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How do you still watch/like supernatural???????????


well thought-out. a lot of question marks. this is serious.


i know a lot of people who love blue cheese.

i think it’s awful. i look at it and ask, “how? how can someone like that? by eating it, who are they trying to impress? they look like they’re genuinely enjoying it, but how? it’s so awful” without considering the other option

they have a different preference than me.

that’s a lot to take in, so i’ll give you a second.

ok, i think you’re good.

now, i would ask those people, “don’t you realize it’s…that…that’s mold? there’s mold there. i can’t get over the fact that there’s something inherently bad in it” and they shrug, recognize that yeah that is what it is, but there’s so much to it that they do like that just because someone else isn’t into it, doesn’t mean they’re giving it up. and hey, it’s not bad for them, so they have at it. it’s improved a lot of things for them, too. salad. hot wings. the works!

but then i might think, “they can’t POSSIBLY keep liking it. they’ve liked it for so long! get over your love for blue cheese!”

but that isn’t how having like, a favorite of something works. it’s available to them. it makes a lot of stuff better for them. they don’t always have to have it, but when they do, they enjoy it. maybe they went through a period where they had it on something they didn’t like, left a bad taste in their mouths, and they dropped it for a minute, but they couldn’t give up one of their favorite foods.

so, spn is my blue cheese.

yeah, i recognize why it’s, in many ways, wonky. but the cast, the crew, the fans? everyone has become a part of a family i never really got to have. i have sweet loving grandmas i never got, and mothers who look after me and check in on me. i have kind men who give me fatherly advice, and i have big brothers who tease me but stand up for me when they see i’m down. this show has given me opportunities, courage to pursue what i love, and friends who, i don’t think i’d still be here if i hadn’t made them. friends who help in tremendous ways for someone who’s across the planet.

as for the show, last season was a rough one for me. but i love when they tackle big religious topics, and how they do it to this day. for some people, it didn’t jive, and that’s cool. there’s a lot of good content out there. (seriously, i’m still a huge advocate of american gods! if you’ve dropped spn but miss that early-season aesthetic and LOVE gore, give it a shot. aw yiss)

i hope i covered all of the points and removed some of the question marks from this question!

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a/n: not requested, but I realized that I pretty much always fall asleep during horror movies, even when they’re good, and I was looking through gifs and stumbled upon this one, so thats how this imagine came about. 

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“What do you want to watch, babe?” Shawn asks from the bathroom through the open door.

“Uh, you can choose.” You respond, staring down at your laptop, trying to work on an assignment. 

Shawn enters the room, “Y/n, it’s movie night. No more work.” 

“I know, I know. Just let me finish this one thing.” You tell him, still not taking your eyes off the screen as you read over your assignment before getting ready to submit it. Shawn plops down next to you, turning on the tv and opening up Netflix. 

After a while, you finish submit your assignment, and Shawn offers a few different options for the movie. “Lets watch a horror.” You tell him, in the mood for something scary. 

“You’re going to fall asleep.” He responds immediately. He knows you too well. 

“But I really want to watch something scary.”

There is silence as Shawn starts browsing through the horror movie options. You two finally settle on one called 13 Cameras. It starts playing, and Shawn takes your laptop and puts it on the side table next to the bed before flipping off the bedroom light so the room is only illuminated by the light from the tv screen. He climbs into bed, laying down and wrapping an arm around you as you cuddle into his side.

As the movie starts, you try to stay awake, but theres something about horror movies that always make you feel like falling asleep. 

“What the hell, he’s such a fuckin creep.” Shawn mutters about ten minutes into the movie, which causes you to open your eyes, and prevents you from falling asleep.

“Yeah, he’s gross.” You respond. 

“You weren’t watching.” He says, knowingly.

“I’m trying to, I swear.” You respond, yawning. He just smiles, shaking his head at you, fulling expecting that you’ll fall asleep soon.

You both watch in silence for another forty-five minutes. You’re interested to know what happens, but you have to fight so hard to keep from falling asleep. Shawn glances down at you, then comments, “I’m surprised you’re still awake. You normally don’t make it this far into a horror movie.” 

“I want to know why this guy is doing this.” You respond, sleepily.

He rubs your back, and you know he’s smiling by the sound of his voice as he says, “It’s okay, just sleep. I’ll tell you the end tomorrow.” He gently kisses you on the forehead. 

You smile and mumble, “Thanks, goodnight.” And you close your eyes, not bothering to fight off sleep any longer. 

“Night, baby.” 

