i can take a better picture of it if you want

It’s not even been a full day and we are not 10,000 strong...we are 16,000 strong!

Amigos, I have a prompt for you. I need you to draw something. We need an icon, avatar, logo whatever you would like to call it. Something to represent us. 

But prompt guy, it’s all fun and games but I can’t draw for shit!’ Listen amigo, you can. It doesn’t have to be great. You can draw something on a piece of paper and take a picture of it. Can’t use colors that well? Just write a description in the caption. Because I know, that at least one of us, can take your sketch and make it better. We are going to create our logo together and I found the perfect tag for it: dps17

No one has ever used this tag; it is going to be our domain. 

Requirements? You are free to do whatever you want as long as it is ‘original’ content, meaning you made it yourself (Tag it with dps17. To avoid indexing problems, don’t use any other tags)

Draw & share. Yes, you too. Don’t waste your creativity. The time is now. 

Ways to say I love you (Philkas Edition)
  • Ily: I love you
  • Ilysm: I love you so much
  • Imya: i mean, you're amazing
  • Ifyft: I fixed your flat tire
  • Bykily: because you know I like you
  • Ityhtrtb: I'll teach you how to ride the bike
  • Bilyi: because I like you, idiot
  • Yltpr?: you like taking pictures right?
  • Lpohtwidih: liking Philip out here the way I do, it's hard
  • Twgtya: they were gonna take you away
  • Ybnlt: you better not leave tivoli
  • Dysh?: does your stomach hurt?
  • Ificw: it's fine, I can walk
  • Ilteenty: I lie to everyone else, not to you
  • Idwag: I don’t want a girlfriend
  • Imuap: I made us a playlist
  • Uo?my!: u okay? Miss you!
  • Irh: I'm right here
  • Pwu: please wake up
  • Wp?: where's Philip?
  • Iwatywgwu: I was afraid that you weren't gonna wake up
  • Ihdltbarowy: I've had dreams like that before about riding off with you
  • Arbc: all right, be careful
  • Iwwcjhhf: I wish we could just hang here forever
  • Rlingwy: right, like I'm not going with you
  • Omgyai: oh my god you're an idiot
  • Mbigyl: maybe, but it got you laughing
Starting to see blogs that are "the mcmansionhell of" and all I want to say is

Y'all do you because more crap needs to be called out for being well, crap. I’m an architecture/interiors/design person but if you want to take down, say garbage Web UI (like my blog lmao) or auto design or whatever else fascinates you and want some pointers, shoot me a message.

General design blog advice:
- always make sure you’re legally reusing or modifying images. This is huge. Stay within the Creative Commons if you can. Better yet, take your own pictures if you can.

- roast things not people. If you don’t care about people’s feelings, here’s something that will make you feel pretty bad: You can and will get sued. Make up characters in place of real humans. Do not bully ever or I will be eternally disappointed in you. No witch hunts. Luckily for me, houses don’t have feelings. If they did, I’d feel really bad.

- If you want a larger readership I recommend keeping swearing in check. I follow what I call the DAHA rule: damn, ass, hell, and acronyms (‘wtf’, ‘af’, whatever else the kids say these days.)

I do want to say I have seen stolen content from this blog posted without citation. If you want to use one of my pics somewhere send me an email - I’m very chill about it. I hate DMCA takedowns more than anything, and have fielded plenty in order to bring dank content to all because I have a lawyer. Listen to your English teacher: don’t plagiarize. You will get caught.

Finally, if @classical-vinyl follows you, it’s me. (I first got a Tumblr in college to catalog my records because I’m very boring in real life.)

Happy blogging,

Edit- Protip: I always tweet back (@mcmansionhell)

Q: You could’ve stopped photography after trying it out a couple times in high school. We want to know what about photography drew you in even to this day.

