i can use it as much as i want

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Oh oh would it be too much to ask for you to do a vlog-ish video when you're in Boston? Or at least after so you can tell us about what you did and the new experiences ^^ No pressure though I'm just curious as to what your thoughts on Boston will be since it'll be your first time going!

I did intend to make something along those lines! Well, not anything daily, while I’m there, but I do want to get some video during the trip and put something together when I’m back home, yeah :)

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Idk if this is kind of a stupid question haha, but I genuinely can't find an answer. We are getting another dog soon, a puppy, and I know until they've had their complete set of shots they aren't supposed to be set down on the ground and the like, but I've also heard that that's pretty much the critical window for socialization and I don't want to stunt her lol. I take my other dog with my pretty much everywhere, so I was planning on doing the same and just carrying the puppy so she could 1/2

get used to lots of sights and sounds and such (especially because we live right near downtown). My question is, would it be bad to set her down to go to the bathroom? Obviously not in any dog heavy areas, but like in general? Or is there a risk that she could catch something? Or should we not even take her out? She’s already enrolled into a puppy kindergarten class so it wouldn’t be like her only socialization experience.

The main thing you’re going to be worried about your puppy avoiding is parvo - a really nasty virus with a super-low survival rate. Your puppy will get three stages of shots to inoculate against it, which is why they tell you to not take her out until they’re done. Parvo is shed by dogs who have it for a couple weeks after symptoms disappear, takes a while to die (sunlight can kill it in a few months but indoors it can live up to a year), and is easily tracked around. 

So you don’t want to avoid socialization but you do need to be careful where your puppy goes - no pet stores, high-traffic areas, or dog parks. Carrying her is a good idea, but also setting up socialization experiences in safe places, like playdates in a backyard where they can guarantee no parvo dogs have gone recently. 

Also, be careful about taking your puppy everywhere - you don’t want to overwhelm it during the socialization period, either. 

Also we’re totally down for “Texas Dad is Shiro’s Dad Too” headcanons, but making him Ryou would be a nice nod to the original show (admittedly he was the younger brother but w/e) and still give Shiro and Keith a family link in this one :)

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Your daydream post brought me to tears for I feel the very same, and I am very much a maladaptive daydreamer. Visualising and feeling, but never touching, a life far more grand, is to say the least, painful. It is painful when I realise that I want my fantasy over my reality. My reality saddens me, but my fantasy saddens me more, because I will never live it.

I’m so sorry, Anon. I understand your pain. Some will say that we should ‘LIVE OUR DREAMS’ but for us, that is impossible. How can we ever live our dreams when our dreams are physically out of reach? We dream of being superhuman. We dream of settings far from Earth and beyond space or time. We breathe and feel characters that no human being could ever compare to and they dare tell us to achieve our dreams?

We dream of the unachieveable.

Real life seems as though it is made in a gradient of grey and muted sound when our daydream fantasies are painted in every colour we can’t see and every tone we’ve never heard and it feels better than being real. 

Our daydreams are more alive than our reality. 

We can’t live in it. We cannot survive without it. 

Maladaptive Daydreaming is a thirst. A body-wracking thirst surrounded by undrinkable seawater. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Please find comfort in the thought that you are not alone, Anon. We are the dreamers of dreams, and we have found a way to use fantasy to survive our realities. Maladaptive as it may be, we dream. We cope. We survive. And then we dream again. 

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Steven Universe!

The first character I first fell in love with: 

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:

The character everyone else loves that I don’t: 

I’m pretty neutral on these two, I guess? They’re good foils.

The character I love that everyone else hates:

The character I used to love but don’t any longer:


The character I would totally smooch: 

Let’s be real they’re all really fratchin’ pretty.

The character I’d want to be like: 

The character I’d slap: 

I can’t wait for her redemption arc.

A pairing that I love:

A pairing that I despise: 

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How did u get so many followers pls I'm really desperate. I think my art is decent, and I try to post as much as I can and I use hashtags please what do I doo

Where did you get the idea that I have a lot of followers?

I mean, I’d have never been here if Galactibun never reblogged my stuff. I don’t know man not even I know why anyone would want to follow me lol


Welcome to the World, Gabriel 

Hi friends! So on my last post I told you all that my longtime friend, Demi, had her son here recently! Everyone, meet Gabriel. He’s just a little under three weeks old and my oh my how tiny he is. It’s been so long since I’ve held a newborn I’ll tell you my hands shake every time I hold him!  I got to visit them when he was first born and then once since, but yesterday Demi rang me and asked to meet at the park for a little outing with the kids!

With Embrie due in just two short months I want to spend as much time with Connor as I can. He’s still getting used to the idea of us all being a family, and I don’t want him to feel left out, especially when Em gets here, so we try to spend as much time with him as we can! While Ron was at work I brought Connor along with us so he could get some fresh air and we could make a day out of it! He’s never met Demi before so he was of course really shy at first, but once he got to play on the playground he opened up a lot more.

