i can smell her perfume

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Journal entry: August 18, I ran my fingers through her hair and she breathed life into me. She spoke in a language only love could listen to and I spoke it back and that's very telling. If Veronica lodge were a black whole I'd let her sweep me off my feet. Yours truly, Betty P. S. I can still smell her perfume in here and it's a blessing

why am I crying in the club

Allison's home-Stiles Stilinski

This was a dream I had then I made up an ending. I don’t know it may be strange but I think this should happen, if it did i’d actually cry.

words: 3130


I woke up screaming in the middle of the night again for the 8th time this month. It’s always the same nightmare -Allison getting stabbed by the oni. Only it’s not a nightmare, it’s a memory an it plays over and over again until my brother Scott wakes me up. Like now, he just holds me in his arms while I cry. Sometimes he cries with me. I feel awful to keep doing it and reminding him about it but I have no control over my nightmares. It always feels so real, like I’m in that moment again. I can smell her perfume and feel the cold from the wind. Eventually we fall asleep in eachothers arms. Mum always wakes us up with a sympathetic smile and pancakes.

It’s been less than a year since Allison passed and weird things have happened. I was in Eichen for a couple of months. They thought it was best for me. While I was in there the pack dealt with the deadpool, they were extremely shocked to find my name on it. It turns out I’m a witch. Not the hocus pocus, bibbidy bobbidy stuff. But I can do spells, heal people and i can create a protective force field kind of thing (like bella in twilight) around people- which i haven’t learned to do yet. I’ve been training with Deaton ever since I got out and I’m getting good. 

A couple of weeks ago I found this spell to bring people back to life. I wasn’t supposed to find it but I begged Deaton to help me. I told him I would do it with or without him. He told me i could die if i did it alone so he would help me but it would take a couple weeks to gather supplies. I haven’t told the pack in case something goes wrong or it doesn’t work, but we are doing it tonight. There are countless things that could go wrong.

Firstly, I essentially have to die much like the way Stiles, Scott, Allison and Isaac have done in the past. I may never wake up. Another issue is I haven’t found my anchor yet, eventhough I’m not a werewolf or werecoyote - wereanything, i still need an anchor to control myself.

Currently though, I’m sitting in class listening to coach talk about something nobody cares about as usual. There is a lacrosse game tonight and I’m planning to do it while they are there. I hope it’s not too suspicious because I go to every single game of Scotts, we are very close siblings being twins and all.

I feel something hitting off my shoulder. I turn to catch the culprit but smile when I see Stiles with that adorable grin.

“you okay?” he whispers nodding to my forearm where I had drawn blood from scratching. I was too focused thinking about tonight I didn’t even notice. My eyes widen but nod. He smiles and i do too. I go to turn around my Scott catches my attention.

“are you sure your ok? you’ve been tapping your foot this entire lesson and your heartbeat just got really fast…” he asks innocently. I blush but nod resting my head in my hands to hide my face. The bell rings and I shoot up and out of my seat. Stiles and Scott race after me. I almost get away but Lydia, Malia and Kira are waiting outside the door. I groan.

“hello to you too buttercup” Lydia says sarcastically. I smile at her and try to walk

past them.

“were are you going? are you coming to the game?” Scott yells at me as I’m quite a far distance away now. I turn and shake my head.

“I’m sorry but I can’t, I’ve got to train with Deaton. It’s really important and I can’t miss it. I might see you after, you’ll do great!” then i run outside to my car. I drive off before any of them can reach me.

Scott’s POV*

“she never misses our games? do you think she’s ok?” I turn towards everyone. “dude, she’ll be fine come on, we’ve got to get ready, we’ll see you girls out there.” Stiles replies. I sigh but go to get changed.

“Now that you mentioned it, it is a little strange. What can be more important than coming to see you play, she comes to every single game” Stiles says as he’s getting dressed. I huff.

“I know, she’s my good luck charm. Although I think she comes to see you more than me.” I reply to stiles wiggling my eyebrows.

“what are you insinuating?” Stiles’ voice wavers and I smirk.

“that you and my sister are going to get married and have lot’s of babies together…” I joke. I expect him to laugh but he just gulps.

“wait, do you actually like my sister?” I ask. He breaks eye contact with me.

“ew, no bro, that’s disgusting she’s like my sister too…” he defends. I nod agreeing but I can hear his heart beat getting faster and the slight squeak to his voice, you don’t have to be a werewolf to tell he’s lying.

“I mean, I wouldn’t be bothered if you did…” i suggest.

“well i don’t!” he snaps back slamming his locker shut. I laugh silently, happy that I know they both like each other but will not admit it. Her heart beat get’s faster everytime she looks at him. As does his.

We leave the locker room and go to the field. It’s raining really badly. We go over to coach.

