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Avengers Preference: How They Handle Your Death

a/n: the first request of the avenge-these-imagines NYE Request Extravaganza! (if you can think of a better name, I’m all ears, lol). enjoy!

warnings: grief, death of the reader

Thor- upon news of your death, Thor seemingly vanishes into thin air. he travels into some far-reaching corner of the universe to be alone with his grief, and the entirety of Asgard mourns their fallen princess. when he finally returns, he is much more solemn, far less brash, and only returns to Midgard when absolutely necessary. he can’t stand the realm that was once lit up by your beautiful smile, and the way it has moved on without you.

Bruce Banner/Hulk- when Bruce watches you get shot on what was supposed to be a simple, low danger recon mission, he almost completely loses his humanity. the thought of that last laugh lighting up your face right before the bullet entered you was too much for him to deal with in his human form, so the Hulk takes over. Natasha finds him in a cave in the mountains and sings him his lullaby, and she holds him as he deals with his grief for the first time.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow- you were the only thing keeping Natasha from reverting into her former cold assassin self, and after your death she becomes hell-bent on revenge. calculatingly killing each and every person involved in her loss.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye- people are shocked at how well Clint takes the news of your death, as he seems to be his usual self (though unwilling to talk about you). one night while Tony is restlessly wandering the halls of the tower, he finds Clint in your room, holding your favorite jacket and sobbing. he never mentions it to Clint, but the next day there is a sad understanding in the eyes of the team, and they all drink to your memory and share stories about you.

Tony Stark/Iron Man- Tony throws himself into his work, mainlining caffeine as a replacement for sleep. on the fourth straight day, Bruce steadies him as he almost falls over in the lab. when he demands that Tony get some rest, Tony responds, “I can’t. there’s a cold, empty space where she used to sleep. the nightmares are unbearable. I can’t sleep until I can make something to protect those I love, so I never have to feel this way again.” after that, Bruce begins staying up with him.

Steve Rogers/Captain America- Steve deals with your passing in the somber, steady way he dealt with all of his other losses. he can’t get drunk, but that doesn’t stop him from drinking his way through Tony’s liquor cabinet. nobody ever mentions it, but suddenly there’s a section dedicated to you in Steve’s museum exhibit, with some of your favorite belongings. the donation sign merely reads “forever my girl -SR”

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier- after your death, everyone treats Bucky warily, worried that he’ll lose himself again, but Bucky stays strong. Steve doesn’t tell about the nights they spend sitting up, with Bucky too afraid to sleep because he’s worried he’ll awake with no memories of you.

Sam Wilson/Falcon- ever the rational one, Sam goes to a grief counselor after losing you. he knows that you would want him to deal with this in the healthiest way possible, and he gives back as much as he can in your memory.

Pietro and Wanda Maximoff/Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch- the twins are no strangers to loss, but the loss of you really wrecks them. they find solace in each other, becoming even more isolated and reliant on their sibling, because they are acutely aware that the things they love most can be ripped from them at a moment’s notice.

Just a Little Too Late

Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean has to decide to save you or Lisa. (Set during 6x21)

Warnings: Oh boy, this one’s sad; get ready. Mentions of blood, torture, death, some spoilers and brief cursing.

A/N: I’ve been planning this angst for a while. Let me know how I did :)

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“Coffee?” Dean offers, handing you a steaming cup. You grin; you’ve been researching this journal for hours and you need caffeine as soon as possible.

When you tap a sip, you splutter, choking on the liquid. “Dean Winchester, is there whisky in this?” He gives you a cheeky smile before shrugging playfully.

His happiness doesn’t last long before the phone rings. Dean’s face morphs into a state of horror in a matter of seconds.

As he hangs up, you look at him cautiously. “Dean?”

“Crowley took Lisa and Ben.”


“Hey”, you whisper, putting a gentle hand on Dean’s tense shoulder. His green eyes barely flicker toward yours. “We’ll get them out. Don’t worry.”

He only grunts in response, shaking out of your grip roughly. “Let’s go.”

The three of you slip into the warehouse, all splitting up. Sam gives you a cautious look, but Dean doesn’t look back. You have to admit, it stings. You and Dean hadn’t taken the final step to an actual relationship- you just stayed as really close friends. You had thought you had a chance, that is, until Sammy fell in the pit and Lisa and Ben kept him for over a year.

Regardless of the hurt you feel in you chest, you keep moving, keeping your salt gun aimed. It’s oddly quiet, that is, until you hear the sounds of multiple gunshots.

You swiftly head over to the sounds, noticing this is where Dean was passing. Stepping over the bodies of multiple demons, you head into the room. 

You arrive just in time to hear Lisa, or presumably a demon possessing Lisa, taunt Dean and Ben, holding a knife under her son’s chin.

You see Dean’s face morph into one of agony as her words sink in. You can’t take it any longer, so you aim your gun at her head.

Dean seems to hear and see you before yelling, “Y/N, don’t!”

Lisa’s head turns toward you, flicking her hand and crashing you down the stairs. Your vision blackens as soon as you hit the ground.

When you open your eyes again, you see Dean and Ben leaning over Lisa’s bleeding body. 

“Ben, grab the salt gun. I have to carry your mom.” Dean’s voice is like maple syrup- deep and thick.

Ben hesitates before meekly asking, “What about her?”

Dean pauses for what seems like hours, but was probably only a few seconds. 

“Leave her.”

At first, you can’t believe your ears. You and Dean were like glue, and have been for ages. He was the guy you know you could rely on.

You see Dean’s boots as he rushes past you. He doesn’t even look down.

With that, you vision goes black once again.


Dean sits in the hospital, gently holding Lisa’s cold hand. The doctors said she wouldn’t wake up, but he had hope.

Sam had pleaded with him to go back to help you, but he only responded with a “She’s tough. She’ll be fine. You’re not going in there alone.” Angrily, Sam had left the hospital, presumably to get coffee.

That is, until he got a phone call. He reluctantly lets go of Lisa’s hand before heading outside the room to answer the call.

“What?” He asks roughly, tone sharp and crude.

“D-Dean”, your voice shocks him a little, “I need help.” There’s a pause and choking, sounding like you’re coughing up blood.

Dean curses before looking over at Lisa. She’s safe now, he reassures himself before grabbing his coat and car keys.


When he arrives, the warehouse is silent, and the bodies are still there from yesterday. His wet boots squeak on the hard floor as he takes careful steps.

When he enters the room Lisa and Ben were in, he sees your battered body tied to a chair with your head lolled to the side. There’s blood everywhere- on your face, on your shirt, on your arms and legs.

He gently shakes your shoulder. “Hey, I got you”, he says while grabbing Ruby’s knife and slicing the ropes that held you in place. Your eyes glance up to meet his. “My hero”, you whisper, before your eyes flash black.

With your arm lifted, Dean flies to the pillar next to him, pinning him in place.

“It’s about time, Deano”, you tease, grabbing the knife that Dean had dropped.

He struggles against your strength, but to no avail. “Leave her alone”, he growls, his eyes and jaw hard.

You laugh hysterically, tracing the knife along Dean’s face. “Like you care! From what I recall, you left her here for…”, you look at your cracked watch sarcastically, “about 12 hours.”

You see Dean’s expression turn into guilt. Had it really been that long?

“Cat got your tongue? What’s the matter, Deano? Feeling sorry yet?” You mock, pouting dramatically. He stays silent, looking at the floor in shame. “You know what’s funny, Dean?” He looks up at you reluctantly. “I didn’t have to try very hard to torture her. I mean, come on, one of the only guys she’s cared about leaves her to save another girl? It’s priceless! Also, a little too easy, for my taste.”

Dean gulps thickly, tears forming in his eyes. “Gonna cry, Dean? Well get ready, because shit’s about to get real sad”, you smile raising the knife towards his throat.

Before you can land the final blow, your body stops, and your face contorts in pain as you fight to gain control of your own body.

You shakily lower your arms as Dean takes a deep breath and is released to the floor. Your body is shaking terribly, the demon already taking control again. 

You know you don’t have a lot of time. This demon is one of the strongest you’ve faced. If it takes control again, you know Dean’s blood would be on your hands forever. You know what you have to do.

