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“You’re not getting away this time!”

“Your tools are impressive, but they can’t beat natural born power.”

“Don’t you ever grow weary of the same routine?”

“You’re a monster.”

“I must say, of all the people I put behind bars, you’ve got to be the worst.”

“I don’t want to play your sick mind games, I’m not one of your victims!”

“You can’t control me like you can your little puppets, can you?”

“Ugh, I feel bad for whoever has to sort all this mess out.”

“I’m just…tired. I’m tired of everyone’s lives lying on my shoulders.”

“Why can’t these people just learn to take care of themselves?”

“I enjoy my work, I’m a savior! I wouldn’t trade that for anything!”


“What’s the matter, are you afraid of me? Good.”

“I have to say, you are giving me quite a bit of trouble.”

“You’re about to piss me off, brat.”

“Come on, you can get out of that, can’t you? At least try.”

“Go on, at least put on a show if you’re going to challenge me.”

“The last guy didn’t end up so well, if you’ve heard. I admire your bravery.”

“As much as I appreciate tenacity, I don’t appreciate annoying flies interrupting my plans.”

“Now that I’ve got you, what should I do first?”

“Relax, kiddo. Not everyone’s out here for mass murder or world domination. Maybe I just wanted to take this car for a joy ride.”

“Why do you always have to ruin my fun?”

“Why did I turn bad? Why do heroes ask such inane questions?”

“You don’t need to understand me, I don’t WANT you to understand me!”

“Not everyone can be pulled into the light, hero.”

downhillcarver  asked:

You've done a lot of world building. Tell us about that one little thing you've created that you really like, but will likely never have opportunity to show/use/explain within your storytelling. Gadget, genetics, location, cultural phenomenon, whatever!

Oh man….. normally I cram everything I can into one story or another… I would’ve said mobile plants a month ago but I decided to mash them into The Uncommon Twins.

Most of my stuff I can think of that qualifies is old abandoned story projects that I don’t hate, but don’t have the time or motivation to work on (or renovate, since I made them as a kid/teen), like that thing with the sapient condors and adopted Frankenstein human boy, or MCM at this point…

I also have a couple of renovated middle school ocs that I have yet to find good homes for. I recently redesigned Zack, a half-Korean college freshman with the soul of his dead little sister living in his skull. The sister is also a witch and turned him into a dragon shapeshifter for shits and giggles? He’s an amalgamation of Stuff Jay Liked In Middle School but I love him anyways… he now looks like a green cheetah-gazelle, is very fast, very anxious, and just wants to pass his classes but weird shit keeps happening to him. He was originally from the same story as Karen but she has a new sci fi home now.

The issue here is that all my fantasy universes have very rigid magical rules and settings, none of which would allow Zack and his sister’s existence? Like, maybe Victor and Lex, but not in the same plot/location as them…. ough, I have too many things going on as it is, so I can’t really afford to worry about it right now… enjoy this stressed dragon boy anyways

instead of you lecturing me about how the world is “too sensitive” and “can’t take a joke”, i want you to explain to me why you find humor in a world tragedy. 22 people died and so many more were injured and have been forever impacted. show some compassion and pray for manchester

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Your slbp headcanons are so cute. Can you please write some for my fav Kiyohiro? Like what's his type of mc and the way he'll show his care. He doesn't have any proper route yet so forgive me if it's too hard to imagine, just skip. Thank you.

