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BTS as Fathers Would Include: Jhope

Fatherhood BTS Series

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  • putting underwears on their heads
  • him crying when his child brings back their art from school
  • “it’s just so beautiful can you believe our child invented art ????”
  • “hoseok this is the fortieth time you’ve done this we’re running out of space on our fridge”
  • having the luck of getting triplets on the first try

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Stay (Drabble)

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 102

Warning: Arguing, angst

This is my entry for @cleverdame ‘s Valentine’s Day and Birthday Challenge! The challenge was to pick a gif, and then write 100 words to go with it. So, here are my 100 words. ;) 

BUT- good news! There will be a mini series based off of this drabble! And because I love you all, the first part will be out tomorrow! So, consider this a teaser ;) Enjoy!

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Could you write something about Mark and jack getting in a fight and mark says something that really hurts jacks feelings, jack gets all upset so mark apologises constantly and reassures him that he still loves him. Sorry, I'm in the mood for angst. Thank youuuu (lov u blog too)

-mark and jack are arguing one day, over something stupid, when mark screams “I wish I’d never fucking met you!”
-jack immediately freezing. He suddenly can’t think of any rebuttals, can’t think of anything to say at all. His whole body feels like it’s on fire and like he might melt into the ground right where he stood.
-mark had too much pride to admit he didn’t mean what he just said.
-jack rushing out of the room as fast as he could. He couldn’t stop himself from crying. It was loud, ugly sobs that ripped through him.
-he rubs his eyes raw, they’re red and puffy. He wasn’t sure what possessed mark to say something like that- especially when they were only having a petty argument about who’s turn it was to clean the kitchen.
-mark follows him. He cautiously pushes open the door to their room. “Jack?”
-“go away, mark..”
-mark contemplates leaving. But he can’t bear the thought that jack actually thinks he regrets their meeting.
-“jack.. I wanted to apologize.” He starts, and when jack doesn’t tell him to leave again, he continues. “I didn’t mean what I said. I spoke rashly and I just… I would never regret meeting you, jack.”
-jack doesn’t say anything. “I love you so much, and I could never imagine my life without you in it, jack.” Jack sniffles. Mark goes over to him and wraps his arm around his shoulders. “I. Love. You.” He says, squeezing with each word. Jack looks up at him, tears sliding down his cheeks.
-“hearing you say that, mark.. I.” He looks away. “I know, i know.” Mark says quickly. He wipes away jacks tears. “It was such a shitty, terrible thing for me to say. I’m so so sorry, baby. I love you with my whole world.”
-jack forgiving him, taking both marks hands in his and squeezing. “I love you too.”

Day One: An intro for your Fatesona

I sort of skipped over the ‘from’ part and just went to making an intro, ahah;; 
Sora’s direction is actually really (scarily!) good, she just likes taking a bunch of weird detours trying to find the Kitsune Hamlet. Somehow, though, she continues to find people to sell things to so maybe the detours weren’t so weird after all…? 

She’s an eccentric but affable girl whose jokes can sometimes tip a bit into the mean spirited area. She is slow to trust but extremely quick to get attached once that threshold has been crossed, and her reactions to physical affection vary accordingly. She hates having debts and being on the losing end of things, so if she offers you something that puts her at a disadvantage you can be 69% sure that it’s a ploy of some sort. Even if that ploy is spending more time with you. Though she plays at being coy and enjoys gossip to a worrying degree, her feelings are usually quite pure and straightforward. Sells both physical wares and information. 

Since her adoptive father’s passing, she’s been on the search for a new home. She has a few complexes about her kitsune heritage, and strives to keep it hidden (especially since it’s been drilled into her that she’d probably die if anyone found out). Since she’s stayed at least approximately 100 yards away from any and all beaststones and has yet to transform once, she has a lot of urges that she has no idea what to do with. The extra energy seems to have tipped over to the opposite end and wound up with her being extra lazy instead. She’s chasing the Hamlet more for the idea of family more than any real love for her kinsmen. 