You look into Dean’s beautiful eyes and whisper “I’m sorry”, before plunging the knife into your stomach.

You and the demon screech as the demon fizzles out of your body. You slump to the ground, knife leaving your hand as you struggle to breath. 

“Y/N, oh God”, Dean chokes out, crawling to your dying body. He puts his hands firmly on the wound futilely, his tears dropping in your face and shirt. “You’re going to be okay, it’s going to be okay. Stay with me. We can go to Bobby’s after you’re better and watch shitty movies all day, your favorites, come on babygirl, hold on”, he rambles, his eyes not leaving yours.

“It’s okay, Dean”, you pause as you cough up more blood. With your heart swelling for the last time, your last dying breath goes to a simple phrase.

“I love you.”

When Sam comes five minutes later, all he can see is Dean sobbing over your pale, crumpled body, simple ‘I love you too’s leaving his brother’s lips and filling the cold, dusty air.

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masterlist || coming soon//recently posted || tell me something?

Requested: Can you please do an imagine where y/n is crying bc she feels herself so bad (smth hurts or she’s giving birth) and Shawn hates it cause he can’t do anything about it?

Your name: submit What is this?


When you’re really sick, you have a tendency to cry or whimper in your sleep. You’ve been doing this for as long as you can remember. It used to freak your parents out because you’d be asleep and they couldn’t help you without waking you up, and then the same thing happened with your roommates once you started attending Uni. While it is happening, you are vaguely aware of it, but not fully because you’re actually asleep so you can’t stop it unless you wake yourself up.

“Shhhh,” You hear your boyfriends soft voice cooing in your ear as one of his arms is wrapped around your shoulder holding you securely close to his chest, while his other hand is gently pushing your hair from your tear stained cheeks and wiping the tears from your face. “Shhhh,” He tries to comfort you more as you slowly wake up and realize what is happening. “It’s okay y/n, I got you.” His voice is low and soothing. He knows you were asleep and making all these noises in your sleep, but he’s still trying to comfort you because he doesn’t know what else to do. 

Your eyes open, and it feels like your headache gets even worse if that’s even possible. You move slightly and he looks down at you to see that your eyes are open, he exhales audibly, “Oh thank God you’re awake. I don’t know how much more of that I could take” he says honestly. And you know he’s talking about the way that you were crying and whimpering in your sleep.

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Unexpected love: Part 5

Jay sat on the floor laying his back against the wall by your apartment door, waiting for you to show up at any moment. Seconds turn into minutes and minutes turn into hours. You still haven’t shown up and he’s getting worried about you.

The past few hours sitting here, all he could think about is you. Remembering every single moment the two of you spend. Writing lyrics, coming up with beats, rapping and singing together. The way your lips form into a smile.

Everything you did, he loved. He couldn’t take his eyes off you as you two seat next to each other in his studio working. He throws his head back and sighs. 

Could you be hiding from him because what he said to you about liking you? 

Now, I probably ruined my chance to be with you. Way to go Jay. You ruin everything. How could I held what I feel for her? Since I keep seeing her every day. She makes so hard for me. One, she so damn beautiful. Two, she makes my heart go crazy. I don’t know how long I will last. I just want to grab her and kiss her. Okay, Jay calm yourself down. 

All sudden he hears the elevator doors open. He gets up from the floor and stands there. Hoping it was you.

You step out of elevator lose in thought as you look at the floor. Why after thirteen years? Why did he wait so long to tell me the truth? You couldn’t stop the tears escaping from your eyes making their way down your chin. 

You placed your hand over jacket grabbing it, hoping the aching pain would stop. It felt someone was stabbing your chest, over and over again. You stop walking and cover your eyes. 

“I have few months to live. Since you know the truth now. Please don’t feel guilty. Thank you for giving me chance to see you again.I can finally say I’m proud of you.”

He broke down in tears after saying how proud he was of you. His tears spoke all the pain he had to carry for years. He never blamed anyone nor God.The truth was he was framed for murdering your mother. All these years you hated him and even wished he could die in prison. All these years you could had a relationship with your father.

“I love you much and please continue following your dreams. I will soon be joining your mother and we’re going to watch over you. You made us proud, sweetie. I watched every single music videos. I heard all your mixtapes and watched all your performances. I know you hate me but, I hope one day you can forgive me. Please remember I love you. You are the best gift God has given me.“

But now it was too late because he only has few months to live. You started to sob loudly not caring if anyone heard you. This pain your chest was greater than anything you felt before. All theses years you hated this man and turn’s out he was innocent. You grabbed on jacket harder. You couldn’t breathe anymore. You were going to lose father again but this time he wouldn’t be alive.

Yoongi ran up the stairs case of the apartment complex. After seeing you standing inside the elevator as the doors closed. He finally made it to the floor. 

Your entire body shook as you sobbed. Now two men stood between you. Watching the heartbreaking scene in folded in front of them. “Y/N” You heard two familiar voices calling your name.

Taking your hand away from your face. Your eyes meet Jay’s.  A moment staring into each other eyes. Jay stood there in shock for while. He didn’t see this coming. He took step seeing pain all over your face. You needed someone to comforted you and want’s to be that person. 

Before he took another step. You heard a familiar voice again and you knew who it was. You turn around and his name left your lips. You broke down in tears. You covered your eyes again, you didn’t want him to see you like this. He knew how much you when through because of your… 

“Abeoji” (father in Korean)

You felt his finger on your chin raising your head slowly. Knowing it was Yoongi. You felt his warm hand on your hand, taking your hand away from your face. 

Feeling his thumb caress the side of your cheek, wiping off your tears. He stares into your eyes and doing the same thing with your other cheek. He takes his left hand behind your head and his other hand on your back. Pulling you into a hug.

 "Yoongi make this pain go away… P-please. It hurt so mu-u-c-h.“ 

Genre: Fluff & Angst
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jay Park
Summer: You never unexpected him to fall in love with you, because you already knew he didn’t felt the same away. Can you truly move on and be truly happy with someone else.

My thoughts throughout both times I saw Newsies Live

Why does Jack get a full pillow and Crutchie only gets crappy looking blanket?

Okay but you’re like 12 why are you shaving

Chaz’s face once they say “AND DEAD” Don’t worry I’m dead too.


The nun harmonies though

I didn’t even realize jack runs all over the towers from the Delancey brothers during Carrying the banner

Medda is Queen

There was a super long camera pan around Jack and Davey when they were talking about forming a union and it was SO COOL


…He got it.

“I dunno about that- But we sure scared the begibles out of Wiesel!”

When jack hides behind Davey after “are you following me??”

Right before her interview with jack, Katherine just looked so freaking excited

Jack’s so defeated when Katherine ignores all his flirting attempts

Why did they have her say screaming instead of wailing? They kept all the other changes from the tour so why not this one?

That all depends on how you look at it. If you see Brooklyn, then they’re with us!

“My SKULL BUSTIN fist can use a day of rest.” woah okay calm down there Morris.

The over head camera shots. My heart stopped.

Jack wanted to run to help Crutchie SO BAD but he knew that he woulda been caught too and I cry so hard

Santa Fe? More like watch me cry, watch me sob

Why didn’t they just have the boys dance for 15 minutes for the intermission??


Chaz’ face when he sees Ben Cook tap dance for the first time

After convincing Katherine to tap Ben looks SO defeated. “That’s it?!”

~Pulitzers Poodles~

Letter form the refuge had me SHOOK

Watch me cry watch me sob part 2

There’s no escaping us pal. We’re inevitable.

The POOR GUYS head is spinning

My theatre didn’t have a lot of reactions to the daughter reveal so I just wanted to yell “WHAT?!” But I didn’t ://

When jack throws the cloth on the table to the beat of Brooklyn’s here.

Just Brooklyn’s here. The whole song. It’s such a clever song.

TOMMY IS SO SHORT and yet he could have Ben on his knees at his mercy in a split second if he wanted to

Ben’s face when he’s looking at Jack after the betrayal. Like it’s so full of hurt and anger and sadness and yet it’s almost expressionless.

They did such a good job with Something to Believe in ike I usually don’t enjoy that scene as much but it was so great

“We could throw a hoedown in here and no one would be the wiser!”

