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Bts reaction to finding out their s/o used to cosplay. Thank you 😊

BTS Finding Out That You Used To Cosplay


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Hobi would be flabbergasted that you didn’t tell him, having to find out through a few pictures of you on the internet in such good cosplay that he assumed you actually were the character you were portraying. He’d immediately question you about it, wanting to know all he could about your time as a cosplayer, what characters you cosplayed as and would beg you for pictures. “Pleaseeeeeee jagiya? At least one?” *Cue puppy dog eyes* He may even ask you to bring something out during intimate times between the two of you, practically drooling at the thought of you dressing up for him.


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Ok, so we all know that this alien isn’t as innocent as he seems to be 😂 He’d probably pretty into the idea of you dressing up and doing roleplay, especially after seeing how well you portrayed the characters you cosplayed as. After being told about your cosplay and finding all the pictures he could of you, he’d most likely corner you and ask why you hadn’t told him when you knew how much he’d like that sort of thing. “C’mon jagiya, you are completely beautiful and I love you, but just IMAGINE what it would be like if we roleplayed!”


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If anything, Jin would be jealous at how gorgeous you always seemed to be in every single cosplay you did. Every singly photo he found of you was absolutely stunning, frustrating him to the point where he sits in the corner sulking and tries to ignore you when you come over to see whats wrong. “Seriously? Thats why you’re upset?” “Yes it is! How can you be even more perfect than you already are? It’s not fair!” “Jinnie, I can help you cosplay and take a nice photo if thats what it takes to make you calm down.” “….Fine.”


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Being the complete nerd that he is, Jungkook would immediately start fanboying after spotting your photos on a cosplay website online. Especially when he sees that you specialised in Marvel character cosplays. He would download all of your pictures and practically tackle you over to show you what he had found, all the while questioning you on how long it had taken you to piece everything for your costumes together. “HOW DID YOU MAKE THE ARC REACTOR LIGHT UP? HOW LONG DID IT TAKE TO MAKE EACH PLATE FOR THE ARMOUR? WHAT DID YO-” “KOOKIE LET ME BREATHE!”


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Rapmon would be completely impressed by your work as a cosplayer and would ask you multiple questions about it, how you first got interested in it, what type of characters were you favourite etc. He’d be really proud of all the amazing costumes you had made by hand and would even encourage you to get back into cosplaying. “Honestly jagiya, I can tell that you miss it.”


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Suga would be stunned at how amazing you look in your photos, taking his time to stare at each one to notice all the details he could. He would be incredibly moved by how passionate you seemed to be about your work as a cosplayer, looking through each long and compelling post you made about the subject on your old blog. He would sit next to you and take you hands in his, grinning at you with that sweet, gummy smile of his. He’d tell you about how inspiring (infires!) your posts were and how much he loves the passion that you had for it, asking why you stopped and would try to ask you to start it up again. “You could at least be a mentor to people starting out jagiya. Help them out to reach the amazing level you managed to reach.”


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Jimin would definitely be in awe of how easy you made cosplaying seem, obsessing over each picture of you he could find. He would hug you tightly the next time he saw you, cooing and giggling over how amazing and creative you are. He’d even ask you if you could help him with posing for pictures in the future because of how good your photos always looked. “Jiminie, you look fine in your pictures.” “But with your help I could make them even better!” “If that’s even possible.”

I really hope you like it dear anon! :D God, I really need to get into cosplay properly lmao. I’m missing out on so much amazingness~ Please request again sometime soon dear anon ^_^ Can’t wait to hear from you again~

My 2017 wish. Reblogs to spread the message are highly appreciated.

A few days ago I read this on @chample508‘s profile and I couldn’t help but feel terrible about it 

(I asked her permission before posting this and I just want to help to spread the message. You can reblog the original post instead if you want! I don’t care, really, I just want people to know this fact for the sake of the japanese fandom!!).

I used to scream and post on twitter every Thursday, when the new chapter is available. I loved talking with everyone about it and discussing the cute and sexy Kirishima looked in the chapter (how can someone be so fucking hot and adorable at the same time??????? it escapes my comprehension) about it.

But it makes me feel so sad to know I could have ruined the intrigue –week after week– to all the japanese fandom. I never post major spoilers but still… I feel bad about it. And the worst part of it is that this has to happen with all the shonen jump series!
I didn’t know about this fact and I would have been more careful if I had knew. My twitter is not spoiler free but a few japanese artists and cosplayers follow me because I draw KiriBaku and I’ve been spoiling them all this time!! I’m so sorry for this…
Unluckily, I can’t solve what is done, but I’m glad Shoco-san has given us an advice so we can spread the message. She’s an angel who understands us and knows we have no harm. We didn’t know the situation in Japan, so it’s not our fault, but almost all japanese fandom can’t speak english very well and they couldn’t tell us.

For 2017 I’d like this problem to stop happening. It would be amazing if we could all follow this rules:
- Always tag BNHA spoilers on tumblr, so they can avoid it with Tumblr Savior (I already explained Shoco how it works and I hope she will tell it as well to other japanese artists).
- Don’t post spoilers on Twitter until Monday, we can use DM instead.

This is important not only for HeroAca fandom but for all Shonen Jump current mangas! Thank you so much for reading and hope we can all enjoy BNHA safely next year. ❤❤

I wanted to redraw Bakugo’s face but I’m still working on commissions and I don’t have time arggggg i’m sorry he looks horrible af

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I always forget you're from Germany as well lol. Do you go to any conventions? I try to go to the Dokomi in Düsseldorf every year :D I saw some amazing Voltron cosplayers this year and annoyed my friends with how excited I got every time I saw something Voltron related.


