i can walk on water too

Red days are when the wolves howl all night and in the morning the birds return with torn out feathers. The days are filled with ambulance sirens. My hair is on fire. Everything moves in slow motion. The flames, the heat, my body soaked in kerosene. The screams in the distance. The monster in the corner, gawking. The stripped birds. And then: the wolves. 

Blue days are heavy and I spend them speaking in spiderwebs. My reflection is clouded and the air is always too humid. The world does anything it can to make my bones weigh me down. My hands, a noose. My head, a haunted house. My heart, turned into a stress ball for when you needed it most.

Green days are spent wondering if it was painful when the sky had stars sewn into it. Wondering if the pain was worth it. Cactus spines stuck underneath skin when you try to drink the water. I am walking the precipice, one foot in the real world and one stuck in dreams. I am an inventor these days, writing fables for a childhood I can’t remember.

Purple days are murky and the owls have dangerous omens. I am on the tightrope. I am living out my childhood dream of being a ballerina. I am the circus act. I am the caged bird. I am spinning on my axis. The bystanders hold a collective breath. They are, after all, just paying for a pretty show. They don’t care about what comes after the fall.

Yellow days are a safe haze, coating my hands in syrup. My blood stays on the inside of my body. My skin actually does its job. Everything is safe and sultry. There is lemonade without sugar. There is your messy mouth again. Everything moves in reverse. There is my candy necklace. There are the sunflowers. There is the sunset we named after us.

Pink days are sunrises and fairy floss. I write about flowers and paint my face in watercolors. There are sugar angels on the counters. The spice containers are overfilling. I am happy and whole. I am kinetic energy and the explosion that comes with. I am rosy cheeked, and roses growing from my wrists. There is no pain. There is only the beauty I’ve torn myself apart to create. I am on the edge of a cliff. I have my wings. When I jump, I am a bird set free.

a while ago i was reading old stories from people who met brendon many many years ago and i just remembered my favorite ones

  • someone saying “i love you” to him when he was getting water on stage and him replying “Believe me, I love you too”
  • someone asking him to smile in the photo and him replying “I do not smile, i’m so emo”
  • him telling someone “you’re one of the prettiest girls i’ve ever met, but i’m definitely the prettiest girl here”
  • someone taking cookies to the concert and brendon asking if he can have some and then just taking the whole box and walking away
  • someone randomly meeting him with his pants down?? i have?? no context for that other than he was also drinking a capri sun
Taehyung as your Husband

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Request: Um excuse me, but may I please have Kim Taehyung as your husband please? I love your blog so much! It’s too much for me 😍😍😘🙇 Thank you for existing.

A/N: First of all thank you! I’m so happy you like our blog~ I hope you enjoy!

- so fluffy on your wedding day oml

- cried about 12 times

- which made you cry

- which made literally everyone else cry

- it was a mess of tears

- you’d honeymoon somewhere tropic like the Bahamas or Jeju Island

- getting to see his tanned skin as he runs into the water with you

- he’d carry you bridal-style for at least the first week of marriage no matter what

- “tae, i can walk y’know…”

- “just because my wifey/hubby can walk doesn’t mean they should.”  

- religiously referring to you as ‘wifey/hubby’

- idk why but i absolutely see him doing that okay

- begging you to call him ‘hubby’ too

- ugh you would be so spoiled with this boy

- breakfast in bed all the damn time

- cuddling as much as possible

- still gets all blushy and shy before asking you on a date because????? why did you even say yes the first time??????? how is he so lucky?????

- you are legitimately his world okay

- he needs you the same way we need oxygen

- despises having to be apart from you for extended periods of time

- enjoys ‘casually’ showing off your matching wedding rings

- and wedding photos

- and referring to you as ‘my wife/husband’ so everyone remembers that, in fact, you are married

- this poor boy would be so distraught if you got any amount of hate from Armys

- writes a 10-tweet-long rant about how if they support him, they should support his partner too

- has namjoon translate it so int. Armys see it too

- adopting a puppy together omg

- “this is the start of our family, y/n, i’m so proud of us.”

- sakdhslfdakhf getting to wake up to his bedhead and puffy eyes and no-makeup face every damn morning and questioning how the hell he’s even human???