It felt nice to take pictures of my acquaintances with the camera that I bought with my own money, to the extent where I wondered if something that was more exhilarating than this could even exist. Maybe it was because I dreamt about it for a long time. And I like that you can look at the old pictures and reminisce in the past.(credit- togetherinspirit7)


That’s right, I’m doing commissions! The prices are listed in the images above, but let me explain some more:

Things I do draw:
-Fan art (for anime, cartoons, dramas, TV shows, etc.)
-OCs (if a reference is provided, or at least some description)
-Portraits (if provided a reference picture)

Things I do not draw:
-Furries (you know, unless it’s like a pet cat or dog or something, you know what I mean by furry)
-NSFW (I’m a minor who really doesn’t want to get into drawing that stuff for people???)

Also, I have some other choices when it comes to coloring. I can use color schemes 

I can also color with just base colors

I only take Paypal! If you’re interested, please please pleASE message me regarding what you’d like. Also, keep in mind that I still attend school, so when you put in the commission it may be two-three weeks before your commission is finished (if it is in color w/ or w/o lighting effects). If I finish it earlier, then YAY!

Any reblogs would be appreciated!!


I still haven’t posted pictures of my altar and these aren’t too great but I will take more tomorrow when the lighting is better! 

 There is my altar to the right of my bed, and the plates that hang above! If you look up to the left of my bed you can see where I’ve began painting the solar system from one side to the other. 

 I wanted my bedroom to be decorated as divinely as possible. It’s my main place of worship (since I live in the city and only drive out to the country to stargaze on new moons, since it’s a long drive), and I wanted to share it with everyone. 💜 💫

You know what I want. I want a Sky High remake so that they can continue it into a series. Picture this:

Sky High Remake. Freshman year. Same plot, same characters, Will is still a dipshit, but it’s less 00s looking with modern fashion, modern acting people, better CGI. Make Warren Peace gayer. Sets up the whole series. 

Sky High Sequel. Sophomore year. The main character is Layla. The hero and sidekick set up has been demolished. Now students who have sidekick powers are in the same classes as students with bad ass powers and are getting the butts kicked constantly. The main characters fight over weather or not this is better and their friend group splits in two. They don’t talk to each other as Layla desperately tries to make everyone get along. Eventually they have to put their fighting aside to fight the Gym Coach and his army of bullies who has been secretly setting up former sidekicks to fail so that all the heroes of the future aren’t “lame.” They take him down and compromise, agreeing that people should be matched by power level but not separated.

Sky High 3. Junior year. The main character is Ethan (puddle guy). He wakes up without his powers. He doesn’t tell anyone because he thinks nobody will like him if he has no powers and that they’ll come back soon enough. Slowly he realizes that other kids have lost their powers too but aren’t telling anyone. The group befriends Sophomore known for not having any powers at all whose there because his parents have powers. Turns out he knows the ins and outs of the school really well and he helps them as they go on a mission to discover what happened to their powers. This new guy starts dating Warren. Finally the whole team has to fight the villain, a new character with sidekick parents, who has been stealing the powers of the students to make himself stronger so he can be the best hero ever.

Sky High 4. Senior year. The main character is Warren. We finally get to see his family and what it’s like with one hero parent and one villain parent. His parents don’t live together because his dad Baron Battle is in jail but it’s weird. But he learns his dad has broken out of jail. This makes things really weird for him and Will as Will’s parents are out looking for him. Eventually Warren and Will have a big fight, using their powers, and they both get suspended. Finally, at Prom, Warren’s dad appears at the school to try to get Warren to be his henchman. Warren refuses and they all have to fight Warren’s dad. 


