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I know I used to post regularly, but since part of my hesitance in coming back has been feeling pressured about posting on time, I’m planning on doing a much more casual posting schedule. 

That being said, I’d really like to start getting back to asks. I accept it is no longer physically feasible for me to do all or even most asks, especially with me now working full time in a job that I never stop at. My hope is that I can pick out at least 1 ask a week to reply to in good measure. 

I spent most of my day today scheduling posts for like the next week and a half from all the content I’ve missed out on while I’ve been away, so content will certainly be coming your way! If you have any questions or concerns or have a g!sans-related piece of your own work that you’d like me to feature, please don’t hesitate to let me know about it! You’re always welcome to submit or link me your post, and I’m more than happy to share it. Although this blog really isn’t living up to the RP purpose I had originally intended it for (and instead has become more of a gaster!sans display case), I really like being a way for a lot of people to see what’s out and being created in the community. So, thank you all, truly, for all that you create and do and letting me be a part of it.

All my love!


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[] reaction to a crush/SO who after resets kind of remembers things. As in they feel like they've been here and done this before. Like deja vu. Nothing more than that though.

Are ya’ll ready to have an angsty time?

Cause I gots lots of angst asks and I need to finish them.

Also someone remind me to do a list of headcanons for the main AUS I do.

SF Sans grits his teeth when he hears his S/O say the human looks familiar. It barely there, but if they know him well and look closely, they might see the way he sets his jaw. Almost like he’s preparing to be punched. He is reluctant to follow the script now. But… he has to. There is no choice. Not any longer. Maybe he can kill the human this time. Maybe it will stop.

Papyrus tries to convince him not to confront the human, but his pleas fall on deaf non-existent ears.

When the knife strikes, he says a silent apology to his S/O. He’s sorry that they have to go through this, even a little bit.

…… ❤ [Reset]

SF Sans grits his teeth when he hears his S/O say the human looks familiar.

…. ❤ [Reset]

SF Sans grits his teeth when he hears his S/O say the human looks familiar. 

…… ❤[Reset]

SF Sans grits his teeth when he hears his S/O say the human looks familiar.

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hi, i need to lose 20kg as fast as I can, any tips for me?

eat 300 cals a day you’ll lose 1 pound daily and do 1001 sit ups 3 times a day this will make you lose 3 pounds so 4 pounds daily isn’t that good?🤔😉 so in less than 15 days you’ll be rid of that 20kg 😘 for any other tips like to stop food craving and binges or workout tips or diet tell me girl

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i want to do more on tumblr and like post ficlets and HCs and things but im too worried that no one will rb them and itll just be embarrassing :( do you have any advice?

Do it anyway.

I know where you’re coming from. Believe me, I DO. Writing is hard, because it takes time, just like any other kind of art. It can be draining and time-consuming. But more than visual art, writing takes time to consume. The readers has to choose to invest themself, to stop and read. Most people decide to reblog visual art in a fraction of second. Writing… Now writing takes more involvement. More time.

But just because people don’t react to you, doesn’t mean your writing is /bad/. You are not measured by how people react to you. I’ve read incredible masterpieces that had 50 views and no comments. Yes, it is disheartening. As fuck. It feels like you’ve spent all that time on this piece for nothing. But you didn’t:

  • You’ve worked on your skills
  • You’ve explored the characters a bit more
  • You’ve furthered your vision of these characters
  • Maybe you’ve learnt a new word
  • Maybe you’ve experimented with something new

And yes, every writer longs for reactions and feeedback, it’s human, we are social creatures. But the sooner you write something for /you/, the better it will be. Because if you write it for you, every other reaction is bonus.

There’s something a friend told me when I thought I was out of inspiration and I had nothing left to offer to the fandom, and it really shook me: “You miss all the shoots you don’t take.” If you don’t try, you’ll never know. Something great can happen. And if not, who cares? It’s not embarrassing! I know it feels that way, but it isn’t. Not being heard is no reason for silence, right?

