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Reid x Reader

“Large cappuccio and large mocha to go" the coffee barista called your order out and you collected it from the counter, walking to the exit and stopping to hold it open for the next customer, someone who was clearly going to struggle with the door.

Catching sight of the person’s face as they passed you, you stepped back into the coffee shop.


Your colleague turned, lowering the huge box he was carrying to the floor. “Y/N, hi!”

You eye his parcel curiously, “A keyboard?”

He nodded and you smiled softly at him. You knew what had prompted him to purchase it, the latest case the team had just returned from had involved a young autistic boy who was a whiz on the piano. Spencer had connected with the child and it had obviously piqued a new interest.

“Are you signing up for lessons anywhere?”

“Nope. I bought some manuals which I’ll read tonight. It’s all mathematics really when you think about it.”

“Sure sure, Spencer,” you grinned at him, shifting your coffee from one hand to another. “Well if you ever want a teacher, give me a shout.”

“You can play?” he looked surprised.

“I started taking lessons when I was five years old. To say I can play is an understatement. So drop round at the weekend if you like. I have an actual baby grand piano in my living room, it’s much move pleasant to play than a keyboard, not that there’s anything wrong with Yamaha’s.”

“I might just take you up on that.”

You said your goodbyes to him, not even thinking about the meeting again until three weeks later when you were sat at home one Saturday afternoon with your legs curled up underneath you and a book in your hands. You’d not mentioned your run in with Spencer in the coffee shop to anyone at work, never asked him how his self teaching was going on. You figured if he needed your help, he’d ask. But being the genius he was, he’d probably figured it all out himself.


Sliding your bookmark into place you shuffled over to your front door. You weren’t expecting any company so you were suprised to see Spencer standing in your doorway, a look of frustration on his face.

“I need you help. I can’t do it…. Well, I know that in theory I can, and I’ve taught myself to read music and I know where all the keys are but it’s the timing. I can’t do it.”

“Hi Spencer. I’m very well thanks. Nah, you’re not at all intruding, come right on in.”

His eyes widened and he coughed sheepishly. “All of that too? Hi Y/N. Sorry to bother you……”

“It’s fine. Come in,” you led him through to the kitchen. “Drink?”

You reached for two mugs when you saw him nod, setting about making two coffees and handing one to him.

“So…. The great genius Spencer Reid has found something he can’t do?”

“There’s plenty of things I can’t actually do in practice. This just, well I wasn’t expecting not to be able to do it. I know what I’m doing but when I go to play, it sounds wrong, like my timing is off.”

“It probably is. Have you tried using a metronome?”

“Nope. I’ve never ever had problems with timing or anything before.”

“Well that’s probably where you’re going wrong then. Come on through.”

You took Spencer through to your large living room where your piano stood. It was your pride and joy and had been bought for you as a sweet sixteen birthday present by your grandparents who had always encouraged your playing.

“Wow,” Spencer was impressed. You sat on the bench in front of the instrument, patting the space beside you.

“Okay. I’ve never taught anyone to play before so I think even though you’ve read the manuals and stuff, it’s best if we start at the beginning and go back to basics.”

And so you did, spending the next few hours patiently going through the basics of piano playing with Reid and explaining the importance and helpfulness of a metronome, especially to someone who struggled to keep timing. Of course he spent the afternoon spouting off impressive facts about the instrument and it’s many many famous players, but you were the expert here. This was your forte and you let him know that. He was a quick learner once you’d taught him a few basic timing exercises an by the end of the afternoon you had him playing Heart and Soul with you, the first piano duet you ever leant, and he managed to keep in time.

“See you can do it.”

He beamed, pleased with your praise. “Thank you! I was just getting so frustrated. Although when you said we were going back to basics I figured you’d have me playing chopsticks or something.”

“I can teach you that. I actually found chopsticks harder when I was learning because it’s faster. But I can teach you that next week maybe?”

