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sixofcrowsnw challenge: take two ≡ best moment of your otp

kanej + religion

MJ: she’s only interested in you because you’re Spiderman

Peter: but I am Spiderman

MJ: *hits Peter on the head with her book*


I kinda wish Ratchet was able to clean up his act…. 


Hannibal - 2x03 - Hassun

Lumiette Thoughts

There was probably one point at Lumiere and Plumette’s wedding where Lumiere’s just sitting at a table watching her interact with Belle and Mrs. Potts and Chip and he just can’t get over how beautiful she looks in her wedding dress, how her eyes sparkle when she moves, her smile the embodiment of pure joy; she shines brighter than anyone else in the room.

And he’s hopelessly lovestruck; he can’t stop staring at her and it’s then that he realizes how lucky he is that he married this wonderful woman.  That’s my wife, he thinks, over and over again, because it just hasn’t sunk in yet.  And then he’d say it out loud, to anyone who was around to listen…particularly Cogsworth, who’s probably sitting right next to him, and after a few times, Cogsworth’s just like “yes, that’s the fifth time you’ve said it.”

So he starts saying it to other people, like Mrs. Potts, Chapeau, Adam, Belle.  They all smile and tolerate it a lot more than the majordomo does, probably because they know that this is a happy moment for him and Plumette, and they most definitely have a happy life ahead of them.

But there’s probably this one moment where he goes to say it to Cadenza and stops, because the maestro is already smiling and giving him this look that says, no words necessary, “I know exactly what’s going through your head right now, and you’re gonna be feeling that way for the rest of your life. Believe me, I know.”

And then he gets up to accompany the Madame, because even if they were turned down they’d still be there to perform, they’re just that persistent, and Lumiere looks after them, sees the glances they share before they start, and thinks yep, he gets it, he understands.  

And then he runs over to ask Plumette to dance with him, and for a second he doesn’t know what to say–him, the romantic, too in awe, too head-over-heels in love to say a few words.  But then Plumette asks him if he wants to dance (saves him), and he’s like yes, please, it’s already felt like forever since we’ve danced (it’s been like half an hour), we have to make up for lost time, he insists.

And when they do, and they’re staring into each other’s eyes, his hand tucked around her waist and her hand resting on his shoulder, her face, her eyes, everything about her is more radiant than the sun (and her smile, her smile).  He’s content, he’s perfect, he’s never felt more alive…

But it’s merely the first moment of the rest of forever.  A moment that, in that instant, has already lasted a lifetime.

Okay so I think that Theo, Brett and Liam would make a great ot3 and more people should ship them (and they would be called dunkenbot, that’s the greatest name ever lmao)

2am thoughts

(it’s not 2am but who cares)

do you know that in korean, the seven days of a week are named based on the five elements (ohaeng/wu xing), the sun and the moon?

monday is 월요일. 월 means “moon” and its hanja is 月 (the word “month” in korean is also “월” because one month equals one cycle of the moon). tuesday is 화요일. 화 means “fire” and its hanja is 火. wednesday is 수요일. 수 means “water” and its hanja is 水. thursday is 목요일. 목 means “tree” (wood) and its hanja is 木. friday is 금요일. 금 means “gold” (metal) and its hanja is 金. saturday is 토요일. 토 means “earth” and its hanja is 土. lastly, sunday is 일요일. 일 means “sun’ and its hanja is 阳.

