clearly, but one memory managed to slip through the haze. Joyce, calling your name into the dark and bright, harsh lights that blinded you. Touching your temple gingerly, you walked barefoot to the bedroom door and slowly opened it a few more inches to look into the hallway.

Empty, but there was definitely music coming from somewhere in the house and singing too. Bad singing.

You stepped out of the room and gently shut the door behind you without it banging. The hallway was bright too, natural light pouring in and illuminating the flecks of dust floating in the air. You walked in the path of the sunlight, loving how warm it felt on the backs of your legs and the fuzzy feeling of the carpet. You noticed a large burnt patch on the carpet, but you decided to leave it alone. You could ask about it later.

It was easy to locate the source of the music and noise that you supposed you would class as singing. It was coming from the kitchen, and as you approached the doorway the smell of a fry up hit your nostrils. It was a whack to the face, the tantalizing smells making your mouth water instantly. You hadn’t eaten in so long; it was a wonder you weren’t near death. But that didn’t matter now, because you could finally smell victory for your growling stomach.

Creeping up to the doorway, you poked your head around, gripping onto the wooden frame for support as you surveyed the scene before you. Everything was there, the table in the middle of the room, the chairs that were placed around it. Joyce and Will who sat minding their own business, Joyce sat reading a newspaper and Will drawing something. The “singing” was coming from Joyce, and you couldn’t help but smile just a little at Will’s disturbed expression.

Looking up from the table you saw someone else standing by the cooker, juggling between pans containing bacon, sausages and eggs.

“Will can you get the orange juice out?” Jonathan huffed, his back turned to you as he cooked breakfast for his mom and brother. Will got up from his seat and went over to the fridge, taking out the juice and kicking the fridge shut with his foot. As Will put the jug of orange juice in the centre of the table he suddenly looked up, the feeling of being watched alerting him to your presence. His face lit up though when he saw it was you stood there.

“Y/N!” He shouted, running around the table to greet you with an excited hug. You bent slightly so you too could hug him fondly, ruffling his hair up which you could remember him hating when you did it. He wriggled free to flatten his hair down, grumbling as he did so. You just smiled at him with a cheeky grin, glad that he was so glad to see you.

Jonathan and Joyce had now noticed you too, and Joyce was on her feet to embrace you too. She smothered you with a firm but caring hug, knowing just how fragile you still were.

“You’re awake! God, I thought you might never wake up.” Joyce sighed with relief, laughing as she took solace in your awakening.

“H-How long was I…” Your throat was hoarse from lack of using it, but Joyce understood what you were trying to ask.

“Four days, honey. Your parents know you’re okay, and they were fine with us taking care of you as they knew you’d have practically around-the-clock care.” Joyce patted your cheek comfortingly and guided you to a seat at the table.

“Hi Jonathan.” You addressed the young male as you sat down, noticing that he had remained speechless as Joyce had spoken to you. He smiled weakly, the dark bags under his eyes very prominent as he acknowledged you. Even in such a tired state, you still found the way his hair glowed in the sunlight and the little creases that appeared at the corners of his mouth when he smiled cute.

“Jonathan made you breakfast too if you’re hungry. He’s made extra for every meal the past few days, just in case you happened to wake up.” Joyce told you, folding her newspaper up whilst she looked at Jonathan with a sly smile.

Will snorted a little as he poured himself a glass of orange juice, earning a light tap on the back of the head from Jonathan.

“Shut up.” Jonathan mumbled, turning back round to serve up the food before it burnt.

“Thank you. It really means a lot.” You told him, although his back was facing you. Jonathan laughed softly as he came over with four plates of food balanced on his arms.

“It’s only breakfast.” He admitted, but you shook your head.

“No, I meant for everything. I noticed you let me use your room, and I’m sorry if that caused any issues.” You apologised, reaching for the jug of orange juice at the same time Jonathan did. Your hands met on the glass handle and you both locked eyes with each other.

“Really, it was no problem. You needed the best care, and I offered for you to use my room.” Jonathan explained, letting go of the jug and taking his hand off yours so that you could have it first.

You didn’t want to sound like a broken record by saying “Thank you” again, so you smiled at him across the table and tried not to let yourself get too worked up about how warm his hand had felt over yours. You couldn’t stop the slight tremble in your hand though.

You managed to eat a fair amount of food, but despite being so hungry you couldn’t keep eating without feeling like you would throw up if you had another mouthful. Will nabbed your leftover piece of toast and when Joyce scolded him you assured her it was fine and slipped him the rest of the food.

“I have to go to work, I’ll be back later today okay? Look after Y/N you two.” Joyce ordered her sons, grabbing her coat off the back of the chair and squeezing your shoulder before she dashed out.

“Will, do the dishes please. I want to talk to Y/N, alone.” Jonathan got up from the table and walked around to your side, offering his hand for you. You put your hand in his and let him help you to your feet, holding onto his hand a little longer than necessary whilst you pushed the chair under the table. Will began to complain but Jonathan told him the quicker they were cleaned the quicker he could go to Mike’s house. This got Will’s attention, and he leapt up from his seat, gathering the plates without any persuasion.

Jonathan led you out of the kitchen and back to his bedroom, shutting the door so he could cut out the noise of Will crashing around the kitchen. You sat on the edge of his bed and messed with the sheets, tracing patterns with your finger.

“I missed you.” Jonathan stated, sitting down beside you. “I was so worried about you, even when you were here. I haven’t slept much.” He admitted, rubbing his eyes as he spoke. You looped your arm through his and leaned into him, resting your head on his shoulder.

“But I’m safe now. I’m okay.” You told him, dragging your fingers up and down the sensitive skin on the inside of his arm. “Will you sleep now?” You asked him. He exhaled slowly, weighing out the probabilities.

“Probably not. Not when I know you could still get hurt and I can’t protect you.” He confessed, placing his other hand over yours which was resting on his arm. He pushed his fingers to interlock with yours and dragged his thumb across your knuckle in slow strokes.

“I missed you too, you know.” You confessed as well. Slowly, pieces of your time in that other world were returning to you. Singing songs by yourself, missing home, missing the walks with Jonathan, wishing you could see Nancy and Steve again.

“Really?” Jonathan asked in surprise.

“Yeah, just the stuff we did together and the car journeys where you’d play your mixtapes of songs you loved.”

“I’ve missed that too.” Jonathan agreed, yawning slightly as he tried to keep his eyes open despite it being the late morning.

“You said you couldn’t sleep knowing you couldn’t protect me if I was at a risk of getting hurt. If you stay in here do you think you could sleep then? I mean, it is your room after all!” You gently coaxed Jonathan to lie on his back, lying by his side with his hand still holding onto yours.

“Maybe.” Jonathan whispered, turning his head so he could look at you from where you both lay down.

“Just shut your eyes, and relax. Focus on something that will keep you calm.” You commanded, also doing what you said so that he wouldn’t feel left out.

“You.” Jonathan murmured to himself as he lay beside you with his eyes closed. You were glad he couldn’t see the blush on your face when he said this, so you continued to speak like nothing had happened.

“Think of something you’d love to do and imagine you’re doing it, something relaxing.” You muttered, wondering how it would feel to have Jonathan huddled against your back, an arm draped over you as he spooned you and kissed the back of your neck softly.

“I am.” Jonathan sighed, a hint of a smile appearing on his face. His cheeks flushed a dark shade of red, obviously embarrassed about whatever had crossed his mind.

“It must be something funny.” You giggled, sitting up on your elbow so you could lean over him. He opened his eyes and the smile only grew wider at the sight of you.

“No, I just got really flustered. It made my tummy feel all warm.” Jonathan beamed up at you, reaching a hand up to stroke your face. The warmth from his touch made the hairs on your arm stand up, your senses going into overload. “I really was worried about you. But, knowing you’re here and safe with me, it kind of makes everything else okay.”

You leaned into Jonathan’s touch, a heat spreading in your chest as the beating of your heart quickened. “I like you Jonathan, I really do. You were always in my thoughts when I was stuck in that horrible place.”

Just the thought of that world made tears spring to your eyes. Jonathan was quick to sit up and slip his arms around you, pulling you close to his chest as you wept into his jumper. “I was so alone Jonathan, it was so alien and unnatural. I had no one.” You confessed, bunching your fist into the woollen material.

“You have me now. That place, the Upside Down it’s called, is gone. You’ll never see it again, because you’re going to be here with me and I’ll be your knight in a denim jacket, armed with my sheer adoration for you.” Jonathan murmured the sweet words in your ear, his lips brushing against your hair as he slowly combed his fingers through. You loved his devotion to the people who mattered to him, and his unwavering commitment towards keeping you safe.

“Jonathan?” You asked, moving so you weren’t hiding your face in his chest and instead you and him were face to face.

“Yes?” He replied, his voice hitching in his throat as he swallowed nervously. The tension between the two of you was palpable as you found yourselves leaning in towards each other. Jonathan gazed at your lips through half-lidded eyes, his gaze lustful as he looked up to lock eyes with you.

“Kiss me.” You whispered, shutting the gap between you both and sealing your lips together in a smooth, ardent kiss. Jonathan couldn’t help the small sigh that escaped his lips when he pulled away for a moment to catch his breath. But you craved more, and he obliged to you pulling him back in to reconnect your mouths. There was a knock on Jonathan’s bedroom door, obviously Will had finished with his job of washing up, so you pulled away.

“Shouldn’t you get that?” You gasped, your chest heavily moving up and down as you found yourself breathless. Jonathan paused for a moment and looked at the door. He shook his head and ignored the knocking.

