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writing ask game

made for novels, but can be used for fanfiction or other types of writing!

  1. describe the plot in 1 sentence.
  2. pick one sight, smell, sound, feel, and taste to describe the aesthetic of your novel.
  3. which 3+ songs would make up a playlist for the novel?
  4. what’s the time period and location in which the novel takes place?
  5. is this a standalone or a part in a series?
  6. are there any former titles you’ve considered but discarded?
  7. how many times does the word ____ appear in the novel?
  8. what’s the first line that comes up when you search _____?
  9. what’s the first line of your novel?
  10. what’s a line of dialogue you’re particularly proud of?
  11. which line from the novel most represents it as a whole?
  12. who are your character faceclaims?
  13. sort your characters into harry potter houses!
  14. which character’s name do you like the most?
  15. describe each character’s daily outfit.
  16. do any characters have distinctive birthmarks/scars?
  17. pick a color to represent each character.
  18. pick a font to represent each character.
  19. which character most fits a character trope? which trope?
  20. which character is the best writer? worst?
  21. which character is the best liar? worst?
  22. which character swears the most? least?
  23. which character has the best handwriting? worst?
  24. which character is most like you? least like you?
  25. which character would you most like to be?

dangerscully  asked:

19, 27, and/or 29 for the cuddling prompts, depending on how much you wanna make me cry!

Ok, first of all: thanks for these! I’ll do 19. at some point, but somehow 27. AND 29. spoke to me just now so here you go. I’m sorry. (And I really should be working and not writing fanfiction) 

!Warning: Character Death!

27. + 29. First and last cuddle

“Hmm, you smell good, Scully”

“Oh shhh, Mulder.” She coos, cuddling closer to Mulder’s weak, slight frame. Her hand is on his chest, making sure it still raises and falls, raises and falls in a steady rhythm. It hasn’t been steady for a while, she reminds herself; the sad reality constricts her throat as her hand caresses him.

“Hm, but you do. I can’t really… see you…but I can still smell you.” He takes a deep breath, causing Scully’s own to hitch in fear of the inevitable, and then chuckles softly. Soft puffs of air tickle her cheek. His eye sight deteriorated last week and as much as he still smiles about it, Scully knows that he is now almost completely blind. Last night, when she could no longer hold her tears at bay, watching him from the doorway just laying there unmoving, his gaze on hers, that’s when she knew. His eyes were on hers, as always, but they were no longer seeing her. Maybe in memory, or maybe in his dreams; she can only hope.

“Should have done this… more often.” Mulder murmurs against her. His voice is so raw, so weak. She’d tell him to be quiet, but she’s also selfish; before the silence takes him, and buries her, she wants to listen to him like she used to do for the last decades. Soon, way too soon, there will be only silence to listen to.

“You’re right. We didn’t do this nearly enough,” Scully closes her eyes, buries her face in his chest; still raising, still falling. Ever so gently, but still there. Still holding on. He’s always held on, always refused to let go. She’s the same, she knows. When her hand tightens around him, afraid to let go too soon, she feels his ribs poke her; there’s not much left of him, now. The disease eating away at him, continuously. “Do you remember the first time we did this?”


“Do you remember, Mulder? The first time we cuddled.” Her eyes still closed, Scully wishes herself back; both of them so young, still wary of what had always been between them.

“Tell me, Scully. Please tell me.” His hand is on her back; there’s no pressure, just a reminder that he’s still there. It feels clammy, foreign almost; and Scully presses her eyes shut, to stop the flood of tears, and to keep reality far away. She’s never been one for nostalgia, that’s Mulder’s forte, but now…

“It was after Donnie Pfaster,” she begins with a soft voice, not unlike the gentle words she used once, so long ago, when she told their baby boy about his miracle conception, “After the first time we crossed paths with him. I was shaking so much. You kept your arm around me. Even when the police came to question me, you never once left my side no matter how often I told you I was fine. You knew I wasn’t. You always knew it. There was no way we were going home that night and so we went to a hotel. Remember, Mulder?” He doesn’t answer and Scully goes on, trying to conjure up the moment again, and tries to hang on to it.

“I told you again ‘I’m fine, Mulder’ and I expected you to huff, or say anything, but that’s not what you did. You know what you did, Mulder? You took me into your arms. You just held me while I cried. I don’t remember… you always remembered the little details better than I did, Mulder. I’m sure you could tell me exactly what I was wearing, how my face looked, things you and I said that night. I don’t. That’s not what this was about. You let me have the bed, of course, and I told you I didn’t want to be alone. When you held me that night, Mulder, for the very first time… I felt so safe. You always made me feel safe, Mulder. No matter what we were… I was always safe when I was with you. I wish… oh Mulder, I wish you’d remember that night.”

His chest under her face, still now, no longer raising, no longer falling. Still now, like his heart, the memory is all that’s left. Now.

Savior (Dan x Reader)

Request: Can you do one where Y/N got stuck into talking to a volunteer with a clip board and Dan pretends that he knows her by playing along and they leave together. Does that make sense?

Word Count: 395

Warnings: None! Just funny floof

Sorry it’s short – but I wasn’t too sure how to end it any differently. I hope it’s okay!!

