i can see my apartment in this

4 months hrt no make-up selfie :-P
Except for my still immobile foot I am pretty fine :-)
So what’s new with hrt? My boobs are growing.. Yay! Slow but steady. Finally if I dont wear a bra but only some T-shirt or stuff you can really see there is something underneath that clothing. This is so amazing! And also my breasts are more sensitive again.. They were super sensitive some time ago, then they were sensitive but not hurting and now just some days ago they started to get super sensitive again :-)
Apart from that there is nothing special going on with hrt. But I am super happy about the fact that I don’t suffer from any hrt related depression, sadness or whatever.. I think I do cry more easily but if I do most certainly something bad has happened :-)

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Are his blasters like floating masks, or do they connect somewhere in the back we can't see? Also, it looks like the two halves are separate, so could they be pulled apart? ((sorry if this has already been said))

i sketched it like that bc it’s easier to copy and flip one half for symmetry and i have trouble keeping my head up to draw evenly lmao;;

they’re normally locked together. the blaster is like a massive skull that unhinges when firing, and the the holes and split on the head allows excess energy to vent out so the whole thing doesn’t explode. when deactivated, the halves are taken apart for maintenance. 

Paul says in Romans 14 that everything we do, if it does not come from faith, is sin. Let that sink in. Eating, breathing, sleeping, laughing, playing basketball, even reading your bible can be sin if it’s not done from faith. Literally everything. This goes for believers AND non believers. This is why Augustine said that even the virtues of unbelievers are sin. Yes even good things an unbeliever does is sinful. There is absolutely NO good apart from Jesus. If you don’t see the magnificent, savoring, beautiful desperate need for your heart to belong to Jesus then it’s possible what you’re doing is sin. Anyone can proclaim the faith. Anyone can say “ I believe in Jesus, he’s my lord ” but without the Holy Spirit you cannot say that and truly deeply feel the necessity and bow at the magnificence of Christ.

Christians we struggle with this. Day in and day out sometimes it’s hard to just savor all that Christ is. Sometimes we cloud our minds with all the worlds problems and forget to look to Jesus as our Lord over all of our lives. I pray we move from the fog and savor all that Jesus is. Be sanctified by Him.

John and I had our own apartment on East 52nd Street, and we went to see Linda and Paul at the Stanhope Hotel. The first time they ever visited us in New York, the doorman called up and spoke to John, and John said to me, ‘Oh my God! Paul and Linda are downstairs. Can you handle that?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, so? What’s the problem? There’s nothing to handle. They’re your friends, send them up.’
           In January of 1975 John said, 'I have something to ask you. What would you think if I started writing with Paul again?’ My mouth fell open, and I said, 'Are you kidding? I think it would be terrific’ That was the last time John and I were ever together before we split up. Yoko called him that night and told him she had a method to help him stop smoking, and that he should come over to the Dakota. I told him I didn’t like him going over there, and he said, 'Stop it!’ He was yelling at me. 'What’s your problem? I’ll be home by dinner, we’ll go have a late dinner, and then we’ll make plans to go to New Orleans and see Paul and Linda.’
           But when he walked out that door, I knew something bad was going to happen. When he came back, he was a different person about Paul. It wasn’t the same. He was saying, 'Oh, you know how when Paul and Linda used to come and visit us? Well, I couldn’t stand it.’ Obviously, something happened on the other side of Central Park. Right after that, he was back with Yoko. We split up for good in February, 1975.
           I didn’t see Linda and Paul again for a long time. It wasn’t until 1989, at Paul’s 'Buddy Holly Party’ in London, and Tony had been invited because he had worked with the two of them. I went over to Linda, and she didn’t recognize me. I said hello to her, and she said, 'Oh, hi.’ I said, 'It’s May, remember John and May?’ And she just went 'Huh?!’ She threw her arms around me and hugged me, she said, 'I’ve always wondered what happened to you! I always liked you so much!’ She’d read my book, and she said, 'I know it’s true what you wrote, I know what you’ve been going through, I support you, and I’m so glad you’ve married Tony. We love Tony!’ She was so nice. I told her that John had wanted to write again with Paul, and she forced me to be the one to tell Paul that. I said, 'Can’t you tell him?’ She said, 'No, I want it to be you,’ and she brought Paul over and said, 'Look, it’s May! And she wants to tell you something that John said to her.’ And so I told him, and he looked very pleased to hear that.
           When we were talking about my book, Yoko’s name came up, of course, but [Linda] never said anything negative about her. She sort of indicated that Yoko was not one of those people that she welcomed with open arms at all times, but she didn’t say it outright.
—  may pang quoted in linda mccartney: the biography, danny fields
Stop Desire

