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Viktuuri Mafia!AU based on @drawverylittle‘s artwork. <3

Part 1 : It Starts With A Video

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Viktor loses count of how many times he hits rewind on the security tape. He’s numb to the whirring, hissing sound of the rewind. But the image is fuzzy. No matter how many times he goes back, home many times he pauses, he can’t quite see what he’s trying to focus on.

The man in the video is clearly young. At least Viktor assumes he is. The men with him are older, larger. Lackeys, for all intents and purposes. Security detail. The young man in the center is slight, his forearms exposed by the roll of his sleeves are slender, but even in the fuzzy image Viktor can tell a muscle cords beneath the skin. He’s no slouch.

The most Viktor can make out in the black and white video beyond that is black hair and a tattoo that stretches down the back of his forearms. But no amount of pausing, of staring, of getting so close to the screen the brightness is making him dizzy, has made him able to make out what that tattoo may be.

“Viktor!” Christophe whines from the desk beside him. “You’ve watched that tape hundreds of times. What else do you expect to see?”

“I can’t make out what is on his arms,” Viktor replies, pausing the video again. Is it another arm inked on to his own?
“You can barely make out anything,” Christophe points out with a sigh. “That’s the misfortune of having a security tape from these washed up casinos as evidence.”

Viktor leans back and sighs, leaving the video paused on the man reaching out with one of his tattooed arms to take a briefcase from the casino manager.

“I need a better picture.”

“Don’t we all.” Christophe rolls his eyes and pushes himself away from his desk. He’s already changed out of his uniform and into a well fitted, black button down. His sleeves are rolled up in a manner reminiscent of the mafia member Viktor can’t take his eyes off of. “How about you dwell on that another day and come out with me? We could both use a drink.”

Viktor shakes his head and flips open the file on his desk, pressing his fingers to his chin in contemplation. Newspaper clippings, witness testimony, images of property damage left behind are all they have to help them track down the newest member of the Russian mafia.

They say he’s Japanese. That he’s young. That he rose up the ranks in the Yakuza so quickly, so efficiently that no one questioned his reign. That the Russian mafia all but begged him to make his way up here, to resurrect their dying presence. But Viktor can’t quite tell fact from fiction yet.

Is this young man really Japanese or is he just another Russian member that was kept hidden from the press and the policy force? Is he here to stay or does he have a singular purpose? Has he really bitten someone’s ear off? Or torn out their eye? He suspects some of the rumors are just that… rumors. But he’s determined to find out which ones are rooted in truth.

“Go on without me,” Viktor tells Christophe, offering a weak smile. “Tonight I would only cramp your style.”

Christophe snorts and slams the file shut. “Viktor, your style is my style. You could never cramp it.” He pushes the file aside and loosens Viktor’s tie until he pulls it over his head. He flicks open the top few buttons of Viktor’s uniform. “None of this is going anywhere. Besides,” He grabs Viktor’s hand and pulls him out of his seat and Viktor gives up fighting. Christophe is too persistent to struggle against. “Maybe our little mafia man likes the clubs here too.”

Viktor chuckles and resigns himself to a night out. Christophe is right. He could use a drink, something that can distort his mind into forgetting the swipe of dark hair and black tattoos reaching down sure, confident arms.

yo! i have finally finished getting my shit together lmao, so you can now watch

every moment of andrew rannells on hbo’s girls, without having to watch hbo’s girls

whether you don’t want to watch the show at all, or just want to rewatch his parts specifically, i have you covered with some handy compilation videos!!

i was gonna put them on youtube, then they were blocked, then i tried again and idek if they’re working anymore, but i gave up on youtube and headed over to google drive, so you can now find the first five seasons of andrew rannells compilations RIGHT HERE


Originally posted by girlshbo

some warnings for the videos:

  • blanket warning for course language and sexual references
  • sex scenes (season 2, around 7-9mins; season 5, around 12:10-12:50)
  • other nudity (season 4, briefly around 8:25; season 5, around 7:00-7:35)

let me know if anything goes wrong with the videos (but with the ~20-30 hours i’ve put into actually getting them online, they’d better work i swear…..)

Let me drown in my Darkiplier hell.  My inner fanfiction writer won’t let him go.

And yet the analysis machine rolls on…because I’m clingy and can’t let go.

This time around, I was thinking about what Mark had said about Dark through his charity livestream around the time the date video released (transcript here), and how they were able to translate that into what we have seen in Darkiplier’s entrances.  One of them in particular stood out to me the most.

“Darkiplier is an entirely different person from me. But, much like Warfstache, doesn’t obey the laws of physics.  He exists in another world entirely and bleeds through into this one.

Honestly, I think a lot of people have already had this as their personal canon for Dark, given that a grand majority of the ones I’ve seen just consider him some kind of demon who took a liking to Mark because come on, he’s famous and has a rather muscular body that’s PERFECT for…demon…plans…or whatever demons plan out.

Actually, what really caught my interest is that Darkiplier doesn’t obey the laws of physics.  As a physics major, this makes me wonder what laws he could be following, as I personally believe that any world follows some form of “physical law”.  I sat on it for a few days before I figured it out.  It’s pretty rational too.

He runs on video editing logic.

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He doesn’t walk anywhere, he jump cuts.  Notice how he never walks us to a table for dinner, we just…appear there.  No problems, after all.  He has the power of jump cut.  We’ll just be there because we can.

Originally posted by septicpotato

His emotions literally operate how we see him.  His anger leaks through in glitches, ruining what is otherwise a “cleanly shaped” image of himself.

Originally posted by lum1natrix

Notice how the angrier he gets, the more glitches and zooms occur.  On top of that, the one thing I utterly love is how the camera shakes.  Dark’s rage is leaking at such a capacity that even the dimension we’re in is shaking.  It remains as my favorite effect applied in the entire series, and if Mark ever does bring him back for another round, we get more camera shakes.  Shake that camera like you shake that neck, dude.

But compare that to when he’s finalizing how we’re going to be together forever and that we can never leave.

Originally posted by lum1natrix

No glitches, no rapid camera shakes, hell, Dark’s not even saturated in color filters like the wine bottle next to him.  He’s fully in control of his berserker rage and now the dimension we’re in is fully stabilized.  There’s nothing to be angry about; he’s won.  It’s the ONLY scene where Dark isn’t surrounded by glitches.  So for the first time, he’s not even angry.  Holy shit.

But there’s one thing that solidifies my theory on Darkiplier’s physics logic.  And it’s this one right here.

Originally posted by septicpotato

Darkiplier somehow has the ability to keep us trapped in a loop in this prison until we take another ending route.  We can all assume that perhaps he just uses his otherworld demon powers to keep us here for him to watch us go through our personal hell.  But let’s reword this logic.

What if…instead of saying he has the power to trap people in dimension loops…

He has the power to rewind time?

Like a video cassette?

Or a YouTube video?

Makeup Voiceover;Mark

Request: could you please do a mark scenario where his girlfriend is a beauty youtuber and they do the “boyfriend does my voiceover” challenge?