- him begging you to wear his ‘vintage and specially tailored’ clothing

- which is just an old shirt with holes cut with scissors all over because why not

- honestly you’d be that married couple that still goes to the park and rolls down a grass hill like 5-year-olds

- getting questionable looks from the other couples there and not giving a shit

- because you’re so in love and just having some damn fun

- and yet in that same day you’d go home and talk about the deepest, most intellectual shit at 3 am

- because that’s just how you are

- anniversaries are a very important holiday and he never fucking forgets

- literally taking the week off of work to spent it with you

- giving you gifts everyday for the week leading up to ‘the big day’

- serenading you with a song he spent 5 months writing for you

- every. year.

- aghhhhh tae is such a pure angel and deserves the entire world

- he’d be the best damn husband to ever exist

- treat him right okay?

- i can’t omg

-Admin Yeonie

Throwback to songs/bands that you used to listen too while being younger

Numa Numa

Bad Boy

Stacys Mom

Mr. Brightside

Jump on it

Check it Juliet

Black Parade

Three Days Grace

All I ever wanted

I can walk on water

Seven Nation Army



Fall Out Boy


Black Veil Brides

Adam Lambert

Papa Roach




My Chemical Romance

We will rock you


Y, M, C, A

I love Rock ‘n’ Roll

Monster Mash

Sound Of Silence

That Yo Gabba Gabba shiz. ((Don’t tell me you haven’t listened to this I kno you HaVE.))

Dream a Dream

Fight song


Weird Al

(Boi I know I have more so I may update)

This is where you can see the wilderness stretch on for miles. Here, you can find the thriving and the decaying. I house what’s on the way
and what has already left. Turn my body into walking mausoleum, welcome all the tourists. There’s a guestbook to sign, etched into the rib cage. Look at the charred pieces of heart, where the burn seeped in too deep, where the water couldn’t reach. The bones creak out better ghost stories than your campfire days. Rumor has it there’s a honeycomb vacationing at the base of the throat. All sweet, buzzing nonsense. Sunflowers blooming through the bruises. A crimson river of veins. Twirling ballerinas on the tongue. Ireland fields in the eyes. Autumn leaves in the hair. When the ankle twists, it’s a knotted cherry stem. Pomegranate seeds on the incisors. A life line of yarn. Heart beats: stay / alive / stay / alive. Caved in shoulder blades, lacking wings. Baby hummingbird sleeping in the stomach. Shattered eggshells tucked into the spine. Quiet now. This is where the wildness comes to rest.
—  SELF PORTRAIT, angelea l.

At my restaurant we have this very popular unlimited item. During lunch it’s 7.99 but during dinner it’s 11.99 and dinner starts at 4.

So I get sat this table at 4 and I go to greet them as usual. One of them is practically laying on the table and the other has her shoes off and I already know it’s going to be one of *those* tables.

Me: hi! How are we doing today?
*they continue to talk and completely ignore me*
Me: my name is ____ and I’ll be taking care of us today. What can I get us to drink?

They continues to talk and right as I was about to walk away, they roll their eyes and look at me and go “water with lemons and I mean a lot of lemons and a glass of wine. And don’t taken too long. We don’t have all day”

Ok whatever. So I go and grab everything and when I come back, one of them asks me about the popular unlimited entree.

Lady: where is the unlimited thing you have?
Me: it’s not on the dinner menu, but we do have it. However, because it is after 4, the price is 11.99 instead of 7.99.
Me: yes ma'am :)
Guy at the table: well we should get it for 7.99 because we have been at the table since 3:45
Me: no sir, you were sat right at 4. I can give you a few minutes to look at the menu if you would like?

He then waves his hand at me to tell me to go away.

Now. I COULD have given them the 7.99 price but they were dicks and when you’re a dick, I’m going to charge you for every little thing I can. Sorry not sorry


I go back after about 10 minutes to see if they’re ready to order.

Me: are we ready or do we need a couple more minutes?
Guy: well since it’s after 4 we had to change our entire order!!!

I just smiled and told them I’d give them a few more minutes.

I then found a night person to take them from me so I could go home because i don’t have the time or patience for this, introduce them to their new server, and grab my purse to leave.

On my way out, they glared at me the entire time. I waved at them.

Fuck off you toads.

Reaction to Walking in on You Showering - GOT7


Anonymous said: can you please do a got7 reaction where they walk in on you when you (the gf) are showering?

Gender neutral please guys :)


“Baby you’re showering without me?”