Something along the lines of your Roommate (Lynn) accidentally reads your diary of you spilling all your feelings you have for her (and maybe things you wanna do to/with/for her? *wink wink* (; )

Thanks for the prompt, anon. This was a very interesting one to write. 

Warning: Smut

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“Dude, have you seen my notebook? You know the black one, with the writing down the side? It’s in French. It has a bunch of notes for the studio inside it but I can’t find it anywhere.” You removed your headphones when you heard Lynn yelling. 

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Stranger on the Couch- John Laurens x Reader

Requested by anon

A/N: Don’t ask me what this ending is because I don’t know.

“So, this is my place!”

The young woman looked around, smiling. “I can’t believe we’ve been dating for almost a year and I’m only now seeing your apartment.”

John shrugged. “The old place was a dump, all of us hated it. But this is roomier, five bedrooms, we really scored on it.”

She nodded, her face lighting up with excitement. “I love it here! Are your roommates home?”

“I wouldn’t bring you here if they were home,” John said softly. He wiggled his eyebrows, making her laugh. “Okay, here’s the living room. Want to watch TV?”

“If I say ‘yes’, are we going to watch whatever I want?”

John pulled her down on the couch next to him. “On second thought, I have a much better plan.”

John crashed his lips against hers, his hands quickly moving around her waist. She did the same, kissing back with as much passion as he had.

She pulled away and raised an eyebrow. “You’re that unwilling to watch my favorite show?”

“I’d rather do this anyway,” he admitted, kissing her nose affectionately before resuming their position from before.

She tangled her fingers in his curls, currently pulled back in a ponytail, and gasped as he put his tongue in her mouth. She pulled away again.

“We’re doing this in the living room?”

He shrugged and flashed her a smile. “Nobody’s home, my room’s tiny, the couch is the most comfortable thing in the world- where else would we do it?”

“You make a good point, sir,” she teased, capturing his top lip in hers. The kiss was more passionate than ever before, their tongues fought for dominance. She pulled off his shirt slowly, interrupting the kiss for a moment, before exploring his chest, pulling him closer against her.His fingers moved under her shirt and began to travel upwards until a voice interrupted them.


The girl looked up with a start and pulled away from John, wiping her mouth. She turned bright red. “John, you didn’t tell me you had company?”

Lafayette raised his eyebrows. “Company? Something you’d like to tell us, mon ami?”

John shifted on the couch, looking down, his face pink. “Um- hey, guys, you weren’t supposed to come home for a while.”

“Home?” the girl asked, still red. “These are your roommates?”

“Yep,” John replied awkwardly. “Um, these are Laf, Herc, and Alex. Guys, this is, uh, my friend-”

Herc interrupted with a smirk. “Friend?”

“Girlfriend,” she corrected, narrowing her eyes at Laurens, who nodded uncomfortably.

“Yeah, uh, this is my girlfriend, Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you,” Y/N said softly, playing with the hem of her shirt and pulling it down. “Um, I’m Y/N- well, you know that, but um- hi?”

Laf walked over and took her hand, kissing the back of it. She turned even redder. “Bonjour. I’m Lafayette.”

“Hercules Mulligan,” another said, also kissing her hand. The shortest sauntered over, a huge grin on his face.

“Alexander Hamilton.” he kissed her knuckles and turned to John. “Laurens, you never told us you had such a lovely girlfriend- I would have stolen her before you could get her!”

