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After today I think I’ve finally decided where I stand on BBC Sherlock.
I believe and I’ll continue to believe 100% that there’s something afoot.
I will also continue to be salty because I don’t like how TPTB are treating fans and I’ll continue to mock their lies till kingdom come because I know this show, I’m obsessed with it and I don’t think I’m stupid.
So whoever is uncomfortable with more metas and Sherlock content can unfollow me.
It’s your right to get as far away from this as you want I simply decided to continue. See you on the other side guys!!!
Johnlock is and will always be real!


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okay, i like this blog but want permission to follow as i'm not big on full blown communism (i don't like capitalism either so don't worry about that) i know that is a very central part of this blog so i thought i'd be polite and ask.

whoever the fuck wants to follow or unfollow or block or whatever can do whatever they want, i don’t make the rules, theres too many of you for me to keep track of. 

And look, see, my opinion on communism I think is often misunderstood, 

firstly I’m an anarchocommunist, which means I believe in the eradication of all nation-states as communist endgame. I believe in order for there to be a classless society with the elimination of capital and private [not personal] property, one must eliminate the state. I believe this to be a fact.

Secondly, I do not believe this can happen overnight, I do not believe it will happen in my lifetime, and I do not believe I can just snap my fingers and make it happen. I believe it is a good goal to work towards, much like we rely on the mathematicians from thousands of years ago for computers to exist, did they think they’d help invent computers? No it was beyond their grasp. just as anarchocommunism is beyond our grasp.

Do I think we are at a point in history where anarchocommunism is feasible? No. I do not. What I do think is possible is to boost education accessibility, and get more people working towards a better society. My goal is to better society in any way I feasibly can. My endgame is not representative of what I believe to be possible today, but rather what I believe COULD BE possible eventually.

I am a large believer in education, and I believe the more people we have working on these socioeconomic issues, the faster we get to solving them, which is why I think more people need to study this shit, because do we have all the answers on how to perfect the balance of anarchocommunism? No we fucking don’t. Someone can say they do, but I do not see any political feasibility in it currently. 

So can you follow this blog and not be a communist, absolutely, but I feel my stance as a communist is misunderstood. I’m not an idealist. I see hard political facts of today. I see us needing to work on a lot of different sociopolitical issues before we can ever have a class uprising to end capitalism. 

There is a lot of work to be done, and a lot of people need to engage with this. Communism can’t happen overnight.

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it's kind of annoying to correct people all the time but could u maybe just remove this fucking cunt off your blog; this fandom doesn't have time for attention whores like this slut and i don't understand why you seem to think that this cunt has anything to do with this fandom or the show, let alone the cast. if you respect Matt at all then do us and him a favor and remove this disgusting cancer of a person off this website so she can hopefully kill herself; it's starting to burn my eyes thx bye

if you love matt, you should first of all respect him and his loved ones, Esther included. Honestly, you are the cancer of this fandom. Esther is a lovely person, and she doesn’t deserve all this hate. Also this is my blog and I can blog about whoever i fuck i want, so you can feel free to unfollow. 

so apparently there’s a misunderstanding

so the person that took screenshots and posted everything publicly? first of all, rude, and 2nd of all, the “badlist” is only available if you ask to see it so you can block the people on it

it doesn’t exist to send hate to the people on it

it doesn’t exist to be seen by the public

you had to send me a private ask or message to see it, which means the person who did it contacted me solely with the purpose to start discourse and make me seem like i’m trying to turn this into a pro-hate blog (which i’m not, i don’t condone hate messages, esp the kind of filth i received & if anyone used the link for the purpose of sending hate to the people on the list, kindly, unfollow because i don’t want you to be near this blog)

the order of images is very misleading because it makes it look like you can access it from my FAQ, which you cannot, because once again, it’s a private blog and can only be viewed if you are allowed private access to it

so. whoever it was who posted it, kindly, delete the post, check your facts, & don’t drag me into shit i didn’t start

tumblr likes to talk abt how tumblr culture is bad but the thing everyone forgets to address when talkign abt it is how we make women gods. we refuse to see women having mistakes. you see so many posts about how women are pure and perfect and so nice and beautiful, and when anyone tries to point out that not all women are you get replies like ‘mmmmm maybe the women you know are just mean to you sweetie? :)’

how is that supposed to help anything?