Fullbody + Initial Reference || blog tag 

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It’s probably an extreme version of tag. 

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Can we live until this chapter 528 get animated omg I miss his voice so much 😭 Finally he's not neglected after all the suffering 😭😭😭

He is back, sound and safe *sob happily* And I think it’s also our suffering being over temporarily! Can’t believe Mashima actually draws him using new heavenly body magics and god even they cant hurt Acno they are powerful and beautiful……and now he’s with Erza, can we hope to see him more?

But really will this last arc even get the chance of being made into anime…..

I miss his voice so much and them talking to each other that I went to youtube to watch their moments in GMG arc a few days ago.



GerAme Week has been over for a while, but I can’t let go of the fact that I never finished that last day.  I got started, but this is as far as I got cause life threw me a screwball, and I’ve lost all motivation to continue it.  It was going to be a comic with a several more panels (because I am an ambitious SOB) based on a headcanon of mine that Alfred makes the ABSOLUTE BEST APPLE PIE IN THE WORLD.  

Anyways, if I didn’t find myself in such a stress ball, this would’ve looked better and more colorful.  All those words were thrown in there with little thought put into them.  I’m posting what I finished, and I’m glad that it’s enough that my original idea gets across.

“How did you get over him?”

I get asked this question a lot, and I can never come up with a concrete answer as to how I did. After he left me I spent weeks crying, my eyes were so puffy some days I had to use ice to stop the swelling.
And after the tears I poured all of my energy into writing. So instead of crying onto my bedroom floor I focused on using that heartbreak and that sadness onto empty pages in my journals. Because I knew that he was going to wreck me, I knew I wouldn’t come out of this relationship unscathed, and if he was gonna break my heart I was gonna use it for something positive.
There are days where I’m not over him, where I can’t seem to look at a picture of us I see on my bedroom wall and not sob an ocean.
But still, you get up, and you walk out the door, and you don’t let the heartbreak consume you, and eventually, one day, maybe weeks from now, or months, or even years, you finally have let them go.

 wordsdrippinginink replied to your post: *listening to ‘Dear Theodosia’ You have my eyes…

How dare you. I was having a good day, we were all having good days and then this! I am sobbing! I cannot believe you. But imagine Rouge. Imagine Rouge living and singing it to Ace. Like Rouge, alone on Batterila still mourning Roger and promising to be there because her family never was. (I’m sorry. I love Rouge too much.)

How did I miss a part one to your reply lol.

Aw man, I am head over heels for the idea of Rouge singing to Ace.  I literally have a small list of songs I can imagine Rouge singing to her little baby.


“Say it’s been a long six months…”
Taylor I cannot believe it’s been six months since you liked my photo and saw my ugly face. The caption I put on the photo was “needing you more than ever right now @taylorswift ily!” And I did need you more than ever. Two days before you liked my picture I lost my mom’s mom (my grandma) who was basically my second mom. Over 2015-16 she was the 7th death on my moms side. My aunt lost her husband, we lost his mom, my grandmas 3 sisters and my grandpa. All in about a year. It’s now March of 2017 and I don’t think I’ve fully recovered from that. The pain is still hard and I can never think of memories of my grandma without starting to sob, but that’s where you come in. Your music helps me in so many ways. If I watch one of your interviews or tour videos I instantly smile. I love you so much Taylor. Through the years of bullying and harassment you were there for me when I felt like I had no one and you still are. I fell in love with that beautiful princess in the Love Story music video when I was 9 and I’m still loving her-you, today. Thank you for doing the things you do for me and the fans. I can never thank you enough. You are my true inspiration Taylor! I love you to the moon and back💗 @taylorswift
Love, Amber Deaton

