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Alternate Titles For Every Futurama Episode, Part 1

Season 1

Space Pilot 3000: Who Orders A Pizza On New Years Eve?
The Series Has Landed: First Proof That This Show Will Make You Feel Things
I, Roommate: The Frender Romcom
Love’s Labours Lost in Space: We Predicted Trump. We Are Sorry.
Fear of a Bot Planet: Bender Is Just An Asshole With Feelings
A Fishful of Dollars: At Least It Wasn’t Pineapple
My Three Suns: Best Fry Episode, Hands Down
A Big Piece of Garbage: Heroes-slow-walking-to-get-to-their-ship-and-save-the-world Trope
Hell Is Other Robots: The Devil Can Sing And It’s Amazing
A Flight to Remember: fake-relationship / Titanic AU 
Mars University: A Monkey Is Smarter Than Fry, But Not Cuter
When Aliens Attack: Tv Knowlage Saved The Day
Fry and the Slurm Factory: Grossest “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Take So Far.

Season 2

I Second that Emotion: Bender Is Just An Asshole With Feelings, Part 2
Brannigan, Begin Again: We Saw You Liked Our Trump, So He’s More!
A Head in the Polls: And Now, Who Would Make A Bad President?
Xmas Story: We Like To Create Villains, Merry Christmas.
Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?: Zoidberg Is Ace, So I Tell You
The Lesser of Two Evils: An Evil Bender That’s Somehow Not As Evil As Bender
Put Your Head on My Shoulders: Amy And Fry, But Like It Goes Very Wrong
Raging Bender: Wrestling With Leela’s Bad Childhood Thrown In
A Bicyclops Built for Two: How Many Married… with Children Reference Can You Make In 20 Minutes?
A Clone of My Own: Cubert Calls Out All The Inconsistencies In The Show (he’s also very annoying)
How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back: The Famous “Do a flip” Moment
The Deep South: Southern Little Mermaid
Bender Gets Made: Stereotypical Mafia, But They’re All Robots
Mother’s Day: Mom And The Professor Banged
The Problem with Popplers: Waterfall #1 Is Down
Anthology of Interest I: Coolest 20 Minutes Ever Animated
War Is the H-Word: The War/Mulan AU You Didn’t Ask For, But You Wanted
The Honking: Frender And “Werewolfs”
The Cryonic Woman: Dammit Michelle!

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Envy You

Here I am writting about her again
no word feels to fit her quite complete
I don’t care if I’ll be writting all my life
as long as she spends it with me.

I want to take her somewhere the stress can’t reach
I don’t want her to feel quite complete
I want her to feel like me
as powerful when she’s breathing against my lips.

I want her to get lost in a infinite sea
weathers she never felt, places she never reached
hear me calling in every wave, find yourself
feel complete.

I owe her everything
somehow she showed me I can make it.

Stars are jealous of the shine in your eyes,
waterfalls of the way your hair falls down your back
holy creations envy you,
devil’s terrified of you.

I can’t believe that one of the healthiest and most decent shows on TV is about the Devil

First off look at the cast. It’s actually gender balanced

And if this is not great enough the women are not just there to further the male story lines but actually have their own stories

But wait! It gets even better. I know what you are thinking. A show about the Devil. So naturally Lucifer is the typical attractive male monster ala Loki, Kylo Ren or any random CW character and we are supposed to ignore all the murder, pain and violence he causes because deep down inside he is sensitive right? Nope

Lucifer is the opposite.

Originally posted by desire-lucifer

and he makes it absolutely clear time and time again. He is not evil. He punishes evil. He has never murdered a human being, despises monsters who use and abuse others and all he wants to do is have fun and make sure that everybody around him is happy as well. And if this is not great enough he actually recognizes that he needs help with his issues. Literally one of the main characters in the show is his therapist Dr. Linda.. Sure he never listens to her at first but we actually see his character get development, he also constantly get called out and most importantly learn lessons every once in a while. Also once they got season 2 they had enough leverage to actually discuss Lucifer’s bisexuality openly even going so far as to show his male lovers and talk about them

The other main character of the show is Chloe Decker

Originally posted by chloesmoaningstar

She is a divorced mom and an amazing detective. A complete professional who believes in justice and is even willing to after other cops. She has no chill and constantly calls Lucifer on his shit and even this wasn’t great enough she is not just there to further Lucifer’s story lines. If anything it’s the other way around. She usually goes her own way and Lucifer follows her like a puppy

Another amazing thing about the show is that it absolutely doesn’t tolerate any toxic behavior. All characters who do shitty things whether it’s lying, committing crimes , taking other for granted etc are not only called out on it but actually suffer consequences. No matter if they are a human or an angel. Hell they even call out God several times for being an asshole who doesn’t treat his family right

And another very rare thing in shows nowadays. The female characters are not only treated with respect but they are not pitied against each other. In fact they learn to respect and outright love each other.. And yes the female characters regularly interact with each other and quite often without even mentioning the men

Watch this show. It’s worth it

Seth Macfarlane

He gets a lot of hate from this site, but I don’t think people understand him. Often they say he pedals right wing views. This is in no way correct. It’s often a great weakness of the Americans to not understand irony. He is always showing right wing views in an ironic light, and makes them looks silly because of this. If you look at his points in American dad and family guy he is very tolerant and liberal. A great example is when Francine thinks left handed people are the devils minions. All the parallels are to gays and yet people can’t see that he’s trying to show how how silly conservative views are. The character he’s most sympathetic to is by far Hailey, who is basically our generation. He may not be perfect and occasionally be make a faux pas but that’s being human, at the core he sympathises with humanity and liberalism!

