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Inktober Day 18

Prompt: How would the Sanders Sides dress for Halloween. From @thatsthat24

Spock was a logical costume for Logan and Virgil went for something easy, all he needed for Edward Scissorhands was a little extra eyeshadow, some hair gel, and a pair of scissors (safety scissors, naturally. You can’t be too careful).

I didn’t draw the others, but I decided that Patton gets sad when he sees what Logan and Virgil are wearing because “I thought we were going to do a group costume this year…” Then Roman says that maybe they still can...

Cut to him trying to figure out how to dress as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Patton wearing a Godzilla suit wrapping Thomas as a toilet paper mummy.

The costume? Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

A/N: This post was written posthumously, since this photo killed me obviously.
Also on: AO3.



“Hey, stranger.”

“Sorry I haven’t come by sooner, I was…”

“Busy fending off a throng of reporters and being a full-time parent?”

“Yeah.” Oliver huffs a short laugh, stealing a shy glance at the ground, as all the weight of the day visibly slips from his shoulders. She likes him like this, more innocent and carefree, where it’s no longer Mayor Queen or the Green Arrow or more recently a worried Dad standing in front of her…it’s just him. Just Oliver. Just her Oliver.

“I won’t hold it against you. Come on in.”

She holds the door open for him as he steps inside, his arm carefully dodging her shoulder, but that doesn’t stop a thousand goosebumps from breaking out over her skin in anticipation. As she shuts the front door, Felicity steals a quick glance of her own at his back because wow. While she loves Suit Oliver in all of his various…well, suits, it has been ages since she’s seen Casual Oliver. And honestly, seeing him standing there in full-on casual black and that jacket that she swears is framing his jaw really well, looking so at ease in her apartment…what used to be their apartment…it’s bringing back a lot of old memories mixed with new, tingling hopes stirring in her stomach.

Oliver spins to regard her in return, wearing a strangely nervous look. It’s then that she notices the small box with a white bow in his hands. “I uh…I was gonna wait, but I just…” He sighs, pausing, watching her like he’s waiting for her to stop him. And when she doesn’t, he finally says, “I brought you something,” holding the box out to her.

“Oh. What’s this?” She takes the box from him, wanting to reach for his hand, too, but he pulls back before she can.

“It’s just a uh…a present.”

“I can see that. You know, it’s not my birthday for another several months,” she teases him with a smile.

He doesn’t quite smile back, but there’s a hint of mischief behind his eyes now. “I know. This is different.”

Felicity frowns at his serious voice, watching him cross his arms. Uh oh. She knows that move. He only does this when it’s something big, something important. “Okay.”

She hesitates, her fingers hovering over the lid, playing with the plastic bow. Her heart starts to hammer against the walls of her chest with a new ferocity, like it somehow already knows what’s inside.

Swallowing once, she finally lifts the lid and finds nestled on top of a cotton square…a silver key.

“It’s a key,” supplies Oliver, his voice sounding very far away and warped, like she’s suddenly trapped inside a fish bowl.

Felicity stares in awe at the little object shimmering in the dim lighting, calling out to her. Slowly, she picks up the key, feeling the cool, wonderful weight of her future pressed against her palm.

“I know we’ve talked about it, and you’ve met William, and he seems to really like you. And this doesn’t mean that you have to move out of your place or anything, I just think…”

His voice sounds much closer now, and she glances up to realize that he’s standing right in front of her, his hands finally reaching out to hold her shoulders, drawing her closer, drawing her home.

He licks his lips. “And if this is too fast then–”

“Oliver, are you sure?”

He sighs again, only this time it’s a gentler sigh, a contented sigh, a hopeful sigh. His gaze grows intense yet familiar, and oh she’s missed that look most of all. Even after five months of taking things slow, after being engaged to this man once, she’s still getting used to him looking at her like this–like she’s the only thing in the entire world that he wants. She’ll never be used to it. She couldn’t look away from him even if she wanted to. And she doesn’t want to.

“I’m sure of one thing,” he says, his voice so deep it sends a warm feeling straight down her gut. “I love you, and I want us to be a family. All of us.”

“Me too.”

Trapping the key in a fist, Felicity reaches for Oliver just as he lowers his head down to her. Thank you, she says through the kiss, her lips gently pressed against his, re-familiarizing herself with his taste. But Oliver changes the angle quickly, deepening the kiss, his hands coming up and around her, pulling her close, his fingers pressing deep into the muscles of her lower back.

