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Fun Things to do with your pet: Green Bean Test

One of my neighbors had a REALLY FAT golden retriever she adopted, that needed to be put on a diet, but even super-low-cal food wasn’t working, becuase Ella was still hungry and would open the cabinet to eat the whole bag.  Vet suggested that she needed a filler Food so she could feel full without the extra calories, and suggested canned green beans, which are mostly fiber and lean protein.

Ella fucking LOVES green beans.  She does a dance for them if you mention them.  Her ‘sibling’ the police academy washout shepherd, thinks she’s insane.

Even if your pet doesn’t like green beans*, offering them a canned green bean is inevitably HILARIOUS becuase they’ll either be thrilled or otherwise make strange faces.  Results so far:

Ella (golden retriever): Overjoyed.  gets up on her hind legs to dance without prompting.

Sampson (Black shepherd): Offended, yells until you give him REAL treats.

Cody (Gentleman shepherd): is concerned, becuase this is Obviously Not Food.  Gently takes it to be polite, leaves it out in the yard.

Minx (Domestic Shorthair cat): Smelly Toy Is Hilarious, batted under the couch.

Tiger (Really Fat Domestic Shorthair cat):  Total disgust, hissing and sulking in the Prosciutto box.  Came out and ate it later anyway.

Wanda (corn snake) we didn’t expect her to be interested but she spent like three minutes licking it.

Sadie AKA Marquis De Sade (Hyacinth Macaw)  ignored bean in favor of dumping can on the floor, sticking head in can and screaming.  Did not attempt to bite, which is Very Nice for her.

Arwen (Australian Kelpie): ate bean, waited until humans were out of the room to consume rest of the can, got costco-sized can stuck on face and pooped green for three days.  Regets nothing.

Empanada/Anderson Cooper/#3 (Plymouth Hens): Excited screaming, kickboxing tournament over possession of beans/can.  #3 was ultimately victorious, becuase She is Fattest.

Big Angus (scottish highland cow, I know, ironic): very polite and delicate acceptance of beans for appx 1700 lbs of beef, will now run full-tilt across pasture to meet me, which scared the crap out of me tbh.

Will post further updates as I am allowed to try.  

*Please always cionsult a vet before making any dietary changes or offering your pet new foods, but green beans are pretty safe for most pets you can keep in America

“I’m a 35-year-old virgin. I’ve never even kissed anyone. My journey began when I was in high school, and I felt like I was in a tempestuous ocean—there were cycles of intense depression mixed with cycles of insatiable lust and hormones that would overwhelm me.

I was disgusted with myself that mere ounces of fat on the chest and mere millimeters of bone on the face were guiding who I was and what I wanted. I didn’t think that that’s what I found most beautiful, and I was trying to understand what is beauty at its core.

As I began to examine the world, I started to see people who were wrecking their lives with affairs and relationships. One of the ideas that came out was that before you can balance multiple variables and have a working relationship, you have to master happiness within yourself. So I set out to detach from pretty much everything—relationships, good food, comfort, and just focus on my soul so that I can generate happiness from within.

It was a battle, but by the time I hit 25, I was happy not being in a relationship, and not having too many material possessions. I could respect anyone else who had a relationship and I saw that as a beautiful thing, but I didn’t need to be in one myself.

In our society, it seems that romance is key to living a healthy and happy life. From my experience as a 35-year-old guy who has never had a romantic relationship, it’s not essential. It’s an important and beautiful part of life, but if you don’t have a relationship, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find life beautiful and pleasurable.”

Lexington, MA

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Hc one day Allura is sick of her dress and wants to wear normal clothes. She considers asking Coran, but decides not to since his clothes is too stiff like her dress. She asks Lance if he has any pants that she can borrow bc he's pretty leggy like her. Lance is like 'um is anything wrong princess?' and she's like 'pls help, I'm tired of my formal dress it's too stiff and I don't wanna be in my armor I need casual clothes'

Lance: So these are sweatpants!

Allura: Why would I want to wear pants that make me sweat?

Lance: Trust me


Coran: Princess, we need you in- What are yoU WEARING?!

Allura: Sweating pants, try them sometime

On the Fae

Okay, so I’ve noticed a lot of misinformation and misunderstandings about the Fae.  What they are, what the Courts are, etc.  I’m writing this out to provide some guidance based on my experience with them.