Assassination Classroom Yearbook Quotes
  • Gakushuu: They say nobody perfect but here I am.
  • Karma: Yeah, I'll take an order of 'This was shit'
  • Nagisa: How did I survive?
  • Kayano: My wife and I better not have to live in this economy.
  • Nakamura: My mum should've swallowed me.
  • Itona: I may be short but you're still beneath me.
  • Okuda: This wasn't like High School Musical at all.
  • Maehara: 'Maehara stole my girl- Everyone'
  • Isogai: Can you believe I led a brigade of gay children? I can't.
  • Kanzaki: I started school with straight a's and now I'm not even straight.
  • Sugino: If you like water, you already like 72% of me.
  • Kataoka: It's not my fault I help girls realise they're lesbians.
  • Hayami: No, I dont want a quote under my picture.
  • Chiba: I wore heelies to escape my feelies and now I'm emo.
  • Ren: I spent 113,880 hours of my life for a handshake.
  • Kurahashi: Is this the Krusty Krab?
  • Yada: No, this is Patrick

So after 1x07 am I the only one who thinks that, once everything gets sorted (i.e.: murder pedo guy is killed) and Lukas grows to be comfortable with his sexuality, he is going to be the most affectionate boyfriend in all of existence?
Like, come on, in last week’s episode he was literally all over Philip, and while obviously his relationship with Rose wasn’t the best, he was still very touchy with her, so what’s gonna happen once he gets to be publicly together with the boy he likes?

I’m talking about:
• hand holding all the fucking time
• like oh Philip wants to take a picture of that beautiful sunset while they’re walking together?
• Well he better learn how to use the camera one-handedly because Lukas is not physically capable of letting go
• Philip’s name is quickly forgotten
• in favour of baby, babe, love, sugar, and any other pet name you can think of
• sometimes idiot is also used as a pet name
• people would ask Lukas what’s his boyfriend’s name
• and he’ll just get this really wide smile and won’t be able to answer not because he’s forgotten it because he’s always calling him baby
• but because he gets lost thinking that Philip Shea is his fucking boyfriend and he still can’t believe it
• whenever they’re sitting, they’re just as close as possible without one being on top of the other
• and also somehow Lukas’ arm always ends up around Philip’s shoulders
• he doesn’t even know how his arm ends up there
• but it’s really comfy so like hell he’s moving
• stolen kisses whenever it is possible
• maybe they’re having breakfast with Gabe and then he turns to get another pancake
• and Lukas will just peck Philip’s cheek
• oh Gabe gets another another pancake
• here’s another kiss for you Philip
• and also Lukas sometimes just gets lost while looking at Philip
• he just can’t help it
• they get together to do their maths homework
• and Philip is really concentrated
• and he makes this really adorable whenever he’s confused
• so obviously their ‘homework session’ is just Lukas staring at Philip for like half an hour
• and when Philip realises
• “you know your homework is not getting done by itself right”
• “doesn’t matter I’m just gonna copy yours when you’re done”
• so basically what I’m saying is
• once he becomes comfortable with his sexuality
• Lukas Waldenbeck is gonna be the most affectionate, love-struck boyfriend on this earth

Christmas Luminous.

I wasn’t going to draw a pic or write anything for Christmas though I had a rough idea (as I’ve missed it) but I listened to ニブンノイチ and 「THE LAST ONE」 and felt things working out.

I wish I could draw the picture better, but I’m really rusty, so I apologize for that. I hope that despite the poor quality, it is enjoyable. Thank you.

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Here is the Procella version, they also grew up quiet handsome, so I’m proud of them, too.

Rui is not the little boy who you want to protect, is he? He looks mature and his hair is fluffier I suppose.

Kai hasn’t changed much, but he became manlier and more mature, for sure.

Yoh has been good looking before, too, but now he looks like the Procella’s Casanova. Although his hair is the same fortunately, or maybe it’s longer? IDK.

Yoru from the cute boy became the man you want to take home as your boyfriend(or your mother, as you wish).

As for Iku, he looks like the typical shota sportsman bishounen, but he hasn’t got baby face anymore. Longer bangs look great on him.

