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Bad with Animals

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I almost fell. Almost! I didn’t but I was very close to falling down the stairs. Of course that was in part because I couldn’t see the steps but also because it was my first time down here. When I finally reached the bottom I saw him standing with his back to me with his shoulders rising and falling. He was laughing at me.

“You think that’s funny?” I asked in a joking voice.

“Yes,” He replied without turning and continued to silently laugh at the fact that I had almost just fallen into his workspace.

“Well it’s not my fault that you can’t see the stairs when coming down here,” I sighed looking around the workspace. He finally turned around grinning at me and gestured that I take a seat. “You know, it might be safer if you could just jump down into this place.”

“I know that but then I wouldn’t have enough space for all of my things.”

“Couldn’t you just make the workshop space larger?”

“I mean I could, but I rather like the steps,” he said as his eyes flicked to my face and then back down to the small little book in front of him.

“I rather like the steps,” I repeated in a mocking tone and smirked when he made a face at me. “So when am I gonna get to meet these lovely little animals?”

He was ignoring me. Goddammit. I was unsure as to whether he had gotten sucked into what he was writing or was just ignoring me or insulting his steps so I looked around the workspace for a couple minutes. After that I began to stand up and touch a few of the plants and books stored around the space. Finally I got bored.

“Newt,” I whispered while placing my head on his left shoulder and looking down at his little journal. “Newt when are we gonna go see the animals?”

“Soon,” he whispered back while continuing to write. I sighed and stood up again looking at the plants. I walked over to the coat rack where his blue trench coat and a couple of helmets were hung up. I was examining them when a tiny little leaf appeared on his jacket.

“Newt! What is this little plant?” I whispered excitedly while picking up the jacket to look closer.

“Why are you whispering?” He whispered back, continuing to write in his book.

“Because you’re working. But what is this little plant?”

He sighed and finally set down his quill and turned to see what I was looking at. “Hmm? Oh are you talking about Pickett?”

“Who is Pickett?”

“My Bowtruckle,” He said and he came over to dig Pickett out of the breast pocket in his jacket. When his hand emerged from pocket it was accompanied by a tiny plant figure. I gasped.

“Aw he’s so cute!”

“I figured you would like him you herbologist,” He said looking at me and smiling.

“Can I hold him?”

“If he’ll let you,” he replied and gently tried to shake the Bowtruckle from his hand. “C’mon Pickett she’s not going to hurt you she just wants to say hello.” Unfortunately Pickett did not want to be held by me, so Newt eventually gave up and put the creature on his shoulder before returning to his work. I sat down on the floor directly behind Newt so I could watch Pickett interact with him. The tiny creature started out on his shoulder but became bored and crawled up onto his head and began to shuffle about his hair. I stood up so I could watch Pickett more closely. Pickett soon moved down Newt’s arm and onto his hand before Newt looked at me, “I think you’re scaring him.”

“Oh,” I said dejectedly. “Sorry Pickett.”

Seeing that I was so sad Newt finally decided that it was time to go meet the rest of his animals.


“Ok so let’s go over this again,” Newt told me trying to clean the cuts on my hands. “One of the Occamy’s bit you because you tried to pet it, then the murtlap attacked you, then one of the billywigs stung you, and finally while you began to levitate from the billywig sting Frank made it rain on you for getting to close to him.”

I blushed and continued to stare at my hands, desperately hoping that the potion his gave me would make me stop levitating a couple inches off the floor.

“Y/N? Is that right?” He asked me while beginning to pour a liquid on the Occamy bite. It stung quite a bit and I winced before nodding. He finished by using his wand to heal the cuts and then looked up at my face. “How did you manage?”

“I told you animals don’t like me,” tears began to sting my eyes a bit but I quickly blinked them away. “That’s why I deal with plants. Plants like me.”

“You’re ridiculous,” He laughed as he stood up from where he was sitting and turned to reach for something.

“Hey look! I’m almost as tall as you now,” I joked to distract myself from feeling bad about the animals not liking me. “This levitation thing is really great! I can finally know what it’s like to be tall!”

“Yeah well it won’t last long,” He grinned at me while turning back to face me. “I’m the only one allowed to be tall around here.”

I smiled a little and looked down; Newt patted my shoulder and went to go sit back down by the work bench again. My eyes went to where he had patted me and I yelped a little at what I saw.

“Newt!” I whispered excitedly. “Newt look!”

“Why are you whispering again?”


“Looks like Pickett likes you after all.”

A/N Saw a commonality that a lot of stories had the reader being great with Newts creatures when they first met (not that theres anything wrong with that) and I just wanted to shake it up a bit. Have any requests? Shoot me an ask! Have a great day/night!