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“You have to let me join,”

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“I mean, I totally didn’t mean to intrude but since I’m in here…”

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“I was gonna take a shower too, wanna save water?,”

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“I’ll just sit and watch you baby, keep the curtain open,”

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BamBam: *completely entranced by your wet body*

“I… didn’t mean… to I.., sorry..”

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“Fuck, baby let me touch you,”

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Otp prompt #8

The concert that I’m at is just about over, and it was great. I can’t help but notice that the guitarist was really good looking. I can’t remember what the band is called, I only came to the concert because my brother is friends with them. I did get backstage passes and that’s pretty cool.

I find my brother and we head back stage together. Just as I get back, I see the band walking off the stage. I notice that the guitarist dropped something, and I walk over to see its a pick. It looks pretty customized too. “I think the guitarist dropped this” I say to my brother. He looks over at the pick amd nods. “I’ll go get them” he says as he jogs over to wherever the band went. I consider following him, but before I can decide, he’s already lost in the crowd.

I grab a water bottle from the cooler of free drinks for backstage-access people and take a drink. I sit on a stool by a table with the band’s merch on it and turn the pick over in my fingers. A few seconds later, the guitarist jogs over and looks around before locking eyes with me. “Did you take my pick?” He spits at me. “What? No you dropped it and I found it” I say back. Im kind of offended that he thinks so low of me. “Id appreciate it if you gave it back. That pick belonged to freddy mercury and its worth more than your car. Next time you want a souvenier from the band, do me a favor amd steal it from someone else” he practically yells at me. “You know, most people would be grateful to get such a prized possession back. Guess you aren’t most people” I say back at him. Then I shove the pick in his hands and squeeze my water bottle in his face.

I think I angered him with that because next thing I know he shoved me against a wall and swaggered away. I think I hit my head against the wall because it hurts a lot now.

I’m regretting agreeing to coming to this concert right about now when I see one of the people who were working a merch table a ways back run over to me. “Are you ok?!” They exclaim. “Yeah, that guitarist just shoved me over.” I say. I look up and see someome with the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen. “Oh him? Yeah, hes a douche. Sorry he bothered you.” They say with a smile before helping me up and brushing some dirt off my back. “Whats your name?” I ask them. “I’m B” they say warmly. “Nice to meet you B. Im A” I respond.

And thats how it started

I can only feel one strong emotion at a time which is very handy for when I have to walk down my hallway in pitch blackness to get a glass of water from the kitchen and I don’t get scared at all because I’m too busy feeling absolutely livid about something else and my anger is overriding every other emotion

Should’ve Locked The Door - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: hi! I love ur imagines btw. can I have one with Fred where we r dating and we r sorta having a makeout session and one of his siblings walk in on us? thanks!!

So this is got a bit more dirty than I was planning but I didn’t get into too much, it starts out super fluffy(:


Y/n’s pov-

Rain pattered against the boards of house walls making a cool chill set the tone inside the Weasley’s home. The clouds had grown dark and looming while the sky’s’ lively blue, melted into a depressing grey. Water droplets splashed onto the glass of the window, then races side by side other droplets to make it to the end of the window sill before the others. Or at least that was how I had viewed it.

Fred Weasley, my boyfriend of two years, had the window in his room cracked open a snippet to allow a calming breeze sweep over his shared room with his brother George. I had set a towel on the wooden ledge to keep the water from causing any damage.

The circular clock hanging on the wall opposite of the bed I was occupying, read 1:50pm and I groaned internally knowing I would have to retrieve back to Ginny Weasley’s room before she got finished with her chores so I could tutor her on her Charms class homework that was due when we returned from break. I promised I would meet her at 2:00 but I had no intentions of getting up any time soon.

Snuggling deeper into Fred’s warm comforter I closed my eyes briefly but the sound of the bedroom door creaking open kept me from falling asleep. Sitting up, I turned my attention to the door and watched as Fred Weasley reentered, this time with a mountain high stack of fleece blankets.

“Oh Freddie, you’re a life saver!” Thanking him, I stood from the bed and helped him to lay all the blankets out on the mattress, in hopes of providing more warmth for the both of us. “But we also could’ve just closed the window, y’know.” I commented giggling as he rolled his eyes.

“Oh please you could’ve broken my hand if I even reached to close that damn window. I know how much you enjoy the sound of rain so don’t even start, my darling.” Fred spoke with a playful tone, lifting back the covers of the bedspread and sliding in, with me close in toll. I shrugged lightly and nodded my head knowing in the short scheme of things, he was right. “Now be quite and lie with me before my sister comes back.”

