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7 Seconds To Say Yes

i was very emotional in making this and i tried to capture the overwhelming emotion in this through my writing, so here’s a nice fluffy one shot ;)

summary: the most important 7 seconds of dan’s life caught on camera

warning: g for gay, feels, maybe improper tenses as i usually write past tense and might have messed up whoops

genre: fluff

word count: 1,446

Sometimes people ask me if it’s weird to have so much of my life on the internet for everybody to see. I always say that I don’t mind, as some of my happiest moments have been documented for the internet to see, and I wouldn’t want to ever lose those moments. The internet has done so much for me, it’s only fair that I let people see into my glamorous life for a few minutes. Everybody eats the answer up, and, while it’s mostly true, that isn’t the reason that I don’t mind.

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anonymous asked:

shimadacest! (por favor)

Who said “I love you” first:
For the angst factor, definitely Genji. After Hanzo cut him down he stayed for a little bit with his then dying brother, too overcome by what he had just done to leave. Genji’s vision was blurred by blood and tears so he couldn’t see and there was a rushing in his ears but he still tried to reach out and touch his brothers face. “I love you, Hanzo.” was what finally broke Hanzo, he wasn’t anija anymore, he was Hanzo and he had killed the only person he felt might have said that in sincerity.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background:
Both of course would have each other but in different ways. Hanzo would never let Genji see his phone no matter how many times he begged or let his die. The picture as his lock and home screen is a picture of Genji sleeping in their bed with the sun illuminating him just right. Meanwhile Genji loves to show everyone his lockscreen picture since it is Hanzo making a hilarious face to something he said and having a picture snapped of it that he wasn’t expecting. His home screen is what is special, and most don’t get to see it since it is a picture of him kissing Hanzo for a selfie.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror:
Neither of them leave notes, but sometimes Genji will write or draw silly things in the mirror that Hanzo then tells him to wipe off. Sometimes they are tiny jabs at Hanzo, but mostly it is just silly words or nonsense. He loves trying to draw himself but it never works.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts:
Hanzo on accident, Genji on purpose. Hanzo will go out and try to buy something for Genji but when it comes to romantic gifts he is unsure what exactly to get for his brother and cannot ask for help. More like won’t, since people assume and he cannot be forthcoming. Genji does it purely to see his brothers face go red, it usually knocks any pretense of elloquence out the door too.

Who initiated the first kiss:
Hanzo did, during that dying moment after his brother confessed he stole a kiss and fled. Their real first kiss was also by him, when they finally worked things out he asked for a second chance to have it. After that Genji was greedy though.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning:
Since Hanzo tends to let his brother sleep in on the rare occasions that Genji wakes up before him he likes to watch his face for a little bit before gently waking him up with kisses. Always ready with a good morning and reminding him how handsome he thinks he is.

Who starts tickle fights:
Genji is immune and he knows Hanzo might come after him with his dragons if he dares ever try that. Hanzo of course tickled him a lot as a kid, he thinks it is unfair he never gets to repay him. He can dream though.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower:
There is no asking, Genji will just get in whenever Hanzo is in there. Even if he is already clean, usually accompanied by some remark before Hanzo lets him stay.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch:
Hard to surprise each other at work but Genji likes to try and surprise Hanzo with dinner, even if it usually is pre-prepared, pre-packaged or easy. Both are not exactly good at cooking.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date:
Hanzo is definitely to proud to be nervous and Genji too experienced. If anything Hanzo is more paranoid but he is damn good at hiding it. They go where no one could possibly know them or their relationship, the worst they got that made Hanzo mad was the omnic-phobia.

Who kills/takes out the spiders:
Though he will never admit it or show an ounce of it, Hanzo is scared of them. Genji finds it funny everytime and laughs at his stock still brother before killing the thing that dare offend Hanzo and make him do a good impression of a statue.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk:
Hanzo, Genji doesn’t need to be drunk. It isnt loud persay but he definitely makes it way more known that he loves Genji when he is like that, since he is more open and honest to himself and others.

