i can see your belly button

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As I recover from vast emotional pain from this post, I want to draw your attention to the fact that Fai is not wearing shirt on this picture. He is wearing some kind of jacket (not properly fastened), but you can clearly see his belly button under water. This is a beautiful example of not properly dressed Fai edgy look. This is CLAMP asking fans for forgiveness for all the Fai-related pain they have caused. There’s a lot of pain, so there will be a lot of belly buttons.





Can you imagine loving one so much, you want to be with them forever. Can you imagine swallowing them whole. Can you imagine being cut apart, from your throat to your belly button, and seeing your love replaced by stones?
Can you imagine being still alive to see yourself sink in the lake that once saved you?

Sometimes I wonder what happens to a wolf if what it waits for never comes.

A man is a man as much as he is a wolf. But this is not how stories work. Stories are art, and they are a whole. So if you’re a wolf you are also the ground under its paws. You are the morning sky and the evening sky and the night sky; you are every sun, every source of light.
You are the trees and the voices around, every bird and every bug and every person that comes by.

You are everything that’s in the picture.

The wolf waits by the end of it, waiting for something to come; the wolf eats it, trying to make the newcomer part of itself, part of the story it belongs to.

One day, I’ll learn how not to be just the wolf; how to be the grass and the birds and the sun too. How it’s easier to move forward instead of waiting for something that won’t belong.
How to let the grass grow out of the picture; how to let sunlight reach to all the places I cannot see.
How to come and meet you finally,
where you belong.

a wolf, a girl, v.r.+ some of my favorite paintings

sasu-thirst  asked:

share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favourite followers (❁´◡`❁)*✲ (hello fellow ss shipper have fun 😻)

Aw thanks! :D

Well let’s see…

1. Spiders are my worst enemies
2. So are horses. Even though those are beautiful animals
3. I’m not actually German, I’m from Poland. Can’t speak that language tho
4. Crows row is my favorite book of all time
5. I’m only 5"4
6. I love love love punk rock music
7. But I also love pop and what not
8. I have a belly button piercing
9. I’m a romantic
10. I honestly couldn’t care less about pokemon

so this happened yesterday.

my actual conversation with all time low:
Jack: hi, I can see your belly button
Me: yeah that’s kind of the purpose of crop tops!
Rian: hello how are you?
Me: I’m good!
Rian: your voice is a lot higher than mine
Me: yeah well I’m basically twelve so
Alex: I’m basically 40, with the penis of a 20 year old
Alex: *reads the tweet I had him sign and laughs*
Me: are you really 1D AF?
Alex: definitely
Me: I think you’re a fake fan tbh
Alex: YOURE a fake fan
Zack: *reads the tweet, is clearly very confused but smiles politely*


You Deserve Washboard Wednesday. So, Yes.

It’s the silly season. So much craziness abounds. It’s easy to lose your grip on things. If only you had something to cling to, something strong and warm and wonderful. Well, you might not have that, but you can have this post. Let us begin. 

Whomever gets to apply the Chinese tattoos is one lucky duck. Am I right?

Always love this scene where Oliver is absolutely showing off some manly man activity because Felicity is seeing Ray and he has this subconscious need to preen and swing his sword. Uh huh. 

This one has be wondering…are those teeth marks south east of his belly button? Shark envy.  

Best tracking gif ever. 

Who’s number 1? Oh yeah, this guy. 

This concludes this week’s Washboard Wednesday. Hope you found something lovely to…appreciate. Because…yes. Washboard Wednesday. 

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[TRANS] Cnetz reaction to Wu Yifan and Liu Yifei’s selca

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: Wu Yifan weibo | Requested post

Liu Yifei [+135514] Congratulations on student Cheng Zheng’s wrap in filming of the scenes within the country [sunflower]

Wu Yifan [+15181] Basement!

Chen Lizhi [+4678] Carpet!!! No one is allowed to snatch it from me.

[+3439] Male god Fan, touch your belly button with your hand around your waist, let’s go that. Like my post, let him see.

[+2980] Student Cheng Zheng, although you already have Su Yunjin, don’t forget the meigeni standing on the shore of Daming Lake (‘standing on the shore of Daming Lake’ is one of the most famous quotes from My Fair Princess)

[+2399] If you really think you can then really date :)

[+2103] The potential of a person can be stimulated, for example, if you have me a 50kg brick I may not be able to movie it, but if you put a 70kg Wu Yifan in front of me, I will certainly pick him up (like a sack) and run

[+1993] Know why Fan and goddess are so good looking :) Because their names are both yf!!! Don’t mention Luo Yufeng [crazy crazy crazy]

[+1756] The best Cheng Zheng, have fun wrapping up~ Be there or be square at the theatre~ To youth together with Ninis [kiss]

[+1664] Wu Yifan I love you! Although I am a man [bye]

[+1598] So, you two together? [doge]

[+1392] Like my post if you think they match so well together!! [kiss]

[+1233] Be together be together

[+1105] Are they finally in the same frame [bye]

[+1166] Liu Yifei-jiejie, from Chinese Paladin 1 she became my goddess until now :) Lao Wu, you’re in the same frame as my goddess [kiss] [clap clap]

[+1015] Wu Yifan is handsome Wu Yifan is handsome Wu Yifan is handsome important things must be repeated thrice [angry angry angry]

[+719] Congratulations on wrapping up^^ So smart even know how to add water marks [haha]

[+715] Are you trying to torture us single dogs who just graduated to death