as a wlw who has been abused by a woman, who has been abused in platonic relationships by woman, and who’s mother has abused them, it’s so damaging to hear this. to see and hear your abuse constantly being put down by other women who refuse to see that women could even be possibly bad. 

guess what, while men are perpetrators to a lot of crime, women can be just as bad. women can be just as evil. 

to say that women support women constantly, and then to see women on this site, this fucking hellscape tear each other down and apart and vague post each other and send each other death threats literally shows how wrong all of you are

women are mean. women are violent. women are bigots and abusive and bitches and just abt anything you can think. sorry this doesn’t fit into your narrative of the world but it’s true. 

in our quest to be equal and to support people and to end misogyny, we’ve become unfair. we’ve become blind. we’ve become too … i don’t even know. all i know is that we have stopped reaching for equality and being seen as humans to wanting to be seen as gods and goddesses and whoever disagrees with us is damned.

and i fucking hate it

ok to reblog btw

I officially declare this as my farewell to the fandom. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen goodnight. It’s been nice knowing you.

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If you need to contact me, my main account is @shhadowhunter. My Selection blog @eadlynschreavve will not be deleted, but I won’t be posting on it. I’m probably going to unfollow most Selection blogs that I currently follow. I was thinking about deleting the Dom blog, but it’s on a whole separate account so why bother? It’s not like I’ll see any of the notifications.

If anyone wants to do another Selection OC after this, you have my blessing. You’ll probably want to talk to Livi and whoever else, though. If you want advice on how to run it, you can ask me but I don’t know why you’d want to since everyone’s hated how I’ve run this.

If Livi comes back with Selected in Paradise, I’ll probably still do it, but who knows if it’s actually going to happen anyway. If Issy ends up still doing her Selection animation thing (and still wants me to voice some characters/write some scripty stuff) then I’ll come back for that, but other than that, I’m declaring my leave of the fandom.

If anyone wants the Illea Weekly blog to make a final issue for this Selection, or to use it for another Selection OC, contact me @shhadowhunter and I’ll give it to you.

If you have any other questions, I’ll be watching notifications for Dom’s blog for the rest of the night, and maybe tomorrow, but after that it’ll just be my main.

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You're the only ks blog i follow cuz i think you were a kpop blog at one point. But i was intrigued and started reading it! Is it worth it to pay to read all of it? Is there anywhere you can read for free?

I think if you can afford it, it’s totally worth paying for! 

To purchase it, you go on Lezhin, make an account, and buy coins. They’re not that much if you think about it (at most, $0.29/coin and each episode usually costs 3 coins so it’s a maximum of $0.88 per episode) but depending on the currency of your country, I guess it could vary. For example, I’m from Canada so I do pay a bit more because the site takes American dollars.

If you can’t afford it, or you want to read a few episodes for free to decide whether you want to keep reading (I recommend you do that since KS does have heavy content and not everyone can handle it), you can read it for free on mangago or mangatown. There are probably other manga sites that upload it but I’m most familiar with those two.

One thing to keep in mind if you decide to read it for free is that you won’t get to read it right away when it updates, whereas if you purchase it from Lezhin, you get to read it as soon as it’s out (from my experience, it’s released 9am EST on Thursdays). It takes a few days for people to translate and upload it on those free sites.

Also, the nice thing about buying it is that the formatting isn’t messed up like it is on free sites, which tend to have panels cut in the middle of a sentence and it can get pretty annoying.

But anyways, I’m glad I could reign you in! If you decide to join the fandom, feel free to talk to me about it anytime :) Hope this (too detailed) post helped. 

P.S. Yes, I used to be a kpop blog but I’m more of a casual fan now. I do still listen to kpop though. On a random note, KS takes place in South Korea so if you’re familiar with Korean culture, I think it’ll be quite easy for you to follow along to the story.