  • okay before i start i want to apologise in advance because i don’t use make up at all so i’m not familiar with the termologies or brands skmdnd
  • and im just really bad with anything that’s got to do with make up so!!
  • and this was shorter than expected :-(
  • without further a do,
  • let’s start

  • so you had always wanted him to do it

  • and all your subscribers know how cute you both are and they’ve been requesting non stop
  • but shy mark was so afraid and scared he couldn’t do it until you agreed to spend the whole day cuddling with him
  • and he agreed almost immediately
  • “if i knew you’d agree that quickly, i should’ve said that earlier”
  • “hehe don’t break your promise!!”
  • so you lock him out of your room so you can film your makeup tutorial video
  • and you decided to just go for a simple and casual look
  • and outside you can hear mark calling haechan
  • on speaker
  • “why am i nervous for this”
  • “it’s only a voiceover?? it’s not like you’re showing your face”
  • “yeah i know, but my heart’s beating so quickly im-”
  • “shut up and just do it, you can rap in front of so many people but you can’t do a single voiceover? surely absolutely fully capable!”
  • “i called you to give me encouragement but i guess you’re right”
  • and thanks to your professional and talented™ skills,
  • you finish in 15 minutes
  • and after checking the clip one last time,
  • you call mark in to sit beside you,
  • a mic in front if him
  • “just say whatever that appears on the screen, i showed it to you bright and clear!!”
  • you see him nervously smiling and giggling,
  • before clearing his throat and pressing the record button
  • “uhm… hi everyone, it’s mark, y/n’s boyfriend and as you can tell i’ll be doing her makeup voiceover for today, i heard you guys have been requesting this for quite some time now, so here it is”
  • and you smile brightly at him, giving him a small thumbs up to nudge him to continue
  • “as you can tell she’s barefaced right now- still as beautiful as ever and i can never ever see a difference- but oh my goodness what is with that pout, how cute”
  • “she’s holding up a small little stick right now, oh wait- it’s the nyx foundation stick”
  • “ahh, apply it in small streaks around your face and make sure to find the correct shade for yout skin tone!”
  • “spread it out evenly, you don’t want any patches”
  • “she looks so beautiful-”
  • whispers mark, focus”
  • “haha oh- next you want to take this eyebrow pencil”
  • “i can’t see the brand and words it’s too small”
  • “i’m serious oh my god, stop giggling at me”
  • “it’s okay- anyways, you want to start shading your eyebrows”
  • “make sure they’re symmetrical”
  • “how did she do it in one go, that’s my talented girlfriend right here”
  • “oh no her smile is so cute”
  • “mark stop it i’m blushing like mad right now- okay guys i’m sorry if you hear small conversations like these, he’s just sitting beside me recording right now”
  • “i can’t help it”
  • “you want to do your eyes next”
  • “she’s using the naked2 eyeshadow palette- i’ve seen this somewhere before- and she’s going to use the lightest shade of brown”
  • “oh it’s shiny”
  • “apply it gently on your eyelids”
  • “she did it again guys, in one try, that’s my girl”
  • “oh she’s moving on to the blush already?”
  • and he whispers to you
  • “you’re not applying highlight?”
  • “i was too lazy, but anyways continue babe”
  • “you still look good anyways”
  • “why is she giggling to herself”
  • “huh- wait isn’t that my voice”
    • the background plays his conversation with hyuck *
  • “i didn’t know i was that loud- oh my god”
  • “she can’t stop laughing, look at her face HAHAHA”
  • “im so embarrassed but she looks so cute giggling to herself wow”
  • “on a side note, haechan if you’re seeing this we both got exposed”
  • “okay she’s calmed down now”
  • “she’s using a very light shade of pink, just perfect for her natural rosy cheeks”
  • “her side view is wow…”
  • “she’s smiling again aw how cute”
  • “her cheeks are all pink now”
  • “i want to pinch those cheeks so badly haha”
  • “ow omg don’t do that”
  • “guys he literally just pinched my cheeks”
  • “hehe”
  • “on to the lipstick-”
  • “aw babe”
  • “story time: i actually got this for her last week because she was having bad day and i thought this might make her feel better”
  • “yes thank you so much mark, i love it and i love you”
  • “i love you too”
  • “it’s actually the moonshot lipstick”
  • “ahh.. it’s the peach and cream shade!! i remembered it hehe”
  • “i thought that she’d look gorgeous in it so i decided to get that shade”
  • “look at the way she pouts her lips again- how adorable”
  • “oh my goodness, i just realised she actually did all of that without using any mirrors, how wonderful can she be???”
  • you’re blushing like mad again at this point of time
  • and you see him frown and pout a little
  • “it’s come to an end already?? that’s fast”
  • “anyways look at my princess posing for the camera- you look great”
  • “look!! at!! her!! smile!!”
  • and he starts giggling
  • “anyways i hope all of you enjoyed watching this!”
  • “thank you for subscribing and supporting my baby and watching all her videos”
  • “continue doing that and give her all the love she deserves!!”
  • “it’s been mark here, hope to see you again hehe”
  • and he giggles again
  • he lets out a breath of relief and you give him the warmest hug ever
  • his words never fail to make you feel better about yourself
  • and he gives you a small peck on your lips,
  • “can i do that again someday? i actually liked that hehe”
  • “of course mark, anytime”
  • “and you did great, like always”
The Things She Carried

Part 4. Human After All

Dean x Reader

Masterpost with all the parts

Summary: Dean meets a huntress. Well, he would define her a robot. At least until he gets to know her…

Word Count: 1700+

Warnings: Potentially triggering for those who have lost their mom.

Tags: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @mysoul4dean @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @aiaranradnay @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt @mangasia @squirrellover1967@sharkeeshark @maui137 @electricbluecas @kazchester-fanfiction @gabavaldman @riversong-sam @lavieenlex @zanthiasplace @holywaterbucketchallenge @soullessbabee @loricwizardbluetoastedcake @extreme-supernatural-lover @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday @barneybrigade @iliketowrite02 @itschelseabennett @mogaruke @stormisamystery

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Looking at You (Part Eight)

This is a rough chapter, babes.

Vision hands the team a harsh truth and Tony doesn’t cope very well.

Chapters 1-7 HERE.


Tony jogged down the stairs, holding tight to the key card Bucky had left on his desk.

Room 101
Hilton Inn and Suites

It had been over a week since their last night together and he had been wondering when Bucky would drop another key off for him. His nights with the soldier were his favorite, even though other than that one time, it had been only snuggles and talking.

They were his favorite.
The only thing that kept him going most days.
And he couldn’t wait for tonight.

Bucky had kissed him three separate times since their last night in the hotel.

Once when Tony had put a new piece on his arm and Bucky had told him thank you, brushing their lips together gently.

Again when Steve had been chewing the team out and Tony had nearly ran from the room, hands shaking, heart pounding, edging on a panic attack because he couldn’t handle Steve yelling, and Bucky had stopped him in the kitchen, wrapping thick arms around his waist and pressing a quick, comforting kiss to his lips.

And oh last night, when Tony had worn a dark red shirt and black slacks on his way out the door to a charity benefit. Bucky’s blue eyes had lit up, and he had cornered Tony in the garage, running his hands through Tony spiky hair and taking his mouth in a fierce kiss, his tongue pressing insistently at Tony’s lips until he opened up and let the soldier lick and taste inside him. Then Bucky had gathered Tony close to his chest and whispered, “Tony, I like looking at you like this.”

And Tony had had to leave before he blurted out something embarrassing because Bucky’s voice was low and deep and hoarse and such a turn on Tony didn’t know what to do with himself.

So yes tonight Tony was going to make another first move, take another step with them. Being with Bucky had given him so much self confidence, so much of himself back that he could only think of one way to thank him.
And that’s what tonight was going to be all about.