Jacks little “sorry” after he spits in his hand and Darcy looks like he wants to puke.

I love how they put Les right in the middle of the towers during the Once and for All Key Change.

Jack’s face when he sits down in one of the fancy chairs.

Also Jack’s face when he shakes hands with Roosevelt

“Don’t just stand there letting those kids sing. Endlessly.”

“He doesn’t do happiness, does he?”

“Heck, you can’t even get out of your own office.” …I don’t think he does go out of his own office honestly.

“I’d do it with a smile!”

Just… Roosevelt’s character all together.


What’s Santa Fe got that New York Ain’t… Tarantulas? (Pssst Jack is afraid of spiders.)


And then just curtain call was flawless as always

Also they spelled Tommy’s name wrong in the credits I demand a refund

REQUESTED: “could I request a fic where Credence is in the tub after a bad day & he’s just kinda curled up in the tub all sad & his s/o comes in w flowers & they talk for a bit (s/o tries to comfort him) but Credence is still kinda melancholy and s/o is like ‘fuck that/it’ takes their jacket & shoes and climbs in & giggles & kisses & possibly smut ensues~ thank you & I love this blog"

Warnings: Descriptions of a destructive mindset, but nothing too explicit.

Word Count: 1,508

A/N: This doesn’t have smut because I’ve had like zero energy lately, I’m sorry :// I hope it’s still okay!! :-)

It was easy to forget when he was surrounded by friends and loved ones that much of his life had been pretty horrible, to put it mildly, but now, sitting in the bathtub submerged in hot water, Credence couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with it, like every happy moment was just filler time until he was free to remember. Mostly, he was overwhelmed with thoughts of his Ma, so much so that he couldn’t help but fall completely victim to an onslaught of negative thoughts.

Sitting in this tub for so long, indulging in the warmth of the water and letting himself use frivolously scented soap, well, that certainly must be a sin. He could hear all those times that Mary Lou reprimanded him for standing in the shower for too long, that bodies aren’t meant for relaxing; they’re meant for doing the Lord’s good work.

Credence let himself slip further under the water, fighting tears at the memory of that seemingly forgotten voice, but then, his hair, grown long now that he didn’t have to sit in that creaking chair every Saturday as Mary Lou lopped off chunks of it to keep it from unruliness, began to swirl around his shoulders, sweeping across them and pressing to his neck and face as the strands separated and floated in the water. Credence couldn’t help but lift a hand to them, yanking with more force than he intended, fighting off the bile that rose with the rising awareness of his sin, the vanity he indulged when he looked in the mirror to style his hair and appreciate it afterward, the pride he fostered when his friends and significant other complimented it, the disorder it caused since it was not easily maintained. Perhaps his hair was his greatest sin of all.

But no, his greatest sin must be you. You, whom he loved so dearly and with all of his heart. Premarital sex, sex for pleasure, letting you touch him at all, that was sin. The pleasure he got from it, that was sin. Letting you love him when he was so wicked, that was sin. And of course, the fact that he loved you more than he ever loved the Lord that Mary Lou talked about, preached about, fought about… That was his greatest sin. The thought of what Mary Lou would do if she were here to learn of his wickedness, of the sin he had been allowed to succumb to in her absence was enough to have him shaking, crying, pulling his knees to his chest, and closing his eyes as tightly as he could. He should have known he couldn’t forget. A quick glance to his scarred hands would have made sure of it, even if it had been theoretically possible. Mary Lou had made sure her teachings were a part of him forever. Looking at him now, she would have been proud of her work.

Credence slipped further into the tub, his nose now just above the water, the bath water that was now collecting the tears that had picked up a steady stream down his face, and he couldn’t help but jolt bolt upright when he heard a knock on the bathroom door before it opened.

There you were, his greatest weakness, the reason he lived in sin. Looking at you, closing the door gently, trying to balance a bouquet of assorted flowers in one hand as you did so, an assortment you must have noticed him admiring earlier that week, and not fully facing him yet, he couldn’t help but cry harder because he wouldn’t give up the sin he lived in—he couldn’t, not when he loved you so completely. Did that mean there was no salvation for him? Did that mean he was damned? Had Mary Lou been right all that time?

When a cracked sob came from the tub, you turned as quickly as you could and took Credence in: raven black hair plastered to his neck and face, honey brown eyes made glassy with tears, face slightly swollen from crying, lips parted in a deep frown, breaths coming quickly and causing his chest to look slightly sunken with the force of them. It was a bad day.

You placed the bouquet on the counter by the sink gently before walking over to the tub and sitting gently on the lip of it, gazing down at Credence before cupping his face in your hand. You watched his eyes flutter closed as he released a shaky breath and slipped further under the water. “Do you want to talk about what’s wrong, honey?”

Credence squeezed his eyes shut tighter at the term of endearment, one that he certainly didn’t deserve. “I’m a sinner.” His voiced rasped and cracked slightly from lack of use and from emotion. “She was…right. All that time, I…”

Getting up so that you could kneel by the tub instead and be closer to him, you brought your face near to his so that you could kiss his forehead and push his wet hair from his face. “Mary Lou, if she were really doing the work she said she did, would have acknowledged that we’re all sinners in the eyes of her God, Credence.”

Those beautiful eyes opened slightly so that you could see the color in them, and a tinge of hope too. “I guess… How do you know?”

You smiled gently at him, continuing to stroke your fingers through his hair. “My mother raised me on that Bible too, Credence. It may not mean so much to me anymore, but I remember the teachings. And we’re all sinners to Him. We just have to try our best. And part of trying our best is enjoying ourselves. Loving his other creations. Appreciating the life he gave us. Your mother just left those parts out to fit her own biases.”

His eyes were completely open now, looking at you with unhindered adoration and confliction. “It doesn’t mean much to me…anymore…either. Is that bad? I can… My mother’s voice… Am I wicked?”

You inhaled deeply and scratched lightly at his scalp before answering. “No, Credence. You were taught all the wrong things for a really long time by a really mean woman, and that makes it hard to let go. And there will be bad days like this one, but… You deserve the things you have, Credence. You aren’t wicked.”

He nodded at you and let his eyes fall closed again. “Thank you, Y/N.”

You couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness as you realized he was still…low. You knew you couldn’t fix it, but you hated that he still had to go through this. You also knew you wouldn’t let him go through it alone. When you stood, his eyes opened again at the sound of your movements and widened as you kicked off your shoes and removed your jacket. “Do you mind if I join you, Credence?”

At his slow nod, you began taking off the rest of your clothes, blushing slightly at the pure love in his eyes. You still weren’t used to being loved so completely and reverently, especially by someone you loved just as much. You got in on the other end of the tub so that you could face him and wrapped your legs around his waist so that you could bring yourself closer to him, nearly in his lap. You cradled his face in your hands, stroking your thumbs just under his cheekbones and smiling when he let out a contented breath. “I love you so much, Credence…” You found yourself whispering.

His eyes opened again at that, just looking at you, taking you in. “I don’t know if I…deserve it.”

That hit you like a ton of bricks, right to the chest, and you simply shoved yourself forward in the water, not caring that water sloshed over the side of the tub, and pulling him into a hug, letting out a breathy, half-hearted laugh as your wet bodies slipped against one another.

Credence exhaled sharply too, but a sob followed as he finally moved his hands to clutch desperately at your back. “I love you, Y/N… I’m trying, but I…”

You pressed sloppy kisses to the slope of his neck and said, “Trying is all you can do, and it’s enough, Credence. I’m here on the bad days too. It’s us, remember?”

You pulled away as he nodded, resting your foreheads together and moving one hand to stroke his face again. “It’s us. Even… Even on bad days.”

You smiled broadly at the sound of his voice, more confident than it had been a moment before, despite its constant quiet, and moved back, gesturing for him to lean back against you. You stayed like that, his back pressed to your chest as you stroked patterns across his skin, long after the water had lost its warmth, and he wasn’t all better. Nothing had been fixed, but the more he relaxed against you, the clearer it became that good days would follow.