Felicity feels herself losing focus, her grip around his neck loosening…. She fumbles in the haze but manages to set the little box down on the counter, freeing her other hand to join the one still tightly clasped behind his neck. Her fingers sweep into his hair brushing against his scalp.

Seconds seem to bleed into minutes, and she doesn’t know how long they stand there like that, holding each other, remembering and relearning and learning afresh what the other person feels like…

A loud clang startles her, and Oliver pulls back, breaking the kiss, though she doesn’t let him go too far.

Realizing she must have dropped the key, Felicity breathes against his open lips, “It’s fine. I’ll get it later.”

And then she kisses him again, openly, fiercely, desperately. This kiss is different than the one before, taking on a life of its own, like the one they shared in this very spot years ago, when they first moved in together. It feels right that they should find each other again in this way. Felicity clings to him, his body still so warm and solid and familiar. How is he always so warm?

After what feels like too brief a time, though, Oliver pulls back again, breathing heavily. He keeps his eyes closed, as he presses his forehead against hers. “Felicity,” he whispers. “Can I ask you a question?”

“If the question is can you stay the night, the answer is yes.”

He laughs, giving her a short and more chaste kiss. “Are you sure?”

She nods. 

“Besides,” Felicity nips his lips again. “I don’t expect to be staying here much in the future. We better make the most of it.”

Bts reaction {You having a noona kink}

(Okay this is my first time doing this, check out the masterlist for more in the future)

ps: Gifs are not mine so credits to the owners, unfortunately, I can’t tag all of them because I really don’t remember where they are from. If you know it please inbox me and let me know. Also, I’m taking requests.

Warnings: Sexual content, filth, me trashing badly.


You were hanging with the boys at the dorm like usually, watching a popular drama on Tv, sitting on the floor with your boyfriend right next to you, the other boys were distracted so Jin thought it would be funny to tease you by kissing your neck gently.

-What are you doing? -You ask him, turning slightly and he gives you a sweet smile. 

Right when Jin holds you even tighter in his arms, the main character in the drama declares his love. 

“Please be with me Noona!” 

Jin’s mouth frozen in your neck when he felt your whole body covering in goosebumps. 

-What is it? Do you like it? -You turn around immediately, covering your flushed face for being caught and Jin takes your hands in his to look you in the eyes. 

-I mean, I’m only like three months older than you and you never really did call me noona before. -You mumble your words, trying to look away, he lets go of you and looks at you dumbfounded. 

-I never thought you would like that… Noona. -He tasted the word and you giggle. -It is kind of sexy… -He admits, still looking utterly confused. -We could definitely try that tonight.

-Oh, get a room you two. -Says Taehyung, rolling his eyes and making the rest of the boys aware of your conversation.

Jin can’t take his eyes off you for the rest of the night.


Sitting in the studio waiting for Yoongi so you two could go out was already part of your routine. Knowing about that, the boys usually sat there too, enjoying being around you: Tonight wasn’t any different. 

Jungkook was telling you about how excited he was to hang out with Taehyung to play overwatch and how his new covers were coming up, innocently chatting for the past hour. Just when the door to the soundproof cabinet was open, Jungkook praised you.

-You look cute tonight noona.

-Stop making my girlfriend blush you little punk. -Yoongi gives Jungkook a bad look before taking your hand and almost drag you out of maknae’s sight.

You two made it to the restaurant and it was a comfortable night, you laughed, he talked about his new mixtape. things were going great until your boss started texting you.

You have your eyes glued to the mobile when Yoongi sighs. 

-Noona, get off your phone! -He complains with his “too cool for school” tone, spilling the word as if it’s nothing and your head shot up so fast your neck hurts. 

You stare at each other for so long and you must have this really surprised look on your face that Yoongi shrinks in embarrassment. 

-YAH stop making it awkward!

You fumble with your words.

-Say it again! -You ask immediately. 

His eyes darken and he looks around trying to see if there’s anyone paying attention to your conversation.

-Noona, don’t get too excited, I am still going to be the one with my hands around your neck tonight. -He uses his daddy tone now, hands slipping to find your on the table, but the way he says “noona” is so adorable and yet so intimidating that you feel yourself getting wet. 