Thoughts Of The Signs
  • Aries: "I'm going to do this with or without you. I do not need you to show me how. I do not need you to watch me do it."
  • Taurus: "I can retract my kindness at any moment. I can make you sorry just as quickly as I can make you comfortable."
  • Gemini: "I just wish someone would believe me when I speak. Not everything I say is a joke. Not every game I play is in vain."
  • Cancer: "How about instead of complaining that I'm constantly moping, you give me a reason to stop moping?"
  • Leo: "There are times I feel like I should just stop speaking. I want to see who would honestly notice, or care."
  • Virgo: "I just wish someone would acknowledge my ideas. I want to feel important for more than two seconds. I want to be remembered."
  • Libra: "I want to show off those important to me. I want to tell everyone exactly what makes them special. I wish mere words could say it enough."
  • Scorpio: "People don't think I notice, but I do. I notice every slight change in behavior, right down to an odd blinking pattern."
  • Sagittarius: "You can either take me as I am or you can walk away. I'm not going to change my way of thinking to appease or align with your lifestyle."
  • Capricorn: "I will bulldoze anything that gets in my way. If it means I have to break a couple hearts on my way up, no problem. I'm not backing down."
  • Aquarius: "I don't have time to talk about it, I don't have energy to talk about it, and I don't have any seconds left to waste. Let's move on."
  • Pisces: "Just yesterday, it felt like everything was perfect. I know it's going to crumble to the ground. I know I destroy everything I touch. So I'm not expecting anything less."

Okay but I’d like to talk about some of the implications in the final scenes of YoI?
Specifically the fact that YUURI CAN POLE DANCE

Like, first off, let’s address the fact that someone took the time to set up a pole in that ballroom. Why was that there? Was it there the whole time? If so is it jsut permanently installed there? Did someone stop everything to set that up? Does Chris just keep one handy at all times just in case??? I HAVE QUESTIONS

But aside from that. Again. Yuuri can pole dance. And I mean, he didn’t just get drunk and wobble around a pole. This. Boy. Has. Taken. Classes.


Cause this?

What Yuuri is doing here is called flag pole. (Chris looks like he’s doing a cross knee/cross ankle, except his legs are too far apart so… he’s not really doing any real pole move I’m aware of. Ignore him)
Anyway, flag pole require that you grip the pol with our hands, and between on biceps and your side, and hold your body parallel to the floor (using your lower arm as a bit of a shelf for support) Aaaaaand that’s it. Aside form the slight support from that lower arm, everything else is pure upper body and core strength.

Then there’s this.


Is called Superman.

“That doesn’t look nearly as hard as the first one!” you might say. And strength-wise, you’re right. It’s not.
But you know what it is?

Painful. (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

Lemme tell you friends, that skin right between your sweet sweet thighs is very soft and delicate and sensitive and is NOT USED TO HAVING TO GRIP TIGHT TO A METAL POLE.
You ever slid down something metal or plastic and your skin stuck to it and got rubbed raw from the friction? Yeah, it’s like that. On your delicate inner thighs. Pole dancers literally have to condition and their skin for this kind of stuff. You practice and practice till your muscles are strong enough to take on most of the support and your skin toughens up.

That’s not even counting the advanced to semi-advanced moves you have to know to get into either position while on the pole. These aren’t beginner moves.

I’ve been taking pole for almost two years, I’m in lv 2, and I’m STILL working on these moves.


Romantic/Fluff Sentence Starters!

“You have something in your hair - let me get it for you.”

“Hm? Oh, sorry. I couldn’t help but stare at you.”

“Um, would it be okay if I held your hand?”

“Shut up and kiss me already.”

“You’re the most important person in my life.”

“Are you tired? Here, I’ll carry you the rest of the way.”

“I’m not much of a chef, but… I really hope you like this.”

“Sorry for calling so late - I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

“I need you more than you need me.”

“I want to kiss you and hold your hand any time I want.”

“I can’t stop thinking about you… I can’t.”

“The truth is… I love you.”

“You like me more than you like them, right? Right?”

“Be mine. Please.”

“I am who I am because of you.”

“It’s been a long day… let’s take a bath together.”

“Wait, don’t pull away - I want to hug you for awhile longer.”

“Ah- I adore your laugh.”

“Stop that, it tickles!”

“Ouch, I bit my lip… kiss it better?”

“I don’t want to get up… I’m so warm beside you.”

“You’re so intoxicating to me.”

“Your eyes are amazing… do you know that?”

“You’re just so wonderful.”

“S-Stop looking at me like that! You’re making me blush…”

“Are you tired? Rest in your head in my lap.”

“You, Me, Order In, Netflix… waddya say?”

“I want to be more than just friends with you.”

“Fuck it - do you wanna get married?”

“Your smile is beyond gorgeous… please, keep doing it.”

“Whenever we’re together, I feel at home.”

“Will you say you love me? Pleeease?”

“Wait, don’t go! Can’t you stay the night?”

“Wow - you look… amazing.”

“*Puts hands over eyes from behind* Guess whooo?”

“I’m not jealous! It’s just… you’re mine!”

“I want to go on a date! I demand it!”