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human klaroline at a party. klaus is talking to his friends when drunk caroline comes up behind him. she catches him by surprise when she grabs his hips and starts thrusting into him. klaus is embarrassed, his friends think it's funny. katherine recorded it on her phone and caroline is mortified after watching it. (inspired by kourtney kardashian's instagram video with kylie at. please don't judge me for keeping up with them).

I would never judge, Anon! I made some slight adjustments, but I hope you like it!

Mortified || Klaroline

Caroline awoke to the bang of her bedroom door opening, though the piercing pain in her temples quickly took precedence. “Ow,” she moaned. Pressing her face into the pillow helped to block the offensive morning light; unfortunately, it couldn’t do the same for her roommate.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty,” Katherine teased, jumping onto the bed to throw off the covers.

Cringing from the onslaught of light and noise, Caroline reluctantly accepted her fate. “Hangover cure, please.” She held out her hand, grateful for the aspirin and the protein shake Katherine passed her. Choking down the chalky drink, Caroline winced when she finally opened her eyes. “What happened last night?”

“I’m so glad you asked.” Katherine smirked as she pulled up her Snapchat story. “Remember your adamant plan to finally suss out Klaus’s deal with you?” she asked smugly.

Caroline racked her brain for any memories of the night before, but they all ended around Kol’s birthday dinner with all their friends - and Klaus. “He showed up at the Grill late, right? I don’t know anything about a plan.”

Though she could guess.

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Naruto Characters + Instagram

Naruto - Kind of a train wreck of an instagram that’s just full of anything and everything he finds notable or funny. Constantly posting selfies he’s taken whenever he bumps into a random friend around the village and occasionally puts some heartfelt messages in the description box - though he is not above poking fun. Also comments on like everyone’s pictures without fail. 
Sakura - She has a pretty typical instagram filled mostly with pictures of her and her friends plus the occasional landscape shot captioned with like “mood” or something. Likes to post throwback pictures + photos of women that inspire her. 
Sasuke - His instagram is a barren wasteland with no posts to speak of. He still has like a few dozen followers but they’re mostly all those spam accounts that wanna sell you weight loss tea. Sakura uses his account to mass like all her pictures to add to her like count. 
Ino - 2.2 million followers. Constant selfies in which she always looks absolutely stunning and gets 100k likes each. Also posts different flower arrangements + other aesthetic photos and runs that instagram like its her damn business. 
Shikamaru - Doesn’t really give a shit about instagram and only ever posts ironically. Ino is always trying to get him to be more active so he’ll sarcastically post a picture of some innocuous item and copy all of her hashtags just to get under her skin. Secretly just keeps his account so he can snoop on Temari. 
Choji - Always posting pictures of his meals and is just generally really pleasant. Sometimes he’ll put restaurant reviews in the description and definitely over uses chatspeak faces and “lol”. Is weirdly good at photo editing and getting the right angle so his profile is actually really pleasing to look at. 
Hinata - She’s tagged in photos way more often than she posts but will share a picture Sakura or Ino edits for her every once in awhile. Is basically an angel and always thanks anyone who give her compliments in the comments section. Mostly uses the app to keep up with what her friends are posting. 
Kiba - His instagram is full of shit memes and reposted content that he finds funny around the web which has gained him a few thousand followers. He also gives updates on all the dogs his family raises and those posts are always liked by a mysterious user with the handle “lightninghands3000″ which is actually just Kakashi in disguise. 
Shino - Posts really frequently but its always a picture of some species of bug with a really long informative description that no one reads. He gets one or two likes on every photo and its usually from Hinata. 
Lee - Workout photos workout photos workout photos. Does this boy ever do anything other than physical conditioning. Types in upper case for everything and has the username “kohohashandsome_greenbeast” 
Tenten - Lots of variety but posts frequently about new weapons she’s purchased + the occasional group selfie with friends. Also regrams a slew of motivational quotes with frilly backgrounds you can find riddling middle aged mothers facebook timelines. 
Neji - Doesn’t post frequently but will relent and put up a group photo or two when Tenten insists. Is always surprisingly encouraging in the description box and will usually write a nice thing or two about what the people in whatever given photo mean to him or what he’s learned from being around them. Also hangs out with little cousin Hanabi and posts photos of her training progress cause he’s fond of her. 
Sai - Doesn’t understand the actual function of instagram but loves posting anyway. He often goes on morning walks and takes pictures of trees or flowers of interests and posts those + any little sketches he’s done recently. Occasionally goes crazy on the filters because he thinks they’re fun. 
Temari - Is beautiful and likes posting photos of all the cool places she gets to go on her ambassador trips + occasionally videos of Kankuro when he’s being dumb/funny. Always has really clever captions and has a pretty respectable following. Gets into mock fights with Shikamaru in the comments section. 
Kankuro - His instagram is mostly full of updates on different puppets he’s working on and little mini tutorials on how to build things. Also puts up fun snippets of he and his siblings daily lives which always get a huge number of views because the villagers are interested. Has definitely posted his share of shirtless mirror selfies. 
Gaara - His instagram is run entirely by Temari and he’s never actually posted a single thing on his own - mostly because he has no idea how to work it but also because he just doesn’t care. There have been rare occasions where he logs on and browses some of the village kids photos which always gets such a big reaction from them like dude the KAZEKAGE liked my picture of us skateboarding wtf!!!! 