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BTS and First Kisses

aye, new stuff coming out bc i’m a piece of shit that can’t get anything done hah. MY BFF IS FOLLOWING ME WHY AM I POSTING THIS KIND OF SHIT AHH

  • Seokjin

God, poor Seokjin. He’d be nervous and he’d stutter a lot and his ears would get a deep red when you caught him staring at your lips. His confidence would be long gone, only being able to muster tiny ‘uh-huh’s and schoolgirl giggles. If you asked him what is wrong he’d try to brush it off with a dad joke or some stupid pun, but his hands would tremble a bit when he started to gesticulate wildly so that he can get your mind off of it. If you did show signs of you wanting him to kiss you, he’d get a little bit more confident, sighing deeply to get you to stop talking while staring at your face. Then, he’d lean in a bit, cupping your cheeks in his hands, leaning down if he had to, asking you if it’s ok. If you said yes, he’d peck you, no more than three seconds. When he leaned back, his eyes would shine brightly and the widest grin was on his lips, his thumbs stroking your cheeks lovingly. Then he’d tell you a stupid pun and ruin the mood but it’s okay, he’s Seokjin and you love him so. *shrug*

“Hey, Y/N” “Yes, Seokjin?” “Can I borrow another kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.” *wink*

  • Yoongi

MY LOVE He would be so flustered!!! He wouldn’t even plan it, you two would probably just sit down and talk about random stuff and you would get very into it and he looks at you with heart shaped eyes and he’s all soft and he has this tiny trace of a smile on his face and he’d think you looked so cute and precious and kissable when you got excited so he just leaned in a bit. Then he stopped, realizing what he was doing, but you’d probably catch on what he was trying to initiate because he kept on looking at your lips, so you’d stop talking and he wouldn’t even notice this fucker. Then you’d smile sweetly and be like “what’s wrong?” and he’d get all blushy (i’m not joking, his ears get red and his eyes get really really big) and he’d start stuttering, until he’d bite his lip cutely and mutter that he wants to kiss you, not being able to look at you in the eyes. Then, without letting you answer, he’d lean in, cup our cheek with one hand, the other going to hold yours and he’d give you a peck (that was actually at the limit between a peck and a kiss but yoongs cannot differentiate them so…). Then he’d lean back, with pink still dusting his cheeks and open his mouth to say something witty, but the only thing getting out would be a dreamy sigh while he looked you deep in the eyes. Then he’d lean in for another kiss, this one deeper. Way deeper.

“Yoongi, were you nervous~?” “I wasn’t, you dipshit. I was just daydreaming.” “About kissing me?” “Shut up.” *hides his eyes behind his fringe, head low so that you cannot see his blush*

(hah can you see that i’m head over heels for him)

  • Hoseok

Hoseok wouldn’t be any different, maybe a tad bit more silent, but it wouldn’t be a noticeable change, so you wouldn’t suspect a thing. He’d keep on staring at your face, your lips especially, and when you turned to look at him he’d get a light blush on his cheeks, but you would probably be so into your story that you wouldn’t really notice. If you did look at him longer, though, he’d scratch the back of his head and turn it in the other direction while smiling nervously. That’s probably when you would start to think something’s wrong. He’d deny any of your “Are you sick?” questions, but at some point he wouldn’t be able to control himself, so after a tiny whine, he’d grab your face and smash his lips against yours, in a kind of messy kiss, but enjoyable nonetheless. When he’d lean back, he’d smile the brightest smile you’ve ever seen on him and his eyes would conquer the sun and I’M WEAK he’d giggle a little and mutter an “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t hold back” right before you leaned in for a second kiss, this one tamer.

“Wah, you got flustered!” “I did not, Hoseok.” “Yes, yes! You did, I can see it on your face~” *giggles and stomps his feet in enthusiasm*

  • Namjoon

I feel like crying ok there it go. Namjoon would be SO flustered. Like, he’s flustered in general around you, but when he felt the deep urge to kiss you he’d get so squishy. He’d blush and stutter and laugh nervously and scratch the back of his head and avoid your eyes and. Jesus, someone save him. He’d smile brightly if you’d ask him what’s wrong, and he’d say a soft “I’m fine. I just feel like I have something to do.” You’d be very very confused at first, and he’d chuckle before deciding to be straight forward. He’d lean in way too fast and bump his forehead in yours and he’d mentally curse himself for being such a fool. But not really mentally. “Ah, why am i so dumb” he’d whine while rubbing his forehead, a pout forming on his plump lips, being convinced that the moment was lost and he ruined the mood. But it’s Namjoon, you have to expect this, so you’d just giggle and peck his cheek, whispering “Try again” against his skin. His eyes would widen in shock, but he would recover fast, before leaning in again, this time slower, and pecking you WITH THOSE GOD-LIKE LIPS JESUS FCKIN CHRIST SPARE ME AUSADHKFJ. When he’d lean back, he’d smile sheepishly while his eyes formed tiny eye-smiles and his cheeks would have a pink tint and he’d gigGLE AND ASK YOU FOR ANOTHER KISS.

“Why did you wait so long before kissing me.” “I dunno, I guess I just wanted to be sure you wanted it. And I didn’t want to screw it up like I did the first time” “Don’t beat yourself up for it! It was amazing” *says you while you peck his lips for the third time, leaving him flustered*

  • Jimin

Random, but i just realized just how violent i’ll get when i’ll write the Jungkook one fml. Back to it. Jimin would be so shy omf. I know I already said that all of them would be shy, but really, all are flustered. Besides Taehyung. But he’s next so we don’t talk about him. So Jimin. He wouldn’t know how to bring up the topic of kissing, so he would just sit there awkwardly, trying to avoid your gaze without making you worry too much. So he would just be a shy bun. I think you would have to kiss him, though, because he doesn’t seem like one to initiate it. However, if you do not want to/can’t initiate it, there are times when he gets all cheesy and confident, so your first kiss would be the cheesiest out of all of them. He wouldn’t want to make such a big fuss, but it would mean a lot for him and he knows that the only way to make himself do it is to do it big. I mean, go big or go home, am i right? It would happen somewhere in a park, or on the street, when you two would go on a walk, but suddenly it starts raining and Jimin is like “thiS IS MY CHANCE THE ONLY ONE” and he gets super excited and giddy but you get confused so he tried to tone it down. Then, he whips an umbrella out of nowhere, pulls you really close so you two can fit under it and looks deeply in your eyes, before his eyes start scanning over your features, stopping at your lips. He’d lick his lips instinctively and lean a little bit down, giving you the chance to stop him. If you don’t refuse him, he’d lightly, gently rub his lips over yours, acting like such a light action could break you, then pulling away, smiling brightly when you pout, whining that “This wasn’t a proper kiss, Park Jimin!”. He’d laugh, leaning over once again to give you a real kiss, in the middle of it putting the umbrella down so you two can kiss while the rain pours over you. So cheesy, Jesus Christ.

“Jimin why are you so cheesy?” “Ah, don’t act like you don’t like it~” “I do, but not when I’m soaking wet!” “Oh… sorry.” *giggles nervously while lifting the umbrella once again*

  • Taehyung

So this one right here would be the chillest. He wouldn’t plan it at all and it would be completely random. It could be while you two were playing video games, or when you watched an anime, or when you were shopping, cuddling or talking. He would look at you, keep his gaze on you, then his eyes would slip from your eyes to your lips and be like ‘Huh. I love this person so much. How come I’ve never kissed them?”. Then he’d lean down, tenderly touch your cheek and look deeply in your eyes. In that moment, Taehyung would be serious, something he isn’t always, and when he gently pressed his lips on yours, he’d make sure to show you what he feels through that kiss. When he pulls away, rubbing your cheek and grabbing your hand, he’d chuckle nervously, showing you his boxy smile while his eyes glistened.