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Hey i'm with lipip, i don't see the appeal in your art and i feel its not going to get you anywhere really. You won't make a living out of it and its pretty much a waste of time to put it up and show everyone your never improving art. Try improving more. Show me something new and great in a day alright?

I’m proud of my artwork, it took a long time for me to be comfortable and happy with my style. All i can hope to do is hopefully inspire someone with my work and or make someone’s brighter. As i’ve said I am not doing this for fame or fortune. I draw because I love doing it. It takes lots of time, patience, and practice to be content with art you create, that’s how it is for me, it gets frustrating but hey that only motivates me more to keep trying. Its alright if you don’t like my art, i’m not forcing you to. But i’ve got lots of determination and the motivation to continue doing what i love and who knows what the future holds, were just going to have to wait and see. Have a great day. 

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Everything in TG could've been avoided if Hide just called it straight and said, "Kaneki, my dude, that chick is way out of your league. So don't do this. It will only lead to embarrassment and a month of you texting me about camels [Camus] or something. Let's instead go to arcade or karaoke or something. I'll bring my shitty senpai over for the lulz." FIN.

Well Hide was all ‘she’s probably out of your league’ until he saw it was Rize and then he went “ah…. you know what? You never know until you try”. We can’t fault Hide for being a friend. He’s right! I would’ve taken Rejection Moping over Never Tried Moping, too. 

We can fault him for being a shifty motherfucker who has an official CCG Designated Rank as a ghoul (I mean, it’s a C, but it’s still a ghoul rank… some investigator seems to have been pretty sure Scarecrow is a ghoul).

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So I’m going on a date with a girl that I met on tinder tmrw. I’m kinda freaking out cuz I’ve never been on a date but we’ve been talking a lot and I like her kinda sorta maybe idk blahhh how do I gay

That’s awesome and exciting!!! Maybe try to have like 2 or 3 things you know you’d be down to talk about if conversation stalls (I personally like: do you have pets? [Because so often then you get to see pictures too and maybe inch a little closer if you’re feeling it] Read/seen anything good lately? [If you can find something in common there, you’re pretty golden on conversation for a solid while] and Got any fun plans for the week/weekend? [And if you’re feeling cocky, it’s a great time to suggest a second date–I’d literally already gotten two tickets to a play before I’d even had my first date with my now-gf, so over dinner I was able to be like heyyy I know the date isn’t over yet, but I think this is going well, and I happen to have an extra ticket to this thing…wanna come with me?]

Also because nothing helps the nerves better than remembering that other people have fucked up so much worse than you possibly could, enjoy some of the dumbest things I’ve done on dates:

  • Scheduled a first date (my first date ever, in fact) on Valentine’s Day without realizing it 
  • Punched a boy when he tried to “joke” scare me after making me watch a scary movie (I’m not a fan)
  • Insisted I knew directions on how to get where we were going and got us off the bus in the pouring rain a mile and a half away from our destination with no umbrellas or cash for a cab
  • Made fun of all the old people who liked going to the flower show only to find out that the surprise romantic date my then-boyfriend had planned was to take me to that flower show
  • Told a guy “Oh, um, thank you?” in response to the first “I love you” and then had to drive him home in awkward silence
  • Didn’t admit that I was lactose intolerant to a girl who really liked going out for ice cream and suffered for literal months or had to lie about not being hungry when I really wanted dessert every time we went out
  • Ended up bringing the girl I was seeing to brunch with my parents (who had no idea I was gay yet, or at least, I didn’t know they already suspected it) and was then sent this image - https://xkcd.com/275/ (along with her note breaking up with me bc I was a closet case)
  • Ended up wearing only a bathrobe freezing my ass off on a girl’s roof when her mom got home from work early (this time I was not the only closet case)
  • And these don’t even include all of the terrible things I’ve done/said while on the accidental dates I didn’t realize were dates

All of which is to say–look, I’m a walking, talking human disaster, but it means I have some really excellent stories to tell and, at the end of the day, if I didn’t fuck up all those other relationships, I’d never have met my current girlfriend (though, tbh, more than one of the items on that list happened with her…but heyyy we survived! And that should give you some hope!)

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More Tumblr AU - Eventually some pretty horrifying images got posted to Joey's blog of a ton of blurry inky things. He deleted them the next day and said he had accidentally posted his friend's photo-realistic art. Not many people believed him considering one was a selfie of him with a messed up running projector behind him...