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I wanna get into Monsta x so badly, can you help me????

Here are the members :) 

Shownu (leader, dance, vocal, teddy bear)

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

kihyun (vocal, mom of the group, cute lil devil, voice of an angel though)

Originally posted by aceyng

jooheon (rap, cutest human being alive, aegyo will kill you)

Originally posted by mybabyoppa

minhyuk (vocal, sunshine, doesnt shut up - so adorable and precious though)

Originally posted by wonhontology

hyungwon (vocal, visual, dance, meme king, always sleepy)

Originally posted by kihn

wonho (vocal, dance, literal ray of sunshine, so much love to offer)

Originally posted by mybabyoppa

changkyun (rap, maknae, this gif defines him) 

Originally posted by colorthekpop

and here’s my starter guide ;D You should also check out their reality show Monsta x X-ray <33

It’s 3am
and hell has opened up,
it is the hours of midnight wings
and midnight blood
and eyes worthy of the new moon.

You are stumbling about
head spinning from the club,
alcohol is buzzing in your blood.
Turning another corner,
then another, arriving
at the parking lot of the church
between Sixth and Main Street,
and there He is.

Standing calmly in the street light,
flicking the zippo off, on, off, on.
His handsome face is to good,
to beautiful and pure to be anything,
but the Devil.
“Hello my dear,” the Devil speaks,
voice rich, sweet as honey, and it
is pure as a little brook.

“You rang?”
“No, no I did not,” voice breath sharp,
just like your bones, to sharp
under your skin, wasting away
under the yoke of God’s command.

“I can show you a better life you see,”
the Devil says, his eyes filled with fire,
“the world is mine to give.”

“You are Prince of this Earth-”
You began, an argument that is so old,
the Devil has heard it more times
than all the seconds contained within
your life.

“I offer you the world,
the secrets of the universe,
to be well fed and not starved.
I offer you to not drown in the
repression of God’s yoke,
that you may rise like the phoenix.
God doesn’t take care of his own,
but the Devil always take care of his own.”

Protests are on your lips
but the Devil holds out his hand,
gaze challenging.

“I always ask permission and if you wish,
you can go back,
no contract,
no commands or rules, except thus:
Respect your fellows and don’t trash the world.”

Trembling you grasp his hand,
they are overly warmth,
perhaps with the fire of his soul,
or maybe it’s because you are so cold.

“Once you go to the dark side,
you’ll never want to go back
to creaking knees and
voices strained from worship
and heart aching full of prayers.
You will see.”

—  The Devil Offers You the World
ciel knight
This just happenned
  • Me: So I like this show about the devil. Lucifer has really grown on me as a person.
  • Religious friend: Ugh, but he's evil. How can you like someone who's like the SOURCE of evil.
  • All the other friends in the room: wtf
  • Religious friend: wtf
  • Me: wtf

“The Dog and the Devil” - Digital Oil Painting

“Right now he’s thinking, ‘Why he taste like smoke?’ Heh. Well, of course I can read his mind, he’s a simple creature. He certainly likes to lick things. Shall I do that, too?”

Tom Ellis is certainly a handsome devil. (See what I did there? LOL) I do wish he would shave his neck (if only to make painting him a little easier on me!) but other than that… Nice. ^_^

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

10 xxxtentacion lines that get to me...

I’ll do more soon. He’s hella deep person and his lyrics just hit hard. At least for me.

• “You want me in your bed, cause I’ve been in your head.” - Don’t wanna do this anymore

• “won’t hurt me now cause (my) heart’s been broke, I hate myself but it won’t show.” - I Spoke to the devil in Miami, he said everything would be fine

• “can’t replace you with these bitches that I talk to. this ain’t lust it’s love, we had trust, what’s good?” - LETS PRETEND WE’RE NUMB

• “offense or defense, passive or violent. I’ll cut my wrists till my heartbeat is silent. With the shell in my hand, I’m equipped with the pump.” - skin

• “I got no heart I’m a mannequin” - manikin

• “ I won’t allow myself happiness because it’s all lies” - snow

• “what you hear about me, all lies” - you’re thinking too much, stop it

• “I’m on the ropes again, I need you as I am” - tightrope

• “if death is what it seems, why is it so vividly portrayed within my dreams?” - vice city

• “heart broken, no one can feel me. Heart open, with an incision. You broke it, too many faces running. I’m nothing, I’m nothing different.” - kill me


I got asked by people who never made gifs before how I make and color them, and since I already made a tuto how I gif, it’s time I show how I color them

what you’ll need:

  • basic gif making knowledge (I made a tutorial here)
  • photoshops cs5/cs6/cc (I’m using cs6)
  • a pen so you can sign a contract with the devil

I’m going to try to explain how I usually color my gifs with some extra explanation and comments on how and why. I go like this on almost everything and it works like a charm.

so, from this:

to this:

tutorial under the cut!