“I don’t want this to stop.” He muttered, pressing chaste kisses to your lips. But Will’s voice interrupted Jonathan’s trail of kisses from moving to your neck. Jonathan stopped, his lips hovering over your jaw as he slowly exhaled with exasperation. The hot air across your skin made goose bumps rise all over your body.

“Yeah Will?” He called out, his head resting in the crook of your neck.

“Can you take me round to Mike’s now?” Will yelled from outside the room. Jonathan huffed, torn between staying with you and his promise to his little brother.

“Sure, go get in the car and wait for me. I’ll be five minutes.” Jonathan told him, waiting for Will’s footsteps to fade away as he ran off.

“Five minutes?” You arched an eyebrow, smiling as Jonathan pulled you down after him, getting you to lay your head on his chest.

“Just five more minutes.” He sighed, stroking his hand down your back. “Five minutes where I can just hold you and know that you’re mine.”

“Keep this up and you’ll have all the time in the world.” You hummed, shutting your eyes as you listened to the sporadic beat of his heart.

“I hope so.”

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Imagine Dean realizing all the little things he loves about you

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff, implied smut

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: I love the song Out of My League by Stephen Speaks. It is just wonderful. It inspired this fic. I’m going to tease the HELL out of you with SMUT but not give it to you. I KNOW I’m going to here about it from a couple of you, but *shrugs* you’ll get over it. 

Dean Bean Lovers Tags Below, Bitches

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code of kin


Summary: “You’re not thinking of tying your blankets together and climbing down your window, are you? Because I can save you some time and tell you now that that’s not gonna work.”

At the sound of Chloe’s voice, Adrien finally turned around. “It looked cool in the movies.” He shrugged, grinning like normal, like he hadn’t gone missing for more than 25 hours and had only been found less than an hour ago. “You’re supposed to be in school.”

And you were supposed to stay at home and not run away but we all do things we shouldn’t, don’t we?

(in which a mother is lost and a promise is made)

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anonymous asked:

The NDRV3 guys come home and see that their S/O is absorbed in something on her laptop. So, curious, they take a look. And she's playing Hunie Pop. (Or maybe Galgun but you get my point right?) How would the guys react?

Omg Anon I remember first discovering HuniePop haha. Admin Kaito didn’t know what is was so I showed her a clip and she was just like:… Oh XD

NDRV3 Boys coming home and discovering their S/O playing HuniePop

Shuuichi Saihara:

- He just got back home from work

- “S/O - san! I’m home!”

- Silence

- Huh that’s weird, are you asleep? He makes his way over to your room and finds you tapping away on your laptop. Curious, he takes a quick glance at the screen

- Is that Candy Crush?

- He walks up to you and leans over your shoulder to get a better look

- That is definitely not Candy Crush

- He’s blushing and that’s when you finally notice him

- “Oh, hey hey Saihara - kun”

- He’s still blushing but now there’s a half naked anime looking girl on the screen

- “I…That… I…”

- “Do you want to play the game?”

- He’s bright red now and still stuttering

- “I take that as a yes then!”

- You stand and gently pull him onto the chair before sitting on his lap

- “Okay so I think you should go for Aiko…”

- The poor boy is just a blushing and stuttering mess the whole time which causes you to giggle and kiss his cheeks from time to time

Kaito Momota:

- “Babe I’m homeeeee”

- Other than a clicking sound there’s silence

- “S/O~”

- You’re sitting on the sofa cross legged, a laptop on your lap

- “Whatchu playin’~”

- Alright you’re either purposefully ignoring him or that game is just that good

- He leans over and sees…

- “Is that Tiffany?”

- You instantly turn to face him

- “Tiffany is my Waifu.”

- “Uh no, Nikki is the ultimate Waifu”

- You squint at him

- “Hold on a second Momota - kun, how do you know about this game… This is… My laptop”

- Shit

- The two of you just kinda stare for each other for a while before he just nods

- “I mean, you were playing it all the time so I got interested! So I had a go and…”

- “Tiffany is still the Waifu, just saying saying”

- The two of you then proceed to have a little debate which ends up with cuddles and playing the game


- He just got back from the lab after getting several upgrades

- “S/O - san! I’m back home”

- He walks into the living room to find you intensely tapping at the laptop

- “S/O - san?”

- “Hey Kiibo - kun. Busy.”

- Busy? With what

- He glances at the screen and sees you playing something where you match shapes but next to that board is..

- Kiibo.exe stopped working

- You hear the sound of him shutting down behind you

- “Huh? Kiibo - kun?”

- You get up and knock on his head and he suddenly comes back online

- “S/O - san! What in the world are you playing?!”

- “It’s just HuniePop”

- “What is the goal of that game?”

- You put on a serious face and grab his shoulders “To get all the panties.”

- Anddd he crashed again

- Oh boy, this isn’t going too well

Rantaro Amami:

- He. Was. Exhausted.

- Why did work drain so much energy -_-

- “S/O - san… I’m so t-”

- He found you staring at your laptop screen, you had headphones in so you clearly didn’t hear him come in

- He decided it’d be best if he snuck up on you so he quietly walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around you

- “Hm? Oh hi Amami - kun”

- “Hey… I’m tired and you’re not even paying attention to me…”

- He looks at your screen

- Is that a fairy?

-  “What are you playing?”

- “HuniePop obviously! I almost got everyone’s route!”

- He comes around and sits properly on the sofa next to you, he then leans his head on your shoulder and watches for a while

- That doesn’t last for too long seeing as he just begins to doze off on your shoulder

- You stroke his hair but never lose your focus on the game

- Priorities 

Kokichi Ouma:

- He always loves to make a big entrance

- “S/O - chan! I’m homeeeee!”

- You would usually shout back to him but today there was no response

- What the. Are you… Ignoring him?!

- He storms over to your room to find you sitting on the bed, a laptop on your lap

- “S/O - chaaaaaannnn notice meeeee”

- He would kind of awkwardly fall on your side and that’s when he sees your screen

- “Nishishi, is that Jessie?”

- “Ouma - kun how do you know this?”

- “Hah. Please S/O - chan I completed this game 5 times!”

- “You… Have?”

- “Nope! I’m a liar remember? I completed it twice though!”

- You’re not sure whether you believe him or not but you let that slide

- “Wanna join?”

- “Duh!”

- The two of you then spend the rest of the day and the night getting all the route endings

Gonta Gokuhara:

- He just got back home from a nice walk in the park

- He thought you’d be reading or something

- But you were on your laptop

- You must be looking up interesting insect species!

- He happily walks over and looks at your screen only to see… A half naked girl


- He’s bright red instantly and you jump seeing as someone just literally shouted down your ear

- “Ow…”

- “Gonta is sorry!”

- “No… It’s understandable…”

- The two of you just kinda… Not talk about it

- But you know that awkward feeling when you argue with your parents and then you have to eat dinner with them and no one really says anything… Yeah… That feeling lingers in the air

- Nah in all seriousness Gonta just loves you for who you are! He may not like exactly the same things as you but he respects you like this so he won’t stop you!

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- He went on a lonely trip to the library seeing as you told him you had something important to do

- That’s why when he came home and saw you typing on the laptop he didn’t question it

- Until he heard a moan

- What the.

- He walks behind you and finds… A half naked girl on screen

- “Uh. S/O - san?”

- “Oh! H…ello… Shinguji…kun…”

- The two of you just kind of look at each other

- You can’t really see his face but you’re pretty sure he’s disappointed

- “That was the important thing you had to do?”

- “Uh… Yeah…”

- “And you… Didn’t invite me?”

- “Huh?”

- “You heard me, kukuku~”

- He sits besides you and starts pointing out all the patterns you can get, you’re surprised he’s so good at matching up shapes

- He doesn’t question why you have this game and you’re not sure whether to be happy or concerned

Ryoma Hoshi:

- He just got back from training

- “S/O I’m back”

- There’s no reply

- “S/O? You here?”

- “YES!”

- Woah, that was enthusiastic…

- He goes to your room and finds you with your hands above your head in some sort of victory pose

- “S/O?”

- “Huh?! Hoshi - kun? You’re back already?…” You kind of just stand in front of your laptop

- He raises an eyebrow

- “What’s on the laptop?”

- “Um..”

- He gently pushes you aside and…

- “What the fuck”

- “I can explain”

- “Okay then. Do it”

- “I play for the plot.”

- He pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs

- “There was a sale on Steam okay?!”

- Yeah. Sure there was.

a mind-blowing theory on dazai

my friend, @pangalexandra told me about this theory one day and ruined 83% of my life. however, i’ve come up with some rebuttals for this, and feel obliged to share this with all of you so as to comfort your souls in case one of your friends told you about this and ruin 83% of your lives as well.

*spoilers underneath* *don’t read if you haven’t finished the series (anime & manga) until chapter 49 and season 2.

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Gummy bears

Hello, love bugs!
I just want to say thank you for all of the love and follows. You make me so overjoyed that someone enjoys my stuff.
Warnings ⚠️drug use, smut. God, love thigh riding fics.

Today was the first time you ever partook in an edible. You had smoked weed before once or twice but this was a new experience. You had received gummy bears from a friend who said it would help with your anxiety. You had been saving them for a day when you were really stressed out. Today happen to be the day where everything was adding up and you needed to get away from it all. You started off with just a few thrown into your mouth. Then after twenty minutes of nothing, you decided to toss in a few more. Just when you thought they were duds they hit you. Now you lay upside down on the couch watching an anime with the French subtitles on. Did you speak French? No. But you thought you could start to learn a new language by just reading the words. You found out you were wrong but your body was too tired to change it. This was the life you were going to live now. French subtitles were going to be the new norm. Dan had been gone for a couple of hours doing some running around before he found you in this position. When he saw you he first thought this was a weird existential crisis. Then he saw the bag of bears on the dinner table and put it all together.