This is fantastic and very creepy, but I also can’t get over the idea of Joey trying to take a selfie with the Projectionist while it screams and tries to murder him in cold blood

the thing too about complaing about adults in “fandom spaces” point blank (not specifically one with lots of kids with the intention to prey on, groom or manipulate them) is that its entirely common for said spaces to consist of all adults like. how do you think the x files and buffy became the cult giants they are… who do you think was watching and writing fanfiction in the 90s…

i remember scoring for luke/han stuff (very rare to find even back in 2015, check lucas’ anti gay sentiments; there was even a lawsuit) and like. all the fics were written by women who talked in the intro about children and a husband (gaps women are real people who can and will have lives outside of fandom… shock) and trying to balance that out with writing something she was genuinely excited about, counting down the days until the next con… the fics werent great but it was pretty sweet to read

and i know “fandom” spaces hance changed significantly with the advent of the internet and tumblr and all and i do strongly agree that adults need to be vigilent of how they talk to kids and know how to fucking behave themselves in general. but like idk its like once a woman hits 30 were expect to become matronly saints of maturity and wisdom and switch all our interests to knitting and cooking and homekeeping lol

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Any other aros still trying to remind yourself that your squishes aren't crushes, and you don't have to be scared that you're not actually aro, or that your brain is trying to convince you that you want something you know you don't want? I've been losing my mind lately...

I used to have this issue before my squishes would dissipate. It can be pretty frustrating!

Monthly Meet-Cutes

Hey, guys! so I had so much fun making this Halloween meet-cute, art prompt that I’m thinking about making it a monthly thing!

 Every month there will be a new stucky meet-cute corresponding to the season/holiday. This will include art and a teaser prompt! Anyone can feel free to use the prompt idea for drabble or fic. I’ll try to make them pretty open ended. Just let me know and I’ll be sure to promo anything written for them!

If I’m able to keep up with it, next year i’d love to try to turn them into a calendar (2019).  

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Hey, buddy boys! I'm going over to my grandparents rn to celebrate three birthdays in one day (dad's is today, brother's is tomorrow, grandpa's is the 21st) and I've been struggling with trying to not correct others about my pronouns (can't come out to my other relatives/unsupportive parents). I don't really need any advice, but would it be okay to ask for some encouragement on making it through the day? I know I'm gonna be pretty glum afterwards... Thank y'all so much for being there for me. 💚

I’m so proud of you for going to this thing with your head up, that has to be really difficult. You can 1000000% make it through this party, and once it’s over, it’s over. You are a super strong man and you will conquer today. You’ve got this.


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Can you write about Dan being SUPER nervous about your first kiss & freaking out internally but trying to stay super chill on the outside?

A/N: Aw, this prompt is so cute ! I’d be happy to fill it for you, lovely. ♡ The idea of awkward nervous Dan has always been my favorite, and it seems to be a lot of yours as well ! Of course, it helps that he is actually a lanky dork in real life (from what I understand) who still asks his friends about how to talk to pretty girls and how to dress on dates. So I hope you like the fill - I honestly couldn’t stop giggling when I was writing it !


If someone told you that the girl Dan went on a date with has was over a year ago, you would’ve called them a liar and laughed. Since the moment he asked you out at the local coffee shop - that was even charming, him bringing you your coffee without prompting and taking a seat across from you, curious about what you were writing - he had known what he was doing.

The first date was at an old-school roller rink, something you hadn’t done since you were a little kid. Despite that, however, you got back into the swing of things quick, the wheels feeling like an extension of your feet. While you strayed from the wall more often than not, he had one hand firmly on the balancing rail, slowly scooting along with eyes trained on the ground. Whenever you passed, you offered to help, but he laughed, told you he’d get the hang of it, but wouldn’t make any sudden movements to advancing. It wasn’t until the night was almost over that you took his hand - rather insistent, laughing the entire time as you tugged him away from his safety net - and took him toward the middle of the rink. His eyes didn’t move from the ground, and though he was wobbly, he didn’t hit the ground once. When it was time to go, he told you that he survived because of you; his hand hadn’t left yours until he walked you back to your little flat door.
The second date was a classic - dinner and a movie. The newest animated film had just come out, and you were a sucker for them. Surprisingly, Dan was more than happy to take you, interested in the movie as well. It was over burgers and fries at a fifties-themed diner that you found out just what he did, and he found out what you did. Yes, his job was definitely more interesting than yours (who got to go out on two dates with a musician and Youtuber?), but he didn’t talk about himself that much. He wanted to hear about you, and you tried so hard to play off what you did as boring, but he was persistent, almost excited to hear about your otherwise-mundane life. It was undoubtedly sweet; no one had ever taken quite the interest he did. He even held your hand again, while you cried during the movie’s big emotional climax, and wiped away your tears when the credits rolled.
In that moment, you swore, with his gentle fingers sweeping across your cheeks, he was going to kiss you, or you were going to jump the shark and kiss him. But there was just a long moment of silence, staring at each other, eyes flicking to each other’s lips, and then he pulled away, clearing his throat awkwardly. He still held your hand on the way out, and all the way home, but he didn’t walk you to your door.
To say it scared you was an understatement.

