i can so see it guys

can i just say that comparing zionism & nazism is already offensive but especially so literally a day after a horde of nazis march in the name of jewish genocide

it’s also ridiculous that there are leftists who see richard spencer claim he only traffics in “white identity politics” & are able to realize it’s nazism manipulating rhetoric to gain face & that “white identity politics” is far different from that of POC because POC are oppressed for their identity & white people are not, but when he says he’s just a “zionist for whites”, you guys go “yep sounds right, those are the same,” as if jewish history & white american history are no different

there are clearly critiques of zionism on racial & ethnic grounds w/r/t beta israel & mizrahim & palestinians etc but can we just not compare jews to nazis & not accept at face value what a fucking nazi says about his ideology

honestly the fact that some bands perform ‘stage gay’ rubs me the wrong way


sorry to do this to you all but it was requested and I honestly couldn’t pass on such an opportunity. ALSO let me take this opportunity to say how much I love you guys like seriously you are some of the sweetest people ever and I love you. ANYWAYS… HERE WE GO!

10. a very shirtless Ravi…

9. A Basically shirtless Ravioli with a strap to cover the nips so this performance can be shown…

8. A not totally shirtless but we can see your abs Ravi


6. A Hot damn Ravi is shirtless with a tattoo but his face looks like…he is in pain?

5. *screams*

4. yassss

3. And it is at this point we give up

2. *wraps self in blanket for comfort and screams*

1. *gawks*help


Ok so back story - I’m currently living in Canada and haven’t seen my parents in person since I left New Zealand in June 2016 (it’s August 2017 at this point). But they’re coming to see me in September so I booked time off and everything was good!
But then I found out they’d gotten the dates wrong and would be arriving the day before my leave started and I was so upset I wouldn’t be able to see my parents at the airport. But kind of just accepted the fact that I’d see them after work.

But today my coworker who NEVER swaps shifts comes up to me and goes “I’ve told our manager I’m coming back from my vacation a day early so I can cover your shift and you can go surprise your family at the airport”. And guys this made me so so so so happy like you would not believe. I brought her her favourite coffee beans and a bottle of wine as a thank you but like it doesn’t seem enough because this means so much to me. I just wanted to share because it means so much to me that she did this and I know this is a fuck customers page but like YAY FOR AMAZING CO WORKERS!!!!!!

I’M JUST…….Guys I can’t even explain how emotional I am over that Iman Meskini shoot

It means SO MUCH to me to see a fellow hijabi sister thriving and doing so well and saying on the cover of a magazine how she’s PROUD TO BE MUSLIM 

because for so long so many of us Muslims in the west (especially hijabis) have been made to feel that we should somehow feel ashamed to be muslim or try to downplay it/downplay our so called ‘otherness’

and here SHE IS, unapologetically being her gorgeous self, displaying her religion with PRIDE, and with all of her identities as a Norwegian, Tunisian and a Muslim existing and coming together peacefully

I just…..love her and what she’s doing for us hijabis soooo much, how she’s such an inspiration and role model <3 <3 <3

Bless Iman truly, may Allah always keep her happy and smiling that lovely smile

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SO WHAT IF GoT tosses a curve ball and #EPICBOATSEX is them consummating their marriage. Think about it. Jon is asked twice if he's ok with Dany being unable to have kids which would be a big deal in a medieval relationship between royalty. Plus it would really mirror the flashbacks to Rhaegar/Lyanna.

I definitely have thought about this theory my friend and I have seen it elsewhere around tumblr as well. 

I want to believe it because it would be amazing for our ship. But I don’t actually buy the theory :(

If Jon and Dany had a secret marriage, that would be an ENORMOUS plot point. We’re talking huge and earth-shattering for the plot. I think this is something we would know from the leaks. I can’t see Lads as a guy who cares enough about our feelings to leave out a huge plot point so that we can be surprised and happy hahaha. 

Additionally, I believe that a Jon x Dany marriage is such a huge moment that we would see it on screen. We would definitely have the scene. So I don’t think it would happen offscreen and only be revealed in season 8.

So as much as I would love it, I really do think that boatsex is just sex. It’s loving sex, and Jon and Dany’s relationship is serious and committed. But I don’t see the scene as consummation of a secret marriage. 

Last thing–when is Jon asked twice if he cares about her infertility? It was mentioned to him once in 7.06 and to my knowledge this doesn’t come up again in his presence?

