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andi mack ep 12 spoilers ahead!!

ok so i’m watching the ep right now and i got to the scene… you know the scene where cyrus turns around and i’m loosing my mind rn. i literally paused and clutched my chest ok i can’t believe i’m seeing an actual queer kid on a disney show with my own two eyes in the year of our lord 2017. i’m. i can’t.

yeah i know it could have been sooner, it SHOULD have been sooner. i’m almost 22 and finally there he is, a boy who’s in love with a boy, a main character no less. an actual child being queer on disney channel i’m about to cry.


Look at my babes. Seriously

Protocol 7 (1/?)

OUAT travelers au! I started watching it last night and I have no control over my muse so yeah. This happened. Obviously, CS will be the main ship featured here.  This bit is going to be a little different to the rest and it does involve descriptions of death so please avoid if that’s something you are uncomfortable with.

Word count: ~300. This is just the prologue

Summary: in the distant future, humanity is on the verge of extinction. Under orders, the remaining humans implant their consciousness into host bodies in the 21st century, interfering with strategic points in the timeline with the intent to trying and prevent humanity’s eventual collapse. Rated T. 


Earth. Storybrooke, Maine. 6th September, 2017. 

Victim’s name: Killian Jones, aged 32.

Recorded time of death: 21:37. 

It is the great folly of the human race to think they have control.

For millennia, they have lived, bending the earth to their whims, creating and destroying in a vicious cycle, over and over and over again.

Humans believe that they have the power over life and death, can choose who lives and who dies, categorise people into those they deemed worthy and those they do not.

But it’s a lie.

Everything you think you know, everything you’ve ever believed.

You don’t control anything.

Some people say it’s part of a bigger, cosmic plan. They’re closer to the truth.


Can you hear it?

The tinny sound, somewhere in the back of your mind. That one that you can’t shake no matter how hard you try, the one that sounds suspiciously like a warning. It stands firm, niggling at you, reminding you of its existence when you least expect it. Always ringing.

And it’s getting louder.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Big fan of your writing, god, your Wincest is perfection. I just wanted your thoughts on something, if you’d like to discuss it with me. I’m curious about the tags on the gifset you reblogged, ‘I truly don’t understand people who thing Dean was happy with Lisa’. I think, the crux of it is that there were moments of happiness for Dean in the time that he spent with Lisa and Ben. It was what he needed. He found comfort and a reason to live, with them. (1/?)

But that doesn’t diminish his grief for Sam. Even though he might of loved Lisa, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t still suffering for Sam. I don’t know if Dean would have survived that year by himself if he kept hunting, if Sam had found him Soulless how that might have gone down. Dean needed to try something different, something safe, to give him distance and a space to mourn his loss. Lisa was patient with him, she tried to give him what he needed, to understand him. (2/?)

I don’t know if Dean was genuinely happy, he wasn’t happy for the entire time of course he wasn’t, but I think that he loved her in his own way. He needed her. You never get over a great big love like what the brothers have for each other. But that doesn’t mean smaller ones can’t happen. What do you think? (3/3)    

Well, first, thank you. :)

Second: I think we’re… basically in agreement here, anon. I think that, given the absence of Sam, the year with Lisa and Ben was something that Dean definitely needed–Sam was right about that. If all he’d had was the promise that Sam was gone forever, that he wasn’t allowed to get him back, and he’d just gone straight into hunting alone, I think it would’ve been a matter of weeks before he went down on his knees on some back country road and put a shotgun in his mouth. Keeping the promise he made, going to Lisa despite how everything in him wants to die, or find a way to get Sam back, definitely saved his life.

However, the larger context of the tags was that montage we got at the beginning of season six, the one that contrasts Dean’s domestic life with the Braedens with his hunting life with Sammy. When I watched that I saw nothing but misery, and here’s why: Dean isn’t Dean without Sam. There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you–sure, made explicit two years later, but the truth of it radiates throughout the show. I think that Dean did love Lisa and Ben, definitely. The care he shows for them throughout the rest of s6 is proof enough of that. He had real affection for Lisa, and he was a perfect surrogate dad to Ben, and it did give him a purpose. What I don’t think it gave him was a reason to live, and that’s why I don’t think of that time as ‘happy’–at least, not happy without massive qualifiers.

When I watch the montage, when you watch the rest of that episode and see Dean going through his day, what I see is someone going through the motions. I think he probably would’ve continued to, too, if Sam and the Campbells hadn’t swooped in. He would’ve kept working that job, probably would’ve become a foreman and done good work; he would’ve married Lisa, eventually, if he thought she wanted that; he would’ve gone to Ben’s graduation and tried to figure out how to pay for college. But you notice, he never really smiles, for real, that whole time? Despite being in full color it’s like he’s trapped in some grey half-life–walking and breathing and doing what he needs to, but his heart’s sluggish. The first moment of real emotion we see is when he wakes up out of the djinn-paralysis and sees Sam, and it’s like a goddamn switch gets flipped. We finally get real animation, real feeling–his eyes go wide like he’s seeing light for the first time in a year, like he’s waking out of a coma. Doesn’t matter that this hollowed-out brother can’t return it properly, because Dean is back, snapped back into the world like a bone returning to its socket.