Originally posted by hauntedhowell

“It really helps the orphans, thank you so much.” The strange smelling woman with the clip board smiles at you, eyeing up your purse as you pull it out.

“How much did you say, again?” You ask, instantly regretting your decision of hesitating to look at the charity – you only came out for some innocent Halloween and early Christmas shopping.

“£60. For a start, anyway.” The woman puts on another grin, and you pull a face, playing with your credit card.

“You know, I have somewhere to be…”

“It only takes two minutes, I promise!”  The woman practically yells at you, grabbing your arm. You frown at her, pulling your arm away, when a hand lands on your shoulder.

A guy with chocolate brown hair swept to the side and similar coloured eyes that glimmer in the weak autumn sunlight beams at you from the side, and you can’t help but stop for a moment.

“Hey, Grace!” The man shouts enthusiastically, pulling you into a hug – which is terrifying but also awkward at the same time due to high difference. “Go along with it if you want to escape.” He mutters in your ear, before stepping back.

“Hey… Tyler.” You grin at him a little, nodding a little as though to ask if you are doing it right. “Long time no see.”

“Can I have your credit card details now please?” The woman persists, her eyes slightly panicked by the new company.

“You know; we have a place to go.” ‘Tyler’ laughs, ignoring the woman’s frantic hand gestures. “Terribly sorry.” You shove your purse back in your bag and give out an overly emphasized laugh.

“Sorry!” You squeak, before your savior guides you away, his palm pressed against your back, the frustrated yelling from the woman behind you fading into the city life as you get further away. “Thank you so much,” You sigh.

“Not at all.” He laughs, removing his hand and shoving it into a pocket. “£60 as a starting point? That’s just crazy.” You chuckle. “Anyway, what’s your name?”

“Y/N. Yours?”

“Dan.” You exchange a glance and a smirk, before you burst out laughing. “Anyway, where did we need to go?”

“Does Starbucks sound any good?” You try. “I’ve never had a pumpkin spiced latte before.” Dan’s eyes widen a little, and he pulls a fake offended face.

“Starbucks it certainly is.”

Oral Insecurities (smut)

dinomite-notreally : If you’re still taking request, do you think you could do one where Dan is trying to be intimate after a small dispute but reader stops when Dan tries to attempt oral (on reader). Reader is apprehensive because they’ve never had it done to them before, discussion opens up a can of worms(i.e insecurities((not shaving,smell,taste, ect)), not sure what to do), make-up/“i wanna show you how amazing you are” smut ensues. Plz. Just a very long idea, sorry. Your writing is amazing! Thank you so much!

I am absolutely TERRIBLE at smut but I will give it a go. Thank-you so very much for reading my stuff :) xxoo



“Your so beautiful” he moans into your ear as his hips grind down into yours, lips attaching to your neck powerfully.

You both had just been in an argument, about what? you can’t remember because the instant Dan’s loud voice made fear visible on your features he had to quickly make it up to you, taking hold of your face and kissing you feverishly.

“I’m so sorry, please never be scared of me.. I will never, ever hurt you” he had told you.

This all lead to now, you in your bra and panties and Dan in his tight boxers as his crutch pressed to yours while he whispered sweet nothings into your ear.

His kisses travelled down your body, paying extra attention to the cleavage of your breasts, he nipped and tucked, making sure to leave his mark all over your body.

He kissed down your body, then moving so his head was between your legs as he kissed up your thighs, as he got higher you got more nervous.  
Just before he reached your panties, you pulled him up, shutting your legs.

“Whats wrong, y/n?”

“nothing, it’s just.. I’m not… I’ve never..-“ you stuttered before being interrupted

“You’ve never had oral before?”

“yeah..” you whispered, a blush rising to your already heated cheeks

“hey, its okay” Dan lifts your face so that your looking at him, he kisses your lips softly before continuing to talk.

“I can go slow and-“

“i don’t know” you interrupted this time

“is there a reason you don’t want to?”

“It’s just… I’m little insecure about that stuff” you shyly admit

“What… why?”

“well, I’m worried you might get turned off or grossed out or-“

“Y/n, calm down baby. Why would I get turned off? That’s ridiculous. Your so beautiful”

“But Dan, what if I don’t… taste the way you want. Or smell how you’d expect. And well.. Im, not shaven and-“

Dan silences you with a kiss, his tongue connecting with yours before he speaks once more

“I wanna show you how amazing you are”

And before you know it, his large hands are between your legs, pushing them apart as his head dips down. He kisses over your clothed core, making you gasp.
His long fingers hook into the sides of your panties before sliding them down your legs.
A deep moan leaves his lips as he takes in the sight.

“d-dAn” you moan out as he takes a long lick up your wet slit, now moaning in approval as he tastes you.

“delicious” he whispers to himself.

His tongue runs over your clit, loving the sounds of pleasure that escape your lips while
your hands tangle into his dark brown hair.
He slides one finger into you while his whole head moves as his tongue rubs your clit in all sorts of patterns.

The pleasure is unlike anything you’ve felt before, your climax approaches so you warn Dan. He removes his fingers, causing you to whimper from the loss, that is until they are replaced by his talented tongue as he pumps it in and out of you.

“fffuck Dan!” you cry out as your orgasm hit you.

