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Hello Little Flame pt 3

Johnny Storm x Abandoned!Baby! Reader

a/n: this is a huge timeskip because in this ur a teenager. As requested by an precious little anon. Hope u enjoy :3.

Genre: Adventure, Family/Friendship
Rated: Everyone
Warnings: swearing, rebellious reader

Author: Chris-Evans-Reader

“-And don’t go anywhere. I get daddy.”
The fifteen year old said to the Blonde haired man. Johnny Storm was going on a mission with the four and unfortunately couldn’t find someone to watch you. So he laid out the rules for you. No going into Reeds lab, no sabotaging anybody’s stuff, no answering the doors for strangers, no going anywhere and-
“Absolutely NO BOYS AT ALL.”
Johnny said sternly. You crossed your arms, stood tall, and said.
“Why would I ever do that?”
Johnny glared at you and you giggled, hugging him.
“I’m kidding. Be careful, alright?”
Johnny hugged you back tightly.
“You know I will. I love you so much sweetheart. You be careful and remember the rules!”
He ran off and you rolled your eyes. You watched them leave then smirked.
‘I wonder how much havoc I can wreak.’
You quickly closed the door, remembering to lock the door before sneaking away. You grabbed your phone and called your friend Cameron (yesh thats me!!! Hurray author is ur rebellious bff xD).
“Perpetual Sperm Control, you give it, we test it! Wassup, Stormy?”
You giggled at the girls greeted and stated.
“Dad’s gone onto a mission.”
Cameron immediately stated.
“I am not getting into trouble with you. Remember last time? I thought I was gonna become a grilled human kabob.”
You sighed then pleaded.
“Please! I promise we’ll get away with it this time!”
“And how do you know that?”
“I know when they’re getting home.”
You heard a sigh and your friend yelled.
“Just this once! If I die, I’m fucking haunting your ass for the rest of your miserable life!”
“I love you too.”
“Fuck off.”
You laughed as Cameron hung up and quickly found her in town, arms crossed and glasses on the bridge of her nose. Her long, dirty blonde hair was pulled up into a ponytail and her arms were crossed. She glared at you playfully but smiled.
“So? Whatcha wanna do, Troublemaker?”
You shrugged and said.
“We can go to the carnival that’s downtown?”
Cameron smiled.
“Good thing I brought 300 bucks.”
“I got 400.”
“Where the hell did you get that much?!”
Cameron gave you a bewildered look and you smirked.
She muttered. You laughed and you two bought your all day passes for the carnival.
-timeskip to 4 hours later-
You laughed as you and Cameron bounced in the bouncy house. You heard your phone ring and dragged Cameron out to run to a quiet part of the carnival. You pulled your phone out and you paled.
“Uh oh…”
Cameron immediately asked.
“Oh my fucking god. It’s your dad isn’t it?”
“Uh huh..”
“Oh shit….ok…answer it!!”
You answered, putting it on speaker phone. Before you could say hi, Johnny said.
“(Y/n) (Middle Name) Storm. You have exactly 5 seconds to tell me where you are right fucking now.”
Cameron’s hands flew to her mouth and you answered.
“I’m at the uh…carnival.”
“You’re at the carnival? With who?”
Camerons eyes widened and she mouthed.
“Oh god no don’t!”
“Im by myself.”
“Are you sure about that?”
“Then why do I see Cameron freaking out beside you?”
You both tensed up and you turned slowly to see your dad closing his phone, crossing his arms, and tapping his foot. Cameron laughed sheepishly.
“H-hey Mr. Storm! W-what brings you here?”
Johnny’s gaze whipped to hers and he said lowly.
“You’re in very deep shit, Cameron. Don’t you dare try to sweet talk me.”
She hung her head and Johnny stated cooly while walking away.
“Girls, let’s go. I’m talking to BOTH of you when we get home. Cameron, you better call your mom and tell her your spending the night, because me and you are having a talk.”
Cameron’s eyes widened and you gulped. He wasn’t this angry before and you felt guilty for breaking the rules.
“(Y/n)…just don’t. ”
You hung your head low and held onto your best friends hand. When you arrived, Sue Ben and Reed were frowning. Cameron looked up briefly before whispering to you.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen your dad this angry before…”
“He has a good reason to be.”
Johnny pointed to the kitchen table and you both took a seat.
“Cam, I want you on my left.”
She looked at you then sat on Johnny’s left while you sat on his right. There was silence before Johnny stated to you.
“I gave you an easy rule to follow and what did you do?”
“I broke it…”
You stated, looking down. Johnny asked.
“And what do you think I should do about that?”
You shrugged, fiddling with the sleeves of your shirt and he demanded.
“(Y/n) look at me when I’m talking to you.”
You looked up, seeing your fathers angry gaze. His hand was burning a hole into the table and Cameron piped up.
“Mr. Storm, hands burning the table.”
He took his hand off while stating.
“Thank you.”
“No problamo.”
Johnny said.
“I want you to go to your room and do not come out until you find out what I should do to discipline you.”
You piped up.
“Ground me for two weeks?”
Johnny persed his lips and then licked them before replying.
“Then no tv, no phone, no going anywhere but school, no friends coming over. All privileges are nada for two weeks.”
“Yes Daddy.”
Johnny then turned to Cameron who bit her lip and looked down, rubbing the back of her neck.
“Cameron Taylor, you better look at me too.”
She looked up, eyez wide and Johnny asked, crossimg his arms.
“Should I call your mom and tell her what you did?”
Cameron looked at you briefly before looking at johnny.
“No sir.”
“Then what should I do for your punishment hmm?”
You shrugged and replied.
“Honestly, I don’t know…I mean, hard labour for two weeks?”
Johnny narrowed his eyes.
“I’ll talk to your mom about that.”
Cameron opened her mouth to say something but Johnny put a hand up. He pointed.
“Both of you go to a room. Don’t come out till I tell you, ya hear?”
You both nodded then scrambled away. Cameron muttered to you.
“Your dad is hot but really scary when he’s angry.”
“Oh my god, Cam. Please leave the attraction outside the building. That’s so weird for my best friend to think my dad is hot. ”
You both froze when Johnny stated.
“I can still hear you.”
Cameron squealed and you both ran to your room, slamming the door shut. You looked at Cameron and laughed at her horrified face. She whispered.
“He knows.”
You two looked at each other and giggled.