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Best Friend Series; Joshua/Jisoo

- you met joshua in high school
- you were having a really bad day; you got a bad grade on your exam, felt like you failed the one you just took, forgot your lunch at home and the person you liked started going out with someone who’s not you
- you just wanted to be alone so you decided to spend lunch period on the roof of the school
- you get there and you’re so glad that it’s empty because you could feel the tears forming in your eyes and you didn’t want anyone to see you crying
- while you were crying, you didn’t even hear the sound of the roof’s door open
- you suddenly feel someone’s hand on your shoulder and when you look up you see a boy with a concerned look on his face
- he asks you “are you all right?”
- you wipe away your tears and say “i’m fine, i’m just having a bad day. thanks for asking though.”
- the boy sits next to you and says “you can tell me about it if you want”
- you’re just like dude i don’t even know you but you’re sad and might as well just tell him about it, not like you’re ever going to talk to him again right
- so you tell him everything and he listens attentively and when you get to the part about you forgetting your lunch he says “oh hold on” and reaches into his backpack
- he then takes out some sweet bread and holds it out to you saying “eat this since you didn’t get to eat lunch”
- you’re like “oh no!! it’s your lunch, i’m fine really” but joshua doesn’t take no for an answer and he just puts them in your hands with a smile on his face
- you say “oh… thank you” and he says with a smile “it’s nothing. i’m joshua btw. or jisoo if you prefer.” you tell him your name and after that, the bell rings signaling that class is going to start in like ten mins so joshua gets up
- he says “i hope you feel better” and you watch him leave with a grin on your face because you’re like WOW WHAT A GENTLEMAN
- after this you start bumping into him randomly like sometimes you see each other at the school cafeteria or during afterschool club activities or at sports events
- it was a friendly stranger kind of relationship but one day while you were walking home, someone taps your shoulder and when you turn around, you see joshua
- he’s like “hey!! it’s been a while since we talked” and you’re like “oh hey!! are you going this way too??” and he’s like “well yeah lol” and you’re like “well OF COURSE I’M SO STUPID”
- you guys somehow always manage to catch each other every day after school and it turns into some kind of routine where you both walk home together
- during lunch, you guys arranged to meet up every friday so like you guys eat with your regular friends on all the other days but on fridays it’s just you two
- but that didn’t last very long lmao you guys end up eating on the roof together every day but when it’s raining or snowing you guys eat in some empty classroom
- your friends don’t mind at all because they’re good noodles
- eventually you guys become really close and BAM BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE
- joshua’s the kindest person you’ve ever met and it’s kind of intimidating tbh
- your biggest fear is disappointing him
- makes puns whenever he gets the chance and you’re like shut the hell up
- “language”
- is a huge anime fan and always forces you to watch a few episodes with him whenever you come over. he probably loves studio ghibli and mamoru hosoda movies and you guys never get sick of watching them over and over and over
- doesn’t shut up about his favorite characters and cries at sad scenes no matter how many times he’s watched them
- always makes anime references and you’re like please stop
- you call him “shua” when you’re excited (or when you want something lmao), “jisoo” when you’re mad and “joshua” when you’re normal
- always knows what to get you for your birthday like you don’t even need to tell him he probably already pre-ordered it
- joshua doesn’t like making a huge deal about his birthday because he gets embarrassed from the attention. he’s perfectly fine just eating ice cream on a roof with you under the stars or while watching the sunset
- spoils you way too much and you’re like JOSHUA STOP but he loves you a lot so he never listens
- plays the guitar for you whenever you ask him to and probably wouldn’t mind singing to you until he lost his voice
- remembers every single thing you tell him and you’re just like how
- midnight convenience store trips because he’s always craving ramyeon
- joshua likes to take pictures of everything, so your phones are full of selfies, candid shots of each other, food you ate together or views you went to see together
- likes walks on the beach but every time you go together, he pushes you into the water
- you retaliate by pushing him into the water as well and by the end of the day you’re both soaking wet
- he’s your first choice as a date when there’s a wedding or special occasion to go to and you’re his
- has great taste in clothes so you’re always dragging him to go shopping with you
- probably chose/bought you all the clothes in your wardrobe
- calls you every day. they’re quick calls like “have you eaten yet?” and “are you feeling better?” but they still make your day
- deep talks in the middle of the night during sleepovers
- you guys always eat chicken together when you’re tired or sad because in joshua’s words “it’ll heal your hearts”
- doesn’t swear, instead he says those kid-friendly substitutes like “oh poop” and “holy moly” lmao
- probably cried every day when you went on vacation for a week
- joshua loves you very much and isn’t shy when it comes to expressing his love for you
- he never lets you forget it
- “(name) i love you!!”
- “joshua how could you say that without getting embarrassed”
- (eye smile)

Prompt: High school au - Jungkook is in love with his best friend Jimin, but Jimin’s straight/pretends to be straight. 

“Hey, tell me when the teacher turns around,” Jimin muttered to Jungkook as he slipped his phone out of his pocket, eyes flicking down from the board to read a chunk of text littered with heart emojis.  Jungkook felt his stomach tug with the familiar sensation of jealousy, but he ignored it and gave a small nod, reluctantly tearing his eyes away from Jimin’s phone and back to the board.  

He wasn’t sure when the constant texts Jimin received from countless girls had started to annoy him. Jimin had always been pretty popular, with his cute laugh, warm eyes, and playful personality. Even when they were small, bumbling kids on the playground, Jungkook could remember girls poking at Jimin’s chubby cheeks and leading him around by his hand. And of course Jungkook had never thought anything of it - everyone loved Jimin, it had always been that way.

But then they hit puberty, and suddenly, inexplicably, Jungkook had begun to feel an uncomfortable tug in his gut every time a pretty girl smiled at Jimin in the hallways. However, it was probably sometime between thirteen and fourteen when it had really become apparent - the bitterness that rose up in his throat when Jimin’s phone buzzed more and more regularly. And when Jimin fell in love for the first time with the pretty little bird in their PE class, Jungkook felt a horrible mixture of uncontainable rage and crippling insecurity. The vicious satisfaction he had felt when she broke his heart had left him achingly guilty - but that still wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that the jealousy that ate away at his insides wasn’t directed towards Jimin. No - he was jealous of every single girl who saw Jimin’s smile, who felt his kisses, who experienced the feeling of his hand intertwined with theirs.

Which didn’t make sense, right?

Of course it didn’t. Jungkook was a boy, after all, and everyone knew that boys didn’t like other boys. Couldn’t like other boys. So he ignored it - or, at least, he tried to.

The bell signalling the end of their class rang and Jimin returned his phone to his pocket, slinging his bag over his shoulder.  He turned to Jungkook with a winning smile as the younger boy stuffed his binder into his backpack.

“Guess who has a date tonight,” he said in a sing-song voice.


“Oh. I thought we were hanging out tonight though,” Jungkook said, staring at his friend numbly.

“Ah, right,” Jimin cringed apologetically. “Tomorrow?” When Jungkook didn’t respond, he tugged at his sleeve. “Aw, don’t be like this Jungkookie. Maybe we could arrange a double date or something.”

“No, it’s fine,” Jungkook said, pulling his arm away.

“Seriously, I’m sure we could arrange something! Seungki-ah has lots of friends.” He waved off Jungkook’s feeble protests, hand slipping into his pocket to pull out his phone. “Besides, when was the last time you’ve been on a date?”

Jungkook shrugged. It had been a long time, truth be told, but that wasn’t something he wanted to admit to. “Jimin, I said it’s fine. I was hoping to hang out with Taehyung anyways.”

“Ah.” Had Jungkook imagined the hurt that seemed to flash briefly through Jimin’s eyes? But then Jimin smiled awkwardly, and Jungkook decided it had just been wishful thinking.  “Well. I guess in that case…”

“Yeah.” They walked down the hallway in silence for a few moments before Jimin nudged the younger boy gently with his elbow.

“The offer’s still open if you want, though.”


“Alright,” Jimin said with a light laugh. “Race you to History.” And then they were off down the hallways, the squeaking of their sneakers against the plastic floor echoing off of the walls.


Jungkook didn’t actually end up hanging out with Taehyung that night. It probably would’ve done him some good - Tae always knew how to make him smile - but he wasn’t in the mood to socialize. Rather, he made himself a batch of popcorn, wrapped himself in a cocoon of blankets, and flicked through TV channels mindlessly while procrastinating the large pile of homework that remained stuffed in his backpack. His parents were always out late working, so he wasn’t too concerned about getting scolded.

An anime flicked on and Jungkook paused, squinting at the characters as he stuffed a handful of popcorn into his mouth.  He didn’t just watch anime -  according to Jimin, he breathed it. Before he knew it, six hours had passed, and Jungkook was downing his fourth can of cola, the large bowl void of popcorn and discarded on the coffee table beside him. He was so focussed on the tv screen that he didn’t hear the knocking at his door at first.

“Jungkook!” Jungkook blinked at the tv - was he imagining Jimin’s muffled voice? How embarrassing. He was just about the turn up the volume when he heard it again.


Jungkook sprang from his couch, ignoring his stiff joints as he glanced hurriedly at his watch as he went to the door. It was almost 9 - what on earth was Jimin doing here? He opened the door to reveal a slightly disheveled Jimin, who was chewing nervously on his lip, hand raised to knock again.


“What are you doing?” Jungkook asked, bewildered. “I thought you had a date.”

