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Hello precious. I was wondering today ... how would TOW Harry Louis and Link enjoy these first days of autumn? xx

It’s the kind of weather Louis hates. In the morning when he takes Link out into the backyard, he stands with his arms wrapped around his body, goosebumps covering every inch of skin, breath coming out in puffs. He layers himself in a t-shirt, then a sweater, then a coat, and heads off to work with the heat blasting in the car. By by noon, he’s stripping out of said layers, kicking them aside and under his desk, cursing the whole time. His car feels like a sauna by the time he climbs into it at the end of the day, the late afternoon heat trapped with no escape, and even with the AC blasting the entire way home, he pulls into the driveway with a red face and a sweaty back.

“I hate fall,” he declares Tuesday night after work, letting the door slam behind him. “I hate this shitty ass weather.”

“It’s beautiful out today,” Harry counters from his position on the couch. “Be quiet.”

“No. It’s too hot. The leaves are dying and so am I.”

“Remember when he was at work and the house was quiet? That was nice.”

“Who are you talking to.”

“Link,” Harry replies, like it’s obvious.

Louis ignores him. “Did you see the forecast for next week? Upper 80’s! Again! My classroom doesn’t have central air. We’re all going to kill each other.”

“Oh my God, the drama. Light a pumpkin candle and relax.”

He snorts, kicking off his shoes and takes a seat beside Harry. “Do you solve every issue by lighting candles?”

“Usually.” He puts his hand on Louis’ thigh and squeezes. “You look rather stunning today. I like what your hair is doing.”

“Thanks, I used the sweat as a makeshift hair gel.”

Harry laughs and rolls his eyes. “Imagine a world where you weren’t complaining.”

“Positive thoughts Louis is not the man you fell in love with. You knew what you were getting into with me.”

He smirks. “I’m not sure I did, actually.”

“So does that mean the verdict is still out on whether or not you want to keep me?”


Louis closes his eyes, pets Link behind the ears when he feels him place his head on Louis’ knee, drool and all. “It’s nice in here.”

“I turned the air off hours ago. I figured you’d say something when you got home.”

He shrugs, eyes still slipped shut. It feels like too much work to open them, especially once Harry starts playing with his hair, threading it through his fingers. He could let Harry do this all night. Sometimes, he does. “Still feels nice.”

Harry hums from beside him. “I concur.”

Two weeks later, Louis finds himself in the passenger seat of the Jeep, trunk packed with bags, Link and Mia safe at Harry’s mom’s house. The sun doesn’t feel as hot today, he thinks, as he makes himself comfortable, fiddling with the crank for the window. It feels like a waste of a gorgeous day to sit in the car, but he doesn’t tell Harry that.

“When are you going to cave and tell me where we’re going?”

“I won’t cave,” Harry protests, backing out of the driveway. “Stop asking.”

“You’re terrible at secrets.”

“No, you’re just obnoxious and bug me so much that I eventually tell you to get you to shut up.”

“Exactly. Terrible at secrets.”

Harry rolls his eyes and turns the volume up, almost as high as it can go. “Sorry,” he shouts, “can’t hear you.”

It takes them a few hours to reach the secret destination of upstate New York, one that Harry managed to keep hidden the entire duration of the ride. He looks smug as he pulls up to their cabin in the woods.

“Styles, did you take me here to kill me?”

“That would have been the better option, now that you mention it.” He cuts the engine and looks over at Louis. “Home away from home for the next 48 hours. What do you think?”

Louis squints at the house through the windshield. “I think no one will be able to hear my screams.”

Harry laughs, then pinches Louis’ thigh. “Come on. Get out.”

It’s not unlike Harry to surprise Louis; he often comes home from work to find strange purchases from Amazon or the book store or that eclectic home furnishings place downtown. Louis will make a face and ask what it is, and Harry will start off on some winded tangent about why it made him think of Louis, and half the time, his explanations don’t make any sense, leaving Louis more confused than ever. But then Harry tilts his head to the side, dimple threatening to break out, and he’ll murmur, “Do you like it?” Louis has never lied once when he replies, “So much.”

And this cabin is no exception.

Harry points out the details that Louis would have never noticed on his own, like the sliver of a lake in the distance barely visible through the living room windows, and the skylight in the hallway that shows off the rather impressive foliage. He tells Louis about the cheesy fall festival happening in the town square that occurs just one weekend a year, shows him their bedroom, their bathroom, the Goddamn floor boards, for fuck’s sake, and it’s obvious how much time Harry put into researching this for them. For Louis.

Louis cuts off Harry’s speech about the Oak trees outside by resting his head against Harry’s chest. Harry’s arms wrap around him instinctively, his voice fading to nothing. “This was a good surprise,” Louis says, voice coming out muffled.”

He can feel Harry exhale as he drags his hands between Louis’ shoulder blades. “Yeah?”


They end up attending that cheesy, once a year fall festival, and it’s stupidly fun. They indulge in caramel apples, pumpkin donuts, and Louis begs Harry to get his face painted. He sports a fall leaf on his right cheek for the rest of the afternoon, smudging when Louis drags his thumb through it while they kiss.

They hike, and at the top of the mountain is a view of the most stunning sea of reds and yellows and oranges. Neither of them talk, just stare, breathless. Louis slips his hand into Harry’s back pocket, leaves it there, just wants to touch, to be closer. They take some pictures before they make their descent back down, but the photos don’t do the views justice. It cheapens it.

The weather is unfairly perfect. All weekend, Louis keeps his sweatshirt on over his t-shirt, warm and comfortable, and when the sun goes down for the day, they sit behind a campfire, eating grilled cheese and soup. The flames are hot and make Louis’ face itch.

