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“I won’t say I’m in love!”

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Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader

Warnings: none?

Prompts: I won’t say I’m in love - Hercules

Words: 348

A/N: sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted, or if its short!

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Try to keep it hidden,

Honey we can see right through you,

Girl you can’t conceal it,

We know how you’re feeling,

Who you’re thinking of.

“y/n, you can’t hide it, you know that.” your head turned towards the two girls in front of you, Barbara Gordon and the infamous Selina Kyle, your mother.

“What are you talking about Babs?” you questioned, one of your only gal-friends. “i’m not hiding it.”

“Don’t play it like that y/n.”  your mother added, placing her hand on your shoulder. “we all can tell you’re crushing on Tim.” You shook your head, crossing your arms.

No chance, I won’t say it, no no.

This scene won’t play I won’t say I’m in love,

I thought my heart learned a lesson.

“I’m not in love with Tim!” you spat back, not wanting to admit your feelings for the coffee-addicted boy.

“y/n, sweetie, I see the way you swoon at him. How you look at him every time you see him. I know you the best, I’m your mother, and I see how happy you look around him.” you un-crossed your arms, shrugging of your mom’s shoulder.

Girl you can’t deny it,

Who you are is how you’re feeling,

Baby we’re not buying,

Hon we saw you hit the ceiling,

Face it like a grown-up.

“get off my case!” you retorted, standing up quickly. “I swear I’m not in love with Tim!” you started to walk out, ignoring the two woman following you.

No chance no way I won’t say it, no no,

This scene won’t play I won’t say I’m in love,

You’re way off base I won’t say it,

Get off my case I won’t say it,

At least out loud I won’t say I’m in love!

“At least I won’t admit it to you two.” you mumbled, not realizing both of them were in ear shot, but once you did your face burned almost like you just decided to splash some boiling water on your face.

“y/n! we heard that!” Barbara said, you could even hear the smile on her face.

the story of the underwear cockles op

y’all wanna hear the story of how @amazinmango and i got this photo op at phxcon this weekend?


so here’s the thing: n o n e of this was planned. it was amazing, hilarious, ridiculous kismet. 

mango’s had his birthday recently, and so i brought his birthday present with me to phxcon. part of the present was a pair of jensen’s underbears (i think the text i sent mango right after jib was, “we’re close enough that it’s not weird if i buy u underwear right????”) bc i thought that was hilarious from jib and mango is a huge jensen fan and dean!boy. so the original joke was just that mango could have the bear underwear. i also got him a second pair in orange, bc orange is his fav colour. this was as far as i thought this would go. 

so i get into phoenix thursday night and give mango his present. we didn’t know there were cockles photo ops until friday afternoon when we saw hard tickets for sale. i distinctly remember being bummed that my hometown con had cockles photo ops for sale online but phxcon, the one i was actually going to, did not. but obviously once i saw they were available, like. THERE WAS ONLY ONE CHOICE. so after deciding it was completely financially irresponsible when we have no money, i bought the op. 

i can’t remember when it occurred to us that we had both the underbears and a pair of lucky orange underwear for misha in our hotel room. we wanted to do something fun and funny for the op, and cracked ourselves up at the idea. but we were also aware that it could be, you know, kind of sort of maybe intensely uncomfortable to be like (a) i know what underwear u were wearing and (b) here i brought pairs of them for you to further laugh over. i have a T E R R I B L E akdslkjkas embarrassment squick, so we didn’t want to do anything that made us uncomfortable, and we definitely didn’t want to do anything that would make misha or jensen uncomfortable. we wanted them to have fun with us and play around with us. 

we ran our idea passed our roomie, who has some good con experience, to see if she thought it would fly or not. we agreed on judging our plan based on their mood on the day and asking them if they felt comfortable enough to do it was the best course of action, with a back-up plan ready to go immediately just in case, so j+m knew we were serious that they could totally pass on it if it was weird. CONSENT AND SAFE SPACE. we were hella concerned about this. 

