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Every time I see a post about Scott Conant and his hatred for red onions, I laugh. I'm allergic to red onions and I can't help but laugh at both his hatred for them, and y'all's hatred towards Scott's hatred for red onions.

i understand where you’re coming from truly but like i’m not a fan of mushrooms but if someone is putting mushrooms on a plate guess what? my ass isn’t gonna sit there and act holier than thou bc someone with a different palate and different tastes than i do decided to make a dish with something i personally don’t like. when someone’s pretentious behavior clouds their ability to judge someone’s dish they’re probably not really fit to be a judge (and kind of deserve a little bit of teasing because of the way they’re acting like a toddler who doesn’t want brocolli for dinner)

I don’t miss the liquor or the burning in my throat

This hangoverless headache hasn’t left in weeks

My tongue is dry, but it misses you not the spirits

The taste of a bottle I havent had a drop from

Pervades my thoughts through out the day.

I’d burn the whole barroom shelf just to have you.

Favorite of my unhealthy obsessions, untouchable

Out of reach, unable to get myself addicted

You’re the muse I can’t see, the fantasy I miss

A fairy tale, with a different ending then my happiness.

Just a reminder, since some of the boys are confirmed to release new music this year...

I know we all have our favourites and we are excited for what they have to offer for their solo music careers. But that is not a reason to pit one against another (or all of them). It is not a reason to pull one or all of them down to make the other look good. It is not a reason to attack their fans and to spread hate and tension among the community.

They are all talented and have unique voices that separates them from one another. They also have different taste in music, so you can guarantee it that their solo music will NOT sound similar at all. There is NO reason to compare them to see who is doing better or to say “Liam is a flop” or “Harry’s music is gonna be better than Niall’s” or “Louis is never gonna do as well as the others” or “When Zayn does this everybody’s at this throat but when the others do it nobody says anything”. None of that bullshit when it comes to their music.

Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry, and Zayn are brothers; they were part of a band for years and saw each other’s faces more than their own families and friends during that period. They’ve spent so much time with each other and formed bonds that cannot be easily broken. DO NOT PIT THEM AGAINST EACH OTHER.

To the fans: DO NOT ATTACK THOSE WHO ARE FANS OF THE OTHER BOYS. You may not like their favourites and that’s cool; nobody’s forcing you. But don’t attack them or their favourites to make yours look better.

WE ARE FAMILY and we look out for each other; not drag each other down.

Honestly I’ve played a lot of Harvest Moon and other farming games so I’m used to a lot of the mechanics but sometimes I think your character in Stardew Valley is some kind of terrifying demigod.

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Canon ‘verse Dean and Cas talking about feelings

read it here on AO3!

“Cas, I just - I don’t think we can do this,” Dean says.

And Cas, sitting beside him in shotgun, tastes loss in his mouth. He stares straight ahead.

He’s been waiting for this, if he’s honest with himself. It was too good to be true. He and Dean have been - things have been different between them, recently. They’ve been saying more, showing more. It’s been filling a part of Cas that he hadn’t even understood was aching and empty, until suddenly it wasn’t.

But now…

“It’s - you know, we got jobs to do,” Dean says. Outside, the night rolls past. They’re driving home to the bunker, shopping bags in the back. The trip was domestic, even sweet; but at the check-outs, Cas saw Dean’s face. He’d known that something was shifting. He’d known that there was trouble to come.

“Jobs?” he manages.

“Yeah, Cas, jobs. We got the world to save. Half the time we’re throwing ourselves under the bus so it won’t drive off the cliff, and that’s good, because the bus won’t crash, but…” He pauses; Cas says nothing. “But - God, Cas, it’s so much harder to throw yourself under the bus when you got someone out there who makes you think you shouldn’t have to.”

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  • Midorima: [doing a cooking video]
  • Midorima: Now that we’ve finished slicing the meat, we can sprinkle salt on it.
  • Midorima: Now, how much salt you put on it depends on your taste. You’re only here to satisfy yourself.
  • Midorima: Me, I have a taste that differs drastically from others. That is why-
  • Midorima: [dumps box of salt on meat]

I don’t partake in alcohol culture, partly because I can’t trust myself when intoxicated, but also because I have no idea what the social connotations of different drinks are. Why can’t I just order something that sounds like it tastes good without people laughing at me?


The Witches’ Workbook, Chapter Two: Elements of Witchcraft

Hey, guys! The second chapter of the Witches’ Workbook is in complete first draft mode, and I wanted to share it with you all! It covers what I consider the “basics” of witchcraft, and a taste of the different kinds of crafts involved in the world of witchery!