So, to start, I’ll give you my definition of what makes a Fae, well… Fae.  So to me the Fae are defined as a non-human entity with human cunning that has never been human, but was not created with the purpose of serving a god (Otherkin are a whole other beast, which I don’t want to discuss in this post). Pretty general, no?  That’s on purpose, and though it isn’t perfect, it’s the best definition I’ve come up with to date.  It excludes things like vampires, which I would never consider Fae.  However, it troublingly includes werecreatures, which with some exceptions I don’t consider Fae.  

In my experience, Fae can include things like the Yōkai in Japanese mythology. This is based on meeting the definition stated above.  However, this does not give me or any other person license to interact with beings that belong to closed cultures.  Just because it meets the definition, does not mean people should run willy-nilly about, interacting or interfering with beings that generally tend to not wish to interact with those who are not a part of their culture.

Courts and Manners

Moving on to the Courts. Firstly, there are more than the Seelie and Unseelie Courts.  There are Winter and Summer, Night and Day Courts, as well as numerous others.  I’m sure you’ve noticed a trend.  The Fae like to set themselves as opposites, and they tend to be quite territorial.  I have noticed that the Fae tend not to only have one version of the Courts.  There are small Courts scattered across territory, much like how human history had scattered kingdoms all through history.  However, I should add that speaking about the Courts only includes trooping Fae.  There are solitary Fae as well.  

Good and evil.  I’ve seen this one a lot on Tumblr, especially in regards to Seelie and Unseelie Fae.  Unseelie are not evil.  Seelie are not good. Morality is a bit of a grey zone among the Fae, and you must remember just because they do not have the same moral code as you, that does not make them evil.  Interacting with any spirit under the assumption that they are going to be ‘good’ or ‘evil’ is extremely dangerous.  The Courts tend to attract Fae of certain temperaments and behaviours.

Now, let’s talk about species and appearances.  I’ve found it’s a pretty common misconception that the Court Fae, and Fae in general are tiny creatures no bigger than the palm of your hand.  This is definitely not the case.  Court Fae can vary in size from the size of my thumb to giant creatures. Usually these extremes in sizes tend not to be the rulers of the Court, but they do tend to be things like Knights. Most rulers of Courts that I’ve encountered tend to be approximately human size.  However, this does not mean they look human.  And I’m not saying ‘oh, they’re unearthly and beautiful.’  I’ve seen Fae that vary greatly; from the stunningly beautiful, to the strange, to the grotesque, to monstrous.  They’re incredibly varied creatures, and though they fall under an umbrella term I think it would be a mistake to assume they’re homogenous.


Because I mostly see questions regarding Unseelie and Seelie Court Fae, below is what I’ve seen in regards to what they value:

Unseelie tend to value bloodsport, sacrifice, chaos, and the like.  Generally, they tend to be more welcoming of outsiders.  I should add that Unseelie tends to refer to the fact that they dwell under the hills.  

Seelie tend towards a rigid sense of honor and dishonor, superiority to humanity, and have a strong sense of justice.  They are less welcoming of outsiders.  They spend most of their time above ground.

It should be noted that both of these Courts have participated in Tithes, where a mortal is sacrificed to appease those more powerful than the Fae.  

Offerings and Bargains

Speaking of which, let’s discuss offerings and what working with them is like.  There’s a lot of things you can do to attract Fae. I recommend you tread carefully, especially if you are working in places like North America and are contacting European Fae or the like.  Not that you cannot work with them, but you need to have a basic understanding of the land.  In fact, I would say this goes for anywhere that experienced aggressive colonization. Make sure you make offerings or do things to appease the local spirits that have been there first.  Try planting native things to your area, or offering them local foods. They can turn on you if you create an influx of invaders, and create extra chaos in your life.  The Fae can be pretty open to interacting with mortals, but they’re very keen on bargaining. Be very specific on what you want out of a relationship and deal, and don’t immediately accept any offer they provide, otherwise you may end up getting the short end of the stick.  They tend to expect you to work hard to please them, but they will always keep up their end of a deal.  I also recommend erring on the side of extreme politeness, as no one wants to have an angry Faerie lurking around their house creating chaos.  As for offerings and such, I would look to whatever was typically offered to them in the past, or to simply ask them once you’ve struck a bargain.  As spiritual partners and companions, they can be extremely demanding, and want you to work hard and quickly.  When you first begin working with them, they will treat it like a business transaction. Overtime, as they get to know you, they may choose to befriend you, and you will develop a relationship over time. Be patient, and remember although they aren’t human, you have to earn friendship the same way you would with a person.