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Honestly Bakugou would be the best sparring partner for Uraraka since he won’t hold back at all and recognizes her strength anyways! Also my excuse for wanting to drawing those pants cause I love doing that in my own pair … Ehehe

Also bonus!

i hate that fanfic that’s clearly written by a gay fan for gay fans hardly gets any attention. like gay fans can TELL when something is written by someone who’s lgbtq+ and when it’s written by a straight person. and it’s a tragedy that those fics that don’t feature that much sex (and even then it’s written correctly and not in a fetishistic way) and focuses on the characters as flawed human beings where the relationship isn’t 100% stable all the time, where it is has its issues because the characters probably don’t know HOW to be in a relationship with someone of the opposite gender and might even struggle with their own internalized homophobia, those fics don’t get any attention outside of what it can attract from gay fans. and if it’s a fic for a rarepair then you’re fucked. these fics usually end up languishing at the bottom of ao3 until the writer never wants to write anything again, even if their characterization and story is perfect.

you know what’s at the top of ao3? porn fic written by straight women. it could be horrendously out of character or even badly written and yet as long as other straight women can get off to it then it shoots right to the top of the pairing tag. they might not even care about the character’s relationships or their happiness - especially true with slash fanfic where the female love interest gets completely erased despite having a vital friendship with one or both of the characters.

honestly you guys need to stop sleeping on fic written by gay fans just because it doesn’t cater to your urge to fetishize (usually white) gay men.

Assistant to the Captain pt. 3

Prompt: Natasha convinced Steve he needs an assistant even though he’s convinced he can do it all himself. He gives in and that’s where you come in.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2285

Warnings: slow burn

A/N: ah. my slow burn aka my favorite way of torturing you all. enjoy this next part. it’s kinda long compared to what i normally do, but i’m sure that’s all right with you all. enjoy! (:

Tagging: still open

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Part 2


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Saturday, a day off. The week felt long because you were learning the ropes and learning everyone’s personalities. But then again, it felt short because of those exact things. You’d met Tony Stark and a younger woman named Wanda as the week went on. You were surprised that with this job— one that was constantly demanding and changing— you got the weekends off. It was a perk. It enabled you to make plans with your family. And that’s exactly what you had planned. It was 6am when you left your house, ready to make the three hour drive to the suburb your family lived in. You had a breakfast date with all of them. And with Derek, your boyfriend.

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miya-atsumu-miya-osamu  asked:

I would love to see yahaba looking up to his senpai iwa! For the iwa prompts thing! (My rare pair is iwahaba) you can do this shippy or platonic, I don't care either way. Thanks in advance if you!!!

this is what you meant RIGHT

Hux is the kind of shit that doesn’t even use his side of the bed, and takes up all of Kylo’s space. Not that the latter minds. 

I’ve been having a terrible couple of days, and I just desperately needed to draw some fluff.

The Least I Can Do

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Request: Hi!! Love your writing. Can I request a fic where Jensen goes to the big Victoria Secret Fashion Show that happens every year. And the reader is a model who’s in the show. He falls for her right away and then when they meet, he gets all nervous and cute?

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Warnings: none

A/N: First actor x reader piece. Be gentle with it. Also didn’t tag anyone since I wasn’t sure if you guys are into actor fics…

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Every Other Weekend pt. 11

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2348

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating, language

A/N: well, strap in cos i got another part of this for you all. i am so so so sorry i have kept you all waiting. i hope this makes up for it. it’s a longer part so i hope that’s all right! just a small reminder that tagging is closed. HOWEVER, if you were on this list and changed your url, please let me know so i can update it.

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Part 10


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“Yes.” You nodded in excitement, your hand holding tightly onto Bucky’s. His smile was so wide, it almost seemed unreal how happy he was.

“That’s…” Steve smiled a small smile and shook his head, you assumed in disbelief. “You guys are going to make great parents.”

“Thank you.” You grinned before placing a kiss on Bucky’s cheek.

“Have you told anyone else yet?” Steve’s eyes followed your every move and then focused down on your hand holding Bucky’s.

“Just my mom so far.” You stated.