The moon shines through their bedroom window, and in the otherwise blackened room, Louis can make out the curve of Harry’s jaw, his bare shoulders, his back, his thighs. They move together slowly, then much faster, and right before Louis lets go, Harry makes a terrible joke about how he hopes Louis was right in saying no one would be able to hear his screams from here. Louis chokes out a laugh, hates Harry so much, loves him impossibly more.

He needs to fall asleep, his body is begging him to, but Harry won’t stop whispering to him, dragging his mouth across Louis’ collarbones. Louis sighs and takes it, keeping his fingers twisted in Harry’s hair. They keep at it until the sun starts to brighten their pretend home.

“Harry,” he whispers, almost sure Harry’s already asleep. “Guess what.”

“Mmm,” Harry answers, lips vibrating against Louis’ arm.

“Did you know I love fall? Like, favorite season, by far.”

He can feel Harry’s grin. “Even though I forgot to bring my pumpkin candle?”

He nods, sliding down further under the covers. He’s cold, but Harry’s warm. “Yeah, even though you forgot it.”


Return to the Falls, a Gravity Falls fanfiction

Before heading back to Gravity Falls for the summer, Stan and Ford make a quick stop at an old haunt.  However, they are surprised to also find a familiar face waiting for them.

(Prologue of “Return to the Falls”, a Gravity Falls fanfiction.  The up-to-date entirety can be found here.)


The old man opened his eyes and blinked, confused.  He was in the living room, in the old recliner, the best seat in the house.  He must have dozed off while watching “Duck-tective,” but that didn’t seem right.  That show engrossed him far too much to put him to sleep, even if he’d seen the episode a hundred times.


The TV was turned off, but that in itself wasn’t odd.  If he’d fallen asleep with it on, his brother would have shut it off.  That old nerd hated wasting energy and had gone on a big power-saving kick after getting the house back in working order, insisting that the rest of the family keep their lights off and devices unplugged when not necessary.  Of course, that all seemed pretty rich coming from the guy who built a giant universe portal that ran exclusively on raw nuclear waste.  It was a miracle the thing hadn’t rendered the whole town uninhabitable when it went to pieces.


Stan looked around, frowning.  Had he imagined that sound?  Maybe his hearing aid was on the fritz.  The house seemed to be quiet, after all.  The kids must have been outside.  Or … what time was it?  Afternoon?  Night?  The fact that he’d dozed off didn’t help him much; he could fall asleep in the armchair no matter the hour.  Oh well, he felt no need to worry.  Right now, all he wanted was a nice cool drink to counteract the heavy summer air.

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Prompt: Of course I remembered! (Becca x MC)

Notes: This is for the anon who requested a story based on the prompt, “Of course I remembered!” It…became a lot longer than I thought it would be, so I just moved it onto a separate post for easier reading. I hope you enjoy it, anon! :)

“What’s that?” Becca points to the silver bracelet Alex is fidgeting with in her hand.

“I wear it when I need a little extra boost, or, you know, when I’m about to delay the school paper’s first issue and disappoint one of my closest friends,” she moans, pushing her laptop away and smacking her forehead against the table. 

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What You Want |Victor Zsasz x You|

    A/N:  100 Kinks Challenge - 60/Jealousy Sex - Another request from @taintedmarker! Smut and love ensue. Enjoy!

           Penguin sat at the head of the long table sorting through some papers with you standing at his side. At the opposite end of the table, fingers itching to grab the pistol tucked into his pants, was Victor Zsasz. The ame Victor Zsasz your mother mad you con into performing a free hit for you. The same Victor Zsasz you had tried desperately not ot get attached to, only to end up spending nine months sleeping in his bed at night. The very same Victor Zsasz that Mother made you abandon without so much as a goodbye when she heard Penguin had become King of Gotham.

               Yeah, that Victor Zsasz.

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Stolen Part 4

Sister Winchester - Stolen Part 4

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Sister Reader, Dean Winchester x Sister Reader

Y/N = Your Name

Y/E/C = Your Eye colour

Word Count: 1889

Summary: Sam and Dean find the house in which you were imprisoned in, now raging in fire. Sam panics and can only draw only one conclusion to witnessing the third house fire involving a female family member of his . Dean is terrified of the fact that he could be losing both of his siblings tonight as Sam is taken down by an unknown body. Meanwhile you are internally fighting against the control of the demons blood. 

A/N: So firstly, this one is kinda longer one but hopefully you will like it due to Sam and Dean finally finding their sister. Secondly thank you again to all followers and those who have noted my work. Feeling so loved right now. I don’t know if i’ll leave the story here or continue it at Bobby’s house. I will probably leave it unless you guys want me to continue it then I am happy to do so. So it is really up to you guys xx

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

Sam opened the door of the Impala whilst it skidded to a halt on the dirt driveway. The moonlight hit the bonnet of Baby and reflected onto Dean’s worried face as Sam quickly removed his seat belt.  The ancient farm house with dry splintered wood was erupting into flames. The fire lit up the paddock around the house in an orange and red tinged light.

Sam knew this was the place of his dream. He also remembered you were shackled in the basement. Sam knew if you were in the basement still, you were a goner, but he continued to run towards the house.  
Dean was gobsmacked when he stepped out of Baby and recognised the house from when he use to have the same reoccurring dreams as Sam. Whilst taking in the scene, Dean hadn’t noticed Sam had already started to sprint to the house. A chill ran up his spine as he saw his brother get smaller and smaller in the distance.

Sammy no!” Dean yelled as he chased after Sam towards the burning house.

The roof caved in which made embers erupt into the air. The light sparks floated down like fresh snow in December and started small spot fires which Sam was now dodging. The heat of the house was overwhelming and his lungs heaved in the surrounding smoke.  

“Y/N!… Y/N!” Sam yelled into the night hoping for you to return the call. The situation was so similar when you were stolen in the first place. Instead of running up and down the vacant highway, Sam was now running towards a burning house.

