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Incorrect HP Quotes (Ron and Draco)
  • Draco: My, my, my. Look what we have here. A blood-traitor.
  • Ron: Well, hello to you too, death-eater.
  • Draco: So what brings you to this part of the world? Are you sure you are not lost? Maybe, your weasel brain finally snapped.
  • Ron: Shut up, Malfoy! I am here for Hermione. I am so tired of getting her books from that god-awful place in Diagon Alley. I never seem to know what she likes.
  • Draco: Of course you don't, Weasley. I wouldn't expect you to.
  • Ron: What do you mean? Ah, nevermind. Why are you here? Isn't this place making you burst into flames or something?
  • Draco: Umm, nothing. Just passing through.
  • Ron: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Ron: Wait a minute! You are here for Hermione too! Its her birthday tomorrow. This a muggle shop. Why else would you be here?
  • Draco: Umm... Penelope Clearwater?
  • Ron: Oh, come on!
  • Draco: Fine, you nosy prat! It is Granger. I want to get her something nice. I have been here quite a few times, already. Cool place.
  • Ron: What?
  • Draco: Granger showed me this shop. It has a really cool home decor section.
  • Ron: What?
  • Draco: I understand you are a bit slow, Weasley. This muggle stuff is too hard for you. Don't worry, I am sure I can assist you.
  • Ron: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Ron: I'll get what you get, then.
  • Draco: Oh, that won't be necessary. I'd like to be unique. Besides, I am getting her a new bed. The one in her flat is uncomfortable and really creaks a lot.
  • Ron: How do you know?
  • Draco: (smirks) Well, I should. I sleep on it.

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What's the difference between sx/sp and sp/sx?



Motivation: to live in a secure, comfortable environment where they can pursue their private interests in depth.

These people often have an earthy, mysterious quality to them. They are quietly intense, but to others may seem oblivious to the greater social world around them, instead favoring personal interests. They are slow to commit, but once they do it is with an attitude of life commitment, to the establishment of an impermeable bond. Others can be taken aback by how suddenly and completely this type can lock into them, and by the depth of understanding of the other’s condition. They attach to others at an organic, root level, in contrast to the other subvariant’s surface formality. Somewhat hesitant to enter new relationships, they instead preserve the select few enduring bonds they carefully form along the way. The sanctuary of home is of paramount concern, and this type takes particular delight in decorating their spaces to reflect their cherished sense of taste and depth. Depth and discrimination characterize this stacking.

Expression: wistful self-absorbed expression, sighing, magic is in their head

Energy: calm, steady energy expressed intensely, withdrawing

Behavior: withdrawn, calm, wistful and self absorbed

Mindset: “I can have merging/intensity without having to leave my orderly & pleasing lifestyle.” (imagination, safe people and relationships, when the safety of these are challenged they withdraw)

Blind spot: Likely to neglect their desire to seek intense connections and experiences for the sake of their primary concern of maintaining physical saftey, comfort, and an orderly lifestyle, in average-healthy levels. May not have an awareness of the need to connect in a broader sense with the world, of a sense of security or in groups or of the need to seek it, or even of the need to foster approval, support, and understanding of themselves within groups they are connected with, often causing misunderstandings with allies, supporters, friends, and family members.


Motivation: to know the heart, reconcile inner conflict, form a secure union.

This is perhaps the most internally conflicted of the stackings, and potentially the most inconsistent in behavior. This may occur as a blockage of the sexual instinct which can be redirected as a more generally brooding and troubled personality. They may isolate themselves for long periods of time before reemerging. They live according to a strictly personal outlook and are not particularly concerned with the approval of others outside of their immediate concern. They seem to be searching for something, the missing piece. If they find a soulmate they will unite without fanfare, forming a secret bond, dealing with formalities as an afterthought. Powerful sexual impulses facing inner resistance may manifest symbolically in the psyche, giving way to soulful interpretations of the unconscious. Under periods of stress severe sexual tensions may manifest as erratic, impulsively destructive behavior. Can seem restless, torn between the comforts of a stable home life and the urge to wander. May be prone to self-medicating.

Expression: intense, self-absorbed expression

Energy: intense energy expressed calmly, steadily, assertively

Behavior: intense, assertive, troubled and self absorbed

Mindset: “If I can make (us) have an orderly & pleasing lifestyle, I can keep up and escalate all this merging/intensity.”

Blind spot: Likely to neglect their desire to maintain physical saftey, comfort, and an orderly lifestyle for the sake of their primary concern of seeking intense connections and experiences, in average-healthy levels. May not have an awareness of the need to connect in a broader sense with the world, of a sense of security or in groups or of the need to seek it, or even of the need to foster approval, support, and understanding of themselves within groups they are connected with, often causing misunderstandings with allies, supporters, friends, and family members.

TL;DR I’d say that the SP/SX searches for new methods to maintain his welfare (physical/mental/emotional, depending on core type), while the SX/SP searches for safe ways to supplement and reconcile his inner conflict.

Here are some other links I thought might provide you with a clearer perspective:

[X] / [X]

A Long Conversation - The Dark Artifices

This is the (super super adorable) extra short story that’s included in the hardback/paperback first editions of Lady Midnight!  In case you got LM on ebook or audiobook and are missing out, here it is! (it catches up with the rest of the TMI characters up to the point where they arrive at the LA Institute.)

Clary looked around the Institute’s music room with a tired but gratified smile.  It was a hot New York summer night, the windows were flung open, and Magnus had magicked up icicles that sparkled down from the ceiling and cooled the space.  The room was filled with people Clary loved and cared about, and in her personal opinion it looked pretty good, considering she’d had to race to find somewhere in the Institute they could hold a party on about twenty-four hours’ notice.

There was really no reason not to smile.