A TBWF nightmare...

So last night I had a nightmare. But it wasn’t just any nightmare. It was a nightmare in manga form. More specifically, in The Boy Who Fell form.

So here I was being Saff, except with glasses :B, just being a tiny blood demon minding my own business while sitting down on a couch when all of a sudden someone comes from behind and takes my glasses off.

Not cool. You don’t take off peoples glasses >:I

But then I look up and this asshole took them.

Yes, he´s wearing glasses as well because he is LD and apparently he can wear whatever the hell he wants :B

 Except he takes them off and tries to place them on me while I judge him with my judging stare.

 When he finally succeeds, I notice I can see clearly. Like, really, really clearly. More clearly that humanly (demonly??) possible! Every inch, every pore, every cell, everything. You can see everything.

 But then poor Saff´s head started to hurt like HELL (no pun intended) and that jerk just steps back and watched. Whatever that pain was, it was his to deal with and we had been suckered into receiving it instead.

Being too much to bear, we throw all odds off the window and we jump off the chair trying to take them off and get ours back.

 Now this would have looked pretty silly and cartoonish if not for the fact that well…I did mention this was a nightmare, right?

 As Saff jumped and jumped , LD´s robes seemed to grow longer and darker, pooling down around Saff´s feet without him noticing and by the time he did, he was already caught in between the coils of this giant black and white snake with LD´s smug face.

I´m not gonna´ say we got eaten because we didn´t. Though it feels like we did. Instead what happened was that the coils of the snake turned gooey and swallowed the kid, hardening around him encasing him in what first seemed a black egg. But then quartz started sprouting from it. The irony, right?

 By the end, he looked like this.

So yeah. I had a nightmare about your comic out of nowhere where I got suckered into a bad situation and ended up being turned into a magical battery/laser pointer. Good times.

 That will teach me to go to bed at 4am.

 Anyway! usually my weird dreams are starred by my own nonsense but since this one was clearly dream fanart I thought I would share.

Montgomery De La Cruz Crushing On Cheerleading Reader

Request: Headcanons on being a cheerleader and Monty having a crush on the reader?


A/N: I’ve never been a cheerleader and we don’t have them in schools where I live so I hope this is pretty accurate :)


Warnings: Protectiveness, Nerves.


Montgomery De La Cruz Crushing On Cheerleading Reader…

  • Okay so he had a little bit of a joking crush on you from the first day of high school

  • And he used to try and get to know you a little bit, but it never turned out well

  • That crush fully developed when you became a cheerleader

  • You were suddenly in his life a lot more, and he didn’t have little on/off feelings for you anymore, they were always there

  • He can never find the words to talk to you at first

  • People get suspicious when he’s almost too supportive of the cheer routines

  • Cheering for you after every single one of your routines

  • Getting distracted during his games looking at you

  • But he’s still convinced you’re his good luck charm

  • The jocks and cheerleaders going for dinner after a game

  • And he does whatever he can to sit beside you

  • And sling his arm around the back of your chair

  • He always tries to get you to wear his jacket

  • Once he’s got his confidence back he’s always giving you hugs

  • Monty protecting you

  • He drives you around and takes you on adventures

  • Kisses on the cheek even though you’re not actually dating

  • Standing with his arms wrapped around you while you’re all talking to your friends

  • Inviting you over to his house for afternoon tea and study sessions

  • His friends teasing him for already being whipped

  • At first you’re convinced he’s just being friendly with you, but your friends keep trying to insist that it’s more than that

  • Pretending to be your boyfriend when boys from other schools make you uncomfortable

  • He’s always ready to throw fists for you

  • When you get super close there are Eskimo kisses

  • He finally works up the courage to kiss you after his grand final win

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Pray For Manchester

Pray For Marawi

Pray For Bangkok

Some pretty terrible things have been happening around the world lately. These things break my heart. I am at a loss for words. I just can’t comprehend why people would harm and kill other human beings. It’s horrific. 

I don’t even know how to talk about these things. They’re so painful to speak of. It makes me want to cry, thinking about how so many people have died recently. Those people, they were only trying to live their lives in peace. 

