i can stare at this little scene forever

AntiSepticEye’s trickery!

Jack was laying on the floor shaking and crying all alone when Signe comes in and finds him. She rushes over to his side worried rush. 

Sean what is happening?! Are you okay?! 


NO?! What’s wrong? Speak to me!

Th-they’re all inside..


The egos are all inside my head fighting for dominance…They wont shut up and they wont stop h-hurting me.. Anti is corrupting them and they are all turning against each other… *softly sobs* Signe p-please help me escape..

………But Sean i thought they were all characters..

That’s what they wanted you to think..They tried so hard to cover their tracks..They are as trapped and helpless as i am.. They have no hope and no way of escape…

What can i do about it? How can i help?

Kill me….

NO! That is NOT happening. I will never kill you!! 

There is no other way out…i’m so scared…If they kill me they have control of what happens to my soul but if i do it or you do it or pretty much anyone else does it then i will be set free…Signe i cant let them kill me…

This isn’t fair.. *small tears form*

Please don’t cry.. Baby i love you so fucking much but this cant go on anymore..

I love you more then life itself.. i could never imagine myself doing this…

I’m weak and i cant get up. I need you to do it for me please..

*Signe goes over to get a heavy jagged rock she found outside*

This is for the better i promise..

No its not…

Yes it is..Take my word for it..

*she lifts up the rock*

I’m so sorry Sean…I love you..

I love you more..

*she slams the rock onto his head quick and hard* 


*she cradles his lifeless body in her arms crying into his still chest*

i cant believe i just did that…

Oh but i can! 

*Anti and Schneeple walk into the room*

What the fuck!…

*Schneeple wasn’t moving, his stare was distant and his breathing was deep and slow*

What have you done?!

*Anti reveals a tiny puppet of Jack in his hands*

I was behind the scenes the whole time forcing little Sean to say whatever i wanted! *giggles*

You bastard! 

Aww poor you.

What are you gonna do now?!

Schneeple here now knows how to make dead bodies live forever and he knows how to stitch our bodies together so we will never be apart! He has become very useful these past few months *grins* 

This cant be happening…

 *signe drops to her knees sitting perfectly still while processing this new information*

Take him away Schneep

No leave him with me! He is my boyfriend and you cant have him!

I don’t think you love him all that much if you were so willing to murder him like that.. tisk tisk little girl

You cocky fucking dick!

Boo hoo. Thank you for giving him to me and making my job MUCH easier

*signe sits on the floor as Anti closes the door and cries all alone next to the puddle of her boyfriends blood…Life will never be the same*

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Questions [Chanyeol]

“Who are you texting Jagi?”
“Are you texting him again?”
“Do you love me?”
“You don’t like him, do you?”

Sometimes you didn’t know how to make him understand, understand that he was your only one. You knew that dating an idol was going to be hard, but you never expected Chanyeol being the jealous one instead of you. “Chan… I’ve told you a million times, I’m just friends with them, they are your friends. There’s no way I’m leaving you” You knew what was coming next, five minutes of him pouting, leaning against your shoulder and repeating a few times ‘my girlfriend’ and ‘my Y/N’, before you could convince him, for a short time, that there was no one else.

You two decided to go on a date, walk around town and just kill some time before the movie you so wanted to watch began. “Chan why are you so serious today?” You asked, kind clueless as why his face looked so troubled. Holding your hand a little bit tighter he asked. “I just can’t help it Y/N. Sometimes I just think someone better will come and you’ll go away… maybe I’ve already lost you, I don’t know…” Cute. You thought as you stopped walking and looked straight at him. “But I won’t leave you Chan, you mean the world to me, I feel protected in your arms, I love getting lost in your eyes, and only you can make the worst jokes and still manage to make me laugh” 

Stepping closer, Chanyeol wrapped his arms around your shoulders, holding you close and kissing your forehead. “Then stay, stay forever in my arms. Never leave my side..” You were making quite a scene, not everyday you see an idol with his girlfriends, in the heart of Seoul, talking about love and jealousy. People looked at you as they passed, or they simply stopped and took pictures of the two of you. “Chan.. they are staring…” You mentioned, feeling a little embarrassed with so many people around you. “So? Let them watch, let the world see you are mine”.
“Is there a chance that you’ll ever stop being jealous and possessive?” You pecked his lips, hoping he started walking again, leaving the crowded streets.
“No, you are beautiful and I see how boys look at you, I have to be careful and protect what is mine”
“Aish, such a possess-” You didn’t finish the sentence as he kissed your lips softly, holding your waist and lifting you up a little so you didn’t have to stand on you tiptoes to reach his lips. Yes, he was being possessive again, kissing you like in the movies in front of the people of Seoul, but in that moment you didn’t mind. It was a nice feeling, knowing they knew you belonged to him and he belonged to you, forever. 

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