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#OurAlcohol’s unique talent is spinning her arms quickly 👍 So fast.. I can’t see…!


Chungha: The extension was originally “you ready?” like this. But I changed it to this. To be honest, this isn’t extremely fast but if I wanted to make it extremely fast my arms would go flying. 

DJ: We can see your belly button, is that ok?

Chungha: Belly button bow~ [T/N: childish name for a deep bow]

DJ: Please show us a performance version.

Chungha: How should I show you? What kind?

DJ: The fastest.

Sohye: The fastest!

Chungha: The fastest?


Klaus x Reader

Warnings: sex, smut, public sex

Requested By Anon

“You’re not looking.” You sighed and Klaus rolled his eyes as he poured himself a drink.

“I have seen you, I know what you look like.” He grumbled and you tossed a hanger at him which missed and left you growling under your breath when he pulled an amused face.

“You could at least tell me what you think.” You groaned at him.

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Virgin (Luke)

Rating: R

Pairing: Luke x Y/N

Request: No

Summery: Bad boy Luke takes nerdy Y/N’s V card. 

I’ll admit it, I’m a virgin. It’s not like I’m saving myself til marriage or anything special like that, but I wasn’t going to whore myself out like a prostitute either. I mean, no one’s ever tried anything with me. Mostly because I was the nerdy girl in the class. 

The pencil behind the ear, thick glasses and sweater type of girl. I’m smart, and kind of a know-it-all. So as you can see, no one wants to have sex with the boring smart girl. I didn’t have that many friends as a result of this.

“Alright class, settle down. We have a new student.” Ms. Martins said, motioning to the tall blonde boy next to her. He had a black lip ring and ripped black skinny jeans. I could see a rose tattoo peaking out from under his black and white striped shirt. “Luke, would you like to introduce yourself.”

“Well, I’m Luke Hemmings. I moved here from Sydney. I like bands.. That’s about it.” He says, playing with his lip ring. I could already tell he was going to be popular, just by the way he stands. Not to mention Kristen Matters was already swooning over him. I could almost guarantee that he would be sitting at the popular kids table at lunch. 

“Alright then, why don’t you go sit next to Y/N in the back.” Ms. Martins instructs before beginning to start class. Luke sits next to me, staring. He had this bad-boy, intimating aura about him that made me shrink in my seat. I quickly jotted down the notes as they left Ms. Martin’s mouth, Luke just stared at me.

“Y/N was it? Beautiful name, darling.” Luke says, leaning closer to me. I almost don’t hear him as I’m too focused jotting down notes. He outstretches his hand to me, I look at him with a puzzled expression. “Shake my hand, darling.”

“Why?” I ask, slowly reaching my hand to his, he takes my hand and kisses it.

“Your skin is so soft.” He mumbles as he pulls away.

“Mr. Hemmings,  I’m sorry to interrupt the love-feast going on with Ms. Y/L/N but I’m sure we wouldn’t want the principle to talk to you on the first day.” Ms. Martins says, the entire class turns back to stare at us. I feel heat rise in my cheeks as I snatch my hand away from Luke and put my head down.

Ms. Martins went on teaching and I quickly jot down the notes, refusing to look at either Luke or any of my peers. Every so often, one of them would sneak a glance back at me and Luke. This didn’t seem to phase him but made me blush.

“Y’know, you’re cute when your flustered.” He whispers to me.

“Please, Luke. Just leave me alone.” I whisper back. 

“Why? You scared you’re gonna start liking me and stop focusing on your studies.” He suggests. “Or is it that you’re a virgin and have no idea what the fuck you’ll do and are scared to embarrass yourself?”

“Leave me alone, Luke.” I snap a bit too loudly. 

“Mr. Hemmings, one more time and I send you to the principal’s office.” Ms. Martins snaps.

“Sorry, teach. I’m a bit distracted by Y/N.” Luke says, causing eyes to dart my way. 

“How so?” Ms. Martins asks, knowing my meek and quiet demeanor. 

“Oh you know.” Luke shrugs. Ms. Martins rolls her eyes and continues to teach. This has been the longest class ever. Class continues as such, Luke getting in trouble and me avoid glances. Eventually, the lunch bell rings and I scurry off to the cafeteria. As I wait in the lunch line, Kristen Matters and her friends stand behind me. 

“That Luke guy is so hot! You should totally date him, Kristen!” One of Kristen’s squeaky high pitched voiced friends say to her. 

“I know right! They’d be so cute together! I bet he’d be a good fuck too! Right, Kristen?” Another friend says. 

“Yeah, we could do it in my car after prom or something.” Kristen says. “But the fucks up with that Y/N chick? I didn’t even know she existed until he was like oogling her!” 

“And like, how could she just reject him like that? For a nerd, she’s pretty fucking stupid.” The first friend says. I ignore them and take my food to the library, on my way out seeing Luke sitting at the popular table. School passes and buzzes with the gossip of the new kid. I board my bus and sit at the front, the bad kids sit at the back. 

“What are you doing here?” I ask as Luke walks down the slim isle way. 

“This is my bus. What are you doing here?” I question.

“This is my bus.” Luke says, taking a seat next to me. “Mind if I sit here?” 

Yes.” I say.

“Too bad. Guess you’ll just have to live with seeing me every day until you graduate.” Luke smiles. I groan and scoot closer to the window, Luke’s leg touches mine. I feel him put his hand on my exposed knee, I cross my legs. “You’re a virgin, aren’t you?”

“Shut up, so what.” I say, crossing my arms over my chest.

“So that means you’ve never had an orgasm.” Luke says.

“Shut up, Luke.” I say, irradiated by his forwardness. 

