i can survive this hiatus. i can

Hey my sisters and brothers of Young Justice, I’m so happy with #YoungJusticeSeason3 and just remember something, all of us made it possible, remember Greg Weisman and Christopher Jones… “Just fans can save Young Justice ” I’m so proud of all of you who never loose the hope with #RenewYoungJustice #KeepBingingYJ #YJLatinFans and so proud of be part of this fandom, isn’t easy survive the hiatus and just a big fandom can keep alive the cartoons and please forget everything of the little different opinions of characters, couples or history, our love for Young Justice is the only important


Finally break is here!!!! Good god it’s been a very long and unplanned hiatus, and I’m so sorry about that everyone. But now, both Mod Spacey and I are back and we survived our finals (kind of lol)

But anyway, in terms of getting the next update out, hopefully that can happen very very soon. I can’t give specifics but I know that it’ll be out soon and you’ll finally have your answer as to who the Riverperson actually is!! Good god we’ve been holding that back so long what an awful cliffhanger jeez.

Please feel free to slap me in the face for making you guys wait so long :<

SO YEA!! Break is here, updates can start up again and hopefully we’ll be able to get back on a regular schedule of sorts.

In the meantime, have a wonderful day, happy holidays, and enjoy your winter break if you have one!!

Thanks a bunch <3

-Mod Shade

I am sure, quite sure right now

My bet  for series 4 plot twist is:

John will get wounded (badly) and Mary will be the one responsible for it.

Sherlock will confess his love to John and Mary will not make it to the end, dying, shot by somebody else, Lestrade maybe, or Moriarty people, idk.

But she’s not gonna survive and we will be left in the dark whether John is gonna live or die. 

I can almost see Sherlock leaning over John’s pale face, his hand covered with John’s blood, whispering “John, stay with me, John,  please, don’t leave me, John, I love you, you can’t leave me right now. PLEASE!” and finally the last frame will show us a close-up of Sherlock’s  eyes filled with tears, wide opened in sheer terror . And the screen will get black, credits will start rolling and the music will start playing. And the hiatus will begin again.

We had a foretaste of this already:

1D Hiatus: Day 314

* Louis posts a selfie on Instagram, he’s wearing a t-shirt with a rose on the pocket and showing off his dagger tattoo, kills us all as usual

* Niall posts two pictures and a video on Snapchat

* Niall meets fans in London

* Liam posts a picture on Instagram

* A fan spots Liam out in LA

* #OneYearSinceHome trends on Twitter

* Tom Atkin posts a throwback picture of Harry and others on Instagram

It’s Oct 22nd, 2016.

Announcing Semi-Hiatus

(Translated: Storyboard - sequence design and storytelling)
This is my shedule at school for this month.
If I wasn’t that present before thanks to my internet connection, now I can officially say “See ya next month!”
School finishes at the end of July, so who knows what’ll happen next month.
So goodbye, thank you for everything ;v; .
And I’m so sorry for the persons who’re still waiting for their commission, I can’t work on them at the moment. I will e-mail you one by one, so there won’t be any misunderstandings. As soon as I finish school I’ll work harder than ever!
Announcing officially this semi-hiatus, who knows, I may upload something once a week, if I can.
That being said, gotta go work! ☆
(Can’t believe connection survived till the end of this post!)

Kathryn’s favorites....

I hope you enjoyed last week’s post and found a story (or 2) that helped you survive another TORTUROUS week of hiatus. If you missed it, check out the link below. 

Previous issue:  May 24th 

To ALL CS fanfic authors: I can’t imagine how much work goes into writing fanfic–my lack of imagination is one of the many reasons I don’t attempt it myself–and I know you guys probably hear this all the time, but it can never be said too much: you are wonderful. Your fics are amazing. The time and effort you put into your work is astounding, and the fandom would be NOTHING without you. You keep us going, and for that, we are all so grateful.

To CS fanfic readers: If you happen to read any of the stories below (or in any of the “Kathryn’s favorites” posts) please, please consider reviewing, giving kudos, or liking the fics. The fabulous CS authors work so hard. Let’s show our appreciation.