You can read a PDF version of this chapter here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8gnMxlbrFVoV2NCaENMRGhKRWM

The first chapter (Introduction to Witchcraft) can be read here: http://theoryofmagick.tumblr.com/post/154632236530/witches-workbook-chapter-one-introduction-2nd


Penguin Emoji Review by a Penguin Expert

Because “Penguins are the Pinnacle of Dinosaur Evolution” (Thomas Holtz) 

Just a head? Why just a head?! You literally took the generic bird emoji and colored it differently. Can’t even tell what kind of penguin it’s supposed to be. They were probably going for King but it’s too ambiguous for my tastes. And that beak is too short for a king! There are short peaked penguins out there that they could have overlayed on the generic bird emoji, this is like they weren’t even trying. 4/10 

The Little Penguin! A good boy, a fine boy, a happy boy! They picked a happy chub. 100/10 

Okay, I can definitely tell that that’s supposed to be a King, so an improvement on Apple. But it’s so… blocky? Penguins are smooth, man. Streamlined. For ocean movement. You dig? 5/10 

A smol friend! There aren’t a whole hecka lot of penguins that are grey as adults but this could be the White-Flippered Penguin, a close relative of the Little Blue. Props for picking a not very well known penguin! It doesn’t have an orange beak though. Gotta take off points for that. Could be a Yellow-Eye, but their feathers aren’t that grey, and their beaks are pink, not orange. 6/10

Generic Penguin. Could be anything. They are a mystery. How can we know they deserve our trust? Why is their top beak so much longer than the bottom? 2/10


Generic Penguin, but Friendlier. Can’t really see the sides of it’s head for proper IDing, but it has orange feet and an orange bill. Might be a Gentoo except it’s head is too white in the wrong place? 3/10

These are the mysteries. No orange patches to indicate it’s an Emperor or a King; orange feet but no white patch on the head to make it a Gentoo; no weird cranial ornamentation for the bulk of orange footed penguins. Who is she? What penguins have yellow beaks? 1/10


Another White-Flippered Penguin with… a chinstrap? Come on, guys. You’re not even really trying. I don’t. These don’t match any penguins. 1/10

I do enjoy the nose detail, I do, but once again you see you have ORANGE FEET and an orange beak and NO CRANIAL ORNAMENTATION so we don’t KNOW WHO YOU ARE. People just don’t know any penguins anymore. 3/10

Holy crap. Make that beak longer and it’s an actual Emperor. We finally got there, people. 10/10


“Credence, I owe you an apology…”
Credence gritted his teeth, the shaking in his body growing painful. “I trusted you!” He spat. “I thought you were my friend!” The word tasted terrible in his mouth now. What a fool he’d been, all along. “I thought that you were different…”
The monster inside him was clawing at his chest and Credence felt his body contorting as he tried to contain it. But there was no need to push it down, not anymore.
“You can control it, Credence,” Mr. Graves cautioned. 
With great difficulty, Credence lifted his head and looked directly at the man he’d thought he’d loved. “But I don’t think I want to, Mr. Graves.”

Black and White (Part 1)

Dean is a mechanic, running an illegal chop shop on the side to pay for his baby brother’s college tuition. Castiel is a local photojournalist who just so happens to catch Dean on film stealing a car.

Dean convinces Cas not to turn him in, and sparks fly.

But what happens when Cas appears to be involved with a rival group? Can Dean trust him at all? Or does Cas already know enough to ruin him?

Word Count: 3250

Warnings: None yet

A/N: Feedback appreciated! This is an AU that’s a little different, so I hope y’all enjoy this one!

There’s nothing left to do for the day, and Dean’s just about to lock up when a woman walks in, walking briskly and looking a little flustered, like most people who’ve just had unexpected car trouble.

“And what can I do for you?” Dean asks, eyeing her as she sets her purse on the counter. Pretty, but a little too upscale for his taste, with her manicured nails and name-brand everything.

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because modern day dregs is my favorite au and i’m not sorry?


  • she works at a clothing boutique. she only applied for the job in order to get the employee’s discount
  • she’s the girl to call if you’re going to be sick and can’t come into work because she’s always looking for more shifts. turns out she needs the extra cash since all of her paychecks go to new shoes
  • she has expensive tastes for someone with a minimum wage job
  • she owns every shade of red lipstick on the planet. if you ask her what the difference is between ablaze and bright red she will proceed to point out colors throughout the day and ask you what color you see because clearly your eyes are impaired and she’s quite worried
  • she signs up for all the improv classes
  • she’s watched every single rom com netflix offers. even foreign ones. sometimes she watches without subtitles and everyone is like when did you learn THIS language, too???
  • she’s an avid user of emojis. sometimes she uses them as responses and you have to spend five minutes trying to decipher what the heck they all mean as a sentence. you might randomly receive a scene created with emojis in the middle of the day because she’s bored
  • she knows every pop song. every single mainstream song on the radio. if you get into her car you’ll be attending a concert. she screams the lyrics, even when she doesn’t know them, she’ll make them up. she’ll also substitute any of her passengers into the song.
  • also that car? it’s a piece of junk. you have to use your elbows to open the doors. literally. there’s a technique, thump with your fist, a swift kick, a wriggle of the handle, a tap with your elbow. tada. yes it’s dramatic, yes it’s mostly for show, but she definitely enjoys doing it. she wouldn’t be nina if she didn’t like a scene?? also it’s fun to watch the other dregs do it
    • though matthias somehow just yanks the door open with no problem and kaz never goes anywhere near her car (he’s a car snob)