Two days previously, Simon had showed up at the Institute, breathless and wild-eyed.  Jace and Clary had been in the training room, checking in on the new Institute tutor, Beatriz Mendoza, and some of the Conclave students.

“Simon!” Clay had exclaimed.  “I didn’t know you were in town.”

Simon was a graduate of Shadowhunter Academy, Clary’s parabatai, and a Recruiter, a job created by the Consul to help replenish the diminished ranks of Shadowhunters.  When likely candidates for Ascension were found, Simon would talk to them about what it meant to become a Shadowhunter after a mundane life.  It was a job that often took him away from New York, which was its downside; in the plus column, Simon seemed to truly enjoy helping scared mundanes with the Sight feel like they weren’t truly alone.

Not that Simon looked like a dependable voice of reassurance at the moment.  He looked like a tornado had hit him.

“I just proposed to Isabelle,” he announced.

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So yesterday was @wanderingcas birthday and she mentioned a few days ago that she wanted me to write a femslash version of her amazing fic, Passing Ships, so I wrote the first half of chapter two :)

Happy birthday, Sam! Love you!

Deanna finally eases off the gas as they enter the school zone and Cas stares almost in awe as the building comes into view. It’s nicer than she expected, almost homey with its white-washed bricks and Victorian windows laced with the not-yet shriveled vines of summer. There’s evidence of a beautiful garden during warmer seasons and an expansive field of grass surrounding the whole property.

It’s like no school Cas has ever seen and she shares her thoughts with Deanna. 

“It’s a Montessori school,” Deanna explains as she parks the car. “Lots of funding, super fancy. I probably wouldn’t even have this job if Sam’s wife’s sister hadn’t taught music here.”

“What do you teach?” Cas asks.

“First grade.”

Cas almost smiles at memories of Claire in first grade, with her blonde pigtails and Barbie backpack.

“Well, see you in seven hours,” Deanna says as she opens the car door 

Cas scrambles out of the passenger door. “I’m coming too.”

Deanna squawks like that’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard. “The hell you are.”

“I have to be able to observe you,” Cas says as she trails after the blonde. “There was no point in me coming here with you if I can’t even see you.”

“Then I guess you should just hitch a ride back to… wherever the hell cupids stay.” Deanna waves a noncommittal hand. “Whatever. See ya later!”

She’s just about to open the front door when Cas barks, “Deanna. My orders are to understand what is preventing your soulmate connection. In order to do that, I must be allowed to observe you in your day-to-day activities. This is Heaven’s will and I am going to follow my instructions to the best of my ability, so I am coming into this school.”

Cas can hear Deanna’s strained exhale before the woman turns around, lips pursed. There’s still fight in her eyes but she just closes them and sighs again. “Fine,” she grits and points a finger at Cas. “But you don’t say a word, got it? Nothing about this soulmate bullshit. This is my job, and if you get me fired, Heaven will have hell to pay.”

Cas nods once. “I understand.”

Deanna just rolls her eyes and yanks the door open before impatiently gesturing Cas through.

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Plus Size Calum Imagine

Calum sighed as he stood watching you from the doorway. You were doing it again. Recently it had seemed that you were being different. You weren’t eating much, if at all, and you seemed to always have this sad look in your eyes. You didn’t think he’d noticed, you thought your fake smile and forced laughter were enough of a cover.

He knew though, he always knew and he always worried. Even if he didn’t let you see, he was in a constant state of concern for you. Maybe that’s why this happened. Maybe because of his lack of expressing his feelings he made you think he didn’t care. Maybe you didn’t know that when he asked to be the little spoon it was his way of saying ‘I love you, I love being close to you. I always wanna be close to you.’ Maybe you didn’t know that he has months worth of journal entries and song lyrics dedicated entirely to you that only his eyes have seen.Why didn’t he realize this sooner? He knows that you’ve always had a problem with accepting yourself and with the constant hate that gets directed to you, he should’ve known. He should have known to be there for you better, to love you better, to tell you he loved you one extra time each day. He should have known.

His chest aches as he watches you. You sit there picking out everything you find wrong with yourself. You still don’t know he sees you. He feels like he might choke, this could be his fault. He could have prevented this. You’ve fallen again and he wasn’t there to catch you like he promised you he would be. He broke a promise he swore to himself he’d never break. God, he loved you. So much. He loved you more than he loved music. You were his universe, his sunshine. He knew how much he loved you and he assumed that you knew as well. If only he’d have known, you wouldn’t be hurting right now. You would have have been too focused on him, on the love he had for you, to care about what others said, to let yourself get into your head.