Shun has always was the most handsome in Procella, but now he is eve more better, although the others had a level-up,too. His hair is assimethric in the last picture, but that’s my favourite it’s a kind of cute and sexy at the same time. Never change Demon King! Okay, you can, but stay handsome.

fic - supergirl - first assignment (3/5)

Snapper’s first assignment to Kara is a teaching moment: one he considers vital needs if she wants to be a journalist. It seems simple, write about L-Corp’s new green initiative, get a few quotes, write something semi-decent. But as Kara starts to dig in, she finds herself at the center of L-Corp’s new CEO’s attention…for better or for worse.

Snapper throws down a copy of the late edition of Enquirer on Kara’s desk.

Kara picks up the paper and groans. It’s a picture from yesterday, when they were taking that selfie, blown up tenfold with the gaudy headline of LEZ LIAISON: Lena Luthor shares a moment with mystery woman. “I can explain.”

He crosses his arms, all messy shirt and scowl. “You’d better.”

ao3 Link!

Do you ever just get so…frustrated when it comes to your wriitng?

Like not in the “i suck and need validation” kind of way but like…I dunno…

Like you read other people who are better than you and you aspire to get to and you’re like:

“I am reading this stuff all the time, why isn’t their superior skill not being reflected in my own work? Why can’t I take what i am literally seeing and apply it to my own work?”

I sometimes want to actually just slap my hands and yell at them and yell at my brain too. Because the picture of where i want to be with this story and the execution I want for it isn’t coming out how I want it and it makes me angry because I like the story i’m writing and i’m not doing it justice. The pictures in my mind look amazing and it’s not delivering.

It’s just frustrating…

I know I’ve made a lot of progress but I can’t shake off that voice saying it’s not enough.

Ok rant over

Street Food Across Arda: Apple Hand Pies (Edoras)

(can i just say how hard it is to take pictures of one’s own hand without using a wide angle lens? forgive my weird looking alien hand. i just wanted to prove that they were literally hand-sized pies ok)

It’s Eothiriel Week! (that’s Eomer/Lothiriel for you lightweights ;) It seemed appropriate to have a recipe for at least one of my two favorite people in Tolkien’s world. (I generally try to keep this blog JUST food. Middle Earth food. No gifsets, no personal stuff. Just…food. But when it comes to my OTP, all that is out the window. Though in my defense, this is still food.)

These apple hand pies are a specialty across the Riddermark, but nowhere are they made better than in Edoras. 

Apple Hand Pies (printable)
makes about 16-18 pies


One batch pie crust
2 apples, chopped (any variety will do)
3 tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
½ teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
½ tablespoon lemon juice
Egg wash (1 egg yolk beaten with 1 tablespoon of water)


Prepare pie crust according to directions. While it is chilling, prepare the apple filling by mixing together the apples, brown sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon juice. Put aside. Preheat oven to 375 F (190 C).

Roll out pie crust; cut into 3-4 in. diameter circles. Make sure you have an even number! Put a tablespoon of filling on half the circles; place the other halves on top and crimp edges with a form. Poke holes in the top. Transfer to baking sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. 

Serve warm or cold; with ice cream if so desired.

onliafaze  asked:

Viktor, the Yuris, Phichit, and Leo are out and about and notice a guy who looks a lot like their s/o. Upon closer inspection, it IS their s/o. She's trying to get into a man's mindset to give her planned choreography a strong and aggressive flair. I hope that made sense. (Disclaimer; i'm not saying women can't be strong and aggressive, just that men have a biological edge in doing those better. That's why they're typically the ones who build our cities and fight our wars.)


-Wait, what?