Dan allows you to ride out your high as he tastes as much of you as possible.
He hover over you once again, kissing your lips

“how was that?” he asks, a proud smirk on his gorgeous face while his chin is still slick from your juices

“Amazing” you reply breathlessly

“Oh sweetheart, we’ve hardly even started"

Imagine Jared having alone time.

I can’t get you out of my mind. Your curves. Your beautiful eyes and the way they stare at me with so much love. The taste of your skin. The smell of your hair and the way the scent of your favorite shampoo lingers.

I wish you were here. What I wouldn’t give to feel your arms around me. Laying your head on my chest with your fingers running along my stomach.

The lust is rushing to my cock now, making me swell and harden for you. Taking hold of myself, I thought about the way the warmth of your sex envelopes me when I slide in to you.

My prick is starting to throb now as I start to pump it through my hand. I keep thinking of your soft moans while I fill your core as my thumb and fingers run pre-cum around my thickness.

Now that I’ve picked up my pace my breathing begins to labor. I wanna be inside you. I move my hand from gripping the sheets to cupping and squeezing my balls.

Tightness forms at the base of my spine and moves around to the pit of my stomach as I start to move faster. So close now.

Grunts begin to escape me now as I think about your perfect tits bouncing while you ride me. I can’t hold back any longer.

My cum shoots across my abs as my release finally takes over. Your name escapes my lips along with a string of curses.

I love you so much.

See you… Soon.

Jack Johnson - Punishment (smut)

Request: Can you do a Jack Johnson imagine? It’s Christmas and Y/N and J are spending it together and they have dinner at Johnson’s family’s house and Johnson is teasing her underneath the table and when they finally get home, they make love. And can she be the dominant one?


Isn’t Christmas the best time of the year? The smell, the view, the feeling, everything. But what I like the most about it that I can spend time with the most important people in my life. My family, my love and his family. Jack and I had been together for more than three years and I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone other than him. This year, since my parents travelled to France for the holidays we were spending it with Jack’s family and we would celebrate with my parents later when they got back. Jennifer invited us for a nice dinner and I could tell Jack was very happy that we were having a peaceful family dinner. Lately our days were so crazy with our busy schedules and everything. It was time we had some days off.

“Here is my favorite couple!” Jennifer greeted us with a huge hug as we entered the house.

“Hey there,” I chuckled hugging her back. Fortunately I had a great relationship with Jack’s family, I loved to be around them, his parents were so sweet and they always supported us.

His dad, John and his brother Jeff also came out of the living room to greet us and a few minutes later we were all sitting at the table.

“Y/N, Jack told me your parents are on a vacation. Where did they go?” John asked when we started eating.

“They are in France. They are having their second honeymoon,” I said giggling.

“Oh, France, what a beautiful country!” Jennifer sighed smiling down at her plate.

I glanced over to Jack because I knew that his dad was planning to take her to Paris for New Year’s Eve, but it was still a surprise, so I just smiled at Jack and when he returned it we both turned back to the table.

Jeff started to tell us about his new job, when I felt a warm hand on my thigh. I thought Jack was doing his usual “I’m your boyfriend, I got to hold your thighs whenever I want to” thing, but then he started to caress and move a bit higher. I took a deep breath when his fingers moved to an area he wasn’t supposed to touch right at that moment.

I gave him a serious stare, but he wasn’t even looking at me. I was hoping he would quit this little game, but I was wrong. He pressed two of his fingers against my clit through the fabric of my jeans and I almost moaned loudly. I barely could contain myself when he decided to do some magical movements. I wrapped my hand around his wrist and tried to push it away, but I had no chance.

Jennifer started to talk about a story that I couldn’t even remember how started, and I tried to keep my face straight, but Jack kept teasing me and I knew he would get punished for it.

I managed to keep my moans inside, when the dinner was over and we all moved to the living room meaning that Jack hat to let go of me.

“You are going to be punished for this, baby,” I whispered before we sat down to the couch.

“I can’t wait,” he chuckled kissing me quickly.

It was almost midnight when we headed home and I couldn’t wait to be alone with Jack. As soon as the door closed behind us I pinned him against it. He smirked at me putting his arms around me.

“What is it baby? Do you feel seduced?” he asked brushing his lips against mine for a bare minute.

“You can’t do this again. I almost had an orgasm at that damn table where your family was having dinner,” I warned him raising my eyebrows at him.

“And what are you going to do with me?”

“You’ll get your punishment, don’t be afraid,” I smirked and pulled him up to our bedroom.

With Jack I could be perfectly myself in the real life and when we were just alone in our world. He let me take the lead every time, he knew I needed to be in charge to feel comfortable and he willingly gave me this whenever I felt like I needed it.

By the time we got into the room his shirt was gone and my blouse was also lying on the floor. Following some passionate kisses I pushed him onto the bed getting on top of him. I pinned his arms above his head and started to kiss his neck, his shoulders and his chest. Then I looked up to his eyes.

“Don’t move your hands. If you move, you’ll sleep on the couch,” I told him arching an eyebrow. He pressed his lips to a thin line and nodded. I let go of his hands and started to kiss down on his chest towards his lower stomach while I watched if he moves his hands or not. When I pressed a kiss to his bellybutton I saw his hands start to raise and I immediately stopped.