You turned and looked at him with red eyes and a trembling lip. He knew that look and wished more than anything that he could take it away. To get rid of everything hurting you. “I’m sorry, Cal. I don’t like feeling like this. I just want to be okay again.” You finally broke, letting out your feelings. It felt like a kick to Calum’s chest because, how did he not see this sooner? And if he did see something a little off then why didn’t he try to fix it then? “No, angel, it’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself. I’m here now. I’ve always been here, baby. I’m sorry if I made you feel otherwise.” He assured you, holding you to his chest. “I know you have, Calum. Please don’t feel like this is your fault. I’m just going through a weird time right now. You’ve been more than enough for me. I love you.” “I’ve obviously not been as good to you as I should’ve been since you feel this way. I think some making up is due?” He suggested with a cheeky smile, though inside he just wanted to appreciate you and show you his heart and the love it held for you. “I feel like sex is your solution to everything.” You said, laughing, feeling a little bit better even if it was just temporary. “Who said anything about sex? I think that’s what you want. You only love me for my body.” As soon as the words left his mouth he wished he could take them back. The look on your face said it all. “That’s what this is isn’t it?… It’s not the hate?” He asked slowly. “It’s weird, Calum. You’re this hot, fit, athletic rock star who has the kindest soul and the sweetest personality… and then there’s me. I have huge arms and thighs, a squishy, jiggly stomach, loads of stretch marks and I’m annoying. I complain about everything and I sometimes feel like I take you for granted. I don’t deserve you. And when we’re together it’s like everyone notices. It’s like, ‘hey look at the super hot guy with that fat girl, she’s bigger than him.’ I hate feeling like I’m embarrassing you all the time. I feel like I’m not enough for you.” Calum sat there, shocked at the words that left your beautiful lips. How could his girl, his beautiful, amazing, absolutely wonderful princess ever think such horrific things about herself? He felt completely beside himself. How is he supposed to explain that his entire life revolved around you? That you were his forever, when you felt like you didn’t deserve him? So he did what he did best in confusing situations… “Are you fucking stupid or something?” He sassed, standing up and beginning to pace. “Excuse me?” You mumbled back, shocked at his outburst. “You heard me. Are you stupid? How the fucking hell do you think you’re not enough for me? ME?! If anything I don’t deserve you, you fucking idiot!” “Calum I-” “No! It’s my turn to talk! You are everything to me. Did you know that? You are my happiness, my number one, you’re my person, okay? I can’t understand how you’ve managed to find such negative things about yourself but I’m about to set things straight. “First of all, I fucking love your thighs. It’s so sexy when you wrap them around me at times that only I get to see you. Only I get to know what these feel like wrapped around my head.” He whispered, kissing along the inside of your thighs, across the stretch marks that decorate the skin. “I really love your belly too. It’s so soft and I love how fast I can fall asleep when I lay on it, it’s perfect.” A few kisses were layered upon your tummy as he lifted your shirt up to reveal stretch mark central, your most insecure body part. You quickly covered yourself hoping he didn’t notice the blemishes, the flaws that marked your stomach. He did though, and he was fast to put your mind at ease. “You’re do damn beautiful, my pretty girl…I love you.” His lips trailed kisses up your arms, followed by his hands. “And I love your arms, they are my home. I love when you hold me in them, it makes me feel safe. As long as I’m in your arms I’ll be okay.” He nuzzled his face into your neck. “And yeah, you can be pretty annoying, but I wouldn’t have you any other way. I love how you know exactly which buttons to press that piss me off in a snap, and I love that you have a smart ass, sarcastic mouth on you. I would never change that. And I think I’m the one who’s taking you for granted, baby. I’m away for so long and I’ve gotten so used to having you that I always just assume that you’re always going to be here. I probably shouldn’t do that. Please don’t ever feel like you agent enough for me or anybody. You are. You’re always going to be enough.” He held you close, kissing the top of your head every few seconds and just relishing in your warmth. It took you a long time to process what he said and compose yourself as you say there, mulling over what to say in your head. He could see you struggling with yourself so he held you tighter and laid his head against yours as you thought about what to say. “I’m not going to be okay again just like that. It’s going to take some time and effort and it’ll be hard. But you’ve been so incredibly amazing to me since we’ve met and I can’t even put into words how much you mean to me. You’re perfect, Cal. I love you so much and I’m so thankful to have you.” You said, pulling him to you by his neck so that you could give him a kiss. He hummed, pulling you onto his lap and deepening the kiss. When you ran out of air you pulled back and smiled shyly, “thanks for quoting my favorite Grey’s Anatomy line by the way.” You giggled as he blushed, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “I’m surprised, I didn’t think you ever paid any attention to it when I watched it. I figured you just ignored it and I am especially surprised that you were listening when I said that was my favorite line.” He shrugged glancing down at you, “it’s true, you are my person.”
Imagine the winter holidays with the Superwholock team.

Y/N: Happy holidays everyone.

Cas: I don’t understand. Why do we celebrate these holidays?

Sherlock: Honestly I don’t know… they’re rather boring.

Y/N: Come on Sherlock… don’t be a scrooge or a Grinch.

The Doctor: I could round up a few Suantarians if you want me too they can always brighten the holidays.

Dean: Are Suantarians the potato people that love war and things like that?

The Doctor: *Nods*

Sam: No we don’t need a homicidal potato running around.

Y/N: Will someone help me decorate a  little bit please?

John: Sure (Y/N)

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angelsandcas asked: So now what do you think about the square shaped lamps in Jen's pic and Misha's video? It could just be a coincidence, but I want to believe, even if they are just good friends..

For those wondering, this is what she’s talking about:

Now, before I jump into the Cockles of it all, lets explore the two other options.

#1. Coincidence: They could just happen to have the same lamp. This wouldn’t even be far fetched because, seeing as how they ‘live’ in the same area while filming, I assume they shop at the same stores as well. Both men very well could have enjoyed the lamp and wanted to see it in the comfort of their own (Canada) apartment.

Disclaimer: Both men honestly have such different styles. They may seem similar…but theyre really not. Misha tends to be more out there with his choice in outfit whereas Jensen tends to be more subtle and more in fashion. (I’m not saying that Misha isn’t fashionable, he’s just carefree compared to the other two.) Although, they have been known to share clothes from time to time. (There are definitely more ‘shared clothes’ pictures than that, I just dont have the  time to find them at the moment!) Misha still is outgoing when there is no one around to dress him. (One of the many things I love about him.) I understand that this speaks only to their clothing style, and that, at the end of the day, has nothing to do with their decor style, but hey. I needed a disclaimer…and any chance I can get to share pictures of Misha’s pink pants, I’m taking it.

#2. They’re just hanging out as friends: Its Misha and Jensen! The two men that complete J2M, the best three-sum-friendship out there. They wanted to have some bro-time, so whats wrong with hanging out or watching an episode together in Jensens apartment? A few beers, some laughter, then going on their separate ways. Bro-time=the best time.