“We just met, this is crazy, I’m referencing a song… but call me maybe?”

“What? No! I wasn’t staring… I-I was looking at something behind you!”

“Do you want some? Here, open your mouth… I’ll feed you some!”

“It’s been a long day… here, let me give you a massage.”

“Is it alright if I call you princess?”

“It’s not like I like you or anything! … Okay, well- maybe I do.”

“I think your perfect. Even with your flaws, you’re nothing but perfect.”

“That was barely even a kiss! Do it again - please?”

“What? No. I wasn’t aiming for your hand. I was reaching for the, uh- popcorn.”

  • Me playing in an acoustically terrible room: have I always sounded this bad??? Is this real??? Have I only imagined six years of practicing??? Help???? Do I deserve to have this instrument?? Why is my tone so dry and flaky like the bald scalp of an old white man???
  • Me playing in an acoustically excellent room: FUCK YES nobody can stop me now!!1!1 I can play hot cross buns in here and I bet New York Phil would beg me to come be principal. Hear that tone. That smoothness. Smoother than a baby dolphin. I'm unstoppable nobody will notice any of my mistakes time to show off and intimidate the freshman
EXO Reaction when they find out their crush has never fallen in love before

Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“This will be hard then… if no one has gotten her heart, then I have to work harder to impress her. She won’t regret it!” *Always positive this baby*


*Can’t with it* “Really?! This makes her even more special… 100000 times cuter!” *Crush level Galaxy*


*Can’t stop thinking about it* “I wonder why she’s never been in love… maybe no one is enough… probably I’m not… She deserves the whole world…”


“I never thought I could be her first love… maybe her only love… I really like her” *Tao and his soft side :3*


*Confidence level god* “I am very lucky then… her whole heart belonging to me… just like my whole heart belongs to her”


“I hope I can make you happy… I hope you can feel one day the same way I feel for you. I won’t give up, you are important to me” *Xiu is love*


*Writes you song about first love* “Maybe… this song could be about us”


*Actually very nervous* “I hope this date goes well… what if she doesn’t like me… what if I’m not enough… I can’t lose her..”


“W-wait… she’s never been in love?! This mean she’s not in love with me yet?! I thought we had a thing…” *:(*


“I’ve never been in love either… not until I met her. Maybe… just maybe, we are meant to be…*Baby is very shy*


*Hugs her out of nowhere* “I promise I’ll be a good first love… you won’t regret it!” *Baby Unicorn I love you*


*Reading manga to get some ideas for your dates and all* “Our love should be like one of those stories she loves… perfect… I want it all to be perfect for my future princess” *material boyfriend*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

sunnysideofheaven  asked:

Hi Carrie, do you have any advice on getting over a break up please? I can't stop thinking about my ex girlfriend and I don't know what to do or how to cope. Xx


Firstly, delete everything. Delete their number, their pictures, their social media…get rid of their face and their attachment to everything you associate yourself with daily. Absolutely NO need to torture yourself. 

Secondly, give yourself some time to feel like crap for a while! You cared about something and now it’s gone so of course it’s going to hurt. The more you push it back, the worse it’ll be when it inevitably pushes forward again.

Thirdly, surround yourself with love. You have people around you who love you and people and things you love. Smother yourself in them like there’s no tomorrow. 

Let time do it’s magic. Each day further away, the less it’ll hurt and the more you’ll be able to look back without flinching. 

Much love,



  • Yuuri: what's up
  • Viktor: I can't stop thinking about how birds don't remember a time before roads. Like, birds have no written history or oral tradition. As far as any bird is concerned, This is how the world has Always been and they're just tryin' to make it like the rest of us. They just keep on keepin' on. Birds have no idea there used to be so much more for them. So much forest and food abundant, so they just live in this era the best they can without the burdensome knowledge of the life they could have lived and I find that both fortunate and sad.
  • Yuuri: Why Are You Like This

tbh? there’s literally NO reason for parents to physically harm their children in any way as a punishment.

like as someone who’s worked with little kids (age 5-7) I’ve NEVER even had to think of doing this and I’m not a parent. it is VERY easy to discipline kids in a way that encourages them to stop their actions and doesn’t harm them. they are at an age where they rely on adults for guidance, and punishment can be as simple as “if you don’t stop throwing toys, you can’t play with them for X amount of time”.

I can’t believe this is actually controversial? anyways if you think physically harming children is an appropriate method of punishment then you shouldn’t be a parent or working with kids.