“Oh, poor Y/N, she’s never had an orgasm.” He chuckles. “What are you like religious or something? No sex til marriage type of thing?” 

“No, I’m just not one of the many harlots you spend your time with.” I state.

“You mean Kristen and her friends?” He says. I nod. “You know maybe you’d get laid if you weren’t such a stuck up bitch.” 

“And maybe if you weren’t such a filthy minded pig we could have had a civilized conversation about the weather and such.” I huff, recrossing my arms. Luke rolls his eyes and looks the other way. The bus comes to a stop on Maple drive. Luke starts to get up and leave the bus, sadly this was also my stop. I ended up walking behind Luke as we both headed home. 

 “What? Are you hear to harass me some more? Or say you’re sorry and give me head?” Luke snaps at me, his black messenger bag slinging off his shoulder. 

“None of the above, I’m heading to my house.” I said pointing to my house.

“Fuck, you live next door from me? So there’s literally no way to avoid you? Oh no.” Luke says. I groan and just speed walk to my house. Luke watches me enter before continuing on to his home. I finish up some homework and eat dinner. I then lay on my bed in my underwear and a big teeshirt reading a book. I hear a tap at my window. 

Luke pears in from behind the window, perched on the roof. I walk over and open it. 

“What the hell are you doing here?” I snap at him.

“Well hello to you too. Can I come in?” Luke asks still perched.

“How the hell did you get up here?” I ask.

“Hopped your fence and climbed up the side.” He states. “I’m enjoying this outfit selection.”

“Shut up. Why are you here?” I mark the page I was reading and return it to my shelf. “I swear if you say ‘to get head’ or anything along those lines I’ll push you out the window.”

“I wanted to say sorry for teasing you. I mean, it’s not your fault you’ve never had an orgasm. I mean probably.” He says.

“Sorry my sex life isn’t as interesting as yours, Luke. But not a lot of people want to sleep with a girl who dresses like a catholic school girl.”

“I do.” Luke says.


“I want to sleep with you.” Luke says.

“You know I’m a virgin?” I inquire, very confused that someone would find me remotely attractive. 

“Only makes you hotter. You know how hot it is for a guy to like.. Mark his territory. Like when America landed on the moon. It’s kinda like that.” Luke rambles, I notice a bulge in his jeans. “So, Y/F/N, can I take your virginity?”

“I- sure. Yes. You can take my virginity.” I say, blushing as I say the words. Luke grins and locks my door. 

“You’ve kissed a boy before, right?” 

“Yeah..” I blush. Luke gently cups my face before pressing his lips to mine. I kiss back timidly, he brings his tongue to my bottom lip. I open my mouth and let him explore. I feel butterflies in my stomach as Luke pulls me into his lap. I straddle him, arms loosely hanging around his neck. Luke starts to kiss down my neck and I gently pull on his hair, making him groan. He leaves hickeys down my neck and too the collar of my shirt. 

“C-can I take your shirt off?” I ask, shifting on his lap. He lets out a breathy groan. 

“Please, darling.” He smirks. I meekly take it off and put it on the floor. I admire his toned physic. I gently place a kiss by his ear and down his neck, his body is tense and breathing hard. I start to suck on an area wear his neck and shoulders meet. “Princess, you’re gonna make me cum in my pants by how fucking innocent you are. Can I please get you started on so you actually can loose your virginity?”

I nod and Luke quickly flips us. Luke gently removes my shirt, biting his lip ring as he takes in the sight of my bare breasts. He places kisses to each nipple before taking one between his teeth gently. I throw my head back on the bed and arch my back.

“I see someone likes that.” He says cockily. He leaves my breast and starts down to my naval. He places a kiss on my belly button, making me giggle. He then leans down farther and pulls my blue panties down with his teeth. i gasp at the sudden temperature change on my clit. “Easy there, darling.”

Luke spread my legs, placing a kiss just above my clit before slowly kissing down. I groan at his teasing, he chuckles and licks a long stripe up my folds. I groan and tangle my fingers in his hair. Luke circles my clit with his tongue before licking a flat stripe from the bottom to the top. All I knew was pure pleasure as my legs shook with pleasure.

“Mmm, you like this don’t you?” Luke hummed on my cunt.

“Fuck you, Luke.” I groaned out. He pulled away from me, his face dripping with my juices.

“Well that’s no way to talk to the guy that’s gonna give you your first orgasm?” Luke asks, tilting his head. I sit up and grab his face, pressing my lips to his. He smirks into the kiss and grabs my breast, making me groan. 

“Please, Luke.” I beg, breaking the kiss. Luke’s eyes roll in the back of his head at my words.

“Fuck, Y/N. It’s so hot when you beg me.” Luke groans, rubbing himself through his jeans. “Please, princess.”

“Luke please fuck me, I’m so fucking desperate. I need your big cock.” I groan, my eyes fluttering shut. Luke smirks and kisses me, I lay back on the bed.

“Who would have known the nerdiest girl in school was so desperate for the bad boy’s dick.” Luke chuckles, unzipping his pants. He aggressively tries to yank them down. His erection visible through his grey boxers. “Enjoying the view, sugar? You can touch it princess, no need to be scared of it.”

I gingerly reach my hand out and stroke him through his boxers, he bites his lip as he watches me. I slowly pull down his boxers and gawk. He’s bigger than I thought. 

“Are you sure this’ll fit?” I ask timidly, looking up at him through hooded eyes. 

“You virgins are so cute.” He says, seeming to strain against his urge to bang me into an oblivion.  “Always asking strange questions. Of course it’ll fit, just be a little snug.”

I slowly reach my hand out to his erection. I place a kiss to the tip, making him hiss. I then slowly pump him in my hand, he bites his lip. I look up to him, batting my eyelashes. 

