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Falling in with the wrong crowd. A fear submitted by Emilija to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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what the heck is a bed

so I was chitchattin’ it up with @whatisthisnonsense again about the Bendys and we came up with this AU.  in a nutshell: Good Ending where Bendy realizes Henry isn’t to blame for his situation, works together with Henry to take down a corrupted Final Boss Joey, and then Henry decides to offer Bendy the chance to leave that horrible studio for good and, y’know, come home with him to have a better shot at life in the real world

so he goes home with Henry, and Henry introduces this Real Life Cartoon to his niece Susan and his sister Darlene.  Darlene, aware of Henry’s roll-with-it attitude (his voice clips in-game are WAY too chill) but exasperated at the fact that “HOOOWWWWW IS THERE A REAL LIFE CARTOON HERE,” throws her hands up and decides to roll with it as best she can, too.



anonymous asked:

Bendy, do a little dance, please? With Boris?

(tbh I just wanna draw boris and bendy at first)

(then i open my iTunes and play ‘Por Una Cabeza’ and ‘Libertango’)



Ink work mosaic #2. A little update of where I’m at, if you will

My art tag

7:09am: so ur gone again and that’s the only thing i can seem 2 write about. the world’s still spinning and i’m still alone but don’t worry, i won’t call u.

12:28pm: just tell me where u r, that’s all.

12:31pm: srry, mondays r hard.

10:19pm: still haven’t heard from u. u ok? u want to come back now? i still miss u, i’m srry.

10:42pm: why did u call like that? why did u hang up so quick?

11:14pm: stop leaving me voicemails. i don’t want 2 talk anymore. srry.

8:01am: do u remember last night?
u said i love u, i said r u drunk,
what do u think that means?

—  part ii || s.o.

whom else here loves @hazardgirl-art-blog ‘s batim au blog @lampblackcity ??

felt the overwhelming need to doodle bendy and india because these two are my Faves….bless

Hm. Here, have a Crane because I seem to scribble everything but work-related stuff in the studio. Apologies for the roughness of it, it’s really just a doodle. Have a nice day folks.

Woop. I guess I’ll put up this Tetch that I found myself scribbling in the studio. Am I going to end up with a bunch of rogues? Who knows. But I’ll certainly end up with an empty pen soon. Anyway, have a nice day. 

Inktober - day 6 - “Through technology we thought to defeat the natural order. But the onset of eternity cannot be denied forever: the universe will see us humbled for our presumption. Yet its methods of attack are limited. We long ago removed our bodies from mortality’s grasp and bartered away our souls for technological baubles and the trappings of power. Our minds, then, are all that remains for us to lose, and it is here that the next stroke against us will fall. Though our individual afflictions may take different forms, sooner or later we will all be lost to madness."  Szarekh, Last of the Silent Kings.

 I realized I want the theme of next week’s inktober to be all about necrons.