His mind started to put the story together and it was all too familiar. He knew the Yellow eyed demon had you, you were a beloved female member of the Winchesters like Mum and Jess. Now Sam was in front of the third house fire of his life. He could only draw one conclusion that you were stuck to the ceiling and screaming. What was he going to find? Could he even help you if you were in there?

Y/N!” Sammy called out again as his fear crept up into his broken voice.

Sammy she’s not here. She’s not here Sammy!.. Don’t you dare run into that house!” Dean was about 15 paces behind Sam and was terrified of him running into the burning house seeing now it was starting to sway like jenga tower. But Sam was to fixated on saving you. He couldn’t let this happen again. He couldn’t let your reoccurring nightmare come to life. Not to his precious sister. He wanted to hold you like he use to after these nightmares. Calm you down as you wept in his arms. He wanted you back with him where you belonged. He wanted you to come home.

Sam was metres from the door, his arms outstretched to open it. The house was creaking in objection to its destruction and the old timbers were almost burnt through. Suddenly an unknown body came running from the darkness and swept Sam to the ground by grabbing and pushing him to the ground. An explosion boomed from the house as shattered glass flew overhead the pair and littered the surrounding field. Dean saw the explosion and Sam falling to the ground and thought he was hit with the glass shrapnel. Dean’s worst nightmare was coming to life. For all he knew, he could be losing both siblings tonight.

Sam was dazed after smacking his head on the ground and a ringing was now present in his ears. His eyes fluttered open to see his sister’s face floating above him. He was in shock; from the explosion and from the fact you were alive. He was so grateful that you pushed him out of the way. He was going to thankyou when you opened your mouth first,  

I thought I was done with you, asshole.” You spat. The voice Sam heard was had a hint of the past you still present but Dean was right you had changed. Especially seeing that you were pinning Sam to the ground. You pulled a familiar knife from your back pocket and dangled it in front of his face. Sam was stunned by your hostility and hate. It was like you didn’t recognise him, your own brother. That really hurt Sam. He recognised the knife to be the one which was stolen from him a couple months back whilst on a hunt. He was wondering how it came into your possession and also trying to figure out how to not set you off. He took too long because now you suddenly clasped the knife in your hand and swung your arm back. You were aiming straight for Sam’s eye when you deliberately stabbed the hard earth instead, inches besides Sam’s face. Sam stared wide-eyed at the fact he was inches away from his own death by the hands of his sister. What worried him more than the knife next to his head was the black eyes which now featured instead of the beautiful Y/E/C ones he was familiar with.

How dare you take my brothers form” You barked bringing Sam out of his thoughts and into reality. You then swung your fist down hard on Sammy’s face.

How dare you take his knife. How dare you touch him in the first place!” you bought a second hard hit to Sam’s bewildered face. Sam didn’t know what you were talking about. The two punches had made him even more hazy in the head then before. But he did manage to get his word in finally, before you could get another hit in, ,

It’s me…Y/N. The real me… your brother …Sam. You told me to find you and I have. I’m so sorry we took so long… I couldn’t find you before the last dream… I love you so much… I’m so sorry, Y/N” he breathed

Sam saw your mind process what he was saying and you believed him. You realised the mistake you were making and your eyes turned back to their Y/E/C shade that Sammy loved.

Sammy?.. Is that really you? You heard me when I called?.. What happened to your face?”, Sam nodded and smiled at you letting out a sigh of relief. Your body softened and you were getting off pinning Sam. You were worried about who had hit him in the face when a running Dean knocked you off Sam.

Now you were the one being pinned down. You were threatened. You were vulnerable. Your heart pumped as you remembered all those times in which you were pinned in one of your trainings. Instinct kicked in and the black veil returned as you fought against Dean’s hold. You looked up at Dean with your black angry eyes and teeth bared. You looked at him with such hate, this was hard for Dean as he realised what you had become.

You again? Why do I have to kill you both twice!” You were thrashing and kicking, making Dean’s job very difficult, physically and emotionally.
It was like you were two different people. Once the demon blood took over, you completely forgot about realising Sam wasn’t a Shape Shifter. Now you were furious knowing you hadn’t finished the job in the basement.
Why did they have to be so cruel? Why did they have to poke you in open wounds? Why did they not die in the first place! Dean seeing the black eyes, quickly pulled out a canister of holy water from his back pocket and poured it on your head thinking you were possessed. Of course it was more complicated than that, so you squirmed and winced in pain as the holy water steamed off your face. Your conflicting egos started to fight each other to obtain the total power over your body and mind. This caused your body to go into melt down as your heart couldn’t keep up with the strain of the internal attack. Then your heart finally gave in. You stopped thrashing then and your muscles relaxed and your eyes rolled back into your skull. Your struggle was over; you were floppy like a ragdoll and unresponsive.

Y/N?” Dean’s rough voice shook as he tried to wake you like he did with Sam this morning.  

Y/N, sweetheart, wake up…c’mon hunny it’s time to wake up now… c’mon wakeup…I’m so sorry… wake up Y/N.” Dean’s was pleading as he continued to shake you. Hot tears fell down his unshaven cheeks and fell on your resting body below. He felt this was his fault because he poured the holy water on you sending you into this state.

Dean? What’s wrong?..Dean?”, Sam crawled over to you and Dean and was in shock at your now unresponsive body. Surely it was only minutes ago you were pinning him strongly to the ground. He stretched out his hand and swept the sweat drenched hair from your forehead.

They were so close he thought, so close to having you back. Sam, saw you come back to your old self as your Y/E/C eyes returned. Now you were gone, your heart gave out only hours into your freedom and only minutes of being reunited with your brothers. Your brothers, the reason you kept pushing when the rest of the world didn’t give a damn. Your brothers were your light and this pushed you to not give in now, you knew you had to return to them. In you dwindling mind the reaper was approaching, but you could hear Sam’s sobbing voice, “Come find us little sis, come find us, please come back to us Y/N”. So, you followed what Sam commanded and left the reaper’s company.