Jimin avoided the question. “I thought you were going to hang out with Tae.”

Jungkook shrugged, stepping aside to let Jimin enter. “He was busy.”

Jimin raised his eyebrows at him as he kicked off his shoes, and Jungkook knew he’d called his bluff. “Ahh, okay, I was just tired.”

“I tried calling,” Jimin said offhandedly.

“I turned off my phone.”

“I know.”

They stared and each other and Jungkook suddenly became aware of the nervous energy crackling between them. Jimin stood close enough that Jungkook could see each individual eyelash, the darker flecks of brown in his eyes, the lines on his puffy lips. His throat felt dry.

“Weren’t you with Seungki?” he asked weakly.

Jimin sighed, and the mood dropped almost as quickly as it had appeared. He turned away to shrug off his jacket, and Jungkook let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. “Something came up. She had to babysit her younger cousins.”

“Oh. Sorry,” Jungkook said, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. He didn’t feel very sorry. “Are you hungry?”

They ended up slouched against each other on the couch in the dark, a bag of potato chips open on their laps and the light from the television flickering over them. Jimin’s leg was slung over Jungkook’s beneath the blanket that was tucked around them, and the contact made Jungkook feel safe. Jimin had said he was fine with watching the anime that the younger boy had already begun - which was a shame, considering that Jungkook was having trouble focussing on anything other than Jimin. His stomach twisted with fear and uncertainty anytime he tried to interpret his feelings, so he decided to just try to enjoy it. After all, Jimin was his best friend - he was allowed to enjoy the warm weight of his body against his, wasn’t he? They were practically brothers.

“Mmm, Jungkookie,” Jimin murmured in his ear, breaking his train of thought. He sounded sleepy. “I’m glad I came here.”

Jungkook felt a smile tug at his lips. “Me too, Jimin.”

“I have a confession to make, though,” Jimin sighed, stirring slightly. Jungkook waited, but Jimin didn’t say anything else.


“Seungki didn’t actually cancel the date. I did.” His voice sounded odd.

“Oh.” Jungkook’s heart stopped before picking up at a faster pace. Jimin cancelled the date to be with him? But no - Jungkook scolded himself for letting his imagination get ahead of himself.  Jimin had probably felt guilty for forgetting their plans.

“Because I wanted to be with you.” It was just a whisper, but Jungkook was suddenly very aware of the weight of Jimin’s leg on his, the lack of space between their bodies. His breaths became shallow.

“I like to be with you too, Jimin,” he managed, not daring to turn his head to look at his best friend. Why did his face feel so hot? It wasn’t out of place for Jimin to say something like that, not really. Jimin was always openly affectionate, and just because the tone of this voice was strange didn’t mean that this was any different from any other time.  

And yet, the silence between them was deafening, opposed to the comfortable silence they were used to. Perhaps Jungkook was just imagining it, but Jimin felt very still beside him and Jungkook had to fight to keep his body from tensing. He tried to calm his irrational heart down, fear prickling at the back of his throat - why was this so confusing? Why did he feel this way? Did he - could he like Jimin?

But no, that wasn’t something he could afford to think about, especially not while they were slumped against each other in the dark sharing body heat. Jungkook fought back the sudden hysterical urge to laugh, anxiety biting at his mind. The energy he had felt earlier was back, and it was buzzing between them, licking at the contact of their arms and legs.

A few minutes trickled by, and Jimin still hadn’t said anything else. Jungkook finally started to feel himself relax a bit, and he wondered if Jimin had fallen asleep. He glanced over and was relieved to find his eyes closed.

“Ahh,” Jungkook sighed out loud, feeling his body relax fully. “Ahh, hyung. Why are things so complicated.” He laughed tiredly, turning to pull at the blanket so that it covered Jimin fully even though half of his own thigh was suddenly uncovered.

Jungkook’s eyes returned to the anime, but the lump at the back of his throat was difficult to ignore. He swallowed once, twice. It didn’t go away. His eyes found Jimin’s face again, the light from the tv flickering against his smooth skin, and he abruptly felt the desire to feel his friend’s lips against his. Tears leaked into his eyes.

“Jimin,” he whispered, his voice wavering. “I think… What if I’m not.” He swallowed. “Not… normal?”

Jimin’s slow breaths comforted him, and he continued after a moment in a low, shaky voice. “It’s just that I might not. Like girls?” It came out as a question, and he felt his voice break as a tear slid down his cheek. “I’m sorry.” Another tear. “I’m sorry.” Another. “I. Might like you, hyung. I’m-” A sob shook his body and he clenched, hand flying to his mouth to stifle his breathing. Jimin didn’t move, and Jungkook slowly let himself breath again. He wept quietly into blanket, shame and disgust and grief leaking from his eyes and staining the fabric - yet there was something relieving about it. His chest hurt but it didn’t feel constricted anymore.

“I just,” he hiccuped wetly. “I just h-hope that. You don’t stop loving me.” He let out a shaky sigh. “Because I’m finding it hard to love myself right now.”

Suddenly fingers were wrapping around his wrist and Jungkook’s eyes flew wide open as Jimin pulled him into a tight hug, face tucked into the nook of his neck. Adrenaline pulsed through Jungkook’s veins, shock and humiliation clouding his vision. A loud, ugly sob broke from his mouth, making him jump, and he felt Jimin’s arms tighten around him. He let himself break down and cry into his friend’s shoulder, and Jimin didn’t say a word, simply holding him and letting him sob. It was only when Jungkook had run out of tears and his breath had begun to slow when he realized that his shoulder was also wet underneath Jimin’s face, and that his friend’s body was trembling slightly.

“A-are you okay?” Jungkook muttered weakly, pulling back and wiping his eyes on his sleeve. Jimin let him pull away, but his hands remained knotted in his shirt. His eyes looked puffy.

“Jungkook, I could never stop loving you,” he said hoarsely, and a wobbly, forced smile appeared on his face. Jungkook felt his heart break as he watched tears glimmer in his best friend’s eyes. “I’m not normal either. I… actually, I’ve liked you for a really long time, Jungkookie.” He gave a wet giggle. “I just assumed you were straight, though. Everyone else is.”

“Maybe that’s what everyone else thinks,” Jungkook mumbled and Jimin laughed and then they were kissing and for the first time since he was small, Jungkook’s heart felt free. It was messy and wet, but when they broke apart, they were both smiling.

“You haven’t had much practice, I see,” Jimin said dryly, but his badly repressed smile gave him away.

“Guess you’ll have to teach me, huh,” Jungkook said with a grin. His eyes stung and his head ached but he felt happier than he had in a long time and as Jimin pulled him into another hug, he knew they’d be okay. “Promise me one thing, though.”

“What?” Jimin’s breath tickled his ear.

“Don’t reschedule your date with Seungki.”

Jimin gave a disbelieving laugh and tickled Jungkook’s sides. “That’s not something you need to worry about, you loser.”

“Just promise!” Jungkook laughed, swatting away Jimin’s hands.

Jimin caught his hand and intertwined their fingers, his smile suddenly shy. Jungkook’s stomach twisted pleasantly.

“I promise.”

Airbrushed Perfection

Author’s note: Oh. My. God. I can’t believe I finally finished this gAH. All my Reigisa feels kinda exploded aaand this fic was born. It’s my longest fic yet and and and and ;~; help it’s not a prompt, I’m so sorry but I had to get this one out of my system asdklfasd

Summary: AU. Rei’s a make-up artist and his high school crush, Nagisa will be his next (swimsuit) model. Deciding to be a good friend, Rin makes sure everybody leaves early once the shoot’s over and only god knows how they ended up on the floor like that. 

Word count: 5,5k of pure fluff hOLY


Some would say one would grow bored after a while, but oddly enough, Ryuugazaki Rei, devoted make-up artist, never got tired of making people presentable for the camera. Make-up was an art form and no one could convince him otherwise. Their models were beautiful without make-up, yes, of course, but adding a little color here and there, along with some brushstrokes, their features would be highlighted and could be proudly represented to the world.

During high school, Rei had always thought he’d become a scientist, a biologist or maybe even a librarian until he came across this one photo in a beauty magazine. It was a before and after picture of a woman who had undergone a so-called “make over” and Rei remembered instantly falling in love with the concept of make-up. She was radiating with confidence, her eyes were sparkling and looked absolutely gorgeous with that pink shine on her lips.

After that, Rei practically delved into this world and found himself drowning in it. There were so many videos on YouTube, articles, books, stores, products, and people who were more than willing to help him become a pro himself. It was a bit awkward to ask the girls at school what kind of brand of foundation they used, but they were usually open about it and at some point, Rei was the one giving advice to a handful of people.

Except… to that one guy who had been sitting a few tables away from him. The one who was always skipping around, doodling on his desk, smiling at everyone and laughing out loud whenever Rei embarrassed himself.

Hazuki Nagisa.

His high school crush.

They had never had a proper conversation except for some polite small-talk because they happened to take the same train to school. Rei was too socially awkward to start a conversation so he decided not to while Nagisa was the most social person he had ever seen in his life and was not afraid to talk to anyone, including him. Sometimes they’d talk for more than five minutes, which was basically Nagisa rambling about a new anime he had come across and Rei listening to every word, secretly loving the way Nagisa moved his hands in rapid motions, trying really hard to describe everything.

It was both fulfilling and unfulfilling. Just listening to him was not enough and Rei wished he had had the balls to approach him, but every time he wanted to, he’d see Nagisa hanging out with a couple of senpais and Rei would instantly turn around and sneak away because those senpais looked very intimidating.