Anyway, I do love the theory and I don’t know everything so of course I could be wrong. In this instance, I’d like to be wrong. I HOPE I’m wrong haha.

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What are your thought on the boat scene at end of ep 6?

I loved it sooo much. It made my trash shipping heart explode and they just held hands. It was, I thought, a good way to at least try and make up for killing Viserion (which is still extremely painful ugh). 

  • Dany is the first one he sees when he wakes up-and the first thing he does is apologize. 
  • How she almost pulls her hand away when he hold it, like she’s not quite sure what to do with it or she’s just not used to it…she’s trying so hard not to let herself fall for this guy because she can’t help it (and it’s Jon Snow-who can blame her?). 
  • He calls her Dany??? and no one’s called her that but her brother??? She doesn’t like it now but I think she’ll get used to it if Jon keeps saying it the way that he does :) I keep forgetting how many people don’t know her by her nickname; I’ll just say Jon and Dany all the time and people won’t realize that I mean Daenerys lol. 
  • But it was just so sweet and tender, even though they didn’t exchange a lot of dialogue. You can just see how sorry he is and how much she’s trying to hold it together around him but how she’s still really sad about losing Viserion. And then he said he was going to bend the knee…I like how Dany’s almost changed opinions on that. At the beginning of the season it was all about making him bend the knee-but now she’s concerned about how the northerners will take it. She wouldn’t be worried about that if she didn’t think that Jon was a kind and considerate ruler in his own right. As we all know, Dany has no patience for tyrants. 
  • And don’t even get me started on Dany foreshadowing her own pregnancy by saying that the dragons are the only children she’ll ever have. And she’s revealing it to Jon, almost self consciously talking about it. I feel like it’s just another symbol of her trust in him, because she doesn’t talk about it very much if at all. She and Tyrion talked about it earlier in the episode for practical purposes, but she doesn’t really talk about how she’s barren (at least, she thinks she is). They’re letting their guards down around each other in a way that they let their guards down around very few other people. 
  • And then there’s just that silence between them before Dany tells him to get some rest, because neither of them wants to leave but they don’t know what to do next. She gets out of there fast, like she’s trying to keep herself from looking back perhaps? 
  • Their interactions just changed so much between 7x05 and the end of 7x06 and it’s so noticeable. I don’t know how anyone can deny that they have chemistry, especially now. 

Sorry that’s so long-I just have a lot of emotions about it lol; it was so beautiful. 

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Hey! Ayearofgrumpgirls here! I got a message from a sketchy account saying that in a "private conversation" with them, you told them you hated me. I wanted to send you this ask so that people can publicly see we're buds and there's no reason to try to start drama where there is none. We're cool, and theres nothing to worry about. Love you! Keep doing what you're doing, amazingly wonderful person! ♡

Aw no, how gross. Who was it? I’d like to speak to them privately if that’s okay. Definitely never said anything like that! Promise!

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Kaye, do u know where i can see BV season 2? I really wanna see the 1st episode >.<

I unfortunately dont know as someone was kind enough to share their acc w me so i didnt need to look for links uhuhuh but maybe one of you guys know?? I HIGHLY REC BV im in literal tears every episode both in laughter and in feels i love this family sm

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i was able to see some filming on the last episode and from what I can tell the motw is a wraith. there was some other stuff too - patience is on the volleyball team. a body comes out of missuori's house. Didn't see jared at all so he may not be there with patience and jody.

oooo, very cool. The last time we saw a wraith was after Jo and Ellen died and we were exploring the guys grief that way. I’m guessing Sam is off with Jack, and maybe Dean is not cool with that? Can’t wait for this ep…

First Appreciation Post!

Hi, it’s me your lovely Yoongi biased army person but my name is Jacqueline, just in case you guys didn’t know that. So it was shocking to see how fast my blog had grown the last couple of months. I made this blog back in 2013 and this was in the midst of my One Direction era, what can I say, except that I’m a sucker for boy bands, but I never really got the point of Tumblr so I didn’t really do a lot with this blog, it even had a different name, I believe I went under “mysafehavenonline” or something like that. I also never had a lot of followers and I was really insecure, which all changed when I discovered 7 amazingly talented guys(okay at first I only thought they were hot) I can safely say that I first thought that Jungkook was the hottest guy ever, although I still think he is way too handsome, he is a bit young as I’m a year older than Jin, so I looked further until I noticed Suga or Yoongi and I was sold.