Disclaimer: Since when did “bro-time” become so secretive? (Im going to focus on the live tweeting moments, since the picture of Jensen where we see the lamp was during that time, and the idea that they are together during them.) Why not, in the middle of their live tweeting, let the audience know that they’re watching it together? In this post of Jensen and Misha’s live tweeting during the 200th episode, you will notice Misha states he is watching with ‘someone’ but doesnt reveal who that someone is. Why not? I know many of you are thinking, “They didnt mention it because Cockles shippers would have harassed them!” True or not, there are J2 shippers out there too. And Jensen has no problem telling them when he’s with Jared. But, there is obviously someone with both Misha and Jensen during the live tweeting, otherwise these pictures would have not been taken. (Also, there was the time that Jensen was taking about going to yoga with a friend, and Jared called him out on it. Why so secretive about who that “friend” was Jen, if its only just a friend?)

#3. Cockles: They live together, or at least spend a LOT of time in each others apartments while in Canada, just so they can have quality time with one another if ya know what I mean.

Disclaimer: There is none because that’s literally the case I mean come on guys lets be real. These two cant keep away from one another. (I never had time to finish this one, but just imagine every moment they spend together and you’ll get the picture.)

Edit: This is a VERY old post that I recently discovered in my drafts. Please understand this if you find any mistakes and refrain from (rudely) calling me out on them!

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Can I have relationship headcanons for Captain Phasma please!! Have a nice day and thank you in advance!!!

Of course! I hope you have a nice day, too!

  • She’s seen a lot of messed up stuff, and is pretty tense most of the time, so she really appreciates a good back rub. But she doesn’t want to feel indebted to you, so get ready for awesome back rubs.
  • She won’t verbally communicate unless it’s absolutely necessary when she’s on duty, but if you’re working together she will take a moment to rest a hand on your shoulder as she passes, to let you know she’s there and that she’s thinking of you.
  • You’re the first one to say ‘I love you.’ She doesn’t react and goes about her day, but when you get home, she’s made dinner for the both of you, as fancy as is possible on rations, and she makes sure you know that she loves you too.
  • You alternate who cooks when you can both make it back to your quarters. You both have very busy schedules, but it’s nice when you do get to sit down together for a meal. She’s surprisingly adept at cooking. I recommend her spaghetti.
  • She isn’t one to gossip, but when you ask her about her day, it will probably begin with ‘I cannot believe Kylo Ren, sometimes! Honestly-”
  • She’s not a big fan of PDA, but she can get rather possessive at times, and when the two of you are together in a non-formal situation she likes to hold your hand.
  • She doesn’t like kissing in front of people, but she likes to kiss you as a sign of appreciation when you’re not with others.
  • Honestly she just likes to be in contact with you a lot, especially when you two are alone and relaxing, watching the holoscreen in your quarters, you two will be sitting as close as you can get without actually sitting on one another.
  • She is most definitely the big spoon. She likes feeling like she can protect those she cares about.
  • She’s not too fussy about how to decorate your quarters, but if someone’s offered you a position stationed on a different planet, she probably won’t like. She might be distant for a few days, but she’d tell you what was bothering her eventually and she’s open to talking about big life decisions. She’d understand if you took the offer, she knows what it’s like to sacrifice things for your job.
Holy shit, that spell WORKED: also, spells and mental illness

Isn’t it the best feeling?? When you’ve done a spell, and the results unfold for you in an unmistakable way?

I’ve been waiting for weeks to talk about this particular spell I did, one of the biggest I’ve ever cast (behind that one money spell, idek where that one came from). I didn’t want to talk about it before I felt it had run its course.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a mental health professional. This is all opinion and experience. If you feel or practice differently, I respect that! Everyone is different, and different things work for them. This is a complex subject so not everything is addressed, and I’m absolutely not trying to shame anyone. I just want to write about some thoughts and experiences I’ve had on this journey.

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Hallowmas: Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader;

Prompt: “Halloween is better.” //  “Let’s have Hallowmas!” from this prompt list;

Word Count: 367;

Welcome to the fourth installment of Cinnamon Adventures!!

Originally posted by ryan-potter

“Really, Peter, I don’t understand why you’re such a Grinch.” You address your boyfriend as you stretch to put up a few decorations.

“Why am I- (Y/N), you know how I feel about Christmas.” Peter answers, rolling his eyes. He keeps the decorations in place without even realizing it, making you smile at his incredible dorkiness.

“What?” He asks, confused.

“Oh, nothing.” You dismiss, getting off of the ladder you were previously on. “And yes, I do know, but there’s nothing I can do about it. And there’s nothing you can do about it either.”

“Ugh-” Peter groans, frustrated about your words. After a few seconds, his entire face lights up and, right as you’re about to ask, he opens his mouth to speak. “Actually, I think I do have something to do about it!” He exclaims, victoriously looking at you.

“Well, come on, then. Share it to the world.” You state.

“Okay so I was thinking- since Halloween is better, let’s just have Hallowmas instead of Christmas!” He perks up, his eyes glowing with joy. As his eyes meet yours, you just know you won’t be able to deny him anything. You give an exasperated sigh and with that, he knows you agree to the idea.

He quickly pecks your lips, gently cupping your face in his hands and tilting it so it’s facing him.

“You’re amazing, (Y/N).” He truthfully states.

“Yeah, yeah- alright.” You roll your eyes at the suddenly changed behavior of your boyfriend.

“Oh, (Y/N), I hope you do realize what Hallowmas means.” He smirks, rolling his sleeves upwards.

“You get to put on the suit and shoot webs over every Christmas decoration in the flat?” You sass, knowing he’s been threatening to do it in a while.

