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The Idea of Us (Daveed x Reader)

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Thank you so so so much to @linmanuclmiranda @love-doesnt-discriminate @icanneverbesatisfied and @pixel-pisces for editing this and reassuring me that it wasn’t total crap.

Requested: yes!

“May I request 41 or 38 with Daveed Diggs?”


38) *runs into the room screaming and jumps onto someone’s back* PIGGYBACK RIDE!!

41) Okay, what the hell is an OTP, and why are we theirs?

Summary: “You know I’ve always liked the idea of us being together.” The three times people thought you were dating, and the one time you did something about it.

Warnings: swearing? (i don’t remember), drinking, insane amount of fic cliches

Words: 5603 (wow, okay)

Originally posted by mirandasdaughter

“Yo, yo, yo!!! Get ready to have your lives become infinitely better due to my presence.” Daveed smiles when he hears your familiar voice echo throughout his New York City apartment.

“Y/N!! Get your pretty ass up here. We’re in the studio,” he yells down the hall before turning back to Rafa. “So, is that going in the bridge, or did you want to add it onto the first chorus? Because I’m confused on how that would work.” You walk into the small studio Daveed built into his home. You stop in the doorway and look on with admiration, seeing their passion for the subject they are discussing so clearly etched on their faces.

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You're Pretty - Yugyeom

I check the roster to see our reserved guests for the day. As I cross out those who have already arrived, my eyes trail to the next one on the list.

“Got7,” I mumble to myself, remembering my manager had told me not to be surprised if a crowd huddles at the entrance and lobby.

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Scratch - Part 5 - (Steve x Reader)

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Summary: (Y/N) and Steve have been best friends since New York, so when when they are both going through a dry spell they agree to a friends with benefits relationship.

A/N: Y’all are lucky that I’ve already written most of this story because I normally don’t post on weekends.

Warnings: light smut I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯,

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

“You have to keep your wrist straight,” I tell Wanda. I stood behind the punching bag holding it in place while Wanda practice her form.

“I know,” I mumbled throwing a few more punches.

“Then why aren’t you doing it,” I ask letting go of the bag and stepping around it.

“Because I can protect myself without having to get physical.”

“You should still learn some self defense,” I sigh. “It doesn’t hurt to know how to correctly throw a punch.”

Wanda glares at me, but lets me teacher her.

Almost an hour later Steve walked into the training room with a towel thrown over his shoulder and a water bottle in his hand.

“I think I’m done for today,” Wanda takes a step back and begins to take off her gloves.

“Fine,” I say. “But we will be having lessons at least three times a week.”

Wanda frowns, but mumbles as quick ‘fine’ before leaving the training room.

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The Last Straw - Kevin Owens x Reader

Requested by Anonymous, hope you like it! :) 

Summary:- You and Kevin often argue, sometimes even going as far as messing up each others matches. One night you cost Kevin a match, and he storms backstage, deciding that this is the last straw and you need to be punished for your actions. 

Warnings:- Smut, Swearing, Daddy Kink

Word Count:- 1,022

@fandomfreak202 - I fixed it! Tagged my love :) 

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the-floofinator  asked:

HELLO~ I remember you saying that you wanted to write a little Yooseven so how about "do you remember when you used to think when you were straight"? (lolol) Thank you Jo-Jooo ♡

Omg yaasss!! I’ve wanted to write Yooseven for a while omg, da new precious shippity ship shipz

thank you for sending in this very fitting prompt hohohoooooo
I should be doing homework but I’m braindead bye

❤ ~ Realistic cuddle scenarios ~❤ 

Well, this was new. It had started out as an innocent gaming night at Yoosung’s in which both Seven and him would play some Mario Party, watch a movie if they weren’t too tired already and then go to sleep. 

Maybe Yoosung should’ve expected things to go differently since it was Seven who he was going to hang out with. Even though they’d done this plenty of times before, hell, maybe it pretty much become a weekly thing for them because Seven already had a few spare boxers over at his place and apparently a hidden stash of Buddha chips that Yoosung had yet to find. 