Happy Reading! 

Breakfast in Bed by captainswanismyendgame

Official description: Killian has a few surprises up his sleeve for Emma’s birthday.

Rated: General Audiences. Genre: none provided  Chapters: one-shot

A sweet Captain Swan story, but the real highlight is Killian regaling Emma with tales of the previous night’s drunken escapades. Regina and Snow drunkenly apologizing to each other for their past misdeeds? A tipsy Emma proposing to Killian? And her reasoning for doing so? HILARIOUS. I could read an entire fic dedicated to that party! Make it happen, Jenna! Pretty please?

Once Upon a Tweet by Arandil, onceuponsomechaos

Official description: WiFi in the Enchanted Forest? No problem! There’s a magic app for that! This is what happens when Fairy Tale characters get to keep their cell phones and twitter accounts even after they are transported back to their Enchanted Realms. Begins during the episode Going Home, just before Emma and Henry leave in the bug.

Rated: T  Genre: Humor  Chapters: 4/?  WIP. 

Hands down the FUNNIEST OUAT-based fic I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Zelena’s twitter handle: @NewBigBadS3. Killian continuously not grasping (and getting frustrated by) twitter’s character limits. Neal repeatedly hacking into Killian’s account and posting gems, such as: “I smell like mermaid.” EVERYONE hating on Neal. Pure comedy gold. An entertaining; quick-read–especially great when you need a little pick-me-up. 

a one time thing (and other untruths) by weezlywrites

Official description: “She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks.” Pregnancy has a way of throwing a wrench in one’s plans.

Rated: Teen and up. Genre: Modern!AU Chapters: 25/25. Complete.

If you read last week’s post, you know my feelings on many CS Family/Daddy!Killian fics. Frequently, I find them prone to being out-of-character and saccharine.  This story is a notable exception. It’s complicated. It’s messy. It’s 1000% realistic. And it still manages to be profoundly romantic. It’s this all-too-rare combination that makes it so unbelievably good.

Quiet by lenfaz

Official description: My take on the scene from the pictures on the set (Kathryn’s note: the 11/18/14 filming pics)

Rated:  Teen and up. Genre: none provided. Chapters: one-shot

What’s so beautiful about this fic is its simplicity. There are no grand declarations. No dramatic romantic encounters. Yet, that’s what makes this story so important. It’s the lack of action that so clearly underlines the central theme. I love reading anything Lena writes from Killian’s point of view. She consistently demonstrates such wonderful insight into his character. This fic was no exception. A truly gorgeous piece.

Rotten Heart by modernkillianjones

Official description: Princess Emma and Prince Killian are supposed to marry to unite the kingdoms, but neither are very keen on a marriage. They’ve never seen each other before and while Emma has to struggle with his attitude toward her, he has a dark secret he’s keeping.

Rated: Explicit  Genre: AU, Romance/Drama  Chapters: 24/?  WIP.

A cursed prince. An innocent princess sent to a distant land. A mysterious creature roaming the woods outside the castle. This is OUAT told in the vein of a Grimm’s Fairy Tale. And not the sanitized; safe-for-kiddos version. This is more like the original Grimm’s stories where the Evil Queen was actually Snow White’s biological mother and Cinderella’s stepsisters sliced off parts of their feet so they’d fit into the golden slipper. It’s bleak and there’s a persistent sense of foreboding, yet it’s also romantic. There’s light in the darkness. But what I love most about this story is that it’s such an entirely unique tale. I love that Sabs inserted Emma and Killian into this really dark fantasy world. It was different, yet it worked. Maybe, if we’re nice and provide lots of amazing reviews, we can convince her to update soon. Please, Sabs!!

The Weight of this Heart by jadeddiva

Official description: She tries not to think about the look on his face, the suppressed disappointment, the vulnerability in his eyes. Emma Swan, after she returns to the loft and before she lets the darkness take her.

Rated: Teen and up Warning: spoilers for the season four finale. 
Genre: none provided Chapters: one-shot

In this fic, Annie demonstrates such an innate understanding of Emma Swan that reading it feels like delving into the recesses of Emma’s brain. It’s painful to read Emma struggle with her demons, but finally getting the opportunity to witness her inner workings is a gift. This story is so incredibly heartbreaking given how the season finale ends, but it’s that quality that makes it so powerful.