“Well, that, too. But I was thinking of something we can both do.” He smiles and you can’t help but feel curious as to what is your nerd of a boyfriend trying to say.

“Really? What’s that?”

In reply, he simply picks up a DVD that was lying around. Raising it to your eye level, you read the title and raise your eyebrows.

“Really? Well, it’s fitting, I s’ppose.”

It was A Nightmare Before Christmas.

A/N: Okay, it was refreshing to leave the HP fandom for the tiniest bit. Loved writing this, and I hope y’all loved reading this! Huge kudos to @tomhollahd for requesting this, I hope you enjoyed!

Tagging: @andreasunny; @actualhufflepuff; @vindi-x; @lauraknniey; @smolbeanchild15; and trini here have another tag @tomhollahd;

remember that requests are open! the prompt list can be found here. if you want to be tagged, drop me an ask!

Peppermint and cinnamon | Liz/Ressler (Keenler) Fanfiction | The Blacklist

Title: Peppermint and cinnamon
Rating: T
WC: 4,740
Characters: Donald Ressler, Elizabeth Keen, Meera Malik, Red Reddington, Aram Mojtabai.
Pairing: Elizabeth Keen/Donald Ressler (Keenler)
Summary: Ressler can deal with the decorations and the lights, but he’s not going to a Christmas party. No way in hell. Not even if his life depends on it.
Author’s notes: Friendly reminder that English is not my first language, so I’m sorry for all the mistakes you’ll probably find.
More notes: You can totally blame enalgunlugar for this one, because it was her idea. She was like “It’s Christmas, I can’t believe we don’t have a mistletoe fanfiction” so here it is. You should probably read “83 days” before this because it’s kind of a sequel, but I guess you can read it as an oneshot too. I hope you like it and MERRY CHRISTMAS! ;)

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TITLE: Traditions


AUTHOR: lazylore

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine your best friends with Natasha and she drags you into Tony’s Christmas parties, and Thor just-so-happened to drag Loki there as well. She catches you staring at each other and she locks you in a closet together. 

RATING: pg-13

NOTES/WARNINGS: No warnings. It ended up just a bit long, sorry!. Hope you enjoy. 

“I don’t understand why I have to be here,” you asked inside the elevator, watching the numbers above the door change. “I’m not even an avenger.”

“But you’re my friend.” Natasha said, “And as such, you’ll be my support. There’s only a limited time I can stand being in a room with all of them before I want to pull my hair.” She joked.

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In Their Honor

Pairing: Captain Swan

Rating: G

Genre:  Lieutenant Duckling

(Tagging a few who might be interested:@annaamell @flslp87 @doracianstormerose @sailormew4 @myst-l-vie @mermaidswans @bethacaciakay @effulgentcolors @ilovemesomekillianjones @tnlph @kat2609 @missgymgirl @galadriel26 @laschatzi @snowbellewells @charmingturkeysandwich @jennjenn615 @captainscolts @holmes-a-holic @kmomof4)


A/N: This is the next in my new Fluffy Fridays reruns series.  I realized several of these one or two shots might have fallen through the cracks as they hid within the (now massive) fluffy anthology that is known as Fluffy Fridays. As I don’t really have time to write new stuff now, I thought I’d pass the time in December (and the very end of November) by pulling out my favorite FF installments and posting them in their own right.  Hope you enjoy the “rerun”!


“A lovely night, a lovely night!  A finer night you know you’ll never see.  You meet your prince, a charming prince, as charming as a prince will ever be.  The stars in a hazy heaven tremble above you while he is whispering: “Darling I love you”.  You say goodbye, away you fly, but on your lips you keep a kiss.  All your life you dream of this lovely, lovely night.”

                                                              –Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella

The first time Lieutenant Killian Jones, Crown Prince of Camelot, danced with Emma Swan, Princess of Misthaven, it was at a ball in his honor.  The usual trepidation, uneasiness and sorrow descended on Killian as he thought of his new title and the reason he now held it.  His brother, Liam, the former Crown Prince, had been gone for six months now, and Killian still missed him with an ache that was nearly physical.  Liam left him big shoes to fill, and he had no idea if he was up to the task.

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Hey, Emma, I need advice. It has come to a point where most of what I think about is related to school or schoolwork, and that is mostly what I do or focus on. I probably need some new hobbies or interests, but I'm lost on where to start or how to get new interests, if you understand what I'm saying? It's just all so tiring and I could really need a break from work sometimes.

Hi! I totally get that! Here are a few things you could do to pass some time in a more fun way:

  • create your own art
  • start a blog
  • learn a musical instrument
  • practice doing yoga
  • start a workout routine
  • find a game you like (I love Sims!! So addictive and can totally take your mind of school)
  • watch tv shows (I can list loads with lots of seasons which you can get into!)
  • learn how to use photoshop/illustrator
  • volunteer somewhere
  • practice a language
  • learn to draw
  • join a sports club/team
  • learn how to decorate cakes (fun and tasty!)
  • learn how to meditate
  • listen to podcasts
  • take up photography
  • try journalling
  • start a pinterest
  • read best-selling books
  • learn how to do magic tricks
  • learn how to speak sign language
  • become a mentor
  • research things you’re interested in/watch documentaries
  • have regular plans to see your friends (movie night, games nights, etc!)

Also here is a list of where you can learn some hobbies! Hope that helps :-) x

aenramsden  asked:

So I'm just imagining Cat's mom does something Bad; maybe pushes Cat to tears. And Kara - maybe RK!Kara, maybe just normal protective!Kara - decides to get /revenge/ as only Cat Grant's super-assistant can. Cue Katherine getting stuck in the CatCo elevator for half an hour on her way up, being unable to book a restaurant table anywhere, mysteriously missing a rescheduling memo, finding construction work outside her hotel at 2am, etc. And she can't /prove/ it's sunny, smiling Kara. But she knows.