Fools: a Mark fic

Previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4

Chapter 5

“I was doing you a favor.”

“You ruined everything.”

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How to make friends (on tumblr)

Occasionally, I get questions or comments about how I know certain people/am in certain friend groups on tumblr. Part of me finds that strange, because I’ve made friends so naturally. Just treat them like people! Don’t idolize them.

But I also suppose that it’s tricky to interact with people you admire, since this is over the internet and not in person. 

So here’s a few things I’ve done to get to know people.

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i'm really sorry idk why i'm sending this but i'm really sad about robb tonight? and idk if u have any favourite HAPPY facts or headcanons about him that u wouldn't mind sharing maybe? bc i feel like all the content for him on here is red wedding related and that's bumming me out lmao!! if not that's ok :))


You never have to apologize for sending me an ask, and especially not a Robb-related one. I love and miss him so much, too. And you’re right, most of the content is always sad and/or Red Wedding-related. And there is more to Robb than just the way he… died. So yes, absolutely :)) 

I’m gonna separate modern AU and canon universe headcanons, because I have some for both!


  • while in Winterfell, Robb always played games with his younger siblings, mostly to entertain them, but also because he loved spending time with them and feeling a bit less like the future Lord and more like just Robb 
  • he is the sibling to always break up fights and make sure that everyone is okay - not only because he’s the eldest, but also because he’s pretty level-headed and good in a crisis (in this case, crisis means food in Sansa’s hair)
  • Robb’s actual name is Robert, but no one ever uses it for him because a) he’s nothing like King Robert b) it’s too formal and he is just a lot more like a “Robb” than a Robert 
  • he loves to go riding in the woods, and while he loves doing so with his siblings and Theon, he sometimes likes to go all on his own, just to enjoy the quiet
  • he is completely unaware of the fact that some of the young women (and Jeyne Poole) working at Winterfell have a bit of a crush on him, like he has no idea
  • he always manages to cheer his siblings up. he cheers Jon up when he’s called a bastard, he listens to Sansa sob about the sad romance tale she just read, he encourages Arya to do the things she likes instead of the things Septa Mordane insists upon her doing, he encourages Bran with his dreams of being a knight, he carries Rickon around Winterfell, entertaining the little one when he’s bored - and he even listens in when Theon (on very rare occasions) talks about the Iron Islands in a more of a longing kind of way instead of the usual boasting
  • he likes going hawking with Ned, because it’s one of the few occasions on which he actually gets to spend alone time with his father, and they always talk for hours about this and that
  • his favorite thing about being King in the North is not the glory, or the fame, or anything else like that. he loves that he can feel like he’s a part of something, like the men around him trust him and respect him. Robb’s always been very big on loyalty and trust, and he feels that among his troops
  • while at the beginning of his march to save Ned, he tried to keep his (gorgeous) curls at bay somehow, after Ned’s death he just gave up on that and let that beautiful hair do what it will
  • even though he knows that great swords like Ice are very valuable and important to a family name, he never craved Ice for himself, because he recognizes that the weapon isn’t any better than the man wielding it 
  • while Robb has his social side, he also has the quiet side to him, and because of that, sometimes all he wants is to get away from the noise and messiness of being around his men, and to just sit by himself for hours 
  • he likes going into the Godswood, not only because he believes in the Old Gods, but also because it’s something he learned from Ned, and after his passing, it’s something that makes him feel closer to his father
  • ever since he found out he was going to be a father, he fantasized about how it would be: how he could teach the child to walk, to ride horses, to be a good man - or a good woman, he really wouldn’t mind either one 
  • and to end this list of headcanons, he never went to the Twins that night and lived happily ever after, just as he deserved.