“Y/N, I’m seriously going to cum if you don’t stop.” Luke says, I slowly stop. “There’s a condom in the back pocket of my jeans. Grab that for me?” 

I reach into the back pocket, shaking from anticipation. I hand him the foil package. Luke leans over and kisses my forehead as he rolls the condom onto the length.

“You can tell me whenever you want to stop and we will.” Luke states, I nod and he kisses me again. I then lay down on the bed, legs spread. He then settles between my legs, kissing my neck as he slowly places his tip to my entrance. “Ready?”

“Ready.” I say. Luke slowly pushes himself into me. I his at the sting of my walls stretching around him. 

“Holy fuck you’re tight.” He groans, wheezing. He then bites his lip and throws his head back. “Can I move?”

“It feels weird but yes.” I say, biting my lip. Luke slowly moves his hips, I scrunch my face. A lone tear trails down my cheek, Luke slowly reaches his hand down and quickly rubs my clit. Luke continues to slowly pump in and out of me, going deeper and deeper each time. 

“HOLY FUCK!” I groan, thrusting my hips up. 

“I think we just found your G-spot, princess.” Luke chuckles. “Let’s play with that.”

Luke thrusts into that spot again, hard. I squeal raking my nails down his back. Luke picks up speed and thrusts into my G-spot. I lean up to his neck and press kisses down it. I feel my walls clench around him as my orgasm grows near. 

A wave of pleasure washes over me, I squeal and rake my nails down his back, leaving marks. I thrust my hips up to meet him. Luke groans and kisses me. He aggressively starts thrusting into me, I feel him release into the condom. I squeal in pleasure as it finally ends.

Luke pulls out and rolls over next to me. I whimper at the sudden emptiness and roll over to face him. Luke is panting and looking up at the ceiling. 

“I can’t believe it, I just fucked the school nerd.” He chuckles. “You’re really good in bed, Y/N. We should do this more often.”

“Thanks, Luke. We should totally do this again.”  

Virgin (M)

Pairing - Sehun x Reader
Genre - Smut
Word count - 2418

’ll admit it, I’m a virgin. It’s not like I’m saving myself until marriage or anything special like that, but I wasn’t going to whore myself out either. I mean, no one’s ever tried anything with me. Mostly because I was the nerdy girl in the class. 

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daintylouis  asked:

You should share with the class what you wrote out in our conversation based off this picture 😊 68(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/59059ad583ed9e79797d165821d8f528/tumblr_nn6de9lsiP1sb8cuko1_1280(.)jpg

i told you i’d only do it if you called me daddy but you didn’t but since i’m an amazing person whose generosity is unparalleled i’m gonna do it anyway

One of the worst things about being on tour is how exhausted everyone gets.

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sarah texts me back at 8:30 p.m. and says she wonders what we did in our past lives to deserve being treated so badly. which reminds me of the burgundy splotch on the underside of my right breast that I’d always assumed was a sign of breast cancer, since I can’t imagine anybody being brave enough to come that close to my chest before handing my skin a blade. you see, I read somewhere that birthmarks were supposed to show you how you died the last time your soul walked the earth. sarah says that she has a faint mark next to her belly-button and I don’t know if that means she died during childbirth or just ate something poisonous. maybe it doesn’t matter which it was, just that it ended in the same place it began.

I wish I’d had the forethought to ask you whether you were born with evidence of previously lost life, before you left. before I had to regulate my phone calls and my senseless affection and my “if you need anything, call me’s” for fear of building yet another picket fence between you and me and where you need to be. maybe that would’ve given me eyes that knew how to zero in on bruises and spilled milk rather than dandelions and unsaid words. but there’s also the chance that it would’ve just confirmed my taste for war-torn bodies and sugar-coated love and taking too much in my arms too quickly. actually, that’s probably the most likely option.

there’s a twisted sort of comfort in pretending your sadness is somehow warranted. it’s clear that I have been tearing apart my heart for centuries.

—  show me the marks on your lips, 17/30, Caitlin Conlon
An Embarrassing Trip

                      An embarassing trip to the doctor                                                                                                                                                                                


  The nurse glances down at the clipboard, then at you, then back at the clipboard and smirks.

“Wow, so yeah, we definitely need to do a weigh in, you CERTAINLY aren’t 158 anymore.”  

Your face gets hot. In your rush to make the appointment  you grabbed a too-small shirt and now suffer the stares of waiting patients. Your muffin top balloons over the top of your tight pants. You squeeze your wide bottom into the chair and feel the wooden arm rests  press your fat love handles. You must look a sight with your soft hog belly filling your lap, laced beautifully  with light stretch marks, and your deep, obvious belly button. An older woman sitting next to you pats your plump forearm,

“It’s good to see you’re doing something about it, dearie, it doesn’t look like those pants could hold you in much longer.”

You flush red, she continues, “I just don’t know about your generation, you’re  all getting so FAT. Believe me, I know, I’ve got a big fat pig for a granddaughter and she just won’t lose weight no matter how I remind her boys don’t like fatties. Now mind you, she’s not as big as you, thank god, but she will be if−”

The nurse interrupts and calls your name. You wriggle your fat-packed hips out of the chair and make your way across the silent waiting room. Your blubbery thighs rub loudly. She leads you  down a long hallway.

“Ok, miss, here you are, we’ve got you scheduled for a weigh in, and an appointment with the dietician. Do yourself a favor and listen to her before Barnum and Bailey put you on speed dial,” She pokes your soft, dimpled tummy and laughs.