“And now you, uncle Steve.” Bucky grinned, his hand leaving the grip of yours and landing on Steve’s shoulder. Bucky was overflowing with joy, but Steve… While he looked happy, you could tell there was something else lingering inside of him, something he wasn’t going to tell you. And it didn’t matter how hard you tried to pry it loose from his lips. So you let it go.

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Hey, I’m out of school and between jobs right now so I’m doing commissions this summer! Even if you’re not able to commission me right now, boosting this would really help me out a lot!


  1. I have the right to refuse any commission for whatever reason.
  2. Payment due upfront.
  3. I only accept PayPal. You must be comfortable giving me an email address so I can send you an invoice.
  4. All commissions will be digital.
  5. I will send you a WIP and if you want me to change something I will do so accordingly.
  6. If you saw a certain style of coloring or lineart that you liked, please tell me so I can do it for you. ;) Otherwise I will take creative freedom.

Will Draw:

All fandoms
All pairings 
 All platonic relationships

Will Not Draw:
NSFW (unless I personally know you and can verify you are 18+)
 Mechs, cars, spacecraft, etc.
 I also reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason

You can find more examples of my work in my art tag (x) and more info about my commissions here (x)!

Just send me a message if you’re interested! I have tons of time right now so I’d like to knock out a bunch of these!

bval-1  asked:

Hi I saw your prompt post :) can you do Darcy/Steve please

Pairing: Darcy/Steve

Word Count: 274

Prompt: Person who needs protecting

Tags:  Bodyguard AU, No Powers AU, Bodyguard!Steve, Pre-relationship, Mutual Pining, Mutual Idiots

Warnings: None

Darcy’s heart was still racing.  

That guy had straight up tried to kill her.  Kill her dead.  

And Steve had just…jumped right in front of her.  He was prepared to take a bullet for her.  Literally.  Dude must be getting paid the big bucks.  

And the information she was carrying must be worth even more.  

The scenery passed them by in a blur.  The speedometer read ninety.  

She reached over, speaking before she touched him.  “Steve?”  Her fingers brushed against his forearm and he turned briefly to acknowledge her.  

“Ms. Lewis?”  

She sighed.  “You almost took a bullet for me.  I think we’re ready for first names.”  

“It’s easier if I keep it impersonal.”  

“Easier for who?”  

Another stiff glance in her direction told her exactly who.  

Bristling slightly, she wrapped her arms around her middle. “Anyway, Rogers.  You’re going ninety.”  

“Oh…” The car slowed a little, down to about seventy-five, which felt like a crawl after the speed they’d been going.   “We’re going to drive through the night.  We’ll stop tomorrow afternoon in Tulsa so I can sleep.”  

“I can take a shift if you’d rather–”  

“Absolutely not.  I’m driving.”  

“Steve…I can totally–”  

“I’m.  Driving.  Ms. Lewis,” he punctuated.  

“Fine.  Whatever.” She turned away from him, pulling her feet up into the seat with her.  Petty, she knew, but if impersonal was what he wanted, it’s what he was getting.  

It took her a while to actually drift off, but she started pretending long before.  

Which was why she absolutely felt his fingers brush her cheek when he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.  

Impersonal.  Yeah.  This was SO impersonal.  

I Can’t Do This

Request: Fantastic as usual sweetie! Anywho, if you’re still excepting requests, I was wondering if you’d be willing to do a part 2 of “I Do…Not” where you and Newt have parted ways and, once he realized you were right, he finds you happily engaged/married? Angsty for everyone who loves the dear, but he can’t win EVERY time

Word Count: 2,506

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 1

Tag List: @gemininomad @dont-give-a-bother@red-roses-and-stories @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @heneed-somemilk @caseoffics @fangirlingandcrying @ryeosomnia @eleanorjordan @toomanyfandoms109@jackdawsonsgrl @hmltntrsh51 @Xxladyalicexx

Leta stands in the doorway, eyes wide as she takes in your joined hands, Newt’s parted lips, the lack of space between the two of you. “What are you two doing?”

You fall to the side as Newt rips his hand back and steps away from you. “Leta. Nothing. We were just speaking.”