“miss grant?” she appears in front of cat instantly—or, annoyingly enough, not instantly like cat is fairly sure that she could. but very quickly. “what do you need?”

“i just heard a very interesting rumour that my mother is stuck in an elevator.”

“oh yes.” kara twists her face into something like upset. “it’s very unfortunate. all our electricians are out of the building at the moment.”

“and witt?”

“also not here.”

“and the entire IT department?”

“working on it, with security. we updated the system after livewire’s last attack and they’re having a little trouble getting around the system to manually override the doors.”

“and supergirl is right out, i’m sure.”

kara nods solemnly. “i’m afraid your mother is stuck, miss grant. i did make sure that food and water were taken to her and someone opened the hatch to make sure she wouldn’t run out of air.”

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So, with Thanksgiving around the corner, I think its about time I start preparing for Christmas. Its my favorite Holiday of the year and I love the jolly ambiance I get to have all winter long.

One of my current obsessions has been Free!. I’ve been seeing posts on tumblr about all these cute cafe events being held in japan along with all these Ichiban kuji lottos with endless adorable Free! merchandise that I simply can’t afford at this time. So I’m making my own and sharing with anyone who might be on the same boat as me. Heres a set of Free! christmas ornaments ( no pun intended kukuku) for you to use ( for personal use only of course ).

I like the idea so I might draw up a few more of other favorite shows. I can see my christmas tree now…..and all the non-otaku people not understanding.  I drew them this way so they’d be easy to print and cut out.


Stiles Stilinski “Unforgettable”

Requested by angsty-dancing-monkey: Can you do a Stiles one shot where Stiles wants to ask you out after seeing you for the first time and the whole pack helps him make the question really special?

“Scott, I need your help! Scott!”

“I hear you very clearly, there are no reasons to shout.” Scott looked at his friend suspiciously. “Why are you so excited?” 

“Listen, do you remember the new girl recently arrived at Beacon Hills?” 

“Of course, Y/N is in our class.” 

“Yeah, exactly. So, I wanted to… get to know her better.” 

“Then go and ask her whatever you want to know.” 

"No! You don’t understand! I can’t just come to her and ask.” 

“Why not?” 

“Are you going to help me or will continue asking me stupid questions?” Stiles exclaimed crossly.

“Okay, Stiles, how can I help you? Kidnap her?” 

"Not funny, buddy, not funny at all.” 

"Just go and ask her out.” Scott sighed. 

“Any guy can just come to a girl and ask her on a date. But Y/N isn’t just ordinary girl. I mean look at her! I need to do something special for Y/N!” Stiles was very excited and almost shouted. 

“Ok, I see you’re very serious about it.” 

“Of course I’m! So I need your help to everything perfectly.” Stiles looked at his friend eagerly. “I’m waiting for your advice.” 

“You know I’m not good at such things.” 

“Neither am I.” Stiles replied honestly. 

“So ask someone else to help you.” 

“Great! I’ll call everyone. Meet in an hour at Derek’s loft.” Stiles rushed somewhere leaving Scott perplexed. 


“What the hell is wrong with this kid? Why has he called us?” Derek was obviously irritated because of this unexpexted meeting. ”I hope he has a serious reason to do that.”

“He said he needs help.” Lydia replied.

Then Stiles appeared, enthusiastic and excited: “So guys, we have a lot to do and I hope I can rely on you!” 

“Can you tell already what’s happened?” Derek grumbled losing patience.

“I’m not expect much help from Derek but…” He saw how Derek glared at him. “Okay, let’s get back to the point. I want to ask Y/N out and I need all of you to make it really special.” Stiles told smiling and lookind at his friend waiting for their reaction. 

“Is it the reason?” Derek was infuriated. “Listen, we have far more serious issues to solve and you’re talking about some stupid date?”

“Hey, relax, don’t be so critical.” Scott tried to soothe him, pat him on his shoulder.

“That can be interesting.” Lydia looked at Stiles.

“Yes, I’d like to help you too.” Kira supported.

“Are you sure she’ll agree? I mean she has a lot of attention from guys who are, sorry Stiles, are more interesting than you.” Isaac replied.

“You’re not helping again.” Stiles narrowed his eyes. “Why did I call him?” He asked himself. “Anyway, that’s why I asked you to help me.”  

“You came to the right place. With our help any girl will be glad to go on a date with you.” Lydia and Kira said with such a confidence that the boys understood there is no way back.

“Well, don’t invite her in the movie or a cafe, it’s too banal. We should arrange something special. How about my lake house?”


“Tonight? I haven’t heard anything about it.” You said to Lydia when she invited you to her party. 

“Well, it’s a special event and not everyone knows about it. But trust me it’ll be great, you’ll like it.” she smiled waiting impatiently for your answer. “So, what do think?”

“I think I’ll come. I cannot miss it, right? I’ve heard you have best parties.” 

“Trust me, Y/N, this party will be unforgettable.”


When you arrived to Lydia’s lake house you didn’t see dancing people, there was no loud music. “Maybe it’s too early.” you thought entering the house. Then you saw Lydia finally.

“Am I too early?” you asked a bit nervously.

“No, you’re just in time, Y/N.” she replied leading you to the lake. At first you heard the soft splash of its water and quiet music and a few moment later you noticed how beautifully the summerhouse was decorated with flowers, candles and lights. When you caught sight of Stiles, Lydia only murmured “Enjoy” and left the two of you.

“Hey, Y/N, you look stunning.” He smiled to you awkwardly. “Can I ask you for a slow dance?” 

“What does it mean, Stiles?” you gigled still not understanding what was going on. “Where are the others?”