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it’s 4:12am and we jump out
of the oak tree in your neighbor’s
yard, we hit the ground running.
we hide behind the closest gas
station and wait for god, who
hasn’t been showing up much
of anywhere lately. the monster
in your last nightmare leaves
bruises on my collarbone and
the devil wishes us the best, he
says he doesn’t want to see us
around anytime soon. i can’t
figure out if i’m happy or not. you
don’t know how to stop grinning.
—  gas station reveries (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)

Momo: Right here where it says “put one slice” we heard “I am the Devil”

Mina: Did you save any of these satanic toasts?

Momo: Yes, I did save one because I wanted to make sure that somebody else would see it.

Momo: [holds up burn toast with SATAN LIVES engraved in it] Now this one, can you see it Mina? SATAN LIVES. It’s terrible.

Mina: Is the toaster still possessed?

Momo: We still have trouble off and on with it, yes.

Momo: [puts bread slice in toaster, struggles to push lever down] It seems to be aware I-

Toaster: [shoots up huge flame]

Mina: Why have you kept this toaster?

Momo: Well, Mina, you know… When all is said and done, it makes good toast.

Iceland is getting extremely ban happy regarding dog care

Docking/cropping, shock collars and prongs were banned a while ago. This year all collars that tighten got banned. You can no longer crate your dog either?

Most people do not care about the regulation but the ones that do bash people for using show leads on shows. I’ve been bashed for using martingales and semi slips. I’ve been bashed for crating a dog that would probably get harmed somehow if I’d let her be loose when I’m away.

… I train positively myself btw!! I don’t correct my dogs!!!! But still I’m the devil

metalrapunzel  asked:

Do you think that characterization in the new episode of Eugene where he cant keep a secret is because hes trying to be more open now that hes no longer a thief? Or do you think it was just for the sake of that gag in the show? its probably the latter but hopefully its the former and we can see eugene maybe oversteering a bit in being open and good again rather than selfish and closed off? because eugene being characterized to not be able to keep secrets is just...wrong :-/

I think Eugene is capable of keeping his own secrets, but even in the movie he has kind of a big mouth. It’s part of that easygoing facade, the devil-may-care attitude. It’s actually incredibly selfish of a person to not care whether or not they keep other people’s secrets. I can easily see Flynn Rider carelessly backstabbing people he works with by telling others their secrets. After all, he had no qualms backstabbing the Stabbingtons to keep the crown for himself.

But yes, the idea of him oversteering in an attempt to be more open is a nice idea. That and maybe this is Eugene when he’s happy and relaxed. In Tangled, he’s always tense and on guard. Now he’s “contented and secure”.

I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine (Lyrics)

and I’m always where the, sun don’t shine & tears don’t show,  wont hurt me now, cause hearts been broke, I , hate myself, but, it wont show, I ,constantly lose, all, my remorse

and its , 10 for wolf, and 3 for the shepard, and its, 1 for the sheep, who led by a leopard often, gave his perception as a handle of weapon, took a bite of your apple, give me all you can offer,

now, im trapped in a changing maze, setting my soul ablaze, couldn’t control the pace , where is this going hey, heartless is recklessness,  

its word of a pacifist to word of a massicist, im off of the map, my lord I spoke to a baphomet, he said he would save me if i gave him one thing he needed, what is this thing i pleaded, boy its the key to even,

and as I spoke my fangs hand shown, taken aback he smiles, and tells me, what you crave will soon be yours, but what I crave, is already mine, anima vestra

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Been listening to Private Show by Little Mix for a week or so and I can't stop thinking about giving Harry a lap dance. That'd be so fucking hot. The line "Under the sheets, let me love you so good if you want to touch it then baby you should" is everything. Imagine him so worked up, smirking and looking at you eagerly as you dance for him in your underwear...

I wanna give H a lap dance - probably to “that’s what I like” by Bruno mars or “seven devils” by Florence and the machine….


POC are either villains or your favourite punching bags, right Julie?

Let’s look at the receipts:

  • Every single black character on your show has been brutally murdered at the hands of your Confederate white vampire
  • Bonnie (her life sucks majorly at the moment, she can’t be with her love)
  • Tyler (is fucking DEAD and died in the most humiliating way possible, fuck YOU Julie Plague)
  • Sarah (brought her back just to brutally kill her like her mother, black women are only expendable after all … )
  • Enzo (let my boy REST and LOVE his woman, why do you hate him so much?)
  • Cade (you made a BLACK MAN the DEVIL? I can’t believe this bullshit, I need to lie down)
Slow Understanding

Character: Lucifer Morningstar
Words: 405
Request: I love your lucifer writings I get so happy whenever I see you’ve posted one. Can you do one where the reader is coming to grips that he’s actually the devil? Plzzzz.
A/N: Hey! I’m sorry if this isn’t exactly what you wanted, but I wanted to try something a bit different and have a good platonic fanfic C:

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