“What did I say?” I warned him and he put them back. I got rid of his pants and boxers and then took off all my clothes too before sitting on his waist. My hands were all over him making it harder for him to stay still. I knew he wanted to touch me and put his arms around me, but it was a punishment for God’s sake. I could feel his excitement, he didn’t like it when I was teasing him and I may have been enjoying his misery more than I should have.

“Baby, please,” he whined shifting beneath me.

“Please what?” I asked raising my eyebrows and looking down at him.

“Please don’t tease me!”

“Will you tease me next time?”

“No,” he whispered trying to capture our lips, but I leaned back.

“What? I didn’t hear you, baby.”

“No!” he yelled and I thought he had enough. I pressed my lips to his and put his arms around my body. Lifting myself up a bit I eased down, he pushed his hips forward and he was finally inside me. I started to move back and forth, up and down while our lips never parted. I let my moans escape, Jack didn’t even try to flip us over, he knew I had to be the leader until the very last moment.

Reaching our highs I collapsed on top of him as he was caressing my face. I listened to his heavy breathing until it was steady again and then I lay down next to him. He looked down at me smiling.

“I hate to admit it, but I love when you punish me,” he said grinning at me. I chuckled and pressed a kiss to his lips.

“I have to teach you how to behave, baby.”

Old Relationships » Sam Drake

Request: Hello can you write a Sam Drake and Reader fanfiction where the reader is in love with Sam for a long time and when she finally moves on Sam is constantly flirting with her 24/7 or something like that THANK YOU

Pairing: Sam Drake x Reader

Fandom: Uncharted

Words: 1717

A/N: I’m so sorry that this request took so long! I don’t even know why. .-. Regardless, I hope you guys enjoy this! c:

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October Boyfriend: Jackson

Originally posted by jack777

You’d only been in the park less than thirty minutes.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this.”

“Jackson, you offered.”

“Still! You could’ve said, ‘No, babe it’s fine I’ll take someone else.’”

“You would’ve complained about that too,” you huffed as you squeezed through the next group of people. You could practically smell the exhaust from the chainsaws up ahead.

“Don’t I have a right to complain? You’re dragging me here knowing I have a heart condition.”

“Jackson, you don’t have a heart condition.”

You knew the only reason Jackson had grown quiet was because in front of you were two men. One dressed head-to-toe in military combat attire and the other with a mask over his face that simply read, “God,” on the forehead; both of them holding chainsaws. Your next steps halted by the dead weight of your boyfriend as you struggled to pull him forward by his hand. The men in front of you seemed to sense Jackson’s unease. The both of them parting ways to circle around the both of you, making Jackson become one with your back.

“Don’t move,” he whispered against your cheek. “If you don’t move maybe they won’t see us.”

“I’m pretty sure they’ve already noticed us.”

Your point was proven seconds later. The sound of a chainsaw starting behind you. The heat of the exhaust radiated against both of your legs and just like that, Jackson was detached from you completely. A sharp scream came from him as he jerked away from you only to be meet with the second man revving his chainsaw at his feet.

Jackson was gone in an instant. His feet carrying him head back towards the entrance of the amusement park.

“Jackson-ah! I don’t want to chase you all night.”

Through the Eyes of Evil

Live and Die

Chapter One

Request: Can I get a Dean x reader through Crowley’s POV?

A/N: This was requested from one of my genius writing friends and I absolutely loved it so much I’ll be making a part two!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Reader’s death. Soul selling (?)


Originally posted by nihaya-addiction

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Your name: submit What is this?

 Dean had always been fond of women, a lady’s man. Every time we’d meet I could smell a different perfume on his clothes, wafting from him like it was his own scent. It wasn’t as if I was very surprised. Hell, if I were of a different mind I might even go for Squirrel.

But, as of late, it’d seem Dean had chosen a woman that would be sticking around for a while. She had a sweeter scent than most, it not so blunt, but more subtle and inviting.

I may have been hallucinating, but Dean seemed to be a little happier, too, no matter the sticky situation that had brought him to me. His voice seemed softer, his expression not so cold and calloused. Opposite of his usual short temperedness, he seemed more lenient and forgiving. They always said a woman could change a man.

It had been two whole visits with her scent in his clothes, before, to my surprise, on the usual every-so-often-end-of-the-world-call, I finally met the woman who had made it past just one night.

She was everything her scent led me to believe. Her beauty was there, but she wasn’t trying too hard. Not like the others. She was smart, cunning, and aware of the unnatural world around her. Every time Dean’s eyes wondered to her, which was often, he held the gaze of a man who was already damned to the murderous poison of love. His eyes held a brightness they’d been missing for quite some time, and I knew right then that she had him wrapped around her finger, that he’d be willing to kill and die for her.

Dean kept her close to him at all times. If they weren’t in contact with one another, Dean’s arm snaked around her waist, or her hand enwrapped in Dean’s. They were always too close in proximity to be just friends.

It sent a smile on my lips when he introduced her to me. He said her name differently than he said anyone else’s, as if hers was a sacred and holy name. And he looked at me with a wariness, warning me with just one glance that if I tried anything against her, he’d surely make me pay. And I knew the Winchester wasn’t lying. I knew that within just a few months of her presence, she had become his whole world. And it always thrilled me, in the darker part of my heart, to see a Winchester’s few weaknesses.