목, 화, 토, 금, 수 are the five elements (“ohaeng” or “wu xing”) that have a “producing and restraining” relationship. one element can produce another and at the same time, it can also restrain another, like water can nourish wood but water can also extinguish fire. on the another hand, 월 and 일, the sun and the moon, are symbols of yin and yang. to put it simply, yin and yang represent two opposing sides of matters, objects, like up & down, in & out, boy & girl, or the sun & the moon. every object, every being is believed to have both the yin and the yang side, these 2 sides balance each other and form a complementary relation. the sun, the moom and the five elements, these 7 things are based on create 음양오행설, aka “yin-yang and the five elements theory”.

anyway the point of this post is to show that bts has 7 members for a reason. holy number right there, people.

where do you keep your heart, my dear? is it locked up, deep inside your purpling ribs? or are roses growing from your knuckles because your hands hold it? is it woven into the strands of your golden hair? or is it somewhere in the twinkling stars? do you hold it behind your glossy lips? or did you spit it out into the drain? are yellow orchids decorating your back because it’s blooming inside? or are the pieces of glass embedded in it preventing warmth from spreading to your fingertips? oh darling, please show me where you keep your heart.
—  language of love


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What Disney characters do you think Yuu, Mika, and Guren are most like?

Yuu is Ariel.
Mika is Wreck it Ralph.
Guren is the grandma in Mulan who walks through a busy intersection with her eyes closed , causing pile ups, to prove the cricket is in fact lucky.

What if...

What if during Warren’s recovery, after he has decided to stay at the mansion for his own sake and is put on 24 hour watch, he begins making the best of his ‘grounding,’ and starts hanging out with Hank down in the labs. Hank said it would help his confidence- both where he had too much, and where he too little. It would give him something to do while his wings grew back. It would keep his mind off of the prominent anger in his head. Sort of like therapy, as he would help Hank with expirements, medical treatment, and cleaning around the school. Warren needed a new leader in his life- someone REAL to look up to and guide him.

Now what if Hank then soon realized Warren’s terrible fear and anxiety around the new jet being built one day, when he has Warren come down to help him with a few things on it. He would see how much trouble the memories and fear and nightmares were giving the winged mutant, and decide to make that the next goal on the list of Warren’s recovery.

So what if then, he decided to start bringing Warren down to work on the jet every day with him. The angel wouldn’t want to upset the only mutant around that didn’t hate him, and would unwillingly agree and follow him down each time. But slowly, as the months would go on, Warren would begin loosening up around the formerly threatening machine. He would see all the parts that went into it- how it worked, how to turn it on, how to turn it off. How it flew- just like him, but not quite. How it was controlled, and how exactly Jean had taken it down that terrible day. He would see how simple it all turned out to be- and where all the exits were if ever another emergency occurred. He would see and help hank put the weapons and extra gadgets inside, and soon, when the new X Jet would be finished, Warren would now know the machine inside and out; less and less afraid by the day.

But then, what if Hank wouldn’t stop there. Warren’s continuous flinching and still unease would not be enough for his satisfaction, so he would decide to go further.

So what if then, he teaches Warren to fly it. By now, Warren’s wings have grown fully in. He doesn’t need the jet at all to reach the sky, but Hank still makes him try. And Warren agrees only because now he looks up to Hank- now he trusts him. Now he sees Hank as family; the doctor hadn’t wronged him yet, and Warren suddenly finds a brand new confidence in his head that he hadn’t noticed before.

Warren would have a panic attack the first time- Hank having to nearly force him into the chair and put his white-knuckled grip on the controls. The angel would go pale and sweaty and quiver with a gasping chest as he took hold of the steering, and allowed Hank to bring the suddenly gigantic jet to life around him.

“I’m right here Warren, you know I wouldn’t hurt you. If you can’t do it, just let me know and I can take over.” Hank would get set up right next to him- relaxed and easy as he would put the headphones on with him and take his controls.

The jet would move, and Warren would find himself in a mad panic as his hands nearly crush the new handles. He wouldn’t last long the first time- his wings opening and his eyes closing against his will as he instinctively yanks the controls up. Hank would then turn off Warren’s side; flying on his own but leaving the angel sitting next to him. He would test out the new pieces and parts of the jet, and talk to Warren as he flew them around. The angel would keep his grip tight on the steering and his eyes securely closed as he nods to Hank in response, until the doctor sighs and looks over at him.
“Warren, open your eyes. Look, we’re just flying…” he’d speak softly.