This damn cat’s gonna talk about some stupid shit lol

Like….Salad Fingers could probably see the sky PERFECTLY…

There are no lights (like city lights and well no lights at all besides the sun in the day of course) HE CAN PROBABLY SEE SPACE AND HE DOESN’T EVEN GIVE A SHIT


Well in Shore Leave there’s stars but like THERE SHOULD BE ALL PRETTY PURPLE BLUE STARRY COLORS

The Signs On The Last Day of School
  • Aries: *breaks all the school rules because they know it'll be forgotten by September*
  • Taurus: Yay now everyday I can have pizza in bed :P
  • Gemini: Tells everyone about all the cool things they're gonna do over summer
  • Cancer: *sobbing* I LOVE SUMMER
  • Leo: OHMG IMMA MISS U GUYS *lol helllll no*
  • Virgo: *blasts music at the last second of school*
  • Scorpio: BYE BYE BITCHES
  • Sagittarius: *pranks everyone. literally everyone*
  • Capricorn: Is actually really sad that school is over
  • Aquarius: *Holds a party at their house where everyone can burn their books*
  • Pisces: Sits there disappointed because it's nothing like they thought it would be

Blagh, literally been shot down about my feelings by three people today and I just… Ichhhthhhhhhhh

  • Really badly ill today, like passing out when I stood up too long and didn’t sleep last night bc of bad sinus pain, and worried I might miss an assessed workshop tomorrow on campus due to literally not being able to stand up let alone get to a campus half an hour minimum away, so phoned the health centre. They said the only way for me to get accommodation and a medical certificate to miss the assessment would be to get to an appointment at 9am tomorrow… On campus. Literally the problem. And the woman on the phone was just really dismissive and her tone was so bitchy and “you’re obviously just a hung-over student grow up” like I haven’t been alternately curled up sobbing and hunched over groaning all day
  • Friend came to drop off cold meds and she’s one of those “illness can be cured by a day of bed rest and starting work fresh and early tomorrow!” people with a GP parent and no concept of mental illness. Like she literally said to me that she’s never taken cold meds and doesn’t understand why people bother because a cold isn’t that bad. While I’m barely able to stand up wrapped in blankets half-blind with delirious sinus pain in front of her. But it wasn’t even that dismissal that got me - she’s just been tested for dyslexia and approved for extra time in exams because she was struggling, and I mentioned my recent autism discovery, and went a little into how I feel it’s so annoying to have been told I’m socially inept, emotionally cold, alternately hyperverbal and non-verbal, stimming, “spack-handed” control freak with a speech impediment, hearing comprehension issues, anxiety, lack of emotional control, and gender dysphoria, and for it to have to have been me who finally put it together into “actually doc that’s a Thing that has a name”. And she just said that yeah, if I’d have said all that to her she’d have called bullshit, but she wouldn’t have thought I’m autistic either because I don’t “show all the symptoms she’d expect” like?? I am aware? This is an issue with it being a spectrum? And with misdiagnoses and underdiagnosis and medical sexism?? And literally being abused for being a terrible child until I learned to hide my symptoms? But I didn’t wanna start shit so I just carried on being ill and then smiled and said goodbye and went to die alone in misery because I am a terrible person who fakes all their problems and should probably die alone in a selfish hole
  • Emailed my tutor on Friday bc I’ve been having super-bad insomnia recently that literally leaves me on 3-4 hours of sleep a night for four days or so, meaning that I pretty much sleep through the fifth day entirely and miss all of the stuff going on then. It’s not only affecting my ability to work and my general mental health and emotional control, but my attendance has gone to shit because attending your fourth 9am in a row when you’ve had ten hours total sleep in the past week isn’t exactly a minor accomplishment. We got a massive shit-storm on Friday about our attendance and how important it is and how we’ll all die and waste £27,000 and live in poverty and redundance forever if we don’t attend at least 106% of lectures, so I emailed him to ask if there was any way to have it noted on my attendance record that like… I’m barely even surviving, please have pity on the dying student, it’s not like I’m skiving because I Just Didn’t Fancy This One 4/9 lectures a week. Not only has it taken him six days to get back to what was a polite yet urgently-worded email, but his response was pretty much “That’s rough buddy”. I asked if he knew whether I was better going through the mental health service or the health centre, or if he could go to the attendance office for me, and he just said to try and carry on and “not worry about my attendance” and if the attendance office gets on my back just tell them he gave me the all-clear to miss lectures due to insomnia. Like… Gee, fam, thanks. I’m sure that’s a solid fucking credential. This is also the second time I’ve asked him for help with mental health and he’s just gone “idk what to say sorry :/”