And so Rei stuck to watching him every now and then during class, enjoying his presence and accepting that he had succumbed to something as silly as having a crush on a classmate.


… Right, he had been drifting off and quickly apologized with a bow to photographer Matsuoka Rin who was sending him his infamous glares. Couldn’t exactly blame him, since Rei often daydreamed about stuff (“stuff” being Hazuki Nagisa) for a good fifteen minutes until he’d hear distant yelling.

He jogged over to the male model Rin was currently taking photos of, reached for his hip bag, which contained about ten different brushes and powders and started touching up his make-up. It had become such a standard routine for him so Rei barely had to think while he swept the coated brushes over the man’s cheeks and forehead with ease.

In the beginning he was pretty awkward around their models, especially since they often did shoots for bathing suit magazines, but he got used to it after a while. The female models were always very nice to him, smiling shyly and sometimes even asking him if he was single, while the male models merely acted polite and didn’t pay that much attention to him.

This one was no exception. Just did as he was instructed, turning his head to the side and holding still while Rei blended out his contours.

When he was done, he excused himself and went back to his assigned spot, which was right behind Rin, so he was within earshot.

Not that that mattered, though, because his mind started to wander off again. For some reason he was particularly distracted today and let himself become fully absorbed into his own thoughts as the continuous clicks and flashes were eventually drowned out.

“Good work, everyone. Thank you!”

Rei jumped up because Rin had casually shouted the words right next to him, probably to make sure he would hear them, and quickly adjusted his tie before he bowed deeply and thanked everyone for their hard work.

It wasn’t long before Rei had cleaned up his little vanity table, thanked all the models he had worked with today and ended up talking to Rin and the rest of their team about their new project next week.

“So next Tuesday we’ll be shooting for Free! Weekly and we’ll be working with one of their new models. It’s our only project for that day, but according to the editor, that model’s a handful to work with,” Rin explained and played a bit with the straps around his camera. “Oh, well, I guess we’ll see. Nothing we can’t handle, right?”

Everyone agreed loudly, bowed and left. Rei stayed behind as usual to chat with Rin for a bit before they got ready to leave. Even though Rei acted like a daydreamer from time to time, the two of them got along pretty well and often stayed behind to chat or get a cup of coffee together.

“Why is this model a handful to work with? I’m actually kind of curious now,” Rei said and slung his bag over his shoulder, adjusting his glasses while he was at it.

“Dunno,” Rin answered with a shrug. “According to the editor he was super energetic or something and bounced all over the place during his interview. Meh, whatever, we’ll figure something out. He gave me the dude’s portfolio so I’ll go check that out tonight. Find his good sides and shit.”

“What’s his name? I can do a quick background check,” Rei inquired and already got out his smartphone, ready to open his Google app.

Rin threw his head back with a bark of laughter. “Go ahead, you nerd. His name is Hazuki. Hazuki Nagisa.”

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1. Your days are usually a back and forth yoyo, I’ve been trying to string my words into your form, into your moves and into your play– it’s a brand new day, you don’t need to spend it alone, you’ve got me, you’ve always got me.

2. You know the worst sounds aren’t always scraping against a chalkboard or a fork against a dinner plate– the worst sounds begin in the throat, and you know the fucked up part? It’s usually not a sound, it’s just a whimper, it’s just the thick silence that follows after all those hours of crying, I’m sorry that you’ve been hurting for so long, low key and high key, I just want you to feel okay. Those memories are like shrapnel pierced deep into your veins, you’ve been trying to cut it out, I know. The blood will flow, but it just hurts some more, doesn’t it? Hey, this isn’t the end, it just looks like it. The sound of your crying? It just means you’re getting to a point. A point that you’ll be proud of. A sound that you’ll be proud of. A sound of you getting better.

3. You used to smile a lot more, you used to be the happiest person that I know. That scares me, because whenever I see you, you’re always smiling, but I know that you’re not okay. I mean, they don’t know, but I do. I see right through you, you’re paper thin. But I mean, that doesn’t mean that you’re fragile, you’ve got all of these words under your eyes, right next to your bags, you’ve got these words right under those long sleeves, right next to those scars, you’ve got these words all over your heart, right next to the bleeding– we’ve just got to lend an open ear, I’ve just got to listen some more. I care about you, you’re my favorite, favorite. You used to be so happy. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to feel. Let’s just listen to the way you’ve been hurting.

4. My favorite flowers are roses, but I once ran across these flowers called snapdragons. When they’re alive and blooming, they look like dragons that can breathe fire. When they’re withering and wilted, they look like skulls. You’ve been so morbid lately, I remember when you were full of life. Death and life, they’re lovers. They kiss each other and sometimes, they die together. I think that’s why my favorite flowers are roses, love… it doesn’t really die. I guess in some way, I’ll always love you. Even if your thorns are sharper than most, I’d still hold you. Stem to stem, I’d bleed with you.

5. Those razors are just adding heartstrings that you don’t need, you’ve got plenty– so I’ve been listening, that’s all you need right? Someone to hear you out. I’m here. You don’t know those fake veins to make you feel. I’m here. I’m here. I’m always here for you.

6. Your lips form a whole garden of flowers that still need to be watered– so I’ve been watering. I’ll be the bees, so please– grow.

7. Memories can kill us– let’s build the bad ones a paper boat, let them sink into your ocean, let those tears rip through the ugly, let your drowning devour everything painful.

8. You don’t smoke cigarettes like I do, but every time that I smoke one– you past through my mind and I wonder… if you cut as much as I smoke– your wrist must look like my lungs. Maybe we share the same kind of guilt, the same kind of pain, the same kind of self-torment– shit, I love you. We need to quit our bad habits. Is there such a thing as wrist cancer? Probably not, let’s never make it a thing.

9. I use pens, you use razors. I write poems, you write pain. I write starry love, you write love into your own scars– hey, those wounds won’t heal properly if you don’t let them scab up. Someone’s got to remind you to love yourself. I’ll be that person, hey you. Look. It’s going to get bad before it gets better, I still believe in you. I’m hopeful about you. I am.

10. I need you. This isn’t a metaphor. This is a flat out truth. This is something I’ll never let be a lie. I fucking need you. I need all of you. Every little piece of you. Every broken piece of you. Every lovely piece of you. All of it. All.

11. I know that feelings can lead us to extremes– I know that trusting people can lead to insanity… but we’ve all been mad, Alice is still there waiting to kiss us goodnight. It’s okay, she’s found of teacups and your madness. Let’s just relax a little. So what if you do drugs? We all need some sort of get away. Just watch out for anything too much, anything too deadly. Hey, you’re in good hands.

12. You’ve been crying again… right? Teardrops are just tiny beds we haven’t slept on yet, so maybe you’re just tired. Tired from the crying, tired from the feelings, tired from everything that’s just not comforting– let’s focus on the pillow shaped tears, the softest kind of kiss me back to bed, you can focus on that. Don’t let this be another bad dream, k?

13. I once watched an anime and there was this one character that said something very specific that kinda fucked me up, they said:
“If you’re going to get hurt, at least get hurt properly. Let yourself feel everything.”

14. Our highs, let’s fly it into every kite– let’s float with the butterflies, let’s hurt a little less.

15. Our lows, let’s keep it beneath those band-aids, let’s keep it at a minimum, let’s be okay.

16. Your smile is skipped breakfast. You never skip breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day. Always have it. Your first smile for today? You’re alive. You’re fucking toasted. You’re fucking lit. You’re here. You’re scrambled. You’re a little burnt, but fuck it, I’d eat it. Okay, I wouldn’t eat your smile, this is just a metaphor. You get what I’m saying, have at least one, it’ll change your whole day.

17. Your eyes are letters you never send out. I would ask you why, but I know better. You keep them down, you’re looking for words upon the floor. The words that say everything, but also nothing. Depression keeps us strangled. Depression keeps us anchored. Depression seeps into us like tea that’s just too bitter, so add a little sugar. We all need a little love, we all need a little letter. I need your eyes to do more than crying, I need your eyes to be smiling. Yes, smiling is more than just lips.

18. I don’t know if it’s about love or if it’s about family, I don’t know if something messed up happened to you, you don’t talk about much… and I want to be there for you, I do. But I can’t be there if you close everyone off, those inner thoughts? Our inner demons… it gets the best of us. There will never be a metaphor that’s stronger than ourselves looking back at ourselves in such defeat. Hey, you may lose today, you may lose tomorrow… but this war? It’s far from over. Everyday that you wake up. Everyday that you’re alive. You’ve already won.

19. Hope is a car with a flat tire sometimes, and although you’re the deer caught in the headlights– don’t worry, you won’t die today. Stay hopeful.

20. Some of the best poetry comes from the heart, I no longer know why I write to be completely honest. It’s just love requests, but occasionally I get people that don’t know how to live this life anymore… and suicide isn’t poetic, but hope is, love is, and I guess in some way… I’d like to just help. Maybe this one poem might change someone forever, maybe it won’t, but at least I tried. That’s the thing about words, it does things for people. Maybe it’ll do something for you. Hey, I love you.

It’s only a day, so cheer up– and if you can’t.
Then cry, crying is bravery. You are a warrior.
You’ve made it this far, I believe in you.

I believe in your survival.
I believe in your recovery.