Still, their game nights usually had a standard cycle in which Seven would arrive at least an hour late, poke him everywhere until Yoosung would screech out for him to stop, lounge on his bed before Yoosung would drag him away, and then they’d game until one of them would fall asleep. 

It didn’t matter that they were boyfriends, or anything. Nope. Their relationship hadn’t changed at all. Except for the occasional kiss, which would make Yoosung curl up and die.  

Anyway, instead of letting himself get pulled off the bed as usual, Seven had given a harsh tug and Yoosung ended up landing on top of him with a rather loud yelp. 

“What’re you— Seven!”


Sure, they had hugged a few times, “manly hugs,” as Seven liked to call them, but this was hugging on a whole new level. This was cuddling. 

Seven had re-positioned both of them so they were lying on their sides, facing each other but his hand was on Yoosung’s side, his thumb gently massaging his waist. It was probably one of the most intimate moments they had ever experienced together and Yoosung was trying really hard not to melt under Seven’s soft gaze. 

The hand on his waist felt really warm, even through his shirt, and Yoosung kind of wanted it to stay there forever. 

Their foreheads were almost pressed together and Yoosung closed his eyes to enjoy this moment to the fullest. 

“Do you remember when you used to think you were straight?” 

Never mind. 

Yoosung opened his eyes and stared up at his cheeky               boyfriend, very offended. “Seven, not now.” 

“Sorry, but we’re being very gay right now and it just made me think of you constantly complaining that you’d never had a girlfriend before and look where we are!” 

That bastard was so enjoying this because he was wearing the biggest smirk and his eyes sparkled mischievously behind his striped glasses and Yoosung was so done

A poke war ensued but Yoosung was easily overpowered by Seven grabbing both of his wrists and tutting down at him. “You shouldn’t treat your boyfriend like that. I’m hurt, Yoosungie.”

“You literally always poke me!” 

“Yes, but I have special permission.”


“Just like I have special permission to do…” Seven looked down at Yoosung’s exposed stomach due to their wriggling and shifting and oh shit. “this.

Seven let go of him in an instant and practically glued his hands to Yoosung’s tummy, scratching and scribbling and Yoosung arched his back in response. 

A bark of laughter filled the air, followed by more breathy heaps of laughter and yips as Seven tickled him mercilessly. Yoosung slapped at his hands, rolled around, kicked his legs, curled up, but nothing helped because Seven’s hands were too experienced. Right because sometimes this was part of the cycle and Yoosung hated it. 

It was only a matter of seconds before Yoosung was completely stuck between his own sheets and Seven’s body, his torso under attack of those menacing fingers. 

“Get-off!” Yoosung shrieked out in vain, throwing his head back because he was laughing so hard but Seven completely ignored him and used this opportunity to blow a raspberry on his now bare neck. 

“It’s totally effective,” his boyfriend said in this dumb low voice and did it a few more times until Yoosung almost headbutted him in the process. “I guess I’ll be safer if I go for your knees.” 

As if struck by lightening, Yoosung jolted upwards and scrambled towards the edge of the bed. “No, no, no, no!” 

“Too easy.”

Of course Seven was having none of that and grabbed one of his ankles, lazily dragging him back until he could sit on his legs. Yoosung started pounding his fists on Seven’s back when he felt the first few squeezes on his kneecaps because if they went to that spot—

Seveeeeheeeeeen! No, pffff— Ah! Let me go!”

“Poor little Yoosung is too ticklish for his own good,” Seven sang loudly to overpower his boyfriend’s whiny laughter as he scribbled his fingers all over the backs of his knees and thighs. “Also, your laugh is way too cute and I need to hear it at least twenty times a day, so would you be so kind to remind me to tickle you all the time?”

A squeal was all he got in response. “I totally agree. Mario Party can wait because tickling you is way more fun.”

It was going to be a long night. 

Based on this prompt: “Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2AM?”

I can’t find the creator of the prompt so if anyone finds it could you please IM it to me.


