i can take or leave the lion

  • Administrator: I can summon my armies and take this world by force.
  • Kirito: Well, yeah, you could. Yeah, you could do that, of course you could. But why? Look at these people: these human beings. Consider their potential. From the day they arrive on the planet, and blinking step into the sun. There is more to see than can ever be seen. More to do than - no, hold on… Sorry, that’s the ‘Lion King’. But the point still stands. Leave them alone!

Also, what the hell was Shiro trying to do there? 

Where was he gonna carry Lance exactly? Outside?? Where outside?? The Galra are attacking the planet! And if he was then was he leaving Pidge alone to defend the lions and the castle (the most important thing they have to protect right now)?

Ok, Like obviously someone just took down your defenses so they can take over the castle… And the door is wide open, so I guess someone has to protect the entrance, because whoever sent that bomb is gonna try to get in soon.

But wouldn’t it be wiser to you know, tell Pidge to come back and watch over Lance? Or tell Allura not to go with Keith and watch over him, while Shiro would go and protect the door? Why did he have to carry Lance with him?? Like ofcourse they gonna use your injured friend against you! And you’re putting Lance in even more danger like this!

Shiro, what are you doing???


I thought I would go back to the beginning… February 2007 I made my first trip to Africa and we visited the Ndutu region of the Serengeti during the migration calving period. February is “supposed” to be one of the driest months in Tanzania, but as fate would have it, it poured rain almost every day and the region experienced severe flooding leaving us stranded in the Serengeti with washed out bridges. Quite the experience for the first time on safari.

We came across this pride of lions on our way out of camp one afternoon. They were all sprawled in the mud taking an afternoon siesta. You can see their bellies are certainly quite full. I think there were about 12 in all, scattered about in the wet grass and sandy flats. The young one certainly did not mind a little sand in his hair.

These were all shot as jpegs on an old Canon Rebel xTi. It was the first time I had photographed wildlife and I had no idea how it would later change my life.


Gabriel: “Pretty much any prank is a good prank.”

Emma: “Remember that the people you’re talking to are humans…”

Gabriel: “Fine then. Be mindful of their feelings or whatever. Don’t get them into trouble. Leave pornography in their bags or something.”

Steffi notes: I can’t give good prank advice because I hate most pranks. >w< But I can tell you how my grandma pranked her dad! Their family was one of the few families that owned a phone, so everyone would call them, they’d take messages and then tell the neighbours etc to call back.

Grandma told her dad someone had called and that he had to call them back.

So he called the number, asking for a “Mister Leu or Löw” (basically a form of “lion”). There was silence on the other end of the line until the person started laughing. Grandma had given her dad the number of the zoo.

That’s a lovely, innocent prank and everyone involved had a great time. Even I being told the story decades later had fun.

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paladins + allura combo And dva, zenyatta, robot genji, dva's mech, bastions turret form, symmetra's one (1) turret

what the fuck

fuck: u gotd angest already know whom
sacrifice myself for: ketih #red lion solidarity
kick: can i say the writers ? otherwise lance even tho it seems as if hes into it
take to prom: pidg!!!!
leave at jurassic park: hunk hed probs befriend them lbr
kill: shiro. kust. just. let him be at peace. Let Him


fuck: dva bleas this is. the only one j can take wout getting duckcign dragged forever
kick: syms one turret its weak enoughb for that to destroy it sorr sym
take to prom: genj how fucking cool would it be to just. take. acyborg w u to prom how fucking cool
leave at jp: zen hed be gg w them lbr
kill: U Fucking Know Whom I Would Leave. U fuckcing

  • Me: okay oh god please don't let Keith be McEdgey Lord oh god please don't I'm so sick of that trope at the moment.
  • Keith: (literally just knocks on his lion's barrier like Lance did, first to join in food fight, can't follow a simple chant, too worried about everything, legit freaks out when cuddly character's voice is deeper than expected)
  • Also Keith: we had a BONDING MOMENT! I cradled you in my arms!
  • Me: oh thank god he's the exact opposite of what I expected.
The Signs as Pretty Little Liar, A threats

Aries:  “Shut up or i’ll shut you up” -A

Taurus: “ I know all your secrets” -A

Gemini: “Kiss Bye Bye to your B.F.F.” -A

Cancer: “Takes one to know one” -A

Leo: “Leave the lamb and go for the lion” -A

Virgo: “I told you: Dead girls can’t smile. Stop looking.” -A

Libra: “You rat out T, I take down 1 of your 3.” -A

Scorpio: “Watch me make a girl disappear.” Kisses -A

Sagittarius:  “What fun two, Two little liars under one roof. You’re making it so easy.” -A

Capricorn: “You’ll get your $$$ bacl. If you do what I say. Sweet dreams.” -A

Aquarius: “Can u c me yet.” -A

Pisces: “Don’t say I never gave you anything.” -A

Hey guys so heres the next collab. Shoutout to mah homegirl vogueastrology. Make sure you go and follow her super awesome blog. I had a really fun time making this and hopefully we’ll have another collab together soon. Love y’all. 