You were surprised when the text asking about the third date came. When the slip-up had happened at the movie, you swore it was over, that you’d never hear from him again. But he was asking about the carnival that had come to town, a big block-party type of situation full of games and a ferris wheel. Of course you said yes, the prospect of doing another something that you hadn’t done since you were small exciting, giving you a feeling of hope. Things hadn’t messed up.
Unsurprisingly, it was just the two of you for the carnival. Dressed for the warm night and wearing plenty of deodorant, the two of you made the rounds, playing games and riding rides. He was quite good at the dart toss, and you were good at throwing the penny in the glass.
The ferris wheel was the very last thing that he took you on, and you got in the little carriage excitedly, the door clicking firmly shut, keeping you in. And up you went, the noise of the carnival falling away, becoming a gentle buzz against the backdrop of a nighttime sky.
“It’s a pretty night,” he started casually, scooting closer to you, arms crossing over the edge of the carriage. “It really is. I’m surprised it’s so cool.” Honestly, you weren’t thinking much of the conversation, how ironic it was that he was talking about the weather; you were just taking in the view. “The breeze is even kinda cool. It’s nice.” Closing your eyes, you let the gentle wind caress your face, lost in the serenity for just a moment.
A hand gently touched your elbow, and your head snapped to look over. Dan was looking at you - or, well, he was looking at where his fingertips were connected to your elbow - bright brown eyes almost shocked by what he was doing. “What’s up?” you asked out of habit, tilting your head just a bit. “Oh I - Ah, nothin’,” he replied, glancing up at you and letting off you. “Just - You looked really, I don’t know. Peaceful. It was-” Peaceful wasn’t a word used to describe your demeanor very often, but the way he said it, it almost made you want to go back to being like that for him. “Thanks, I think.” You laughed a bit.
Silence lapsed over the two of you for a few moments, then he spoke up again, scooting even closer, until there wasn’t much left between you. “Hey, I -” Looking over again, it was then you realized the lack of space, but a part of you didn’t mind it. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry. For, y’know, the movie last week. I don’t really-”
“Whoa, Dan, why are you sorry?” Now it was your turn to be shocked. “I - Well, I didn’t - I touched your face, and we - It got really intimate, and I didn’t -” Was he blushing? “Your cool guy facade is crumbling, Dan. No cool guy apologizes for touching a girl’s face,” you replied, trying for humor. It got him to huff out a little laugh, which meant he was relaxing, but he continued. “Guess I’m not as cool a guy as I thought.” A pause, then you replied, warmth, something almost resembling love laced in your tone, “I think you’re plenty cool.”

The space between the two of you disappeared like the pop of a bubble - one moment he was just a few inches from you, and the next, your lips were locked. It wasn’t harsh, not fierce or heated or rushed. It was an incredibly gentle first kiss, one of the best ones you’d had in your time dating. There was no tongue, no teeth, just soft, slightly-chapped lips and the faint smell of spearmint on his breath, only breaking away from you when the wheel began to move again. When he pulled back, he looked an odd mixture of frightened and relieved, like he’d been waiting to do that since the moment he’d first laid his eyes on you.
Maybe he did. Now, though, he looked kind of relaxed, almost at peace, like the kiss was a warm breeze against his cheeks at the top of ferris wheel.

Today’s outfit for those asking! I’m gonna try to show you guys my outfits, if I can’t always take a picture, I’ll just list what I wore!

So, today I had class which meant walking around busy Midtown. It was a pretty warm day. So, I just recently got this shirt and pants from Brandy Melville. Super comfy. I paired it with my denim jacket (my love) and my high top white converse 🌞

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I keep seeing the ReySkys say because #rawpowah Rey HAS to be related to the Skywalkers to explain her power. What do you think?

I’m pretty sure anyone can be born of the Force regardless of lineage. If I were to guess, that’s what they’re trying to set up. I think that may be where the relevance of Kylo saying, “You, a scavenger” could come into play. She really is just this nobody who happened to be chosen by the Force. I’m hoping they veer away from this whole idea that you HAVE to be a legacy character to possess the Force. Because canon is that ANYone could be chosen as a Force user, if the Force so chooses them.