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BTS as Fathers Would Include: Jhope

Fatherhood BTS Series

Originally posted by jeonsshi

  • putting underwears on their heads
  • him crying when his child brings back their art from school
  • “it’s just so beautiful can you believe our child invented art ????”
  • “hoseok this is the fortieth time you’ve done this we’re running out of space on our fridge”
  • having the luck of getting triplets on the first try

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anonymous asked:

D-don't mind me just imagining *sob* Piper and Annabeth living together happily married maybe with an adorable little demigod child all happy and making sure their child has *sobs* a happy life and every morning Annabeth wakes up takes a deep breath and relishes in the fact she is alive despite all that's happens and then gives Piper a good morning kiss on *sob* the forehead and I just SO BEAUTIFUL

this is honestly my favorite ask thank you so much….

the eternal loop of “did you ask your mother?” is, sadly, easily avoided, as annabeth doesn’t have the patience for it, even though piper makes the joke 10x a day, at any opportunity… annabeth is called mom, and is the usually the Bad Cop mom, but usually she can be won over with puppy eyes from baby and mama (piper). when they see her lips twitch at the corners, smile breaking her stern facade, they know they’re getting what the want. they’ve got a big family, too, so even if her moms dont spoil her all the time, pipabeth’s daughter usually gets what she wants from at least one aunt or uncle.

uncle percy is the kid’s fave… or at least, he thinks he is. in reality, percy’s husband jason is the favorite uncle. uncle percy can show baby alaina (which they call her even up to the age of 11, to her chagrin) the entire sea, which super rules, but uncle jason can fly…. and you just cant beat flying! he also loses his glasses in silly places and always wants to give her a $5 bill (and dont let it be said that you cant buy love! ….but dont tell mama she said that)

the favorite game is hard, though, because uncle leo is cool too, … he made alaina her prosthetic arm, which is awesome, and his smores are always perfect somehow. he makes incredible food (he’s always stuck in the kitchen at thanksgiving, which he doesnt mind, because then he doesnt have to make smalltalk with the rest of the guests) and his husband frank and wife hazel are the nicest people alaina has ever met!! uncle frank can turn into any animal, even the super weird ones, which alaina absolutely loves, and aunt hazel has a horse that makes uncle percy blush when it speaks, (which is hilarious because alaina knows that uncle percy cusses too… he shouldnt get so worked up when someone else does…) but aunt hazel is also always very patient with her in ways the other adults cant always manage, and she loves her for that.

uncle nico and uncle will are cool too… they’re a bit reclusive, but they manage to come for family functions, and they bring their own son, cadence, who is alaina’s favorite (and only) cousin. he’s a bit younger than her, but she doesn’t mind. she tries teaching him how to braid hair, and after much insistance that uncle nico’s hair is very long and could definitely be braided, he finally concedes and figures it out (uncle nico’s hair is a lot more stylish from then on, she decides). when her moms are very, very busy, (mom is an architect and mama is an actress, so they’re very successful and sometimes have to go away on business - sometimes at the same time!) she usually hangs out with uncle nico and uncle will and cousin cadence, and no matter what, they always let her watch kiki’s delivery service, even if she wakes up at 1 am from a nightmare and decides that she needs to watch kiki be brave so that she can be brave. sometimes uncle nico is a bit grouchy waking up, but he’s never mean and he never snaps at her. she thinks, maybe, uncle nico is her favorite, just because of how nice he is.

im now emotional over pipabeth’s sweet, beloved, and totally spoiled daughter…… how did you do this with one message…. what dark magic is this…..

IM - MC pregnant after decided to end the grey relationship with Shunichiro

[Ok, maybe I get bored reading the similar type of ending. Or maybe I can’t understand why MC won’t have a chance of getting pregnant despite doing it a few times with Shunichiro in the main story. So I wrote my version of ending for this round but I doubt I will write a lot for this game.]

Based on MC’s POV

That morning, I woke up to find him gone. I am expecting that to happen but part of me was hoping otherwise. Since I had decided to end this grey relationship, I tried my best to put behind the past and concentrate on my work. There is still a lot to be done for the project which I wanted to win it to prove my worth.

It’s been weeks since I last saw him and maybe he is giving me some space to gather myself. I worked a lot of overtimes after work and even miss meals at times. One afternoon, Yuiko and Natsume came and grabbed me out for lunch.

“Okay, I am coming.” I replied weakly. However, I felt giddy the moment I stand up from my seat. Before I can stable myself, my vision went blank. The next thing, I woke up in a hospital bed. Yuiko and Natsume are with me while the Doctor explaining my condition.

“You should take good care of yourself and not overwork yourself. You are expecting now. So you need to eat more healthy food and have plenty of rest.” The doctor explained.

“What did you just say?” I asked in shocked. Did I hear it correctly? No, it can’t be true.

“You are pregnant.” The doctor smiled at me, and soon leaves the room.

I covered my face in shocked, not knowing what to do next. I can feel Yuiko hugging me, trying to make me feel better.

“I am going to give that idiot a lesson.” Natsume shouted angrily and left the room before Yuiko can stop him. What am I going to do now? I ask myself while touching my tummy, can’t stop worried about it.

Based on Shunichiro’s POV

I am sitting in the meeting room and keep glaring at my watch. For once, I wish the meeting end immediately. I heard about her fainting in the office and taken to the hospital. I should still be able to visit her as her superior, right? I asked myself numerous times about it. I remember her telling me that she wanted to end our relationship but I have yet to give up. Once this project is over, I am going to tell her my real feeling. It is a promise that I make to myself.

Finally the meeting ended and everyone left the office since it already past working hour. I quickly tidy up my work desk and just about to get ready to leave for the hospital, my office door opened without a knock.

“You are such an idiot!” Natsume shouted, as he ran toward me and the next time I know, he hit me hard into my face. “You got her pregnant.” He shouted and grabbed my shirt.

I am shocked upon hearing the news. I immediately pushed him away and make a run to the carpark, driving toward the hospital in high speed. She is pregnant with my child. The words keep repeating in my head. Well, we did not use any protection since we lost ourselves uncontrollably most of the times. No, it was all the times. I wanted her so badly whenever I am with her that I did not even hesitated to blow my seeds deep inside her. How is she feeling now? I want to be by her side now.

I ran over to her room and pushed the door open, panting hard for air. She is sitting on the bed, shocked to see me rushing in like a mad man. I ran over her and embraced her in my arms, still panting hard.

“I don’t want to end it. I want you by my side. I love you. I really love you.” I gasped, as I poured out my feeling to her. I can feel her body trembled and I know she is sobbing.

“Are you trying to take responsibility?” She continued to tear while touching the bruise on my face. She must have guessed what had happened.

I hold her hand in mine,“ No, I always wanted to be with you. I thought I will wait until the project is over before I tell you my true feeling. I know it is selfish of me to do that but you are always on my mind all this time. Regardless if you are pregnant with my child or not, my decision have made since that day I left your house.” I gathered all my courage to tell her how I feel.

She did not answer me but tears continued to flow down her cheeks. I wiped away with my fingers and kissed her gently on her soft lips before gazing at her. “Regardless of what your response is, I am not going to let you go again.” I choked my words before continued asking her nervously, “What is your answer?”

“You are still on my mind every night. I love you.” She sobbed and I embraced her in my arms. I feel relieved to hear her answer. I swear to myself that I will take good care of her and our child. She is the first woman that I am prepared to spend my life with. With this thought, I tighten the hold of her in my arms.


Pairing: Natsu and Lucy

Word Count: 1,954

Also found on FF.net

Perfection. That was what she strived for. Perfection was key, it always had been. For as long as she could remember, it was perfection that had played a major role in her life. It was easy to see perfection in things, people, but it was harder to obtain it. Lucy learned that at a young age, but that never stopped her from trying. Because that was what her father wanted from her, it was the only way to gain his attention, his affection. But nothing was ever enough. Nothing was ever perfect.

Not even her.

He noticed her.

He always noticed her. The blonde beauty was the first thing in his mind when he got up and was his last thought as he fell asleep. He knew her like the back of his hand, he knew her better than he knew himself and vice versa. Maybe that was the reason why he was the only one who noticed.

He noticed how she began to reject the milkshakes that Mira would make for her. He noticed how her smile grew tighter and tighter with each passing day. He noticed how her skin paled, her usually bright brown eyes turned sunken and sullen. He noticed as her bones became more prominent.