“I know I’m not always talking about how I feel, but I hope that after this you’ll remember how much I love you, alright?”

  • Jungkook

I’m suing. I feel like crying and I just started. Jungkook would be a blushy, quiet, sweating mess, the room getting hotter each second, his eyes never once leaving your lips, unless you teased him about it. Then he’d look everywhere else but you, his eyes scanning the entire room, before focusing on one vague object, spacing out. When you asked him if he was listening, he’d nod his head slowly, and honestly, he looked on the verge of tears because boy was confused and scared and flustered at the same time because he didn’t know what to do. You were standing there, looking ethereal, but extremely worried because of him and he didn’t know what to do because he desperately wanted to kiss you but he didn’t know if you wanted to do it too and he didn’t know if you’d enjoy it and he didn’t know if he’d do it right. He was so shy and alarmed so he muttered “I want to kiss you” before he could contain himself. Then, an awkward silence took over the room and Jungkook aggressively face palmed himself multiple times mentally because how could he possibly fuck up the easiest thing in a relationship. It took him long enough to hold your hand, and the world didn’t explode when he did. But now? Now everything was falling and he was falling too, until he felt your hands cupping his cheeks. That’s when he went back to reality, a reality in which you were sitting in front of him, with your hands on his cheeks, your eyes looking lovingly at him as you stuttered out a “Then why don’t you… uh… do it?”. That was the cue. That was when Jungkook grabbed your waist with one hand, the other holding gently the back of your head, trying to hold you in place as he pressed his lips against yours, a relieved sigh escaping him as he closed his eyes. I feel like he’d be the member who’d hold the kiss the longest, probably only pulling apart when you pushed him because you needed air, and when your breathless form pressed closer to his body, our hands clawing at his t-shirt, above his shoulders and your knees nearly bucking under you, he felt like the world was again how it should be, but this time sitting in his hand, not leaving soon.

“Oh my god you look like you’re going to explode.” *giggle* “Y/N, STOP, I’M NOT” “you are and, jesus, your neck is flaming up too! Why are you so nervous?” “Because you are very important to me and I didn’t want to disappoint you- STOP CUDDLING UP INTO ME YOU’RE NOT HELPING.”

Jungkook’s is literally so long i’m laughing sorry.

Some of them are longer, while the others are shorter. I’m sorry for that, but I couldn’t bring myself to rewrite them or try to make them longer. It would only make them seem fake.

~ admin alexa

Be careful, Liam Jolley is scamming with his website

Again he doesn’t keep what he promises. Here the experience of one of his members (victims):

His private VIP membership contains the following, I will try to describe the page: 3 pics from a total of 20 pictures.

Under this is a 14 second push ups video - you only see the back of his head and it only lasts 14 seconds!

Then 3 video clips that only last a few seconds and they are linked to youtube, so you can watch them for free anyway


(In this youtube video says it all… probably had his paypal shut down for scamming people? “What’s happened with the website is, were not with paypal anymore ummm were with a new company called CC Bill… paypal wont be taking your payment” and look at his face the way he squints his eyes when he says it -well dodgy- you can’t just tell he’s a con man)



Under this is 4 pics added on 4th February, he promoted these on twitter saying the love heart would be removed…

But on his website you will NOT see his cock, he censors it with a black dot, leaving the pubes showing , so he lied. 

And 3 pics added on 2nd of February

ALL of these pics are on his twitter and have been around for a while, (here we share it). So he’s just re-cycling old pics and saying they are ‘unseen’ and 'exclusive’ is blatant lying.

And finally the last 10 pictures are from his photoshoot with Simon Barnes last year

These 'exclusive unseen’ pics are on a few websites including his social media and hes clothed in most of them, these pics are NOT new at all and I know I’ve seen them before.

NO nudity and No cock to see.

And that’s All. You are paying to see 20 pictures, that’s all he has on his private VIP website, most have been on his Instagram & twitter and can be found on google image search, and a 14 second clip of him doing push ups, and the 3 youtube clips; that are basically Liam promoting his website and only last a few seconds ….and they are on YouTube - so NOT x-rated at all .

It’s a scam, Liam Jolley is a click-bait con man. He had his paypal account suspended for a that reason, in one of his youtube clips he says “were not using paypal anymore”

Another point is Paypal DON’T allow cam models to use their payment service, anyone reported doing cam shows will get their paypal shut down although some people get away with it, depends if they got reported . Websites like cam4 allow models to get money through tokens that can be exchanged for cash later, but paypal don’t allow cam models or escorts / rent boys, paypal DON’T allow their payment service for any type of sexual service including cam shows.

Re-cycle with Liam, and pay to see the pics you can get for free!

So just to be clear, you pay £19.99 for 20 photos ( that are already on his twitter) and you get a 14 second video clip of his back doing push ups.

Liam is lying to get the pink pound subscribers, don’t waste your money paying to see the SAME pictures .He’s a cockney con man, a right charmer, he will grin in your face and steal your wallet.

anonymous asked:

That video of Dan playing with sleepy Phil has me weak...how did that even get posted...I'm dying...I've watched it 54 times today

The greatest video on the internet to ever exist

The little details about it are what counted here: they were sharing a bed, Dan was playing with his hair and Phil wasn’t surprised, Phil looked more relaxed when he opened his eyes and saw Dan next to him, their voices were so much lower and gentler than they are on camera, Phil rolled towards Dan’s chest and ultimately into his embrace (you can see Dan’s elbow in the final frame)

(+ there is some speculation that the little mouth movement Phil made after he woke up was a pucker or kissing gesture? I personally believe it was, but we’re all entitled to our own opinions so feel free to watch it again and discuss afterwards!)

The thing I love about this video is that it shows how comfortable they are around each other, and the fact that Dan was watching over him and lying right by his side (ie making sure he was okay) even when he was ill and asleep makes it even better 

All in all, the most wholesome and affectionate content in existence and I shall never not reblog it when I see it cus that shit needs to be treasured

Normal Relationship || Jack Maynard Imagine

The cool summer air, brushed itself up against my side, making me wrap my arms tightly around my body. My jumper suddenly not being warm enough for me. I glance around the empty park, eyes catching on the old couple on the park bench on the other end of the path. Tears gather in my eyes, but before they can overflow I push them back down.  

“Y/N please stop running from me,” Jack pants, grabbing my arm.

“Don’t touch me!” I shout spinning around, glaring at him, “You have no right to touch me.”

“What? I’m not allowed to touch my girlfriend?” He asks incredulously, arms still outstretched towards me.

“Oh so now I’m your girlfriend?” I half scream at him, hands flying widely through the air.

“Y/N,” Jack sighs.

“No! Jack, it’s your turn to listen to me!” I shout taking him by surprise, “I’ve been in love with you since I was sixteen. We’ve been dating for what three months? Why don’t your friends know? Are you ashamed to be dating me? Why don’t they know? huh? Tell me!” I shout towards him. Poking my finger into his chest. “Why can’t we be open about out our relationship? I just want to be able to kiss you whenever I want. I want to hold your hand in public. I just want to be with you.” My shouting slows down. Tears gathering in my eyes.