“Erm… Yeah. I think I’d like that,” he shifted in his seat, wanting to ask you a question. “Y/N. Can you play something for me? Properly.”

It had been ages since you’d played for someone other than yourself but you nodded, shooing him off the bench and centering yourself as he settled in the arm chair.

“Is there anything in particular you want to hear? I have a fair amount of sheet music but there’s only a few that I know off by heart.”

“Play something you know off by heart if you don’t mind. Maybe something that you love?”

“Okay….erm…. Okay.”

After a brief moment of silence you allowed your fingers to find the keys and slowly lost yourself in your Grandfather’s favourite piece, “Clair De Lune”. You’d played it to pass one of your grades and had remembered seeing him with tears in his eyes at your recital. The music was beautiful, breathtaking and it uncovered a thousand memories of long afternoons spent slaving over your old piano making sure you could play it exactly right. You’d played it so many times now that you could do it with your eyes closed, your fingers instinctively knowing what to do. When you came to the end you looked up from the ivory keys and glanced over at Reid who was sat with his mouth slightly agape and a look of admiration on his face.

“That was…. that was beautiful. You’re so talented, I can’t believe no one on the team knows about this.”

You shrugged,“It’s not as if playing the piano can help take unsubs down.”

“True. Will you… Will you play for me again sometime? I really enjoyed that, it was like you went off into a different place and became someone else entirely when you were playing. I’d really love to hear you play something else.”

You grinned widely, pleased that he had enjoyed it so much. “Of course I will. If you want to carry on learning, then I can play something after each lesson? Think of something you want to hear for next time and if I don’t know it, I’ll find the sheet music.”

“Okay. Thank you, Y/N.”

“You’re welcome,” you heard a low rumble coming from your stomach. “Seeing as you’re here and I always buy enough take out for two anyone, do you want to stay for dinner?”

“Erm…. Okay sure. My treat though seeing as I intruded on your afternoon.”

You didn’t argue with him, instead pulling some menu’s from the pile by your phone.

“I’m thinking… Chinese maybe? All the talk about chopsticks from early has made me fancy some.”

“We can order Chinese food but I can’t act use Chopsticks, ” Spencer told you.

“WHAT!? Another thing the genius can’t do? Well… We’re definitely ordering Chinese, with chopsticks. If I can teach you to play piano, I can teach you to use utensils.”

I would never!

You and your best friend Jackson were drinking Boba in a store near the JYP building since it was both your breaks. Your group Pure Eternity decided to go have some Bulgogi instead and you weren’t that hungry so you went with Jackson instead. Your Korean wasn’t as good as your english so you and Jackson always spoke in english. He kept making jokes and you were dying. Your best friend is just so funny, he put straws into his nose and that’s when you blew up laughing “OH JACKSON! STOP HAJIMA!!” You were gonna pee your pants. “Ok ok come on break is almost over we have to go back” reminded Jackson “nahhh Jackson we have english class next so we don’t have to go. Ohh can you teach me Chinese, I wanna impress Winwin!” After a few, more like 100 tries you finally learned to say “I love you” and “I am winwin’s only” and Jackson secretly taught you “I am stupid” by telling you it meant “I am Jackson’s best friend”. An hour later Jackson told you he will drop you back home so you can rest, you told him you can go alone but he is too protective so he didn’t allow it. Once you arrived home and Jackson left after eating all Winwin’s favorite candyㅋㅋ you decided to take a nap.

An hour later you heard the door open and you knew it was Winwin. You excitedly stood up and went to hug him, but you were surprised when he pushed you away. Confused you asked in a nervous tone “Winwin… What’s wrong?” “DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT’S WRONG!? YOU’VE BEEN CHEATING ON ME WITH THAT GOT7 JACKSON. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. I SHOULD’VE KNOWN BETTER THAN TO KEEP YOU IN JYP TO MAKE BOYFRIENDS WITH THESE SUNBAES!!!” You were taken aback. Shocked. Frozen. Your eyes welled up. Tears were fighting to fall. “Win..” “DON’T, DON’T START” he pushed everything infront if him and they shattered on the floor. You got so scared and so sad that he was doubting you like this. You thought he would trust you. You ran out of the house to Pure Eternity’s dorm.