“Hey guys, I think we’re going to have to cancel. A little rain is fine but it’s too dangerous for you to play like this. I don’t even know where it came from. We go over to the girls and Lydia looks really panicked.

"Lydia what’s wrong?” I ask her. A tear rolls down her cheek.

“It’s y/n” that’s all she has to say until we are all racing towards Stiles’ Jeep.

Normal POV (earlier on)*

“Hey Deaton, we ready to do this?” I greet him as i walk inside the clinic. He smiles nervously. I sigh taking off my jacket.

“don’t get nervous on me now, I’m ready. I can do this.” he nods uncertainly. I go inside the ‘main’ room and he has two ice baths ready. One for me and hopefully one when I bring Ali back.

“did you bring it?” he asks. I nod showing him the necklace Allison had given me. It was right before she died so it held a lot of meaning. I looked at it for a while before dropping it in her bath. Then I turn towards Deaton.

“Ok, ready to go?” i ask nervously. He rubs up and down my arms.
“Did you find an anchor?” I look down shaking my head, but subconciously I’m playing with the necklace around my neck, it was a birthday present from Stiles. “what about who ever gave you that?” he points to the necklace. I look at it thinking then i whisper
“Stiles” and look up to see Deaton smiling.
“perfect!” I blush and he pecks my forehead. I step into the bath instantly my body freezes. I sit down and take a breath before laying down.

Scott’s POV*
We run out of the Jeep and head towards the animal clinic. The lights are low and the door says that’s it’s closed. I look at Stiles and he runs his hand through his hair afraid of what we’re about to see. I open the door going first, i run into the 'main’ room and see Deaton but no y/n. There are two ice baths and I cough getting Deaton’s attention. He get’s up quickly coming to stand in front of me.

“what are you all doing here?” he asks nervously.
“where’s y/n” Stiles asks.
“i, uh, she’d kill me. She’s in the bath.” he whispers. My eyes widen and I go towards the bath.
“dont touch it! you could kill her!” he states. I step back.
“why are there two?” Lydia asks confused. Deaton looks down at his feet. I growl and he gulps.
“She’s gone to bring Allison back” he mumbles. everyone gasps. I get angry and storm towards Deaton pushing him against a wall.
“why did you let her do that! she could die!” i yell. He flinches and Stiles grabs me pulling me away. Lydia is in shock, Malia and Kira are sitting down. We hear a gasp and we turn around.

normal POV*
When I 'wake up’ I’m still holding Stile’s necklace. I am in a really large, white room. I look around but I’m alone. For a moment I think i failed but then i feel a hand touch my leg. I look down at the floor and there is Allison, with the same wound she died from. I go through the steps in my head and bend down to heal it. She gasps when it’s healed and looks at me not believing I’m real.

“I came to bring you back Ali, these past few months have been hell without you!” She looks at me with tears in her eyes.

“how?!” she whispers. “I’ll explain when we get back” she nods and we stand up.

“look in your pocket” i ask her quietly. she looks at me funny but does it. She finds the necklace and looks at me expectantly.

“Hold it, really tight, with your palm facing the floor, don’t let go of it. Close your eyes.Think about the people you left behind - Scott, your dad, Stiles, Lydia, Kira, Malia, Isaac, Derek, Deaton…” I say and she does it immediately. I work my magic also closing my eyes, when i open my eyes she’s gone. I look around and scream excitedly that I’ve actually done it! Now I just need to get myself back…

I sigh feeling quite light headed, i power through it to get back. I close my eyes and I’m about to start the spell when i feel a hand on my arm. My eyes snap open and I see Claudia, Stiles’ mum. My eyes immediately start to water, she was as close to our family as she was her own. She smiles sympathetically and brings me in for a hug. We pull away and she wipes my tears so they don’t drip.

“please tell me you are not dead darling?” she asks quietly, tears brimming my eyes.

“no, I’m a witch… I came to bring Allison back” I smile. she’s a little shocked for a second and a bright idea pops into my head. “I could bring you back too! come on!” I tug at her hand but she stands still in her place. I furrow my eyebrows. “what’s wrong?” i turn towards her completely. she sniffles.

“I can’t come back with you” my face falls.

“why not?” i stutter. she looks at the floor.

“It wouldn’t be right, and it could harm you, it was great just seeing you, I’ve been watching over you all. Your doing great. And please knock some sense into my sons head, he loves you, beyond a shadow of a doubt” she rubs my arms the way Deaton did. She laughs at my expression. “And you love him too don’t you?” she raises her eyebrow.

“no why would you say that?” i mumble. She smirks.