Basically I am in a terrible place emotionally and physically and all I need is to feel valid and like I’m allowed to have some time to recover and all I’m getting is people saying “buckle-up champ it’s not that bad” and I assumed uni would be as good as sixth form about helping me with my mental health but evidently fucking not and recovery is apparently so non-linear that I’m circling back to my worst places it would seem and


David Tennant Appreciation Week: Day Six

Favourtie 2015 Moment/Smile: The NTA’s are my fave 2015 moment, honestly they’re probably my fave moment ever. All his smiles are great, but this one right here at the NTA’s is on another level. It’s right after his dad finishes talking, and when I watch this part I can’t decide whether to cry or smile right along with him, though usually I’m sobbing like a baby.

idk anymore..

So yesterday I was scrolling through YouTube videos because I’ve been studying for finals all week and haven’t had time to watch anything. I came across a video titled “Stally Last Moments Together” or something of that nature and I was confused as fuck because I know that when Shannon and Cammie split there was a similar video like that. So I clicked on it and it was basically a bunch of Stevie and Ally’s snaps, BUT then at the end of the video there were tweets. If you haven’t figured it out already, Stevie tweeted that they had broken up and Ally tweeted about being heartbroken and so on… Wait hold up, What. The. Fuck. Just. Happened. Here I am 4 days late on all this news and I have to do a project right now but I can’t because I’m watching loads of Stally videos and ridiculously sobbing like a child. I’m just barely getting over Shannon and Cammie but there’s no way in hell that I would believe you if you told me that Stevie and Ally were going to split. I honestly feel as if this were a prank, but its been 4 days since the tweets and idk anymore. I find it extremely weird that people are saying “I hope they work things out” and kind of just going along with it because in my head I feel as though none of this is actually real. I’m literally just waiting for some sort of clarification through an official video. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but I trust nothing at this point. Aghh… idk y’all, idk anymore. I’m just gonna crawl into a corner for the rest of the day. I love them both dearly, they’ve helped so much within this small and beautiful community via YouTube. And I understand that we don’t see all of their lives together but I am soooooo lost lately. Anyone else having trouble comprehending this?

So, I don’t know if it’s still the Fanfiction Appreciation Day everywhere, but as one enamored and mesmerized fan of you awesome legends, I just wanna let you know how much I love you and how much you make my days. You guys lift my spirits when canon screws us over. You guys take the characters on amazing journeys for us to join them- to another time, another place, another anything, or even in canon. You make canon a better place and pull a better place out of what is canon. You make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me blush, you make me yell, you make me fall into existential crisis, you make me grip my phone so tight that I fear it might break. I’m so grateful to all of you for taking precious time out of your busy lives to put giant smiles on our faces. I just can’t thank you enough!

Before becoming a sobbing mess, here I shout-out to some favourites. There’s a lot more, though, whom I’ve either forgotten to mention like a dickhead or whose Tumblr username I don’t know, but I love you all so freakin’ much and I love you forever and you have no idea how precious you guys are to me!