She could handle herself very well. The second time I received one of Dean’s distress calls and she was there, we all ended up on a hunt together. She was shockingly good at killing, skillfully slaying her fair share of monsters and sending chills down Dean’s spine. I could see why she was so appealing to him. Her agility and nimble hunting was a surefire way for Dean to fall deeper into the fiery pits of love. His mind was always filled with thoughts of the girl.

How she talked, how she walked, what she did, how she did it. It was practically all that passed through Dean’s mind as my visits progressed. Even Sam and Castiel had grown very fond of her, soon considering her a part of the family.

She was funnier and made smarter choices than the boys, her mind working logically, her every answer to every problem not always immediately going to ‘kill it’. She was very intriguing. The way she was so thoughtful and caring towards everyone. How compassionate she was with strangers. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen; although, I do spend all my time with demons.

It had almost been a year, and a few times the Winchester’s enemies had gotten wind of Dean’s ever-growing weakness, the girl. Desperately, some had tried to take her away and use her as a bargaining chip, some even as a form of exacting their revenge. But, of course, they didn’t get far. Each time Dean would storm in, sometimes by his lonesome, and let out his ungodly amount of rage. It was sometimes unsettling, but that was to be expected of Dean. She meant everything to him, after all.

It had been about six months since I last received any word from the Winchesters or the girl. But this time it was different. Usually, they’d contact me over the phone. This time, it was through a summoning that I was brought to them. Something was wrong.

It was never good when a demon was summoned the old fashioned way by a Winchester. It almost always ended in bloodshed and began with a death.

So, with a guarded expression, I appeared to where I was being called. It was at a crossroads. The gravelly roads surrounding me were darkened by the night and deserted by the hour. It was quiet, the only sound the eerie chirping of the crickets. When I turned a full circle, I came face to face with Dean.

His expression was haunting, even for me, the King of Hell and the Overlord of Demons. Heavy lines creased around his eyes and mouth, and his lips were drawn together in a deathly seriousness. Drops of blood were hinted all over his face, and it was fresh, no more than a few hours old. His hair was tousled much like his clothes, and his eyes were red, whether from exhaustion or crying I couldn’t dare tell.

“Dean,” I say warily in greeting.

Already, a snarl crosses his face as he growls. “Crowley.” He takes a few steps closer to me. Already he had been too close for comfort, but now I knew for certain this wasn’t just a social call.

“And what brings me here at this ungodly hour?” I drone, knowing but not caring that I was treading on paper-thin ice.

Another growl seems to utter out of him before he has to force his voice out. “She’s dead, Crowley.” His voice is strained against his throat, quiet, but still daunting. “Y/N. They got to her. Killed her.” His eyes close and he looks down at the ground when he says the girl’s name. “It’s my fault.”

Sympathy. Such a dull thing that I could feel myself becoming perceptible to. With a grunt, I reply with a bit of silent shame, “And how is this my problem? It isn’t like it’s new news, bringing me to you whenever yet another one that’s close to you is killed. Although, this might be the first time it wasn’t your brother’s life you were asking for.” I pause and look around. Where were we? There were no markers or anything. Just land. “And this time, Winchester, I won’t bring her back.”

His eyes slowly raise from the ground, though not lifting his head. A shadow casts down over his brow, creating a dark shadow over his eyes, almost as if he were a demon. “Yes you will. Or I’ll give you an even bigger problem.”

I force an amused chuckle. “Very scary, my dear, but I’m afraid no can do. You see, I’ve about had it up to here resurrecting people for you. I’ve brought back to life more people than Jesus did, thanks to you.” I take a few steps around the devil’s trap Dean had hurriedly scrawled out across the rocks. “And I don’t have time to try to summon enough power to do it again. No matter how much more I liked her than any of you,” I mutter the last part, almost sarcastically.

Dean snarls, clearly his short temper returning to him. Shockingly, tears brim his eyes as they glare at me. Suddenly, he closes the rest of the distance between us and holds an angel blade to my throat. “I don’t have time for this, you son of a bitch. Now you bring her back before I end you.”

I smile. “Once again, Dean, since you obviously don’t bloody listen. I can’t.”

His eyebrows furrow for only a second before he presses the angel blade closer to my throat. “I don’t give a damn how long it takes you to do it or how much juice it takes. I need her back.”

My façade breaks and I sigh. “Dean, I’m sorry. But I really can’t. With everything that’s going on in hell there just isn’t enough.”

His eyebrows furrow even more, the tears silently spilling over onto his cheeks. It was like watching the last few threads of a cloth come undone, the rest unraveling right before my eyes. He steps back, shoving me away in the process. His eyes look like he’s gone into an inner panic. Anxiously, fretfully, he runs a hand over his scruffy face, the angel blade going slack in his hands, soon dropping with a crunch of the rocks to the ground below. I hadn’t seen Dean shed tears before. I hadn’t known there was something that could really drive him to that point.

“No,” he mutters. “No.” He stumbles in a small circle, his hand now running through his hair. “This always happens.”

“Dean,” I say, putting a hand out to calm the maniacal panic in his voice.