Next thing you knew you were taking huge gasps of air as your breathing returned in a stuttering form. Dean looked down in shock at your resurrected body was now rolling to the side and letting a black bile spew out. When the coughing fit was over and your stomach drained of your last meal, you flopped back and the black veil was lifted from you.

Your vision swayed as your two brothers came into focus. They were in disbelief and were unsure on what happened or what to expect from you now.

You found me”, you choked out and saw your two brothers smiling back down at you. They knew it was the real you talking this time, they were so relieved.

Yeah that’s right sis, we found you. C’mon let’s go home” Dean answered smiling and lifted you from the ground and carried you across the paddocks, bridal style. Your unexpected lightness was a reminder of how much care and guidance the pair of brothers would need to give you so you could return to your normal self. But for now, they had you back and that’s more than they thought possible. Sam sat in the back of the Impala to keep an eye on you, he was terrified you were going to disappear again. You rested your head-on Sam’s lap as he draped his jacket over you to keep you warm. He couldn’t believe he had you again finally. As you slept at peace he couldn’t take his eyes off you still. Dean watched the pair of you in the back, as he drove towards Bobby’s house under the watch of the full moon. The nightmare was finally over.

Hurricane Luke

Wrote this on my phone. It may have some typos.  *

 He didn’t deserve this. Over and over again, massaging the wheel of his rental car tightly and without routine, Luke kept reminding himself. He was a nice person, he was well-liked and funny, and the woman behind the counter at 7/11 called him charming just that morning. For the life of him, he couldn’t understand why this was happening to him of all people. In the back of his mind, he kept playing Michael’s words. …Try to understand where she is coming from… Luke couldn’t though. He barely tried, but it just seemed impossible.

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Hunters on the Hellmouth


first chapter

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Chapter 10: Demons

The wipers swished against the gentle summer rain, and Dean grumbled as they idled at a stoplight. “Lightning my ass. There weren’t even any burn marks. If this were home, I’d be leaning toward wraith; but who the the hell knows here. Wounds were too big for a wraith anyway.”

After visiting the morgue to look at the body of someone killed the previous night in what the newspapers were calling a freak act of God, the Winchesters were driving through the rain on their way to Buffy’s for a night of research with the Scoobies. Until they knew how to kill whatever it was, no one was going on patrol.

“Buffy said something about killing a pole dancer demon –”

“I’m pretty sure that’s not what it’s called,” said Sam, flipping through the case file once more.

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Anonymous asked: Please write nerd!cas getting asked out by popular!jock!dean, but he says no bc he thinks it’s a joke.

On a scale from most-likely-to-happen to least-likely-to-happen in the life of Castiel Novak, Castiel was currently in the no-way-in-hell-that-this-is-actually-happening zone. There had to be a logical explanation for this. Maybe Castiel was dreaming. Or maybe he had hit his head without remembering, meaning that he was actually in some strange kind of coma, his mind making up this entire scenario.

“Well… Will you? Go out with me, I mean?” Dean Winchester asked for the second time, his green eyes mesmerizing enough to paralyze Castiel and keep him in place right where he was standing in front of his locker. Dean was standing close, too close. Castiel could easily count every glorious freckle on that gorgeous face.

They were alone, seeing as their last class had ended thirty minutes ago, which meant that most students had already left the building. The only reason Castiel was still here was because he’d been at the library, doing research for his Biology project. The reason Dean was still here… Was apparently to ask Castiel out. Which made no sense whatsoever.

Dean was captain of the football team. Dean was the guy everyone wanted, boys and girls alike. The guy who made Castiel’s palms turn sweaty whenever he so much as looked at Castiel. Which rarely ever happened to begin with, because Castiel was pretty much the invisible kid. He was the nerd with whom no one wanted to be associated, which made Dean’s proposal all the more suspicious.

Castiel opened his mouth, but no sound came out. This would probably be an effective way to communicate with the average goldfish, but it was clearly a foreign language to the most popular kid at Lawrence High; Dean was still staring at Castiel expectantly, waiting for an actual reply.

Dean’s lips, plush and pink, had been turned up into a half-smile during their one sided conversation, but they were slowly twisting into a pout now. Castiel nervously pushed his glasses back up his nose, his other hand fumbling with the notebook that he was holding.

“It’s a simple question, Cas.” Dean said mildly, casually leaning one hand against Castiel’s locker now, so that they were even closer. “Can I take you out on a date, yeah or no?”

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Protective Thing

A/N: I got this help for this imagine from this dialogue prompt by @dictionarywrites so thank you for that!

You two rounded the corner and then dove into the closest classroom, closing the door behind you and then pressed your backs against the wall. Theo chanced a glance out the window to see if you were still being followed, “And you thought this was a good idea?”

You were in the middle of catching your breath, “Not at all. I thought it was a terrible idea.”

Theo whipped his head around to give you an incredulous look, “Then why did you do it?”

“While objectively terrible, it was still the best option.” You shrugged, “This was Stiles’ plan, mine was to just burn him.”

“And why wasn’t that the one they went with?”

Your reply was cut off when the door was kicked in; Theo curled his body around you to cover you from the debris of the now broken wooden door. One second you were buried in Theo’s chest and the next you were looking at the snarling face of your math teacher, his eyes black and skin wormy. You scrambled back, fear clutching your heart when you saw the rotted teeth shining in the moonlight and the saliva dripping from his blood covered mouth.

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024. 5SOS Preferences: Little Secrets You Keep

Your feedback makes me so happy.