Kyaa you are so sweet!~♥
Aaah , i love writing for npc don’t worry! :*


  • Like any other ninja, he is used living in a world full of bloodshed
  • MC is the happy-go-lucky type, while Kiyohiro is strictly following orders emotionless
  • He visits Saizo to pass him some orders and that’s when he first notices her.
  • “How can she be so carefree..?”
  • Because of her carelessness, he thinks that someone must protect her
  • Although , this isn’t something he was ordered to do.
  • The way he shows his care is not to follow his orders to keep her safe.
  • He is a mixture of Mitsuhide and Saizo.
  • He has Mitsuhide’s loyalty and Saizo’s coldness
  • Once he is in love his world is turning upside down
  • He is more affectionate than Saizo
  • He wants to be able to show his love
  • He is spoiling MC (daddy material)

“Not trying to be racist” in this whole fucking paragraph the only “evidence” you have that BTS shouldn’t be here is just because they are from a different country. Justin Bieber is from Canada. Drake is from Canada. Apparently Canada is part of America now because I dont see you talking shit about them yet just like BTS they are from a different country and are VERY POPULAR. If you believe that Ariana and Selena should have won then why didn’t you vote more than once to make sure that they won? We love BTS and we know their talents and their struggles. The reason why BTS won is because they deserved it. I can’t believe someone could get so mad because somebody else lost. Drake, Justin, Ariana, and Selena have won many times in the past. No duh an American group hasn’t been to Korea the thought of bringing a group from a country around the world to an award show has just been thought of. BTS was chosen to come here because many people in America listen to k-pop. You are whining because you have an opinion. I’m not whining. I’m fighting for what is right because people like you who don’t know better is being racist to a group of amazingly talented young men who happen to be from Korea. I’m sorry K-pop is taking over. You should have learned to deal with change a long time ago so get used to it.

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can you talk abt ur support for its always sunny, as a trans person? I'm cis and I love the show, but the early episodes with the t slur make me uncomfortable about supporting the show

yeah it’s mad transmisogynistic and just misogynistic in general but we r all living in this hell world and my disavowing always sunny would not materially help other trans people in any way. that said don’t like sit yr trans friends down and make them watch charlie has cancer bc some friends of mine did that to me a few years ago and I dissociated for days lmao

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*Recieves odd smelling letter* Dear Bendy, you remember our discussion about gloves... right? No one takes them off or asks why they have them. I've thought and thought and finally I found the answer! I can't tell you, they'll hear us, so you'll have to look yourself... I'M NOT CRAZY! I know I'm not, but you ALL need to know. I'm going to show the world, share with it, de-glove it! Freedom for the fingers! Naked palms for everyone! Thank you Bendy for showing me the light. -- ❤ The Glove Anon

Bendy: Ok i’m gonna be nice to you by doing you a favor and by that I mean neither do you want me to call my security to escort to the exit and never return? FOREVER. Or send you to mental hospital?… OR… Why not shoot you out of your misery? Hmm?

the uk’s terror threat level has been raised to critical for the first time in a decade and soldiers are being deployed on the streets for the first time since 2003. i’m heartbroken for the people who lost their lives yesterday and for their families and loved ones. all of us here can relate to that feeling of ecstasy having just seen your favourite artist, someone you love and idolise, perform live. we can all relate to counting down to the event for months, we can all relate to waking up the morning of the show and feeling like nothing can ever make you sad again because the day has finally come where you get to see your hero(es). that happiness was stolen away from thousands of people yesterday, and 22 innocent lives were stolen from the world. nobody should enter a concert venue and never leave. no parent should wave off their excited child as they go have fun with their friends at a music event and never see that child alive again. i’m terrified for every single person in this country, in this world, because targeting children on a night that’s supposed to be about love and happiness and celebration is stooping to an entirely new level of barbarity and deplorableness.

in a time where we should be demonstrating defiance and unity i have to admit that i am scared.

Whenever I feel gloomy about the prevalence of toxic masculinity, I look at my neighbour’s son. He’s 20 years old, and still takes the time to come over and play dodgeball and soccer and cricket with my kids when he’s home from uni. He gives them so much of his time and attention, showing them respect and genuine affection. 

I look at my bestie. He makes beautiful things with his hands, creates worlds from his mind, and he has the patience of a saint. When I feel like yelling at the kids, he gets down on his knees and talks to them on their level. I have hardly ever heard him raise his voice. When I’m struggling, he worries about me and checks on me.