Pulling up the corner of the bottom blanket, I slipped into the small slot of open space and buried my head into the crook of Fred’s warm neck as his arms snaked around my backside, finally settling on my waist. I skimmed my finger along his chest absentmindedly, tracing small patterns as my thoughts ran wild like the untamed storm outside. 

Glancing back at the clock again, I met a pair of chocolate orbs, already staring deeply into my own. Fred had a faint smirk playing at his lips as he pulled his body back an inch from mine. I scrunched my brows together, confused by the strange look I was receiving from his end.

“What is it? Is something wrong?” He looked almost dazzled by the sudden question and shook his head in a swift manner, his red locks swinging ever so slightly.

“No, no, nothing’s wrong it’s just- well you look beautiful right now. That’s all.” I could practically feel my eyebrow raised on instinct. Fred grinned madly and bent his head down to set a nice, sweet little peck to the tip of my nose. My features still held a skeptical look as I responded,

“Oh, so that’s all. Nothing more?” Teasing lightly, I tugged on the bottom hem of his shirt trying to get a rise out of him. Though Fred saw it coming as he caught my hands into his own warm ones, rubbing his thumb across my knuckles. Shaking his head, Fred slowly began to lean forward, his forehead stopping still as it rested against mine.

“Well… you also look extremely attractive in my old t-shirt. I like your hair today too… all natural and gorgeous, just like you. And I also love you a lot, sweetheart. I’m really glad you chose to come and stay with us- me this break. I think I might have died if I would’ve have to gone another two week long break without your wonderful presence.” Laughing softly, I repositioned myself so I was now positioned on Fred’s lap more so straddling his hips. Fred opened his mouth ready to continue on with god knows what, but before he could manage to slip a single word out, I closed the gap between us, and attached my delicate lips upon his moving them ever so slowly in attempt to build the tension. 

My action clearly caught Fred by surprised as it took his a moment to respond before he brought his hand up to the back of my neck pulling my face closer to his if it was even possible. Our lips moved in sync, like the feeling when you put the last and final piece of a puzzle together and everything becomes complete. That’s exactly how I felt… complete.

I was brought back to reality by a wave of shock at the feeling of a cool hand maneuvering their way under my shirt and up my spine, lifting the material of the t-shirt as they did so. I detached myself from the feeling of Fred’s lips against my own as I shimmed out of my top and threw it across the room, not caring where it landed.

The smirk tattooed on Fred’s sealed lips remained when he dragged me back down, obviously feeling a bit ignored and needy, not allowing a second of my time to be on anything other than the two of us. A small giggled escaped from my mouth and he placed his lips back against mine, brushing his tongue along the lining of my bottom lip. 

I wasn’t in the mood to deny myself of the simple pleasure and gave him access without second questioning. Parting my lips with barley enough room, Fred slipped his tongue in my mouth, skimming his hand across my now bare stomach and stopping short of my breast. He hesitated and I could tell he exactly what he was contemplating,

“N-no… just not yet. Be patient, babe.” I whispered out of breath and swatted his hand away from the back latch of my bra. Fred shook his head but agreed, focusing his attention back on my lips. 

A moan sounded, crawling it’s way up from the back of my throat while Fred pushed on my back causing me to lower down on his body. I kissed him again this time with a little more passion and tugged lightly on his plump lips bringing it in between my teeth but not too hard to where it would cause pain. Fred groaned throwing his head back onto the fluffed up pillow complaining in a hushed voice,

“Please Y/n… I want to make you feel so good. I promise I won’t-“A familiar sound of a creaking down and light footsteps entering the room forced the both of us to whip our heads to the open door revealing a distant looking Ginny Weasley.

“Hey Y/n, I’m all finished. Do you mind helping me with my homework now, I-“ Her eyes glanced upwards growing the size of gumballs as they soon darted back to the floor, then covered fully as she brought her hands up to her face. A loud yelp echoed through the room as Ginny sprinted back out of it, running down the hallway and into her room slamming the door shut. 

I could tell by the look on his face, Fred was mentally face palming for being stupid enough to forget to lock the door, which earned a slap to his chest from my part.