“You say after catching us making out,” Y/N deadpanned. John turned even redder when Alex’s eyes wandered to his bare chest, his smirk growing.

“Oh, crap, don’t look!”

Y/N smiled and squeezed his hand. “If it helps, you have a very nice chest.”

John groaned. “Not really.”

Hercules shook his head. “I swear, the movie gets canceled for unknown reasons, then we come home and John is shirtless on the couch with a stranger. This has to be the weirdest day I’ve ever had.”

“Not counting the pretzel incident,” Lafayette added. John’s face hardened and he turned to Laf with a serious expression.

“We don’t talk about the pretzel incident.” 

Request Something  Masterlist  Thank you for reading!


Rosie: Mom, I feel like I’m asking you for a lot but…

Pepper: But what?

Rosie: I was wondering if Skylar could stay with you and mom back in Newcrest? I think that you’re right - I need to find a way to balance everything so that I can actually spend time with my kid. It’s going to be for a few weeks, I promise.

Pepper: I’m glad to see you’re actually thinking about your child. And of course, she’s always welcome back home.

Rosie: Thank you so much mom, I owe you way too much.

Pepper: Just don’t burn the apartment down, okay??/

I'm Upping My Self Care

I see my flaws and I see things about me I can and need to change, and I am. I just had an entire pep talk to myself in my mirror (it sounds cliche but they work I swear) and I feel so refreshed. I’m going to go about my life normally and not let mine revolve around Sammy. Time and space is what she needs, so I’ll let her have that. She’s made it clear she has feelings for me, and things moved mad fast in the weeks we’ve spent together. Time apart can be healthy, so I’ll let life play out as it’s meant to. Thank you everyone for your help and comfort. ❤


((Okay so lately, Ive been recieving follows from practically ALL the ask blogs Ive seen on Tumblr so far and Im seriously overwhelmed and I internally freak out whenever I open my notifications and see ANOTHER ASK BLOG THAT I KNOW FOLLOW ME. A few examples are @askbountyhunterjones whose blog I was JUST looking at yesterday; @ask-infected-russia, @ask-demon-denmark, and @askhunterludwig where I see theyve got this really cool squad goin on; @ask-murderer-apprentice-ivan who has absolutely amazing art I was admiring a few days back–and the list goes on! I can send SCREENSHOTS of my notifs for you guys if youd like me to prove my point further!

But seriously, Im incredibly thankful and honored to be followed by you wonderfully amazing blogs!

When I first started out, I really felt like I could never interact and be apart of this thing–or even get noticed! So seeing this…It makes me smile. It truly does. Thank you all again so so much! I look forward to meeting you all and hopefully interacting with you!))

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Hi! Could you rec any fics with superpowers/magic/mutant themes?

hey anon! for sure!

‣ The Fastest Man in the World by girltalk
Yoongi never wanted to be a superhero; he’d only ever wanted one thing.

‣ I’ve got the magic in me. by 2kitsune
I get a cold and when I’m sick I really can’t be around non-magic people but you show up at my door and I try to shoo you away but you come in and see my apartment but to my relief you think I’m just really into weird crap, but then my cat starts talking and you notice some of my furniture are walking around the house and you swore you saw that house plant wave at you’ au
“Did your cat just talk?” Yoongi asks, staring at said cat who, thankfully, is pretending to clean itself like nothing had happened. His gaze then flicks to Hoseok when the brunet fails to answer fast enough, eyes still wide.
“Hoseok, tell me, did your cat just talk?”And Hoseok, poor Hoseok, can’t think of anything fast enough for the suspicion to leave Yoongi’s eyes.
“Uh, no?” he eventually says, settling the cup down and looking towards Yoongi like he had gone crazy. “I’m sure you’re just hearing things! Cats can’t talk.”

‣ into the woods by ofmindelas
Everyone knows that you can’t run from anything in the forest, especially not yourself. Jeong Hoseok is no exception.