Remus yawned. Taking a glance at the alarm clock in their room, he groaned. It was way too early to wake up or too late. He could not think properly right now: it was almost 2AM.
He woke because he turned on himself and was about to cuddle with Sirius for some warmth(that man was a human heater) when he felt his arm the cold sheets.
He left the bed begrudgingly and also slightly curious. What prompted Sirius to leave their bed in the middle of the night. He padded barefooted into their kitchen to find Sirius dressed in all black and apparently looking for something.
If it had been anyone else, Remus would have been worried but after living with Sirius, he was simply vaguely curious.
“Oh Moons. Did I wake you up?” Sirius asked when he noticed Remus. He was opening some cupboards. “Do you know where the chloroform is?”
Remus’ grogginess left him immediately and moved to the satchel Sirius left on the counter. There were gloves, a rope, a mask and other things. Remus stopped looking at some point. If his boyfriend had just decided that he was bout to become a criminal he wanted to hear from his mouth.
“Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2AM?” Remus deadpanned.
“Well to kidnap Reggie!” Sirius said as if it was the most obvious thing on earth while still looking in all their cupboards.
“Okay Sirius wait.” He had grabbed Sirius by the arm to keep him still and looked at the black-hair man. “Please explain to me why you need to kidnap Reg? Please?”
Sirius sighed. “Well my dear Moons while you weren’t hear, Prongs and Reggie came by. We decided to watch James Bond and I was just saying that I could totally be James Bond. And Regie said I can’t. Not the muggle way at least. So now, I’m going to kidnap him and show him, that yes!, I can be James Bond. Now will you please help me find the chloroform.”
Remus debated between sighing and rolling his eyes at his boyfriend or letting out the laughter that was bubbling out. “Pads, you can’t just kidnap your brother. No wait” he added when Sirius looked about to protest. “You can’t kidnap him today. It’s Thursday and Harry is with them tonight.”
Remus did a mental victory dance when Sirius seemed to consider this. It won’t take long to convince him now. “Also, imagine James’ reaction. How do you think he’ll react when you kidnap his husband the night Harry is with them.”
“I suggest you wait until Monday. Regulus would not be suspicious, Harry won’t be with them and I’ll even help you.” Sirius visibly perked up at the last suggestion.
“Now come to bed.” He had already started to remove those camouflage clothes Sirius had put on. “I’m cold and need someone to spoon.”
Sirius ginned and let Remus pulled to bed. Throwing the duvet over them, Remus snaked his arm around Sirius’ middle pulling him close. He kissed him lightly on the neck and fell asleep nuzzling his head into Sirius’ hair.

Fooling you twice

Originally posted by daenso

Word count: 1,500

Summary: where Yixing still sleeps, Baekhyun is still annoying, and Chanyeol is still your tinder date.

Before we start I want to inform that I do know who back end and front end are, and I don’t want people to feel offended, it’s just fiction.

Fooling you once

It feels like summer. Technically it’s still summer, but what kind of shitty summer is summer you spend in classroom? It doesn’t deserve being called ‘summer’.

But the sun warming you up as you sit on the grass on the campus with a tree serving you as a backrest is nice. Pretty summer-like. Even when you have to purposefully focus on not thinking about all the insects that chosen this tree as their home.

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“You better pipe down, I’m not laughing” (Rafe x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

I have a bunch of anon requests I’m currently working on that came before this, but this flowed really easily so I’m gonna post this first…the others are in the works though, don’t worry! Hope you guys enjoy!! Thanks to the lovely @lexi-jadeee for the request :) xx

Word Count: 895


“I still can’t believe I agreed to this,” Rafe says as you pull into the parking lot for the paint ball obstacle course.

“I can’t believe it either,” you reply as you turn off the car and look over at him, “Honestly, I’m impressed by myself. I should put it on my resume. ‘Convinced Rafe Adler to play paintball.’”

“If they don’t hire you immediately just for that, I’ll sue them,” he responds, trying to keep the humour from his voice though the small smile on his face betrays him.

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My Pleasure (Part IV) [AU Obi-Wan x Reader]

Prompt by: Anonymous

A/N: I started writing, intending this to be the last and final part…but yeah…didn’t happen…

Imagine: You and Obi-Wan report to the Council, then decide to catch up.

Warnings: None.

Part I

Part II

Part III

You stand in front of the Jedi Council, leaning on Obi-Wan just the slightest. Your shoulder wound hurt only a tad, but the one to the stomach was finally starting to ache.