“Shit, Y/n! I’m so sorry, I lost track of time and I swear to god I thought I locked it but-“
“What the hell is going on in here?” I snapped my attention back to the door only to find, Ron and George Weasley standing in the doorway with confusion lacing their eyes. Suddenly, the mood changed when the two boys gathered by the lack of clothes and odd position what was happening. Wolf whistles sounded and I scattered off the bed in search of my- Fred’s t-shirt that I had been wearing. 

Slipping it over my head, I turned back around just as Fred was shoving the door close in his brothers’ faces. The two started booing and hollering shouting the most provocative things and sexual sounds. Fred slammed his fist against the door, becoming overwhelmed and annoyed beyond belief. I ran my hand through my hair while George and Ron decided to give up and return back to their previous actions, but not before George let out a final hoot,

“Just make sure you two keep all your little private activities to be played out on Freddie’s bed! Not mine, you hear!” I gritted my teeth not fully sure if I was more embarrassed or angry. Though, as their footsteps sounded back down the hall and Fred pivoted back so he was facing me, another feeling took over as I met his lustful gaze.

“So I vote we should pick right back up from where we left off,” His finger reached back settling on the door knob while a clicking noise sounded,
“This time with the door locked.”

-Daizy xx


Along my way through Fujiyoshida ((((((((((っ・ω・)っ

I think people living in Fujiyoshida will think that I walked on quite a long and erratic way through their city :D

I like this way of sightseeing and in case of Japan it is exceptionally safe and you can walk around without worrying about too much (except of running out of water on a hot day and feeling awful because of dehydration (didn’t happen to me though :))
It allowed me to find hidden gems like the little spring that had a lot of moss around it and had a very clear and cold water to offer :3
There was a very cute shrine right next to it but I cannot read it yet (^-^;)
There are many small and cute shrines all over the city too and some very charming looking houses :3

The Volkswagen beetle made me feel a little sad though (^-^;)
Whenever I see broken things I want to repair them (^-^;)

The house in the photo beneath it reminds me of the Sentou from Spirited away :3

There seem to be Bozouzoku (I hoped I spelled it the right way (^-^;)
I saw several of their modified motorbikes in Japan and I was surprised to see how much work they put into them :o
Although I’m not a fan of the sound and noise they make (^-^;)
Don’t get me wrong I enjoy listening to a nice sounding engine doing its thing but their pointless revving makes me feel sympathetic with their engines and clutches (^-^;) 

I like Fujiyoshida :)
It is a nice place to be in, the Udon is delicious, the landscape gorgeous, the houses charming, it is calm and the people are very nice :)
I hope I can visit it again although I’m not sure when this will be ✽(′ॢᵕ ‵ *ॢ)✽ஐ

I had a very nice week :)
At least in y spare time :D My work isn’t too bad but it is not fulfilling and just something I do to finance my life :)
I don’t plan on staying forever anyway so I don’t worry about it too much :)

The weekend was awesome some friends came to visit me and we had a lot of fun :3
Today I went to a museum with these friends and we had another great day (o^-^o)
Also I got praised by a real Japanese Daiku (o^-^o) and got called sexy :3
I feel very flattered (o^-^o)
As a guy I feel very happy someone thinks of me as being sexy (๑´•.̫ • `๑)

I’m not getting too much work done recently but I’m making progress and want to write a “current state of my projects” article soon :)
Now I’m super tired and quite happy (^-^)
I think I’ll sleep well and dream of having a girlfriend to cuddle with :3

I wish everyone a great new week with sweet dreams of places you like and friends that make you happy (^-^)/

It’s raining now, slick and damp, ground eleven different kinds of swollen as the last of the snow is carried away in its wake.

It was a beautiful weekend, sun-kissed and warm, short sleeves and bicycle rides, nighttime walks in just a sweatshirt.  Record highs for a Minnesota February, patios open, the smell of charcoal in the air.

It was beautiful, and yet.

I am wired such that I can’t just enjoy it for what it is and not think about what it means.  Not think of us all as lobsters, enjoying a nice warm swim until all of a sudden the water is a titch too hot and then hotter yet, and then scrabbling for purchase where there is none, clanging and shrieking until there is just steam and boiling water and silence.

It’s no wonder I need medication, huh.