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But let’s get to the point, just forget about what I just said. I never really thought my blog would grow so fast but it did and from 300 followers, I suddenly went to 400 and higher and now I reached a number I never thought I would reach. 

1.000 Followers and counting!!

When did that even happen and to say I’m puzzled about this is an understatement. I reblog mostly from others and only put up fan fiction, so I guess you must be liking that right? I’m really thankful for each and every follower. I’m thankful for the lovely messages I receive or the silly questions. I’m grateful for the games you want to play with me when I desperately pleading you guys. 

I’m happy that you are loving my fanfics, that I write with love and I’m grateful for the requests that you guys send me. The reactions you give me when I post a new chapter. It always brings a smile to my face and even the people who are giving me feedback on how I could improve myself, Thank you really because without those messages I can’t improve. 

Thank you for the followers who have taken the courage to talk to me and even though I’m not that good at keeping in touch, you’re always in my thoughts and don’t think I’m suddenly ignoring you, it’s just that I’m awkward and not always know how to keep up a conversation but I’m always here to listen to your problems or just your daily life. You guys share the same passion, who are these 7 incredible guys. 

So usually there is a follow forever but honestly, I don’t really know how that exactly works, so instead I’m just going to give a shout out to the people I talk to and admire. If I don’t name you, don’t think that I don’t like you or anything, it’s just that I don’t know you but again I appreciate and love every single follower!!

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These are just a few, that cross my mind right now and as I said earlier I named a few that I maybe never talk to but I do follow and admire you. It’s not easy to give a shout out to a lot of people but for the people I forgot, 


but it’s really a lot, so to the people, I forgot, also a shout-out to you! 

Also before I forgot this. I use a lot of Gifs and as I don’t have a clue how to make nice gifs I really, really appreciate the people who make Gifs because it’s amazing to see how fast you guys are and please know that whenever I use a gif you made, I always use the ones with credit and I NEVER repost them because I know how much work you put into them. I just really want to thank you guys for making the gifs in the first place!

So this was my first appreciation post, I hope I can make another one within no time and please if you guys want to talk or whatever, just know I’m here and believe me I’m just as shy and awkward, so don’t feel like you can’t approach me. Again thank you all so much for following me, I can’t say this enough and I promise I will be entertaining you with a lot more fanfics in the future.

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I know I'm not invited to the wedding and you may not post anything about it-- but I'm Soo ExcITeD! Like-?? AAA Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!! @the anon who asked for a ship name.. thank you- I'm honored to have a new ship!

Omg you are so cute!! I can post things/pics or whatever from the day? All I have are engagement photos now if you guys really wanna see them lol not like we were dressed as shiro or anything…. omg I wish we were now Ima cry LOL

Yup, I Did It. I Posted my New Fic!

It’s part of a new series, “Someday Out of the Blue,” and the first part is called “Meeting.” It’s a modern AU where Cassian and Jyn haven’t seen or talked to each other in about 5 years, and they run into each other at Starbucks. Jyn has a little girl with her, and so does Cassian. He wants to catch up, but she’s not too keen on it. However, she agrees to see him, as long as she can make it through a few drinks during it.

It’s not a super happy piece. It’s very angsty and deals with relationship problems. BUT, I ALWAYS deliver a HEA, so it will end that way. I’m hoping to make it a 3-part series, but we’ll see. The next part should start moving in a happier direction. I really hope you guys like it. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever written before. More detailed summary and more notes in the work.

Buuuuut…CLIP/TEASER after the break!

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Got this idea while listening to Fastest Girl in Town. How would MF Sans react to someone flirting with him in a bar, getting really close to him but then their phone goes off and they have to leave, but seconds later he checks for his keys and they're GONE because they stole them and are now driving away with his car! And he loses them too. Can't find them or his car ANYWHERE. And a week later, there's his car, sitting in his driveway, newly painted and buffed, [Part 1]

[Part 2] with his keys wrapped up nice and neat in a note that had a kiss mark which said “Nice and hot guy like yourself should have his car matching. Also fixed up your transmission and engine, got it to go to 250 now. See you again~!”