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The family goes to vacation in Hawaii and Rafael is appalled at Sonny's poor fashion choices and his intent to wear a Hawaiian shit on the flight and to put on one on Ollie.


Okay, but Sonny and Oliver in matching daddy-son Hawaiian t-shirts?? Kill me, please. (’:

Because that’s quite possibly one of the cutest things that I’ve ever imagined.

I can just see Sonny bounding down the stairs at like, six o’clock in the morning because he and Rafael are up early to make sure that they have everything that they need packed. 

And Sonny comes down the stairs in this bright orange, hideously flower printed Hawaiian shirt that Rafael knows for a fact that he bought on his own, because never on his life would he have let his husband purchase that if he had been with him.

And in Sonny’s hands, he has the little mini version of the same shirt that he has on that Rafael realizes all too quickly is meant to go on Oliver.

He puts his mug of coffee down on the kitchen counter, pointing at Sonny as he walks towards him and says, “You are absolutely not putting that on our son. You’re lucky that I’m even allowing you to walk out of the house with that on.”

And Sonny stops, dead in his tracks, just short of giving Rafael a kiss, and he gets the saddest, most wounded puppy dog look on his face that Rafael wants to strangle him for because now he feels like a complete dick.

Sonny just holds the t-shirt up and asks, all softly, “You don’t think it’d be cute if he matched with me?”

Rafael sighs, gets closer to Sonny until he’s cupping his face in his hands, and says, “I think that it’d be adorable, love. But those shirts are hideous.”

Then he gives Sonny a kiss, only to pull back and see Sonny’s now-grinning face, saying, “You’ll love it. Trust me.”

A couple of hours later, when the kids are up and Rafael’s managed to get Elisa downstairs for breakfast, Sonny comes down the stairs a few minutes later holding a smiling and Hawaiian shirt-clad Oliver in his arms.

And boy, does Rafael have to stop himself from swooning at the sight.

Because his husband looks so happy, with him and their son in their matching t-shirts, and Oliver looks so much like Sonny in that moment with his blond hair and big, blue eyes and holding onto his daddy’s shirt.

Rafael can’t stop himself, though, from pressing a long kiss to Sonny’s lips, then turning to Oliver and pressing a kiss to his head, saying, “You look so much like your daddy right now, you know that?”

One Day at the Nordic's House
  • Iceland: *stretching in front of stairs*
  • Finland: Whatcha doing?
  • Iceland: Stretching
  • Finland: I can see that. Okay, why are you stretching?
  • Iceland: You gotta stretch before you exercise.
  • Finland: Okay then, what kinda exercise?
  • Iceland: Watch.
  • Iceland: *walks up the stairs*
  • Finland:
  • Iceland:
  • Finland:
  • Iceland:
  • Finland: ...
  • Iceland: See? Exercise.
Things that happened/that I found out during the AOMG concert in Las Vegas

- Simon D used to go to Vegas and see artist perform on the same stage and now he got to perform on that stage.

- The fans telling Simon D to take his shirt off

- “I’m not Jay Park”
- Simon D tryna teach us Korean.
- “I can’t see the up stairs. -lights go on- Oh hello!”
- Simon D singing Lonely Night acapella :’)
- Simon D being called pussy or saying pussy.
- My mom asking what pussy means
- Gray getting hit in the face with a condom
- “Hi my name is Loco. And Gray -points to Gray- and this is condom -holds up condom-”
- I love Loco so much
- I wanna hug Loco bc he seems like a teddy bear
- “DJ Pumpkin bwing bwing”
- Simon D says DJ Pumpkin is old
- Gray is so handsome
- Like really handsome
- “Gray is handsome” - Loco
- “This song is my favorite song made by Gray.” Loco
- Loco is a Gray fan
- Gray’s brother goes to UNLV (I’m not 100% sure if he said this bc much screaming)
- Jay looked homeless for like the first few songs he sang
- Jay used to come the vegas when he was little
- “This next song is an oldie but it’s a goodie” referring to Joah
- Being on SMTM inspired Jay to put out a rap/hiphop album
- Jay’s niece lives in Vegas
- My mom only came to see Jay Park shirtless
- Simon D took a fan’s phone and recorded some stuff on stage
- Jay’s man boob is no joke
- bigger than my boobs
- Jay also jumped off stage
- and went around to the back and my friends touched his abs :’)
- too bad i had seats i stead of floor tickets
- rip :’)
- at least i saw them

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My cat had the same "anxiety" episode, after a day when i noticed he wasn't letting up i held him and walked in the whole house two rounds twice a day and let him smell whatever catch his gaze "including outside" while still holding him,he doesn't get as anxious and scared as before anymore after this method except if i changed something big in the house, i hope it helps you if you wanna try it

I might try that! Right now I think I’ve narrowed the problem down to the barking dog is next door. I think it’s a puppy, and I’m guessing no one’s home and its crated, as it keeps barking and whining and crying. Probably, whatever room the puppy is crated in, is right next to my stairs, and I think since Damian can’t see it, but can hear it so close, is scared it’s downstairs.