You started to cry to your members as you told them what had happened. They were disappointed at what Winwin had said and they were surprised on how he got this information. Your leader quickly checked the internet and her prediction was right. It was all over the internet headlined “A MEMBER OF PURE ETERNITY DATING GOT7 JACKSON” you felt your stomach flip. JYP was gonna kill you and Jackson. All the photos from the article were taken today when you were at the boba shop. You didn’t blame Winwin for believing them since they looked pretty convincing but you were so sad that he didn’t trust you and that he didn’t let you explain. Your members prepared your room and you immediately went to sleep since you were so tired.

The next day at the JYP building JYP asked to see you and Jackson to discuss the false article “So explain you two” started JYP. Jackson started explaining that you two were only best friends and that you were at the boba shop for your break not a date and that all the rumors were false. JYP believed you since he knew you were dating Winwin and that you and Jackson were indeed very close. He sent an email to his assistant to write an article saying it’s all fake and to clear everything up. Many of the comments were surprisingly surprising saying things like “Awwww I shipped them alot” and “Dammit I thought my ship was sailing” you wanted to laugh but Jackson started tickling you for no reason

Back at your apartment Winwin couldn’t sleep for the night. He was busy recalling the events that had happened and the harsh things he said to you. And once the new article was released he felt worse. He didn’t know why he believed the article. He knew you would never do that but jealousy took over this little cute boy. He wanted to call you but he thought you might be mad at him so he decided not to. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door. He ran to open it hoping it would be you however he saw someone he didn’t want to see: Jackson. “Hey, I got you a Chinese book so you can… Oh hi Winwin! Wow! You look like a mess and the house too!! What’s wrong?” He asked Winwin with concern. Winwin was shocked at how nice Jackson was. “No wonder she likes you more!” Winwin spoke. Jackson was so confused. “Who?” And after Winwin said your name Jackson burst out laughing. “HAHAHAH ME!? DUDE SHE LIKES YOU SO MUCH SHE MADE ME TEACH HER CHINESE JUST SO SHE CAN IMPRESS YOU!” And Jackson continued laughing. Winwin was shocked at his words. He felt so happy that you like him but he also felt sick. “Hyung what do I do now?” asked Winwin. Jackson gave Winwin a great plan and Winwin decided to do it. Him and Jackson started planning it.

You decided to go back to your apartment, since you knew Winwin would be at practice at this time, to grab some stuff. However when you entered you weren’t expecting to see NCT standing in a line holding a rose each. First in line was Kun he gave you a flower and said “Sorry” the same thing was done by Mark, Yuta, Jaehyun, Taeil , Taeyong and Johnny. And after that you felt hands cover your eyes and someone whispered “I’m so sorry. I got so jealous I burst and I didn’t mean anything I said. I love you so much” you felt a drop of water on your shoulder so you turned around and saw Winwin crying. He pulled you into a very tight hug. You hugged him back as tightly as he was hugging you saying “It’s okay. You dont have to be jealous though. I love you too much to ever cheat on you!” You wiped his tears and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Okay thanks guys you can go now” and so left NCT, Winwin hugged you again. He was so cute, he looked like a baby.

Winwin wouldn’t let you go until you reached the bed you shared. He tucked you in and told you to rest until he came back, and once he came back he gave you a beautiful necklace with both your initials as charms. You looked at him with sincere eyes and thanked him. He hugged you once more and scooted next to you pulling your head into his chest still wrapping his arms around you “I love you” said Winwin while stroking your hair, you looked up at him about to answer back but you were shut up by the softest lips crashing into yours. He kissed you for almost a minute and once you let go he had the biggest and goofiest smile ever on his face. He was too adorable he put your head again into his chest, however this time to hide himself from you because he was so so red. “I love you too Sicheng” you said in Chinese and you hugged him to sleep. “I love you way more” he layed a kiss on your forehead as he too went to sleep.