He jerks away from me, his eyes still overflowing with tears, staring off into thin air as he stumbled in a daze. “This can’t be happening. Not to her.” I stand there dumbly, with my hands in my pockets, not knowing what really to do. “Anyone but her.”

“I’m s – “

“No!” he yells, his voice broken and raw. “You gotta bring her back.” He moves back closely to me, his eyes pleading with a pathetic desperation.

Such unbelievable attachment he had for her in just the short year and a half he’d known her. I’d looked into his thoughts, and they were hopelessly in love, convinced that she was perfect. And it was probably true what he thought, that he wouldn’t be able to function the same without her.

And now she was dead.

“I – “

“Don’t say you’re sorry.” His voice is even and flat over the tears that still streaked his cheeks. “Don’t tell me you’re sorry until you bring her back to me.”

“Maybe you could request the help of the angels,” I try, shrugging.

“Cas already tried to bring her back,” he says, “but she’s too far gone for just some grace healing. She needs what you have.”

I’ve already told him all that I could, and I knew repeating myself would just piss him off even further. So, to save myself a war against the Winchesters and a band of rebel angel all for just one soul, I made a sacrifice. “You get six months.”

His eyes pop wide open.

“Six months with her until your soul is mine.”

In a sort of shock he just nods, his mouth slightly parted.

“You didn’t burn her did you?” I ask, moving to the edge of the devil’s trap, waiting for Dean to move the line away.

“Hell no. She’s buried behind the bunker.”

“Take me to her.”

Hey if you don’t mind writing some smut, can you please do a Jack Barakat imagine where one of your kinks is cologne and one night he sprays too much on himself and it really turns you on. I know it sounds really weird but I like the smell of cologne, haha. Thank you I really love your writing and I knew if I asked you it will turn out great! Thank you so much love!

AN Aww asks like these make me so emotional, I love you guys <333 So it’s five in the morning on New Years Day, I passed out around three or so, and now it’s five, and I’m too awake to go back to sleep, so the first posts to my blog will be these imagines I’ve written for you. I really hope you guys like them, and whether or not 2015 was kind to you, at least you made it through. So let’s hope 2016 is all and well, and here’s to the memories they will bring <3 Happy New Year my lovelies xx

Warning: kinky smut lol

Your POV

I was getting ready for my blind date with this guy named Jack. My friend Alex had set it up, and after weeks of me complaining that I wasn’t in a relationship, he shut me up by forcing me to go on this thing. He showed me a picture of this guy, and yeah, he was attractive, but was that something I wanted to get invested in?

And what was I supposed to wear? How was I supposed to dress? Alex didn’t even tell me where we were going. All he said was “dress comfy.” Thanks Mr. Blueberry, that helps my situation a lot.

I was searching through my wardrobe thinking of absolutely anything to wear, and by this time I was getting frantic. What kind of perfume did he like, how much make up should I wear, how tall is he? Should I wear heels or flats? How fancy should I go? With millions of questions racing through my head, I heard my phone let out a ringtone telling me I had a text message.

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We're having a baby part 3

“Good morning angel” I say quietly as I peer over the cot at 6am and jasmine instantly stops crying

I gently lift her out making sure to support her head so it doesn’t roll back

“Someone’s stinky today” I giggle, laying her on her changing mat

She looks at me intently as she sticks her hands in her mouth

I smile down as I undo the buttons of her baby grow so I can change her diaper

“God jasmine” I cringe at the smell as I remove the dirty diaper “how can that come from your tiny little body” I speak mostly to myself as I clean her up and put a fresh diaper

“I think daddy can take your next diaper change” I chuckle as I change her red baby grow into a clean pink and white one with some white mittens

“You know daddy can hear you” I hear toms voice come through the baby monitor next to me and can’t help but laugh

“Let go see daddy princess” I say cradling jasmine in my arms and walking back to our bedroom not before throwing away her dirty diaper

“Morning darling” toms yawns as we walk in and he reaches for jasmine

I sit down next to him on the bed as he lays Jasmine against his bent legs facing us

“She might get a little grouchy she’s due her feed” I say as he plays peek a boo with her

“Uh oh, where did Jasmine go” I say as tom covers her face with her hands

“There she is!” I say excitedly once he removes her hands She opens her mouth as if she were to be smiling

“Oh no is she gone again” I say sadly “there she is!” We continue playing this until she starts to cry minutes later as she’s hungry

Tom hands her over to me as I cradle her and pull down my top she instantly latches on, I gently pat her bum as her hand reaches up and plays with my T necklace. I smile down at her before turning my head and seeing tom looking over in awe.

“So what’s the plan for today babe?” I ask knowing his parents and sister along with his niece were flying over to meet Jasmine

“Well my family should be landing at around lunch time and they said they’d come around 3 and leave after dinner” he says as he wraps his arm around my shoulder and I lean into his chest, careful not to move Jasmine as she’s feeding.

“What shall I make for dinner” I say yawning due to being up at oddly hours of the night with Jasmine

“Don’t worry about that love I’ll take care of it alright” he says placing a gentle kiss on my head as I feel Jasmine stop feeding

I look down and see she’s fallen asleep, I chuckle and fix my top.

