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ASK - Can you do a Jin and reader smut when you’re jin’s gf and you joke about his dick size and he proves you wrong >_<

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Your hands were wrapped around the shopping cart handle, guiding it back to its original place, your boyfriend, Jin, walking swiftly to your left.

“I can see your underwear very clearly in that skirt, Jagiya..” He tusked, his large, warm hand placed itself on the small of your back, sneaking down to squeeze your ass every few seconds.

“Too bad I cant see your dick outline.” You smiled slyly, pride and joy filling you up at your insult.

“Too bad you never say that when your pretty little lips are wrapped around it.” He purred into your ear, his hand making contact with the skin of your ass cheek.

Your grip started to tighten on the shopping cart as Jin started to trail his fingers down to the hem of your underwear, your skirt rising in the process.

“Not now Jin..” You whispered, your breath hitched as he started to drag the lace material down.

“But i want you, now.” His voice lowered, the desire and lust wavered around the both of you like wind would on a winters day.

“Fuck..” You bit your lip, the shopping cart smashed against the wall. You couldn’t have cared less right now. Turning around, you grabbed his wrist, pulling him into the elevator that was beside the shopping cart queue.

Your lips curved into a sly smirk as your hand placed itself on the emergency stop button, Jin’s eyes widened as your palm slammed against it.

“Baby..” his head tilted back as he released a hearty groan, you knew he hated elevators. The feeling of no space and warm, clothed, sweaty bodies pressed against each other made him feel sick. Lucky for him the only warm, clothed bodies in this elevator was you and him.

“You always tell me to take risks when we’re being intimate..” You gave a shrug, wrapping your arms around his neck for support as you pressed your lips against his, the soft, moisturised texture of both of your lips making contact with each other felt like ecstasy on your skin.

“I suppose you’re right.” He mumbled through the heated intimacy, “I want you out of those clothes” Jin growled into your ear, his hands travelled down back to your underwear, his long slender fingers playing with the waistband of the lace material.

The temptation to just clamber on him and fuck him until you both saw stars was a repeated thought that kept playing in your mind, but you knew the game he was going to play. You might as well play back. You were both breathless already as both of your hands fumbled against eachothers material that restricted the real pleasure.

“Jin” you moaned his name. You were desperate for him. And he loved that. He chuckled, his lips escaping from yours, before gliding down your neck, leaving waves of blue and purple marks, he said they were to mark his territory, to name you his. You decided this is where you would start, with the pelvis aching teasing.

Walking to the other side of the elevator; In which was only a few strides, you turned your back to him, the pretty floral printed skirt you were wearing was rising more and more as you started to lift it up with your hand, exposing your pink lace panties. Which were rather small.

“Fuck, Jagiya, don’t do this shit to me..” he mumbled, his hand slipping under his boxer shorts, his jeans were already placed in the corner of the elevator. You could see in the mirror the small wet stain from the obvious precum that spilled out of him on his light grey boxers. Your hands placed themselves on the bar which usually would be used for support of elders or people who found elevators scary. You bent over, your skirt staying up as the lace panties practically disappeared between your wet folds. “Holy shit.” Jin croaked out, licking his lips hungrily as he stared at your sex.

You stood up straight, turning around to face him, a sly, mischievous smirk played on your lips, “How bad do you want me, Daddy?” You purred, unclasping the top button of his shirt.

“More than anything, baby girl..” He smiled as you threw his shirt on the floor, your hands had now started to trace every bump of his chest, travelling down to his stomach. You giggled at his comment.

“I must mean a lot to you then.” You grinned, biting your lip as you looked up at him, your hand still traveling further down his body.

Jin grunted his hands tangling in your hair as you sank to your knees, pulling his boxers, his cock lay on his stomach, throbbing angrily, his tip was a red shade, craving for your touch..

You swiped your thumb over his slit, the precum that dribbled out making your finger slick. You grinned to yourself, dragging your tongue on the underside of him, he released a groan, tugging at your hair, to pace things up.

You rolled your eyes, “So impatient..” You tusked, immediately engulfing him, forcefully making his tip hit the back of your throat, you gagged slightly at the impact, but shook it off, making the useless droplets of salty water fall from your eyes as Jin took control, fucking your mouth senseless, careless of how raw your throat was beginning to feel.