     So I reblogged that post and after a while I had a bunch of thoughts I wanted to add. Because while I agree with every word said there, I think, for me, it lacked a very important point to all of this: forgiveness. For the past month really, I have been slowly getting more and more saddened and disappointed by the behavior I see here. I don’t know when we became cynical and self righteous culture around here, and I know if it is a mindset one person cannot change it. But at least my little corner of this community will be affected. 
     The thing is, we ALL make mistakes. None of us are perfect. I have unfortunately gotten into the middle of things that weren’t my business. I have judged people based upon what someone else said without haven’t interacted at all or very little. But when I make those mistakes, I apologize. I try to meet people half way. Even if someone doesn’t ‘deserve’ an apology or forgiveness, that’s just the thing. FORGIVENESS IS NOT ABOUT WHAT IS OR ISN’T DESERVED. It is about doing what is right, and often times it’s about doing right by yourself. Holding grudges, staying bitter, being angry - all it does is hurt you. It is so unhealthy. You owe it to yourself to be the bigger person and learn to let things go
     I think a big problem around here, is that people get to focused upon themselves. We all do it. We are all human and imperfect, so why would we expect other people to never make mistakes? We all make mistakes and it’s our responsibility to acknowledge them and do what we can to fix them. If you have an issue with someone, either unfollow and leave them alone, or try to talk to them and resolve it. If they won’t hear you out, that’s their problem. Let it go. It’s not worth your time. And when other people make mistakes, give them a second chance. I don’t want to live in a society where people get judged based upon one mistake, where it’s one or two bad steps and you’re out. I don’t want to live in a community where if you make one mistake, your reputation is going to get ruined by whoever was offended or hurt. 
     And lastly, everyone has a reason to excuse their behavior. But think about this. When you’re online, it is so easy for things to build up and have a snowball affect. One vague post here, one anti post here, one tag rant there - it all builds up, and it drags people down. Yeah, it’s okay to dislike thing, you’re not gonna get along with everyone. But after a while, so many little negative things here and there perpetuates a negative environment. Take a moment to think before you act or speak. Please consider the people around you. If your actions are going towards making an environment where people feel afraid to log in, then maybe you should change that. If you need to rant, talk to someone in a private chat if you must. But otherwise. Step away from the computer, put down your phone, go do something else for five to ten minutes. I promise, it doesn’t matter half as much as you think it does. And nothing matters more than the feelings and health of you and your fellow roleplayers

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1-5, 18 🙂 I'd ask more but the numbers are weird on my phone 🙁

1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?: Already answered.

Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?: Perachel and Jercy

Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion?: Already answered.

Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?: Honestly, no. I’m pretty much open to almost any relationship, and I can’t really think of any off the top of my head that rubbed me the wrong way.

Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?: Already answered.

Does not shipping something ‘popular’ mean you’re in denial and/or biased?: Absolutely not, you should be able to ship pretty much whoever you want! Sometimes we are able to see something one character can offer to another in a relationship that others can’t. Also, different people value and look for different things in relationships, but that doesn’t invalid them or the relationship.

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Men are pigs. They're literally the biggest disappointment in life. Men don't need positivity they already have enough. Most guys are disgusting to look at anyway they don't need to feel attractive especially since they're ugly

First of all, everything about what you just said is just plain wrong.

Not all men are pigs. I’m not going to try to minimize whatever experience you’ve had with men that have made you feel that way, but you can’t go around saying all men are pigs.

Honestly, this personally offends me because most of my closest friends are guys, the most supportive people in my life have pretty much all been guys, and when you say shit like that about the people I love I do not take it well.

My guy friends are there for me when I cry, take away my drinks when I’ve had enough (or when I shouldn’t have anything at all), walk on the outside of the sidewalk closest to the street, listen to me vent when I’m stressed out, give me advice, support me, compliment me, lay around watching movies and doing nothing with me, stand up for me to ANYONE who would ever try to mess with me,and just generally make me happy.

If you’re not physically attracted to men, if you don’t find them aesthetically pleasing, whatever. Personally, I find men EXTREMELY attractive (as do many other people in the world). I have found men with all different body types and variety of appearances attractive. They’re beautiful. Seriously. I can’t even express how pleasing I feel the male body is. We have different opinions, cool, great, whatever. But how would you like it if people said that shit about you? You wouldn’t. 

I don’t know where you get off saying guys have enough positivity because they don’t. That’s why I try to post guy specific stuff. Most things say “to all the girls”, “all girls are”, ect… There are not nearly as many posts like that geared toward men and the one’s that are get like no notes compared to the one’s geared toward women. I like the neutral posts to be honest but sometimes it’s nice to have something more specific.