As everyone passed off her looks as their imagination running wild, he watched from the background with the unsettling feeling in his stomach growing. He knew something was wrong with Lucy, and he along with Juvia and Gajeel were the only ones who knew it.

Which led Natsu to where he was now.

It was late, somewhere around two in the morning if he had to guess, and he was standing outside of Lucy’s apartment. Natsu never thought things through, it just wasn’t who he was, and yet he’s been standing in the dead of night for a half an hour going over in his head what he would tell his beloved partner.

He figured out a few hours ago what had been the match to her flames of depression. It had happened during one of their typical missions, defeat a monster, destroy the city, pay for the damages with their reward money. But something else had happened along the way.

Natsu, Happy, and Lucy were walking around the city as they usually did before they start their missions, looking around and exploring the streets. Natsu was whining about needing food as Happy joined him and Lucy rolled her eyes at their silly antics.

It was at that moment that she had accidentally walked into a tall woman. She had black colored curls that spilled out of a tight ponytail, a scowl forming across her red painted lips as she glared down at Lucy with piercing blue eyes.

“Watch where you’re going, Blondie.” She snarled, shoving Lucy back. The blonde merely stumbled in surprise, being stopped as Natsu gently caught her arm and kept her upright. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” Lucy apologized, bowing her head slightly. Natsu didn’t release his hold on her arm as he stared down the stranger glaring at his best friend.

“Clearly,” the woman stated before glancing down. Natsu’s moss colored eyes followed her icy blue ones. They stopped on Lucy’s hand, the one that proudly showed her pink Fairy Tail guild mark. The emblem seemed to anger the black-haired girl even more as her snarl intensified. “Maybe if you didn’t think you were so perfect all the time you’d realize you’re just a wannabe little girl with big hips and a large chest. You’re no better than me, or any other girl.”

Natsu felt a growl rumble out of his chest, growing louder with every insult the woman hurled at Lucy. Said blonde flinched at the hatred in the taller woman’s voice as Natsu continued his animalistic noise.

“Leave Lucy alone. She said sorry.” Natsu defended, his face distorted in anger as the black-haired woman turned around. She began to walk away but not before adding, “Tell her to pull her head out of her stupid delusion of being perfect and to join us down here on Earthland. Maybe then she won’t walk into people.”

After that incident Lucy had managed to fool him with one of her well-practiced faux smiles and told him that they should start the mission. She may have tricked him that one time, but now Natsu knew better. He wouldn’t fall for it again, not since he knows she’s hurting.

He moved his gaze other window that was pouring out light. That was Lucy’s room. He grew more confident as he realized that the blonde was still up. As he readied himself to climb up to her window, he did not prepare for what he would see next.

As he crawled through into her room as normal, instead of hearing Lucy screaming at him to get out like her typical greeting, he was met with a watery-eyed blonde. “Lucy?” His voice unwillingly cracked as he took in the sight of his best friend. Her cocoa eyes were rimmed with red, cheeks stained with tears. The blonde hair that she had always worked so hard to take care of was now a rat’s nest upon her head. All of these things were shocking and definitely told him something was up but that wasn’t what hurt the most.

What hurt the most was being able to see her stomach scored with angry red lines that most likely had came from herself.

“N-Natsu…” She hiccuped. Her arms curled around her marred abdomen in a pitiful attempt to hide the destruction from him. His olive eyes zeroed in on her trembling hands that were splayed across her skin, red painted nails blending in with the scratches. His gaze was focused solely on the impressions on her once smooth skin. This is what she was doing to herself, was his immediate thought. While he was standing outside like an idiot, she was in her mutilating her skin with her own fingers. The very thought of it made him want to scream and kick himself in the head.

As he stared at her, Lucy didn’t make any attempt at conversation. Her fear was more than apparent in her tear-filled eyes as she practically felt him skimming over every raised mark on her.

“Lucy-” His voice caught in his throat as though a hand was clenched around it, squeezing tightly and cutting off his supply of oxygen. The entire speech he had prepared was suddenly tossed out of the window as his mind went blank. How was he supposed to react to this? Out of all the scenarios he had thought up, this was not one of them. Never would he have thought that Lucy, his Lucy, would ever do something like this. She was always smiles, and when she was sad she cried and immediately told him what was wrong.

But now, she was standing in the middle of her room, topless with only a pale blue bra to cover her generous chest as she tried her hardest to hold back the tears that threatened to fall. A strong scent of salt filled the room making his stomach churn. After a few moments of silence Natsu finally spoke, saying one single word.


That question seemed to have been her trigger as Lucy crumpled in on herself, collapsing to the floor. Her hands slithered into her knotty golden hair, her pink guild mark standing out brightly. In an instant Natsu was off the window sill and by her side. One of his hands overlapped her smaller one as he tried to pull it out of her tangled locks gently.

Her broken sobs shattered the stifling silence as her arms tethered around his, hugging the limb to her chest for the smallest amount of comfort. He could feel her nails biting into his tanned skin but he didn’t flinch. If she needed to dig them in until they broke his skin and drew blood just so she could keep a grip on reality, then he would let her.

Her tears splattered onto his burning hot skin, the corded muscles beneath flinching as Natsu felt them. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t exactly beat up the person who made Lucy feel the way she is. It wasn’t until her head was pressed against his neck, her cold nose brushing lightly against his collarbone, did it click for him. Right now, Lucy didn’t need an interrogation, she didn’t need a big long speech about how she was perfect in every way to him. Right now what she needed was comfort, someone to hold her until her tears ran dry.

So he was going to give her just that.

With his arms wrapped around her shaking body, warm fingers splayed across her bare back, Natsu held her tightly against him. He acted as some sort of anchor for her, refusing to release his hold for even a second. His need to protect her, to hide her away from the world and keep her all to himself, grew stronger than ever before.

Her blonde hair tickled as it gently trailed against his chin and throat with every move she made. He blindly reached behind him, grasping at thin air until his tan fingers wrapped around Lucy’s pink covers. He yanked the duvet off her bed before gently wrapping it around her shuddering shoulders, covering her up the best he could as she held on to him.

He almost laughed as he saw Lucy move his precious scarf out of the way so she didn’t cover it in her tears, but he bit back the desire. He brought her closer to himself, almost as if he was trying to swallow her whole. “Luce?”

“I’m not okay, am I Natsu?” Her voice was scratchy from her sobs, but her question was as clear as day to him.

Hesitantly, Natsu shook his head, his rose-colored hair hanging over his eyes. Of course she wasn’t okay. She has red marks across her smooth stomach, and she’s sobbing into his shoulder clad in only her bra and shorts. “You’re not,”

“But that’s fine. Everyone has somethin’ that makes ‘em sad, and they all have somethin’ that makes ‘em angry and scared and happy. And they all have someone that they can go to that makes 'em okay,” Natsu continued, his olive eyes glued onto Lucy. “But it’s up to 'em on whether or not they go to that person who makes 'em happy.”

Lucy’s tears slowly stopped, her shoulders no longer trembling as her breathing calmed to shuddery intakes of breath. And the entire time Natsu sat by her side, clutching the blanket to her bare body as he whispered soothing words in her ear. The red scratches on her stomach were now a pale pink, the raised marks lowered. Unconsciously her head rested against his shoulder as her eyes tiredly closed.

Natsu curled his long, tan fingers through her golden hair, relaxing her into sleep. As he did so, he lightly pressed his chapped, warm lips against her temple.

She wasn’t okay, Natsu knew that as he gently lifted her off the ground. Placing her under her covers he brushed his hand along the side of her peaceful face. But he knew she would be. He knew that there would be painful and hard times, lapses that could tear her down, but he also knew that she was strong enough to overcome them.

Tucking a lock of hair behind her ear he smiled down at her sleeping figure. He knew she would overcome them, because he trusted her to come to him when she needed his help to power through.

Part one of three!