“I-I’m close baby..” He groaned, pulling out of your mouth, a string of saliva connecting you two. You coughed slightly, clearing your throat.

“sit on my face..” Jin whispered, licking his swollen lips, his eyes wallpapered with lust..

“Jin were on an elevato-”

“I don’t care, sit on my face..” He gave a smirk, laying on the elevator floor, his hands above his head.

You cocked an eyebrow, curious at Jin’s request demand, You lowered yourself, hovering slightly to reassure yourself that you wont be suffocating your partner anytime soon.

His lips attached to your folds like a leech would with skin. You moaned, grabbing onto the bar behind Jin’s head for support. He mumbled sweet nothings against you, the vibrations causing you to grind against him, his tongue roughly sweeping over your clit, the friction being enough to send you over the wall, shuddering, you moaned, his name escaping your lips every few seconds.

He kissed your oversensitive heat once more before tapping your thigh, “Y/N..” He mumbled from underneath you.

“Hm? Oh! Yes!..” Your cheeks flushed as you got off him.

He smiled sweetly, his hands placing themselves back behind his head. “I mean, seeing as I’m already in a position..” Jin chuckled, smugness laced in his laugh as he got away with all the hard work.

You sighed, raising your eyebrow, Jin shrugged, winking at you. You shook your head, placing your legs on either side of him. He smirked, biting his lip as you teasingly hovered yourself over him, pressing your core against his shaft every few seconds. Jin groaned, the craving of pleasure overwhelming him. He dug his fingers into your hips, keeping you steady.

Before you could speak, Jin thrust upward, his cock filling you up, limiting the time for you to get used to his size. You gasped, your hands automatically pressing against his chest. Jin thrusted up a few more times before you took over, sinking yourself onto him, your pace achingly slow.

You could see the desperation in your partners eyes, speeding up you started to slam your hips down, Jin’s fingers dug into your side as he let out a series of moans and groans.

He looked up at you, you looked so beautiful, your breasts bounced happily, your head tilted back to reveal your larynx bobbing as you gulped. His eyes travelled down to your waist, he gazed at the image in front of him, his hard cock, engulfed in your juices, disappearing inside of you every few seconds. Jin was close, and so were you, but seeing you, like this, made him rock over the edge.

His grip loosened as he released his seed, filling you up. You gasped at the feeling of his liquid inside of you. “Jin..” You whined, starting to ride him again, careless of the painful oversensitivity that was upon him. You were going to orgasm and you weren’t going to stop until you did.

Jin’s face started to redden as you edged closer and closer to your climax, Jin nearing to his second release. Jin rolled you over, his cock escaping your folds for a split second, you caught a glance of it before it entered you again, coated in yours and his juices.

Jin’s hand placed itself at the side of your head as he pounded into you, his hips slamming against yours, he filled you selfishly, gliding in and out of you effortlessly.

His lips attached themselves to your neck, placing more colourful marks into your skin. “Cum for me baby..” He mumbled into your neck, nipping the skin he had just sucked, “I want to feel your pretty cunt spill over my dick.”

You nodded, your moans filling the elevator as ripples of pleasure ran through your body, the coil that tightly fixed itself in your lower abdomen uncoiled. Jin’s laughs mumbled in the background as your ears rang..

“Beautiful…” He whispered, pulling out of you before pressing his lips against yours, your hand travelled to the back of his head as you pulled him in to cuddle you.

“Jin..?” You whispered as your partner lay sleepily on top of you.

“Mhm..?” Jin yawned.

“Is that a security camera?” You pointed to the the black object in the corner of the ceiling.

“Ah.. I’m sure they had a nice show.”

Exo reactions when they see you wearing only their shirt for pyjamas

*I don’t own these gifs*

Sehun: *sees you sleeping in his shirt with just your underwear underneath*

“What a wonderful sight to wake up to.”

Kai: *he comes back home early and sees you snuggled up in bed wearing his oversized shirt, only his shirt ;)*

“I know you missed me, but this is too good.”

Tao: *you were half asleep when he came home and forgot what you were wearing*

Y/N: “Why are you smiling?”
Tao: “Oh, no reason…”

D.O.: *just adores how you look in his shirt*

Chanyeol: *walks in to see you wearing his shirt and your underwear*

“I can get used to this.”