And if nothing else,
I love you.
—  20 things for those who can’t go on
Heat (Sebaciel Fanfiction)

Title: Heat

Author: Sebastian Kai/KaiPudding

Shipping: Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive (SebaCiel)

Genre: Fanfiction

Author’s Note: Hello! First off, thank you for reading this fanfiction between Kuroshitsuji’s main character, Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis. I appreciate it so much that some of you guys actually really wanted to see this, and so here it is. It took me at least 3 days to write this because of school, computer/phone restrictions due to bad school grades (Which are gladly improving, so my restrictions are loosening up a bit every once in a while), bad memory forgetting to continue this, and simply being lazy. Yet, here it is.  Now second, I don’t mind if you share this around and everything but I beg/ask you to please don’t remove the source and all this information (from the title to this note). Thank you so much! Last of all, for the anti-Sebaciel shippers that complain about this being the whole “anime”, “manga”, “fanfic” and “black butler/kuroshitsuji” tags: There is a “Keep reading” button here. If you don’t like the pairing being used, then don’t read it and skip over it. Don’t ruin other people’s enjoyment and/or coping tactic because you don’t enjoy the same thing as them.

Farewell now, and enjoy.

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The characters from Undertale say ‘we love you!’

i made one of these posts for the professor layton fandom to spread a little positivity and i was really happy that it helped a lot of people feel just a bit better

so i thought, why not do it for the undertale fandom too? spread a little love (not LOVE, but love)

Frisk wants you to know that no matter who you are, what you look like, or what your background is, they accept you. They love you even if you’re a human, monster, flower, or whatever it is that comes in-between. Stay determined! No matter what obstacle you face, they know you can get through it.

Flowey is sparing you, because you’ve already been through enough as it is. Go on. Get out of here. 

Toriel is hurrying over with a blanket, a butterscotch pie and some nice hot chocolate. Huggies???? Huggies!!!!! Yes! All the huggies!!!! She hugs you so tight she practically lifts you off the ground, then kisses the top of your head. She loves you, and wants you to know you’re safe with her. And if you ever try to venture out of your comfort zone….. just know that she’ll always be waiting for you to come home, and greet you with a smile.

Sans is already taking off his poofy jacket and wrapping it around your shoulders. Comfy? Good. He’s going to take you to Grillby’s now, and make sure you have a good time. And hey, kid….. it’s okay. He knows how hard you’ve been trying, and he knows how it feels to be hurt over and over again. But you can both make it. He guarantees that. Now, how about a burger-eating competition? (Sans will of course cheat.)

Papyrus has just let out the loudest “NYEH HEH HEH” of his life! He is charging towards you right now in his special car, with boxes upon boxes of puzzles to cheer you up! He knows you are very great (just like him, the great Papyrus) and he wants to help you become the very best great you can be! Also he has about 10 containers full of specially home cooked spaghetti that he made just for you to eat. 

Undyne would offer you a drink, except her house is still on fire. But never mind! You can both train together instead, and get stronger together! Ngaaaahhhhhhh! She knows you can do it! With determination!!!!!!!!

Alphys wants you to know that even if you make terrible, terrible mistakes, that doesn’t make you a terrible person. As long as you apologized, and work hard to fix your mistakes as best as you can, you’re doing just fine. She’s rooting for you. And she also wants you to know you should never be afraid to express who you really are! There will definitely always be someone who loves the true you. And if you ever get tired, you can come watch anime with her and Undyne! You can all become couch potatoes together.

Mettaton is talking about just how faaaaabulous you are, darling! And you don’t have to beat yourself up if you haven’t achieved your dreams yet. It’s perfectly okay to take it one step at a time. Would you like to sing a number with him? Just look at those ratings! Just having you appear on the show is making so many people happy and excited! 

Napstablook is inviting you to just lay on the ground and be garbage with them. Sometimes, it’s okay to be unproductive. You don’t have to do something brilliant every day, slow down a little, breathe. Relax. Afraid of talking to people? They’re struggling with it too, but at least you’re not alone. Look, they’re crying you a nice dapper hat, as a thank you for being such a great and friendly person.

Burgerpants is struggling to put on a smile just for you, because he’s had such a bad day at work. But look, he did it! That’s because he’s that happy to see you, little buddy.

Bratty and Catty are like, sooooo excited that you’re here! I mean, check it out! You look so great! That outfit is like, so on point it’s amazing???? 

Monster Kid thinks you’re probably the greatest person they’ve ever met! Can you sign an autograph for them???? Oh no, they’re shaking so hard they can barely look you in the eye…..

Onionsan says you’re it’s new Big Favorite, y’hear! Yeah! 

Asgore would like to offer you a cup of tea. It’s cold, but he hopes you can accept it….. would you like to come and look at the flowers with him? He finds it always helps to calm him. So what’s upsetting you? Come, let it out. He will always give you a listening ear.

Asriel doesn’t want to let go of you, because he knows just how lost and confused someone can feel. This time, he’ll be your anchor, your safe harbor. Come and visit him and the golden flowers anytime…. they’re lovely, just like you. 

Chara won’t reset. No, they won’t. They’re letting you go. Just go and your own happiness, okay? No one should ever have to repeat their suffering ever again.

Gaster wants you to know that even if you think no one cares about you or even understands what you’re trying to say, there will always be that one person who does. So don’t cry. Don’t cry…

Shyren hums a few notes for you. Won’t you please hum along with her? It always makes her feel better to make music with a wonderful friend.

Lesser Dog wants pets!!!! Lots of pets!!!! Hello human!!!!!! You are so cute!!!!! Lesser Dog loves you!!!!! Lesser Dog has now gone where no dog has gone before because you’re so cute and brilliant and warm and friendly and….

Grillby nods at you as you walk in and hands you a plate of hamburgers. Oh no, don’t take out your wallet! It’s on the house, because you’ve just been through a bad day and it’s a little reward for having the strength and courage to get through it.

Muffet giggles and pours you yet another cup of spiders, and what’s more, this entire tea party is free of charge. Can you believe it???? She wants you to relax, put your feet up…. and smile, deary! Ahuhuhuhuhu~!

Temmie welcom you to teM SHOP!!!! yayA! sell u MANY THINS, NEW ITEM, will give many muns discount because tem LOVE YOU! hOI!!!!! if you feel eva frustrate….. or having TUOGH TIEM, tem will give u tem flake to cheer up u!!!!

Aaron flexes in, and winks at you. What can he possibly be winking at? Then he tells you that you’ve impressed him so much, you amazing person, that he almost feels nervous about his own incredibly toned muscles! 

Woshua insists you wosh your ears, to clear out all the bad stuff that people said about you, because none of it is true!

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Dan x Reader - Look Who's Home Early

Dan’s POV
“Attention Passengers, we are now arriving into London Heathrow Airport.”  The crackling voice through speaker said. I began to gather my items and tidy up my compartment. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve been away and I couldn’t wait to back home. I actually wasn’t even supposed to be back until 3 days later but plans changed, so I get to come back early. Well in this case it was technically late, since it was already towards 1 or 2 in the morning. I decided to not tell y/n and surprise her, but she’d probably be sleeping by time I arrive back home. I’m a bit sleepy but I took a few hours rest on the plane, the slight turbulence was a bit annoying though. I eventually get my stuff and head out of the airport to enter a car as it drives me to back to the flat.

Right after showering, I finished watching an anime episode along with my dinner of pizza and some carrots. It was heading towards midnight now, so I got ready for bed. It’s been awhile since Dan’s gone off for work, but he’ll be back soon. Just 3 more days, you can wait y/n. I genuinely hate to be a clingy girlfriend, but I freaking miss Dan. His curly bed hair, loud laugh and cute smirks, I want my boyfriend back please. y/n, just go to sleep and he’ll be back soon. In my pajamas I crawl into the bed and cover myself in the blanket. It’s warm, but I’m still left feeling cold. Lonely without someone laying next to me, I sigh. I roll over a couple of more times huffing and checking my phone. I’m missing something, someone. That someone is Dan. It’s eventually 12:19AM before I drift off to bed.

Dan’s POV
It’s around 1 close to 2 in the morning now, and I finally arrive back to my house. I’m tired now as the car trip back made me sleepier even though it was quite quick. I grab my suitcase, carry on luggage and backpack to head towards the door and begin to unlock it. I tried carefully not to wake or disturb the neighbor while I trudged up with my stuff. I slowly open the door to walk upon another flight of stairs while dragging my stuff. I was finally back in my own house and the familiar scent welcomed me. Eventually I reach the hallway and go to find y/n. I examine the dark lounge while putting my big suitcase in there since y/n is in the room and it’ll be less loud. The house is kind of chilly and I make sure to increase the heating a bit more before walking to the bedroom. I gently open the door to see y/n resting in bed, she looks kind of tired but nonetheless beautiful as always. I place my carry on bag and backpack on the carpet and take out my phone to charge it. I quickly brush my teeth and grabbed a random t shirt and sweats to put on. y/n looks so gentle sleeping, I missed her so much. Her perfect eyelashes and lips, along with the cutest cheeks, every curve to edge of her was beautiful. Her hair was spread over the pillow while she laid in her little cocoon of duvet. She was so cute. God, I love her so much and I missed her so much. I’m so glad I was finally home. I can’t wait to surprise her tomorrow when she wakes up.  I carefully enter on to the bed and climb into the duvet. I catch a whiff of y/n’s scent, I guess she took a shower, she smells like fruit. Her body is warm, but she does seem a little shaken. Perhaps I disrupted her, she was lightly shivering so I wrapped more of the sheet to her. Instantly her body jerks over and turns around, with her trying to resist shaking. y/n quickly slides her head away, oh no, I made her jump.  "Love, don’t worry it’s just me.“ I say softly before I accidentally scare her.  I placed my hand on her shoulder, stroking little up and down. She doesn’t seem so tense and turns her head closer to me to open her eyes.

