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{Reaction} Monsta X finding out you have a tongue piercing

Hii! I was wondering if you could do a Monsta X reaction to you having a tongue piercing and you can decide how they find out. Thank you and I love your account! Keep up the great work! 😊❤️💖

Note: Ahh~ this just makes me want to get my tongue pierced even more~ Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

Lee Minhyuk

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Minhyuk: “I’m telling you Kihyun, her tongue is pierced and you know, I thought she couldn’t get any more hot and then she just puts her tongue in my mouth and like - what do you mean too much information this is very important!”

Yoo Kihyun

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Kihyun: “Why are you like this? I get too many feels when I’m with you.” 

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Wonho: “I think this information is requiring me to take you to my bedroom.” *very turned on*

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

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Shownu: “You want to up your hotness level? two can play at that game Jagiya.”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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Chankyun: “Why is it that every time I think you can’t get any more attractive, you blow me away every single time.”

Chae Hyungwon

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Hyungwon: *keeps playing with it every time he kisses you.* “I’m sorry! I can’t help it, it’s just so addictive and it looks so hot.” 

Lee Jooheon

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Jooheon: “I knew there was a reason why I loved you so much.” 

Also we’re totally down for “Texas Dad is Shiro’s Dad Too” headcanons, but making him Ryou would be a nice nod to the original show (admittedly he was the younger brother but w/e) and still give Shiro and Keith a family link in this one :)

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may i ask why you like phil so much??

ok let me just take a deep breath….. alright here we go

the first time i saw phil in 2011 my thoughts were something along the lines of “he has such a unique look, he’s so cool, i love his voice.”
you’d think i’d remember my first phil video, but alas, my memory fails me. all i can remember is a flash of dark hair, icy eyes, and a feeling of wonder.
i started as a casual fan like most of us do, but with each video i got more and more invested in his content and i wanted to keep up with whatever he was doing. i wasn’t even sure why i had such an intense infatuation with him, he just.. made me feel. good.
fast forward a couple of years, phil became my safe space. the warm atmosphere that surrounds him always helped to relax me. his kind nature was sweet and refreshing, his intelligence motivated me, his creativity inspired me, his sense of humor lifted my mood, his laugh made my heart soar, virtually everything about him made me feel lighter.
and now here i am. owner of a phan blog, completely invested in phil and his endeavors. he continues to put me at ease when i need a reason to calm down and i continue to love him with every fiber of my being. i am forever grateful for him.

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Your daydream post brought me to tears for I feel the very same, and I am very much a maladaptive daydreamer. Visualising and feeling, but never touching, a life far more grand, is to say the least, painful. It is painful when I realise that I want my fantasy over my reality. My reality saddens me, but my fantasy saddens me more, because I will never live it.

I’m so sorry, Anon. I understand your pain. Some will say that we should ‘LIVE OUR DREAMS’ but for us, that is impossible. How can we ever live our dreams when our dreams are physically out of reach? We dream of being superhuman. We dream of settings far from Earth and beyond space or time. We breathe and feel characters that no human being could ever compare to and they dare tell us to achieve our dreams?

We dream of the unachieveable.

Real life seems as though it is made in a gradient of grey and muted sound when our daydream fantasies are painted in every colour we can’t see and every tone we’ve never heard and it feels better than being real. 

Our daydreams are more alive than our reality. 

We can’t live in it. We cannot survive without it. 

Maladaptive Daydreaming is a thirst. A body-wracking thirst surrounded by undrinkable seawater. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Please find comfort in the thought that you are not alone, Anon. We are the dreamers of dreams, and we have found a way to use fantasy to survive our realities. Maladaptive as it may be, we dream. We cope. We survive. And then we dream again. 

SHINee World 2017 in Osaka Day One–170216

Jonghyun: Taemin, Minho, and Key all had a dance [solo]~
Onew: Wait! I had a dance too! Before “Because of You!” (raising a hand) I danced like this/this much.
Key: (laughing) You can’t call that a dance. If that’s a dnace, what is “Get the Treasure?” How would you express SHINee’s dance in words? Please answer me with that much confidence [as before]. […] Since everyone will be here from now until the end, show us a dance.

Taemin: If you do it you have to do the serious version.

Jonghyun: I’ll be anticipating where Onew’s dance version will come~

Onew’s spirits suddenly dropped.

Key: Your eyes said that you want to do it so~ do it! Decide casually. Even though [we’re] dance idols~~~

Taemin: Since you’ve been dancing for over ten years I want you to dance with confidence.