Things about a military relationship that i hate pt a million

I hate how hard this is. I hate how I’m in bed alone and all I get are a handful of texts. I hate how I spend most nights crying over how much I miss you and I can’t tell you because it only makes things harder because you have no control over this. And god I just hate not knowing when we’ll ever truly be together. Most of our relationship has been goodbyes and texts. We’ve spent more nights apart than we ever have together. I hate going through day to day shit without you, every single day. And everything makes it worse. I miss you all the time. So much that I can feel myself breaking inside. And I’m so tired of saying and hearing that it’ll all be worth it one day because everyday I wonder if that’s true. If so many nights of sobbing is worth something we don’t know will happen. Or when it’ll happen. And god I just really hate knowing that most of our lives will be goodbyes and maybes. As each day goes by I don’t know if I’m even strong enough for this.


Charles Xavier x Mutant!Reader
Word Count: 1030
Warnings: Angst, tiny bit of smut, jerk move by Charles

A/N: Never wrote x-men before. This is the day when writing Avengers didn’t quite cut it for me…

Originally posted by xgijames

Laying in the safety of your bed, you let the tears you have been holding back all day finally fall. You bury your face in your pillow, trying to keep the sobs quiet. Being a mutant was hard enough without everyone near you thinking you’re a basket case. Most of the students were much younger than you and they didn’t even know what you’re power was. Charles knew. Logan figured it out after a particular amusing incident involving a lamp shade. But you remained a mystery to everyone else.

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#88 - Kevin

@daydreamiiy - Here you go! 😄 Hope you enjoy reading 💕 P.S.: This is set post-movie.

Pairing: You x Kevin
Warnings: None, I guess.
Drabble challenge: #88 “After everything…I’d still choose you.”

You snuggled deeper into your warm blanket and sipped on your fresh cup of tea. It was Saturday night and you were still enjoying your time off work, even though the reason for the forced holiday was still surreal for you. You were alone at your apartment; you had mostly withdrawn yourself from the outside world, from all the staring eyes.

But the last few days had still taken a toll on you. Endless hours of police investigation and being interviewed by several police officers and therapists, had ruled your last week, after your boss had told them about your friendship with Kevin.

You were still shocked, terrified even, but you just couldn’t believe it. You knew Kevin would never hurt a fly, none of his alters would. You knew them; not all of them personally, but he had told you about the ones that Barry did not allow to front. However, you still didn’t believe that any one of them could have pulled that off.

Steal a car, knock a man out, kidnap three girls and kill two of them, plus his own therapist. That sounded like some horror movie shit – not like Kevin. No way.

Oh, Doctor Fletcher. That poor woman had deserved so much better. You had known her, talked to her. She always supported your friendship with Kevin – and now you had to visit her funeral.

And the girls. They were so young, too young. Nearly ripped apart, and they believed it was Kevin’s work? You had seen lions and tigers devour their meat at work and not even they were capable to be so cruel. One of the officers had accidentally shown you some photos – and they were still giving you nauseating nightmares. Watching the news was impossible, especially when you thought about whoever did this – was still running free.

You snapped out of your thoughts as soon as you heard the movie you had been watching, go into commercial brake. “Hm” You inhaled sharply and tried to shake the images out of your head. You were starting to scare yourself and you couldn’t stop worrying about Kevin. He was your friend after all.

You exhaled slowly as you ignored your aching heart, and took another sip of your tea instead. The feelings you had developed in the past few years working with Kevin, were pulling you down by every passing day not seeing him. Hell, not even knowing where he was.

A sudden loud knock at your door made you jerk on your couch and spill some tea on yourself. “Damn it.”, you cursed under your breath as untangled yourself from your blanket and set your cup back on the table. You paused for a moment as you listened for any further noise.

You held your breath; realizing how nervous you were getting. After all, you were all by yourself and you were not expecting any guests over.

“(Y/N)!” More knocking, only this time it was much more frantic. “(Y/N), it’s me!” You heard him say in a hushed voice, and your heart nearly stopped. You recognized that voice. “Please open the door!”

You swiftly jumped to your feet and you nearly stumbled over on your way to the front door.

“(Y/N), I need your help, please.”

You quickly unlocked the door with trembling hands as he kept talking on the other side; pleading for help – and you yanked the door open as soon as the lock clicked.

Your breath hitched in your throat as your eyes finally met. – He looked awful, and yet you couldn’t help yourself and stare at his naked upper body. You had always known that Kevin was in good-shape, but now you knew for sure. Despite all the grime and –

You gasped. “Is – is that blood?” Shocked, you pressed your hand to your mouth to keep yourself from screaming.

Kevin let out a sob as he stood in front of you; shaking like mad. “I need your help.”

After sitting him down on your couch you realized that he was barefoot, only wearing black slacks. You let out a deep sigh as you sat next to him. He was still shaking; barely able to speak, let alone look into your eyes.

“Talk to me, Kevin.” He hesitated and you noticed his leg shaking restlessly. “It is you, isn’t it?”

He exhaled through his nose as he nodded slowly. “Yes.”

You took a seat next to him, and it was silent for a moment before you found your courage to ask him.

“What happened, Kevin? What happened to you?”

You could see how his jaw clenched as he squeezed his eyes shut. He wouldn’t stop shaking, despite the wool blanket you had placed around his shoulders. “I- I don’t know, (Y/N).” He swallowed hard. “All I know is –“ He inhaled sharply and winced. You could see that he was in pain as he fought his inner demons.

He exhaled again. “I was gone. For a long time. I remember the day – two years ago. September 18th. I was on the bus from work. I- I can remember telling you good night and getting on the bus.”

You could hear that he was choking up as you listened to him, but you did not dare to interrupt him.

“It’s – blurry after that. And then – oh god.” A loud sob shook his whole body, and he quickly buried his face in his hands. “They did it.”, he managed to tell you between sobbing. “They did all this, (Y/N).”

You scooched over to him and wrapped your arms around his quivering form. Your heart was slowly breaking for the man next to you. “I – believe you, Kevin.”

He suddenly turned his head and looked at you with his light blue eyes, all red and swollen from tears, yet still so mesmerizing. You realized how much you had missed looking into them.

“You’re the only one I’ve left, (Y/N). I’m so sorry.”

You lay in bed while Kevin showered. Sitting on the couch with him, listening how he said he was sorry – over and over again, had drained you from all energy. Then again, you couldn’t imagine how much he had suffered. But of course, you had noticed the scars on his body. Pink and fresh, and barely fully healed.

You heard how the shower stopped running, and somehow the image of his shirtless body twisted its way into your mind. You had often imagined how he looked naked, but you never thought you would eventually find out under such circumstances.

A short while passed before you heard the bathroom door open and close again, and you were chewing on your bottom lip nervously – not sure about what would happen next. But your heart nearly skipped a beat once he stepped into your bedroom cautiously.

He wore the plain white shirt and a pair of black basketball shorts you had given him.

“So, I think I’ll just –“ He scratched the back of his shaved head awkwardly as he sauntered over to the bed. “crash on the couch. – I’m not planning to sleep anyway.” He shrugged.

“Why not?”

“I’m scared they – they might take over again.” He let out a sigh as he rubbed his tired eyes. “It was hard enough for me to get the light back. I managed to win Hedwig over, but I’m not risking anything anymore.”

“You should sleep now, (Y/N). I think me showing up at your door was quite a shock for you.”

You sat up again and leaned back against the headboard of the bed. “Hell yeah it was.” You chuckled softly. “I was worried about you, and –”, you confessed, but kept your gaze at your hands fiddling with your blanket. “I want you to stay with me tonight.”

You only looked up at him when you did not get a response after a short moment. He was still standing at the same spot, but he was staring at you; dumbfounded and unsure. “After everything?”

You nodded slowly. “After everything…I’d still choose you.”

Your heart was racing in your chest and you felt your cheeks flush as you basically confessed the feelings you had bottled up for so long. Yes, you feared his reaction, yet it felt good to finally say something.

And without further words, Kevin walked over to the other side of your bed and lay down next to you.

“I’ve never thought this would become reality someday.”, he said as you let him pull you towards him. You lay on his chest while he embraced you. “Me neither.”, you mumbled and listened to his fast heartbeat. Your lips pulled up into a small smile. “I’m glad it did though.”

“Me too.”, you agreed dozily.

“Good night, (Y/N).”, he whispered finally and kissed the top of your head.

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Just One Night - Lin/Reader

Author’s note: okay this was really fun to write, not gonna lie. also I’ve never worked at a hospital and am not a surgeon (unfortunately), will be inaccurate.