When One Door Closes by navykillian

Official description: Just as Milah slams the apartment door in Killian’s face, he meets the gorgeous, challenging, and rather feisty blonde living next door.

Rated: T (one chapter temporarily increases to a M rating) 
Genre: Modern AU, Romance/Drama  Chapters: 7. Complete.

I can be a tough critic of AU. Sometimes, I find that fanfic authors use AU as a  license to completely obliterate a character’s personality. And what’s the point of writing fanfiction if the characters you’re writing about aren’t even themselves anymore? I’m happy to report that this is not the case here. Haleigh fully honors Emma and Killian’s personalities, despite placing them in a different situation.  She’s particularly adept at weaving canon into the tale, sometimes to hilarious result. Mary-Margaret and David meeting in the Modern World was a particular highlight. The last paragraph of the story was so incredibly well-done, it still brings happy tears to my eyes just thinking about it. 

You Weren’t Sure? by effulgentcolors

Official description: Based on this tumblr prompt- The Snow Queen kills Killian and Emma brings him back with true love kiss and beautiful emotional smut after that? I went lighter on the smut, strong on the feels.

Rated: Mature Genre: Romance Chapters: one-shot

If you’ve ever read my meta, you know I discuss the topic of TLKs frequently. If those three magic words are found in a fic’s description, it’s a guaranteed must-read for me. I’ve read so many of these stories at this point I consider myself an expert on the genre. And this TLK tale is my favorite. It’s romantic, without being overly sentimental. And the characterization is spot-on. But what I find most appealing about the story, is the sheer vulnerability displayed by Emma and Killian. The emotional honesty is breathtaking to witness. And the sex scene? HOT. 

There’s so much unrest in the fandom right now over the writing this season. It makes me wonder: was the entire fandom blind to the problems in the first two seasons? Like, I love this show and I (used to) love this fandom, but the upsurge in absolute hate that’s been going on doesn’t make sense to me. The show has never been perfect. Straight-up. And the “criticism” has been unbased, without evidence, inarticulate, and riddled with typos. The writers are certainly not above reproach, but have some respect. You started liking this show for a reason and, news flash, some of us still do.

#Arrow / #Olicity Hiatus Survival Kit

We all have our ways of coping on certain extra angsty/painful Arrow Wednesdays (and most times into Thursday), but I, for one, can’t keep drinking alcohol and eating ice cream and chocolate for the next 5 weeks (does eggnog count as a food?)!

So I thought I’d humbly offer up some some ways to help:

Join us on Twitter (if you haven’t already) - things happen over there at the speed of light - and if you follow the right people it can be really fun! Participate in organized trends led by @smoakandarrow (much like our #Olicity Kiss Reblogs), and interact with your favorite actors from the show (Echo Kellum and Charlotte Ross  interact A LOT and share on set photos). It’s also a direct line to Arrow writers, producers, and EP’s - so you can tell them what you LOVE about the show (just remember to focus on what you LOVE)!

Search out your favorite fic writers on all of their platforms: Tumblr, Twitter, AO3, and fanfiction.net. I have started a “FicBridge” here with links. If you want to be added (or changed/removed), please let me know! SHOW THEM SOME LOVE and SHARE THE FICS YOU LIKE! (FYI: I’ll be overhauling this page soon - it’s purely functional at this point - not very pretty!)

Revisit the “MTV Reblog Fics” tag. For those newer to Tumblr (or just new to following me), we had some AMAZING little fics getting buried in the MILLIONS of reblogs. Yes, MILLIONS - we are that motivated. I tried to tag all that I could find (with help from some eagle eyed bloggers). @jedichick04 also did a Master Fic List HERE. Our fandom came together in the most GLORIOUS way! SHIP OF THE YEAR, BABY!

And finally, a reminder about my fic rec tag “Scu11y22 Fave Fanfics” and Spotify playlists.

Anyone else have any good hiatus advice?