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EXO-M as stuff my art class says
  • Kris (Mr. C, my teacher): Kids. You've broken me. I won't last. I'm broken and done and I'm going to either leave the oven on or drive off a cliff oR JUST ANYTHING. YOU KNOW WHAT. GO TAKE A WALK IN THE HALLWAY OR SOMETHING I JUST NEED A BREAK
  • Xiumin (V): The greatest art comes from suffering and so I must suffer. I guess...
  • Luhan (A): We're in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and we'll fight to the death to see who lasts the longest in this class. (2 minutes later) NVM I quit.
  • Chen (JS): But Mr. C, why can't I call them "nips" or "tits" no other term describes the female anatomy so perfectly. ARt caN'T be CENsoREd aND NeiTHeR wilL MY laNGUagE
  • Yixing (N): Sure I can teach you some Chinese. 我爱你 means I love you. 操 means fuck. :)
UNIQ REACTION - To you wanting to learn their native language

Yi Xuan
“Do you wanna learn chinese? Woah! Okay, I can teach you but it’s very difficult, I will try to be a good teacher.”

SungJoo supports your decision with a sweet smile and says that you can ask him everything you want.

“Woah!!! Woah!!! Really?! It’s because of me?!”

“Really? I can teach you! Do you wanna learn portuguese too? I’m pretty good”

“Oppa… You’re terrible teaching portuguese… Sorry” 

“That’s my girl. I know you can do it. Let’s talk chinese everyday”


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~ADM Kim

I’m so incredibly touched that Donghae not only wrote such a sweet letter, but bothered to write it in 3 languages so that more of us got to read it without someone having to translate for us. The thing is he probably knows that even if it is was just in Korean, we would have all been able to read it thanks to wonderful translator ELFs. Even knowing that, he still decided to write in Korean, English, and Chinese. These are probably the three major languages that he has been getting letters from fans in, and he decided that he wanted to write back directly. I’m not sure if he had help with the English and Chinese (I’m guessing most of it was on his own), but either way that would take so much effort and time, something he probably doesn’t have a lot of.

He thought we were worth that effort. 

19 Days got me like;

Me (human of half chinese descent): Hey uh mom… can I like learn Chinese. Like can you teach me or something. 
Mom (human of chinese descent): Why? Do you suddenly want to be able to understand what everyone’s saying behind your back during mahjong?
Me: What? No… It’s for a manhua. 
Mom: Oh… okay. They’re basically saying that you’re stupid and that you don’t know how to play. 
Me: … I just want to learn how to read mandarin. 
Mom: Ohhh haha I can’t read. 
Me: …. I’ve won so many times at mahjong. 
Mom: That’s just because your grandmother just feels bad for you. 

EXO's reaction to you trying to speak Korean

I bet their reactions would be cute~ o/

Chanyeol :

Aww are you trying to learn Korean for me bae?? *gets excited*


*loves the fact you’re learning his language*

Baekhyun :

*dies over your cute mistakes*


You’re doing good babe! Just a few mistakes on your pronunciation~

Luhan :

*smiles widely when you give up in the middle of a korean word to just trying chinese for him*

Yixing :

Can I teach you Chinese?

Kris :

Boo, lets just stick to english for now~

Kyungsoo :

*gets surprised when you suddenly start speaking korean to him*

Suho :

*cheers you on*

Chen :

*is shocked when you accidentally say ‘boobs’ instead of 'heart’* what did you say, babe??

Xiumin :

You have better pronunciation than a few of our chinese members *impressed*

Tao :

*surprised at the words you’re saying* why do you only know perverted words?? *gets shy*