Prompt:  “Something fluffy with Lin and reader where there married, he’s still plays Hamilton in NYC, Sebastian is there son.” - @congratsonhamlet

Rating: G

Warnings: lots of fluff and a little crying

Words: 1,507

Ask Box | Masterlist

Your life was a busy one, no one could deny that. Your husband’s career was flourishing, meanwhile you were trying to get back into the swing of things after the birth of your son, Sebastian.

You had gotten off of your maternity leave three weeks ago and had been working eleven hour shifts, six days a week at the hospital as a cardiothoracic surgeon. You had to work in the morning while Lin, your husband, watched your son, then in the evenings you would come home and watch Sebastian and Lin would head off to the theater.

It was a hectic schedule and the two of you barely had time to see each other but you made it work. You knew you’d both get a break and have time to enjoy each others company without worrying about deadlines or when your next shift was going to begin.

Eventually, both you and Lin’s schedules had the same night free and you quickly made arrangements for the rare occasion. The plan consisted of you leaving for the hospital in the morning as usual and Lin staying home with Sebastian. When you got home around six, all three of you would spend time together until Lin’s parents came to pick up Sebastian for the night around eight. The rest of the night you’d be alone with Lin, and Lin alone with you.

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Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 8)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 3140 (whoops)

Warnings: Mentions of blood

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

A/N: I’ve officially passed the 15k word mark with this story, which is crazy considering it didn’t exist a week ago. Thank you so much for all your support. Hope you enjoy!


You’re sitting on the bench in the girl’s change room, fully dressed in hockey equipment. Practice starts in less than five minutes, but for once in your life, you’re not excited to go on the ice. You can’t stop thinking back to last night. Everywhere you look, Auston appears behind your eyes, small and isolated on the bench as you turned your back on him and walked away.

Steph, even though she’s still buzzing from her great night with Mitch, notices something’s wrong. You’d put on a good enough act last night, telling her you were tired, before rolling over and crying silently into your pillow until you fell asleep. But today, you feel both mentally and physically exhausted, and the day has barely just begun.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not particularly,” you mumble, feeling tears well up in your eyes. When had you become so emotional?

“You talked to Auston last night, didn’t you?”

You nod sombrely.

“I’m guessing it didn’t go well.” Steph gives you such a look of concern and sympathy that you break down. You choke out a sob. “Oh, Y/N, it’s okay.” She walks over to you and wraps her arms around you as far as she can reach, as you’re both in hockey equipment.

You stay there for a few minutes, Steph comforting you while you cry huge crocodile tears. You had no right to behave this way, as you had brought this upon yourself, but you couldn’t help but feel awful about the entire situation.

“Alright, I know you’re upset, but we can’t stay inside the dressing room all day,” Steph says, letting go of you. “Are you okay to go out on the ice? If you’re not, I can tell them you’re sick.”

“No,” you croak, before clearing your throat. “No, it’ll look worse if I don’t go.”

“Alright, as long as that’s what you think is best.”

You nod, standing up. You grab your stick and gloves and head out onto the ice.

The cool air in the rink dries your tears within a couple minutes, and you begin to feel better as you skate around the ice, warming up your legs. You breathing falls in time with the crisp, rhythmic sound of your blades cutting into the ice.

When the coach calls everybody over, Steph catches your eye. You smile back at her genuinely, not feeling like you have to force it. The ice has always been your home, and its familiarity soothes you, even when you’re in the most emotional of states.

“Good morning everyone.”

“Good morning coach,” the group choruses.

“Today, we’re going to be doing something a little unorthodox, but I think it’s a beneficial exercise for everyone. I’ve made a list of pairs, each containing one boy and one girl. Please pay attention when your name is called out, as I’m not going to waste time repeating myself.” He grabs a clipboard from the edge of the boards and begins reading out names.

Inside your gloves, you cross your fingers, praying you don’t get placed with Auston.

“…Stephanie LaChance and Mitchell Marner…”

You watch as Steph and Mitch both blush and high-five each other.

“…Y/N Y/L/N and William Nylander…”

You let out a huge breath. Thank goodness. Will scoots around the other players and sidles up to you. “Hey there partner.”

“Hey there yourself.”

“What do you think the drill is?”

“No clue. I hope it’s not checking though, because that would be a little unfair.”

He grins at you. “Why, you scared of me?”

“Hardly.” You take one look at his boyish face and floppy blond hair and roll your eyes. “But we’re nowhere close to being in the same weight class.”

“Are you insinuating that I’m fat?”


“I don’t like you anymore.”

“Good, because I never did.”


“The truth hurts.”

Your banter is cut short by the coach. “Alright, now that everyone has their partners, I want you to split yourselves evenly across the four corners. You’ll see that a net has been placed in each corner. I want you and your partner to each choose a side to stand on. I will be with each group shortly for further instruction. Goalies, meet Richard in the middle.”

Everyone splits up, and you and Will choose the far right corner. However, so does Auston. When he spots you, he taps his partner’s shoulder and whispers, but still loud enough that you can hear, “Can we go to a different corner? I think the left one needs more people.”

“Uh, sure,” his partner responds.

But as Auston and his partner turn to skate away, the coach comes up. “Whoah, whoah, where do you two think you’re going?”

“To the other corner, sir,” Auston explains politely.

“Do you mind staying here? We already have one too many over there. Just trying to make the numbers even.”

“Sure, no problem,” Auston says in the same polite tone, but you can tell he’s lying.

“Thanks,” he pats Auston on the shoulder before turning to face the rest of your group. “Alright ladies and gents, this is a simple drill, but it requires some effort. A puck will be tossed into the corner by one of you waiting in line, and each pair will start on opposite sides of the net. I want you to battle for the puck, and try to shoot and score. However, you’re not allowed to come up above the hashmarks or below the crease. I want this to be a battle in a contained space, so if the puck is played outside the boundaries, the drill is automatically over, got it?”

Everyone nods.

“There will be no body checking, however there will be body contact. Guys, don’t go easy on your partner because she’s a ‘girl’. Trust me, you’re not doing yourself any favours by letting her win. Okay? Listen for the whistle, and then you can start.”

Will reaches over and taps the toe of your skate with his stick. “You ready?” he smirks, raising his eyebrows.

“Are you ready?”


The whistle blows and you both take off into the corner after the puck. You’re slightly faster and get there first, but Will’s body crashes against yours, pinning you to the boards. The puck spurts forwards a bit and you kick it up to your stick before Will can grab it. You bend low, pushing him off you and drop your shoulder into his chest as you head towards the net. You’re almost within shooting range when he lifts your stick, stealing the puck away. You nearly fall, but manage to regain balance and block his shot with your skate blade. He slashes your stick, taking the puck from you once again, but you push him out towards the boards so he can’t shoot.

The whistle blows, signalling the end of the drill. You both skate quickly out of the corner to make way for the next pair.

“You’re stronger than you look, Y/L/N,” Will says, giving you a high-five.

“You’re not so bad yourself, Nylander.”

You run the drill through three more times, Will scoring once and you twice. When the coach skates over to the group and tells you to switch partners, Will shakes your hand (as well as you can shake hands when you both have hockey gloves on) and says, “It was a pleasure losing to you.”

You laugh and smile at him. “It was a pleasure beating you.”

“Y/N,” the coach calls, and you twist around to look at him. “I want you to go with Auston and demo for the next round.”

You’re not even surprised. At this point, you swear the universe has a personal vendetta against you and just wants to make everything as awkward and uncomfortable as possible. You sigh, lining up opposite to Auston.

“Alright everyone, pay attention. I want you to watch how both Y/N and Auston battle in the corners and tell me what’s effective about both of their techniques.” He turns to you and Auston. “Ready?”

The whistle blows, and without any hesitation you power forward towards the puck, skates leaving deep indents in the ice. You and Auston reach it at the same time, but you swing your body around to pin him against the boards. You manage to grab the puck, but he’s much bigger than Will, and breaks your hold easily. He drops his shoulder into you, knocking you to your knees. In a flash, he has the puck and is winding up for a shot. But you’re not about to let him win this easy. You don’t have enough time to get to your feet, so you extend the upper half of your body outwards.