Hance Concept: Lance having a nervous breakdown over missing his family so much and Hunk being there to comfort him and hold him while he sobs into his shirt and rambles about how much he misses home and Hunk getting teary as well because he misses his family too and just rubbing soothing circles into Lance’s back and whispering “I know, I know. I miss Earth too”

Klunk bonus concept: Keith accidentally walking by the room they’re in and witnissing their little moment. He can’t empathize with them very well but he does feel very sympathetic. Keith wants to do something to make them feel better, and one day while they’re stopping on a free planet to spread diplomacy thats a little similar to Earth in terms of landscape and atmosphere, Keith wanders off to a nearby body of water and collects some shells that he finds on the beach! It isn’t much, and they aren’t quite like Earth seashells but he’ll take em anyways. He later presents them to Hunk and Lance and Hunk just gets all emotional and choked up while Lance is a blushy mess
Keith too is a blushy mess
They both get enveloped in an emotional Hunk Hug ™

The Tennis Messiah has returned
And He’s got a message for us:
Once again you buried me too soon
And once again I resurrected.
I may not walk on water like I used to,
But I can still pull a miracle or two.
Multiply the winners,
And turn water into Gatorade.

Stanislas Judas Wawrinka tried his best of five to betray me,
But God Laver was watching
from high above in the stands.
We poor souls had lost faith in him
And had started worshipping other idols -
A sad Scot,
And a skinny Serb.
But after two weeks in the desert,
Our wandering hearts found their way home.
And the God Laver Arena
Was not big enough to show our devotion.

It sure has been a bumpy road,
And the medical time-out between the 4th and the 5th set
Brought back the old doubts.
But, seemingly unconcerned by the pain,
He allayed our fears.
And we all rose to acclaim our hero.
And here we are, in the year 35 A.R….
After Roger!
One step away from fulfilling the prophecy
Of Peter the Apostle Sampras :
The eighteenth Slam you will win
And alone you will stand in glory.

The Self-Appointed Commissioner of Tennis
has a confession to make:
There has been a time where I lost faith.
I thought the baseline slugging festival that tennis had become
Would condemn Roger to the meanders of the Top 20.
But he came to me in my sleep 
‘Be not afraid, for I see the light.
The balls are quicker.
The court is quicker.
And when there is speed, there is hope!’

Now, repeat after me -
Roger is good!
Roger is great!
Roger is GOOD!
Roger is GREAT!

—  John McEnroe on Roger Federer x
5 Tips For Incoming Freshmen

(mainly college/uni)

  1. Take a water bottle with you everywhere!! I cannot stress enough how much this will help you out, not only when it comes to staying hydrated (you’re likely to be walking a TON) but also it gives you something to hold on to/fiddle with if you get anxious or fidgety in class!

  2. Take back up pens and pencils; this may seem like a given but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to lend out pens and pencils because people either brought none or only one and it broke.

  3. Don’t stress too much about sticking with an exact form of note taking! Pick a method/style (i.e. binders or notebooks, cornwall method or regular written), and then work with it until something feels right. I started my freshmen year with binders and then ended up with notebooks for some classes because I felt like it would work better. 

  4. Make at least one pal/acquaintance in each class and exchange numbers by at least the end of the second week! You can be completely honest and say something along the lines of “Do you want to trade numbers so that in case one of us misses class we can trade notes, or we can get together on homework?” and in my experience people are usually relieved to know that they will have a resource and are happy to be a resource!

  5. Take a snack like a granola bar or something, even if you only have one class at a time you never know when you’ll need to hit the library and get hungry! I know it seems like a little one but this has helped me stop myself from wanting to buy some expensive snack from a cafe or vending machine on campus many times!

BONUS: I like to stick 1-3 dollars in my backpack at the start of each quarter, if I have the cash, for both the odd emergency bus ticket and the emergency snack when pulling all nighters in the library!

I hope that you all have a spectacular year and please remember that I am always happy to help and ratemyprofessor is a great resource!!

I fucking never want to talk to anyone about or even so much as mention the fact that I’ve spent my life suffering from various anxiety disorders because literally every fucking person on this planet claims to have “”“anxiety”“” and refers to “”“anxiety”“” in itself as if it’s a fucking disorder (it isn’t) and it trivialises, infantilises and radically simplifies anxiety disorders by watering them down into something you can shove under this vague fucking umbrella term and that can be solved by going for a nice walk or doing some fucking colouring. this is medicalisation of an emotion and it WILL force people who actually have anxiety DISORDERS (illnesses) to fucking kill themselves and go completely inwards on themselves because whenever the word anxiety is uttered every fucker on the planet goes “oh yeah I suffer with anxiety too I understand you xxxxx” and it fucking drives me insane. this leads to mentally ill people being put into the same category as people who might be a bit worried about something or who are a bit more anxious than your general person or who have fucking exam stress or a bad worrisome week and it’s absolutely exasperating and wrong. hearing the word anxiety makes me fucking wince and makes me want to injure myself because the general concept of “”“anxiety”“” is so fucking radically different to anxiety that is experienced with an anxiety disorder and it’s because of this that people with said disorders are being treated like children who need a pat on the head and a fucking “self care day” and honestly it makes me want to kill myself I want everyone to shut the fuck up lmao