Jack steps towards me, placing his hands on my face, “Hey look at me, Y/N, Please look at me gorgeous.”

I shake my head, “No, Jack, if I look at your eyes, I won’t be able to be strong anymore, ill break down.”

He hooks his fingers under my chin and pulls my face up so that I’m looking into his eyes.

“Please take a breath,” He whispers concern flashing over his eyes, “I love you, please breathe.”

“Jack I’m breathing okay? I just can’t handle the fact that I can’t touch you in public, It’s hurting me, Jack,” I say placing my hands against his chest.

“I know love, can we please just talk about this in a way where I’m not petrified you’re leaving me,” He places his forehead against mine.

“I couldn’t leave you even if I tried,” I whisper opening my eyes to look at his face.

“Good, now let me explain myself,” He sighs, pulling me to sit on the park bench, “I’m afraid, I’m afraid of being hurt. The only reason the boys don’t know is that I don’t know how to tell them. But i feel like it’s time to tell you the main reason that I don’t show affection in public, the reason that I’m not super affectionate in public is the fact that I have followers, people who will judge you, people who will say shit about us, and I just don’t want you to have to deal with that.”

“Jack,” I chuckle, “I know that you have fans, hell I watch your videos, but I’m not afraid of your fans and what they have to say, so please don’t try to protect me from them, just be you.”

He looks up at me a soft smile on his face, “You watch my videos?”

“That’s all you heard isn’t it?” I laugh, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I love you,” He whispers, leaning in to kiss me softly. My eyes flutter closed, hands weaving their way into his hair. His tongue licks my lower lip trying to gain entrance, I open my mouth, allowing Jacks tongue to fight mine for dominance. Before the kiss can deepen further, we break apart for air.

“I love you too, but please, let’s just be public, like a normal relationship.” I kiss his lips again.

Jikook/Kookmin quick recap in Run ep. 18

Please forgive me for not being able to go into detail since I’m pretty much done atm.

I did a drama marathon for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, basically 16 episodes for 16 hours without eating or sleeping at all, so… xD

again, it’s always better to go and see the ep, rewind when necessary to have a much clearer idea what was going on :-)

Jimin comfortably placed his arm on Jungkook’s shoulder (and Hobi’s too)

(while Jimin was racing) erm, Jung…Jungkook ah~, I know you wanna help, but… make up your mind please xD, he’s probably anxious as well kkkk

He told Jimin to be calm in the basketball game, and now he’s cheering for Jimin, best supporter of the day confirmed 🐰🐰

As usual, satellite Jeon gravitates towards Jimin, but as always, it’s not easy *cough Jin and Monie cough* (this part is definitely clearer in motion, the pics can’t portray it, in the clip it’s around 4:57-4:58)

The trio JinMinKook~ (Jungkook originally stood on the left side but someone Taehyung and him switched and here he is next to Jimin)

Jimin is worried when Jungkook got hit

This is not related to Jikook/Kookmin but I just wanna tell you how much of an angel Jimin is… While others laugh jokingly, Jimin is pretty worried for Jin, he keeps checking if Jin is fine (check Jin’s expression, put his arm on Jin’s back etc.)
How precious ♥ 🐥🐥

I mean I can’t screencap all of this, you really need to go and see how they keep laughing together on the side and at the back. Basically laugh and fall over each other, cuties having fun together is one of the best concepts.

Ah, also, during Monie’s match, Jin was in between them but somehow Jungkook laughed too hard  and touched Jimin as soon as Jin left the spot to go to the right side…

Highlight of the day: 👀👀

Jungkook…Jungkook ah, you know that you can pass by Jimin without grabbing/touching him at all right…It’s intentional (again, please refer to the actual video clip to watch this, it’s important!!!)

His worried face when it’s the last point in Jimin’s match

Okay~~~, I really did try.

To sum it up, my impressions of this ep in general:

  • Satellite Jeon is still functioning well, plus Jimin also sneaked to Jungkook’s side at some point. Despite efforts of putting them in the two opposite ends, somehow they’ll still find a way to stand next to each other.
  • Poor Jin, how many times has he been hit (unintentionally) by Jungkook and in combination with Taehyung today… It’s tough being the mat-hyung, right? Fighting Jinie ah~ 🌸🌺
  • Somehow our babies Jimin and Jungkook enjoy laughing together to the extent they touch so much… No, I’m not complaining, I’m encouraging it!!! 
  • Jimin is always unlucky at games, I dunno if he’s bad for real or he just has no luck, and that reminds me, Yoongi sometimes too *flashback to Rookie King days*

I love these 2 eps in Arcade because I can see that everyone was enjoying it and having fun, which is wonderful and heart-warming. If you’re happy I’m happy ♥

Thank you and see you next time~ 💙💜✨

Exhibit || Jack Maynard

summary: where y/n helps jack with his fears 

word count: 1k+

request: Jack Maynard fluff where he needs to do something but because of his arachnophobia he can’t do it and Y/N helps him 



“I swear, Y/N, I am not going in there,” Jack fussed. “Don’t you want to see the tigers again, you looked really happy over there seeing all the little cubs.  Away from there,” he concluded, wincing at the thought of stepping foot inside the spider exhibit.  It was nicer than usual in London, the sun hit their skin at all angles, and the two relished in its warmth.

Y/N knew Jack was afraid of spiders, more so than anyone she had ever met.  He couldn’t even bring himself to kill one, because the thought of getting too close was frightening in itself.  He’d be caught dead before he willingly stood five feet within a spider.  But that day was different.

Jack helped her through so many of her own personal fears–heights, the dark, every little thing one could think of. And she wanted nothing more than to show him that it was mostly all in your head. They have power over you only if you let them. While it wasn’t the only reason she had wanted to stop by the zoo that day, the idea of finally helping Jack was a bonus.  

“Babe, I promise it won’t be that bad,” she said in an attempt to persuade him.  Her puppy dog eyes were in full force.  “I won’t let them attack you,” she snickered.

“Y/N, I literally can’t,” he responded, showing his fear and frustration in the tone of his voice.  

“Yes you can,” she said encouragingly.  She was sure he could do it if he just put his mind to it.

“I think I’ll pass the fuck out.”

“Five minutes, just try it. Who knows maybe you’ll walk out of there a spider fanatic and you all of a sudden want to delete your channel and devote your life to this exhibit,” Y/N said sarcastically.

Frankly, Jack didn’t find it funny.  It was like asking someone with claustrophobia to voluntarily stuff themselves in a cardboard box for thirty minutes. Nobody likes to torture themselves like that.

Nervously tapping his fingers against the palm of his opposite hand, he said “five minutes, that’s it, then I’m out.”  He couldn’t even see himself lasting that.  He’d be lucky if he could go thirty seconds without bolting.

When the duo first entered, Y/N could feel Jack’s body shaking as he stayed close to hers.  There were no barriers, the exhibit was almost like something of a jungle inside of a greenhouse.  The spiders were roaming free around them, and while she hadn’t felt more calm in her life, she spun around to see Jack trying to take deep breaths. His cheeks were flushed with the faintest shade of red.

People around were watching as he became flustered. He flinched at almost every corner.  While parents and younger kids stared, the workers seemed used to it.  It couldn’t have been the first time an arachnophobe walked into the exhibit in an attempt to get over their fear.  

“Hey, just look at me, okay? Just look at me.  It’s fine, you’re fine.”