“Do you want to burp her babe?” I ask knowing he likes to be involved some way during the feeding process

He nods and takes her off me gently placing her on his shoulder as he rubs her back. Eventually she lets out a large burp to which me and tom chuckle at.

“I’m gonna go take a shower, you alright staying with her?” I wonder as I get my things for the shower

“We will be fine darling” he says from his place in the bed as Jasmine contently sleeps in his arms

I nod and go into the shower and get ready for the long day ahead of us.

There’s an hour till toms family get here and to say I am exhausted is an understatement, Jasmine is in the travel cot in the living room taking another one of her many naps as I’m sat on the couch with tom watching reruns of friends and trying so hard not to accidentally fall asleep

“Come here darling” tom says patting his lap for me to sit on

I climb onto his lap and lay my head on his chest as he plays with my hair.

“Mmm babe don’t do that” I mumble “it’ll make me sleep”

“Then sleep darling” he smiles “you’re tired, you’ve hardly had any sleep, you’re allowed to take naps” he says still playing with my hair

“But your family” I groan

“I’ll wake you” he compromises

I nod and allow myself to drift off to sleep in his arms

I wake up to the sound of laughter as I open my eyes and look around to see that I’m in my room. Tom must’ve carried me here.

I roll out of bed and brush my hair to make myself look more presentable as I walk down stairs.

“Auntie Taylor” I’m first greeted by the little arms of toms niece around my legs

“Hiya Ellie, look at you you’re so grown up” I say ruffling her hair as she giggles

“Come to the kitchen mummy’s here too and nana” she says pulling me towards the kitchen

“Alight alright I’m coming” I laugh and allow her to drag me there

“Well good morning sleeping beauty” tom greets me with a gentle peck on the lips as I blush “morning”

“How long have you guys been here, I’m so sorry I dozed off earlier” I apologize

“Nonsense Taylor and just a little over 30 minutes” toms mum says greeting me in a warm hug

I smile and turn around to see Jasmine happily in Sarah’s arms
“Well then jazzy I see you’ve met auntie Sarah” I smile as I give Sarah a side hug.

“I thought you were going to wake me” I say to tom as I wrap my arms around his torso and burry my head in his chest

“You were tired darling, you needed to rest” he says placing a gently kiss on my head as his hands wrap around the small of my back

I nod and pull away from the hug

“What are you making for dinner babe?” I ask as I lean back against the counter

“I was thinking fish fingers for Ellie and then salmon for us?” He questions and I nod

I notice Jasmine get fussy in Sarah’s arms as I push myself off the counter and take my baby girl from her. Jasmine instantly calms down and nuzzles her face in my neck. Her little hand wrapped around my necklace just as she did earlier.

“Awh jazzy did you just want a cuddle” I say rubbing her back as I sway side to side

I instantly get a dirty diaper smell come to my nose

“Daddy, someone has a dirty diaper and I think it’s your turn to change her” I smirk handing her over to tom who takes her upstairs to change with no questions asked

“So how’s mother hood treating you” toms sister asks

“Oh it’s only been 4 days but it’s been amazing, exhausting but amazing” I smile

As I get some pans out to start preparing dinner.

“Babe” I hear toms voice come through the baby monitor that was clipped onto the waist band of my jeans

“Mhmm” I respond so he knows I’m listening

“Do you want me to bath her and you make dinner or shall I make dinner and you bath her” he asks making me smile

“I’ll bath her” I say wiping my hands on a table cloth that was resting on the counter

“I’ll be down in a bit mom duty is calling” I laugh as I walk upstairs as tom hands me a naked Jasmine and heads down to start dinner.

I turn off the baby monitor knowing tom has one and I don’t need him hearing my conversation with our daughter

“Well at least he change your diaper huh jazz” I laugh as she cuddles into me and I start the water filling up the bath

I grab her blanket and wrap it around her naked body so she doesn’t get cold as I pace up and down the bathroom waiting for the bath to fill.

Once the baths filled and at the right temperature I gently place Jasmine into her little bath seat as I still keep an arm around her to keep her from slipping

I gently wash her with a princess sponge as her blue eyes look directly into mine

“Do you like the water baby” I coo as she lets out a small piercing scream as if she were to be laughing

I chuckle and finish washing her as I lift her out of the bath and wrap her into her pink fluffy towel before carrying her to our bedroom where I lay her down to dress her.

I dry her off and put on a clean diaper and a pale yellow baby grow that has matching mittens.

“Well don’t you look gorgeous baby girl” I smile as I lift her into my arms and head back down stairs.

“I’m just gonna feed her in the living room alright babe” I say poking my head into the kitchen to see him cooking with the help of Ellie

“Alright love” he says turning his head and smiling at me

I walk into the living room and sit on the couch next to toms mom and sister

I cradle Jasmine in my arms and grab her white blanket that I put over my shoulder, I move my top and she instantly latches on as I make sure the blankets covering me in case Ellie decides to wonder in

“How’s breast feeding going for you” Diana toms mom asks

“Oh, it’s been really good she had no trouble really, she just instantly latches on” I smile as I gently pat Jasmine’s bum as her little fingers wrap around my necklace

I talk with toms mom and sister until I feel Jasmine stop sucking

I look down to see once again she’s fallen asleep, I fix my top before lifting her against my shoulder and rubbing her back waiting for her to burp, eventually she lets out a little burp and I smile kissing the side of her head.

