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what would it be like holding hands w/ namjoon, yoongi, and jungkook?

omg aw this is cute

Suga: rare, but fucking long. i feel like he wouldn’t do this often, if at all. in public, i can really only see him holding your hand if he’s trying to drag you somewhere that you don’t want to go lol but within the privacy of one of your homes i can see him just grabbing your hand while watching tv, or working on his computer. he’d hold it lovingly for obnoxiously long until you get clammy and uncomfortable and pul it away from him. i think skin ship with him would really only be when you two are alone, and because of that, he’d want to hold you for twice as long.

Namjoon: i feel like he’d be an avid hand holder, always trying to make it clear to the world that you are indeed, his. especially because he can’t really give you kisses or back hugs in public, hand holding would be his way of getting intimate with you while still being appropriate. and when you’re in private, well… he doesn’t have to be appropriate anymore ((((;;;

Jungkook: shy, so shy. it’d be random and come in short bursts, his fingers ghosting slowly down your forearm to find your palm and finally, he’d hesitantly fit his hand with yours. i don’t think he’d be able to do it for very long in public without his cheeks burning and threatening to melt his face off lol. i’m not sure that he’d initiate holding your hand that often in private or initiate any skin ship tbh. he’d let you take the lead there, afraid that he might screw something up. so it’d all be very innocent and tentative. but so freaking cute.

sorry about the wait guys my aunt was in the hospital all weekend ugh so stressful but everything is fine now thank god

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