But seeing Connor next to Gabriel made my heart swell. He didn’t know what to think, but he was so careful and precious next to him! Without a doubt he’s going to be an amazing big brother to little deer. He kept patting his head and putting the paci back inside his mouth whenever it fell out.

Anyway, we had a blast just hanging out and playing with the boys! For someone who just gave birth three weeks ago, Demi is killing it! I wonder if I’ll be able to bounce back that quickly after giving birth! We mainly talked about motherhood and she told me a lot of thing about the birth and being in labor. I’m a lot more terrified now than I was (thanks girl), but she said all the pain was worth it in the end once he got to hold Gabe in her arms. I know I’ll feel the same way with my daughter. Until next time, ciao! 


Went to the forest preserve the other day and my heart was happy again 🌳❤🌳

There isn’t much green and growth happening yet, but it’s getting there and I can’t wait to go back again 😊

(All these are pictures taken by me, please make sure not to remove the caption or anything if you want to use these. Give credit where it’s due ❤)

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So I want to tabletop but mecha magical girls basically. This would roughy be my first REAL tabletop, but I'm willing to learn as is my wife. I just want this unabashedly shonen-esque magical girls meets mechas ride.

You might have a look at Camelot Trigger, a Fate Core mini-setting previously discussed in the linked post. If you don’t mind your mecha-piloting magical girls having a distinctly “Knights of the Round Table” flavour, you can use it pretty much straight.

If you want to include general magical-girl powers outside of armour, you could either do it with flavoured stunts, or adapt one of the optional magic systems from the Fate System Toolkit.

On the flip side, if you want the mecha to have over-the-top powers or shounen-style “trump cards”, you could adapt the mega-stunt mechanics from the Atomic Robo RPG, previously discussed here.

It’ll involve a fair bit of DIY in any event, since it’s an awfully specific premise - feel free to follow up if you have any specific questions.

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you are a saviour on my dash. I have been torn between posts from people who used to ship SQ and are now Multishippers because all they want is reginas happiness and that only comes with a romantic relationship and the people who used to be swen but have given up on the show and only put it and the people who still watch down and somewhere along the lines started hating Jmo so I don't come on as much anymore feeling like I'm part of a dying breed but you give me something to look forward too.

It’s the bizarre nature of this fandom, I’m afraid. It’s infuriatingly digital, on or off–so you’re either a friend or foe, if you’re not with you’re against and if you’re positive you’re naive and if you’re speaking up you’re negative. And it’s ALL unfortunately turned into internal politics, about which ego-maniacal BNF (the intellect, ego or fanfic peddler) is going to prevail as the… shepherd of the flock. Gatekeepers, telling you what to think, how to ship, how to understand the characters and hell, even how to talk to actors on cons. That is why some people just said “sod this” and left for greener pastures, or just took permanent residence in blissful land of fanfiction. So what you said there is true, we all got lost in that quagmire, I guess?

But it doesn’t have to be that way, you know. Us who are still here to raise voice, object and criticize–don’t necessarily have to be associated with… hopeless cynicism. Or on the other hand, it doesn’t mean that the ‘hope peddlers’ can’t have any critical discourse. We CAN meet half way, you know? And still have challenging intelligent, insightful and respectful (and fun!) conversations. All together. But that’s only under one condition: that people start using their heads, stop being doormats that give passive endorsement (because silence is tacit approval) to those self-serving individuals who ripped us apart, to so many fractions–so that we lost our voice to the bigger and louder group of (hetero) shippers.

Just reclaim our ship, our characters and our fandom, you know?


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I scrolled through this blog so much yesterday that I now have to type this with my other hand. My finger is still numb! Worth it!

This fills me with both delight and concern. It’s too late for you, but for anyone else wanting to read through the entire blog, it’s easier on desktop than mobile. I use a layout that shows 10 posts per page, and generally only post twice a day*, so if you stop and bookmark a page, you won’t lose your place for several days. You can use the URL https://space-australians.tumblr.com/page/#  and just replace the # with the page number, too. As of this post, there are 21 pages. 

*exceptions: responses to asks, and occasionally something extra for fun on alien-free Fridays

Announcing NPC Appreciation Week from February 27th to March 4th.

This is a chance for us to appreciate the characters who don’t get as much love as the main characters. :)


  • Only npc’s. So no character who is an official squad mate. (Exception of ME2 EDI.)
  • Shepard can be included if the main focus is on the npc.
  • You can post whatever you want. ie: fanart, gif sets, edits, fanfics, head canons, general discussions, etc.
  • No negative posts. This is about appreciating them.
  • Please tag mature content with nsfw.