The room is cool and white, an examination table sits in the center. There is a treadmill, a scale and a full length mirror. Good god, you think, getting even more aroused. A cute, energetic nurse comes in moments later and picks up your chart.

“Hi, I’m Clara, I’m going to take your weight and pulse, the doctor will be in shortly. Please strip down to your underwear and bra.”  

You struggle out of your tight jeans, face reddening.  You begin to sweat lightly. Your love handles and belly wobble  and bounce and jiggle embarassingly as you tug your meaty hips free. The nurse smiles as you struggle and puff and puff.  She checks your chart again and raises her eyebrows.

“Oh dear, no wonder those pants are so tight,” she moves closer as you stand in your tight panties and bra, your uncooperative jeans stuck halfway down your hips, your overfed gut bulging and jutting well past your bloated tits. Your excess fat squeezes out around your too-small bra straps. She presses her palm into your soft piggy pot and gives it a hard jiggle. Your hips and back fat  wiggle wildly. Your nipples stiffen. Your thighs begin to get hot.

“Look at all this blubber, you naughty little piggy,” she laughs loud, “Look at how you jiggle!”  You feel your chest and throat constrict, your double chin wobbles slightly.  She slides her thumb deep into your belly button and clutchs your soft  underbelly with her fingers. She lifts, tugs, bounces your fat-bloated pot. She   slaps it and watches it wobble.  "Look at all this pork ,you overstuffed hog, you’ve been a VERY greedy piggy since we last saw you, haven’t you?“

You feel yourself about to come.

” Yes.“

She giggles.

"I bet it feels good to admit that, fatty.  Now lets get that wideload of yours  on the scale.”

You waddle onto the scale, your distended gut leading the way. She  takes your weight and notes it on the chart then  directs you to sit on the examination table. The door opens and a young man pokes his head in, “ Hi Clara, sorry to interrupt, but the doc is delayed, I’m going to send Denise in when she finishes up next door. Should be in a minute or two.”

She turns to you as the man leaves, “Denise is the dietician, you’ll like her.”         


  A few minutes later the door opens. As Clara leaves,  a fit, lovely woman with a pile of black hair  enters. She smiles and extends her hand, “Hi, I’m Denise.” Her hand is warm and dry and soothing.

“Let’s have a look at your chart…Oh my,my, my,  it looks like you’ve gained quite a bit of weight this year…hmmm… well, no matter, it  happens sometimes. Please stand and turn around, we’re going to measure your body fat.” You heft yourself off the table and turn your back to her. Papers ruffle, metal scrapes. She grabs a generous roll of fat under you armpit and tugs firmly, your nipples pucker, your clit hardens. The cold, steel calipers pinch  and release. You hear the pen scratch across your chart. “Hmm that was a thick one,” Denise says, “I bet it represents quite a few midnight snacks, eh fat girl?” She laughs. Your breath catches in your throat, goosebumps run up your inner thighs and arms.  You feel so exposed. She grabs a huge handful of love-handle meat  and leans near your  ear, “I don’t know if the calipers can measure this one, you greedy blimp.” She lifts and squeezes and  tugs and shakes  your  blubber-packed flank.  She rolls the fat in her hand, then wobbles it. The caliper spring creaks as Denise tries to open it wide enough. A sharp pain  shoots up your side as she forces your bulging fat into the calipers.

“Ouch,” you say.

“Jesus, I’ve never seen such fat love handles, I guess I’ll just write ‘huge, fat PIG’ in the space they have  here for the measurement.” She laughs.

You begin to pant. She comes close again and grabs both bloated handles. The calipers clatter to the floor.  She begins to knead and mush the soft fat. She slides her hands around to the front of your belly and begins grabbing handful after handful. She slides a finger in your deep navel and lifts and teases your fat. Her manicured hand  slides down the front of your panties, she pinches your fattened pubic mound. She squeezes the fattened area around your clit and starts to get you off with the extra pudge. You moan deeply.  She whispers in your ear, “ Reach under my skirt, you fat f*cking HOG, I’ve got a beautiful, hard cock strapped on that’s perfect for a soft, lazy tub like you.”  

You reach under her skirt and grab the hard cock. You clit tightens almost painfully, swelling, swelling.

“Stroke it,” she says, “stroke it, lard ass, nice and slow,” she slaps the side of your belly. You wince, and grunt at the delicious heavy joggle of your fat.

Your panties are soaked, you rub the hard cock, Denise moans, you oink. She grabs your blubbery inner thighs and pinches and drags her nails lightly. You keep your rhythm. Stroke, stroke, stroke.   She leans over, panting,  to an intercom and depresses the 'talk’ lever. “Gretchen darling, would you run next door and grab two dozen   jelly-filled and a gallon of heavy cream.” The intercom buzzes back garbled static. Denise smiles, “She’ll be here in about five minutes. Get on your knees, you overfed porker, and show me how good you are with those plump piggy lips.”  

You kneel down, flushed and puffing with excitement.  She pulls up her leather skirt  and shoves the cock in your mouth. She tugs lightly at one swollen nipple as you begin to suck and oink greedily. “That’s it you big overfed fat hog, suck it. Suck it and oink  like a good fat piggy,” you suck nosily, slurping and oinking and burying the cock in your mouth.

She leans sideways while you suck and grabs a huge handful of your belly fat and lifts and shakes it,  "We’re going to test this gut for capacity when Gretchen gets here to see just how much this overfilled bag of pig fat can hold.“ Her teasing makes you greedier. You slurp loudly, your clit tingles, hard and hot,the quick bobbing of your head causes your back fat and upper arms to quiver noticeably. Denise gasps loudly and starts to come. You come moments later.