I let out a yawn while turning my head back to see a figure. A figure I know well. His scent was what made my home feel like home. I took it in. It was Dan. My fear simmers down again and I take a breathe while Dan is still comforting me. “Dan?” I say sleepily. I’m so glad he was home, but why was he back earlier than expected?
“Hmmm?” He cooed by wrapping his arms around me. I recognize the softening voice like something I hear from a mile away.
“What are you doing back so early?” I mumbled trying to make a sense of this situation.
“I finished faster than anticipated, so guess who’s home early?” He said funnily.
“You.” I said laughing softly. This guy.
“Yeah, I wanted to surprise you later. Sorry I woke you up now.” Dan said quietly before kissing my forehead.
“No it’s okay, I’m just glad your home Dan.” I said and he kissed me on the lips and I felt the true warmth of cuddling with him with our hands rested on each other’s faces.
“I’m glad too. I missed you so much.” I hugged him even tighter and giggled while he did a happy grin with his eyes closed.
“I love you Dan.” I said happily that I was finally not alone again. Danny finally came back.
“I love you too y/n.” Dan he pressed his lips against my neck.
“Never leave again okay?” I asked with puppy dog eyes softly gazing at the pleasing tall silhouette of my lovely boyfriend.
He just shook his head grinning, but I wasn’t having it. The thought of him leaving again was not happening.
My sleepy state struct up, “Promise?” I said directly and seriously.
All Dan did was chuckle, “Yes, I promise.” Then I fell asleep once again in the arms of my love and this time I was finally warm with all fuzzy feelings inside. This person was my safety, the one who made kept me warm and loved me as much as I love him. The one person who could make me feel this way. I wasn’t missing anything more, and my heart was happy.

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hnnnNNNNNG EIGHT MINUTES LEFT SO GLAD I MADE IT <3 gonna request fluffy cuddles with the aoba jousai boys^^ nsfw or just fluff is up to you <3 fem s/o please! I love you guys and thank you so much!

you’re fueling my desire to cuddle the absolute life out of Matsukawa

TAG TEAM hi it’s m here to write about how dorky Yahaba is

Oikawa twirled his girlfriends hair between his fingers and ran his other hand along the side of her body while they were laying together on the couch. The movie they were watching had long since ended and she had no real interest in it. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers really wasn’t her cup of tea so she had fallen asleep about fifteen minutes in. Tooru had noticed that even while she was asleep she would mold to him every time he moved. Like she was his shadow. He smiled and kissed her forehead, watching her sleepy face scrunch slightly before relaxing again. He nuzzled his nose into her hair and pulled her closer.

She was really out of this world.

Iwaizumi yawned and looked into their bedroom, seeing a lump in their bed who’s chest was rising and falling slowly. He walked over quietly and pulled back the covers. His girlfriend’s hair was completely a mess, her make up was all over her face and pillow, and she was snoring. It was girls night out and she went out with her friends from school. He had fallen asleep on the couch earlier in the evening. He smiled and padded over to the bathroom, grabbing the makeup remover wipes and bringing them back to the bed.

Gently he wiped off her make up from her face, grabbed her a new pillow, and then got into bed beside her. She scooted closer to him, subconsciously feeling his weight. The moment she was against him he let out a sleepy sigh, letting his hands roam her body. He was extremely happy that she was in her usual sleep attire. Nothing.

Her skin was soft and smooth and he was smiling like an idiot because he couldn’t stop thinking about how much he loves her.

Matsukawa was sitting on the floor of their apartment watching tv. Why he didn’t sit on the couch was beyond comprehension.

But there he was, leaning against the couch and watching Steven Universe. His girlfriend came in with a bowl of doritos and sat on the couch.

“You gonna share?” Mattsun asked, not turning around to look at her.

“Nope. You gonna sit on the couch?”

“Nope.” She laughed and got down on the floor with him, spreading his legs just a little bit wider so she could fit between them. She leaned up against him and he nuzzled his face into her neck making her giggle.

 They sat there like that watching cartoons and eating chips, his arms wrapper around her waist and hers wrapped around the bowl of doritos. Only really moving to get more food or take a bathroom trip. Issei knew it couldn’t get any better than this.

Hanamaki’s smirk could not grow any wider. “Takahiro,” His girlfriend growled, “Give it back.”

“No,” He said simply, shaking his head, “You said you would cuddle with me.”

“We are cuddling!” She huffed, reaching for her book again. It was times like these when she really hated how lanky her boyfriend was.

“No we’re not!” He argued, “We’re spooning and you’re reading.”

“Spooning is cuddling you nerd,” She laughed at his whining tone.

“Not when you ignore me,” He pouted. He was laying it on thick; bottom lip out, eyes wide, sniffles, the whole deal. Only because he knew it usually worked, though.

“Fine!” She groaned and Hanamaki cheered in victory, setting her book down on the bedside table. He squeezed her tighter in his arms and pressed his nose into her hair, throwing a leg over her waist to be as close as possible. “You win,” She laughed, snuggling into his chest.

Yahaba awoke to the feeling of being kissed. He smirked as soon as he realized what was happening, wrapping his arms around his girlfriend and pulling her on top of him. She squealed in surprise and smacked his chest, but remained straddling his waist as a blush spread across her cheeks. “Good morning,” He grinned up at her. She couldn’t really do anything but laugh because his hair was a mess and the way he closed his eyes when he smiled was always adorable.

“Good morning, Shigeru,” She leaned down to kiss his forehead and he chuckled happily, tightening his hold on her waist. “What do you want for-” She started and moved to climb off of him but he pulled her down so that her chest was pressed against his. “What are you doing,” She narrowed her eyes at him.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” He teased as he rolled them over, using his body to pin her to the bed. He buried his nose in her neck and nuzzled her skin affectionately, making her laugh again. “Ten more minutes,” He whispered, and purred when she ran her fingers through his hair.

Watari used to be really self conscious about cuddling, but now whenever he got home he was first to tackle hug his girlfriend onto the couch and hold her captive in his arms for who knows how long. And that’s what he was doing right now, with his nose pressed against her chest and his fingers locked behind her back. “Shinji,” She laughed, poking his forehead, “I have to make dinner.”

“I’ll gladly starve,” He replied without a second thought, making her laugh again.

“You’re so dramatic,” She shook her head, giving up a little and relaxing in his hold.

“It’s only because my love for you is undying,” He grinned up at her.

“Oh my god.”

Kyotani was not a cuddly guy, by any definition. But for some reason, whenever his girlfriend asked him to, he just couldn’t refuse. He hated how his face got so hot, but he loved the way she rested her cheek on his chest. He hated how he always felt like he was doing something wrong, but loved the way she traced patterns on his skin with the tips of her fingers. “Kentaro?” Her voice jolted him back to reality and tilted his head against the pillow to look down at her.

“Yeah?” He replied, fingers gripping her waist a little tighter.

“Thanks for doing this with me,” She smiled softly, “I know you don’t like-”

“N-no!” He stuttered before he could stop himself, “I l-like it…” He mumbled under his breath and cursed at how warm his face felt, and how cute her giggling sounded.

Kindaichi turned out to be a giant puppy of a lover, much to his girlfriend’s surprise. She thought he was going to be shy around her for a while, but the man loved cuddling. And sloppy kisses. And pda. And cheesy rom coms. Some of those things usually occurred together, like tonight, which included; a cheesy movie, cuddling, and kisses. “We should do that!” Kindaichi said excitedly while the couple in the movie sang together at a karaoke bar.

“You can’t sing hun,” She snickered, “Neither of us can.”

“That’s the point!” He grinned and pointed at the screen, neither of the actors could sing very well either. “Let’s try it right now!” He sat up before starting to try and sing the first song that came to mind.

“Stop it!” His girlfriend laughed and tackled him back down onto the couch, kissing him to shut up him.

Kunimi loved being lazy. His favorite thing to do on a Saturday was lay around in bed, maybe watch an anime on his laptop, or just nap on and off. That was what he enjoyed most in life, and he never thought relaxing could get any better. But then he added his girlfriend to the equation, and suddenly what he loved most got even better. His bed was warmer, his dreams were nicer, and he was happier. And, she loved sleeping almost as much as he did.

“Can we take a nap?” She yawned and rested her head on his shoulder.

“We’ve only watched one episode,” He laughed and squeezed her knee.

“But I’m tired,” She whined drowsily, nuzzling further into his neck.

“Okay, okay,” He smiled and shut his computer, lifting up her chin to give her a quick kiss, “You know you don’t have to ask me twice.”


Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words:    906

-The reader has been cursed to be extremely weak. Dean tries everything he can to help her and cure her. A very unexpected guest is the one who helps-

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        Three months. Three long months. That’s how long it had been since your run in with the witch. That’s how long since it had been since you had killed her. That’s how long it had been since the witch had cursed you with her dying breath.

           Three months. Three long months. That’s how long it had been since your body had become weaker than ever. That’s how long it had been since all you could really do was lie around. That’s how long it had been since you had been able to do anything.

           Three months was a long time.

           “Hey, Sweetheart,” Dean walked into the bedroom. He had already been up and about, you could tell, for probably a couple of hours.

           “Hey,” you said softly.

           “You want some breakfast?” he asked, sitting on the edge of the bed, gently cupping your cheek.

           You shrugged, “I guess.”

           “Hey,” he made you look at him, “What is it?”

           “Just tired of this,” you gave him the same answer you had been giving him since the curse hit you.

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I'm sending this to both Soobaki and Caramelcheese because I want both of your opinions. I've read the meta on how S2 could be somewhat saved if they did this or that, but what do you honestly think S2 will be like? Do you think the next story could turn out *decently* despite S1's plot holes? That the writing will remain poor for popularity's sake, or go back up? Like, what are you expecting from S2 after everything that happened, good and bad? I love all your analyses, so I'm very curious!