Jonghyun: Onew, do your best~~~ Everyone, for Onew’s sake!

Audience: Do your best~~~~~

Onew looked down and Jonghyun back-hugged him without thinking.

Cr. korea_shygeeks Trans: Professorjjong

After Onew said that his solo dance is in “Because of You,” Key told him it was a gesture.

Jonghyun: Then, Onew trying doing a solo later!

Onew: …I can’t.

Onew fell silent.

Key: Earlier you said [Because of You] was [your] solo dance, right? Since you said that, please do it! Now is your chance! 

Cr. aionee_51 Trans: Professorjjong

Spending the day in the park with Mari, Minne, Delancey, Daniella and their daughters! Girls Day <3 I love it soo much! <3 All the pics will come soon! <3
PS: Remember the pacifiers from yesterday? I’m giving it to anyone who asks in the chat or send me a message in inbox :3 But remember, it’s no use commenting “ I want ” in this photo, you have to ask in the chat or send me a message in inbox till tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.! <3
Also, you can reblog if you want, for ppl see :)

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So I want to tabletop but mecha magical girls basically. This would roughy be my first REAL tabletop, but I'm willing to learn as is my wife. I just want this unabashedly shonen-esque magical girls meets mechas ride.

You might have a look at Camelot Trigger, a Fate Core mini-setting previously discussed in the linked post. If you don’t mind your mecha-piloting magical girls having a distinctly “Knights of the Round Table” flavour, you can use it pretty much straight.

If you want to include general magical-girl powers outside of armour, you could either do it with flavoured stunts, or adapt one of the optional magic systems from the Fate System Toolkit.

On the flip side, if you want the mecha to have over-the-top powers or shounen-style “trump cards”, you could adapt the mega-stunt mechanics from the Atomic Robo RPG, previously discussed here.

It’ll involve a fair bit of DIY in any event, since it’s an awfully specific premise - feel free to follow up if you have any specific questions.


Welcome to the World, Gabriel 

Hi friends! So on my last post I told you all that my longtime friend, Demi, had her son here recently! Everyone, meet Gabriel. He’s just a little under three weeks old and my oh my how tiny he is. It’s been so long since I’ve held a newborn I’ll tell you my hands shake every time I hold him!  I got to visit them when he was first born and then once since, but yesterday Demi rang me and asked to meet at the park for a little outing with the kids!

With Embrie due in just two short months I want to spend as much time with Connor as I can. He’s still getting used to the idea of us all being a family, and I don’t want him to feel left out, especially when Em gets here, so we try to spend as much time with him as we can! While Ron was at work I brought Connor along with us so he could get some fresh air and we could make a day out of it! He’s never met Demi before so he was of course really shy at first, but once he got to play on the playground he opened up a lot more.

But seeing Connor next to Gabriel made my heart swell. He didn’t know what to think, but he was so careful and precious next to him! Without a doubt he’s going to be an amazing big brother to little deer. He kept patting his head and putting the paci back inside his mouth whenever it fell out.

Anyway, we had a blast just hanging out and playing with the boys! For someone who just gave birth three weeks ago, Demi is killing it! I wonder if I’ll be able to bounce back that quickly after giving birth! We mainly talked about motherhood and she told me a lot of thing about the birth and being in labor. I’m a lot more terrified now than I was (thanks girl), but she said all the pain was worth it in the end once he got to hold Gabe in her arms. I know I’ll feel the same way with my daughter. Until next time, ciao! 

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Steven Universe!

The first character I first fell in love with: 

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:

The character everyone else loves that I don’t: 

I’m pretty neutral on these two, I guess? They’re good foils.

The character I love that everyone else hates:

The character I used to love but don’t any longer:


The character I would totally smooch: 

Let’s be real they’re all really fratchin’ pretty.

The character I’d want to be like: 

The character I’d slap: 

I can’t wait for her redemption arc.

A pairing that I love:

A pairing that I despise: 

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Ok now, I want to start Taz, but English is not my first language and even if I'm kind of fluent it can be difficult to follow something like Taz. Do you know if there are places to find the whole thing wrote down, or at least the most important parts? Anyway I love your art SO MUCH and I hope you'll keep sharing it with us, you're my inspiration!

thank you!!!! and aah, i feel you, english isn’t my first language either! Honestly it was a great way to pick up new vocabulary and stuff, but quite a bit of references flew past me lmao (della reese?????)

anyways as for transcripts, i found this one! It’s not 100% complete but the parts that are are pretty darn close to the podcast itself :^) hope it helps!!! 