You struggle to your feet, hot and sweating. The examination room door opens and a wide, fat blonde woman waddles in . Her belly is massive, you can see the deep outline of her belly button through straining pants as her belly fat shifts around under the tight fabric. She is carrying two large pink cake boxes and a tankard of heavy cream. You can hear the cold cream slosh and see grease soaking through the boxes.  Denise jerks you to your feet and bends you over the examination table. Gretchen smiles at you and sets the boxes near your face, "Oh she looks like a greedy one,” she says to Denise, “ I should have got three boxes of jelly-filled.”

Denise laughs, “Feel that huge gut she’s put on, Gretch.” Gretchen reaches forward and hefts your soft, hanging belly.

“Wow,” she says lightly squeezing and tugging,  " she really stores in around the hips and waist, don’t she.“

Denises laughs again. Gretchen pops the top of the first box and picks up a glazed donut. Dark jelly oozes and drips onto the table. She holds the donut just out of reach and makes you smell it.

Denise pulls up her skirt and yanks down your panties. Your swollen lips stretch apart as she pushes inside you.

"Beg for the donut, you greedy fat ass,” Gretchen says.

“Mmph, please, feed me,  feed me like a fat f*cking pig.  I’m such a fatty…shove it in my piggy snout.”  Gretchen presses the donut into your mouth, jelly squirts into the back of your throat, glazed sugar fills one nostril and smears your cheek. Denise clutches your wide hips in bulging handfuls and thrusts as deep as your fattened ass will allow. You moan through mouthfuls and mouthfuls, through packed cheeks and a craning neck. Gretchen stuffs you like a Christmas goose. Jelly squirts onto the table, your throat packs with more sugar and dough. Your eyes rolls back in your head, your heart pounds. Denise moans as she f*cks you 

“Eat you ***ing blubber pig,  that’s it you overfed ***ing  HOG, fill that fat gut.”

Your head swims; your heavy swelling  gut slaps against your thighs, Gretchen forces you to chug heavy sweet cream, you gut swells, then sags, under the weight of your feeding. She continues to feed you, Denise reaches around your filling bulk and plays with your clits as she fingers you. You feel your ribcage and belly stretch to accommodate your stuffing. You inch closer to orgasm, so  full, oh god, so  stuffed. Gretchen shoves more in.

“That’s it wideload, pack that gut, you think you’re the first one, how do you think I got this?” she yanks down her tight pants and plops her massive white belly on the table, she shoves a donut into her navel then pushes your face in after it.

“That’s it hog,” Denise yells, “eat right out of her fat belly, we’re going to grow you one like that you lazy porker.” You start to come: the sweet jelly, the warm softness of Gretchen’s belly, your secret desire to be fattened like an absolute PIG, orgasms explode through you: you come, Denise comes, Gretchen comes.

Denise and Gretchen help you back into your tight clothes, it’s hard not to giggle. They only get the lowest button  of your jeans fastened;  you’re just too bloated. They laugh. They help you into your shirt  which won’t stay down past your ribs. Denise tugs it down, you breathe, it rides back up. More laughter. You waddle into the hall feeling like a parade float,too satisfied to care the state they’ve left you in. Your top rides up showing your alarmingly bloated  belly which stretches out before you round and tight; your pants are unbuttoned down to the last button and still the thick fat of your waist squeezes well over the belt line. You lean slightly back as you pilot your tubby piggy pot towards the exit. You’re red-faced and sweating, your eyes glassy from orgasms and sugar and cream.  Your belly sloshes painfully from side to side.

The receptionist and the people in the waiting room gasp collectively as you puff, puffing just before you waddle your soft, overfed bulk into view.  You’ve never felt so full (or so satisfied.) You cradle your belly with one hand, balance yourself against a wall with the other, and, with shallow breaths,  move slowly towards the door. You turn to the receptionist intending to say 'I’ll call to schedule my next appointment,’ but what comes out is “BUUURRRRRAAAWWWPPPP!!!!”  The receptionist turns pale,  waiting patients inhale sharply, you open the exit door and ease slowly into the warm sunshine.  

anonymous asked:

What would the RFA (including Unknown) think of MC's navel piercing/belly bar?

Author’s note: ok tbh this isn’t nsfw BUT I’M AT SCHOOL NOW I CAN’T SIN YET


  • “Did it hurt?”
  • you laughed until you saw the genuine curiosity in his eyes
  • “It did at first, but it was really more uncomfortable. I can’t feel it at all now!”
  • he smiled started messing with it
  • “What kind of jewelry do you wear with it?”
  • You showed him your collect and he asked if he could pick out the one you wore tomorrow
  • You weren’t surprised when he chose the golden heart
  • “Think of me when you wear this..”
  • God he is so cheesy, you love it


  • holy turned on
  • like
  • the beast has been released
  • “Hey, Zen, have I ever showed you my belly button when it has jewelry in?”
  • “…No.”
  • “Oh, well I just put one on and I thought I’d show you.”

  • and maybe you should’ve chosen a less provocative one
  • but I mean
  • Zen seemed to like it
  • “So what do-”
  • He walked around the room and kissed you
  • when you pulled away he put his forehead on yours
  • “Let’s test and see how fast I can remove that with my tongue.”


  • “Oh… I thought I saw a little bump in your t-shirt!”
  • “Yup, I’ve had it for forever!”
  • she nodded
  • “So… do you think I would look good with one?”
  • you gave her a questioning look
  • “What?”
  • “I was just asking…”
  • “No, I didn’t mean it like that! You just don’t seem like the type who would go out and get your belly button pierced.”
  • “You’re right.”
  • “Yeah… what made you want one?”
  • “Well, it me ten times more attracted to you then I already was, so I was wondering if it would do the same for me.”
  • you chuckled
  • “Oh is that so? Well I’m going to need to further inspect you to determine whether or not you would look good with one.”