Something in the Punch by namgii
In which Yoongi and Hoseok are Not Good At Feelings™, Taehyung is a shitty witch, and Jungkook is done with everyone.
“Yoongi has always had a thing for the part-time dancer in the office across the hall, and something in the punch bowl makes him bold enough to dance.”

borderline illegal by sweetyblue
“This is so stupid.”
Hoseok grins and the silver dies down and his lips part so prettily in happiness. “I scratch your back…”
“I didn’t think scratching yours back would be making you a sex appeal potion,” Yoongi grumbles.
**Or, Hoseok wants to make a sex appeal potion. They fuck up. Then they just fuck. (Woah.)

- admin may


the new snapchat update lets any of your snapchat friends see where you are on a map!!! apart from being really creepy,, this is unsafe especially if you don’t want people you’re snapchat friends with knowing where you are down to the EXACT location (ppl dealing w/ abusive ex’s, sex workers, etc)

I can see myself in my kitchen and my friend at work on the map its v accurate make sure you set your status to ghost mode

Everyday I’m reminded of the beauty in the LGBTQ community.

I see it in the tear streaked faces of two young girls in the audience. Their hair is wild and their eyes electric and they kiss. They kiss with the unbridled syrup sweet passion you can only taste when you are young and in love.

I see it in the wrinkled hands of a man fastening a jacket he designed himself. He laughs and tells me if I care to hear it, he’ll tell me about the years he spent in the Lower East Side designing clothes for drag queens. The hours he’d lay on the floor and laugh while they sang and sauntered and how they looked 20 feet tall like gods among men towering in their heels through the wooden apartment floors. How they’d tackle every stair of a 6 floor walk up apartment in their stilettos and strip off the jackets he’d make them; leaving them safe on an arm chair.

I hear it on the dance floor, and the radio. Beats and movements curated and designed and popularized by gay clubs across the world, many like Pulse, in Florida. When the DJs knew they’d struck a hit once the bodies gyrated, and sweat, and interlocked across the floor.

I feel it in the swing of the songs that dominate my favorite playlists, all of them in some way spun from the spider web of the Blues; the music genre that laid the foundation for modern rock, hip hop, and pop. Lady lovin’ Ma Rainey sang the sorrows of her heart with such soul that moved across sound waves for generations since.

I see it in the smile of a young trans woman in the mirror of a department store on Melrose Ave. She runs her hands along the fabric of her dress and gives a half hearted twirl. Her friends cheer and whistle and laugh and she picks up speed. Her skirt goes round and round and she spins with vigor and with intention. She lands dizzy and stumbling in the lap of her friend and tells the salesperson with a grin “I’ll take it!”

I read it in the lines of my favorite authors. Men and women who knew pain unlike any other. Who felt the lightning strike through their bodies every night they slept away from their lovers. How it infiltrated to their fingertips and formed words and poems no one could birth without knowing the pain of being split in two. Ripped apart like thick alabaster pages and bleeding like ink from a quill.

I feel it to my core in memories of the first time I kissed a girl. It trembles in my nervous lips. I see it in her shiny red hair and it burst forth from every freckle across her nose. I smell it in the humid air fogging up the windows of a cabin in the woods. And it rustles through our soft breath shimmering through the kind of quiet you can only catch in the forest.

And so I shout it. As loud as I can. In my lyrics. In my art. In a rainbow flag waving across thousands of pixels across my stage. I shout it in the faces of the oppressors and I shout it hand in hand with both my beautiful young fans, and the queer folk that I look up to everyday.

Our beauty is in every corner of the world. In the fabric of our past. In the glimmer of our vibrant future. We are beautiful. And I am so in love with everything you are and everything you have ever been. This is my love letter to you.

- Halsey’s love letter to the LGBTQ community

Beginner Witch Tips

WARNING: I am a sarcastic butthole and it shows through out this hot mess of a post. This is some random craft junk I have learned in my days of practicing witchcraft

Witch craft is not magic.