Well, I’ve talked with @soobaki about this a lot. And I’m probably going to echo her answer (x)

After episode 12 and after all the post-finale interviews I’ve seen…I don’t know. I don’t know what to expect. I had complete trust in the writing before the finale happened and they did what they did. There’s also the fact that we’re moving from a project fueled only by love to one fueled by massive popularity and absurd amounts of cash. Best case scenario, the only thing this affects is giving the series a bigger budget and a better animation, on par with ep1 of the first season. Worst case scenario, more pandering to the fandom, narrative structure and character arcs be damned. 

Realistically, we’re in for some angst. I talked about it a bit here (x). But…YOI is a lighthearted show. It’s meant to be happy and full of wish-fulfillment unless you’re Yuuri in which case enjoy your silver and try harder. The staff is also hellbent on selling the lies story about how the finale was planned from the start and that Victor and Yuuri are 100% perfect with no problems, so there will be no acknowledgement of Victor’s decision being a 180º from episode 10 and there will be no acknowledgement of Victor and Yuuri needing The Talk. So narrative consistency be damned. Which I’m conflicted about. On the one hand I’m tired and disappointed, on the other hand I do want to see Yuuri and Victor be happy…*longest sigh in the world*

I’m particularly worried by the implication of further more seasons, as in plural, for various reasons…

There’s the matter of the skating itself. The season isn’t over, so if we stay in the current skating season the main event of s2 could be Four Continents or Worlds. Skip the nationals, which both Yuuri and Victor sweep, respectively, and jump right into one of the other two. Alternatively, trying to keep a minimum of realism, Victor doesn’t compete in the Russian nationals, because he only has two weeks to practice and come up with two new programs, but since he’s Victor Nikiforov he’s allowed to move on directly to other championships.

The problem with going Four Continents route is that Victor and Yurio can’t compete in those. While that could fix the problem/ridiculousness of Victor both coaching and competing against Yuuri at the same time, it would be putting two of our three main characters out of the game and we can’t have that. So most likely it will be Worlds.

Another problem though, is that every single character would be using the same programs. We would only get new ones from Victor. This is a problem because
1) the narrative purpose of the programs has basically run its course except for Yuuri’s because he was robbed 
2) there is a chance of the audience growing bored of watching the same programs for another entire 12 episodes.
One way to fix this would be to reanimate the programs. Have them up to ep1′s Stammi Vicino levels quality, with different angles and camera movements and proper cinematography and animation. Another would be to focus less on the skating itself and more on developing characters and relationships outside of skating. Not just our main trio, but all the secondary characters we’ve only briefly met. 

If they decide to skip ahead to the next season we would have to go through the Grand Prix process all over again and this has the same problem of potentially feeling repetitive for the audience. Though in this case we would have the advantage of new programs and new characters.

They’re probably saving 2018 Olympics for a third season. Or a movie. Please don’t let that be the only time Yuuri wins gold but do have him win gold there for the love of God

But what I actually expect from s2 at this point, ok, let’s go (pretty much paraphrasing @soobaki here though):

  • Victor retcon. It’s a must to keep this “he was never going to retire” sham. 
  • Injury storyline. I can feel it. Kubo even said that it would have happened to Victor in s1 if the anime was longer than just those 12 episodes, and it is now (x) It will hit either Victor or Yurio although with Yuuri’s luck might as well be him awww Yuuri you didn’t win gold AGAIN we need to do a season 3
  • Makkachin is old…It was mentioned in an interview that part of the reason Victor took the season off was to be with Makkachin during what might be their last year so why are you going back NOW Victor???? So…high chances that Makkachin passes away and Victuuri get a new puppy 
  • Puberty finally catches up to Yurio
  • The coach/competitor double-time is going to affect Victor and the relationship with Yuuri. Balancing the act will be one of the main conflicts of the season
non-concise Chibita thoughts lol

I know there are a lot of -San fans who aren’t super interested in the older content, but honestly at least the 1988 -Kun series has given me such a huge understanding and appreciation for Chibita’s character

As wild as he is in -San (eg. jumping butt naked into a boiling vat of the oden he sells? no thanks) he’s actually the closest thing the show has to an audience insert/straight man - not Choro. Choromatsu takes that role between the brothers since these series re-adjusted the focus to them again, but Chibita takes it for the extended cast. 

When you’ve only seen -San you kinda gather that Chibita and Iyami were partners in crime at some point and that Chibita has some history with the brothers in which they picked on him.

But in the -Kun 88 we see that Iyami is really one of the only ‘friends’ Chibita has, and even then he treats him pretty poorly on average, depending on the ep. Chibita has no family and is literally a 5-to-10 year old (depend on the ep again) orphan living in a pile of pipes. He does seem to respect the Matsuno boys in his own way, and he can take them in fights even though it’s always six against one. In his experience with them, they’ve always banded together, worked in unison. They’d bicker like any kids, sure, but usually their trickery involved careful coordination between the six, and it was moreso them vs. Iyami or them vs. Chibita or some other antagonist. It was never really them vs. each other. And that’s all Chibita’s used to - it’s all he’s really ever known.

Fast forward to -San, Chibita still appreciates Iyami, but he’s grown wise to the fact that… frankly Iyami has zero expertise and never knows what he’s talking about (ep. 20). Chibita has mellowed out a lot all things considered and just focuses on living a life that makes himself happy instead of following a con-man around because he’s learned that Iyami never learns and never gets anywhere.

Chibita never really wanted money they way Iyami did - he just wanted oden. Of course, back then, he needed money for oden. But now it’s different. He warns Kara to not just take any job but to find something he’s passionate about so he doesn’t end up homeless fighting cats on the street over a single egg like Iyami.

Out of all of them, Chibita’s the one who’s most successfully escaped the ‘no one ever wins or succeeds’ nature of Akatsuka’s worlds. He sees what’s became of everyone and he’s kinda disillusioned with it now. He sees Iyami for what he is, and he’s starting to see the brothers for what they’ve become. This is just how the audience is seeing for the first time what’s happened between the previous incarnation of the show and the current one

It’s unclear whether or not they saw each other at all during those ten years that the Matsunos apparently sat in the exact same place in their living room. But Chibita is one of the only characters in the show who’s demonstrated to consistently be able to tell the brothers apart. And he admits to being jealous of them. He was an only kid with no parents, and they always had each other. He tells Oso he saw it as always having 5 best friends.

We see Chibita slowly discovering that this isn’t the case. At least not anymore. Of course Oso drunk-yells at Chibita that it’s like having 5 enemies, but he doesn’t seem to believe him at first. He hasn’t seen the changes in the brothers first hand yet as far as we know. But we get to watch him realize this shift in actual time while the show airs (or aired, since it’d ended a few months ago).

As early as episode 4 he sees Oso and Totty turn on Choro and kinda…. lowkey stares in horror in the background. In episode 5, he kidnaps Kara, still thinking they all love each other enough to either pay a hefty random or at least attempt to rescue one of their own. He figures, we can only guess, that the random was too much and tracking him down would be too much work - so he makes it easy for them. Shows up in their own front hard, asking them to fight/defeat him like they did as kids, putting their brother in more immediate/irreversible danger to up the stakes. And still, still he sees that they’d rather murder their own brother than bother to deal with it. Back in the day they would attack Chibita at the slightest provocation - now he can’t even force them to take him on.

Fast forward again to episode 18 (I’m sure there are more instances between 4/5 and 19, but I’m just pulling out what I remember on the spot), Iyami Cart. For a moment it’s almost like they’re kids again. Chibita is beating them all in the race, so Oso gets his brothers to fall in line, talking about how it’s 6 against 1 again and he’ll never win when the group of them work together to take down an enemy. He even says “It’s always been this way since we were kids!” Chibita of course doesn’t want to lose, but I think some part of him would’ve been glad if it had gone down that way. Instead, Chibita sees the other 5 turn and willingly take out/(murder?) their own brother (again, just a different brother this time) to get him out of the way. We see as he stares, horrified at what just happened, as they all pass him. Either way they were going to take out an opponent, but still, still they’d rather turn on their own brother than fight someone they were always rivals with as kids. 

I think that’s when he - and by extension we as the audience - realize that it’s not like it was when they were kids anymore. It’s not the same show, and it’s not trying to be the same show. Things’ve changed, and sooner or later people have the realize that. …Depressing as it is.

In this way, with Chibita’s various reactions to Iyami and the brothers, just kind of living his own life, we see that he’s the only one who… properly reacts to the insanity of -San? Whereas a lot of the surrealism and senselessness is accepted by most of the characters, he’s the one who - like audiences who don’t really know what to expect out of this adaption - sits back with moderate disapproval and goes “what the hell?!” He’s picking up on the changes between the series and responding the way a viewer easily could - still very invested but sorta watching from the outside, not entirely involved. With all these insane characters (even Hatabo and Totoko’s less wholesome traits get played up a lot), he’s…. weirdly the most ‘normal’.

In episode 20 - nearing the end of the show - we see Chibita’s stance. He says “if you can, avoid this business”. He’s tired of Akatsuka’s chaos, he’s tired of Iyami’s hijinks, he’s tired of the brothers treating each other the way they do. In episode 1 he was glad the anime was being revived, just like everyone else, but now he’s over it. He doesn’t really ‘play his role’ in the show anymore; he’s separated himself from it. And that’s why the audience can experience it all most through him, at least in my opinion.

Wow this got longer than I intended. Props to you if you actually read it!