Both you and Obi-Wan had gone to the medical ward as soon as you got back to the Jedi temple, him moaning the whole way. You had promised to report to the Council as soon as you were patched up, and here you were.

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A Ticklish Homecoming

Originally posted by universexy

Author’s Note: This one-shot was inspired by @nerdasticstuff‘s post

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 1078

Three days. Three days ago your loving boyfriend Pietro went on a solo mission. Today was the day he was expected to be back. So here you were, being the worried girlfriend waiting by the door for her boyfriend to come home. Only Pietro can get you like this.

You were currently in the common room with the others; everyone was trying to relax and take a day-off from being superheroes. Tony and Bruce were discussing matters on their latest project, with their nose hidden behind a tablet. Bucky and Steve were watching TV, trying to catch up to the modern day world. Clint and Natasha were idly chatting, occasionally watching the TV then returning to their conversation. Every now and then, you would check your phone to see what time it was. You tried not to dwell on the subject, so you were trying to focus on the TV, hoping that time would go by faster and the universe will bring Pietro home.

After 20 minutes of staring aimlessly at the TV, you got up to get a glass of water, finding anything to do besides biting your nails. 

You walked through the hallway and entered the kitchen where Vision and Wanda were talking about their latest training events. You greeted them with a small smile. Wanda returned the gesture with a knowing look; she too was anxious for Pietro to come home safe, but she had Vision to keep her mind off things. You walked up the counter and grabbed a clear, tall glass out of the cupboard. You poured some water in the glass and slowly drank the whole glass, enjoying the relieving sensation down your throat.

All of a sudden, you felt a gust of wind and two arms wrapping around your waist. You gasped and looked over your shoulder to see Pietro smiling down at you. “Zdravstvuy, lyubov’ moya.” Hello my love.

Placing the glass on the counter, you quickly turned around to reciprocate the hug. “Pietro! I missed you,” you responded. You nuzzled your face in the crevice of his neck.

He chuckled at your greeting. “I missed you too, Y/N.” You felt his body move slightly before hearing him greet his sister who was watching his homecoming. She kindly responded in their native tongue. It was then that Pietro tightened his grip on your waist, tapping his fingers aimlessly on the sides of your waist.

You squealed in response, jumping out of Pietro’s reach. You looked up to see Pietro with a surprised look on his face. “I didn’t- Wait, Y/N?… Are you ticklish?’

Your face flushed, responding “Pshhh, no”, attempting to hide that you are very ticklish.

Pietro smirked, slowly approaching you again as you backed away with caution. “Uh-huh,” he stated. “I totally believe you.” He lunged toward you, but you quickly ran out of his reach, not before hearing Vision and Wanda chuckling. You sprinted towards the common room, knowing he damn well can catch up to you with his superspeed.

You were almost at the entrance of the common room, when you were being scooped up by your boyfriend. “PIETRO!,” you screeched as his fingers were gently tickling your sides. You barely heard Pietro through your forced laughter, “What lyubov? I’m just trying to get my proper homecoming from you.”

You were dying from laughter and had to get out of his grip ASAP. When you thought that all men had the same weakness, sex. You turned around abruptly, slamming your lips onto his. Your hands went to his hair, massaging his scalp. His hands stopped his attack on your sides and instead placed them on your hips. He returned the gesture and you felt him smirk against the kiss. You got him distracted. 

You’ll pay for this later, but right now, all you wanted is for the tickle attack to end. Sorry Pietro. Your hand cupped and fondled his clothed member. Once you knew he was dazed and unfocused, you ripped your hand off his pants and ran into the common room. You knew you had only so much time, until your boyfriend will come in looking for revenge. You stopped and quickly observed the room for a hiding place.

“Whoa Y/N,” Tony smirked. “I know Pietro is back and all, but dang you guys work fast.”

You blushed for a moment, looking down and realizing your physical appearance. Your clothes were disheveled and your hair had a post-sex look. But you didn’t have time to be embarrassed. You ran to the couches and sat in between Steve and Bucky, knowing if anyone would protect you, it would be them. “Protect me,” you demanded, your eyes darting to the entrance of the common room.