“I’ll be down in a minute I’m just going to put her to bed” I smile standing up and waking up stairs

I gently place Jasmine in her crib and bring her blanket up over her, I switch on her night light and make sure the baby monitor is on before leaving the room and walking back downstairs right in time for dinner to be ready.

“Jasmine went down okay?” Tom asks as I take my seat next to him

I nod and smile before we all dig into our food

“Auntie Taylor” Ellie speaks up

“Yeah el” I answer looking at her across the table

“can we watch a film after dinner” she asks sweetly

“Sure we can” I smile as I continue to eat and I feel toms hand rest on my thigh, I smile and lace our finger together

Once were all done I stand up and collect all the plates as I begin to empty any left overs into the bin and placing them into the dishwasher

“Hey el why don’t you go tell your uncle tom to show you the DVDs we have and you can choose one” I say turning my head to look at her

She nods and leaves to find her uncle

Once I’m done with the dishes I go into the living room and join everyone on the couch, as the begging of finding dory pops up on my screen and I smile as Ellie wiggles her way in between tom and I

Halfway through the film Ellie decided to climb onto my lap and cuddle into my chest, I smile at her and wrap my arms around the six year old. Soon after that she’s fast asleep

The film finishes as Sarah gets up and lifts Ellie out of my arms and places her on her hip as Ellie cuddles into her shoulder still asleep. I chuckle and stretch out

“Well we should get going now thanks for having us over, Jasmine is absolutely gorgeous” Diana says as she comes over to hug me.

She then hugs tom as we exchange goodbyes with Sarah and they leave.

“It’s been such a long day” I groan as I wrap my arms around toms neck and nuzzle into him

“I know baby, why don’t you head upstairs to bed and I’ll clean up here, check on Jazz and join you after” he smiles pecking my lips

I nod and climb up the stairs, cuddling under the sheets. As soon as my head hits the pillow I’m out like a light.

I think for the next part I’ll probably do a time jump to Jasmine being 1 already, please let me know if you’d like that or if I should do more parts with Jasmine being a baby

anonymous asked:

Can I send in a prompt? Asami always smells so good. Like hella good. To everyone. Her secret? (Besides basic hygiene of course lol) She doesn't wear perfume, she wears cologne 😄


It was a little late at night and Asami and Korra were sitting in the sculpture studio, seated across from each other at a large worktables.  

Tonight was Asami’s turn to monitor the Studio Art undergrads and make sure none of them hurt themselves using any of the sculpture department’s numerous machines and tools.  Art students were surprisingly reckless and the school took no risks, assigning senior majors to monitor the various studios for safety.  Really, it was amazing the kind of injuries you could sustain just in one place.

Industrial hot glue gun: second degree burn.  Ball peen hammer: bruised nailbed.  X-acto knife: five stitch laceration.  Table saw: a lost finger.  Radio saw: more lost fingers.  Jigsaw: even more lost fingers.  

But the studio was relatively empty, which would be a little lonely if Korra hadn’t decided to camp out with her.  Midterms were coming up and they both had a lot of cramming to do (though Korra made for a terrible study buddy, as she proved to be a master of distraction).  Currently (finally), they were silent and tapping away at their respective laptops.  Behind them, a student was noisily boring into plywood with an electric drill.  

Over her computer, Asami could only see the top half of Korra’s (very pretty) face—underlit by the cool glow of her screen, her downcast eyes looking bluer than ever.

A bright chime.  Asami looked down at her own screen.  A chat window popped up at the bottom left corner of her inbox.

korraaaawesome@gmail.com: you smell good

Asami glanced up.  Korra was still staring down at her screen.

satobot@gmail.com: are you really chatting me right now?
korraaaawesome@gmail.com: yea so
satobot@gmail.com: you’re hilarious
satobot@gmail.com: so i smell good, huh?  you can really smell me from over there?
korraaaawesome@gmail.com: yea.  its probably just your BO tho.

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This Kiss

Summary: From anonymous prompt on ff.net “can you please do one where Emma and Killian are caught making out?”

Rating: Hard T?

Warnings: None

Notes: This is the first time I’ve written something like this, so please give feedback if you can!

They were supposed to be doing homework. And they had been… mostly. It’s not Emma’s fault that her boyfriend smells irresistible and tends to bite his lip when he’s concentrating.

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Jude…” it was impossibly soft, the way Connor said his name. Jude couldn’t help but look up. Connor was looking at him, waiting for him to say no or to run away.

“Go ahead.”

Connor took a deep, shuddering breath and Jude felt his heart racing. He wouldn’t be surprised if Connor could hear it, could feel the floor beneath him shaking with the force.

Jude held his breath when Connor began to lean in closer. Connor’s eyes darted from his lips back to his eyes, checking to make sure Jude wasn’t going anywhere.

He could feel Connor’s breath on his mouth, the smell of peppermint and something very distinctly Connor was everywhere. He felt like he was drowning in it.


 I Can Hear Your  Heart



 Because Oh My Gosh……I cannot get enough of his/her jonnor fanfictions (I love your writing, whoever you are)