-Is pretty impressed by their determination

-Surprisingly, his first thought was that s/o had a brother


-Is confused

-But he knows that sometimes, you have to do weird stuff to be able to do your routine properly

-Supports them and tries to give them tips to improve


-Lowkey wants to laugh

-But manages to stay polite and says nothing

-He’ll tease s/o, though, just a bit


-Takes a picture

-Doesn’t post it anywhere out of consideration, though

-Finds it adorable


-Is absolutely amazed

-He’s going to remind you of it daily, but because he’s so amazed by it

-Cheers them on more loudly than everyone else during their routine

Fresh Blood and New Daughters

At every 11:11 since your conception,
I’ve wished for you to never live  
confusing your freedom to be loved 
with the freedom of others to want to make
a pretty picture out of your existence;

To hang you up on their walls 
with a noose spun from your desires;
Just another one for their collection
of girls reduced to dusty, silent desperation
framed in lace, modesty and fantasies.

Each with a gold label beneath
engraved with numbers in place of names. 
Each titled the exact same way,
“Better Seen Than Heard”.
Created by: The Freedom to Ruin. 

I wish that you will find it within yourself
to tear through their paint and canvas, to live
outside of someone else’s sick imagination and
Above all else, to always remember that
nobody can take away your freedom to start over. 

— © 2017 Jade Onn

A trick for making lineart thinner

Howdy ATBers! It’s me, Eggymod! Today I decided to make a tutorial that details my method for taking lineart you may have made too thick and making it thinner! 

This works great in emergencies, and I use it a lot when I don’t want to re-ink some background elements I may have made too thick. It works best if you’re like me and you keep all aspects of your lineart on separate layers (Figures / BG ), but you can also use it if everything’s on the same layer!

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Project #PrayForCraigAndJay

Hello internet!!

So I thought, what a better way to show our appreciation for Mini and Jay, through a YouTube video!!

So, what’s going to happen is, anyone can participate. You have two options:

1. Take a photo of yourself with a piece of paper with whatever message you want on it! It can say get well soon, praying for a fast recovery, etc. (If it is not appropriate, it won’t be included)

2. You can take a quick video of yourself saying what you want to say to Craig and Jay. The max time is 15 seconds, but please try to keep it below that. (Once again if it isn’t appropriate, it won’t be included.)

If you want to be apart of this, you send your pictures to this email:




anonymous asked:

Hi Jenna! I've loved writing for a long time, but for the past four years I've avoided it because nothing I ever write is good enough. I want to write now, but I feel so left behind because I haven't been practising and I can't write the things I want to write. How can I get over this?

Writing is not like other endeavors, like modeling for example. You can take as many pictures as you like, but if you’re too short or too old, you’re not gonna make it as a model, plain and simple. But everyone can learn to write. Everyone can get better at writing. There are endless resources available to improve your craft, and many of them are free. You just have to have the grit and determination to put in the work and make shit happen.

I think the first thing you need to do is get over this need to be perfect, because you will never be perfect. I’ve been writing for decades, and I’m still not perfect. If the rest of us have to be flawed, so do you. Next, get back to writing. Practice is the only thing that’ll improve your craft. You’ll never be “good enough” if you don’t write regularly. So get to work. 

  • Brave Honest Beautiful (Intro)
  • Fifth Harmony

We love you. But before you go, we want you to quiet down for a sec. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, count to three.

One - breathe.
Two - make sure you’re breathing.

Picture yourself in front of a mirror, staring at your reflection. Look at yourself; what do you want to tell her or him? What is your reflection saying to you?
Now, I want you to talk to your reflection, look into your eyes and tell yourself;

I am brave.
I have a voice, I am strong enough to overcome my fears, I can stand up for what I believe in, I can stand up for myself. I can stand up for others because I am brave.

I am honest.
I can recognize the beauty in the world without disregarding the bad. I want to make this world and myself better because I am honest.

I am beautiful.
My body, every shape and every scar and every flaw and curve and thing that society tells me is wrong. My mind, my heart, my spirit. I am so beautiful.

Now, I want you to open your eyes and look around you, at each other. Smile at the person next to you and recognize that they are also brave. They’ve gone through battles in life they thought they’d lose. They are honest, they are hopeful, they are beautiful, just like you.
And together tonight, we are all brave, we are all honest and we are so, so beautiful.