I’m 6.5K in on my 19x03 Barisi episode tag, and I’m still sick, and I’m currently falling asleep on my laptop, and I can either half-ass the ending of this fic tonight, or I can whole-ass it tomorrow.

Since I’m trying to weave together some pretty disparate stuff in terms of Barisi canon (Barba’s death threats, the deep respect of S17, the bullshit of S18, the flirting in the first 3 episodes of S19, even a little bit of the teasing of S16, I mean, you name it!), and since I’m trying to keep this fic 100% canon-compliant, I’d really like to have a chance to look over the story tomorrow, with a clear (and hopefully fever-free) head.

I’m sorry for the delay, and I truly hope tonight’s episode* gives us new and fresh Barisi to enjoy :D

*which I’ll watch very late in the day tomorrow, and only after I’ve posted my fic, as punishment for literally doubling my story in length in one day. If only I had left out some of the angst and the backstory, I could have finished it by now! But nope! The heart wants what it wants. This started 60% fluffy and now it’s about 78% angst :/ with a fluffy ending of course :D

Also thank you to @me-ladie and @fanficcionista for your kind words of support ❤️

I love you all and, as always again, I’m sorry to keep you waiting <333

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My ADHD got me bullied out of school. I had a group of friends. We got the age 15, they started taking their work seriously. I noticed I couldn’t concentrate in classes, which knocked me down as I was in top classes for almost everything. They bullied me out of school as they thought i was annoying etc. 3 years on and this has had a huge effect on me. I seem to try and change myself to make people like me, i also feel ashamed for not making it through school and that uni will never be an option.

I’m so sorry this happened to you. It’s never okay for anyone to bully anyone else, no matter what. I encourage you to try and stick to your guns and keep from changing too much. I know how hard it is when you just want people to like you and to be your friends!

I also want to encourage you to consider going back to school. You can do your GED, and I’m pretty sure that will qualify you to go to college or university.

Followers, do you have any advice/words of encouragement?


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Kasen is indeed the worst. She's arrogant yet ignorant (jumps to conclusions frequently as you said), and a huge hypocrite too - tries to deny her youkai nature and fails horribly (still afraid of fried beans) but has the gall to teach others. And her knowledge of Gensokyo's barrier makes her highly dangerous to the whole thing. Who knows what she'll decide to do next, driven by her usual self-righteous justifications? (Wasn't that dandelion situation all because of her? That's just a taste.)

I wouldn’t say she’s trying to deny her youkai nature, she’s just trying to hide it. Honestly she’s always been one of the bigger proponents of “can’t we all just get along?” but she’s also one of the older youkai so I’d imagine she feels like humans would reject her if they knew the truth. This ties back into her tendency to assume the worst of people; she has pretty major trust issues.

Anyway, yeah, Kasen’s the best for the reasons you describe.

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eeeek i really hope you don’t mind me asking, but when r u gonna update “now you’re rockin with the champion”? because i’m OBSESSED with that fic it’s sooooO good

I don’t mind you asking at all anon! That’s fine, you asked very nicely. 💕

I don’t keep a strict schedule with updating. I’m sorry, I know it can be hard to wait for updates, but when I was trying to force myself to keep a schedule and all it made me pretty miserable. I didn’t like what I wrote and all the fun was gone from writing. As I have a full time job that’s pretty mentally demanding, I don’t always have the energy to write when I get home… And for fighter AU (and iwaoi in general lol), this story is very important to me so I don’t want to try and force it and create subpar content.

This being said, I want to update it soon! I usually just update it when I’m feeling a lot of inspiration for the AU. I’ve been writing for many different AUs in trying out some Inktober drabbles, so much of my focus has been on other AUs (drug au, war au) but I really want to update it soon. Maybe this weekend if I have time? :)

Thanks for your patience! I’m really happy you’re enjoying my AU 💕

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I'm really scared to take a harsh stance against the shipping of the losers since I'm in a discord where it's pretty popular. I'm strictly attracted to pennywise, and I am disgusted by people shipping the kids. I mean, I really try not to judge people but since they are children and the real actors are children -- I don't know it just makes me sick.

YES! I am not judgemental either, I am an open-minded person, really, but there are things I just simply can not tolerate and supporting pedophilia is one of them. I love the losers, I also think Mike and Eleven are cute af in Stranger Things, they are my babies, but it never crosses my mind that Finn is hot like that, and the same goes for the other kids.