  • 19 150x150 icons of alex danvers as requested by @clextaven
  • if you want any in a different colour or shade let me know!
  • you don’t have to credit me but I’ll love you lots if you do
  • however!!
  • please LIKE or REBLOG if you use/save!!
  • more icons can be found on my icon page
  • requests are OPEN

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  • someone: i think we're gonna get along!
  • me internally: we have barely known each other for a day and you're not my fp how can you come to a conclusion like that also i have a personality disorder i could split on you at any time in fact i can say it's more likely we WON'T get along or i'll freak out and stop talking to you before long
  • me externally: haha yeah i hope so
What if we give Ouryuu the benefit of the doubt
  • Ouryuu: Perfect! Since you can hear the voice of the gods, we can send you instructions this way! Oh... oh wait... oh dear... seems you can only be a warrior or a priest, not both... sorry, I didn't read the rule book.
  • Ouryuu: It's fine, Zeno! You can go out and join your brothers any time you want! I thought that something like a dragon foot or dragon hand might get in the way of your human life, so I made your scales less trouble to lug around. Wasn't that a great idea?
  • Ouryuu: ...oh.... oh me.... I had such a terrible misunderstanding. I didn't realize Hiryuu was a MORTAL human. Sorry about that.
  • Ouryuu: I hear you just fine! It's okay, you can stop yelling! Extend the human girl's life? Oh, Zeno, baby, if I could do that I would have extended Hiryuu's life a thousand times over. Hmm... I see... I see... well, I'll see what I can do... how does a week sound? Naw, I'll try and get you a whole extra month! Shucks, aren't I generous?
  • Ouryuu: Zeno, pumpkin? You can test the powers I gave you all you want, but that looks like it hurts.
  • Ouryuu: Oh my. Zeno, please, are you going to make me watch this for hundreds of years or something?
  • Ouryuu: Hello, Zeno? Not to cramp your style or anything, but it seems everybody up here is mad at me, they think it's MY fault you're doing all these... experiments. Would you mind just yelling up at the sky that you're fine so that they quit pestering me? Thanks.
  • Ouryuu: Oh, wait. After all these centuries I forgot you can't hear me anymore. Teehee, whoopsies!
These Drabbles got out of Control yo

So I ended up making this Jamilton drabble waaay longer then I should have, but it’s real good so I hope that makes up for it!! I combined a bunch of promts so that I could get to as many as I could.

I’m not taking any more request rn tho

Numbers: 2- They can’t hurt you anymore, 42- Here, take my blanket, 64- I feel like I can’t breath/ 24- its six in the morning, you’re not having vodka/ 94- I had a bad dream, 42- Stop being cute

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BTS Reaction to You Having a Windshield Wiper Laugh

This was a request~! 

Enjoy <3

Don’t forget to send me your requests <3

*Note: I don’t own any of the gifs [Do I really have to put this on every time or can we all finally realize I will never own these gifs?]

xoxo- MelodyBaby

“How are you going to laugh at my laugh when you have the same life?”
(insert gif) “Laughing? Who me?”
“I hate you…”
“I love you, Jagiya~”

“Stop laughing at me! I know my laugh is weird.”
(insert gif) “I’m not laughing. I swear.”

“Guys, you got to hear my jagiya laugh! Come on laugh.”
“I’m not laughing for your entertainment.” You rolled your eyes.

“You sound just like Jin Hyung.” (insert gif)
You laughed as you watched Namjoon fall, “I may have a weird laugh, but I could fix it. That-“ you pointed at him-“can’t be fixed.”

(insert gif) “Jagiya, I love you, but your laugh is hilarious!”
“I am soooo glad my laugh amuses you…”

You’d cover your mouth embarrassed of your laugh.
(insert gif) “Jagiya~! Why am I just now finding out about your adorable laugh?” He’ll make sure you laugh a lot so he could hear it.

“Was that you who laughed?”
“No… Maybe…”
(insert gif) “WOW! For a second there, I thought Jin hyung was here.”
“Shut up…”

Here’s what I’ve learned:

I. People cannot fix you or save you

That’s your job. Sometimes you have to just learn to swim in the ocean on your own. If you keep crying wolf, they’ll stop running. They’ll stop reaching out their hands. They won’t jump in the water to save you any more. Stop expecting them to. I know you’re used to it, but dammit, it’s time to learn how to swim on your own.

II. Other people can’t make you happy

Yes, their touch feels like heaven and their smile melts your whole body, but they can’t make you feel anything. Yes your best friend’s company is like heaven. Yes your boyfriends existence calms you down. But they can’t make you happy. That’s an inside job as my mother always tells me.