I already tried to take him downstairs once, but you’re right! I may try that again. 

I’ve also now resorted to talking to the puppy through the wall. I just hate seeing Damian so upset and not knowing resolutely why. :(

My father became a fan of The Daiwa restaurant in Hong Kong (he liked the squids with vinegar, shikiyaki and stewed beef). The owner of the restaurant, Kajita-San, shared his memories of Bruce: “Bruce was very much a frequent visitor, often signing autographs to the delight of the customers. He even became quite friendly with the restaurant staff who would often chat with him. He didn’t have the usual pride of a movie star. He was a very humble person. He was a very frank person with a great sense of humor. I can still see him in my mind walking up the stairs to the restaurant, patting me on the shoulder and shaking my hand saying ‘How are you Mr San.’”


Don’t Hug Me I’m scared VS Google Translate

Has anyone done this before? Anyway, I was just putting the first song’s lyrics in google translate for no reason, and I thought it turned out funny, so here it is!

You love, it’s like one of those ideas.
I operation
How do you get your ideas?
I am thinking creatively.
Now, when you get orange, please you tell me.
This is a just boring old rose.
Maybe I
I saw a smile on his face, I’m not stupid.
I do not see what you want to hear.
You do not think that creativity.
After that, my (silent).
I use my own hair.
In fact, the drilling
I use my own hair.
When now, in heaven you seek in the clouds, do not worry, it is not interesting?
and (wait OH) continued to run again.
I can see you cat, could not find a hat.
I can not find the baseball
You then you can see the dog, you can see the frog.
I can see the stairs on the basis of newspaper
However, I think it was not what you spend.
Use your head, you can have a good time.
I will make the image of the clown.
Oh, you may need to slow down.
So this is one of the most creative aspects (yes!).
It keeps the leaves and sticks and place them in your favorite color.
Blue, red, green.
Green is the natural
You creativety what money and others where there is a need to know before you leave.
Listen to the rain, you can listen to your heart
You hear the sound of the brain
It gives us the opportunity to get creative to people.

Well, we do not ask people to oppose new creation.

Can I see you again?”

The words tumbled out in a rush, shy and eager and entirely uncertain of what Magnus would answer, and Magnus felt the headlong rush of adrenaline and excitement that came from the start of a new adventure.

“Yes,” said Magnus, still lying on the floor. “I’d like that.”

“Um,” said Alec, “so—next Friday night?”

“Well …”

Alec looked instantly worried, as if he thought Magnus was going to take it all back and say that actually he had changed his mind. He was beautiful and hopeful and hesitant, a heartbreaker who wore his heart on his sleeve. Magnus found himself wanting to show his hand, to take a risk and be vulnerable. He recognized and accepted this strange new feeling: that he would rather be hurt himself than hurt Alec.

“Friday night would be fine,” Magnus said, and Alec smiled his brilliant, light-up-the-world smile and backed out of the apartment, still looking at Magnus. He backed up all the way to the top of the stairs. There was a yell, but Magnus had already risen and closed the door before he could see Alec fall down the steps, as that was the sort of thing a man had to do in private.

—  The Bane Chronicles, The Course of True Love

*lots of camera shaking and bumping noises*

“Is this thing on? Oh, hehe, yeah, it is. Hi, internet world! Welcome back to Stellar Beauty! As you can see, I am currently walking down the stairs because today I thought I would do a quick introduction of my family….Or well, at least those that are actually home at the moment….so basically everybody but my older siblings, Felix and Teagan. But I’ll do something for them later, I guess.

Alright annnndddddd- here we are, down the stairs. Over here we have, let me just turn this around so I’m in the shot-”

*camera fumbling noises*

“there we go! Here we have my darling father, my beautiful mother, and my sweet little brother, Keagan!

Ummmmm…. hm, what to say? Well, my parents have been together for like…their entire lives. They were like best friends and stuff when they were younger and dated in high school….then broke up….but then dated again in college…and eventually got married. They’ve been married for 18 years, I think. Which is awesome! Go mom and dad!

My dad is like level 67 nerd. If you know my brother Felix, who is also very nerdy, then imagine like 3 times as nerdy and you have my dad. He owns his own video game company!