I know guys who get really offended by this shit. It hurts them when people are afraid of them simply because they’re guys or when they get stereotyped as an asshole or a pig. I know guys that are insecure and NEED that positivity. Guys that are insecure and afraid to tell anyone because of how society tells guys they should act. Guys are allowed to be insecure and guys deserve support and positivity.

Normally I wouldn’t post this because of how negative and rude and fucking insulting it is but you fucking pissed me off and you picked the WRONG time to piss me off. By insulting men as a whole, you are insulting the most important people in my LIFE and therefore offending me. If you don’t like me posting male positivity, if that bothers you, then you can unfollow me and block me and do whatever the fuck you want.

Really, I am sorry for posting this and I want any guys that read this to know that whoever sent me this message is a complete asshole and don’t believe a single word they said. You are amazing. Every single one of you is attractive in your own way. You are all handsome in your own way. You deserve to feel like the handsome man you are. You are all deserving of positivity and love and support. I made the guysrecover tag just for you, even if you’re not in recovery, I post general male positivity there too.


Hello wrestling fans!

I am very close to reaching my 300th follower and so I’d like to do this promotion and a raffle to hopefully get me there!

Just to introduce myself, my name is Christy and I’m a 29 year old English teacher. I have been an avid wrestling fan since I was twelve - some lulls here and there notwithstanding - and you can find a list of my favourite wrestlers here. I also love to draw. I only recently started drawing humans - I drew nothing but equines before - but I’m really starting to enjoy it!

I am outspoken and can be argumentative, but, I think, always respectfully so. I get into discussions a lot when it comes to wrestling, hah, so be aware that some wank will show up on your dash if you follow me. And, yes, I am a Roman Reigns fan.

Regarding the raffle:

If I reach 300 followers by Saturday, I’ll be doing a raffle for a headshot (+animal, if you want) of a wrestler of choice. (You can see examples of my work above this post!) To enter the only thing you have to do is follow me and like or reblog this post. (If you want you can unfollow me again after the raffle if it’s just the art you’re after. I probably won’t notice. : P)You can do so as many times as you want. I’ll then contact whoever ends up the winner.

If I don’t reach 300 follows by Saturday I’ll, apart from feeling awkward, extend the deal until the next Saturday. (And so on, if need be.)



If you don’t want to buy her next album because it might have references towards Calvin, then please go the fuck away because she doesn’t need toxic ‘fans’ like you in her life. If you don’t want to support Taylor because she’s ‘manipulating’ you and ‘hurting’ Karlie by being in a relationship, then go the fuck away. If you think that Taylor is some airhead blonde bimbo that is just doing this for publicity, then go the fuck away. If you think that Taylor is hiding because she doesn’t have the ‘support’ from her friends/family/friends, then go the fuck away.

She comes to us because she loves us and she feels safe. She shouldn’t feel as though she has to choose between her fans and her boyfriend, who she obviously loves.

My smug ass will sit right here waiting for that new album to drop, I will buy four copies (iTunes AND three from Target) just like I did with 1989, and I will continue to support Taylor with her music and her character.

Don’t like it? Then go away. Unfollow me. Block me. I don’t care. I will not have you on my feed reblogging and posting nothing but hate and negativity towards Taylor’s, obviously, happy relationship. I’ve been nice because you can ship whoever you want but you’re all going too fucking far and this is unacceptable.

I hope that you learn to stop being so toxic and hateful. I hope that you have a good life. Now bye.

Just letting my followers know, I am not sorry at all for reblogging almost every single post I see on my dash about Ferguson right now. All of this is super important & I suggest you unfollow me if you don’t realize the importance of it or find it “annoying.” I could care less about what you think about my blog right now. 

I really don’t care if I lose every single one of my followers for this post.  I feel the need to say something that has been heavy on my heart for a while, but now, I’m just ready to say it.  Yes, I am pro-life.  There’s a reason it’s called “pro-life” and not “anti-choice”. 

There are so many things wrong with the pro-choice argument “women should have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies!”

I agree with the statement.  I believe EVERYONE should have a right over their OWN bodies.  But the fact is, when you’re pregnant, guess what?  That baby growing inside you is NOT YOUR BODY.  That’s another living human being with a beating heart and a unique DNA code that no one else on the earth has. 

