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Tohru and Kobayashi Visit A Maid Cafe! (Tohru Almost Burns It Down)

I’m back with more prompts!! I got a lot of requests for 2, 13, and a combination of both of them so here we go with #2, “This was the best day ever,” and #13, “We can, you know, go together if that’s a think you would like.” This one’s for @itrogash, @franchium, @true0neutral, and an anon! Tohru and Kobayashi go to a maid cafe and, naturally, chaos ensues. 

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“You’re going out?”

“Yes, just to do the shopping, I’ll be right back!  I think it’ll only be an hour.  I bet I can do it in less!” Tohru tells her, animated.  She’s done this since those awful, silent weeks, been excruciatingly careful to tell Kobayashi where she’s going, how long she’ll be gone.  Feverish reminders that she’s coming back.

“You don’t have to rush, that’s fine.”

“Um.  You could come with me, if that’s a thing you’d like, I know you have a day off.  You don’t have to, though, please don’t feel pressured-” she worries at the seam of her glove, nervous.  She’s always in this odd middle space between feeling compelled to express her affection and worried that Kobayashi is going to rebuff her.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for a world builder trying to break the mold with new cultures? I don't want to fall into the same old 'English, Middle-Eastern, Asian' trope for my fantasy cultures, but I don't know where to look for inspiration!

Thanks for your question, dear!  That’s a great idea :)  Fantasy cultures are so fun to cultivate, and it’s good that you’re taking your time and thinking it through.

Unfortunately, I don’t write a ton of fantasy, so I don’t have a great answer for you.  I know that character creators have helped me in the past – since you can try out different combinations of hair colors and types, skin colors, facial structures, and body types.  I’d recommend you take into account the history of your cultures and how natural selection may affect their physicality (for instance: the sunnier the region, the more melanin in the skin of the inhabitants – if we’re going with real-world science here).  Just things like that, that make sense for your individual cultures.

As for the other aspects of culture, I have a post discussing this subject, as well as my worldbuilding tag to aid your development with questions and opinions of other writers.  I wish I had more for you…

If any of my followers have examples of good inspiration for culture-building, drop it on this post to help the anon out! <3

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

madegeeky replied to your photo: There’s a lot here I don’t know the full meaning…

I love how this information, combined with the computer in the hallway at the Border House tell you so much about April’s world without drowning you a bunch of extra information. (Which, don’t get me wrong, I love the extra information too, let me talk to Fiona for 5 hours, I will happily and eagerly do that.) But I think it’s a great example of how less is more can work really well and is just one of the small examples of how good the writing in this game is.

I am so far LOVING the world building in this game, and lapping up the slow reveal of details. It’s exactly what feeds me, and in the way I like to devour it.

queuecifer  asked:

Are the mechanics of Tony being a werewolf the classic 'only turns on a full moon' rules or something else?

It’s a bit different. I wanted to write something monstrous that paralleled his issues and flaws as a person. Anger, insecurity, etc. So it kind of emotionally connects with you as a person, and if you’re kind of losing control of yourself, it can result in some scary turning. Sounds corny when I try to explain it outright. Hopefully it just plays better visually! This is also why vampire just wasn’t working. Didn’t have the same effect, and also just didn’t make sense to have a coming of age story combine with being undead and 18 forever. Wanted to write about growth and control and coping and it worked a lot better with werewolf. Kind of unrelated but here are some more creepy werewolf ideas I was thinking. dont like answering asks without a drawing attached!

anonymous asked:

any ideas or links on how to play a character who acts childish and naive who is secretly anything but? i've played childish/cutesy characters and manipulative characters, but i'm having trouble combining the traits and they just end up more cynical and manipulative than anything. sorry if this question's been asked before!

No problem! Here are a few tips and links I’ve gathered for you!

Personally, I think you need to have a reason for the facade of being childish and cutesy. They could be childish only in public because they know that this person can bring them what they want. It’s hard keeping secrets in the roleplay because you want your partners to know the character well. But only write the cynical and manipulative as thoughts (in italics) during paras or just write self-paras. I’ve written a character like this before. And basically I use her innocent side as a character in itself. She puts on her makeup and dresses as an armour to protect herself. But when she is alone she takes off these performative things and becomes a different person. I also found certain people where she could be herself around, where this childish and cutesy syntax falls apart and she speaks with more advanced vocabulary and more complicated sentences. That way you can play with the difference in voice. I think it’s also a good thing to incorporate body language as well. By adding “bats eyelashes” or “pouts” or “shifts her weight”, you can easily add this childishness to the way the character works in public. You can also add clumsiness as a trait. I think it’s important that your character isn’t just being childish in order to get something. You can play it that they are always childish and it just so happens that by playing innocent and the victim they can get what they want easier. This means that you really need to figure out why they are being childish in public even though they are cynical and more than that. But this facade should be maintained throughout, or else the public will easily notice that they aren’t… really nice.

Here are a few links that can help:

Hope that helps!

bnn528 submitted:

Height: 5’7

Starting weight: 222 Lbs

Current Weight: 187 Lbs

Started in January 2014, about 4 months gone by now

I dont have a starting photo unfortunately but i still think you can see a big difference from the first and 3rd photos. I have been doing fitness blender workout videos and just eating more clean. I eat anywhere between 1300-1500 calories a day . I dont write down the calories but i calculate in my head on a daily basis. 

I have just recently started Jillian Michaels 30 day shred combined with her Ripped in 30 programs ( minus the eating plans). My short term goal is a 50 lb loss by August 1st. Updates soon!

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