  • Robb never got the fuss about taking selfies - he enjoys taking pics of other people, scenery, food, Grey Wind etc a lot more
  • some say he got into the best college because of his parents’ connections, but it’s just because he’s a smarticle who worked harder than anyone else
  • he doesn’t mind drinking, he does it with Jon and Theon every now and then, but even when he gets smashed, he sort of maintains this politeness and never does anything he might later regret (if you don’t count accidentally stumbling into the Stark house at night and knocking over one of Cat’s vases)
  • he often goes jogging in the woods behind the Stark mansion with Grey Wind
  • he loves snow, and often convinces Jon to build a snowman with him whenever there’s enough snow for it - and he likes snowball fights even more
  • when he got his first apartment, he was so excited about getting his own set of keys that Arya decides to play a trick on him and hid the keys for two days 
  • even though continuing the family business (in my headcanon, it’s a lawfirm) had always been something that was sort of expected of Robb, he actually, genuinely wants to be a lawyer and to build the Stark company even further
  • he reads a lot, he’s read most classics, but he also really likes scifi and fantasy books
  • he has an insanely contagious laugh, you can’t help but to be in a good mood when you see him happy
  • Robb really likes men’s fashion and is always well-dressed and dapper
  • he is always nervous on a first date, but luckily for him, always comes off as very adorable while being so
  • he’s a lot more shy than you’d assume 
  • he’s not the best at cooking/baking but he’s determined to get better, and often cooks with his parents and/or Sansa and Bran
  • when he, Jon and Theon go to a party, he (or Jon) is usually the designated driver
  • his apartment is usually clean, that is, until Grey Wind decides it’s a little too clean and runs around a bit, knocking down this and that
  • he always accidentally spoils his favorite shows for himself by innocently googling stuff
  • he takes a lot of notes during lectures, and his hands are always messy with the ink afterwards
  • he is just happy, okay, just as he deserves!!

wow, okay, that’s enough for now! :D thank you SO MUCH for asking, coming up with these made my day <33

animeismybestfriend104  asked:

ooh okay i dunno if you're still doing the ship meme thing but if you are, would you mind doing greed pair? (^o^)/ (also am a big fan of gpf on ao3, your writing is amazing~~)

Yep, I was still taking asks when you sent this (like… two weeks ago) so sure thing, will do! I’m actually surprised nobody asked for Greed Pair earlier X’D Sorry for the delay, I totally underestimated the work! Also, thanks a lot for the compliment, glad you like GPF! <3 Alrighty then, back to familiar waters with a ship I know… oh wow, I made an accidental pun! Anyway. Here you go~


Drinks all of the coffee: Hyde in the morning because he’s absolutely not a morning person, and traveling around with Licht requires a lot of getting up early. There’s no way a night owl like him could manage that without coffee! Licht usually doesn’t like coffee because it’s way too bitter, but sometimes he’ll drink it before a late concert to keep himself awake and focused. Sometimes he also drinks it to battle his jet lag, in which case he and Hyde may both want to drink all the coffee in the morning and end up fighting over every drop.