We should not have to fear the people around us. We should not have to worry about if we can safely leave our houses. We should not ever have to feel the pain of losing a loved one by terrorist attacks. We should not be afraid of the world. 

I love you all. Please, be safe. 


I am pretty much obsessed with Dreamtalia at this point. And I’m learning Lucid dreaming right now because I can. Ok, back to the topic. I was watching Dreamtalia and I saw all the unfinished cutscenes. And then I saw even more unfinished cutscenes and just felt like trying my best. I chose the Priestess cutscene because I’m Polish and I realised I’ve never drawn Poland (even though I know Priestess isn’t technically Poland) I’m really proud especially of the shirt.

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How come Cal being on the throne is such a bad thing? Isn't that good?

Well, yes and no. I’m all on board with @chaoslaborantin‘s #nokingcal2k18, just because him being on the throne perpetuates the monarchy, and I really dont want one at the end of RQ. And God help my stupid son, but he’s in for a world of hurt if he thinks he can take on the whole silver society and culture and try to change it. And we honestly have no idea if thats even what he wants. Like tbh, he could be a perfect example of a pretty speech that has not action behind it. Not to mention a new thing I came up with, which is that, dammit son, you dont need the crown to enact change. Davidson, Mare and Farley are trying to do it without a crown, and you just freaking got in their way. He’s just being stupid, and I hope that at some point in RQ4 that he has a rude awakening and is like, welp shit, I done fucked up. Fingers crossed this moment haps. I would say its pretty bad that he’s gonna be on the throne, because of the previously mentioned reasons, and because he’s just not a politician. Cal, I love ya sweetheart, but you are not a politician. Daddy did not prepare you well for that part of being a king. 

Thanks to @as-inevitable-as-morning for the tag.

Happy bellarke fam selfie night everyone! My hair is crazy today, but that’s okay, because it’s how I feel inside. I can’t believe the finale is almost here!!! I’m not emotionally prepared for the finale, but I’m also pretty sure I’m not prepared for the hiatus either. I’ll be teaching myself to gif and doing a couple rewatches to deal, so I’ll hopefully stay pretty active on here anyway.

Tagging anyone who wants to do this, because I need to get on the road home and try to prepare myself for this emotional rollercoaster!

Dylan fighting a guy who's harassing you

“You do realize he’s only dating you so he can hide that he’s a fag, right?”, a random jock you don’t even know says to you in the hallway. You simply roll your eyes and try to walk away, but he keeps talking. “Y'know I’m sure I could make you feel a whole lot better than he can.”, he says. “I think I’d much rather be with him. Thank you.”,you huff. You felt the guy grab your arm and turn you around to face him. “It’s such a shame a pretty girl like you thinks you can’t get any better than that.” You kick him in the balls. “Touch me one more time I’ll kick you in the mouth!”, you yell as you try to walk away. “You fucking bitch!” He grabs your backpack and pulls you to the ground.
“Don’t fucking touch her like that!”, you can hear your boyfriends boots stomp down the hallway. He comes over to you and helps you up. You were slightly scared because you’ve never heard him sound that angry. “Do not fucking touch her.”,Dylan says, pointing his finger on the guys chest. Dylan was about 5 inches taller than this guy. “Yeah well don’t fucking touch me how about that!”,the guy snaps and shoves Dylan.
Dylan shoves back and the guy kicks Dylan in the leg. You moved back. You didn’t want to try and break things up because that could just make it worse. While Dylan trys to regain his balance, the guy slams him against the lockers. “You think you’re so big and bad?”, the guy whispers in his ear. “You’re just a fucking nerdy piece of shit.”
Dylan was beside your locker. You gave him your combination just in case you wanted him to get something for you since you can be lazy. He unlocks your locker and slams it right into the guys face. He holds his nose as blood starts to drip from it. “Shit I think you broke my nose!”, he says.
“You can pick on me all you want, but if I see you even talk to my girlfriend again I will kill you without even hesitating. Trust me.” You saw a whole new side of Dylan that day. Seeing how protective he was and the fact he broke a guys nose because of you filled you with a feeling of pride. He walks over to you and wraps and arm around you. “Let’s go.”,he says as he walks down the hallway with you.

WOW. Just WOW.

Fight For My Way is an amazing drama!

The concept is simple and easy to understand. The outcome is predictable but what engages you it’s the road to get there. And I feel so identified with both of the main characters (especially Dong Man). I love the setting! Them living in not a fancy neighbor, which is a very real context for a young person living alone. The editing (lightning and coloring) are good.