Warren would then slowly pry open his eyelids, to see only white clouds and blue sky through the windows in front of him. He’d huff a shaky laugh, but close them again and finally wish to go back.

Hank would let him, and return to the mansion.

But as the days would go on, Hank would take him out more and more. Day after day, until Warren was finally able to steer and fly all on his own at Hanks side- laughing hysterically as he suddenly sees what he can do.

And then what if- after Warren has mastered the new jet with Hank and figured out how to give it command and make it do what he wants it to do- the X Men are sent on a mission across the country. Warren would be with Hank as they prep the jet and ready it for take off- but before the angel can step back out to let them leave, Hank gently grabs his shoulder, and sits him down in the chair. The X Men would be confused and bewildered as to why Hank would trust Warren with such a job, but all it takes is one confident, calm look from the doctor, for Warren to know that he can do it. He’s ready.

So what if then Warren is able to fly with the X Men- fly them in the jet that nearly killed him just a year and a half ago. The X Kids would he astounded at the sight of the confident winged mutant controlling the machine that once caused him so much pain. And then what if, after a few more runs and a few more missions, Warren finds himself joining them in battle- leaving the jet to then fight at their side with out realizing he’s even joined them; living in the adrenaline and new found security.

“The fuck are you wearing ?” - Wolverine x Reader

I saw a deleted scene from Reel Steel where Hugh Jackman is shirtless and then puts on a shirt, and besides the fact that he’s incredibly sexy, I couldn’t help but think…”What the fuck is he wearing ?” cause that shirt is…I don’t know I just find it funny. So…Here we go with a short and shitty Wolverine thing, because…Yeah. Boom, here, hope you’ll like it

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It was still rather early in the morning when you felt Logan’s side of the bed shift, and you groan as he slipped the arm that was under your head away, and stood up. You slowly opened one eye. In the light of the rising sun, you could see his naked silhouette gathering some clothes from his wardrobe. Damn he looked good. You wanted him to come back to bed…

-Logan, honey, it’s like - you quickly looked at your alarm clock- 6 am…Oh my god it’s 6 fucking am ! It’s Sunday, and you’re up at 6 am. The Hell is wrong with you ? 

You heard him chuckle as he put on some boxers and pants. You gave him a disappointed pout, because you wanted to check him out some more, and he just smiled at you, giving you one of his sexy wink he reserved for you only.

-I promised Cap’ we’d go on a motorcycle ride today, road trip you know. So we can talk about old times and such. 

You rolled your eyes to the sky, but couldn’t help the smile creeping on your face. To the surprise of many, the Wolverine was actually a great friend. Once you went threw his layers of being a bit rough and broody and a “lone wolf”, he was great to be around. He was always there for his close one, and if someone needed him, wether it was to talk, get drunk, or just hang out…He was up for it. Still, you sometime had trouble sharing. 

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Chapitre 94 – Father and Son




dancing in a snow globe | shawn mendes




word count: 10,143 (you didn’t think it was possible for this to be longer than the last one, did you?)

author’s note: thank you all SO, SO MUCH for all your feedback on part one (which you should probably read before you start this, and you can find it HERE). this second part covers sophomore year, and it’s a bit more nsfw so, like, don’t read this at work or your grandmother’s house, ya feel? i’m dedicating it to emily aka @saysweartogod bc she’s been my main cheerleader and literally revived herself from the dead to tell me to finish this. title comes from “you are in love” by taylor swift. enjoy xo

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It had always been strange to you that time never felt consistent. One second could feel as though it stretched out into several eons, but three months could be compressed into one blink. As your freshman year of college ended, you felt like you weren’t looking around enough to notice the changes: the trees becoming lush with green leaves again, sweatshirts becoming t-shirts becoming tank tops, your boyfriend becoming more open, more kindhearted, more incredible with each passing day.

As your sophomore year progressed, you learned two things:

  1. You were in love, and
  2. You had no idea what to do about it.

But let’s start a bit before that.