Brings up adopting a pet: Licht, every goddamn time they pass a cute dog, cat, bunny, or basically anything cute and fluffy, ever. Hyde absolutely doesn’t like it and complains because Angel-chan already has a super-cute pet (i.e. him), and Licht snaps at him that he doesn’t count and that he wants a real pet that’s not an annoying demon who won’t shut up. Lucky for Hyde, Crantz doesn’t allow Licht to get another pet, because otherwise he’d definitely get jealous. It’s bad enough when Licht showers cat Kuro or fox Tsubaki with affection while completely ignoring him.

Kills the bugs: Hyde, to Licht’s complete and utter disdain. Licht is fascinated by the small creatures and treats them as his friends (like all animals), so he doesn’t even want them to leave the house, let alone allow Hyde to kill them, but Hyde would rather not share his home with a zillion bugs and hunts them anyway. Licht tries to sneak the bugs out before Hyde can get them and treats it as a huge adventure and rescue mission. The only bugs he has absolutely zero sympathy for are mosquitos; he says they remind him of a certain other bloodsucker and kills them without remorse.

Cooks the meals: On the rare occasions when they have time to cook for themselves and don’t eat at a hotel or something, it’s Licht. His grandma taught him when he was little, and he enjoys it a lot, saying it’s art and comparing it to music and other stuff Hyde doesn’t really get. What Hyde does get is that Angel-chan’s food is absolutely delicious, and he gushes over it whenever Licht makes any. Licht himself takes pride in the high praise (even if he gets grumpy) and loves cooking for Hyde because the happy face he makes when he eats is the biggest compliment ever.

Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Hyde about Halloween, Licht about Christmas. Hyde always starts with the spookiness in August and comes home with pumpkins to carve and costumes and trying to talk Licht into wearing matching costumes and making plans to go trick-or-treating (Licht’s favorite part of Halloween because of the candy). Meanwhile, Licht gets shiny eyes when the first Christmas decoration appears in stores in September, and when the time comes he’ll drag Hyde to every Christmas market they come across on their tours and marvel at the lights and eat his way through all the food stalls. Licht is excited like a child when it comes to Christmas, and Hyde kind of understands because it’s his birthday and all, but he still thinks it’s beyond adorable.

Initiates the couple selfies: Hyde, always. He’s constantly looping an arm around his boyfriend’s shoulders and grinning at his phone camera and telling him to say cheese, and Licht is less than amused and usually just scowls at the camera because he doesn’t want yet another picture of himself with this annoying ball of energy clinging to him. Hyde isn’t detained by that and just keeps taking pics while making increasingly silly poses next to a scowling Angel-chan, and eventually they get so ridiculous that even Licht “Grumpyface” Jekylland Todoroki can’t keep a straight face anymore and cracks a grin. And then, of course, there are the pics where Licht is fine with being photographed and poses for the camera like the angel he is; those are among Hyde’s favorites.

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Licht, at first, kinda. He doesn’t realize he’s never asked for Hyde’s birthday until the day arrives and the others tell him, and even though he pretends not to care it’s still nagging him and he’s really really embarrassed. He winds up going out and buying Hyde a gift, and even though it’s just some ham and a new scarf because the old one had some holes in it, Hyde is totally overjoyed and treasures both gifts forever. As for their anniversary, they don’t even really have one– getting together was such a long process for them that they can’t pinpoint the exact day they became a couple and often fight over which day they think it was.

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Licht all the way. He always buys way too much sweet stuff that gives Hyde cavities just from looking at it, and Hyde complains about it because all those snacks take up so much space in the shopping cart that he can’t put his own snacks in anymore. Licht adamantly refuses to take any of his sweet treats back out of the cart for Hyde’s weird salty snacks, and they squabble and fight over it until Crantz turns up, takes half of Licht’s snacks back out of the cart because Licht has to watch his health, and drags them both to the cash desk and out of the store.

