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90.04.08. happy birthday to our beloved jonghyun, hope your day is full of joy and happiness 

It’s rare to find people who succeed in one shot. also, you don’t necessarily need to succeed in your first try. you will learn something from your failures

I didn’t truly appreciate the View choreo until I was able to watch all of it from a wide angle view thanks to this fancam~

2015 KBS Gayo Daechukje 151230




1365 words

in which jonghyun’s tattoos are finally kissed as they should be!! + kisses on his soft tummy!!!!

for the sake of proper tattoo care, this takes place in the future. tattoos are virtually an open wound so pls don’t kiss them for a while. imagine they had practiced that day for their swc in hong kong or something and are staying the night in the dorm before boarding a plane in the morning. i also have no self control and this is way longer than i intended :/

They are seated on the floor of their dorm, drinking wine from crystalline glasses Kibum spent too much money on (“You’ve got to treat yourself sometimes,” he had explained to Taemin, handing his limitless credit card to the cashier) as they watched an uninteresting drama on the television. Taemin and Minho are seated on the left side of the table, Jinki across from them. Jonghyun and Kibum are leaning against the couch, Jonghyun watching the drama while Kibum entertains himself with his phone.

Taemin, the least interested in the Straights™, is watching anime on his phone as he leans back against Minho, who is focused entirely on the bag of spicy potato chips on the table in front. Jinki pours himself his fourth glass of wine.

Jonghyun spins the sparkling juice (“Even if you’re not drinking, you’re drinking with us.”) in his glass as the drama focuses on the uninteresting subplot concerning the main character and her cousin, who bullied her when they were both children. While arguably the most invested in the drama, it’s only because the male lead has a crooked smile and broad shoulders.

Kibum pokes Jonghyun in the arm. “Can I see?”

Jonghyun turns to Kibum, brow furrowed. “See what?”

“Your tattoos!” he whines. “Last time I saw them they were gross and peeling.” Kibum pulls at Jonghyun’s sweatshirt. “Come on, Jjong, let us see them.”

“Fine,” Jjong says with a shrug, straightening from the couch to pull off his sweatshirt, revealing his bare arms and the tank top he had put on earlier before realizing it was too cold in their dorm. He throws it back onto the couch and reaches for his glass. It isn’t until the liquid touches his lips that he remembers its virgin—and that he has no excuse for the blush growing on his cheeks. There’s no reason for him to be embarrassed or nervous right now, he’s just showing his tattoos to his boyfriends, and it’s not like they hadn’t seem them before now…

Kibum wraps his fingers on Jonghyun’s right wrist and stretches out his arm. He has to adjust his position a bit, pushing himself forward so Jonghyun’s arm is behind him. “It’s alright to touch right?”

Jonghyun nods, his free hand holding his sweatpants in a tight grip. “Yeah, they’re all healed now. On the surface at least…so it’s okay.”

Jonghyun watches as Kibum pokes a curious finger directly on the dot between “NEVER” and “THE.” He runs his finger slowly across the rest of the tattoo, brushing the skin slightly.

Jonghyun yelps in surprise as Minho grabs his other wrist. “I want to see the other one,” he explains, encouraging him forward with a light tug.

Jonghyun complies, scooting toward the table as Minho readjusts his position, spreading out his right leg straight past Jonghyun and Kibum’s back and bending his other at the knee, socked foot brushing Jonghyun’s thigh. His touch is less inquisitive than Kibum’s, determined but still gentle as he swipes his thumb over the word. “Inspiration,” he whispers and Jonghyun’s blush intensifies and he draws both arms closer toward his body.

“I’m still looking,” Kibum grumbles, pulling Jonghyun’s arm out again.

“I want to see too,” Taemin chimes in, putting down his phone. Jonghyun blinks up at him, amazed that he had managed to look up from his anime at all. He rises to his feet and squats beside Minho. A moment later Jonghyun feels the soft, almost ticklish touch of Taemin’s pinky across the red line of his tattoo. Minho lifts his own finger so Taemin can trace it in its entirety.

Jonghyun only realizes Jinki has joined in on feeling out his tattoos when he feels his finger join Kibum’s on his left arm. He looks over at Jinki, who flashes him a large smile. “They’re cool, Jjong.”

“It makes me want one,” Taemin breathes. “Maybe like… a cross somewhere.”

“Or you could get One Punch Man,” Kibum says dryly, to which Taemin frowns.

Minho pushes Taemin away from him. “I”m going to check out the tattoo on the other arm.”

Jonghyun’s blush flares up again. “Why are you guys doing this to me? I’m not a doll or something.”

“But you’re our boyfriend and you did just permanently mark your skin,” Kibum replies. “We have a right to investigate.”

“Yeah, we have a right,” Minho parrots, rising to his feet stepping around Jonghyun. Kibum follows suit, Jinki scooting forward to resume Kibum’s old position while Taemin slides forward into Minho’s. There’s a moment of shuffling before all four are again prodding his skin and tracing the inked words.

“Why are you guys like this?” whines Jonghyun, voice straining. “This is so embarass—ah.”