Her favorite pair of blue eyes looked down at her, absolutely terrified. “I don’t think you get how scared I am. These little shits are horrifying. What if they just jump at me or something?”

The best way to get through to Jack was simply reasoning.  Calmly, she brought up the time where she’d gotten over her own biggest fear a few months prior, not like she had much choice in the matter.  

“Remember how I used to be deathly afraid of heights?”

“Yes,” he replied as she stroked his arm.

“And do you remember how I got over that?” She asked, knowing he would remember it in seconds.

“I forced you to go on the London Eye with me,” he chuckled, reminiscing on the day.  She was nearly in tears as they waited on line, but ten minutes in, she realized how peaceful the ride was.  It wasn’t all so scary in the moment.  “Guess now I know how you felt.”

“But I’m glad you made me.  I don’t want to force you into this if it makes you uncomfortable, we can leave, just say the word.  But sometimes facing it head on is the best way to get over it.”

His tongue glided over the edges of his teeth, thinking of what to do.  Either he could stay and face his fear, or leave and continue living life worrying about if a spider was one day going to pop up in his flat when he was home alone with no way of defending himself against it.

“Fine, we’ll stay.  But only because I feel extra bad now for making you ride it with me that time,” he joked. “It’s a lot worse when you actually have to do it versus just thinking about it.”

Her face lit up, and she pulled him in the direction of a spider actively weaving a web.  “See, they’re basically just making art right in front of us.  They’re too worried about that to even think of attacking you.”

Jack was still significantly further back than Y/N, and his body was stiff, but he wasn’t shaking anymore. “I mean, that’s pretty cool, I guess.”

The couple wandered throughout the rest of the exhibit.  It consisted mostly of hand holding and Y/N reassuring Jack that he would be fine.  His nerves were beginning to settle, and although he was still uncomfortable, he was mesmerized in a way.  The fact that none of the tiny creatures pounced at him was a plus.  They were so busy strolling and revisiting certain sections that time slipped away.

It had been nearly an hour before they untangled themselves from the array of branches and webs.  

“I’m proud of you for making it through that,” she declared as the pair moseyed toward a bench.  

“I’m shocked my knees didn’t give out or something.”

“Sooooo, would you say you’re over your fear of them?”

“Let’s just say, you’re still killing them if they ever show up in my bedroom,” Jack assured her.

“Deal,” she laughed. “But still, I’m proud of you.”

“You’re lucky I love you as much as I do, if any of the guys ever tried to get me to do something like that, I’d be halfway home before they could even make their way in there,” he spoke, gently strumming his fingers against her leg.

“I love you, too,” she hummed.

The Answer’s In The Air: A Miles/Phoenix Mix

Yes. It happened. I’ve been replaying the Ace Attorney games and now here it is. A mix for these nerds. This mix is actually really chronological and the songs are a mix of their separate point of views, so I’d really suggest checking out my annotations to see which stage of the relationship each one refers to/whose POV it is.

This is my first fanmix that has been published to Playmoss first and my first mix about like…solely guys I’ve ever made. Period. SO CONGRATS YOU TWO YOU MUST BE SOMETHING SPECIAL. Also yes there’s an Ace Attorney font you can download and I used it for the graphic.

1. Enough to Go By| Vienna Teng//2. Given It All| Haley Kiyoko//3.An Act of Kindness| Bastille//4. Stray Italian Greyhound| Vienna Teng//5. INSIGHT (English Cover)| Y. Chang and Sapphire//6. Enemy| Jesca Hoop//7. Phoenix Burn| Alpha Rev//8. Hurts Like Hell| Fleurie//9. In My Veins| Andrew Belle//10. Vindicated| Dashboard Confessional//11. Count on Me| Bruno Mars//12. Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai (I Think It’s Gotta Be You) (English Cover)| Y. Chang//13. Aishiteru (I Love You) (English Cover)|Lucy//14/ Freeze You Out| Marina Kaye//15. I Try to Talk to You| Hercules & Love Affair ft. John Grant//16. Some Guy| Anthony Rapp//17. I Do It All For You| SoMo

Play on Playmoss.

Play on 8tracks

Detailed chronological annotation plus lyrics under the cut:

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Love at First Video Part 4

Misha Collins x Reader

1150 Words

Chapter Summary: Having dinner with Misha.

Story Summary:  You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

You sat down, your hands shaking as you took the napkin and placed it in your lap. Glancing up, you saw Misha’s azure eyes taking you in, and you swiveled in your seat, a little self conscious under his gaze.

“Well, I have to admit, Y/N, you aren’t quite what I was expecting.” He finally said, taking a sip of his water.

“What do you mean?” You asked, but by then the waiter came over, asking for your wine selection.

“Your preference?” He asked.

Biting your lip nervously, you shrugged. “Why don’t you pick?” You answered, and he did, saying something in french that you didn’t understand. After the waiter had left, he turned his attention back to you.

“So, where were we? Oh yes, I remember. I was saying you weren’t what I expected. It’s one thing seeing your videos, but another seeing you in person. You are absolutely stunning.” He told you, and you blushed at the compliment.

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highlight of my life

summary: you’re bts’ makeup artist, and a certain golden maknae has a crush on you. he expresses this in the only way he knows how: with the help of his hyungs. for this request 

relationship: jungkook x reader

words: 3,668

warnings: none!

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

“Hyung, I need your help.”

Jin raises his head from the magazine he’s currently enthralled in, leg crossed over the other as they sit backstage. It’s half an hour before they perform, and Jungkook, hair a mess and just half of his outfit on, has come kneeling before Jin with a look of desperation. At any other time, Jin might’ve laughed and asked Jungkook which of the boys he had pissed off now, but there was something different in the way Jungkook looked today. There was almost… a twinkle in his eye. “Yes, maknae?”

Jungkook, releasing a deep sigh, scoots that much closer to Jin with his hands clasped together as if he’s about to pray. Jin’s interest is piqued, the older boy leaning forward to hear Jungkook’s next words, “Hyung… how do you make a girl fall in love with you?”

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You Just Had To Ruin The Moment.

Originally posted by celebrities-imagine

Warning(s):None, unless you count me shitting on Alexander’s gross Bjorn beard

Note:I am still taking request! This imagine can be found on my Ao3.

Requested by an Anon:” Can I ask for an alexander ludwig imagine? where Gyda DIDN’T die (RIP) and YN is the actress who plays an older Gyda and her and Alex become an item and the fans love them together? “

You are waiting to be called onto set, about to shoot a scene with Alex Høgh Andersen. You play grown up Gyda, Ragnar and Lagertha’s daughter. Through the seasons and episodes Gyda has became healer of a sort. Although you play a sister to Alexander, Jordan, Marco, David, and Alex, it is safe to say you are closest with Alexander. Over the years of filming and playing close siblings together, you and Alexander had also grown close. Everyone knows of you two being close, but no one knows that you two are in a relationship. You guys don’t like hiding your relationship, but you both feel as though it is best as of right now.

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Some Reasons why I love Peniel’s VLOGS:

Let’s start from the very basic: 

1, The editing is dope!  

 And by that, I mean really, really good. Most of his shots and the quality of contents are above average!  I usually feel bored easily when watching vlog, but Peniel’s camera point of view is so beautiful as he showed the view in between places, from train, car, (also time lapse and stuffs) and.. yeah it also makes me even more excited to visit Japan again, someday. (hiks). And, remembering his profession as an active singer slash celebrity with packed schedule. I really admire Peniel’s commitment in shooting, editing and everything. 