OMFG IM TELLIN U THAT I WLD TOTALLY DO THAT XDDD and who agrees that an Angry Johnny is a sexy Johnny?? :333


miraculyfe  asked:

Petition to change Sid's name. My friend has been listening to be talking about MidCin and she laughed in my face because the first things she thought of was Sid the Science Kid and Sid from Ice Age. I can't have this

OMFG I snorted XDDD

I don’t think Sid would be happy to hear that lolololololololol

But how does your friend find MidCin now? Sorry I know you sent this a long time ago >_<

(P.S: Guys I’m so so so so sorry for just being missing I mean I was still here but I stopped posting for a while but I’m kinda back? I danno lolol but how’s everyone doin’?)

Carter Reynolds Imagine

You and Carter were on the Magcon tour, and usually Carter and Matt would share a room, and you and Mahogany would share a room. But Mahogany wasn’t going to be there this weekend so all of the boys, excluding Carter agreed to let you two have the one bed room.

Before getting on to the plane boarding to Chicago, Carter told you to go wait for him at the hotel and just hang out with the guys until he arrived. Only seeing Carter a few times a month, flying back and forth from North Carolina and Oregon was hard on your relationship, but you two made it work.

You were at the front desk checking in, and you hear the lobby fill with guys laughing and you immediately know its Nash, Cameron and Matt. “Ooh, who is that hottie at the front desk?” Cameron whistles at you, and you turn around, “Can you not?” You chuckle a little bit and all the guys squeeze you into a huge hug. “Here’s your room key, Ms” you grab the key and smile at the clerk.

An hour goes by and you’re sitting in Jack and Jacks hotel room waiting for Carter to text you saying he’s here. “SMACK CAM!” Taylor yells as he smacks Cameron in the face, filming it. You get up real quick and jump across the two beds to the hotel room door. “Oh come on, you know we cant smack you! Carter would kill us!” You laugh as your phone goes off, “Guys shut up! It’s Carter!” You smile, “Hey baby where are you?” “I’m just walking down the hall now I can hear screaming and yelling is that you guys?” You laugh and you open the door and look down the hall to see Carter walking right towards you. While all the guys are still filming, you run down the hall jumping into Carters arm, and nuzzling your face into his neck, breathing in his strong cologne smell that you always loved. “I missed you so much.” He smiles, and kisses your cheek, “I missed you too baby.”