  • you lifted up your shirt to show him
  • “See! I got it done when I was a teenager.”
  • “Hmm…”
  • he walked over and put his hand on your stomach
  • He ran his fingers over the stud
  • when you shivered he smiled
  • “You know… you should treat your body like a temple…. I hope this didn’t put a risk to your health.”
  • You rolled your eyes
  • “You sound like my mom.”
  • he glared at you, retracting his hand
  • you sighed and started to put your shirt down
  • “What are you doing?”
  • You gave him a confused look
  • “… Putting my shirt down?”
  • “Did I say you could?”
  • oh
  • you knew where this was going


  • he lifted up his shirt to show his matching one
  • “What? I didn’t know you had your belly button pierced?”
  • “Are you surprised?”
  • “…No.”
  • after weeks of begging and ensuring no one would see it
  • you got him to wear a butterfly shaped one
  • “I hate you.”
  • “You love me.”
  • “No.”
  • “Yes.”


  • He didn’t believe you at first
  • Yeah, and I sometimes dye my hair blue.”
  • you smiled
  • “So you don’t think I have one?”
  • “Uh, no. You aren’t bad-ass enough to get one. And plus, as my girlfriend, I think I would notice it.”
  • “Oh?”
  • “I mean, wouldn’t I see it when we have sex?”
  • “SEVEN!”
  • “Just sayin’.”
  • “You wanna bet?”
  • “Bet that you have a belly piercing?”
  • You crossed your arms and tried not to smirk
  • “Uh-huh.”
  • “Oh, hell yes! And when I win, you have to actually go and get one.”
  • “And when I win, you have to dye your hair blue.”
  • “That’s if-”
  • he stopped when you took off your shirt
  • “Told you.”
  • “Shit.”
  • the next day, when he came home from the hair dresser you smiled
  • he looked at you and sighed, plopped himself on the couch
  • you sat next to him and smirked
  • “What’s wrong, Seven? You’re looking kinda… blue.”
  • he glared at you
  • you loved being on the other side of the joke

anonymous asked:

Can I request a story in which reader tells Levi she's pregnant and what good thoughts are when he first sees his kid? If you feel like writing about this, I don't want to force you..

Since this is basically hearing his thoughts, I’m just going to do a short scenerio.

Levi’s eyes watered a little as he heard the words he had been anticipating for a while now. The two of them had been trying for a kid about a month or two now.

Levi falls to his knees, placing his hands on his s/o’s stomach and pressing his head against her. 

Soon.. Soon enough, he’ll have a little kid.

A little boy or girl.. to run around with.. to take care of and teach.

He will definitely make sure they live in a more peaceful world then this. He will protect his child and his s/o. 

Soothingly, he rubs small circles onto the stomach of his s/o. Turning to face them, he put a soft kiss just above the belly button. 

“I will make sure we live in a better environment.. I promise you. We will live in a happy village with open fields and horizon as far as the eye can see. Our child.. they shall grow to be a beautiful one.” Levi proclaimed and promised you on that day, a happy glint in his eyes as he interlocked his hands with yours.

anonymous asked:

Hey uh Togami? How is Makoto doing? He seemed a bit, tipsy earlier....

He looks like he is an energetic drunk. *looks as Makoto keeps on moving around their bedroom while changing into his pajamas without ever stopping talking animatedly about random things for a second*

…And we can really see a lot of stars on this island ! Oh did you know that you can catch a cold if you sleep with your belly button exposed? You need to be careful Byakuya, I don’t want you to fall sick. Oh and we should kiss. I want to kiss you a lot. Because I love you a lot. *walks toward Byakuya*