I don’t care what you have heard. Witchcraft is not magic. It can not turn your eyes different colors. It can not make you into a animal. You will not be able to control the weather or summon wind with your fingers. Ghosts will not do as you say. This is not Harry Potter. Case closed

Intent over tools

Do you think it’s gonna matter if you use a butter knife as an athame? Or you have to sub a white candle for another color because you don’t have the funds to buy that color? Or you had to leave out an ingredient because you don’t have it or you’re allergic? No, it’s not. Witchcraft (to me) is about mind over matter. If you are making an effort for your God/god/goddess/deity/elf/fae/etc it isn’t gonna matter what or how you got there, but the intent you had getting there

Cursing and hexing is up to you and your beliefs

Totally up to you if you believe that this is okay or not. However, if you don’t like this, do not go and tell someone else it’s wrong. If they ask you how you feel you can tell them it’s not your thing. If you do like this, do not go and tell someone else it’s fine and try to get them to accept it. If they ask you about it, you can tell them that you are into it

You do not have to have an alter

It’s up to you and your practice. And if you can where you are etc. If you want one and can not have one, draw one or, my favorite, Set up a pinterest board for your god/goddess/fae/elf/deity etc. and save things that you thing relate to them.

It’s not about fancy stuff

This goes back to intent over tools, as long as you are comfortable with what you are doing and using, do it and use it. I use salsa and yogurt containers, coffee filters taped together, M&M tubes, and envelopes to keep crap in. I use a 99¢ Wal-Mart bandanna to do spells on that I got from Girl Scout camp and it has rainbow peace signs all over it. Do I care? Nope. Does anyone else care or will they judge you? Nope. we are all in the same boat here.

Hand making things is way too underrated  

I LOVE hand making things. Whether you are good or bad at it, it is a good way to save money, and personalize it just for you. Example: I made tarot cards out of printer paper that I cut out and wrote the card name, and definition of what it means (to me) and I love them. Pencil wand? Yas queen. DIY cauldron out of play-dough? Frick me u p daddy.


You’d think I would have to include this bUT
Some things are okay to consume. Sometimes if taking a certain medicine you can’t consume that. Sometimes you are allergic to one thing, and in turn you will be allergic to that thing too. Sometimes you are pregnant and it’S HIGHLY DANGEROUS TO CONSUME THINGS WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT IT DOES

Never ignore professional medical advice and help in favor of witchcraft methods.

Case c l o s e d

Spirit workers

Not nice spirits can attach to people who have depression and anxiety more so than people who don’t

There are good and bad spirits. if one makes you feel comfomy, do not feel bad for asking it to leave/getting rid of it

Don’t ask your tarot cards every time you have a question

This happens a lot. Especially when you get a new deck and it’s so new and shiny and you can’t w a i t to get your grubby little hands on it and do crap >:D but you don’t want to get into the habbit of “ohgoshgollybatman I have to go to the store, okay let’s see if I’ll get hit by a car… oh and do I really need the applejuice..”  or “do I REALLY need this plant..” bc the answer to that is always yes duh

Divination is not for predicting the future

Now stay with me, it is for guiding you in the future. It can not tell you what day you are going to die, who you are going to marry, etc 

The future is not written in stone

Let’s sayyyyy you do a simple past, present, and future reading with tarot, and you get a bad reading for the future, it doesn’t matter. That is how it is going right now, now you can see what you need to change etc 

You dont need a fancy journal for a grimore or book of shawdows

Heckadoodle I use a binder and notebook paper so I can move stuff around. I just write with a pencil and pen, and color with dollar store crayons or collered pencils. 
Now, you may be thinking, “Oh but, it’s a nice binder right?” Lemme stop you right there. It is falling apart, needs to be ducktaped, has a picture of my doggo inside and I’ve used it for school for abouutt.. 7 years?
Summin’ it up: It don’t gotta be fancy

If you forget to blow out candles set a timer on your phone

I do this all the freaking time and I’ll leave a candle out, and then here comes mother. Closet underage witches know the struggle. Trying to explain why you have a burning candle left in your room. Or if you are adult and have to adult after a spell or whatever and leave the house and come back to the candle just sittin’ there. Burning away. (my mom did this once and it caught her table on fire)
Timer. Yep.

