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The Art of Forgetting || Raulson AU || One Shot

“Is it possible?” The room was filled with sweat, with a peculiar smell of sex and disgrace. She lied down on her back, naked, staring at the celling. “What is?” Her soft voice echoes like a thunder with million questions. “That you are still thinking about her even after we make love.” There’s a pause, and the brunette forgets how to breathe. He has mentioned HER. Again. Minutes pass and there’s no answer for a fact given; although she tried her best to come up with something that seemed smart to say, her mind was blank and honesty ate her up. “I can’t take her off my mind, Colin” His breahting was heavy and he cleared his troat before answering, “I know that. I can see you wondering in the morning, or at nights, even when I’m on top of you… Your thoughts seem to be lost on her memory.” But she doesn’t even try to reply, he is right, all that he said and more. So he continues. “What is she like? Some sort of mermaid or a greek goddess? Tell me about her, Sarah. Please, I need this to fully understand how have I lost you to this woman.” Her eyes get shinny, tears building up and warning to come out as a exposed fall. “She does look like a mermaid.” She starts, her voice about to crack. “She’s the good and the beauty in every woman all at once. She’s elegant, wise and seductive. You can get lost in her mysterious eyes, which I must say, you’ll never know the exact color. They can be green as a wild forest, or blue as a deep everlasting ocean… sometimes even gray as the worst rainy day, but they’re marvelous and unique. I remember feeling alive everytime she looked straight at me. And her touch - I’m sorry” She realizes she’s gone way over the limit. “I don’t know what she did to me that night, or the next night, or that week. But she’s in my mind and there’s no escape.” Colin stands up, he covers his naked body with a dressing gown and before crossing the bedroom door, he looks at Sarah and asks, “You love her, don’t you?” She sighs, she’s been discovered. “I do.” She mutters as low as possible, praying to god that her husband hadn’t heard. The door gets shut, he’s gone.

“Is it because I can’t give you kids?” Sean’s voice is small, almost begging for an answer. “Sean, we’ve talked about this before. Stop it now before any of us gets hurt.” He frowns, his lips are downwards, he tries to think what was his mistake. “I am hurt, Lily - I am hurt that you look so miserable and unhappy. I forgave you after all, didn’t I?” She shocks her head and closes her eyes trying not to face reality. But she’s been trying for too long already, she’s been too strong and now it’s time for her to be weak. “I am not happy by your side anymore, Sean. Is that what you wanted me to say?” Tears fall off, his cheeks already wet. “Continue.” He asks. “I didn’t plan for that to happen, you know? Life with you was good, I considered I was happy. But she had to get into my life to understand that I wasn’t.” There’s a silence after that last sentence, it’s a heart broken on the background and Lily is guilty. She looks away, up to the celling, remembering, trying to understand herself how did it all change. None of them seem to be brave enough to break the silence, but she feels a pain in the pit of her stomach that makes her throw up her truth; “She made me happy, Sean. I - I don’t regret it, those seven days by her side seemed like paradise to me. The heart wants what it wants, Sean and my heart wants her. Only her. I am in love with her, and there’s no going back.” His voice is shaky and he turns around, giving his back to his wife. Not being capable of accepting his new fate. “I will let you go.” She stands up and walks to the door, she leans on the frame and whispers; “Thank you.” Before he gets a chance to reply, she’s gone. Probably, forever. 

There’s a knock on the door. The kitchen is dark and she leaves her cup of coffe aside, the woman walks frightened and curious about who could it be on the other side. She tries to fix her brown hair before asking; “Who is it?” But there’s no reply. She takes a deep breath and slightly opens the door with shaky hands. Just before her heart stops beating, the blonde in front of her utters, “Come with me.”

I hope you enjoyed this one shot, guys! I did try my best.

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