Savoring every morsel of your last full day together like an overpriced filet mignon dinner, you closed your eyes and tried breathing in the sunlight that was dowsing you in it’s rays while Ashton hugged you tighter to his bare chest under the cool covers of the hotel bed sheets. Most mornings, he was up with the sun, rubbing his tired eyes in a quick shower and yawning his way out the door to a radio interview or sound check. Conveniently, today he had a little time for leisure in his schedule and he was happy to spend it lounging around with you, your vanilla scent wafting up his nose and giving him breakfast in bed cravings like he had never experienced before.

“It’s going to be so nice come summer.” His cheek warm against yours, Ashton spoke as soft as your skin felt underneath him, his arm holding you like you were supposed to be guarded. “We’ll be able to see each other practically every day.” He would still be on the road in the upcoming months, when you were finished with school for the year, but Ashton imagined you two would have so much time together considering you would be able to come along with him. As the words left his mouth dreamily, almost in a yawn, he started to compile a mental list of the different things you could do and see on his days off. For reasons unknown to him, he was picturing in vivid detail going to the Coliseum with you, snapping pictures rapidly on his phone, and attempting to read the Italian side of the information hamlets.

All at once, your body tightened under him at the sound of his hopes. It wasn’t at all the reaction Ashton was expecting. He thought you would murmur something sweet back or wiggle around onto your stomach, look up at him with your doe eyes and smile while sharing the same excitement he had for the near future. He looked down at you, curiously, trying to take in a good solid look at your face, but could only see your eyes scramble from side to side from his angle.

“I forgot…” Nervously, you started with your hands curling under the covers. “I sort of have a commitment this summer.” Just as he originally thought you would, you adjusted yourself to be flat on your back by his side. He moved himself, holding up his upper body with a hand on the side of his face, hair falling to the left as he watched you explain yourself. “I’ll still be able to come see you, just I’m busy July and August. We’ll still have the end of April and then May to June.” You paid close attention to Ashton watching his features express disappointment. His eyes sort of fluttered down, finding interest in the crinkled waves in the white bed sheets, his fingers picking at imaginary dust over them, while he moved his pursed lips around. In his mind, the Coliseum lit on fire and he watched it turn to dust.

“What are you doing?” He rose his head and asked, pulling his lips into a taut smile, not at all radiating joy.

“I committed to it before we got together…” Your relationship was just passing the sixth month mark after all and it just never seemed to come up before. Strangely, you felt embarrassed by it now, but you figured it was only because you and Ashton had been talking nonstop through Skype and phone calls about when you would be able to spend real time together. You adored Ashton, but having a boyfriend who toured was not the easiest. “I’m going to camp.” You started, his head propping up as he narrowed his eyes at you with great surprise. “Well, I’m a counsellor, but I used to go as a camper.” This would mark your third year as a counsellor at Camp Wakonda and tenth summer all together.

“I didn’t know you went to camp.” Ashton chuckled, his real smile finally surfacing on his face, lighting him up like the sparklers that crackled over the last bonfire at Wakonda.

“Yeah. I love it.” Truthfully, you nodded, wondering why you had bothered to preface before. “It’s, like, three hours South of where I’m from and it’s just really fun.”

“What do you do there?” His fingers traced vague figure 8’s over your humerus, hoping for a story.

“I’m in charge of two cabins on the girl’s side.” You shrugged, grinning wildly as you thought about seeing all the old campers again who you adored like little sisters and then meeting the new ones and watching them make friends and create similar memories as you had. “And I run activities. I’ve kind of become the Princess of the Zip Line.” Almost proudly, you told him, your cheeks pushing out and blushing a natural rose.

“That sounds really fun.” Ashton nodded as jealousy began to mildly pump through his veins. The Colesium sounded like a poor man’s Camp Wakonda to him now. He wanted to go rock climbing and kayaking and eat weird potato wedges for lunch four times a week. “Maybe, I could come visit on a weekend off?” His eyebrows moved up and down, the way they did when he would playfully try to seduce you, drunk from a night of tequila and performing to the brink of dehydration.

“The girls would just about die.” You smacked your hands together in favor of the idea. “I have one camper, Hannah, she’s about thirteen and she texted me a few months ago in all capital letters: Oh my God, you’re dating Ashton Irwin. And here we thought you were like old and boring.” Laughing, you wiggled up your nose as you recalled the text. Even though you weren’t that old at all, the girls you were the den mother over looked at you as if you had already lived life before. You could still remember feeling that same way about your own camp counsellor when you used to go there as a little girl. “You’d be a hit around the bonfire.” Just picturing him with a red bandana in his hair, strumming the guitar while the flames illuminated his biceps was enough to send you into morning sex mode.

“And how forbidden is sneaking away in a canoe for a little…” His drawing finger began to tip toe it’s way up your arm, pushing some of your hair away from your shoulder so he could bend down to plant a gentle kiss. “You know…” Ashton had no idea what one wore as a camp counsellor, he imagined normal clothes or a bright colored polo shirt, but the idea of holding your whistle in his hand and using it to move your head back and forth while you gave him head between stacked canoes was an incredible turn on.

“Completely prohibited.” Slyly, you grinned, watching him kiss down your arm, his hand spread flat over your stomach under the covers before he pushed the sheets off to lay his head down into the rest of your flesh.


Dressed in your bright cobalt blue and stark white uniform, ‘Marlies’ written in large cursive across your chest, you jumped down the front steps of your parent’s home and jogged to the street outside where your car was parked with your bag falling off your shoulder. As you walked over the lawn, putting on your blue cap and pulling your high pony tail through it, you heard Blink 182 faintly and the honk of a car pulling closer and watched as Calum pull up into your driveway, sitting behind your mom’s minivan and smiling as he bopped his head along to ‘Rock Show’.

Eagerly, Calum sort of hopped out from behind the wheel once the car was off, ceasing the music along with the engine. He rushed over to you, his grin large as your own, and put his hand on your side instantly, kissing you in place of ‘hello’ once he was close enough.