You don’t have to know a certain language 

This is more focused to me bc i am nerd but okie dokie
I know Latin from school, therefore I mix it into my spells (like some on @witchy-recipes-and-things) and provide a translation. I don’t want anyone to think you have to have a certain language for your craft.

How to Ouija

Tbh this is too long already so if you want another post on it tell me and I’ll make one and link it

Sigils can be drawn everywhere

In your phone case, in your wallet, in a shoe, under fingernail polish, under seats, wherever whatever-I can also elaborate more on this



When doing love spells, consent from the other person is a must. 

You can be a christian, athiest, pagan, whatever, and still do witchcraft

It is about the craft, not religion 

Witchcraft is not a religion, Wicca is

And you do not have to be Wiccan to partake in Witchcraft

Sage doesn’t have to be in cone shape to burn it

I put rubbed sage meant for cooking on a metal plate and torch the sucker Shane Dawson style but with one of the long lighters, then run around my house in my underware screaming “MAY THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPEL YOU BITCH” in Latin

When cleansing 

Trust your witch mother who is allergic to everything and is an asthmatic, open the windows and doors.
Also, as the smoke leaves you room through the windows or whatever, the spirits/bad vibes/etc leave with it

You don’t have to believe everything you read

Witchcraft is how YOU feel about things. No matter how other people feel about things

You can have your own corresponces for things

Like I think cinnamon is hot, deals with the sun, direction south, used for healing love etc., but it can be totally different for you

Divination doers do not have to be witches and witches do not have to be divination doers


Can not stress this enough. This is the best thing to do even if you can not practice your craft where you are atm. knowledge is power.

So here is a list I’ve complied :D (yes I’ve made all of these, I was too bored to ask people’s permission to add things, sue me) (All of the spells are all religion inclusive)

Learn you star sign with detail
Edible Flower List
Witch Tools
Tarot Meanings Cheat Sheet

Good First Spell-Calming Tea Spell
DIY Charcoal Pencil
Get Shit Done Bottle
Spell to Sleep
Sea in a Bottle
Protection and Calm Bottle
Find a Item You Lot

Referring to “When cleansing”, Line two, words 3-4, I am now your witch mother and if you ever have any questions feel free to ask! This list was requested from a witchling and if you have any requests feel free to ask :3


kenta cried while watching the trainees with their families (个_个)

Some of my favorite quotes by James “I’m not good with words” Carstairs (in no particular order):

1. “There is more to living than not dying.”

2. “There are so many worse things than death. Not to be loved or not to be able to love: that is worse.” 

3. “We are all the pieces of what we remember. We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss.” 

4. “Whatever you are physically…male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy–all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside.” 

5.“You speak of sacrifice, but it is not my sacrifice I offer. It is yours I ask of you. “I can offer you my life, but it is a short life; I can offer you my heart, though I have no idea how many more beats it shall sustain. But I love you enough to hope that you will not care that I am being selfish in trying to make the rest of my life - whatever length - happy, by spending it with you. I want to be married to you, Tessa. I want it more than I have ever wanted anything else in my life.”

 6. “I know you feel inhuman, and as if you are set apart, away from life and love, but… I promise you, the right man won’t care.” 

7. “Our hearts, they need a mirror, Tessa. We see our better selves in the eyes of those who love us.”
8. “For that was love, wasn’t it–to burn bright in someone else’s eyes?”
9. “Change is no loss, Will. Not always.” 

10. “I do not believe you can threaten people into goodness.”

11. “I’ve never minded it. Being lost, that is. I had always thought one could not be truly lost if one knew one’s own heart. But I fear I may be lost without knowing yours.”

12. “Listen to me. I am leaving, but I am living. I will not be gone from you entirely, Will. When you fight now, I will be still by you. When you walk in the world, I will be the light at your side, the ground steady under your feet, the force that drives the sword in your hand. We are bound, beyond the oath. The Marks did not change that. The oath did not change that. It merely gave words to something that existed already.”