Jinki giggles into his skin, leaning forward and kissing his tattoo gently again. “Hmm?” Jinki asks, rubbing his thumb beneath the tattoo.

Minho pushes Jinki to the side, leaning over him to press his lips to “LESS.” Jonghyun holds back a gasp, the area sensitive and the feel of both of their lips sudden.

He really shouldn’t be shocked when lips press to “INSPIRATION,” but he still inhales sharply. Taemin, who has dropped to his stomach, pulls back to giggle before kissing his tattoo at the far left, then again a little to the right, and again and again as he traces his way over the tattoo’s entirety. Jinki and Minho, too, are peppering his skin with their soft lips, gently kissing his inked skin.

Kibum, who cannot join Taemin in kissing the INSPIRATION tattoo due to its odd placement, looks up at Jonghyun, who is so red one would think all the blood in his body has pooled in his cheeks. “Are you thinking of getting tattoos anywhere else, Jonghyun?”

“Um, probably… I think I might get another little one on my wrist but I’m not sure,” he answers, if only to distract himself from the feel of his boyfriends’ lips on his skin.

Before Jonghyun even finishes, Kibum shifts downward so he is on his knees right where Jonghyun’s hand is resting against his thigh. Closing his eyes, Kibum leans forward and breathes softly against the inside of his wrist once, twice, and then presses his lips gingerly against the sensitive skin.

“K-Kibum, what are you doing?”

“Getting it ready,” he replies simply, eyes still closed. His breath ghosts teasingly over Jonghyun’s wrist as he speaks. “Tattoos aren’t great for your skin, so I’m kissing it better preemptively.”

Speechless and embarrassed beyond belief, Jonghyun watches as Minho, too, pulls back from his tattoo and begins to kiss his opposite wrist. “M-Min…”

Raising to a seated position, Taemin drags his finger along the INSPIRATION tattoo, but his breath flutters warmly against the base of his neck. “I think you should get one here, too,” he mutters before pressing his lips against the skin there.

Both Kibum and Minho are now making their way up Jonghyun’s arm, pausing briefly at the inside of his elbow because of how sensitive Jonghyun is there.

“What about here?” Jinki asks teasingly, lifting up Jonghyun’s shirt and kissing his tummy right beside his belly button.

Jjong gasps in surprise. “S-stop, I’m ticklish!”

“That’d be cute,” Kibum says, sliding beneath Jonghyun’s arm and kissing his stomach. “What about flowers right here? Going around your belly button…”

“Cute,” giggles Minho, pulling away from his tattoo and kissing his shoulder. “You could get something here, too.”

Taemin’s lips, climbing up his neck, pause beneath his ear. “Something little here… A bow, maybe?”

“Y-you guys…” Jonghyun whines.

Minho slides his hand beneath Jonghyun’s chin, turning his head so they are facing one another. “You’re really cute.” He leans forward and pecks Jonghyun’s lips.

When Minho pulls away, Jonghyun breathes. “I’m not going to tattoo my lips.”

“Oh?” Minho breathes, one hand traveling toward the hem of Jonghyun’s shirt and lifting it upward. “What about here, then?” he mutters, leaning his head downward to join Kibum and Jinki in kissing his shot tummy. Taemin, too, clambers over Kibum to press his lips right over his belly button.

“M-maybe…” Jonghyun mutters, finally giving into the warmth that lingers on his skin with each loving kiss.


“Are you going to confess to me now?”

SHINee's Chinese Skills...
SHINee - Yoyogi Gymnasium -Tokyo Day 1 (2017.04.28.)

Fancam Collection

Become Undone

I’m still in love with the song


The first 29 seconds are blurry, but the rest is solid fancam footage without much shaking around and no accidental crotch shots. I also got Key this time! 

Diamond Sky

Winter Wonderland

My battery died when it was Minho’s turn TT__TT but I got most of the performance


I took it upon myself to finally film that whole thing. Unfortunately, the whole VCR is rather dark so the camera makes it even darker, but there is a lot of exposed skin action going on, so who am I to complain.

Your Number + Replay

「すごく楽しかった。また一緒に遊ぼうね」・・・ ^▽^


The beginning is a mess, I’m sorry about that. I wasn’t drunk, I promise.

Stand by me

While cutting this video I realized that you can see Jonghyun’s tattoos clearly in it. However, I didn’t notice them during the concert.

Light Stick Talk

Key’s Question: Who is going to Italy or France during Golden Week. He couldn’t quite make up his mind about what number to choose for the challenge, so the audience started to call him ‘kawaii’ and didn’t stop, so he got all flustered and embarrassed.

Jonghyun’s Question: People who aren’t dating yet, but came together to the concert and want to confess later…the audience was scandalized, and next to me everyone was just like hazukashiiiiiiii…(embarrassing)

End Talk

Key being fed up with the audience always answering ABOAB for their favorite performance…Well, they are only speaking the truth, Key!

Love’s Truest Language

Title: Love’s Truest Language
Fandom: SHINee
Pairing: One-sided Ontae
Wordcount: ~2.5k
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which the touch of your soulmate can make flowers bloom.

(Warnings: This literally discusses flowers growing out of human skin and references, multiple times, those flowers dying or being cut. I guess this could slightly be considered either body horror or self-harm, depending on the context. If this bothers you, don’t read it, please.)