“Hey, I thought we weren’t getting together until ten.” That was the plan, a late night movie and heavy petting. You had been looking forward to it since you woke up actually.

“Well, I wanted to come by. Time to kill.” Calum wasn’t used to have so much free time. He had only just returned from tour and he was finding the lack of schedule left him feeling a bit bored and useless. While he was away, he sort of assumed that you were always running your days around him. He didn’t think it would be an issue if he popped by hours before your actual plans. Hell, he would hang out in your garage with your Dad if you were busy.

“Oh, well, I …” Your bag was slipping off of your elbow, so you threw back over your shoulder and then realized what you were wearing, your softball uniform. Your eyes peeled open like the flap of an unlicked envelope, your cheeks blushing as if you had already been running bases for a couple innings.

“Why are you dressed like that?” He looked you up and down from the beak of your vibrant hat to the toes of your sneakers. Calum half-heartedly chuckled at your get-up, giving you a sort of squint as he took in your outfit. “Are you going to a fancy dress party?” The sun was beating down on you, the afternoon just over as the clock changed to five. Also, it was a Tuesday. You weren’t going to any special occasion.

“Actually, I have a softball game.” Your face expressed pain as you admitted it to him, saying ‘softball game’ the way one might confess to sleeping with their partner’s best friend.

“What?!” In your five months together, Calum hadn’t any clue that you played softball. In fact, he didn’t know you had an athletic bone in your body. His head back up as his shoulders jolted to brush against the bottom of his ears. He thought he had you all figured out and now you were pitching him a curveball.

When he asked if you wanted to stop seeing other people and just be together, he was on tour, and up until now, your whole relationship had been based around distance. He wasn’t aware that you did more than go to school and text him. Instantly, Calum was excited. This was just like the time he found out how flexible you were.

“Can I come?!” Calum didn’t wait for an answer. He was going to come regardless and began to walk to your car, opening up the backseat for you and reaching for your bag. You relinquished it hesitantly from your arm and watched him shove it over your seat. “Holy shit. You’ve got a bat and everything.” He noted the glove and Louisville slugger waiting on the driver’s side of the car.

“Just keep in mind, this is wreck league, okay? It’s just for fun.” Shouting, you warned him while walking around to let yourself in behind the wheel.

Calum nodded and slid into the passenger seat, practically bouncing. He couldn’t wait to be at the mound, watching you in action. He was behaving as if he was going to watch a real MLB game.  

After being struck out in the third inning, right as you were about to round second base, you went down to the bench to sit between one of your best friends on the team and a guy who had just recently joined, but all the girls were enjoying his oversized biceps so he had been very welcomed. You were grinning from ear to ear, huffing to catch your breath with your water bottle open between your knees. This was your release. Life could get hectic sometimes with your boyfriend often half way around the world and his fans not necessarily fans of you. Not to mention, you had the normal stresses that came with life like family drama and a boss you didn’t like at a job you also didn’t enjoy all the time. It didn’t matter though because twice a week, you could get together with a bunch of friends for a fun, but intense game of ball and then all go out for beer and nachos together.

The chain link fence behind you, the small of your back barely against it as you leaned forward and sipped your water. You hardly moved your head, but you could spot Calum standing on the other side of the fence, his fingers curling around the cold metal.

“Having fun?” Turning to your side, knees to your friend, you asked him while reaching up to hold the fence with two fingers.

“This is really cool.” Enthusiastically, Calum nodded while squinting out and watching the current batter be called off. “You’re really good, ya know?” His large eyes rounding down on you, impressed more than anything.

“Thanks. It’s a good time.” You shrugged.

“Can anyone join?”

“Why? Are you interested?” Right away, you nearly snorted with laughter.

“Well, yeah…” Calum was feeling a little bit tour sick and he could use something to take the place of the excitement that used to fill his life. His friends had carried on with their lives while he was away performing in front of different crowds every night, he felt like something of a stranger in their lives now. He thought it would be kind of fun to make new friends and everyone you were hanging out with on the team seemed really relaxed and fun. He had never played baseball before, but Calum fancied himself to be a quick study.

“Oh. Okay.” Quickly, you rested your water bottle down between your cleat covered feet and stood up. You wrapped your fingers over his, curling through the circles of the fence, and kissed him through it. “Matt is our team captain, so I’ll talk to him about it when we’re done. He’ll probably say ‘yes’.” Matt had welcomed you without ever seeing you swing a bat before. Nobody on the team took it too seriously, it was all just cheap therapy and exercise to everyone. “Are you still up for going to a movie after?” Shaking your hips mindlessly back and forth, you checked.

“Only if you want to.” Calum’s attention wasn’t on your smile or plush lips anymore. His eyes had dropped and he was watching your pelvis move, the tight baseball pants doing you plenty of favors. He ran the tip of his tongue through the slit between his top and bottom lip.

“Yeah. I just want to shower first.” You figured you had enough time as long as Calum didn’t mind waiting for you to wash the dirt and sweat off of your body.

“We don’t have to go…” He tilted only one of his shoulders up, looking something like an unbalanced scale. “We could just go back to my place…you could keep the uniform on…” He leaned in close again, his lips ready to kiss you through the fence once more. His voice was a whisper, trying to keep the conversation quiet despite being in public.

“Calum Hood, do you have a weird softball player fetish?” Backing up, you posed the question loud enough to make the other people on the bench chuckle.

Calum sucked his lips inward, smacking them together, and then shook his head at you. You were really in for it now. He could picture the strikes he was going to lay out on your behind later, the empire to your softball player.


Making dinner together, Luke was setting up two places at the funky kitchen table he had bought for his brand new place while you stood only feet away, leaning into the oven with a fork and knife to check the baking chicken, it’s inside still glistening a faint pink shade.