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Saiyuki high school AU…! Because I love high school AUs. Honestly Goku’s lines came from me thinking about my love for spinach so there. I confess. I just had Goku saying it because after thinking this, I thought ‘that’s so Goku, though?’ and I needed a reason for him to say stuff like this so I made a HS AU where Ten was the English teacher because he’d probably assign something like this.

Also…if I wasn’t so sleepy I’d have added Gojyo and Banri laughing, teasing Goku or something but…alas. Maybe I’d do more of these some time! x’)

@holysea: I wanted you to see this, hahaha.

To Be a Jedi

They dropped out of hyperspace above a brown-tinged world that definitely wasn’t Naboo.

“Padmé, where are we?” Bail Organa asked, leaning over the console to check the navicomputer. “Did you put in the wrong coordinates?”

“No,” his fellow Senator responded as she instructed the shuttle to enter the atmosphere, “we’re right where we need to be.”

Bail frowned as he found the name of the system they’d arrived at. “But – this is Aargonar.”

The Aargonarian leadership had recently asked the Senate to send delegates to ease tension during the transfer of power ceremony. The existing governor was stepping down in objection to the Republic’s treatment of Confederacy of Independent Systems, and his successor had been selected due to his interest in exchanging the planet’s neutral status for a Separatist one.

He looked at her sharply. “What are we doing here?”

Padmé focused on adjusting the controls. “The governor requested for mediators to be present, to make sure things don’t get out of hand.”

“And the Senate voted to deny their request on the grounds that they are Separatist sympathizers,” Bail reminded her. He paused as they rocketed through the upper atmosphere, the shuttle humming slightly as they broke through and began slowing down. “From what I hear, they won’t be a Republic system much longer. Padmé, what are we doing here?”

Padmé hesitated. “I received intel that Senator Bonteri’s husband, Claydon, is here, seeking to establish a Separatist base.”

“Have you reported it to the Chancellor?” Bail demanded.

Padmé offered a small chuckle. “You think the Chancellor doesn’t already know?” She grew serious. “The Chancellor plans on issuing a strike force to wipe out the base. I’ve got to warn Claydon. I owe it to Mina.”

As much as he wanted to be angry with Padmé, he couldn’t. She loved Senator Bonteri, and Claydon was a good man, in spite of his political allegiance. Before the war began, Bail had actually become fond of the senator’s husband, finding him to be an excellent conversationalist during otherwise tedious dinners.

“They’ll hardly let two Senators waltz into a new Separatist post,” Bail pointed out gently. “I’m afraid we won’t get close.”

“Aargonar still holds the Jedi in high esteem, and would do anything they ask.”

“Well, yes, maybe. But we don’t have any Jedi with us.”

Instead of answering, Padmé turned the controls over to Bail and rose from her seat, exiting the cockpit. Bail let out a breath. Padmé was one of his closest friends, and he knew her well enough to realize that he was about to get roped into one of her escapades.

The cockpit door hissed open and he flicked on the auto-pilot. Bail turned to find Padmé holding out a bundle of clothes to him. Suspiciously, he took them and let them unfurl. A tunic, some leggings, a utility belt, a long cloak –

Jedi robes.

It took him two more beats before it sank in. He rounded on Padmé. “Oh, no. No, no, no. You can’t be serious!”

“Of course I am.”  

“We can’t pose as Jedi!”

“Why not?”

“It’s illegal! Have you forgotten that?”

“I’m sure the Jedi Council will understand.” Padmé smiled slightly. “You don’t have to come with me, Bail. You’re free to take the ship once I’ve landed, if you promise to return for me in three days.”

“I can’t leave you here alone,” Bail exclaimed. “I – Padmé, this is ludicrous. We don’t have Jedi abilities! If something goes wrong, if they ask us to prove ourselves, we’ll be caught.