“Newt.” You grab his arm, regaining your balance before you reply. “Don’t bother with her. She’s the one at fault.”

Leta scowls at you. “I’m not the jealous one trying to steal a husband.” Her eyes very pointedly land on the hand clutching onto Newt’s bicep.

You flush and drop it to your side. “I’m not trying to steal Newt. I’m trying to save him from life with a wench like you.”

Her glare turns to ice. “Wench? Really? Says the little girl that can’t get over her elementary crush.”

You want to scream as your ears heat up. “I don’t have a crush on Newt. I just want what’s best for him. Unlike you.”

“He’s my husband. How would you want any better for him than I do?”

“I don’t know, oh wait, that’s right.” You cock your head, meeting her challenge. “I’m not a cheating, lying bitch.”

You hurl the words at her knowing even as you say them that it won’t matter. Newt is a lost cause.

He proves it by grabbing your arm. “Stop that.”

You don’t turn to him, still staring Leta down. “Stop trying to protect you?”

“We’re not at Hogwarts anymore. I don’t need your help.”

“You obviously do.”

“No.” He says, voice cold. “I don’t.”

You stiffen, slowly spinning to meet his stony gaze. “You don’t need my help?”


“Do you even think you need me anymore, Newt, or am I completely expendable now that you have her?”

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anonymous asked:

Got anything that's kinky but doesn't say "daddy"? Also, anything that's just light and fluffy sex? Also if you have anything for shklance, that would be lovely. Sorry if I'm asking a lot (*>.<*)

no worries!! 

the two fics of mine that I linked in my first response aren’t super kinky - but are still some pretty explicit, but intimate love making. Tension is a bit more explicit than Coherence, but just barely lmao. and neither mention ‘daddy’. 

Homo-pathic Remedies by boysblush is a bit kinky, but doesn’t mention ‘daddy’, I don’t think. He also has a good one for shklance called Homodachis

“Third Time’s the Charm” is a great smutty shklance fic. 

“Glittering Blackness” is a good smutty sheith fic, and still nice and light and fluffy.  

“Worth It” by the always wonderful @wear-a-reynkout is definitely, well, worth it! 

Um… honestly from there, I would just make your way through the Keith/Shiro tag and see what all piques your interest. You can filter your results based on their rating, the pairings, or even kinks you want to see. So, for example, if you want to see…. overstimulation, you would just put that in on the “additional tags” section under “Sort and Filter” on the right side. 

Hopefully you like some of these!! <3 

Getting Creative [Jason Todd x Reader]

@cityofdespair9 requested: “Congratulations on 500 followers!!! Can I request an imagine where Jason and the reader are on a vacation on a secluded island and they have to make their own fun because they get too bored?”

A/N: Yes this idiot finally produced something, and a request no less!

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 665



You loved isolation, vacation and of course, your dear boyfriend Jason Todd, so when you added all three together, you should be ecstatic, right?


Very, very wrong.

“Jason, I’m bored out of my mind.” You complained like a child. Jason raised an eyebrow and glanced at you from his position under the palm tree.

“But isn’t this what you wanted?” He questioned with a frown.

You rolled your eyes. “When I said break I didn’t mean strand ourselves on one of Bruce’s private islands. This is ridiculous, there’s virtually nothing here! Why did he even buy it?” You exclaimed, knowing you were making a really good point. Bruce never did anything without reason so why did he buy a tropical island in the middle of nowhere with barely anything built on it?

“How the fuck am I supposed to know?” Jason countered, just as clueless as you were.

You crossed your arms as a pout formed on your face, showing Jason that you weren’t happy with this arrangement at all. The two of you had already swam on the beach, played all possible beach games with only two people and used all the items in the villa. There wasn’t much else left to do and Bruce said the helicopter would come to pick you two up in another week.

Another week.

“We could always swim back?” Jason suggested.

Swim back.” You repeated, unimpressed. “Not everyone is a crime-fighting vigilante with years of training under his belt Jay.”

Jason shrugged. “I tried.” He then resumed reading the book in his hands.