“your playing with the necklace he bought you and oh my word your scar is bleeding.” she gasps. I look down and my shiirt is covered in blood, i lift it out of my shorts and i nearly faint at the sight. After the nogitsune was gone he had left something. Stiles’ name carved into my hip, he must have done it when i was passed out and done it with a knife. Nobody else knows about it except my mum and Lydia. She runs her fingers above it careful not to snag it. My eyes start to water again. She grabs the sides of my face.

“first thing you do when he get back is kiss him, ok honey? just straight into it! you’ll have him wrapped around your little finger!” she smiles when i giggle. “will you tell him that I love him and that it wasn’t his fault I died, I was very sick at that time. Also tell Stilinski that I love him too, and that he’s doing a great job with Stiles.” she is now crying and i nod, she sighs and pulls me into another hug.

“I love you” I whisper into her hair.

“I love you too baby, say hello to your mother as well!” she laughs. I nod but start crying. we are both sobbing in eachothers arms. Until I am ripped out of her arms.

Stiles POV*

We hear a gasp and we turn around. I sigh thinking it’s y/n but it didn’t come from her bath. There right before our eyes, is Allison gasping for breath, dressed in the same clothes she died in nearly a year ago… Scott runs over to her and pulls her out of the bath, Deaton hands him a towel and he wraps it around her. She holds it gratefully and he crushes her in a huge hug. A mop of strawberry blonde hair flies past me. Scott and Allison pull away just for her to crushed in a hug by Lydia again. They pull away and she comes over to hug me.

“your actually real?” i whisper into her hair. she giggles. “yeah. y/n brought me back” she sobs.

“I’m so sorry!” i mumble. “It’s not your fault…” she whispers. we pull away.

“where is y/n?” i gasp. “she’s still under! we need to get her out quickly a different way. Kira grab that jar. Stiles come over here.” Deaton yells.

“why what can i do?” i mutter but go over anyway.

“your her anchor, you need to grab her hand and when i say pull her out of the water completely” he says in a rush, tipping the entire jar into the water. I look at him with my eyes wide.

“I’m her anchor?” i question. He groans.

“yes, are you ready?” he mumbles. i gulp but nod.

“NOW!” he yells. I immediately yank on her hand pulling her out of the water completely and falling backwards with her coughing on my chest. I sigh and rest my head on the floor.

“did i do it?” she whispers. I laugh and grab her face, her eyes are closed and she looks really tired.

“yeah” i whisper back.

“take me home?” she mutters so i stand up to the best of my ability. Pretty much everyone is crying relieved that she’s alive. I walk outside and into my jeep followed by scott, kira, Allison, Lydia and Malia. Somehow we all fit in the car with y/n still resting on my lap. I start driving and she nestles her head into my neck. I bend down and peck her forehead and she smiles.

“where shall I go?” i ask nobody in particular.

“guys, what’s that smell?"Malia asks. Scott looks around.

"I can smell it too, it smells like blood…” he mumbles. He looks over at y/n and gasps.

“Stiles your covered in blood” Scott gasps.I look down briefly.

“it’s not mine, its must be y/n’s” I panick.

“what shall i do?”

“go to Derek’s loft” Lydia interrupts, so i do.

When we arrive at Derek’s i lay y/n down on the couch gently. Lydia comes over with a first aid kit. We all stand around waiting and when Lydia lifts y/n’s shirt everyone turns to me puzzled. Carved in blood is my name. It’s silent so Lydia starts cleaning the wound and bandaging it up, which y/n has to sit up for. I sit behind her holding her up and she grips my hand. She leans back slightly and rests her head on my shoulder looking up to me.

“the nogitsune did it” her voice is hoarse but loud enough we can all hear it.
“why didn’t you tell us about it?” Scott says.
“I knew about it!” Lydia murmurs.
“It’s creepy, I don’t know what the point of it was but I think that’s why I was having nightmares” she says to Scott. He nods deep in thought.

“what happened in there?” Lydia brings up. y/n looks at me skeptically. I raise my eyebrows and she sighs closing her eyes again.
“I saw your mum” her eyes open and she’s looking directly at me. My lip trembles but nod for her to continue.“I was going to bring her back too, but she wouldn’t let me. She wanted me to tell you that she loves you and it wasn’t your fault she died, she was really sick.” then closed her eyes again.

I get up from the couch putting a pillow in my place before walking over to the window. I look out thinking about my mum, warm tears threatening to spill over. I hear rustling behind me then a soft hand grabs hold of mine. I look down at her and smile then look over my shoulder and everyone has gone into a different room to give us some privacy.

“thank you” I whisper but she stays silent.

“thank you for bringing me back!” she then replies after a few moments of silence.