“We go in and make it clear that we are only there for deterrence. That’s a large portion of a Jedi’s job anyway; their presence alone is enough to make most beings back down. We’ll earn the trust of some government official who knows about the Separatist base, and we’ll ask to see it. It’s a reasonable request, and they know Jedi would never use subterfuge to destroy it. It’s still at the stage where a Jedi could claim diplomatic immunity. I can get in contact with Claydon and… well, whatever he does with the information is up to him.” She looked up at him, determined. “I have to do this, Bail. I have to try.”

Bail sighed and shook his head. There was no argument that would sway her; she was, of course, right. “Very well.”

“Then get changed. We’ll be landing soon.”

*                             *                             *

The tunic was a bit small, but it would serve. The boots Padmé provided fit reasonably well, but didn’t match the arch of his foot at all. Bail hoped he wouldn’t have to do any running in them. His shoulders sagged.  I’m with Padmé. Of course I’ll have to run.

He caught himself as the ship touched down on solid land. He returned to the cockpit to find that Padmé had already donned a set of robes. Used to seeing her in senatorial garb and evening gowns, he found it strange to see her in the unembellished tunic.

“Where did you even get these?” he asked, peering at his own clothes. The darker color reminded him of Master Skywalker’s robes.

“Mine was made my seamstress. Yours I had to – ah, borrow.”

He shot her a look. “And you’ll return it, of course?”

“Of course,” she responded, avoiding his eye. “One last detail.” She reached into a crate at her feet and pulled out a smaller box. She opened it carefully and turned it towards Bail. Inside rested two lightsabers.

What?” Bail recoiled, his eyes widening. “What have you –?”

“They’re not real lightsabers,” Padmé said quickly, picking one up and showing him. “Captain Typho designed it. If you hit the main button here, it releases a blaster bolt. Jedi don’t carry blasters, but he refused to go along with this unless I had some type of weapon. And this knob here, if you twist it, it emits a thick smoke that would give us some cover if we needed to escape.”

Bail took the false lightsaber gingerly. “I suppose we do have to look the part.” He clipped the weapon onto his belt, then spread his arms. “How do I look?”

Padmé regarded him thoughtfully. “Uncertain, uncomfortable, but the costume almost makes up for it.”

“I can’t act like a Jedi.”

“Just act like your normal self, Bail. You already carry yourself much like I’ve seen Jedi do. Just throw in some wry remarks and you’ll convince them.”

He caught her by the arm as she went to pass him. Irritation flashed across her face, but vanished a moment later. “Are you sure about this?” Bail asked quietly. “You’re putting yourself at risk.”

“So are you, by agreeing to come,” she said.

They stood in silence for a long moment. They were both nervous, Bail knew. Trying to go undetected into enemy territory impersonating Jedi was nerve-wracking enough, but if they were discovered to be Senators, here without the Senate’s permission, they would be accused of treason, or…

“Thank you.”

“You know I’ll always be here for you.”

She smiled. “Let’s go.”

Bail let her lead the way down the shuttle’s ramp. Waiting for them at the platform was a bald human male with a full beard and a blaster at his hip. Two security guards flanked him, black helmets masking their faces. The man stepped forward.

“Welcome to Aargonar, Master Jedi. I am Deean Corre, head of the governor’s security force. I must say, we were not expecting your arrival. We had been under the impression the Republic would have nothing to do with our world and its democratic processes. We are honored to have you here, Masters –?”

Padmé bowed. “Sola Naberrie, sir.”

Bail followed her lead, bending at the waist and dipping his head. “Giles Durane, at your service.”

Padmé clasped her hands in front of her. “We apologize that we did not announce our intention to arrive sooner. The Chancellor asked that we keep this matter under wraps, to avoid any unnecessary attention.”

“Of course, of course,” Corre responded hurriedly. “I understand the precaution. If you would follow me, Master Jedi, I shall escort you to the governor’s chambers. I am sure you will have much to discuss.”

Bail exchanged a glance with Padmé. She gave an encouraging smile. Bail allowed himself a deep breath. “I’m sure we will,” he responded mildly.

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