“Your phone is going off like crazy.” He mumbled to you, his eyes glancing down as the screen lit up again at the edge of the table. It had been going off since he started to arrange the plates and glasses, the cutlery still in the drawer.

“It’s probably just Gavin.” Without thinking, you replied. You were fully concentrating on not burning either of your exposed wrists as you backed away from the stove and stood up to shut the stainless steel door. It was endlessly funny to you that Luke’s place had such a beautiful modern kitchen since no one would mistake him for the chef of the relationship. Well, no one with active taste buds.

He dropped the two forks that he had curled up in one hand over top of the plate he set down for himself, the metal colliding with the ceramic and causing a startling chime to echo and hit the high ceilings. He startled himself, but turned to see your eyes large and mouth amused.

“Who is Gavin?” He asked with his voice low, avoiding growling. Luke didn’t want to assume the worst, but the name was clearly male and one he hadn’t heard you mention before. You two had been together almost seven months now and had blended your circle of friends. He assumed he had met the two guys you were decent friends with and he liked them both enough to not care at all when you texted him that you were hanging out with them. He had taken a screenshot a SnapChat you and your friend Landon sent him, your faces like flounder fish. It had made him burst out laughing in the middle of a very important meeting with his label when he opened it up.  

“Ummm….he…he goes to school with me.” It was only sort of a lie, but Luke could sense how insincere it was by how you held the vowels of your words. You sounded so unsure of yourself. He put down the last fork and narrowed his stare at you, out of shape eyebrows heavy over his smoggy blues.

“You’ve never mentioned him before.” He said in place of flat out calling you a liar. You were thinking of how to explain Gavin to Luke, chewing on your bottom lip, while the phone buzzed again. Luke had one hand flat on his table, holding it down and keeping himself at ease. He read over the message as it lit up your screen, knowing that he probably shouldn’t have. “He wants to know if you’ve used the flash cards…” Slowly, Luke read off. It sounded school oriented and that was somewhat comforting, but he still wondered about this Gavin man’s back story and how come he was only finding out about him now. Strangely, Luke was most anxious to know what Gavin looked like and if he was better looking.

The jig was up and you sighed over the pot of boiling water, cut up red potatoes still hard at the bottom. With one hand, you tossed back all your hair and held it there before so much as sliding your own gaze over to your boyfriend. Luke was in the kitchen now, leaning over the island and staring mindlessly at the open tub of butter in front of him. He was waiting, somewhat patiently, for you to give him more details, resting on his bare forearms.

Reaching forward, you turned down the temperature of the stove’s element and walked over to lean against the island top, yourself, your knuckles neatly knocking against Luke’s.

“You promise not to laugh?” You poked out your pinkie, offering it to him.

Luke didn’t miss a beat and locked his around yours, laughing at the fact that you were making him swear oath via your tiniest fingers.


“Gavin is my biology tutor.”

As soon as you confessed where you actually went on Tuesdays and Thursdays after class, you let out an exhale so strong that Luke felt his pointed hairs move on top of his head. He didn’t laugh, just as he promised, but he did stay silent for longer than you were comfortable with.

“I’m not stupid, University is just harder than I thought it would be.” To fill the void, you continued, but Luke was shaking his head and closing his eyes, silencing you.

“I don’t think you’re stupid.” Right away, he firmly stated, staring at you to check that his statement was understood. “Jesus, I’m just some guy in a band. You’re actually going to school and I think that’s awesome.” Luke had never said it before since he stupidly assumed that you would have just known that. He loved bragging to people that his girlfriend was studying at the University of Sydney, taking a full course load of five different classes. Out of the corner of his eyes, he would sneak glances of you when you studied and he was honestly in awe. He felt like the dummy in the relationship and worried you would realize just how uneducated he was one day and leave him for someone studying medicine or engineering. “I just was thinking, that’s all. You know, I could help you study….I’m not obviously that smart,” Forever self-deprecating and modest, Luke mumbled as he looked down at his fingertips, callused from his life of guitar playing. “If you’ve got flashcards, I could help.”

“You want to help me study biology?” The disbelief was evident in your voice, but you raised your eyes at him sharply just in case he didn’t hear it.

“I could try.” Holding up his palms like a criminal caught in the act, he offered. “I mean, I’m no Gavin…” Bitter, he muttered. “I don’t care that you have a tutor, like it’s nothing to be embarrassed by, I mean, my mom accompanied me on tour and helped me with my schooling.” He mumbled and rolled his eyes at himself before you both chuckled at the thought of lovely Liz, the glory days of her son’s first tour where she was everything for him: a teacher, a bodyguard, a mother, a therapist, a friend, etc. “But does it have to be some dude?” Luke decompressed, pushing his body into the edge of the island and whining.

“Gavin is in his thirties and has two kids with his wife. You have nothing to worry about.” You ruffled the front of his hair lightly with your fingers going through, fixing the pieces that were losing their strength.

“I’m sure he’s fantasized about you in a school girl skirt and that whole teacher-student shit….” As soon as Luke muttered out the thought that had his hands curling into fists, he realized just how hot it was to think about. He had a right mind to go out and buy you a short plaid kilt tomorrow for when he tried his hand at tutoring you.

“I assure you he doesn’t as he would lose his job.” You winked and kissed your boyfriend quickly, his lips reacting right as you began to pull away, going to check on dinner again.


Hovering over your bended knees, you were behind your register, check out 4, and organizing the medium sized plastic bags over their holder right by the deposit box. It was nearly close, just an hour left, and you intended to think of nothing, but your impending night in with your boyfriend to get you through the lull of customers and sleepy Monday evening. Michael had promised laziness on his couch and an array of different Pringle flavors, but you were mostly excited to be lying over top of him, his body a human pillow and his heartbeat soothing.