“We don’t need others.” He answered simply. “It’s all for us.” He added already boldly. “I wanted to do something special for you.”

“Wow.” You only staring at him amazed, not being able to say something intelligible. You looked around wondering how he could do all of this. Everything was perfect like in a movie. 

“You know no one has ever done something like this before.” You said still staring at the lights and flowers. Then you felt that Stiles came closer and looked into his eyes smiling. It encouraged Stiles.

“So you like it?”

“Of course! It’s amazing!” you clapped your hands like a child, your  face glowing and radiant with delight.

“Oh, great, I thought…”

“Do you still want to dance?” You took his hand giggling at his reaction. You liked Stiles, he was smart and did so much to impress you. 

“I wanted to say that… I really like you, Y/N, and…” he began nervously still holding your hand.


“And I hope you’ll like this little date. I still have many surprises for you.”

Lydia was right, this evening would be unforgettable.

Winter of Our Discontent

Title: Winter of Our Discontent [ff.net] [ao3]

Rating: K+

Word Count: ~1600

Summary: Mako waits for Korra after she leaves for the Spirit World with Asami. Angst. [Be the Peaf Prompt 68 – Sweater Weather] [12/20/14]

Author Note: Not super sure how happy I am but here you go eat this trash.



When Mako sees her disappear into the green glow of the newly minted Republic City Spirit Portal, he is willing to wait.

He figures Korra needs a moment so he waits a safe distance away. When the seconds turn to minutes, and those minutes evolve and grow into hours, Mako has to wonder what is really going on.

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kasumypersonal  asked:

i havent requested something in a while since u seem so busy with other writing stuff all the time but the AU thing hnnn... Just if its floating ur boat tho i understand if not<3 u still familiar with my BBRae tattoo/bookstore AU? Would u mind writing a little something where rae and bb hook up for the first time and rae discovers ALL the hidden ink under his clothes (if ur into that u can throw in a certain body part being decorated with a piece of jewlery) doesnt have to be fully nsfw though.

“You could turn the music down at least.” Raven picked through the tattoo parlor, stepping around boxes as her prim heels clicked on the black and white tile floor. She could hear shuffling a few rooms away, followed by a bit of almost animalistic grunting. She ignored the sound, and moved toward the speakers, turning the sound down. “It’s two in the afternoon on a Sunday, and I’m listening to the sound of your off-key, mid-nineties, alternative rock through a wall. I am trying to keep my patrons in the store to read.”

Ha.” The bark of laughter echoed off the walls and floors, slipping through the space toward her. “As if. Think of it this way, Rae-”

Raven,” she corrected with a roll of her eyes.

“-they’ll be more apt to buy the book and leave, rather than sit there and read it for free.” He snorted and there was more shuffling from behind a red curtain toward the back wall. “So, in reality, I’m doing you a favor. You’re able to have more customers today simply because-”

“That makes no sense!” Raven sighed and threw her hands up into the air, letting them fall against the glass case, displaying piercings and hardware under bright, LED lights. She lifted her eyes to the red curtain and watched it rustle and brush as he moved behind it. “What are you doing here anyway? It’s Sunday, and I know you’re shop is usually closed. I got at least one day that allowed some semblance of normalcy.”

“Ehhhh.” He grunted and moved something around. “I’m doing some deep cleaning. It was time to sterilize the whole shop and clean out junk again. I’ve been keeping some old records and things I don’t need to. Plus, I got some new equipment that I wanted to set up.”

“So you have to listen to Smells Like Teen Spirit at top volume for that to happen?” Raven tapped her fingers against the glass. “And scare away my patrons?”

“Nah. Smells Like Teen Spirit isn’t even my favorite cleaning song, I don’t know how it ended up on this list.” Garfield threw open the curtain and leaned against the door frame, looking at her with a smile pulling at the corners of her lips. “I’m a little more Everything is Zen.” 

Raven’s face flushed and she found herself unable to turn away from the sight of him. Garfield was completely shirtless, ink staining nearly every inch of his bare skin. Her breath caught in her throat and she followed the intricate detail of a dragon, watching it with complete and utter fascination. It curled around the curves and planes of his chest, slipping over his ribs and down his side until the tail disappeared into the waistband of his low slung jeans. 

Low slung jeans with no underwear.

Raven’s cheeks flushed brightly and she drug her eyes back up to his chest, trying to ignore the golden fringe of hair that disappeared beneath his jeans as well. Her heart started to pound in her ears, thumping and bumping until she wasn’t even sure she could hear her own breath. Swallowing, her eyes caught the glint of a silver barbell piercing each his nipples. 

Briefly, she wandered what it would be like to trace the curves and lines of his tattoo with her tongue, before wrapping her lips around the cold steel and-

“Eyes up here, Rae.”

Her eyes shot to his face and she let out a small, surprised squeak. Garfield just laughed and reached up to take the curtain down from the rod above his head. Raven set her jaw and turned on her heel, making her way to the door with a soft, annoyed huff.

“Just keep the music down.”

“I’ll think about it.”

Fallen Christmas Trees and Fallen Angels

Originally posted by touched-by-an-angel19

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean x Cas
Warnings: none
Type: One-shot
Word Count: 1,290

They’d been on the road for almost fifteen hours straight, taking turns driving, trying to get from one side of the country to the other before daybreak. Snow was piled high on the shoulders of the road. It occurred to them that it was Christmas Eve only when they passed a forlorn gas station, half decorated with dying Christmas lights.

It was Dean’s turn to drive again. He had taken his spot back behind the wheel about an hour ago after he noticed Sam starting to nod off. Glancing over at Sam, he wondered what was going on in that freakishly smart head that was distracting him all the time lately. Maybe it was just the years and years of hunting, suddenly catching up to his younger brother. It happened to Dean occasionally. The ones he couldn’t save staring at him in the dead of the night, causing him to wake up in a cold sweat.