And an expressive drunk…

Piggy Goes to Market

Your belly bumps the cart as you turn down your favorite aisle. You wish you would have taken more time to dress but the store was closing. You hope that sexy cashier isn’t working tonight, you’ve got so much fat showing.  It’s crazy how much weight you’ve gained in the year since your divorce, old friends are shocked now when they see you. But the store was closing - what could you do? A fat girl needs to eat − so you heaved your  *** off the couch and grabbed the closest thing. Now you’re waddling down the aisle, feeling the cool air across a wide expanse of flesh. Your  belly has gotten so wide and sags heavily. It bounces rythmically against your heavy upper thighs as you jiggle-waddle along, putting thousands of calories into your cart as you trundle down the aisle.  You blush thinking of those deep dimples in your buttocks, the ones that got so defined, so obvious with the last fifty pounds. They can easily be seen through the thin cotton pants stretched across your wide, wobbly posterior like cellophane.  You waddle , waddle, waddle along, filling your cart with junk. You watch as you fill it - nothing but fat and carbs. This is why you’ve gotten so heavy, so out of shape. No self control. Such overwhelming desire to be full, swollen. You’re  a selfish, greedy pig, eating and eating and eating. And worse yet, you can’t take a bite of anything sweet anymore without sliding your hand between your thighs and rubbing yourself to orgasm. Oh the fantasies: being fed, being humiliated: pinched and slapped and fattened and fattened.  More stuff goes  in the cart; you laugh. Your ex-husband left you for just this reason, the day you were married you gave up any pretense of dieting. A year ago, he’d finally had enough. Oh if he could see you now, waddling down the aisle 120 pounds heavier, bouncing, shaking, rippling, rippling with every step; if he could see you blushing and salivating as you spy your favorites and toss them defiantly into the cart; watch you struggle as you bend down to retrieve yet another  box of snack cakes sure to make you bigger…softer…flabbier.
You turn now into the bakery section and and load in the cakes and pies. You’re getting wet just thinking about pigging out. Your nipples tighten as you smell the warm bread, the baked crusts. God, you’re such a pig: a hog, a greedy selfish hippo who dreams of being stuffed around the clock, sitting on her wide, spreading ass and gorging on slice after slice, handful after handful, of everything;  greedily filling your belly as it pushes further and further onto your lap. You catch you relfection is the bakery case − thank god the store is all but empty- what a sight!  So much blubber − jiggling, jiggling, jiggling. You’re embarassed at the sight of yourself and so turned on. Desire overcomes you and blushing, you plunge your fat hand into the open bulk container and draw back a fistful of   caramels. You shove them into your mouth, your face hot with lust.
Your heart stops as you turn towards the registers − the sexy cashier is the only one working; god, he looks like he’s in even better shape than last week. You’re so embarassed, this physical contrast , your complete transformation into a flabby, gluttonous hog; a jiggle-pig; a formerly plump woman now covered in layer after thickening  layer of wobbly pig-jelly . You consider leaving the cart and going to another store rather than face him. You’ve  had a serious crush since he started here two years ago. He always recognizes you and says hello, ugh, you’ve put on so much weight since then. He’s watched you  grow every week:   fatter…fatter…FATTER. You gather your courage and push your cart slowly to his register. You can hardly breathe. Your heavy sagging gut slaps your thighs as you approach. The soft, rythmic bump-wobble, bump-wobble is so obvious, oh, you’ve gotten so big and heavy.
The cashier is looks at you and smiles, he can see your belly hanging out, your food-mounded cart, ugh, he’s good-looking. You blush deep red. Your big, soft arms woggle, your back fat wiggles, your  buttocks jounce and jiggle as you nervously unload the piles of junk onto the conveyor. The cashier watches and does not advance the belt or begin ringing you up. The food boxes pile higher and the cashier watches.
“Just stocking up for the family,” you stammer. He laughs.
“You don’t have any family, this is all for you, porky.”   You blush. Oh ***, please humiliate me some more, please, please. You move to the end of the register and he begins to ring you up. Your wide hips and huge belly are in full view, god, you’re so wet. You want to be home with a box of cookies, eating and rubbing your clit.  He scans a few items and then grabs a box of ice cream sandwiches,
“Do you know how many calories are in these? There is a low fat version right next to these,” he glances at your bulging fat, “you should really try them.”  You sputter and struggle to respond.
“I’ve…I’ve …these taste a lot better.”
He scans a few more things and then stops at a huge box of twinkies and grabs the intercom and levels his eyes at you. He’s doing this on purpose, oh please, yes, humiliate me, I’m such a greedy pig.
“Tom, can I get a price check on the jumbo pack twinkie, the 30 count, I think they’re  on sale.”
Tom buzzes back with a price.
“No Tom, the JUMBO pack ,the really big box for like a family of ten or something.”
A few other customers  moving towards the exit turn and stare. They shake their heads in disgust. The cashier smiles at you.
“Sorry, just want to make sure you don’t get over charged.”
He scans more food and continues to glance at your belly.
“Set that big thing on the counter for me, fat girl. I want to see how much of that is pure hog-jelly.”
You stare at him in disbelief, unsure of what you heard.
“C'mon, lard ass, I see how much weight you’ve put on lately. Put that big, wobbly pile of chub on my counter so I can see how fat you really are.”
Your hands shake, your breathing is fast and ragged, you lift your heavy gut and set it on the counter. He pats it playfully then slips his finger in your belly button.
“Wow, you’ve really gotten tubby,  hogged up big time.” He leans forward and grabs a fistful of blubber and jiggles it, “Is this why hubby left you? Is this why?  You couldn’t stop filling this greedy gut with food?”
You begin to sweat, “Yes, oh god, I let myself go, I got huge and fat and lazy,” you’re panting as he jiggles, jiggles, jiggles your belly, “I couldn’t stop myself,  he told me to lose weight, he warned me,  but I just couldn’t help it, I just love eating and eating.”
He laughs  and returns to scanning your items.  Your panties are soaked.
He finishes scanning and begins bagging your stuff.  You watch his arm muscles ripple as he packs the bags with all your favorite food. He smiles at you as if he didn’t just spend five minutes humiliating you. “Write your number down for me. I get off in thirty minutes.”
You stare at him in disbelief and try to pretend you have plans, “I can’t, not now, I…I have a friend−”
“Don’t be silly, the only thing you’re doing tonight is eating, stuffing that huge gut with food you clearly don’t need. Now write down your number and address, you fat blimp.”
You give in easily. Your hand shakes as you write down your information.  What are you doing? You hardly know him, but oh how you want to be teased, teased and fed and humiliated. He loads the bags in your cart and you head for home.                            

anonymous asked:

Could I get headcanons on how Bakugo, and Kirishima would help out an s/o who has been trying to eat healthy, and go to the gym more, but they still have a little bit of chub that just refuses to go away. I have this problem where no matter how hard I try I just have small amounts of chub left over. It's especially annoying when all your friends are bean poles. Thanks, and keep doing what you're doing!

Of course lovely, you definitely can! I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you’ll like it!

(also, if you didn’t want me to say anything to what you wrote, just ignore this part: I’m going to lean a bit out of the window with this one, if you’re a woman, there is a thing called the belly pooch, it’s entirely natural and normal and is a bit of fat that resides under the belly button, it protects your intestines and uterus and while there are body-types that have naturally flat bellies, most women can only achieve that by strong starvation. If that is what worries you, looking it up might help you to know more. If you’re not a woman, please ignore this)

Anyway, I know that words like “love yourself the way you are” are heartfelt, though they rarely help with the way one sees themselves. So: *hugs you* It’s going to be okay, you’re going to figure everything out, give yourself the time to find solutions and to learn self-love. Please don’t forget to take care of yourself, drink and eat enough and don’t forget to take breaks between your gym visits so you don’t put too much pressure and stress on your joints. If you want to talk about anything, you’re very welcome to write me anytime.