-That’s what we are going to see Min Yoongi. -You smirk at him, almost laughing at the terrified look in his eyes.


Being with Namjoon meant having an open-minded relationship when it came to sex. He, being the good lover that he is, would always make sure you were enjoying being with him and was pleased to please you in bed. 

That often resumed into having long conversations about your sexual preferences and dreams; Of course your noona kink was not something he was oblivious about. 

But your boyfriend, that worked so hard to make you happy, refused to call you noona. 

You didn’t want to push it too much because the age gap wasn’t big and you could understand him not wanting to tone down his dom side around you, which you had no problem with because daddy Namjoon was also a kink. 

But then one particular night you two are scrolling through an online sex shop, seeing if anything catches the eye and you see there is a “noona” section. 

-Monie why don’t you ever call me noona? -He stares at you, blinking in silence. -I know you told me you didn’t want to, but why didn’t we ever try it? Ever? I mean, it doesn’t have to be in bed… 

He then kisses you. Lips devouring yours.

-Do you want to be my noona? -He sits in between your legs and grabs at your waist with both hands. -You can be my noona tonight babe, if you want to try it so bad, but definitely never around the members. 

-Why? -You grab onto his hair, excitement rushing down your veins. 

-Because if I call you noona and your eyes darken like this in front of the members I might just turn you around and fuck you until all you know is my name. -He states, leaning to mark your neck hungrily.


All tho Hoseok did call you noona regularly, he was never the one to do it in bed, and you were too shy to ask. 

Someday you were at home, having your girl time and you just happen to come across this really beautiful video of a sub boy, tied up and blindfolded with his dom asking “Do you like noona? Do you want to touch your noona?” 

His moans play on repeat in your head, you can’t help but picture Hoseok in his place and you can only imagine how your sweet, angelic boyfriend would react to you having those kinds of thoughts with him. 

Coming back late one night, you had totally forgotten that Hoseok was coming over and getting to your apartment and not finding loud music playing did not help you remember. You almost have a heart attack, to say at least.

Not because your boyfriend is standing in the middle of the living room, but because the TV behind him shows a giant version of the video you have been hiding with your life. 

-I-I can totally explain… -You begin, putting your bag down slowly and you see him holding your laptop with white knuckles.

-I am so hard right now. -Hoseok admits, gulping loudly, wide eyes staring into your soul he places the laptop in the couch.

Your own eyes fall immediately for the bulge in his sweatpants and you almost choke at how delicious he looks.

-Noona… Do you have any rope? -You stare at his face again, shocked and your boyfriend opens one of his sunshine smiles before marching to you to press your body against the closed door.


Oh boy he was aware of your kink. 

And he approved it very much. 

Getting home one night, he finds you in your pyjamas with your laptop and a huge cup of coffee. 

He goes to your room and tries to rest a little but not having you by his side feels weird, so he gets up once again and sits by your side in the living room.

-Baby do you want to watch netflix? Have you eaten?

-Not now mochi, I’m really busy with this essay and I can’t afford not getting it done.

Understanding that your studies are important, he goes to the kitchen, makes you a sandwich, dances around the living room, plays games on his phone, anything to just kill time while he waits for you.

It’s three in the morning when he decides he can’t take it anymore and goes stand behind you again. 

-Noonaaa -He whines and throws his hands around your shoulders, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. 

-Jiminie… -Your eyes are glued to the screen but you can feel his every move, his whines getting you wet by the second.

He kisses your neck, then bites it, his hands travel to your waist and slowly raise to your chest. He massages your boobs and chills are running down your spine, your stomach sinks when one of his hands slips to cup your sex through your thin pants and you can feel his hot breath in your ear when he feels how wet you are.

-Okay -You sigh and slam the table with your hands, he runs to one of the chairs cutely, laughing like a child. -You go to your room, make sure to get naked for noona.

And that is enough to send him running to the bedroom like the happiest puppy ever.


Tae was beginning his career as an actor and you were giving it full support, but whenever you paid him a visit on set, the younger girls would be calling him oppa and he looked so happy about it that it made you jealous. 

You and the boys take him out for lunch after shooting his scenes and the thought of this really cute girl running over to him screaming “oppa” in a high pitched voice keeps coming back to your head.