Percy Imagine

You look at the Titans standing before you, then you look at Percy, your boyfriend, then back at the Titans. “I’ll never join you. Not for my life.”

“But his?” Kronos asks while motioning to Percy.

You look at Percy, then down at the ground. 

“I swear to the gods Y/N if you join them to save my life I’ll never forgive you.”

Kronos sighs. “If you won’t come to me willingly, I can always make you.” He lunges towards you.

Percy takes out Riptide and slashes at Kronos before you can blink, but he was too late. By the time he reached Kronos he already had you in his grasp and disappeared.

Your eyes slowly open, and you’re in an unfamiliar room. You smell the scent of salt water, and it calms you a little, making you feel at ease. It smells familiar, but from where you don’t know.”

A guy with gold eyes who looks like he’s maybe seventeen walks into the room and says “ah, good. You’re up.”

“Who-who are you? Where am I? Who am I? What’s going on? Why don’t I remember anything?!”

He puts his hands up in mock surrender. “Whoa whoa hold your fire, don’t fire the question cannon just yet.”

“Answer me!”

“I’m Kronos, Lord of Time.”


He nods. “The Titans of Othrys. We’re real.”

“What about the gods of Olympus?”

He sighs. “Sadly, they are too. But they’re bad. We’re working to overthrow them. And right before they knocked you out you agreed to join us.”

I look down at the ground. Something about this just… something doesn’t feel right. 

You hear a pounding on the roof above your head, like someone’s running.

“Aw crap,” Kronos sighs. “Stay here. Don’t go anywhere.” He turns and runs out of the room.

You sit exactly where you are, not daring to move. He kinda scares you already.

A couple minutes later the door flies open and a boy with black hair looks at you with sea green eyes. “Y/N!” He runs up to you and hugs you. “Oh thank the gods you’re okay!”

“Who-who’re you?” you ask while pushing him away. 

“You-you don’t remember me? It’s me-Percy! Your boyfriend! Please you need to remember me!”

You sigh. :I-I’m sorry but I don’t. Please leave, I’ve gotta stay and wait for Kronos.”

“No!” He grabs your hands and starts pulling you away.

The door opens again, and Kronos runs in. “Let go of her.”

“Not for my life,” Percy answers. He pulls you behind him and pulls out a pen. When he uncaps the pen, it becomes a sword.

“You’d really die for this girl? If you die, no one would be here to take her.”

“Who ever said that?”

The door silently opens, but Kronos is turned so he doesn’t see it. A guy with horns on his head enters the room and signals for you to be silent.  

“I’ll fight you for her,” Percy says.

“Ha,” Kronos laughs. “Alright then.”

“But let’s just put her in a safe place, so she doesn’t get hurt while I’m killing you.”

“Wait outside. Go anywhere and I will hunt you down, you hear me?”

You nod and step past Percy and him, outside. You see that you’re on the deck of a boat.

The guy with the horns grabs your arm and quietly says “I’m Grover I heard you lost your memory yes I have horns I’m a satyr I’ll explain later just come and be silent!”

You nod and follow as he drags you across the boat, onto a small life boat. “We’ve gotta wait for Percy now.”

You nod and wait until you see Percy running towards the life boat. He jumps off the giant ship, onto the boat, and a huge wave appears, sending the boat off. “Y/N you need to remember me. My name’s Percy Jackson. I’m the Son of Poseidon, God of the Seas. Please, please you need to remember me.”

You sigh. “I-I’m sorry.”

Grover laughs and says “why don’t you try to kiss her, like in the fairytails?”

You roll your eyes, but Percy leans towards you and presses his lips against yours. After a few seconds your memories start flooding back to you. You kiss Percy back, and he pulls away a couple seconds later.

“You good now?” he asks while smiling at you.

You nod, burying your face into is neck. Your voice is muffled when you say “I’m good.”

This good?