That baby IS NOT YOUR BODY.  You should not get to decide if that living child ever sees the light of a sunrise, or feels the warm hug of a mom or dad. 

If you don’t want your baby, there are MILLIONS of couples out there who can’t have one themselves.  They would love that child and give them the opportunity to have a life. 

Again, you can all unfollow me, but this needed to be said.  If I loose all my followers and don’t change anyone’s perspective, I’ll still be happy I stood up for what I believe. 

Have a great day, whoever you are reading this. 


Okay Captain Swan shippers, I’ve had it with you.
(I am not taking this out on every single shipper, I ship Captain Swan too and I have many friends in the fandom, so I am well aware this doesn’t apply to everyone.)

I am just so tired of everyone claiming that Captain Swan is a great, loving fandom. Oh trust me, great and loving you can be. To each other. 

Which is where the problem lies.

I’ve seen countless of posts and have heard countless of people say that we’re better than Swan Queen, because we don’t bully the actors or other fans. And I believed it, for a long time, I thought Swan Queen was worse. And although I knew not every shipper was bad, I believed that somehow we were better tan them, because that’s what I’d been told. Makes sense, right?

Except it doesn’t. There are ‘bad apples’ everywhere, but it’s about time the Captain Swan fandom realises that.

There are enough posts to prove this. Some just straight up bully every and all Swanfire shippers, which is never okay. They give nicknames and disrespects the fans and the theories they built. Imagine seeing a post like that with your theory, your work, your OTP. 

Shipping Swanfire is okay. Shipping Captain Swan is okay. Shipping Swan Queen is okay. Shipping Outlaw Queen is okay. Shipping Rumbelle is okay. Not shipping these ships, is okay too. But what is not okay is shaming and bullying others for it. 

You can ship whoever you want. It is your fandom, your ship, your blog. But you can’t ever bully someone for shipping their ship. I ship Swanfire. There, I said it. I didn’t want to say anything on my blog at first, because I was scared everyone would immediately unfollow me. I think that pretty much shows how awful the fandom can be. 

I did a search for anti-swan on tumblr. That is all I typed in. Immediately, I got lots of blog hits for both Anti-Swanfire and Anti-Swanqueen blogs. Blogs, created purely for hating these ships. Look it up. Most of them are still active. The most shocking thing about this, in my opinion, is that people wanted to create a blog and probably got a message that this URL is already taken, meaning that there is already an anti blog for this and then continued to come up with a new URL, where they could post their own hate. 

So i figured, there has to be an anti-Captainswan blog somewhere too, right? 


I had to dig into the Anti-Captainswan tag really deep, until I found one blog dedicated to captain swan hate. It was created by a SQer, and had been on hiatus for months, because the fan decided they didn’t want to be that kind of person to spread hate. There were about three posts in there.

I ask you to unfollow these blogs. They do nothing but create hatred and frustration among fans. Block them, report them, if you want. However, do not go tell these people they’re full of shit or something. They don’t deserve that, and neither do you.

I had to unfollow lots of people, so now i want to follow more people. So, REBLOG if you ship CRISSCOLFER and only crisscolfer, absolutely NO chill/miarren shippers (sorry guys, you can ship whoever you want, but i can’t stand seeing M face on my dash so…yeah..)

Listen up, you Voltage fandom.

Okay, that’s it. I’m so tired of this bullshit. Why?

I got this message like the 17th of March, as you can see in the image below :

and I was like : Okay, fine! Do whatever you want, if you think like that then I’m cool, me liking Iori won’t change at all, but at least tell me who you are if you are unfollowing me idk

And I just went on with my life, like nothing happened, and decided not to reply to it, why would I?

But right now I’VE GOT LIKE THREE MESSAGES STRAIGHT and I thought I reblogged an ask meme or something but I didn’t so I was like : okay something’s up.


Look guys, this is really simple, messaging me saying “iori’s not worth it” or “idk why you like iori” won’t stop me from liking him.



I have my own opinion, I can like whoever I want, if the entire fandom hates him, guess what? I’LL STILL LIKE HIM.

Messaging me like that it’s not cool at all, what are you even trying to do? Brainwash me? WHAT THE HELL.