-What is up with Tae today? -Yoongi looks at your boyfriend. -Is like this smile is glued to his face…

-It’s because a pretty girl called him oppa today. -You roll your eyes, teasing Taehyung while sipping your drink, the boys laugh super loud. 

-That is not true! I mean that’s not why I am smiling, I’m just happy my members and my girlfriend are treating me to lunch -He pouts cutely. -And that is how she is supposed to call me anyway! 

-Oh yes? You should call me noona then! -It’s your turn to pout, you even cross your arms, he’s caught off guard but then smiles. 

-Noona, are you mad at me? -He does this cute voice and tilts his head a little, aegyo overflowing. -Do you want me to call you noona? Does it make you happy? 

You only nod, still pouting. 

-Let’s do this, I can be your good boy tonight so you can forgive me, how about it? -He asks shamelessly and you bite your bottom lip to keep you from saying something to the glowy beautiful boy in front of you.

-Why are you so pretty? -You ask breathless and he throws his head back laughing.

-You two are very liberal… And way too public. -Jin, like the rest of the table, stares at you, disgust over their faces and Tae throws pieces of napkins at them.


Noona this, noona that…

How could Jeon Jungkook be so unaware of how he made you feel by acting so damn cute while calling you noona? How could he not notice the way your face reddened when he described you as “his noona” or how his boyish grins made you hyperventilate? 

One night at a party Jungkook introduced you to everybody as his “girl” and that left a bitter taste in your mouth. The way he sounded dominant just didn’t go with his figure and him having to own this look instead of his usual bunny-self made you upset. 

Once at home his attitude changed immediately, he wrapped around you on the couch and washed your face with kisses.

-Noona you are so beautiful! -Jungkook kisses your lips and then realizes you did not move at all. -What’s up? Is everything okay? -He sounds concerned and suddenly backs away to see you. 

Your hands grip his erection through his pants, he gasps. 

-Jungkook what am I? 

He gulps, his eyes are wide in his face. 

-Y/n, n-n-noona. 

-That’s right. -You lick your lips, filling with confidence. -I am your noona, so who told you that you could go around acting all grown up? You made me really upset tonight pretending to be a big boy while in fact, you are my good baby boy…

His eyes roll to the back of his head when you tighten your grip around his member. 

-Oh my god, I am sorry noona. -The word sounds like a moan and you search his eyes for any disapproval but all find is raw desire which makes you even more turned on if possible.

-Go to your room, I want you on your hands and knees when I get there, naked. Bad boys get their punishment love.-You kiss him, he responds breathlessly and when you let go he runs to your room, grunting something that sounds a lot like “fucking finally”.

(By pinkworld)

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Oh my god you should do a part 2 where months later Harry comes back ans he regrets everything and talks about wanting 'us' back to the reader but the reader is Just like "there was no us" lmao I would die

girl don’t die on me but here ya go
masterlist // there’s no us

The day had been busy, like most of your days were lately. Ever since Harry left, doing just fine on his own, you picked up your work load and rarely had a day off. And now with award season around the corner, you found yourself drinking a glass of wine and going through photos of several outfits and accessories for your clients to wear over the many events coming up. You were in the middle of finding the perfect shoes for a Fendi dress when there was a knocking on your front door. 

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Heal Me // Doctor!Shawn (A Soulmate AU) Part 2

(I think I’m going to do this as a three part series, so one more part to go!)

You were discharged from the hospital a day after you were brought in. Your sister was picking you up after work but she was late. So there you were, sitting in the huge lobby of Bergan Mercy Hospital with nothing to do but twiddle your thumbs and read three month old magazines about celebrity gossip. You check your phone and see it’s been only five minutes since she said she was on her way out of work. Which meant she was going to be driving another half an hour before she got to you and it was nearing evening time.

“Hey!” you look up and see Shawn crossing the lobby. He looks so good. The scrubs from before were damn fine but this was something else. He was in a dark green button down, sleeves rolled up, black tailored slacks and a gorgeous very expensive looking watch. You’re pretty sure he just came from an Armani photoshoot looking like that. You look down at your old winter coat and purple t-shirt from a fundraising event and your stretchy black track pants. It was stuff your sister brought by for you to wear home.

“H-hey,” you smile and he stops just in front of you. “What’re you doing?” you ask and he squats down, fingers gliding along your cast.