The acting and writing are so good that one can easily see what’s in between the lines in the relationship of Dong Man and Ae Ra. In two episodes they’ve given us enough insight on the present and backstory to get the idea that they are too much friends to try and think about being something more… But it isn’t as if they haven’t thought about it.

Throughout episode 1 I was pretty sure Ae Ra had a one-sided “crush” (*cough*love*cough*) but then the flashback came at the very very end and it totally changed my mind. Now I’m expectant to see what will be the factor to make them realize that they live (they’ve always have) like a married couple. And not just because of the trust between them but also because of how they support, truly know and care about each other. At the end of episode 2, Ae Ra didn’t ask him “Hey, what’s wrong?”, she just said what he needed to hear and Ae Ra said it because she believes in those words. The same as him protecting her, reminding her that even if she tries to look tough and scary to others, he knows she isn’t indestructible. They both let each other see their most vulnerable sides. IF THAT’S NOT A COUPLE RELATIONSHIP THEN WHAT.

Their relationship is so satisfyingly full of life that it makes me excited (and a bit anxious) on what’s to come. Especially knowing that they both have had another romantic interests…

I want to see them accomplishing their dreams, so that it my hopes go up in accomplishing my owns. That’s the level of conection I feel with this story.


I dont really know where to start cause words can not express how much last nights episode meant to me omg. So let’s start with the whole Alison is pregnant with Emily’s baby thing. When they actually made this canon in the previous episode I was feeling alot of emotions at once. I was happy because that would mean they would become mommies together, but the Paily kiss completely ruined it for me and made it seem like they were trying to force Emison back together. This episode however they perfectly portrayed what we had all been hoping for Emison when we were theorising about Em’s eggs being fertilised and used to impregnate Ali. We saw both of them really trying to listen to each other, understand eachother and basically acting like a maried couple. The love and the caring for one another couldn’t have been more obvious: The way that Emily kept feeling like she was not aloud to have a say in it because she didn’t want to put that kind of pressure on Ali, and the way that Ali eventually decided to keep the baby because Emily really wanted her to. Now I have to give the writers of this episode and especially Troian, for directing it, alot of credits for the way they portrayed Paige this episode. I hated Paige and have so since the beginning. I hated how she never showed any signs of big character development and idk I just couldn’t stand her. This episode however, she probably showed one of the biggest character development out of all the characters on Pretty Little Liars (apart from Alison but we’ll get to that later). She handled everything so very mature and respectfull towards both Emily and Alison. And when she sortof broke in to Alison’s house to show her remorse, I actually liked her. I also appreciate her asking whether Alison loves Emily (BECAUSE ALISON FINALLY ADMITTED IT BECAUSE OF THAT BUT ILL GET TO THAT LATER OMG) but because it shows that she just wants to check and make sure she leaves Emily in a safe environment. Now Alisons reaction to when Paige asked her whether she loves Emily is sO IMPORTANT OMG. At first you see how she immediatly shuts Paige out, and closes herself off. This just shows how afraid Alison is to let anyone come close and how little practice she has had with opening up. But after Paige stays kinda calm and touches the vulnurable spot in Alisons heart (the fact that Emily does love Alison and that might have made her so afraid and have her do such terrible things), she finally opens up fot the first time in 7 seasons. She was so increadibly vulnurable at that moment. And even though she did not say the words “yes, I love Emily”, she described exactly what it feels like to be in love. In her eyes and in her voice you can hear and see how afraid she is of these feelings, but you can also see a clear realisation: she now knows she does love Emily. And honestly Sasha did such a great fucking job in this scene omg. For me, Alison admitting her feelings for Emily is so important and I can not use enough words how much this scene meant to me. I cried like a baby the whole scene and mostly for the rest of the episode as well. When I first had the guts to admit to myself that I liked girls, Emily was the first and only representation of myself that I had yet seen or known. Emily and her whole coming out storyline plus the rest pf her storyline therefore hold a very special place in my heart. The fact that Emily found out she liked girls after realising she was in love with one of her best friends made me identify with her even more, since the exact same thing happened to me. This is also why Emison holds such a special place in my heart: wanted to see my story represented further and get a happy ending. Because I felt so represented by Emily, I also simoultaniously fell in love with Alison. And to be honest, Alison’s character development is by far the best one on this entire show, maybe even the best character development I have ever known. As Hanna Marin would say: “people change, they grow”. And boy did Alison grow into a better and more beautiful person! (And now we know she did it because sHE WANTED TO BE THE BETTER VERSION OF HERSELF THAT EMILY ALWAYS SEES IN HER SO SHOW IT OFF TO EMILY OMG) I also think it was very important for Alison to admit these feelings to Paige first. This was her first step to realising and admitting she is in love with Emily, and she knew Paige would not laugh at her or judge her because Paige feels the same way about Em (sometimes it was kinda hard to tell though but whtever). Everyone who is angry and sad that Ali should have admitted these feelings to Emily in person, Relax. She will, in time. A process like this, whether you wanna call it coming out or just admitting to yourself that you have been in love with someone for 10 years, takes time. Ali has never learned how to open op to somebody and to let someone truly get close, so she will do this step by step. I honestly hope that Emison gets a happy ending because both Emily and Alison deserve to finally be happy whilst loving eachother. And now Im gonna stop talking cause ive rambled alot and my fingers are hurting because im typing so agressively😂