- He offers to accompany them to their training, either to support them or to show them a few more tricks or exercises they didn’t know about. Switching things up and using different muscles can help.

- Bakugou tries to make sure that his partner doesn’t overwork themselves. He knows that too much sport can lead to injuries and while his concern shows in grumbling and cursing between his words, he shoves a light smoothie into their hands and tells them to sit down with him or that they can go on a walk later.

- Since he knows that food is pretty important too and his partner asks him, he looks over their diet with them. He doesn’t want them to under-eat and damage their body and at the same time, he can help them eliminate unhealthy food or replace or switch things up to work better.

- He makes sure to tell them that fuck, he god damn likes them just the way they are. Bakugou won’t stop them from achieving what they want as long as it’s not unhealthy, so he also doesn’t want them to think he thinks of them as unattractive or that he doesn’t god damn love them the way they are.


- His first reaction is concern. He sits down with his partner to have a long talk about why they feel that way and if they doubt that he desires and loves them the way they are. Because he does. He looks at his partner and he sees someone wonderful and he just wants to kiss every part of them.

- When they ask him if he wants to help, he’s all for it. Kirishima is more than willing to accompany them to the gym, to cheer them on or to talk to a trainer with them and see what else they can do.

- He does keep a bit of an eye on them; to make sure they don’t overdo it or skip out on meals. Kirishima also ensures that he has time for them, either to cuddle with them or watch a movie and to do other things so they can relax and have fun with him.

- Kirishima is doing his best to be there for them, be it so they can rant and blow off frustration or to hug and talk them through disappointment or negative thoughts. He also asks Bakugou a bit about what kind of healthy dishes he knows and if he can get his friend to agree, even gets a bit of a crash course in quickly made, light cooking.

First Time

Request:could you do a josh dun smut where he takes your virginity and you’re like super nervous and self conscious (abt your body and like having hair on your tummy, stuff like that) but he makes you feel comfortable and thinks it’s cute and stuff and and just really sweet and romantic ya feel??

A/N: Ah! This is such a cute request. Also I’m sorry I haven’t posted. I had computer problems and then I got writers block. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

Word Count: 13.3k

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To Understand; To Love // BamBam

Pairing: Bam Bam x Reader

Genre: Sad, fluff

Summary; You let your insecurities overwhelm you to the point of hating yourself more than ever. Fortunatly, BamBam refuses to let you think that way - and he shows you just how beautiful and perfect you are to him.

Please note also that there are mentions of slight eating disorders which may be triggering to some readers. Please be healthy and love your bodies no matter what!

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Bare (Harry Oneshot)

In which the two of you forego the condom for the first time, and Harry is very excited about it.

A/N: welp…here you go. 

Purely out of habit, your feet carry you to the family planning aisle and your eyes quickly scan the shelves for you and Harry’s favorite brand of condoms. You hadn’t even thought about it, it was so embedded in your muscle memory; when Harry’s home, always get condoms. Doesn’t matter if you think you have enough left, get them anyway. The two of you had suffered far too many disheveled and impatient runs to the corner store after one of you dug around in the drawer by the bed only to come up empty. It was a necessity as much as anything else. Milk, bread, eggs, pre cut up apple slices, condoms.

So that’s where Harry finds you, comparing prices on two different kinds that are on sale.

“There you are,” he declares, triumphant, waving the jug of juice at you that you’d sent him off to find.

“Yeah, sorry. Just picking up one of the essentials,” you give him a coy look underneath wiggling eyebrows as he sidles closer to you. He hums to himself, pressing his lips together as those sharp eyes travel over you and then to the packages in your hands and back.

“What if we don’t get any this time?” Harry throws the question out quietly but surely, as if he’s thought about it for a long time, and when you look at him in surprise he holds your gaze steadily.

“You mean…?”

“Well…” Harry shrugs those broad shoulders, taking a glance around the aisle that’s mercifully empty while the two of you have a potentially life altering conversation at nearly 10 at night in a supermarket. “…yeah. Why not?”

“You mean besides the fact that it increases the chance of me getting pregnant?” Harry doesn’t look the least bit fazed when you say this, in fact, if you didn’t know better, you’d say his eyes darkened a bit, like they do when he gets your top off and he gets that first glimpse of your breasts.

“And? We talked about that already, didn’t we?”

“Well…yes.” You frown down at the condoms in your hand. There isn’t really any other reason for you to continue to use them; you’ve been with him now for far longer than it took to verify both of you were clean, and he was right, the possibility of pregnancy was something you’d already discussed a while ago. Wordlessly, you put the boxes back, glancing up at him. “That’s that, then, I guess.”

You’d be lying if you said it wasn’t adorable the way Harry’s face lit up like a Christmas tree, like the thought of getting to fuck you without a condom is a dream come true. He kisses you and grins, wrapping his arm tightly around your waist.

“I think we should head home now, don’t you?” He licks his lips and his eyes hold not a single ounce of fatigue when he continues, “I wanna go to bed.”

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Prompt: “if you have time you should write the yoga pants Chekov one but with spock instead and he thinks Reader is being totally illogical” - Anon

Word Count: 785

Author’s Note: I haven’t written Spock in earnest in the better part of seven or eight years, so it was nice to get to back to him. It’s a little short, but I’ve got a lot of Spock on the request list right now, so there will be more of this man soon. Enjoy, darlings!

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