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you are a saviour on my dash. I have been torn between posts from people who used to ship SQ and are now Multishippers because all they want is reginas happiness and that only comes with a romantic relationship and the people who used to be swen but have given up on the show and only put it and the people who still watch down and somewhere along the lines started hating Jmo so I don't come on as much anymore feeling like I'm part of a dying breed but you give me something to look forward too.

It’s the bizarre nature of this fandom, I’m afraid. It’s infuriatingly digital, on or off–so you’re either a friend or foe, if you’re not with you’re against and if you’re positive you’re naive and if you’re speaking up you’re negative. And it’s ALL unfortunately turned into internal politics, about which ego-maniacal BNF (the intellect, ego or fanfic peddler) is going to prevail as the… shepherd of the flock. Gatekeepers, telling you what to think, how to ship, how to understand the characters and hell, even how to talk to actors on cons. That is why some people just said “sod this” and left for greener pastures, or just took permanent residence in blissful land of fanfiction. So what you said there is true, we all got lost in that quagmire, I guess?

But it doesn’t have to be that way, you know. Us who are still here to raise voice, object and criticize–don’t necessarily have to be associated with… hopeless cynicism. Or on the other hand, it doesn’t mean that the ‘hope peddlers’ can’t have any critical discourse. We CAN meet half way, you know? And still have challenging intelligent, insightful and respectful (and fun!) conversations. All together. But that’s only under one condition: that people start using their heads, stop being doormats that give passive endorsement (because silence is tacit approval) to those self-serving individuals who ripped us apart, to so many fractions–so that we lost our voice to the bigger and louder group of (hetero) shippers.

Just reclaim our ship, our characters and our fandom, you know?


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I scrolled through this blog so much yesterday that I now have to type this with my other hand. My finger is still numb! Worth it!

This fills me with both delight and concern. It’s too late for you, but for anyone else wanting to read through the entire blog, it’s easier on desktop than mobile. I use a layout that shows 10 posts per page, and generally only post twice a day*, so if you stop and bookmark a page, you won’t lose your place for several days. You can use the URL https://space-australians.tumblr.com/page/#  and just replace the # with the page number, too. As of this post, there are 21 pages. 

*exceptions: responses to asks, and occasionally something extra for fun on alien-free Fridays

Hey guys! So im just about 50 followers and its been a day cx thank you all so much, I love each of you!

Here I have a design I made a while back that I haven’t had any use for so I’ll do a small giveaway.

-you have to be a follower (new or old)
-you can change the design however you like
-likes and reblogs count (i dont care how much you wanna reblog it)
-you can give the design to someone else if you want but no selling it. (If you do give it away id like to know so i can follow what she’ll be put as!)
-the giveaway ends February 23rd!

Thank you all, Bluedawn~

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Mimi, the Arrangement makes me feel sooo many things! Frustration and tension is almost palpable, I love this series already! And the fact that you give us both POVs is an incredible idea. Can't wait for more!

AHHH! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you love it! I’m so excited to be writing it and I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction as the story unfolds. 

I also really appreciate the comment about both POVs because I was skeptical at first about doing that, but I wanted you guys to “see” both sides of the story and how things can get all jacked up when you don’t know what the other person is thinking or feeling.

The Arrangement: Part 2


Dear Mama,

It’s been a while since our last letter. We’ve just been busy lately. What with the new house and all. Conner went out for those three months, looking for the right house and he found one. A young couple had wanted to sell their grandfather’s little farm nearby and Conner knew how much my farming means to me and bought the house for us. He surprised with it on my birthday. He was so sweet about it too!

It’s perfect! All I needed and wanted is built within this nice home and finally, I feel like I and Conner can have the life we always wanted.

The baby is doing fine. Finally, I’m gaining weight. At three months I should, right? Well anyways, our little bundle of joy is as happy as they could be. We decided to keep the gender a surprise, a little excitement in our lives ya know.

Gotta go mama, I’ve got a house to settle into and a bed to pass out in when I’m done. Love you bunches.


Commissions Open!

I feel like I’ve improved my pixel art enough to open commissions to make them. I mostly plan to do pixel art, but I will do non-pixel stuff mostly because I need practice. Commission prices will be a little high since I don’t have too much time but could use the money for small and general expenses, I recommend you commission an artist who really needs money over me if you’re deciding between multiple artists. I’m taking commissions partially since I dropped a lot of money on textbooks for uni this semester, and I want to make some back.