He shook off that thought and focused again on the road. The snow was coming down steadily, fat, fluffy snowflakes illuminated by the Impala’s headlights. Yawning, Dean glanced again at his brother. A twinge of guilt had him scanning ahead of the car in search of the telltale glow of a motel sign. There was a time when he would have argued with Sam about taking a break from hunting on Christmas. Now, though…

After a few more minutes of driving, Dean caught sight of a motel and was soon pulling into the small parking lot. He parked the Impala in front of the lobby, quickly ran in and paid for a room, and came back out. Sam was still asleep, forehead against the window, and he jerked awake when Dean called his name.

“Dean?” Weariness clouded Sam’s voice, but his eyes focused on the bright yellow motel sign and realization dawned over his face. “I thought we were driving till we got there.”

“Yeah, well, it’s Christmas,” Dean replied. “I’d like to sleep in an actual bed tonight.”

Sam looked as though he wanted to comment on the fact that they hadn’t celebrated the winter holiday in years, but he just shrugged and got out of the Impala. The brothers grabbed their bags out of the trunk, then Dean led the way to Room 7, and they stepped into the darkness of their temporary home, sighing in relief at the warmth.

Sam flicked on the light as Dean shut the door. The faint, lingering scent of pine hung in the air, like someone had recently had pine air fresheners placed around the room. After a brief once-over, Dean compartmentalized the room’s nondescript furnishings – red carpet, solid grain wooden nightstands, deep green bed sets – into his subconscious, so that if something woke him in the early hours of the morning he’d notice anything unusual right away.

“Hey, Dean,” Sam said.

Dean turned, setting his bag on the bed furthest from the door, as was their routine. “Yeah, Sammy?”

“D’you think this case can wait until after Christmas? I mean, we haven’t celebrated it in a while and I thought we could get some eggnog and it’d be like old times.” Sam offered Dean a tired smile, switching on the puppy eyes that Dean so loved: that expression had gotten them priceless information on cases, and that expression used to make Dean’s heart melt when they were kids. It was hard to resist the urge to give his baby brother what he wanted. Dean was tired of resisting things like that.

“Yeah, sure, why the hell not,” he shrugged. “Just get some sleep.”

“Thanks, Dean,” Sam smiled. He stepped on the heels of his shoes to get them off, then collapsed onto the bed, fully clothed, and was snoring eight seconds later (Dean counted).

Shutting the light off, Dean took his own shoes off and crawled onto the bed. He tossed and turned for a while, trying and failing to shut his mind off. As much as he wanted to sleep, now that he had the opportunity to, he couldn’t seem to get his body to cooperate.

Maybe I should call Cas, he thought. Get him to help with a tree and decorations. That’d be fun. An exhausted smile crossed his features as he settled down into the pillows, imagining surprising his younger brother after he came back to the room from getting them both coffee and falling asleep to the sound of Sam’s regular breathing and the hum of the heater.

~ * ~ * ~

He woke with a start, feeling like he was falling endlessly into blackness. Weak, watery sunlight streamed in through the open curtains, and he blinked away the sleep. Sam’s messy bed was empty; he must’ve already gone to get coffee and breakfast. Then Dean noticed the figure standing at the foot of his bed. He jumped.

“Dammit, Cas,” he huffed. “How long have you been standing there?”

The trench coat-wearing angel furrowed his brow at Dean. “Half an hour, since Sam left. I would have woken you up, but you seemed so peaceful, it seemed a shame to disturb you.”

Dean blinked and for a moment recalled the sickening dread of the nightmare he’d been having, watching himself fall while Sam and Cas were- No. He locked down on that thought and gave a single terse nod to Cas.

“Dean,” said the angel.


“Why did you ask me to bring a pine tree?”

Dean looked up at Cas, then noticed the tree behind him in the corner, colored lights twisted around its branches, so tall that its top branches were bent under the ceiling. A grin spread over his face. “Because, Cas, its Christmas, and we decorate trees on Christmas. Did you bring ornaments?” When Cas shook his head, Dean gestured at his bag. “Look in there. I think I still have some old air fresheners for the Impala we can use.”

A moment of rummaging through miscellaneous articles of clothing and weaponry, Cas pulled out a bundle of air fresheners, ranging from black ice to lemon. Holding up the ‘ornaments’ to eye level, Cas said, “I don’t understand – why are we going to put these on the tree?”

“Because, Cas,” Dean laughed. “The Christmas tree is the symbol of Christmas.”

“Actually, it’s the symbol of Yule, a pagan ritual, not a Christian one,” Cas said. “Jesus wasn’t born in December. He was born in June. It was one of the hottest summers that century.”

Taking a few ornaments from Cas, Dean reached up to put one on a high branch. “Sure it was. Cas, come help me move the tree out of the corner so we can decorate on all sides.”

Cas squeezed between the tree and the wall and pushed while Dean pulled. But the base of the tree caught on the carpet, and it wobbled dangerously for a second before coming down on top of Dean.

“Son of a bitch! Cas! What the hell, man!” Groaning in pain, Dean tried to push the pine off of him without further damage to his already bruised hands and ribs.

“My apologies, Dean,” Cas said, matter-of-fact as always, though he was hiding a smile from the hunter. “I’ll help you.”

“What the hell?” a voice said from the doorway, and Dean strained his head backward to see Sam standing in the doorway, coffee in each hand and a brown bag under one arm, an incredulous grin on his face as he took in the scene before him. Before Dean could say anything, Sam had set the drinks down and pulled his phone out, snapping a quick picture.

“Cas, get this tree off of me right now. I have to delete that photo from my brother’s phone.”