My mom is the greatest person you’ll ever meet, okay. She’s so pretty and so funny and so cool. She’s a party planner so obviously she’s a lot of fun. She’s actually helping my sister plan her wedding which sounds like…a lot of arguments in store. Hehehehehe, anywayyyyy.

And Keagan is the cutest little babe you’ll ever come across. He’s only 3 but he’s so smart and so sweet and so fun to be around and I love with him all of my heart. He loves Spongebob Squarepants and Finding Nemo more than the average child should and he’s just a lot of fun.

And that’s all I have to say about them for now….ummmm, I think my younger sisters are out back. Let’s go look.”

I want a Pentaceratops for Christmas

Only a Pentaceratops will do

Don’t want a dog

No Rhamphorhynchus, no

I want a Pentaceratops to ride on through the snow

I want a Pentaceratops for Christmas

I hope that Santa Claus knows what to do

He won’t have to clone

with DNA from bugs

Just use his Santa time machine

and tranquilizer drugs

I can see me now on Christmas morning

Creeping down the stairs

Oh what joy and what surprise

When I open up my eyes

To see a big ol’ dino standing there

I want a Pentaceratops for Christmas

Only a Pentaceratops will do

No Troodons

No Compsognathuses

I only like Pentaceratopses

And Pentaceratopses like me too

Mom says a Penta would eat me up but then

turns out ceratopsians ate meat now and again

There’s lots of room for him

In the field where we grow corn

I’d feed him there

And wash him there

And play ring toss on his horns

I can see me now on Christmas morning

Creeping down the stairs

Oh what joy and what surprise

When I open up my eyes

To see a big ol’ dino standing there

I want a Pentaceratops for Christmas

Only a Pentaceratops will do

No Troodons

Or Compsognathuses-es

I only like Pentaceratopses-es

And Pentaceratopses like me too

-To be sung to the tune of, what else, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”, a favorite song of me, Max (plokool, mediasaurs) who wrote this


When I come home for my lunch break, I can hear music playing from upstairs which means he’s still home. I head upstairs to see what he’s up to. He doesn’t hear me as I get to the top of the stairs and I can see him in the bathroom, rocking back and forth and singing into a pretend microphone. He’s shaving and though I like the facial hair he still looks really good without it.

I push the door open a little and he catches me staring at him. He starts to laugh with a face full of shaving cream that has yet to be finished. “You caught me” he says and puts down the razor he was using as a pretend microphone. “You don’t sound so bad” I say taking the razor from him. I stand in front of him at the sink and admire him for a second. Damn he looked great. No shirt on, towel around his waist, and even shaving cream on his face. And he was all mine. He leans forward slightly and places his hands on either side of the sink, trapping me. I start to shave his face slowly. “Why are you home right now? I thought you were working on the show” he says. “I’m on a lunch break. Wanted to stop home for a little” I say as I bring the razor to the other side of his face.

“Why are you getting rid of the beard?” I ask and slowly pull the razor down the side of his face. The sound of the hair catching in the razor makes me extra careful and extra slow. “It was getting itchy” he says. I smile and focus on the razor as I bring it the bottom of his chin. I am completely in a trance as I shave his face for him and wonder why he let’s me do it. “Put your lips together” I say so I can get his mustache. He puckers his lips instead. “No, the other way” I say. “Give me a kiss first” he says continuing to pucker. I give him one and he gives me another before I can pull away from him. I finish shaving him and wipe off the rest of the shaving cream with a warm towel. He takes a look at the job I’ve done.

“You’re getting better” he says as he checks himself out in the mirror behind me, still trapping me against the sink. I bring my hands to his face and it feels like a baby’s skin. It looks good but the more I look at it the more I miss the beard already. I never thought of myself as someone who liked facial hair and so much of it but damn he looked good in it. “Thank you” he says and kisses me. He looks down at his chest that has but a patch of hair on it and then decides to leave it alone. My eyes go all over his body from his chest straight down to his abs, up his arms and to his face finally and he has caught the whole thing.

“When do you have to leave?” he asks as his fingers dip into the front of my jeans. I look at my watch and realize I am going to be late if I stay any longer. “Right now” I say. He uses the waistband of my pants where the tips of his fingers are to pull me closer to him. He gets so close to my face and he doesn’t kiss me. He just stares at me and I can smell the shower gel and the shaving cream all at once it taking over me as we stand there. I hate when he does this. I know I need to leave and I am trapped. I try to breathe normally with him this close to me and yet a small and quiet moan leaves my mouth unconsciously and it makes him smile because he knows what he’s doing to me.

“Fine. I’ll see you later then” he says and pulls away from me, leaving me standing in the bathroom as I watch him walk away into our bedroom. No shirt on, a fresh face, and a towel around his waist and damn he looked good.