Any how now, I’ll make a rough table here with some examples:

Pixel Art (In General)

Line Art: You can choose between clean and rough. The difference is minor but a good example between the two is on the pixel icons between celestialkaiju’s character (Rough Lineart) and chainchomped’s character (Clean Lineart). Clean lineart basically means I’ll make the lineart as thin as possible while rough means some lines will be a pixel thicker.

Animations: You can add animations, each frame can cost from nothing to the highest price of the art piece if it was not animated. For example, a Pixel Art Icon animated frame can cost anywhere between $0 to $10.

Shading: You can opt-in for any of these three choices in shading: Dithered, Actual, and None. Feel free to choose any of the three as they don’t cost extra. Both Pixel Art Icons demonstrate actual shading, while the partial fullbodies have dithered shading with the cat. (Visuals below)

Outline: You can choose to have an outline around the focus of your drawing - like your fursona - typically I won’t ask for this until I am near complete, I will recommend a certain way of outlining when I’m done, but the option is ultimately yours.

Backgrounds: For the most part, backgrounds will be free, but anything way too complex will add a cost between $1-$4. If you don’t specify a background, I will send the pic with a transparent background. (None of the pictures below depict a background that would cost extra).

What you get: 

  • PNG Spritesheet if animated
  • GIF if animated
  • Original size PNG if not animated
  • Up-scaled PNG if not animated

Non-Pixel Art (In General)

I will take in non-pixel art commissions. My art style here is very inconsistent. If there’s a certain style on my blog you like please tell me beforehand! These will be cheaper than my pixel art since I can’t guarantee quality on these.

Animations: I do not do animations on these.

Shading: I can attempt to shade, I’ll send in a nonshaded version and a shaded version to you when done.

Backgrounds: I will not do complex backgrounds. I’ll keep these to simple stuff. Alternatively you can ask for a pixel background if you really want one. Same rules as Pixel Backgrounds will then apply if you want a pixel background on non-pixel art.

Art Style: Like I mentioned, my art style is very inconsistent. Don’t be afraid to bring an art style from my blog on how you may want it. Just tell me before I start.

What you get: PNG file of art.

Pixel Art Icons ($7-$10)

Character above belongs to @celestialkaiju

Character above belongs to @chainchomped

Pixel Partial Fullbody ($9 - $13)

Character above belongs to me, this piece shows no shading.

Character above belongs to @cuddlekittyfurever​, this piece shows dithered shading.

Pixel Complete Fullbody ($11-$15)

Character above belongs to me

Pixel Reference Sheets ($11-$15 + $5 per angle)

Both characters above belong to me

Non-Pixel Icon ($3-$5)

Character above belongs to me

Character above belongs to no one, this was practice

Non-Pixel Partial Fullbody ($5-$8)

Character above belongs to @mysanthropeic

Character above belongs to me

Character above belongs to me

Character above belongs to me.

Prerequisites for Commissioning

  • Reference sheet with palette, the only exception is for the pixel reference sheets. Please send in reference sheets in a png format. jpq formats compress the colors and can make it hard to pick out the correct color of your character. Alternatively you can define the colors for me in RGB format, HSV format, or in Hexadecimal. Then send me a place where I can find multiple pictures of your character.
  • To avoid any monetary problems, a down payment of $2 will be required when commissioning. If you decide you no longer want to commission me, I will refund these $2 if I haven’t started.
  • You will have to advise me if you don’t want your commission to be live-streamed.
  • If you want an NSFW commission, you must be able to verify that you are 18+. No exceptions.
  • Please send in as much detail of how you want your commission before I start. I will advise you when I’m about to start working on your commission. Any changes you want afterwards may cost extra if it proves to be cumbersome.
  • All payments will be handled through PayPal Invoices. This means I’ll require an email to send you an invoice.

Feel free to message me about quotes or clarification on anything. I will estimate quotes to the best of my ability.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission as I wish.

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The drama stuff is all over my dash and practically on every social media outlet I have. Thank you for offering a place where those of us who don't want to hear about it anymore can take refuge. It's making a lot of us feel like crap and my anxiety has risen a lot since it started. I appreciate you v much ❤

pal!! i got you let’s talk about nice things okay? let’s all be happy and positive because life is too short to worry about anything!! i’m here to hug u until ur anxiety goes away ok i love u all so much x