I look at my step-dad, who is pretty oldschool working class, a skilled builder/supervisor, a sports lover. He also reads, he bakes, he does dishes, he takes care of my mum and my sister, he takes care of his mum and sisters, he helps me out whenever he can with gardening and building and all sorts. He might be oldschool, but his masculinity isn’t toxic.

I look at the masc non-binary people I know, and the trans men I know. They reach out to people who are struggling and offer emotional care. They admit when they’re struggling and vulnerable. They are loving and emotionally mature and wonderful people.

I see examples of positive masculinity all around me from the masc people I love. And that gives me hope that, one day, we’ll see more of it.

i am not the morning sun, allowing you to wake up peacefully. and as much as my naivety endears you, you need to understand that i am dread incarnate. it was the only thing i was taught to feel about myself. dread at being alive. a burden to the people around me. i am bred from self loathing & a putrid desire to not exist. i am still learning that my innocence is something to celebrate. that i am not worthless, too small for this world, and too incapable. that i am good enough. my inability to take on the world comforts you. my curiosity cripples your selfish need to be needed.

if you tell me i can’t, i will show you i can. but i don’t know how to continue on for myself. who am i when i am not in relation to your constant need to protect? who am i when not in opposition of SOMEONE. i am a leech that sucks you dry because being just me is not whole. i was never allowed to believe that i didn’t need to rely on someone to exist.

so challenge me, please challenge me. it’s the only way i fuel myself. you are my gasoline. i can’t run on self worth so i’ll use what i have.

maybe one day i will be alone. wind in my lungs, staring at the treetops and i’ll feel fulfilled.

a pawn does not need the king or the queen to be a chess piece. it just is one.

but i never belonged on a chess board at all. pieces lost and in its stead it’s me. a red checker chip molded and forged into inadequacy.

when i was small, i was told i did not belong to the world outside. i was told that i would not be able. i am not capable, i am not capable, i am not capable. if you want to know what a butterfly forced to stay in its cocoon looks like, that is me. it will always be me.

my wings might be broken but one day i will know how to fly.

maybe i always have been.

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Tbh like, i've seen your hamilton hate posts and i still don't quite understand why you'd not be okay with Hamilton, but be okay with Axis Powers Hetalia, a show that's... to be blunt pretty disrespectful a portrayal of world war 2 by turning it into a bunch of innocent goofy pseudo-chibis and joking around about something that seriously impacted people. And i say that as someone who themselves seriously dislikes Hamilton for the same reasons you do politically. That's just me, though.

i understand what you’re trying to say and you make a valid point but from what i can recall, like– even though hetalia jokes around about historical relations and national stereotypes (and i mean that lightly, ie america loving hamburgers and etc) i don’t think that they’ve made light of or dismissed any seriously impactful historical event as something goofy??? usually if hima does actually touch down on something that Happened™ it’s just like “here’s how they reacted to that” and not really like a heehee haha sort of?? issue. but like ofc i could always be wrong (i am 90% of the time) and surely i could be missing something but yk.

as far as hamilton goes like, for me it goes a little deeper than that? i have a few of my own reasons for being yikes about it but i’m not… like infuriated by it– more than anything i’m not aesthetically pleased by it and it bores me, but the reasons i’m :/ about hamilton is a story for another time.

i’m sorry if none of that made sense or if i came off rudely or anything!! i hope that was the reply you were looking for shdkf. have a nice morning! ;;

tree bros thoughts

the message of the show means a lot to me and i think it’s very important

but i also enjoy aus
i think a world where connor didn’t commit suicide would be interesting and i’d personally love to see his character be developed more than what we got but obviously that can’t happen

as long as the au doesn’t fuck with zoe im fine

stop killings zoe so that you can have your ship it’s not cool

I just saw this on Reddit today and I wanted to share it here.

When you’re a parent, you have to realize that the child you brought into this world is going to be their own person and you’ll have to start getting into things you may not understand and have ZERO interest in.

However, you damn well better act like you are.