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I usually can tell its your style by the facial expressions and body gestures. Your good at showing the characters mood and feeling. Pretty much the opposite of how I am at speaking.

Really? Oh gosh I’ve been trying to work on that since I feel like my expressions are a little too stale o-o

Well I still hope to improve it but gosh thank you so much for the ask!!!

What is my ‘art trademark’?

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Orville and the Jims shenanigans!!

Oh my gosh!!

Normally I imagine the Jims are pretty laid back and chill, but pair them up with Orville the red chaos child and they get w i l d.

They end up doing dangerous things like putting sugar in Dark’s coffee or chasing whatever disastrous storms weatherman Jim happens to see.

They love horror games and movies and have movie nights where they guess which characters die first. Newscaster Jim usually wins.

They also take Bing’s skateboard, not to be mean, just to try and see who can do the sickest tricks

not to get into Disc Horse but what are an// ti ks blogs actually trying to like….. accomplish?

like are they trying to get lezhin to take the comic down? bc it’s their 2016 best comic winner and their most profitable, that’s not going to happen. are they trying to get people to stop reading it? bc if so, harassing fans and telling them to kill themselves isn’t doing anything but putting them on the defensive. are they trying to make it so they don’t have to see the comic everywhere? apparently not, since they make entire blogs dedicated to exposing themselves to the comic and seem pretty obsessed with it.

like…… the only conclusion i can draw is that these people get enjoyment out of harassing others and ks fans are a ‘socially acceptable’ target that no one will begrudge them for bullying.

I’m pretty sure the UPS guy told me he missed me yesterday.

Understand: he’s here nearly every day.  Sometimes twice a day.  …I can’t remember if he wasn’t here yesterday, and I think not.  Maybe I wasn’t at my desk?  Was he saying he missed me? Understand: we talk very little, although he makes me laugh, because he moves so fast while here.

…should I come up with something clever to say tomorrow? Because he was gone by the time I processed what he’d said….

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theres no reason to ship jared and Evan or evan and connor, but people still do. like Jesus calm down it's a ship. people ship bc of dynamics and such. + most people don't really go with the canon characteristics. it's just how it is

I’m not a wholehearted supporter of Jared/Evan or Connor/Evan either, but at least I can see the reasoning behind it. Jared and Evan are friends, arguably ex-best friends, they have a relationship that could potentially become more. Connor/Evan is a little harder because he’s dead, but they had that one (just one, but whatever) interaction in the library where Connor seemed like he was really trying to be good, and then he signed Evan’s cast, plus those emails were pretty gay. (Not getting into it, but they were falsified and not a representation of Connor’s real personality at all).

And I know people ship because of dynamics, that’s why I’m confused - Connor and Jared have never spoken, except literally once, where Jared called him a freak. Personally, Jared/Connor just seems like a fandom effort to ship every guy with every other guy just for the sake of having gay ships, and that kinda pisses me off. And I’m not saying it’s deliberate, but that’s how it looks from the outside.

All I ask is that, at least, if you’re gonna make content for the guys of the show, match the quantity with content for the ladies of the show too. Zoe, Alana, Heidi, Cynthia - all complex and interesting characters that don’t deserve to be shoved behind some gay ships for fans to play with at their will.