Okay first, I love that song, I love Miranda Lambert in general, and second, I love this idea so much that I’m going to write a drabble for it instead of just an imagine. I totally blasted the song while I was writing. Just so you know, I decided to take a few liberties while writing to make it a bit more accurate to BD’s character. Hope you still enjoy it!!

ps- Big Daddy’s critical eye doesn’t stop at weapons. He’s totally a mechanical nut.

Under cut for convenience <3

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Natasha, Pierre, and My Soul Ascended To A Higher Level Of Existence Which Is Basically What The Whole Show Is About

I saw Great Comet last night (16 August) you guys and let me tell you, ALL MY DREAMS CAME TRUE.

There’s truly nothing that can replace the experience of having your butt in a seat and I am so, so grateful that I was able to go. I truly count it as a blessing.

SO! My best friend and I made a trip of it (we don’t live near NYC) and because we could only see the show once I did my research and sprang for second row of the front mezzanine, center. We could not have chosen better seats. I was on the center aisle right next to all those ensemble members and could probably have reached out and touched Scott Stangland and Paul Pinto at various points in the show.

Shoba was on for Natasha and I was so excited to see her because even though I LOVE Denée I do have access to her performance through boots and though it’s not the same as in person I had heard such great things about Shoba that I really wanted to see her and I did and she was perfect. There is so much of book!Natasha in her, my dear, dear girl and soul sister. I adored her.

Scott was on as Pierre and he was everything I could have wished for. His voice sounds rougher in recordings I’ve heard but was delightfully smooth last night in places where smoothness was called for but also got rough when it was necessary and he’s got a such a dark tone to his voice that was great and a wonderful contrast with all the lightness of Shoba’s.


Let’s play a little game called “How Many Times Did MG Cry?”

  1. I walked into the theatre and saw the set.
  2. It started with the blue light and “The moooooooon” in “No One Else” and continued through the whole song because I know exactly what that feels like, Natasha darling. And apparently so did the audience member Shoba made eye contact with because her eyes were so wide and she nodded.
  3. “Dust and Ashes”. I mean. Fuck. Me. Up. That is perhaps my favorite musical theatre solo of all time and it’s just a brilliant song and Scott did it brilliantly. His delivery of “Did I squander my divinity?” had me WRECKED.
  4. Literally everything from “In My House” to “The Great Comet of 1812” with special intensity in “Pierre & Natasha”. Scott’s three “stop”s were so gentle. Instead of it being harsher, like “stop, I can’t bear to hear you speak of yourself like this, you have to stop”, it was so tender, like “Natasha, darling, please, shhh, stop”. And when Shoba reached out to touch his face, he leaned back like he was startled, couldn’t believe it was happening, these things don’t happen to him, he almost couldn’t bear for her to touch him because he loves her so damn much.

Other things I noticed and loved:

  • Scott’s “raise the roof” motion on “I am enjoying myself at home this evening” was the best thing I’ve ever seen.
  • In “The Opera” when Natasha sings “Yes, Pierre that good man, a little sad, a little stout,” Marya shakes her head slightly and widens her eyes like “Natasha you can’t say things like that.”
  • I enjoy going to the opera in general but I can also tell you that the opera performance is 100% what zoning out at the opera is like. Suddenly nothing makes sense and everyone’s making weird noises. It was fantastic.
  • Our seats for Lucas’s first entrance were PERFECT. STRIKE A POSE, ya Russian playboy.
  • When Anatole tells Pierre he saw Natasha and Pierre says “Oh, dear Andrei’s betrothed” Anatole looks at the audience and does a hand gesture that translates to “eeeeeeeeh let’s see how long that lasts”.
  • Pierre’s little dance during the “gonna drink tonight” section is so adorable and so sad because he’s so excited but there’s no way this is gonna go well sweetie.
  • They were not fucking around with the announcement about the strobes. They were hard even for me and I’ve seen shows with strobes before, but I managed to keep my eyes open and it was fucking worth it. Anatole during the “Drink with me my love” section was A GIFT.
  • Also Grace McLean in that suit. She rolls up to Pierre and mouths “I love you” before stalking off with her whip.
  • During the preparations for the duel the ensemble member lounging on the stair next to me turns to the ensemble member seated up the staircase behind her and slurs “This seems familiar. It feels like we’ve done this before today already.” #twoshowday
  • When Anatole tells Pierre “Shake it off, and be happy, we live to love another day” he gives him a wink and does the finger guns thing and it’s like God Anatole YOU HAVE NO TACT.
  • The way Shoba delivers “I’ll shut myself in my room and try on new dresses” is like, yahs, girl, I know exactly what you mean and that is also how I cope.
  • Obligatory casual reminder that I would do anything for Natasha Rostova.
  • In “Charming” when Hélène sings “he was thinkin’ bout you, he kept sighin’ bout you” Natasha turns away from her and mouths “yes” and it was exactly like when your best friend tells you that they overheard your crush telling his friends you were cute and he wanted to ask you out my gosh it was so real
  • Honestly in general Shoba just gives off this sense of Natasha a young woman who’s trying to figure out what this love thing means because she definitely cares for Andrei but he’s gone and you get the sense that she’s young and she loves who’s in front of her (and that is so real for me) so she’s got a crush but then it’s like the first time someone has paid attention to her in an implicitly sexual fashion and it kind of makes her head explode. It’s a perfect (to me) interpretation.
  • Anatole’s “I am in love, dear, I am in love” gave me the sense that Anatole was saying that because he knew that’s what was going to get Natasha to take him seriously enough for him to get what he wanted. (I also think Anatole thought he loved Natasha. I don’t think he did, because he’s not looking out for her best interests and that’s a key part of love, but he thinks he does because he’s a shit with no emotional intelligence.) But in this case he’s wheedling, like, “look at me sweetheart look at me look at me I love you please look at me I love you.”
  • Anatole’s face when Natasha sang “I will love you Anatole” seemed less “oh shit what did I get myself into” and more “oooooookay yep I can roll with this very nice good job Kuragin.”
  • I got a letter! I caught Pearl Rhein’s eye as she was walking up the aisle and smiled at her and she smiled back and presented a letter with a flourish and Blaine was behind her and gave his letter to my best friend. (Blaine’s note said “If I flip a coin what are the chances that I’ll get head?” and Pearl’s note said “Your face glows as brightly as the comet itself” and this is the story of how I died I will treasure that note forever.)
  • Anatole rolls into “Preparations” with luggage! Like, he just strides in with a duffel bag, and the way he delivers “You’ll not be seeing me…for some time” and the look he gives the audience just screams “BECAUSE I’M GONNA GET LAID, BITCHES”. Also, both Lucas Steele and Nick Choksi swagger like they’re weightless and I adore it. I’m easily charmed by well-executed swagger. See above comments about how I get it, Natasha honey.
  • I am normally anti-singing at the theatre because other people did not come to hear me sing BUT the cast is so loud on the “Goodbye my gypsy lovers” chorus that I figured it wouldn’t bother other people and I know the cast likes to see when people know the show so I sang along and caught the eye of the accordion player walking up the aisle and sang right to him and he gave me an “awwwww yeah” face and it was the greatest moment.
  • After Pierre’s “WHOOOOOOOOOOA” the entire theatre erupted in applause while the cast collapsed on the floor and caught their breath. Scott was bent over gasping for breath, and when the applause died a bit and he looked up to start singing again he caught Lucas’s eye and just started giggling and it was the greatest, and then he sucked in another deep breath and dove straight into “Here’s to HAPPINESSFREEDOMANDLIFE.
  • When Lucas did “Shut the door! First we have to sit down!” he scooted into the end of a booth next to a young woman who looked at him, looked out at the rest of the audience, and fanned herself, like “oh my god he’s so hot”. Everyone laughed and the way Lucas said “Yes” sounded like he meant “Yes, that is true.” And then they ‘sup nodded at each other and Lucas reached his arm around her shoulders and relaxed into it and said “That’s the way,” and gave it another beat before “It’s a Russian custom.” And then held the silence for a solid thirty seconds before “alright.”
  • In “A Call to Pierre” during the ascending scale on the strings the lightbulbs light up a path from Marya D to where Pierre is sleeping at his desk. THIS LIGHTING DESIGN UGH I LOVE IT.
  • As mentioned above, “Pierre & Natasha” ended me.