Use the tag: #masseffectnpcweek

Any questions, feel free to send me an ask. I’m looking forward to seeing everyones contributions and I hope everyone has fun! ^_^

Needs to be said

Ok communities of @markiplier and @therealjacksepticeye listen up! Mark and Sean are not racist! I am so disappointed in what these fanbases have become! They were trying to help a friend! I love how they genuinely care for each other so much. And by they, I mean Mark, Sean, and Felix. The goddamn community used to be so caring and all have each other’s backs! Now it’s gone to shit! Some people hating on them, others standing with them! I will scream it from my roof! I STAND WITH MARKIPLIER AND JACKSEPTICEYE! Call me racist, sexist, whatever the hell you want! I DON’T GIVE A SHIT! You can hate on me and report me and whatever the hell you want to! But I WILL NOT stand for hate against Mark or Sean!!!

He: “Sry for everything”

He again: “But if you feel like some time, talk to me”

Me: “I WILL NOT FEEL LIKE! Break up with her before! N go fck yourself if I ment only a “Sryforeverything” for U. I was a silly bitch who believed in us.“

He: "I can’t add anything in sms” That’s why I want to see you. Because you mean much more for me”

This is our last sms conversation before I blocked him everywhere. I had been in love with him for 3 years and although he had a gf, we were in a massive flirtationship. We were closer to each other than anyone, shared every little things with each other. Half a year ago he admitted it in tears to me that his relationship was in deep shit, his gf hated his friends, never went out with him and she’s still a virgin and never wanted to have sex with him. He also said he was  in love with me for years, but he wouldn’t like to tell me, because he loved his fg. I still don’t know if it was true or not. Nevertheless he began affair with me at that night. He was always saying that he wasn’t able to choose between she and me.

This sms conversation after half a year of on and off bittersweet misery, one day before his 25th birthday. I was drunk and he said he wanted to spend the next day with his girlfriend and I got angry, because I also had plans with him. At that moment I realised how stupid I was in the situation and he will never choose me, because it’s too comfortable for him with two girls at the same time. It hurts like hell and I still in love but I know it was the only way to solve this shit. If he loves me, if his relationship is as shitty as he stated he breaks up with her and finds the way to communicate with me again.

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Seriously speaking here, how much money do you want to make a part 2 of that Reborntale fic? I will actually pay you HOW CAN YOU CLIFFHANGER US SO HARD

Funnily enough, the continuation is already funded? Just need to finish someone else’s commission first. I’ll try not to leave the cliff hanging too long!

If anyone still feels the burning desire to pelt me with spare change, there’s always the tip jar hanging out in the blog description. :p The description also has my commission info linked, if there’s something else I might be able to write for ya. As always, reblogs/recs/comments/likes/kudos/pouring one out for a homie are always appreciated, too. 

I love you guys. You make a marsupial feel really special. 

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If angels don't have free will, how comes lucifer decided to lead a rebellion against god ? i mean, unless god wanted it, without free will, angels wouldnt be able to decide to rebel...

Hi there! Thanks for the ask ;) 

Well you can always theorize that the rebellion was also a part of the Lord’s plan (perhaps the evil was needed in the world for the humankind to truly be able to make use of their own free will and be able to make consequential choices, which would not be as significant if there was no other party trying to lead them astray). It’s an interesting question but honestly I’m not too much into analysing such stuff so you won’t squeeze a proper discussion out of me XD

But maybe some of my followers want to discuss? Feel free to reblog this with your ideas guys :)


Hey quick question to those that use Ouija boards regularly:
Is there a way for me to form a contract of sorts for any spirit that uses the board?

Like I’ve made up a contract already to be read aloud with a few house rules pertaining to channeling (as in none what so ever), haunting, dismissal, manipulating the board to free themselves, and what not. I was thinking about further binding them with a sigil on the planchette which would keep them from using it if they do not agree and obey the terms.

I’ve been doing as much research as I can because a renter in my friends house bought a board and I want to make sure she’s protected because the renter is a stoner and likes to hit a joint before he uses it (which isn’t recommended in the first place).
I just really want to make sure she’s protected for the future because she’s used it once with the dude and did a lot of stuff that’s on the “do not do” list and she’s fine but I don’t want her to get hurt if she uses it again.


Dear Mama,

It’s been a while since our last letter. We’ve just been busy lately. What with the new house and all. Conner went out for those three months, looking for the right house and he found one. A young couple had wanted to sell their grandfather’s little farm nearby and Conner knew how much my farming means to me and bought the house for us. He surprised with it on my birthday. He was so sweet about it too!

It’s perfect! All I needed and wanted is built within this nice home and finally, I feel like I and Conner can have the life we always wanted.

The baby is doing fine. Finally, I’m gaining weight. At three months I should, right? Well anyways, our little bundle of joy is as happy as they could be. We decided to keep the gender a surprise, a little excitement in our lives ya know.

Gotta go mama, I’ve got a house to settle into and a bed to pass out in when I’m done. Love you bunches.