So I hate Mountain Dew. I think it’s disgusting. It’s gross to me. I can’t drink it. I gag if I do.

My fiancee, Alex, likes Mountain Dew and that’s fine. He can drink it with no problem. That’s a difference of taste and opinion. That is nothing something that would ruin our relationship. 

But if Alex came home and starting agreeing with Nazis, I would call off our engagement in a heartbeat.

Nazis are supporting literal genocide of Jewish people and they have no love for black people either. Why would I marry a man who agreed with people like that? That isn’t an opinion, that’s just pure hate with facts backing it up. Bigotry is harmful, it gets people killed, it hurts people and it’s dangerous.

Stop saying we hate Nazis because we have a different opinion.

  • Zuko: [doing a cooking video]
  • Zuko: Now that we’ve finished slicing the meat, we can sprinkle salt on it.
  • Zuko: Now, how much salt you put on it depends on your taste. You’re only here to satisfy yourself.
  • Zuko: Me, I have a taste that differs drastically from others. That is why-
  • Zuko: [dumps box of salt on meat]
Tastes Like Love

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Three different sweet treats for a very sweet day.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
1,925 words

Notes: So…it’s been too long…LMAO. I haven’t been happy with my writing lately and I can’t seem to put any ideas into words but last night I got this little idea and ran to write something before it escaped! It’s not much but at least it’s an update. Here’s the visual of the cookie I mentioned down there, if you want. Happy (belated) Valentine’s day y’all! <3 Enjoy!

It’s around 9 in the morning when the team finally lands at the Avengers facility, having flown an all night flight after a mission in a remote place in the globe. Everyone is just so tired and so damn sleepy that the usual formalities are forgotten and Steve settles for a late debrief, after they’re all rested and fed, at least.

All Bucky can think about is taking a shower and hitting the sheets.

He knows it’s Valentine’s Day and he knows that it’s likely that his doll would be anxiously waiting for him to come home, but the idea of a shower and a nap is just too appealing for him to pass away.

That is, until he finally arrives home.

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PSA : you have something new and fresh to offer to this world. you’re capable of so much and everything you do and think about can be used to create beautiful things. you have something that will expand to amazing heights. Do some digging, find your expertise. Practice your craft, don’t sleep on yourself, even when you’re down.

fuck any adult or academic criteria that’s ever made you feel less than great. Fuck that. to see the world, taste food, learn and hold onto different languages and culture, to touch a person’s heart that’s been hurt so many times it didn’t know it could feel again.

that’s what life’s about.

You are so capable, i hope you remember that.

“Cheater Cheater”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky has a feeling you’re cheating on him with Sam. After a lot of brooding and thought, he decides to confront the two of you.

“¿Dónde estás, Yolanda?”

A/N: I can’t do angst to save my life, so this story takes on a very different direction than originally intended. -j xx

“I’m pretty sure she’s cheating on me.”

Bucky grimaces, hating how those words taste on his tongue. He refuses to look at Steve, because the gnawing feeling in his stomach will get only worse once he looks at his friend’s shocked eyes. “Whenever I ask her how her day was or what she did, she clams up and gives me some weird answer or excuse,” he continues.”

Steve rubs his jaw. "Buck, that’s not enough to assume that (Y/N)’s cheating on you.”

Bucky fishes his phone out of his leather jacket and pushes it towards Steve. “This is overbearing of me, but I asked Nat to do a little recon,” he sighs. “Whenever I look at these photos, a little voice in my head nags ‘Cheater cheater!’”

Steve uneasily scrolls through the different high-quality photos of you secretively walking out of a suite at the Avengers Tower. “Whose room is she leaving?“ he asks.

"Sam’s. It’s been going for about two weeks now.”

Steve practically spits out his coffee. “WHAT?”

Bucky feels drained as he takes his phone back. “Nat said that after (Y/N) leaves, Sam’s whistling around the tower. And you know Sam only whistles after one thing.”

Oh, every Avenger in the tower knew what the whistling meant. It was Sam Wilson’s telltale sign that he got lucky with a woman.

Steve shakes his head in disbelief. “(Y/N) and Sam? I mean, you and Sam… but… what?”

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