“Yeah,” you rolled your eyes, “it totally seemed that way.” You got off your hammock and began to walk around, staring at the forested area with curiosity. “Hey Jay?”


“How big’s the island?”

“Dunno, Bruce never mentioned.” Jason answered with disinterest. You hummed and thought for a moment, before a brilliant idea popped into your mind.

“Why don’t we find out?” You suggested with newfound excitement.

Jason looked from from the words on the page. “Huh?”

“You know,” you spread your arms, “explore the island! Who knows what’s out there!”

“Uh, I do.” Jason muttered, “bugs and reptiles and plenty of plants I don’t want anything to do with. And mosquitoes, let’s not forget mosquitoes.”

“Well I’m going with or without you.” You declared, walking away. You knew he would follow you either way, and soon enough you heard footsteps behind you, accompanied by quiet curses.

You walked deeper into the forest, taking note of all the strange, colorful plants and creatures peacefully residing on the trees. You could tell there were many more animals hidden, feeling afraid to show themselves. You weren’t as afraid of animals or bugs as the average person, so you found it easy to navigate the forest. You weren’t afraid of getting lost either since you knew Jason would remember the way back.

After an hour or two of walking, you found a small empty plot of land. It was in the middle of the forest and completely out of place. You frowned and walked to the center but felt nothing was wrong, but Jason thought differently.


He knelt down onto the dirt and… knocked on it? Curious, you lowered yourself down to his level beside him and watched as he started to wipe the sand away. Soon, you saw a grey surface underneath the sand.

A hatch.

You stepped back with wide eyes. “I guess we know why Bruce bought this island now…”

“Well… shall we?” Jason asked, mischief dancing in his eyes.

“Are you sure you want to make Bruce angry? He probably didn’t tell us for a reason.” You protested, feeling unsure.

“You started this.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t expect to find another one of Bruce’s man-cave.” 

“You have anything better to do?” He challenged, smirking because he knew you were bored and did in fact, have absolutely nothing to do.

“… fine.” You sighed, giving in. “But if Bruce asks, it was your idea.”

The Air In My Lungs

Summary: The after math of Dean going to hell

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1251

Warnings: Some angst, mild description of a panic attack

A/N: 1k Drabble celebrations!! Prompt requested by @valkyrieslament (not letting me tag you). Many many thanks my betas @idreamofhazel and @jpadjackles


Nothing feels as perfect as lying in the arms of the one you love. The safety you feel is all-encompassing, nothing can hurt you. Breathing in their smell is like a breath of fresh air that saturates your lungs. You live for that air, it keeps you going, keeps you fighting.

Nothing feels as horrible as losing the person you love. Emptiness invades your heart, invades your soul, consuming every ounce of joy you thought you might have.

The day you lost Dean was the day the air was ripped from your lungs. Sam tried to pull you away from what was left of Dean’s body. He was unrecognizable. The hell hounds tore him to shreds as he screamed out in pain. That scream invades your thoughts now. It invades your dreams and pierces you to your core. You can’t do anything without hearing it, can’t go anywhere without crumbling to the ground, clutching your ears.

 When Dean came back you could finally breathe again. He was here, he was alive, and this was real. You thought that with Dean back everything would go back to the way it was, but that wasn’t the case. His screams still stuck with you, never leaving your thoughts. You tried everything to get the screams to stop. You would lock yourself in the bathroom and stand under the shower head, listening to the the rushing sound of the water, letting it fall over your face for what felt like days. But nothing truly worked. Everything was a temporary fix. Dean eventually caught on that you weren’t yourself, but he didn’t want to push you.

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I have been plagiarised

Hello Klaroline fandom, hello Steroline fandom. How are you all? I know that our two fandoms have had our differences, but I’m hoping that in the spirit of creativity and fanfiction, we might be able to help each other out. 

I’ve just discovered that a fanfiction user by the name of A.s.hai has blatantly plagiarised some of my drabbles. As a writer for my fandom, I’ve written for years and years, and have practiced so much. So to see my work get stolen by another author, and have them try and pass it off as their own is heartbreaking to say the least. 