Chen: *he wakes up to see you next to him wearing his shirt for pyjamas*

“Today’s gonna be a good day.”

Baekhyun: *forgetting what you were wearing, you walked out of your room to get breakfast*

Y/N: “What?”

Baekhyun: “Nothing…”

Lay: *when you wake up, you see him laying next to you*

“Are you warm enough like that? I can help out if you’re not.”

Suho: *thinks you look adorable*

Kris: *walks in to the bedroom and sees you*

“Damn, you’re sexy.”

Luhan: *once he sees what you’re wearing, he tries to ignore it*

Xiumin: *when you wake up, you leave your room to get some morning coffee*

Y/N: “What should we do today?”
Xiumin: “Oh, I can think of a few things.”

With Nath, Kentin and Castiel it’s Candy who asks them if they want to go to her room but with Armin it’s HIM who wants to go to Candy’s room. He is like “I know I’ve been to your room once but I don’t remember how it looks like so can we go to your room again can I see your underwears again let’s go to your room yes.”

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i have thick thighs and......i hate them i totally hate them. no its not a physical appearance thing but i hate how they burn a hole in my crotch area every time i wear pants :((((( no types of pants survive. its super inconvenient too especially once in middle school, i didnt realize i had a crotch hole from my chub rub and i was sitting down on the floor with my legs crossed and this random girl pointed at the spot and shouted "OMG UR PANTS ARE RIPPED I CAN SEE YOUR UNDERWEAR! *criespainfully*

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I’m so sorry to read this… I too went through similar situations. I too am an advocate for the fashion industry to produce some kind of reinforcement in those areas (we can invent clothing that glows in the dark, a fabric that absorbs 99% of the light, clothes that help athletes; but it’s not practical - to them - to invest on stuff we need in our daily lives, like bigger pockets for women’s jeans and stronger fabric between the thighs or maybe even plus size clothes that are made for actual fat women, with stomach fat and flabby arms and and not just models with a little more meat in their hips and ass and bigger tits and no belly).

What I want you to realize here it’s that it’s not your fault. We live in a society that takes the blame of its own structural flaws and put them in the individuals. We live in a society where bullying and explicit demonstrations of fatphobia (because that’s what that girl did) is accepted, tolerated and even encouraged (and when we have a say against it, we’re suddenly ‘romanticizing’ or ‘glorifying’ obesity, when we’re actually calling for respect). Your thighs are beautiful and I’m sorry you hate them, but the fault is not on you or on your body, but in a world that fails to recognize that different people exist (they usually only recognize that when they want to profit on marginalized groups).

That girl could perfectly well come to talk to you in private and point it out to you. Once at uni, a girl was with her shirt turned inside out, so I tapped her gently and whispered in her ear that her shirt was inside out. She thanked me and went to change. That’s how you point this things out. You don’t point out zits, scars, fat, or other things that are inherently ours. We should be gentle to other people (not in cases of injustice or when we’re wrong, but I’m saying in ordinary situations), to support each other, especially if we’re girls, we go through so much hell already.

I hope one day you can realize that you are beautiful and every bit of you makes who you are, anonie. I know it’s not easy, and I struggle with stuff like that too. But swallowing hatred towards yourself is not good for you, trust me.

My ask is always open, you naughty children. Love, CL.💋

  • [Lavender walks into the common room dressed in tight pants and a short shirt]
  • McGonagall: Uh, Lavender, why are you dressed like that?
  • Ginny: Must be casual sex day in Hogsmeade.
  • Lavender: Hey, at least I get...[McGonagall turns to Lavender]
  • Lavender: ...look good.
  • McGonagall: Okay, Mrs Brown, I think you missed the word "under" in underwear because I can see your bra and that slingshot you're wearing under your pants.
  • Lavender: It's a thong.
  • McGonagall: It's floss.
  • Lavender: I can't wear anything else. Panty lines - Hello?
  • McGonagall: Panty lines - Hello, are fine. Actually they were a pretty big deal in my day.
  • Lavender: Well, we're the thong generation.
  • McGonagall: Well, maybe that's why your generation is so angry. You're walking around with a wedgie.