13. “You are home for me now.“

14. “There are things no magic can destroy, for they are magic in themselves.” 

15. “But if you’re foolish enough to want me then I will not question my good fortune.”

16. “Perhaps it is not such a bad thing to be set apart.” 

17. “Love does not stop when someone dies.” 

18. “Sometimes it’s braver not to fight. Protect them, and save your vengeance for another day.” 

19. “I think if two souls are meant to be together, they will remain together on the Wheel and be together again in the life after this one, whatever happens to us now.” 

20. “You don’t even like poetry,” Tessa said, her voice catching on a half laugh of relief. 

—"No. But you make me want to write it. Does that not count for anything?” 

Flirt (Intro)

intro one two
fuckboy!jungkook, college!au, smut?, angst?
words: 1.9k
member: jungkook (ft. taehyung)

despising jeon jungkook as he hooks up and steals your best friend away from you. 

(credits to gif owner for the gif that kills all)

Originally posted by bangtanofarmys

Jeon Jungkook.

The man who every girl on campus had an eye on, along with his crew of other fuckboys. He would show up on campus with different girls everytime, wrapping their arms around his frame, “claiming him”.

You despised him though, because his next target was your best friend.

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I think I got a LITTLE bit too excited to learn DGM has an update on the 14th of July in Summer issue of Jump Sq Crown uwu;
So I did a thing.
Mosaic church window effect on watercolor paper for Allen Walker-Neah Walker! The mosaic parts are semi transparent, so the light can come thru. I always liked the suit that Hoshino sensei designed for Allen, even if he hasn’t actually worn it…yet (apart from on poster XD), so I thought I did do a crown clown version of it.

To see how I did it, you can go dig up said album in my FB page: Bluepeppermints

Hang on To That Feeling


A/N: This is a planned post. I’m going to put a trigger warning on this just in case. This one is a bit different, so feedback would be lovely. 

Word count: 3,278

”Hey Brian, I don’t have much time. What is it?” I asked, struggling holding the phone to my ear using only my left shoulder. 

My fingers moved across the keyboard on the computer without my eyes gazing down once as I continued to type. 

Multitasking had never been my thing and talking on the phone while typing in corrections for the next meeting at work, wasn’t really working out for me. 

“It’s Shawn” he stuttered and then the air in my lungs what punched out entirely. 

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sormatumb  asked:

Aware that "a story about Z character" should be told by Z people, and wanting to write "about a character who happens to be Z" yet informed, I researched deeply to understand their sociocultural context and how affects their lives. But after research, many character traits I considered universal ended up being heavily influenced by their context and if I try to tie them up I'm afraid I'm stepping too far into the 1st category. How do you feel how to handle when the line b/w the two gets blurry?

When Am I Writing an Identity Story?

This is a very tricky point to handle, especially since culture informs people so much that yes, you can run into a lot of identity stories that you don’t realize are identity stories. Made even trickier by how often identity stories aren’t told by people who hold that identity, so there is barely a metric for “what is safe for me to write.”

My main suggestion as an idea is asking yourself if the plot points fall apart when the ethnicity changes.

I don’t mean your plot, because the plot around the points can change based on the ethnicity. I mean the actual landmarks of how the story will progress and key turning events.

Say you have a Native character. You want to write a plot with a Native character, and you want her ethnicity to inform the plot.

An identity story’s plot points would go along the lines of seeing colonialism’s ills all around her, having to fight to be recognized as competent by her professors, working towards an art show where she showcases her culturally informed art and proves to the world she’s a good artist. 

A story where she so happens to be Native has her be an artist with a Native informed viewpoint who’s trying to balance her art with her day job and a new boyfriend. She might run into racist art exhibitors, appropriators, and very ignorant people, but those are background events that inform the plot instead of being the plot.

In the former example, the plot falls apart if the character isn’t Native, because so many plot points are based around how the world sees her as Native. In the latter example, the plot changes if she’s another ethnicity, but it doesn’t fall apart completely. 

Hope this clears up the confusion.

~Mod Lesya