The reason why I am addressing this to the Steroline fandom as well as my own is because the writer who has plagiarised my works is actually changing the pairing from Klaroline to Stefan and Caroline. 

Can I please request that you go and report this person on fanfiction? Please don’t flame or leave awful reviews, however if you would like to leave a review mentioning to them that they have plagiarised and request that they take the story down, that would be much appreciated. 

I’m sorry to stray into your tag unnecessarily, but I’m sure that anyone in the Steroline fandom who creates work for their fellow fans can understand how I may be feeling right now. Angry, disappointed, a little upset. 

I’ve laid out below which of my drabbles were plagiarised, and also linked their drabble as a side by side comparison. 

My Drabble, You Know Nothing Jon Snow: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11312412/33/A-Thousand-Pieces-of-You-A-Klaroline-Drabble-Collection

A.s.hai., You Know Nothing Mr Salvatore: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12350942/1/You-Know-Nothing-Mr-Salvatore

My Drabble, a blood sharing AU: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11312412/36/A-Thousand-Pieces-of-You-A-Klaroline-Drabble-Collection

A.s.hai , Forever we’ll be together: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12350930/1/Forever-We-ll-Be-Together

My drabble, human for a day: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11312412/24/A-Thousand-Pieces-of-You-A-Klaroline-Drabble-Collection

A.s.hai: Human for a day https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12350913/1/Human-For-A-Day

Thanks and enjoy your weekend. 


Rome’s in Ruin

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 1725

Warnings: death mention, so much angst 

A/N: Written for the lovely @outside-the-government​‘s birthday challenge  with the prompt “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” I can’t believe I actually got it done early. Also sorry it’s so angsty!!! I’m in an angsty mood tonight. Hopefully you like it anyway my dear <3

It had been days since you’d last seen Leonard. You messaged him a few times, but you knew he was swamped in Medbay after a chemical spill in the science labs led to an explosion which cracked the hull. Luckily, the crew managed to evacuated the deck before any massive damage occurred, and you and Scotty were already working tirelessly to fix it. You were sure Leonard was working just as hard in Medbay, but that didn’t mean you didn’t miss him beside you in bed at night.

Four days post-explosion and all the damage that could be repaired in the air had been fixed. Jim had already redirected the ship to Risa, the closest Federation planet, for repairs. You knew you wouldn’t be planet side for more than a few days, but a few days on the beach with Leonard McCoy in your arms sounded like heaven right now. You were on your way to tell him when you heard his voice echoing down the hall.

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Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: During my moments of solemn reflection, the pads of my fingers subconsciously brush over the nearly healed scrapes on his forehead and nose.

Tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @motleymoose @kyoukohorimiya @wrestlingnoob @ambrosegirlforever @deseraysmiththings

The quiet noise of the television washes over the bedroom, settling me into a simmering warmth. My bouts of laughter are hard to quiet, but I do the best I can to keep from waking up the sleeping man to my right. I let my eyes drift over to Finn’s soundly sleeping form; his breathing is steady, and his chest rises, then falls in a lulled cadence. An indistinct grin makes its way onto my lips at the sight of him and how soft he looks in the light. I am sleep laden, but still far more wide-awake than usual for this time of night.

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Bad Day?

Title: Bad Day?

Imagine: Sam and Dean cheering you up after a bad day.

Request: Hi girly can you please do an imagine where the reader is having a really bad day and her brothers cheer her up? Sorry I’m just having an awful day and I need something to cheer me up.

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader. Sam x sister!reader.

Warnings: A really, really bad day.

Note: Hope this is what you wanted! Tumblr’s being aggravating right now.

Tagging: @caroldanversinatardis @tom-is-in-my-tardis @jessicarossouw @evyiione @brooklynnewsie1899 @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish@saveprettydays @lilygolds11

Please let me know if you would like to be tagged!

Hope you enjoy it!

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“Wake up!” A voice yelled in your ear.

You groaned and opened your tired eyes. Your brothers stood on both sides of your bed, both of them fully clothed.

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