Everyone’s heads turned to the same direction. Almost immediately, Pietro was standing at the entrance. He was breathing heavily, and he was looking around the room as one can only describe as him hunting for his prey.

“Dang Speedy,” Clint said. “Didn’t know you were so kinky.” That earned a slap on the arm from Natasha.

Pietro’s eyes finally land on you, and damn were you nervous. Using his powers, he was right in front of you in the blink of an eye. Steve quickly jumped in between the two of you. “Whoa there,” Steve uttered. “What’s going on here?”

Pietro answered, “I learned something new about Y/N today.” Before he could finish his thought, Tony said, “That she is kinky as well”. You kept your eyes on Pietro, but you could practically hear Bruce sigh and shake his head disapprovingly.

“No,” he responded unamusingly. “That she is ticklish.”

Bucky wondered, “Really?” before poking your side. You squealed, practically jumping off the couch.

“Yep,” he said with a smug look at his face.

“Buckkkky,” you whined as you backed away.

All of a sudden you felt something brushing your neck, causing you to scream yet again. You quickly turn around to see a certain red-haired Avengers with a smirk on her lips. “Dang,” Natasha said. “She really is ticklish”.

It’s as if you were thrown into an alternate universe. Every single Avenger, besides Bruce -Bless Bruce-, smirked then turned their head to face you.  And boy was it creepy.

Your eyes widened at your realization of their next action. You uttered, “Shit,” before darting out of the room. Out of all the missions and training, this would be the most scariest and most strenuous moment of your life.

Gym Teacher

You knew the three of you needed to go undercover, so you decided to go as a English Teacher - after all English was your favourite subject and you knew it quite well. 

Sam was going to be a janitor whereas Dean kept his secret. You were confused and curious to know why. 

When the day arrived, you walked into school wearing a long grey skirt and blouse and heels. You saw Sam fixing a broken locker.

“Where’s Dean?” You whispered, noticing some of the pupils looking at your weirdly. 

“Gym,” Sam said, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud. 

“Why is he there?”

“Just go and see,” he told you. 

Frowning as you walked away, you went to go and see the headteacher who welcomed you and showed you your classroom and pupils. Your class seemed nice and most of them actually really did enjoy English. After your lesson, you walked over to gym - before hand asking for directions from a pupil in your class. 

As you opened the door, you saw the kids lined up, hands behind their backs like they were soldiers. Your eyes then looked over at Dean who was marching up and down, talking to them. 

You couldn’t help it. You held back the laughter, but the loud gasp echoed the hall causing Dean to turn around. He wore bright red tight shorts, white and red striped socks, white polo and a huge red sweatband around his forehead. 

“I am going to talk to Mrs. Y/L/N about…things, I’ll be right back. And if I hear anyone talk, they will do fifteen laps around the entire school. You hear me?!” The children nodded their head frantically. 

Dean walked over towards you, he looked angry. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be teaching?”

You snorted with laughter, “oh my god, you look hilarious.”

Dean looked to the side, totally embarrassed. “Can you leave, I’m trying to teach my class.” 

“How did you fit into the those shorts?” You carried on, holding your hands to your mouth to stop yourself from hysterically laughing. 

“Y/N, I have to go,” Dean said, his voice raised higher. You stifled your laughter as he turned around and walked over to his pupils. 

You couldn’t help but stare cheekily at his ass as he walked away. Turning on your heels you left the hall and texted Dean quickly, “cute butt.”

Vernon: I Love You

submission by: anonymous

anonymous asked: can you please do a request where Hansol says he loves you for the first time?? and like he says it by accident but then realizes like “dang yes I love you”. thanks!!!

Summary: Vernon has kinda a bad day but ur there 2 cheer him up !

You gently knock on the door three times and cautiously push it open. Hansol sits on his bed staring at the floor. 

“Hansol?” You say. His head snaps up and he smiles weakly, quickly pushing the hair out of his face. 

“Hey (Y/N)…”

“Everyone’s worried, Hansol. You just got off stage and shut your self in your room we’re just-” You take a step towards him then stop dead in your tracks. “Are…are you crying?”

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