The puck slams into your ribs so hard the breath is knocked out of you. Pain erupts through the left side of your body and your vision blurs. However, there’s no time to waste gasping for breath on the ground. You force yourself to get up and snag the puck before he can get his own rebound.

This time, when he goes to hit you, you’re ready. You bend low, squatting down so your legs are nearly at 90 degrees with your butt. His body collides with yours, but you remain on your skates and the puck is on your stick. You curve your body away, protecting it from his long reach. He tries to lift your stick, but you press it firmly into the ground, not giving him an inch.

You battle for the puck for another thirty seconds, but neither of you manage to score before the coach blows the play dead. You stop sharply, panting.

“Okay, who wants to tell me why Y/N’s play was effective in stopping Auston from scoring?”

A short girl raises her hand. “Y/N used her body as a shield. She wasn’t afraid to give it up to block the puck, even when Auston went to shoot. That took major guts, by the way.”

“Thanks,” you say, smiling at her.

“Y/N, you’re bleeding,” Auston suddenly blurts out.

“What?” You turn to face him.

“Your mouth - it’s bleeding.”

You reach through your cage and touch your lip. When you pull your hand away it’s covered in blood that drips from your fingers onto the ice. It’s only then you become aware of the metallic taste in your mouth.

“Oh, I am bleeding,” you state rather stupidly.

The coach skates over and peers at your split lip. “Auston, would you take her to the trainer? Nancy’s in change room B.”

“Yeah, of course,” he says, hooking his arm through yours and leading you off the ice.

“You know I didn’t break my leg, right? You don’t have to hold on to me.”

“But I do - safety first. I don’t trust you not to faceplant.”

“Thank you for your resounding amount of faith in me,” you respond sarcastically.


When you get to change room B, Nancy takes one look at you and the bloodstains on your jersey and exclaims, “Oh my, what happened?”

“I’m not sure actually. I think I may have bitten my lip by accident when he hit me with the puck.”

“Where did he get you with the puck?”

“My ribs. There’s probably a bruise.”

Nancy turns to Auston. “You have a lot of apologizing to do, young man,” she scolds him, wagging a finger jokingly.

But Auston bows his head and replies with a serious, “I know.”

Nancy helps you up onto the table. “Alright, let’s get your equipment off - Auston, you can head back to practice. I’m all good here.”

“No, um,” he stammers. “It’s okay - I want to help. I feel bad, considering I made her bite her lip and all.”

She smiles at him. “Awesome. Do you want to undo her skates for me then?”

“Sure,” he says, throwing his gloves and stick to the side and unbuckling his helmet. As Nancy removes your helmet, Auston gently picks up your leg with one hand and pulls at your skate laces. As he unties the knot, a portion of his brown hair flops over his eyes, and your fingers twitch to reach out and smooth it back. Instead, you sit back and relax as he undoes both of your skates before sliding them off, his touch so soft and caring that your resentment towards him lessens slightly.

“Alright, this might sting a bit,” Nancy explains. You zero in on the wad of cotton inches from your face. It smells strongly of alcohol. “Open your mouth for me please.”

You open your mouth, closing your eyes in preparation for the pain you know is coming. As Nancy dabs your lower lip with the cotton, you feel a warm hand grab onto yours and squeeze it. You squeeze back, hard, and hiss as the alcohol disinfects the cut. A thumb rubs over the back of your hand comfortingly.

“Almost done, you’re doing great,” Nancy murmurs, dabbing the cotton wad on your lip a couple more times before she pulls away.

You open your eyes to see Nancy holding a tube of something.

“What’s that?” you mumble, your now swollen lip making it increasingly difficult to speak.

“Medical glue. I’m going to put some on your lip to make sure it heals up.”

“No stitches?”

“Nope - which is great news, because lip stitches normally leave a big scar. This won’t sting, it’ll just make your lip feel numb. It also has a funny taste, so try not to get your tongue too close.”


As Nancy spreads the cool glue onto your lip, you realize that he’s still holding your hand, his thumb making slow circles on the skin above your knuckles. You have to force yourself not to smile.

After Nancy’s finished with your lip, her and Auston help get the rest of your equipment off so she can take a look at your ribs.

“I don’t think any are broken - just sore.”

Auston pipes up: “I wouldn’t be so sure, Y/N, my shot’s pretty hard.”

“Big ego much?”

He laughs and continues to take off your shin pad. When his hands linger on your calf, you feel your cheeks warm. Even though you’ve sworn off any sort of relationship with Auston, it does not change the way your body reacts to him.

Once all your equipment is off, and you’re left standing in your under armour, Nancy pulls the one side of your shirt up, exposing the part of your ribs that got hit.

Auston whistles. “That’s a good one. Would you be mad if I said I’ve actually impressed myself?”

“Is it that bad?”

“You can see for yourself.” Nancy guides you over to the mirror in the bathroom.

You gasp as you take in the massive bruise that has bloomed across your ribs, already blue in colour and extremely painful-looking.

“I swear, it doesn’t hurt as much as it looks!”

“Maybe not now, but by tomorrow it will. I’m pretty sure you’re looking at a deep tissue bruise.” She takes one glance at the expression on your face and reassures you: “But don’t worry, it’s treatable. It should only take two to six weeks to fully heal.”

A pit settles in your stomach. “Six weeks?” you exclaim, fighting back tears. “I can’t afford to be off for that long! They’ll cut me from camp and then-”

“Y/N, relax, everything will be okay.” Auston tries to grab your hand, but you yank it away from him. You can feel the panic rising in your chest.

“Auston’s right. It would take six weeks at the very most,” Nancy says in a soothing voice. “I don’t think yours is that severe, however, so if you follow all my instructions, you should be ready for full contact in under fourteen days.”

“Oh.” Your breathing slows. “By no contact, do you mean no hockey?”

Nancy’s lips tighten and your heart drops. “At least for the first week. But you can still do some light exercise, so I’ll clear you for dryland if everything looks good tomorrow.”

“Okay, I guess that’s better than nothing.”

Nancy smiles warmly. “Don’t stress, Y/N, you seem like a very tough cookie. And with the right people looking out for you,” she glances at Auston, “I’m sure you’ll be healed in no time.”

“Okay, thank-you Nancy.”

“No problem.” She stands up. “I’m going to go grab some ice and my ace bandages from my car - I’ll be right back.”

Nancy leaves, the door closing behind her, enveloping the dressing room in silence. You sit there for a moment, playing over everything that she said in your mind.

“I’m sorry.”

You turn to him. “For what?”

“Hitting you with the puck - for hurting you.”

“Auston, you have nothing to apologize for. I leapt in front of the puck, and so I’ll suffer the consequences.” Under your breath you add, “If anything, I should be the one apologizing.”

He sighs, glancing down at his hands folded in his lap. “I still feel bad.”

“Why are you being so nice to me?”

He looks up at you, his brown eyes confused. “What do you mean?”

“I was so rude to you - I ran away and ignored you for a week after we kissed, and then I rejected you last night - but you’re still here. I don’t get it.”

“Y/N, just because you don’t want me in your life doesn’t mean I can suddenly stop caring about you. It doesn’t work that way.” Looking at you for confirmation, he gently holds onto both your hands. “I just want to make sure you’re okay.” He looks into your eyes. “Are you?”

“Not really,” you admit, dropping your head in shame and also so he can’t see the tears that spring to your eyes. “I’m sorry I dragged you into my mess. You don’t deserve to be treated the way I’ve been treating you, and I feel awful.”

“Hey, hey, don’t cry. We all make mistakes. You’re just scared right now, aren’t you?”

“Terrified,” you whisper. “For the first time in my life I don’t know what to do.”

“Y/N, listen to me.” He squeezes your hands. “It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to not know what to do. Uncertainty is a huge part of life. All you have to do is try to breathe and let go of this idea that you can control everything, because you can’t. Control anything, that is. I can’t control the way I feel about you, and you can’t control your future - those are just things we have to accept.”

“Okay,” you agree, nodding. “You’re right. I’ll try my best to let go.”

“Good.” To your surprise, he plants a quick kiss on your forehead. “I’m always here if you need me.”

[Part 9]