I went to the stage door and got to meet Josh Canfield and Shoba and Scott and Grace and Brittain (sweet Brittain! I nodded to my best friend who was next to me and said I would stand in the dark for her any day and Brittain said “Everyone needs someone like that” god she’s so cute) and I got to thank Pearl for my letter in person and she thanked me for my glowing face and Nick Choksi came out and Nicholas Belton and other awesome badass ensemble members and everyone at the stage door was so respectful and it was wonderful. It was a bit of a bummer not to see Lucas or Amber (although I know Amber almost never stage doors because she has a tiny human to get back to at home) but I’m going to write so many letters tomorrow because it’s so important for me that this cast and team and family knows that they are loved and that people (me) traveled across a third of the country to come see them.

This show is SUCH an inspiration, not only to other theatre performers and designers of my acquaintance, but to people like me whose primary artistic expression is not theatre, however much I love it. I’m a writer and this show has reminded me that I get to do what I want and that beautiful, beautiful things often come from a melding of tradition and complete out-of-the-box fantastical thinking. It was an honor to be a part of that world last night.

Give! Kj! Apa! A! Fucking! Break! The poor guy has done nothing but support and love the cast and show. He’s one of the most talented actors I’ve had the pleasure of seeing on my screen. How many people can get up in the morning, without practicing, and just speak in another country’s accent? Or break their hand because they were so intent on making a highly emotional scene real? He has done nothing to hurt this fandom or anyone to be honest. Stop hating on someone for past mistakes that have been explained or just because you don’t like how he looks. He is a human being and who are you to tear him apart in his comments. If you’re still so attached to hating the guy, don’t publicize it? Don’t get people involved so you can gang up on him. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but when it starts effecting this community and the actual actor himself, it’s not okay. He’s a person. Not a joke.

anonymous asked:

How do think hisoka would react to someone showing sincere kindness and joy towards him? The person is genuinely happy to spend time with hisoka for whatever reason can be thought of.

This is something that’s been on my mind since I’ve been in the HxH fandom. So like, years. He’s a lonely guy by choice, he’s only with people for as long as he can obtain something from them. I don’t see him hang out honestly. I mean, he did ask Machi to stay for dinner, but I’m pretty sure he teased. He wasn’t expecting Machi to actually say “sure dude!”. Hisoka socializes when it benefits him. Whether the person actually likes him or not it’s irrelevant to him. He knows he has issues, if someone liked him he’d be more wary of them than he is of his enemies. Hisoka doesn’t strike me as the type of guy who opens up. He’s way too deep in his personality and after the fight with Chrollo he’s even worse.

callmeriverdale: Give! Kj! Apa! A! Fucking! Break!... - We Go High
callmeriverdale: Give! Kj! Apa! A! Fucking! Break! The poor guy has done nothing but support and love the cast and show. He’s one of the most talented actors I’ve had the pleasure of seeing on my screen. How many people can get up in the morning, without practicing, and just speak in another country’s accent? Or break their hand because they were so intent on making a highly emotional scene real? He has done nothing to hurt this fandom or anyone to be honest. Stop hating on someone for past mistakes that have been explained or just because you don’t like how he looks. He is a human being and who are you to tear him apart in his comments. If you’re still so attached to hating the guy, don’t publicize it? Don’t get people involved so you can gang up on him. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but when it starts effecting this community and the actual actor himself, it’s not okay. He’s a person. Not a joke. THIS ALL OF THIS!

Another day, another alter….Or a misdirect so we’ll forget about MeltJ!!

Give! Kj! Apa! A! Fucking! Break! The poor guy has done nothing but support and love the cast and show. He’s one of the most talented actors I’ve had the pleasure of seeing on my screen.How many people can get up in the morning, without practicing, and just speak in another country’s accent? Or break their hand because they were so intent on making a highly emotional scene real? He has done nothing to hurt this fandom or anyone to be honest. Stop hating on someone for past mistakes that have been explained or just because you don’t like how he looks. He is a human being and who are you to tear him apart in his comments. If you’re still so attached to hating the guy, don’t publicize it? Don’t get people involved so you can gang up on him. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but when it starts effecting this community and the actual actor himself, it’s not okay. He’s a person. Not a joke.

He’s an actor who is extremely well compensated to do the above, chose to do the above and frankly, sucks at it. We’re also free to criticize him. It’s how things work. Now if people are doing this directly to him, that’s rude and obnoxious (though doesn’t remotely approach sending them hate about personal, private things they haven’t chosen to share.

And maybe he should try to be, IDK, better at his job??

However, criticizing his performance on the show, nothing remotely wrong and who the fuck are you to tell us what we may or may nor do?