Actually I’ve never been to a convention in my whole life, 1) because I only have one friend that’d be interested in coming with me and they live 2-3 hours away from me  we went together to japantag once??, 2) because money aaaand 3) because I am not informed about any dates/places/etc :’D I once went to Japantag with my friend but that’s it. It’s a shame, really, I’ve always wanted to visit one… my little sister too, maybe I’ll take her sometime once there’s one close to where we live.

VOLTRON COSPLAYERS THOUGH OMG I’d take a selfie with every cosplayer that would give me permission fuckcdnsfjgfdfnjs I’d be just as excited as you,,,

Back to some of what should actually be in the dashcon tag, there were some amazing cosplayers

If you are any of these wonderful people, tell me who you were so I can put you in the post! And thank you to everyone who attended dashcon, it was only fun because of all the incredible people that showed up and played endless games of cards against humanity so thanks

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Do you have any Harley-specific cosplay advice or literally any cosplay advice at all?

Good advice for any aspiring cosplayer: you wont get the end result in a day. You might think, “Well I’ll be done when my cosplay arrives/is fully made and that’ll be the end result!” Wrong. You will get your cosplay and there will be things you don’t like. And you will spend the next months/weeks/years perfecting them. One part is too tight, another is too baggy. Your wig is wrong but it’s all you have right now. It’s all okay. You don’t have to be perfect immediately. Lord knows I wasn’t.

Now specifically for Harley cosplayers. First off, GET YOURSELF THE RIGHT FACEPAINT!!! Everyone kept telling me Ben Nye Clown White and it looked like shit on me and perfect on everyone else. Turns out I was using the wrong kind… Use THIS and only that. It’s amazing. If you’ve never tried to do smooth white facepaint you’re thinking “lmao it’ll be easy I can use anything.” NO. Just use that damn paint I linked. And it’s VERY IMPORTANT to get a setting powder! Yes it matters. If you don’t have it, all your hard work will be wiped off in 5 minutes. I highly recommend THIS. It’s not translucent (see through) but rather bright white which will enhance your facepaint.

When wearing a mask, try to avoid using an elastic strap to keep it on. It’ll start to really hurt after a few hours. Use spirit gum! Otherwise I have to put my mask on before my wig to hide the strap, meaning I can never take my mask off. And that really sucks.

If you’re able to, blue contacts really make your look pop. In my opinion, they can make even a closet cosplay look really nice. You need some that will actually show up. I used THESE once but I think I have sensitive eyes so I’ll be going to an actual optometrist to get some good ones. For the love of God, don’t wait until your con day to try out any contacts! Try them on for a long period of time way before your con and learn how to care for them properly! 

Finally, find a pigtail wig that doesn’t look too…weird. My first one did and I want to burn every picture of me in it. Let’s get this straight, no clip on pigtail wig is going to look totally natural. But you can make sure it doesn’t look God awful. If the tops of the clip on pigtails are very spherical, they’re gonna look weird.

Wow I think I said too much.
Essentially, give yourself time to learn! I started cosplaying Harley when I was like 15. You will get better over time as your learn more!

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Ho, your cosplays are so amazing *_____* I wish I could be like you c: How dou you meet other cosplayers? And isnt it very expensive to visit all these cons? Do you have any tipps for cosplay beginner in general? Im curious xoxox

I go through answering these individually like, all year long but maybe I can answer it all together and just link back to this post next time someone asks

info under the butt

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So people keep saying that my body type won't suit many one piece cosplays because I'm fat tan female and tall, I tried to find some characters as I want to cosplay for Halloween but I'm kinda blank minded, do you have any ideas for cosplay that I could do that my body won't ruin? Thank you xx (btw, your blog is amazing!)

Oh my goodness!!! People actually say that???! Fuck them. Seriously! You are beautiful and you can  cosplay whoever you want! 

I look nothing like the characters I cosplay! As long as you’re having fun it shouldn’t matter at all! Seriously.

I cosplay characters that I like so you should too! Find a character that you like and do it! It doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to look like them. 

I mean look at my face: 

And now look at Kid: 

External image

Do you see this??? My nose is too straight. My skin is super pale. My googles look like poop and on top of that I’m a tiny woman!!! I look nothing like Kid haha but I have so much fun cosplaying him!

And that’s all that matters! It shouldn’t matter about anything else.

Also… take a look at this graceful picture

External image
This is my absolute favorite. 

I look nothing like Ace but I’m having a hell of a good time XD

Again… the only thing that I have in common with Ace is the ridiculous amount of freckles. Which are covered mostly by my make up. 

But Ace was one of my favorite characters so I wanted to  cosplay him! I didn’t care that  I didn’t look like him (mostly because I’m female and super white and a total dork) it’s because I wanted to and even though there are hundreds of Ace cosplayers at just about every convention I still feel pretty awesome and happy because I’m Ace and he’s special to me. 

I’m just kinda repeating myself I think but same with all my other cosplays XD 
I just want to let you know you shouldn’t listen to what anyone says… you cosplay who you want and you tell anyone who gives you shit for it to go fuck themselves because you are beautiful and whatever you cosplay will look just as amazing! 

I totally have faith in you and I know you can do it! 

If you have any questions about actually cosplaying a specific character (one that you want to cosplay/or like*) I can totally try my best to help you with that too! As much as I can. I’m not that great at cosplaying myself either. It’s mostly thrown together and I only just started sewing around last year some time but I will definitely try! 

I hope that I get to see some of your cosplays soon :)  

Be confident in yourself because you really are beautiful! I know it! No one else matters! **))