ive been thinking a lot about keith kinda head over heels for lance at first instead of the other way around which I don’t see as much???? like hear me out…..poor little keith having to leave the room and take deep breaths to stop his face from being bright red after accidentally running face first into him and Holy Fuck does he like the view from being pressed up against his chest,,, and keith getting flustered whenever he’s praised over the lion intercoms by lance and obviously none of the five can see keith’s face but everyone (excluding lance) can hear through the “pff…shut up…” the obvious effect it has on him and man is lance CLUELESS. keith blabbing on and on to hunk about how he really wants to say something but he thinks lance doesn’t like him because of the way they bicker and hunk just kinda sits there as Keith, who barely talks usually, goes ON AND ON ABOUT HOW MUCH HE LOVES HIM AND HOW MUCH HE WANTS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. lkterally everyone knows about his Really Obvious Crush and everyone is kinda trying to drop hints around lance but he doesn’t fucking register it until keith finally just fuckigN KISSES him to shut him up about something and holy SHIT OKAY SO HE LIKES MEAPPARENTLY THIS IS GOOD……….
anyways talk to me about head-over-heels-loser-Keith

How I (an Aquarius) See The Signs

Aries: Youre pretty chill. Kind of like an older brother. A lot like an older brother…. Are you sure we aren’t related?
Taurus: You’re stubborn. I like that, when we’re on the same side.
Gemini: Chill fam. Take some truth medication and c h i l l.
Cancer: You’re really fun to talk to! You get hurt really easy though… But, I’d never want to get on your badside.
Leo: You are either like a cute little kitten or a giant lion and I love that. You can be a little self-absorbed, but, you’re not lying.
Virgo: Eh… You can be nice… I guess….
Libra: “Oh really? Well, let me tell you what I have to say about that…” Also, you actually calm down Gemini. Please don’t leave him. He scares me when you aren’t there.
Sagittarius: You can be pretty chill. But, when you’re mad you talk alot about me. And are very wishy-washy on what sides you choose. You have really amazing conversations, and an even better humor!!
Capricorn: DO YOU ALL DO DRUGS?!?!?!?!?!?!??
Aquarius: Hot. As. Fuck. We can be dicks though. And there are a lot of contradictions. You’re also hard for me to read… Like you send out nine vibes. Stop. Send out one. Vibes aren’t some weird sort of text lingo.
Pisces: You guys are so sweet. I don’t understand how you tolerate my horrible humor/friends/friendship and other things. You guys should be protected at all costs.

When I was a kid, I had this elaborate plan to have a pet lion.

On safari in Africa I’d find an injured cub and I would save him and take care of him and he would follow me around and never leave me alone until I realized I couldn’t leave him behind.

So, Simba (obviously) and I travel back to the U.S. Where we stay friends forever and grow old together, inseparable.

Part of me still believes this can happen.

One of the protagonists of Animorphs who had a cousin who was dying.

at One of their band turns traitor and he basically lets the kid die, then takes his DNA and morphs into him so he can have a family. 

Shortly after, he attempts to kill every member of his team in his vastly superior morphs

Keep in mind that they morph into ANIMALS.

So he, a child, is out to literally tear all of his friends to pieces, animal-style, i.e. as brutally as possible.

Let’s count the ways.

  • turns into a lion and basically all-out cat fights with Jake, whose main combat morph is a tiger and then HE SLICES HIS FUCKING THROAT AND LEAVES HIM TO BLEED OUT. He doesn’t, but STILL, this is a fucking KID killing ANOTHER KID
  • he attacks the kid trapped in a hawk morph and basically tries to talon him to death (wrong hawk though, lucky him) 
  • he basically knocks out and kidnaps Marco, then morphs into him and beats Ax, the alien member of their team, with a baseball bat
  • He then tries to kill Rachel, again in an eagle morph while she’s an owl (I think, I don’t remember) 

There’s a happy ending, though. 

They trick him into thinking that they’ll give him the Blue Box, which is the source of their power, so he can use it to exchange for his parents (Yeerk-infested), and he arrogantly believes that he has them trapped.

He forces all of them to morph into cockroaches and get  into a bottle so they wont interfere while he and Rachel morph into rats.

Then they got to retrieve the “pieces” of the Blue Box.

But surprise, they’re legos and it’s actually a trap.

Rachel gets out quickly and they trap David, as a rat.

It was such a satisfying moment because this cocky little bastard had been attacking characters you really liked and he was just such an arrogant bastard.

And even in the end, when Ax and Rachel have to wait for an hour and listen to him screaming and begging and pleading the whole time, and they go home shaken, I didn’t feel much for David.

He got everything he deserved and how poetic too.