He loved Lisa, he did. But it just… can’t compare. Never. No one’s fault, but it’s not Lisa who’s his soulmate, is it. I really do think that’s the crux of it, and it’s why these ‘smaller’ loves the boys have are never something that looks like actual happiness, to me. Lisa, or Amelia, or the vague hints we got of Jessica–they’re all just… placeholders. You can be content, for a while, but a vital piece is missing from the world and in comparison it’s just… pallid. The moments of contentment can keep you going, but there won’t ever be actual joy. You keep going until the real world comes back, or until you realize that it never, ever will–and our boys aren’t prone to suicide, so they’d be left forever in that half-life, until Death, finally, came as a mercy.

A last few comments, in the show’s own words, from 6.01:

DEAN: Do you have any clue what walking away meant for me?
BOBBY: Yeah–a woman and a kid and not getting your guts ripped out at age 30. That’s what it meant.
DEAN: That woman and that kid – I went to them because you asked me to.
BOBBY: Good.
DEAN: Good for who? I showed up on their doorstep half out of my head with grief. God knows why they even let me in. I drank too much. I had nightmares. I looked everywhere. I collected hundreds of books, trying to find anything to bust you out.
SAM: You promised you’d leave it alone.
DEAN: Of course I didn’t leave it alone! Sue me! A damn year? You couldn’t put me out of my misery?

Occasionally content, I’ll give you. Happy? Not as such.

You know, it’s pretty wild just how much I can relate to so many of the SU characters. Like, all of the main characters are like me in some way, not to mention some of the humans too like Lars and his fear of what people think of him, Sadie and her overbearing mom, Kiki not being able to tell someone no. Hell, even Yellow Diamond’s tyranical ass repressing her emotions and literally singing an entire song about what’s the use of feeling is relatable.

And, I just love it so much. I can’t believe how many of the characters on this show are like me. We share the same fears and struggles and issues. Sometimes it’s like I’m watching myself on screen and I can sympathize so badly with a character, even characters who I thought were nothing like me can say or do something that puts me in shock because I’m suddenly being reminded of myself. I’m really so grateful to this show because with other stuff I watch, there’s typically only one character I can relate to and I’m lucky if there’s a second. Some shows, I don’t even relate to any of the characters at all. But, with SU, so many of the characters are like pieces of me. And, I absolutely adore it. 

I love this show, I love these characters, I love the way they’re written, I love their depth and layers, I love how the writers refused to just have them be cartoony caricatures and made them multifaceted, three-dimensional, realistic individuals that are still learning and growing and healing, the way that I am still learning and growing and healing.

okay so I just feel the need to say why Brooklyn nine nine is the best show so strap yourselves in it’s gon be long

* first off, hella diverse cast
* and no “token” characters there just for the sake of diversity, each character has very different personalities from each other and represent the actual population
* despite totally different personalities they are all really good friends and care about each other so much- each character’s relationship is different and I find that beautiful
* amy santiago is never played off as “just Jake’s love interest/girlfriend” she has all her own plots and stories and is amazing and strong and the best
* healthy communication in amy and jakes relationship !!! making sure it doesn’t stop them from doing their job to the best of both their abilities !!!
* Terry is a very macho “man’s” man but isn’t afraid to show his feelings and it’s real nice to see them show how being emotional doesn’t make you a weak man
* the solidarity between the girls because we gotta stick together
* “I met god” “what does she look like?” “Ethnically ambiguous”
* constantly calling out the world for all it’s shit (homophobia, racism, gun laws, corruptness of the police, sexism, I cOULD GO ON)
* and now the reason I decided to make this now: THEY JUST MADE A WHOLE EPISODE ABOUT HOW BULLSHIT RACIAL PROFILING IS
* a show about cops still managed to find a way to talk about it bc they know it’s an important issue and did it in such an incredible way
* showed two sides of dealing with the situation, holts plan and terrys, and neither were ideal, both would have backlash for Terry more than the dickhead who stopped him tbh
* and showing Jake doing hella suspicious shit and not getting stopped
* (but this time with a whole ep not just mentions bless)
* also Jake and amy having to explain it all to Terry’s kids was v upsetting to see how scared they were at first that this would happen just because they were born as they were
* AND mentions of transphobia and telling the twins it’s okay if they don’t identify as female, what other show would

this ain’t even everything it was just getting v long

BASICALLY no show is as woke as brooklyn nine nine, it’s hella funny too with great plots and ships too if that’s what you look for and everyone should watch and @ fox if you don’t renew I will fight it is better than all other shows