III. People leave

That’s the harsh truth. They leave. And most of the time they never ever fucking come back. They leave you with so many questions. What did I do wrong? What did I say? What did I not say? What did I not do? But it’s not you. It’s just not. It was their decision. You had no influence. But here’s a reassuring thought: people also stay.

anonymous asked:

What you're doing is so lesbophobic. You are not in a lesbian relationship!! Stop erasing real lesbian's identities. Being trans doesn't make you a woman. It makes you a TRANS woman, which still means you are biologically a man, so you can by definition, not be a lesbian. So stop, you are hurting real lesbians with this shit. I feel sorry for young lesbians who don't find any representation in the LGBT community when you say that a biologically male person can be lesbian.You're hurting people!

Oh, here we go… I suppose this was just a matter of time. Okay, here’s the short version for those that don’t like to read long posts.

What you really mean is that I’m not a part of your narrow definition of a “real lesbian”. Well, too bad. I’m sorry you feel that way, but I know many, many lesbians who don’t share your view and lovingly welcome people like me into the fold. In fact, I’m pretty sure that you’re just a tiny, vocal, shrinking minority and I really don’t care that you have a problem with me. Sorry to be so blunt about it, but I don’t.

Longer version time… Yes, my chromosomes are coded such that I was born with male reproductive organs but, for whatever reason, my brain didn’t develop to match. I feel, act, behave, look, sound, and am accepted by the people I know as a woman. I am happily married to someone else who is the same as me in that regard. When she and I go about our lives, no one sees anything other than an attractive couple of women together. 99.9% of people smile warmly at us when they see us together. Most people we talk to probably walk away thinking something along the lines of, “what a nice lesbian couple.” So explain to me how that hurts “real lesbians”? Where do my genetics or reproductive organs factor into those interactions in any way? Hint: they don’t. They’re invisible to how the world sees me, thus irrelevant.

So let me ask you, why the hell are you so hung up on something that doesn’t change a thing about how I interact with the vast majority of the world? Why should that disqualify a trans woman from being a “real lesbian”? How does that erase you in any way? How does that effectively nullify the representation of cis lesbians (of which there is an abundance) in the LGBT community?

Oh, and side note… I’ve always been clear that I’m bisexual. So is my wife. So technically, we’re two women in a bisexual relationship. It’s the rest of the world - people much like you, in fact - trying to erase bisexual identities that wants to say I’m a lesbian in a lesbian relationship. But I digress…

I understand that when people see us walking down the street, they can’t tell we’re bisexual by looking at us, so I let that go because I’m not hung up on invisible things. Speaking of invisible, they also can’t see my genes or reproductive organs. No, they just see a couple of women holding hands. Hmm, kinda like “real lesbians”.

Next point, but first a note to my readers. In this next paragraph, I’m going to extend the asker’s faulty logic in order to make a point. This doesn’t reflect my actual beliefs. That said…

You’re focused on how I’m “biologically male”, thus I can’t be a woman, thus I’m harming “real lesbians”. Let’s run with that logic then and see where it leads, shall we? If you’re born a cisgender woman, “biologically female”, then you’re born into a body that’s “biologically supposed to be attracted to men”. I guess that means you’re hurting “real women” with your “shit”. I really feel for all those young heterosexual girls who can’t find representation in their straight communities when you say that a biologically female person can be attracted to women.

Sounds like a steaming pile of B.S., right? Yep, and that’s exactly what your argument sounds like. After all, it’s almost word for word, just zoomed out a bit so you can better see what it really is that you’re saying.

I don’t know what trans women ever did to you to make you feel like your charming brand of bigotry is justified, but it isn’t. Let it go. It’s ugly.

  • Lily: Why don't you have a girlfriend, Remus?
  • Remus:
  • Remus: Excuse me?
  • Lily: You're a wonderful person, any girl would be happy to have you.
  • James: What do you mean by any girl?
  • Lily: Easy, you're safe. Seriously, though, do you have anyone you like?
  • Remus: Sirius -
  • Lily: Don't look at him for help. Are they in our year? Are you open to suggestions because I know a few girls who have expressed an interest in you.
  • Remus: Stop laughing. Help me out, Padfoot.
  • Sirius: Yes, Moony can be rather shy. Do you have any suggestions?
  • Remus: You complete -
  • Sirius: You complete me too, but where should we begin? I know you like brunettes.
  • James: Going a little red there, Moony.
  • Lily: See, that's the spirit, you'll have someone special in no time.
  • Remus: Too late.
  • Lily: Don't be such a pessimist. Right, so brunettes -