i can still change it

it's time to say goodbye

hey everyone! this came as a shocker to me, but i’ve come to terms with it and i think i’m okay with it now, so here it goes:
i love twenty one pilots, i have for three or four years now. they mean the world to me. they gave me hope and something to define myself by when i needed it the most. i was broken, lost, and empty (like how many of you were and are), but they gave me a reason to stay and a sense of belonging to go with it. we all really are broken people and it’s wonderful to know that learning that changed my life.
but, just like how many things in life change, my love for them has been one of those things. don’t get me wrong, i love them with my entire heart and i will always owe everything to josh, tyler, and the friends that i’ve met along the way, though, it’s time for me to move on. all of the songs still mean so much to me, but they don’t hit me the same way that they did before, so it’s time to make room for those that now do.
i’m still going to use this account and i still love tyler and josh dearly, though this is my goodbye in a sort of way to the old me. i love every single one of you, if you need anything i’m here for you, and i hope that as i’m not on here as much, you all still continue to stay alive and learn to love your life too. i’m never going to forget this chapter of my life; thank you for making it so special |-/

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I do like ethan x fawn but... I want padma x fawn to be endgame :(

oooooops? i mean, they’re still teens so everything can (and will!) change, i don’t know if we’ll ever make it to gen 4, because i really, really enjoy this one y’know, so :’) what i CAN say is, padma might be fawn’s end game, nothing’s written in stone though, because i have bigger plans for fawnie :’)

Zach Jett  

191/365. Endless Finally, new work.This is a self portrait I took last week when I was visiting Savannah College of Art and Design. I absolutely fell in love with the city and the school there. Seeing the vast beach at night made me feel like I could walk out into that endless space forever.To address my long absence here:I’ve spent the past three months or so without a working camera or computer, which has been recently resolved. I’m back to shooting on the regular, and I hope to branch out more and explore how I can grow and change while still maintaining a style.

practicing a new style! ; w ;

“are you a boy or a girl?”
  i am stardust kissing the atmosphere with millions of light years held inside of me, millions of stories and histories you could not even begin to dream of
  i am fire, flames so bright you melt in my presence, i ignite myself with the gasoline of your hatred and fear and misunderstanding, and i will burn down this town
  i am the flowing of river, currents rushing, never stopping; i am the unnamed ocean you wouldn’t dare to place a toe in; i am the serene lake, so beautiful to look at but so toxic beneath the surface; i am a puddle after the rain, created effortlessly by mother nature; i am the rain, you’ll never know if i am just going to be a drizzle or if i am going to bring the storm
  i am a fun house mirror, distorted by societal expectation, ugly to the naked eye, but inside i am still me, and nothing can change that
  i am
  i am so much more than you could even begin to understand
  and yet,
  you dare to suggest that all that i am can be summed up by your binary
—  are you a boy or a girl?
(cc, 2017)

It’s amazing what a few changes can do for a character. I’m still working on finishing the rest of the characters, along with more concept stuff to get prepared for production. So many things to get done, so little time.

Skull-Kids! © Valeria M
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The Joker trailer for the new ‘Injustice 2′ game! 

He looks like a perfect mix of Ledger and Leto. Which is to say incredibly sexy. I love it. 

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Will we get to see a proper picture of your speculative mermaids??

Here you go, anon! I’m still hammering our their designs; as you can see, they’ve changed a bit even since my last illustration….. Essentially they’re big chunky temnospondyls that stalk kelp forests and rocky shores. They use their flat front teeth scrape off starfish and chitons for an easy meal. They also lounge about piles of rotting kelp, prodding for carrion or lying in wait for an unfortunate seagull. When they do hunt, they are ambush predators. Their strange, sensitive faces can display a variety of colors based on mood.

whoops my hand slipped


So, long ago and far away, I’d read this excellent GF/RnM fic that inspired me so much that I wanted to draw sequentials for it. Unfortunately the author is rather busy and may have lost interest in completing their fics, leaving me wondering if it’s worth it to finish drawing the rest, or if I should just repurpose the pages I’ve completed for an entirely new story instead? I’ve no idea what the original author wanted to do with their story – make it a ship fic (which would be a-okay by me!), or scrap it and adhere to Journal 3 canon (not necessary if it’s an AU, imo), or, who knows…! 

That said, the artwork is still mine, and I can tweak it for small changes if I decide to continue the story as a completely different, separate narrative altogether. 

O peanut gallery, lend me thy thoughts! What should I do with this?