“Excuse me, I want to see your manager.” Gruff and loopy, a male voice spoke up over the sound of satellite radio that was playing throughout the mostly dead drugstore. You rolled your eyes, the noise of a complaining customer one every check-out person knew well, before standing up tall to greet them with a smile so plastic that it could not be recycled properly. “Michael!” You shouted before you could even register that it was your boyfriend standing on the other side of the till, chuckling to himself and adjusting the plastic handle of his shopping basket in his hand. “Fancy meeting you here.” He wiggled his brows up at you in a jig, his hair newly brown again and darker due to how fresh it was.

“Who told you?” Your hands wrapped around the edge of your counter. Out of reflex, you glanced down at your mandatory black shoes, scoffed from walking up and down the aisles as it was a stock day, and then timidly found his steady stare again.

“Your dad. I called your house because you weren’t answering my texts.” That wasn’t really like you and he had worried. Plus, he wanted to know if you were free for Ashton’s birthday at the end of the week since Ashton’s current girlfriend was planning a real blowout and wanted your help.

“I can’t have my phone on the floor.” It was a basic rule of any customer service job.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were working a part time job?” Michael worried that it might have been a money thing. You were always so concerned that he thought you would be using him for his bank account as it was growing in size as his musical success increased, but he just wanted to be a helpful boyfriend. If you needed help with something, he didn’t mind taking care of it. In fact, it kind of turned him on that he could since he had never been able to do something like that for anyone before.

Because.” He was acting so cool about it at the moment, even though your uniform wore on you like a potato sack, that you felt a bit embarrassed for hiding it in the first place. “You’re Mr. Cool Rockstar. I didn’t think you’d like having a check out girl girlfriend.”

“I don’t care.” He scoffed, a little insulted you would pin him as that shallow. “You look cute.” He pouted, pulling out his phone from his pocket from his hand that was slid under the basket, taking a picture as you grumbled in protest.

“That can’t be flattering.” Flatly, you griped. “It’s just with visiting you while you’re on tour, I kind of burned a hole in my savings.” You had school to think about and car payments after all. Since you weren’t relying on your parents for pocket change like you did as a kid, you had realized that money may have come from trees, but it certainly didn’t grow on it.

“If you had let me pay…” He began to protest, but you shook your head instantly, your ponytail swinging like the hand of a grandfather clock against the back of your neck.

“It’s got to be fifty-fifty, Michael. It’s not like you just want to see me, I also want to see you.” And you didn’t want to be someone who relied on their significant other. Even if you weren’t raking in as much money as Michael was, you would always want to be independent and able to care for yourself.

“Well, if you ever do need anything, I hope you know you can ask.” He put his phone back into his pocket after arranging his new funny photo of you to be his lock screen. Michael spread his empty hand across the counter, tapping his fingers melodically against it’s scratched surface. “When do you get off?”

“An hour. I was going to go home, change, and then go to your place.”

“I’ll drive you home.” He shrugged, figuring he could putter around until you clocked out or just wait in his car, listen to music and munch of a bag of sweets.

“Okay. I won’t turn down a ride.” You shrugged happily, looking both ways to make sure neither of your managers were watching, before you balanced your weight on the counter and leaned over to kiss him, the sound of gum smacking as your lips came together just to pop apart. “Did you do some shopping?” You nodded at the plastic blue basket in his hand.

Devilishly, Michael grinned and reached in to pull out two bags of Haribo coke bottles of your impending movie night and then a box of ribbed condoms.

He could hear the words ‘are you fucking serious?’ come from your eyes as you fixed an evil stare at him. Simply, though, Michael just chuckled and put the basket down on the floor before getting his wallet as you scanned the items.

“Don’t tell my girlfriend I’m taking home a cute check-out girl tonight, okay?” He winked, pulling out a twenty and handing it to you with a smile that only a boy about to get laid could wear.


Home for Christmas (4/?)

Modern AU Holiday Mini-M/C: A ghost from Killian’s past resurfaces a week before Christmas, leading him and his best friend, Emma, on a journey they will never forget. (from the beginning, FF.net)

3500 words/ Rated T for Tropes (oh so many tropes)

A/N - There is just too much of this story that I want to tell to end it yet. I plan on one more chapter after this, and maybe an epilogue for NYE if I can manage it. Thank you so much for your reviews, reblogs, tags, and overall response to this story. It has made my holiday even merrier!

Thankful for the cold air brushing her flaming cheeks, she moves to follow Brennan into his house, pointedly leaving Killian to follow instead of waiting for him to exit the car. She needs a moment, a moment without his questioning eyes and tender touches and far away from those lips she now knows she will never forget the taste of.

What the hell is she doing? Why did she have to go and kiss him? Her heart, which until that moment was only feeling slightly bruised, now feels cracked open, exposed, her true feelings mingling out in the open before she’s had a moment to prepare.

Hating herself the moment she does it, she flinches at the sudden touch of Killian’s hand on her back as he catches up to her in the driveway. His hand quickly returns to his side, eyes avoiding hers as she turns to send an apologetic look over her shoulder, and she can’t help but think she’s already managing to ruin everything. Knowing she can’t pull back from him now, not when this trip has just started, she reaches over to grab his hand. Thoughts of that same hand lightly cupping her cheek as he responded to her kiss mere moments ago has her blood rushing to her cheeks again, as does the shy smile replacing his hurt frown as he finally meets her eyes and his hand curls tenderly around hers.

As she moves to lead them into the house after Brennan she feels Killian’s fingers tighten, a silent seeking of shared strength to help him cross the threshold into a life that he was never given the chance to live. This is what she is here for. Wiping her love-addled brain of fanciful notions brought on by that kiss, she pulls herself together and readies herself to be the friend, well, the girlfriend Killian needs.

“Charlie, we’re home!”

Keep reading