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Jongtae - pre first date nerves / Tae tries to bake Jong a cake in celebration of getting the radio show / discussing internet war now (as in years later) / trying to go on a date without being recognised. I don't know just jongtae :p Thanks you and I hope you have a nice day btw x

This is hella late because it ended up being long enough that I had to do it in two sessions. The first one ended with a lot of me laying in my bed taking deep breaths and praying not to throw up, so I had to give up, and then after that Thanksgiving got in the way and other such nonsense. But, after my roommate’s b-day and about 8 shots, I managed to finish up tonight, and here it is~

I went with the “Tae tried to bake Jong a cake” prompt, but ngl, it got away from me to the point where the working title ended up being “Jongtae food porn”. My bad. :s

So, without further ado,

Title: You Can Have Your Cake (and Eat it Too)
Fandom: SHINee
Pairing: JongTae
Length: ~4000; 1/1; COMPLETE
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut.
Warnings: Food-play, Rimming.
Summary: In which Taemin’s awful at baking and Jonghyun doesn’t seem to mind.

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[JongYu; NC-17] "So Wrong, It's Right"

side pairing: les!ontae
nothing straight au, smut
warning: no-homo jjong
length: one shot ― 2,521 words

a/n: stripper jinki!! *throws confetti* but really this is just an excuse to write “i swear i’m not gay” jonghyun fucking an irresistible jinki. i recommend reading the taesook fic first.

Jonghyun has witnessed more than his fair share of bizarre events during the course of his life, but never before has he watched, slack-jawed, as the woman of his passing interest was kissed and stolen away―by another woman.

“Wow,” he hears a familiar voice comment next to him, whistling. Jonghyun looks over to see his old college friend, Kibum, smirking after the couple marching out of the club. “I honestly did not see that coming.”

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Shinee Reaction: To you and him getting in a fight while going home and it's a long drive so you go in the back seat after awhile you go to sleep and he he watches you through the rear view mirror

Oh boy, fights in the car are never good, are they? And knowing these boys, the awkwardness isn’t gonna die down easily!

Onew: Ah…. Onew sweetheart your awkward is showing. I think you could cut the tension between you two with a knife it’d be that thick. There’s no doubt about it that this would be one of the few occasions that you guys had actually fought and as such, neither of you would be used to handling it. I have a feeling that the tension would last the entire car ride home and although I see his anger depleting almost instantly, when he sees you sleeping he’s going to forget you guys even fought in the first place. You can be sure that by the time you wake up the next morning, that little lovers tiff is in the past!

Jonghyun: Jonghyun is not one I can see letting anything go. Even if you slammed the door in his face and sat there ignoring him, he’d still occasionally pipe up about the argument, maybe things like; “Look it doesn’t really matter who’s right…” or “I was only just…“ to the point that he’s bringing the topic up even if you wanted to just let it go, unintentionally I might add! But Jong is a guy I can see trying too hard and only making it worse. When he realises you’ve stopped responding to him and checks up on you, I can see him stopping the car immediately because he wants to sit in the backseat with you as you sleep, stroking your hair and waiting for you to wake up so you could talk about it properly before returning home; leaving any negativity outside. 

Key: This in no way, is ever going to be a silent argument. You can bet that once differing opinions start to surface Key is going to use the, “if I’m louder, I win.” tactic. Rather than you falling asleep in the car, I can better visualise you getting OUT of the car to storm off because hell, walking is better that arguing mindlessly with someone you love. This might just be the kick Key needs for him to remember what’s important, not the conflict of opinions but sharing different ideas together. You might get five meters away before hearing him run up behind you telling you to get back in the car lest you catch a cold, which in Kibumese means, “I’m sorry.”

Minho: Nope. Just nope. With a guy like Minho, for all his perfections, you’re gonna just have to be the bigger person and let him win, or at least think he’s won because this boy will argue his point till the cows come home. He could’ve forgotten what he’s even arguing for but a competition is a competition and Minho, as we all know, does not lose.Ever. His pride at winning would no doubt send you into the backseat just to ignore him but when you fall asleep and he notices; he’s going to no doubt have a small crisis over who really won because he might’ve won the argument but lost your conversation for the amount of time you refused to talk to him. That in itself won’t mean he’ll apologise but he won’t gloat about winning which, in a way, is a greater victory than an apology. 

Taemin: Ah yes, Taemin. How do I even begin to describe how Tae would take this sort of situation? For one thing, I think Taemin is someone who gets awkward around confrontation and conflict so unlike Minho and Key, he’d be trying to put the argument past you both as quickly as possible. If it’s something that matters to you though, I can’t see this helping, especially when anger is at the forefront of your mind, you could even think he’s possibly dismissing it even if he’s not. This is what would lead to you sitting in the backseat and falling asleep due to the crash of adrenaline the argument gave you but unlike the others, I fear Taemin is going to feel like you’re still angry at him until you tell him otherwise and will drive home carefully but quickly without making a sound, letting you know they were home and not another word extra until you told him to carry you, which would bring the utmost relief to his young heart.