“so… I’m your anchor?” I ask teasingly. she blushes and looks away. I grab the side of her face and kiss her putting every emotion into it. she kisses back instantly and we’re both enjoying the moment when the door bursts open. We turn towards it startled. Chris, my dad and Melissa burst through the door. Everyone comes out of the kitchen to see what the fuss is and when Allison sees her father she makes a beeline for him and hugging him. He holds her shocked that she’s actually real and alive. He looks up to y/n and smiles and mouthing 'thank you’. She nods and smiles.

My dad comes over and y/n walks over to him before I can. I follow and hold her waist. He smiles at the small gesture but stays silent for her to talk. “I saw Claudia” she starts. “I tried to bring her back too, she wouldn’t let me. she said it wouldn’t be fair but to tell you that she loves you and that your doing a great job with Stiles and she’s been watching.” He tries to muffle his cries in his hand but it’s no use. I hug him tightly and bring y/n with me.

“well I’ve got some good news?” I whisper.
“what?” dad says. I grip y/n’s hand.
“were together now” i say smiling down at y/n she grins up at me and i peck her forehead. Scott and Malia holler, clearly they were listening and y/n blushes hiding her face in my chest.

“i love you” I say into her hair.
“I love you to dork” she mumbles back.

i was in high school when i kissed a girl for the first time

it was my birthday party and we were playing a game of truth or dare
my best friend of several years and i laced our fingers together, giggling shyly and already blushing
and finally we both lean in, our noses bump together and we don’t stop giggling, but our lips touch
and for a second, time stops

i’m not in love with my best friend
but i think i’m in love with kissing girls

her lips are so soft against my own and i can feel her lipstick smudge against my mouth
her hands are so soft and they fit perfectly in my own
i can smell her perfume and i imagine the way her body would curve against my own, how we would line up perfectly like two puzzle pieces

and just as soon as it starts, it’s over
and i can’t help but to touch my lips and wonder if that had actually just happened

—  (cc, 2016)

Do you see that man?


Now picture him seeing Regina again…

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× what does your muse smell like? what perfume/cologne are they using? ♧ any freckles/moles/birth marks? where?

“I smell like roses an’ flowers! Well… Most o’ th’time I prob’ly smell like a mixture o’ alcohol an’ smoke, but I do wear some perfume, or I’ve started t’at least… Got this nice stuff from th’twin that smells like lavender. I’ve always said that I’m a beautiful flower, yeah? So gotta smell like one too.” She leans in to sniff her clothes. “Might need more perfume… I can still smell th’smoke… As fer birthmarks, I ain’t got any strange ones anywhere, though I got some freckles that pop up in th’sun every now an’ again on my shoulders… Used t’ave ‘em on my face but they ain’t shown up fer a while!”

Dear friend,
                  How have you been? Are you better? You left me broken, but I am getting better. Does it still hurt you? Do you still remember the details? I remember, but I am working on forgetting. Are you better in her arms? Are you in love with the smell of her perfume? I can still close my eyes and feel your warmth and smell your scent. Does it drive you insane that it’s so awkward between us now? Like nothing ever happened? I try to believe that nothing did, but the wounds are too fresh to ignore. Were you broken like I am? Did she heal you like you healed me? Because you healed bruises I didn’t know I had, but cut me so deeply that you left me new scars"
I’m laying on her bed and I can smell her favorite perfume and her shampoo
And I wonder if she tastes like coffee
If she kisses slow and gentle like the way she walks
Like the way she speaks
And when she touches my cheek, I wonder if she sees the burn marks her fingertips leave like
A message carved into a school desk
“I was here”
I love her like I loved my tenth grade art teacher
Like the way I loved the way his fingers moved
I mean she is so beautiful
No wait
I think I mean I love the way she makes me ache
Like I did when I stopped eating and I keep throwing up like I used to
But it is not vomit in front of me
All I can see is the phrase
“Oh god please don’t leave”
But I flush it down and go back to where she’s sleeping and I crawl back into the bed
Ignoring the emptiness in my chest and the hole in the ceiling
—  girl love (topfairy)

You don’t understand, I’m in the second row and the play is in the round, the stage is on a rectangular platform that rotates and this is the furthest she gets from me, otherwise she’s at about 2 metres from me. WELP.

We were painting the walls the other day and she asked me ‘Do you think that when you smoke in here, the smell of it gets stuck in the paint?’ At first I thought it was a ridiculous question but then I remembered how her scent still lingers on my freshly cleaned sheets and how I can still smell her perfume every time I get in the car. ‘Yeah, maybe’ I replied. 'I’ll go outside.’

I just want a shawty I can chill with. Someone who’ll lay up under me & I know she’ll be able to smell my cologne because I can smell her perfume. Someone I can drink wine with when im in my old head bag & henny with when I’m feeling it. Someone who’ll let me play with her booty and in her hair all day.