@agentcalliope @grapehyasynth @chinese-bakery @jemmamaximoff @writeonthrough @thelatenightstoryteller @recoveringrabbit @roamingbadger @stillnotapepper @agent-hayley @tashonix @nerdlove4thewin @doteleven @everyl1ttleth1ng @undercovermarvelgeek @unbreakablejemmasimmons @agent-85 @jeemmasimmons @theclaravoyant @imperfectlychaotic @amanda-rex @eclecticmuses @agentverbivore @perthshirekisses @lucyrinner @reymanova @fitzsimmvns @agl03 @overworkedunderwhelmed @drsfitzsimmons @bookishandbossy @superirishbreakfasttea @lalallicat @fitzsimmonsftw @consoledacup @thesokovianaccords @plentyofmalk @comickid99 @shieldsil @omgfitzsimmons @crystabelshalott @jemmaswan @memorizingthedigitsofpi @dilkirani @accio-the-force @agentlukaofshield @msdevindanielle @madalayna @0hcicero @notlovenotalways @theresalwaysaway @jessiecrimefighter @badscienceshenanigans @amandajoyce118 @parksanddownton603 @etoilesdeglace @aretsuna @anythas-thoughts @ughfitz @clearascountryair @inevitably-inquisitive @leofi-xed @whentheskyequakes @adaughterofeve @pleaseletmeshowyou @fitzsimmmonsy @mech-bull 

Nothing but love and love and love and love and love and love for you beauties! Keep on rocking our worlds with your mega awesomeness! 

Four for you, fanficcers! You go, fanficcers!

I heard her cry over the phone. Her sobs are really painful and it really hurts on my part to hear her cry because of that asshole who broke her heart. She’s crying her heart out because of pain and hurt. How could he sleep at night knowing this precious girl that i’ve been trying to protect is crying all because of him? She keeps on crying without saying anything and knowing she’s on that state of pain, it’s killing me. I wish i can take away all the pain. I wish i can bring him back to her again just to ease the pain. But i can’t do that. I don’t want her to get hurt over the same person who who’s not worthy of her love.  I hope he will realize one day what he lost. I wish he can hear all her sobs every night just to realize how badly he broke her. I don’t want her to get hurt, especially if that person who caused her with so much pain doesn’t deserve even just a single tear. She’s hurt and all i can do is to listen to her painful sobs.
—  i wish i can do something to ease the pain
Do you think I’ll be able to get through this?” A friend asked me.

“Yes. I think you could. Why?” I answered with a measured but concern enough voice.

She’s been through a lot. It has been almost 2 months but she still think she’ll be with him. That one day he will come back. That he would come over and apologize and tell her that it was a mistake. That he can’t leave without her and that he wants them to be together again. Honestly, she deserves more than all this what ifs.

“B-but.. I can’t stop crying. And its been two months.” she starting sobbing, her shoulder starts to rise and fall at the side of her neck.

I can’t help but let out a defeated sigh then tapped the vacant space on my side. I scoot over to the side then she sits there. Her head tilted and resting on my shoulder.

“Do you know when a wound is healed and is safe to touch?” I asked.

She shakes her head without saying anything then I smiled at the wall that we are both facing without looking at her.

“You don’t touch it when it is still wet and bleeding; you wait for it to dry.” I answered then I sensed her hiccuping starts to fade.

“So cry,” I trailed off.

“Cry until it dries off.”

“Cry until it heals you.
—  hishiddenletters, How to treat a wound
The saddest of sights
Are the eyes of another who are sad
From the bottom of your heart you want to heal theirs
But you are only human
And nothing you say is healing enough
The combination of words all fall short
And once again you fall short
To try and rise above your downfall
But how can you ?
And they sob in front of you
Over the world’s ills
Whichever one has caught them
And it’s just so sad
Because circumstances differ
But the same gate has opened
And until the flood subsides you let it spill onto your fibres
The sensation is not unfamiliar though
If I had one wish
It would be to hug the pain away
Absorb the sorrows to let them fight another day
Give me your discontent
And turn towards the sunshine.
I am crazy enough to enjoy the rain
—  Your Sword and Shield
Aman Thind