I can still remember the feeling as a kid getting Pokemon Red and it being something I loved so much, so I wanted to share that with my mom. I wanted to show her my team, tell her about the gym leaders I took down, and she just took a glance at the Game Boy color and went “mmhhhmm”.

She gave zero shits when I beat Banjo-Kazooie, a game which was INCREDIBLY hard for grade school me and you can make me have war flashbacks if you so much as say “Rusty Bucket Bay”.

My town in Animal Crossing? Catching rare fish? Who cares?

I liked a cartoon series so much that I wrote little stories about it? “No, I don’t want to read it.”

This type of stuff matters to kids so damn much and she’ll never realize how much it hurt our relationship. It might not seem like a big deal she never sat down and watched me play something like Luigi’s Mansion, but that’s how kids try and bond with their parents.

After constantly being shot down they’ll eventually stop talking to you entirely. 

i noticed this thing with a lot of men. they tend to be really generous and kind only to women they’re attracted to. duh, obvious statement to most of you but it’s jarring when you see it first hand and it’s so prevalent and insidious to the point that it feels uncomfortable accepting help from a strange without thinking of the possibility of him having ulterior motives. and it’s disheartening knowing that if you’re in a position needing a man’s help, a lot of times it will depend entirely on whether or not he’s attracted to you. and the problem is that they think this goes both ways. i can show a simple gesture of kindness and a man will take it as me coming on to him. me letting you go in front of me on the checkout line because you have one item, me offering change because you don’t have any, or anything other well-intentioned act of kindness results in a man trying to eventually make a move thinking that it’s mutual. how sad it must be to think that there’s no kindness for the sake of kindness. that all good done in this world is based on sexual impulses instead of the desire to help another human being just how you like to be helped. 

ajcaimi  asked:

Hey Dana. I was wondering if you have any plans to develop and pitch a show of your own. If you do, what advice do you have for people who want to create their own show?

I did have plans to pitch a show. And I pitched it! And Disney bought it! And now I’m developing that show! It’s difficult and exciting ESPECIALLY because I’m doing all this for the first time. I hope I can show some images someday!

If I were to give one piece of advice to past me, it’d be to get comfortable writing entertaining scripts. As a showrunner the most important thing will be The Show, and 90% of The Show comes from The Writing. It’s difficult to find writers who will 100% understand your vision but if that’s an area you’re comfortable in you’ll never be an dire straits. I had never professionally written a script before my pilot. If I did maybe that part wouldn’t have been as stressful at the time haha. 

But let’s say you’re already good there. You’re good everywhere! 

How to pitch a thing! I used to love making “pitch books” as a kid, though I had no idea that’s what I was doing. It was just fun to develop worlds and characters! So even if you’re in HS or younger, making “pitch books” is a great way to spend your time and practice for the future. So get to it! Here’s just one format you can try: 

1. Cover page with short description of show and a fun image of your main character!

2. ½-1 full page describing your main character/s! (Don’t start with exhaustive explanations about the world, or any legends, or w/e, we’re here bc we want to connect with a character).

3. A couple pages with any other important characters you may have!

4. A page describing the most important relationships between your main character/s and others!

5. Simple 1 page description on how your world works! If it’s too complicated to get on one page, SIMPLIFY! Even the most complicated ideas can be pitched in 1-2 sentences. 

6. Important places! The main characters house? The bad guy’s castle? Stuff like that. 

7. Give em a couple episode examples! That’s where your show comes together, after all. 

And you’re done!

Fill your pitch book with fun images that show off your characters and your world! You don’t have to follow this format exactly, it’s your show, your pitch, do whatever you think will show off your ideas best. If you’re making an epic you might want to dedicate a page to where you want the show to go, and how the characters will evolve. Everything depends on what you want to make. But above all: Make it interesting to read!!! Make it fun to look at!!! Boredom is your enemy, fight against it!!!!

Are my exclamation points making this easier to understand? GREAT!!!!!

Now get out there and pitch some things cause I want new shows to watch.