2. The very simple titles given:

Well done! 1st! My worst enemy! or.. Tokyo! Udon! New Camera!

I love the very simple title, some are only consisted of one or two words. And the title given even makes me feel more curious to see the content compare to other Vlogs with such long title like here, here, and here.
I guess he is the kind of like really easy going man so he just name the video what ever is on his head at that time, and (again) it’s kinda cute for me, lol

3. No cliche opening, ending, like, subscribe or anything.

Everytime I watch a youtubers or vlogs, I will always skip the last few second since it will be the same all over again. Please like, subscribe, blah blah blah, which is very cliche and… boring. And Peniel doesn’t do that! (teehee)

4. He speaks in English (almost all the time)! so I can do something else while watching his video.
Like revising. Tried this before and it’s kinda work for me. Fun!

5. The content shows fans his daily activities and what are behind the scene of his profession. Like MV making, how long he’s waiting. Dry rehearsal, camera rehearsal, make up, change clothes, so on and so forth. Like it is kinda interesting to know about this stuffs directly from an idol perspective! (especially for international fans)

6. The background songs! it is usually one song per video which is good because it’s simple. But,,, what I like even more is, the songs are so good as well! Peniel rarely ever pick other artist’s song, so either it was BTOB’s songs, or his mixtape songs, which are very original! Represents his mood, preference, and profession, and make the audience feel even closer to his vlogs.

7. You can see BTOB members appeared randomly here and there in some of the videos. Either only their voice, in the background, or they’re singing, sleeping, sometimes giving random jokes; which is… super fun! Mostly those members will pop out speaking in little random english as well, bcs Peniel is speaking in fluent english, so again, yea that’s cute to see!

8. His english is pretty cute!

Like in my opinion (from what I heard), Peniel has a lisp right? and his english is almost perfect as well (no grammar mistake whatsoever) which makes it become very pleasant to hear.

9. Bringing camera to every where. Rather than snapchat-ting or Insta Story-ing, why not youtubeing?

Yea at the first few videos my reaction was like… oh well why does he have to carry a camera or go pro to almost everywhere? Like it’s not really the culture for Korean or Japanese people bringing Gopro with the stabiliser at public space. But.. when I think about it again, Well other artists like Jessi and Tiffany (only two that I know) very often be seen  holding their phones for snapchatting as well during events.
So, rather than filming for something that will only last for 24 hours, why not making it available for days, months, or even years? Yea Peniel’s idea is at a different level obviously saying.

10. He has manner, guys

Peniel doesn’t just record everywhere anytime out of nowhere. He often whispered, or typed, in order just not to bother other passengers or people around him. I think if he really wants to, he can just ignore those kind of situations, shoot in more places to create more fun contents. But, he will not shoot where he is not supposed to, to show respect towards other’s people privacy, then just say sorry to the audience (even when he doesn’t have to) and told us afterwards what was happening instead.

11. Last but not least, his effort in providing Korean subtitles!

I thought Peniel just has to edit videos and upload it directly so I didn’t get it at first when he mentioned about “I gotta do subtitle and stuff..”. And then… because he mention it very often (or I’ve just watched too many of his videos), just reckon that he has to translate ALL what he said (in English) into Korean to treat Korean fans/watchers.Well, job of editing and everything isn’t little already. And I can imagine, translating isn’t an easy (or fun) deal too.

But then, that’s probably why fans love his videos with all of the efforts given SO MUCH, and I hope he knows how so many people enjoy his videos and vlogging activities. And of course, including for me, I enjoy it very very much. Thank you Peniel! haaha..

Some of my recommendations (few of my most favourites) are..


-> the best part in this video is obviously… Changsub with his “OH MY CAP, OH MY CAP, OOHHHH IM SORRY” LOLL. Seriously you guys should watch it. It’s just sooo funny! haha.


-> I like the background song of this video very much, which makes me discover BTOB’s awesome Japanese songs as well. The content are awesome in this video too, lots of stuffs that makes me want to visit Japan. Anddd lastly, you can see  BTOB’s member’s randomness (with their english) popping out here and there too, lol.

If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 8

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 8 - Confession

Jungkook is behaving strangely…

Word Count: 956 (of 72622)

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All My Idols Ch 30: Playing With Everyone Else

“No!” Seungri looks likes something out of a horror as he crawls cross the ground and wraps himself around the older’s leg. “They will never let me take her out again.”

“I’m fine with that,” Youngbae tries to kick the other off but he is on there pretty good.

“You don’t want to spend time with me anyway,” I snap with my arms across my chest. “You made it pretty clear that you don’t care about me.”

“Charlie,” Daesung wraps his arm around me, “You know he loves you, he’s just drunk and jealous.”

Seungri nods, “How could I not be? I’m gone for five seconds and you already have someone sitting in my spot.”

“You said you were going to talk to a friend, they came up and ask if we could talk, I said yes but only until you came back. But you never came back! I wasn’t just going to shoo them away.”

“Why not?”

“You do realize that you are the one who walked away to talk to a friend, right?”

He scoffs, “So now I can’t talk to other people when we go out?”

I look to the others for help but they just shrug.

“Why is everyone yelling right now?” Seunghyun groans as he comes into the hall. He rubs his eyes before looking right at me. His thin eye study my ruined makeup, eye liner and mascara helped my tears leave black lines down my pink tinted cheeks. I must look like a mess. But he doesn’t say anything about that, instead he takes off one of his slippers and sends it flying at the youngest member, hitting him right in the face. “What the hell did you do?” He seethes.

“Hyung please, give me one second, Charlie and I are having a moment!” The youngest now grips Youngbae’s leg for protection.

“Charlie,” Jiyong yawns softy, rubbing his eyes, not yet able to see the interesting scene going on in front of him. Seunghyun grips his other slipper, ready to throw it, Youngbae is shielding his own face incase of bad aim. Seungri gripping the older man’s leg for dear life while Daesung starts moving towards them to defuse the situation. Jiyong peeks enough to see where I am but from his lack of reaction I’m guessing he hasn’t seen my face. He shuffles over to me and wraps himself around me, “I was wondering why I couldn’t sleep well, you and Seungri must have just gotten back. Did you guys have a fun night out?”

Again I look to the others for help, suddenly hesitant to get the poor panda man in trouble with the sleepy dragon. But I loose my chance to protect him when I don’t respond, Jiyong leans away and blinks at me. His brow creases, he sniffs the air around me and frowns, “You reek of alcohol, how much did Seungri let you drink? Why are you crying? What the hell happened while you were out? I thought I heard Seungri come home a few hours ago…are you just getting home now?”

“He left her at the club with those three guys that left EXO and passed out on the couch, right?” Youngbae explains, looking to me for conformation that he didn’t leave anything out.

“Yea,” I admit.

Jiyong cups my cheeks gently, forcing me to look up at him, “Okay lets make sure I hear you right before I throw his ass out of the fucking window. He left you alone for hours with three guys you just met today, yes?”

I nod.

He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes he places a soft kiss on my forehead, “Thank you for making it home safe.” I would be lying if I said his calmness didn’t surprise me, but that is short lasted. “Now I want you to go wash your face, change into some clean clothes and go to bed in mine and Hyung’s room, okay?”