Nicknames the other: Both of them, but in… different ways. Hyde’s nicknames for Licht (Lichtan or Angel-chan) are more affectionate while Licht’s nicknames for Hyde are all insults, and they call each other by their nicknames so much that their real names basically take up the function normally reserved for nicknames. They only ever call each other “Licht” and “Hyde” when things are really serious, especially during heartfelt confessions or other emotional moments.

And that’s it for this ship meme! Whew, I still can’t believe I’m done! Now all I have to do is answer all the other asks waiting in my inbox (I’ve made some of you wait for literal weeks, shame on me) and then I’ll be back on track. Sorry for taking so long and thanks for your patience!

inconsistentprocrastination  asked:

Kara + Lena? Or Kara + Lucy?

I…miss Lucy so I’m gonna do Kara/Lucy!

Who’s the first to wake up in the morning:

Lucy is a military gal and even if she’s not in it anymore thanks to her internal clock she never wakes up later than 6:30

Who’s the one to make breakfast:

Lucy, but her version of breakfast is like a green smoothie or something weird and healthy like that! She makes one for Kara…she takes a large gulp and forces a polite smile. Lucy raises an eyebrow. “You can spit it out if you want, I can tell you hate it”

Kara immediately runs to the sink and rinses her mouth “thank you I love you I’m gonna go get donuts”

Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed:

Lucy does but she only does it like once a year because breakfast in bed for Kara Danvers is an endeavor she has to make sure there’s enough food to satisfy the Kryptonian appetite

Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work:

Lucy! It’s not her fault that she wakes up a little turned on when she wakes up next to Kara

Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:

Kara! Lucy would never skip work of her own accord, but when Kara keeps pulling her back in for more kisses she can’t help it

Who chooses the movies:

DEFINITELY KARA and if Lucy doesn’t want to watch what she chooses she pouts until Lucy relents.

Who initiates kissing during the moving, thus distracting the other from the movie all together:

Lucy does, when Kara picks a movie she doesn’t like. She’d much rather make out with her girlfriend than watch The Notebook for the third time this month

Who orders lunch:

Kara orders lunch and second lunch and before dinner snack and Lucy basically just waits until she’s hungry to eat because there’s always food around Kara

Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking:

Kara is that even a question lol

Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy:

KARA it’s usually after dinner cause she can control herself for breakfast and lunch but dinner she just gorges herself, and even Kryptonians can get full when you eat five entire large pizzas and she just kind of conks out on the couch with her head on Lucy’s lap and Lucy just sits there with a soft smile on her face, playing with Kara’s hair

Who distracts the other from trying to work at home:

probably Kara because she’s needy af and Lucy is a freakin lawyer or whatever the hell she is so she’s always working but Kara just huffs and pokes her and gives her pecks on the face like “pay attention to meeeee!”

Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old:


Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream:

Lucy takes selfies of them eating ice cream together and instagrams it cause she’s a sap like that

Who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face:

Definitely Lucy and it makes Kara’s cheeks turn more pink than her strawberry ice cream

Who cooks dinner:

Lucy! Kara can’t cook for shit and they usually order takeout but Lucy has a few good recipes up her sleeve. She just has to alter them a little so it makes enough food to fill up Kara

Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards:

Lucy says she’ll clean up but then Kara does it with her super speed before she can even start

Who stays up until 2 reading:

Lucy! She only gets in bed because Kara wants to go to sleep and wants to snuggle so she waits til Kara falls asleep and grabs a book

Who stares at their partner while their sleeping:

Kara isn’t usually awake when Lucy is sleeping so on that very rare occasion she indulges herself and looks at her

Who kisses their partner while they sleep

Lucy wakes up first and then she tries to kiss Kara awake. Sometimes it works, sometimes she gets thrown off the bed.

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I'm thinking someone already did this, but if I possibly could get down on my knees and clasp my hands together and give you Octavia Blake level puppy dog eyes, could you maybe, just maybe... add a fifth part to the texting clexa fic?

curses, how did you know? my one weakness.  octavia blake puppy dog eyes. (that was a blatant lie. i have many, many weaknesses.) part one, two, three, four

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