He shushes me, “You look tired, and I really don’t want you to see me mad. So go to bed, we will be there soon.” With a big smile he shoos me in the direction of their room. I hesitantly obey, not wanting to upset him myself. Just as I reach their room I hear Seungri let out the most unmanly scream I’ve ever heard, “I am going to murder you.”


“They look ready to murder someone,” Hanbin notes when we finally have a chance to step away from oppas today. They have been a lot more protective today than usual, not allowing Seungri anywhere near me since last night, not that I really mind. I’m still upset that he could just do that to me, jealous or not, that’s not how we treat each other.

“I’m surprised they haven’t,” I sip on my smoothie, trying to ignore the hostile atmosphere creeping up behind me. I snatch Hanbin’s hand and pull him along, yelling over my shoulder, “I’m going to say hi to a few people, be back soon!” I peek back to see Jiyong pouting in the doorway of their dressing before turning on his heel and shuffling back in with the others. A breath of relief finally leaves me lips.

“What’s with the hostility this morning? I thought they were over the moon to have you to themselves on vacation for awhile.”

“Seungri got childish last night and we got in a fight and it just made things really messy. I’m just going to avoid that for awhile, I haven’t been able to hang out with you guys a lot lately so lets mess around before you have to go practice!”

He hesitates, “I’m actually heading there now, you can come along and watch though. You have the best eyes when it comes to our dancing.”

“Of course!” I let him lead me to where the others are waiting on stage. “Hey!”

“Noona!” They rush up to me and Bobby manages to pick me up in the chaos.

“I’ve missed you!” He hugs me tight, treating me like a rag doll and dangling me inches off the ground.

“I’ve missed you too now let me down so I can hug my oppa,” I pat on his large chest to release me.

He obeys with a grumble but steps out of the way for his little hyung to come through and get a hug, “You’ve been MIA lately.”

“I know but with the flu and ankle thing happening one after the other Big bang were stressed out so I gave their hearts a rest and rested at home. But you have no room to judge, you guys are basically the kings of Japan at this point from how often you are there.”

“Trust me, we are tired of it too, we want to be home more, we miss our princess,” He strokes my head affectionately.

“Speaking of which,” Donghyuk pipes in, “Noona, would you want to do a warm up run with us to dumb and dumber? We haven’t done that for along time.”

“Are you guys sure that it’s okay?” I peak over at the staff who look ready to get to work.

“Yea it’ll be fine, lets do this!” Bobby claps his hands together.

“Charlie-ya?” A familiar staff person questions.

“She is going to do a run through with us,” Hanbin informs him.

The man nods, not questioning it beyond that, just starts the music and I rush to my starting position. I’m grinning ear to ear as we half dance along chaotically to the music like idiots. They randomly throw their mics at me during shouting parts, Bobby even gives it to me during his rap with Hanbin. I enjoy the hip thrusts and idiotic monkey dance we do, I sue all of my energy to jump around with them at the end, jumping right into Hanbin’s arms and have him spin me around a few times before letting go and perfectly doing the ending pose.

The staff stares at us a bit dumbstruck for a moment but I don’t care, the minute we unfreeze we are dying laughing on the stage. It’s been so long since I’ve had fun moment with these boys, I’ve missed them.

“Um Princess?” A staff manager comes forward making us quickly right ourselves and scramble to our feet.

“I’m sorry for causing such an uproar, I can go,” I quickly offer not wanting to make things anymore awkward.

The older man blushes and shakes his head, “No don’t go, I was wondering actually if you would be willing to preform with them, if they are okay with that.”

“Charlie noona preform with us?” Chanwoo beams.

“Of course she can!” They all agree.

“Woah, woah, woah, guys I can’t preform. Sure it’s fun to run around and dance with you but I am a horrible dancer and I have a horrible voice.”

The manager shakes his head again, “You did great out there! We can show if you would like.”

He brings me behind one of the cameras and presses a couple of buttons on the small screen next to it. The video from moments before starts playing. I watch, completely focused on myself and I’m surprised to admit I look pretty good out there. I mean I’m no idea but I do the right steps and moves, not quite idol status but I have my own swagger in my moves. Then comes the time I’m dreading, Bobby’s rap. My whole body is on edge as Bobby hands me the mic and I begin rapping with much more fluidity than I thought I ever could.

“Damn Noona, you killed it!” Bobby gives me a hind five.

“So do you still think you can’t do it?” Manager questions.

“I’ll do it, but I make no promises that I’ll be able to do that well tonight with everyone watching.

“Come on Noona,” Hanbin wraps his arm around my shoulders, “You will do great okay?”

I sigh but nod, “Okay, but I want one thing before I do it.”


“I want one of those leather coats you guys wear, I want one so bad.”

“We will see what we can do,” He kisses the side of my head making me giggle.

is-that-what-i-think-it-is  asked:

how about the rfa calling mc, and recognizing their voice from a commercial, game or something else because they're a voice actor?

^^ It’s been a while since I posted a headcanon. Just been so stumped with writer’s block lately. Plus I didn’t feel motivated to do anything. But here’s something!


  • this nugget had no idea you voiced one of his favorite characters from the LOLOL cinematics
  • you only introduced yourself by your first name when you first entered the chatroom
  • it didn’t really click during phone calls because sound waves distort receiving and transferring
  • and you’re surprised he hasn’t said anything yet???
    • that guy bleeds LOLOL how can he not recognize your voice
  • you tease the poor nugget with make random sounds hoping he would catch on
  • during one skype call, you say something the character says
  • then he’s like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sparkling eyes


  • Jaehee knew almost IMMEDIATELY where she’s heard your voice
  • you narrated one of Zen’s performances 
    • might I add her favorite performance ( ゚o⌒)
    • she was entranced then and she is now
  • she also recognized you from a book on tape she listened to a while back
  • when she mentions it, you don’t really remember it until she shoves a bunch of audio clips of you
    • oh yeah haha


  • he doesn’t recognize your voice at first
  • it wasn’t until you said a specific word, it just clicks in his head
  • you did a voice-over in one of his performances 
    • you played an ethereal ghost haunting one of the other characters
    • you really went all ham on that part
    • during a serious part you paused, accidently choked on spit and started gagging in the mic
    • it was embarrassing
  • when Zen brought that up you just got so flushed
  • even mentions how he always wanted to see you then, but you were only there for a few rehearsals and performances
  • he used an analogy using Cinderella that you didn’t understand
  • you two are dorks over the phone
    • he’s pretty versatile with his voices so you two like to play a game where you answer in different voices


  • during your first call, he thought he heard your voice somewhere
  • and each time you call him he tried to recognized where he heard you
  • he told you he heard it before
  • and when you were about to tell him he stops you
  • donut wanted to figure it out himself :>
    • becomes OBESESSED with your voice
  • then as he’s talking with Jaehee at his place, the TV was on and one of the C&R commercials came up
  • and it was your voice!
  • the next time he calls you he tells you where he’s heard your voice before
  • it takes you a hot second to remember the commercial but you tell him you do voice-over work all the time
  • insists you do more voice-over work for his company


  • he knew your voice
  • it’s like he heard it four times in his life before
  • during your background check, your occupation was voice actor
  • he didn’t bother rooting through the list of things you did since V needed info right then and there
  • but it was bugging him so he was looking over the list
  • then his eyes just lit up
  • you were the voice in the Honey Buddha Chips commercial
  • he didn’t need to watch the video again because he knew it by heart
  • jellybean immediately calls you and all you can hear is screaming