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i still remember those old times when everyone thought that jungkook 'hated' jimin, but actually he was just very shy and jimin was so straightforward that i think jungkook didn't know what to do lmao. thank god those times are in the past and now we can see jungkook's real affection for his hyung. <3333

ikr, slap them with the facts. I really can’t get people who said that Jungkook hated Jimin though. Like hated. But I guess, people sometimes miss very important things. Yeah, Jungkook was just shy and small, and Jimin was dying in his love for Jungkook, but he’s always liked his hyung. Well, can you blame Jimin for loving such a cute baby to death though, I’d be freaking the same tbh, lol. Didn’t Jungkook even say that Jimin loved him more than his actual brother, hehe. So, we went from this:

to this: 

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is he stroking/holding her face or making sure shes ok/safe/alive?

I feel like it’s a mix of both? But heavily leaning towards him just holding her face. Because obviously she’s alive, she’s coughing and moving towards him (and probably touched his hand a couple seconds before) but she does have that wound on her head and Frank’s eyes just…they say it all to me. He’s so concerned and terrified about her and you KNOW part of that is him thinking he couldn’t keep her safe as much as he wants/wanted to. 

Plus there’s the fact that you can especially see when the clip fades to black that he’s solidly got his palm around the curve of her jaw with his fingers in her hair. To me, that’s so purely a touch of ‘you’re here, I’m here, just breathe’. Less of a methodical or even thoughtful ‘is she okay’ and more of the instinctual and desperate ‘I need to hold you to really make sure you’re okay’. If that makes sense??

I’m talking in circles because I’m so emotional over them being so emotional, help.

BTS: When you cutely ask for a hug/cuddles

#norequests #helpme

Jin: Let’s just say: he wouldn’t get it. You’d ask him for cuddles before, but why did you suddenly change your voice and be all shy and cute about it? He’d suspect there is something behind it, but still carefully sit next to you and pull you in for your much desired cuddles.

“Why are you acting like that? You think I can’t see right through you?”

(yup, you’re Jimin)

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Suga: Yoongi would act like it doesn’t faze him whatsoever, but it is clear that he is trying to keep in a smile. He’d just think you’re so cute and that he’s so lucky. He’d give you your hugs, disguising his own want for cuddles by blaming your clinginess.

“Aissh, you’re so clingy (Y/N), you’re lucky I love you, come here.”

Originally posted by nevermindmyg

J-Hope: Shocked. He’d be utterly shocked and would start laughing because of it, but he’d soon see your pout and immediately go up to you to hug you tightly, still slightly laughing, but he’d finally realize how cute that had been.

“You’re so cute, baby, but it scared me for a second.”

Originally posted by hoseokayo

Rap Monster: Namjoon would smile a lot. He’d think it’s so endearing how cute you can be that he’d immediately take you into his arms and just hug you tightly. Questioning whether you are okay or not.

“Is something the matter, baby?”

Originally posted by knjedits

Jimin: Jimin would be all giggly and happy. He’d just run up to you to hug you tightly and pull you over to the couch to keep you tightly pressed against him. He’d whine about how cute you are, although he will never deny that he loves it.

“My baby is so cute. How’d I get so lucky?”

Originally posted by jijkooks

V: Oh this boy would be so happy. A huge smile would appear on his face and he’d basically tackle you into a hug. He really would grasp the opportunity and basically drag you all the way to bed if you’re home and cuddle with you for the rest of the day. However, he would want to be so close to you that you might have to ask him for some space to breathe.

“I’m always down for cuddles, you know that, (Y/N)!”

(You’re Jin, is it necessary that I keep mentioning this tho?)

Originally posted by taengst

Jungkook: This can go one or two ways. He might just go with it like Jimin and Taehyung did, or he’d use the careful approach. Your cute tone and gestures would make him suspicious, yet he wouldn’t be sure what to be suspicious off. Had you done something wrong? Had he done something wrong? Was it a trap? When you start to pout by the lack of response, he’d carefully come up to you and hug you. You getting comfy in his arms would be his sign that it wasn’t a trap and from that point on, you two would just cuddle on the couch.


(You’re Jimin, basically saying: “please, cuddle me”)

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What part of any of this makes you think I've moved on??

S5 feels, anyone?

“What part of any of this makes you think I’ve moved on?”

His voice cracks as he speaks and it cleaves her heart in two. She hadn’t meant to reopen old wounds, but her talent for knowing just what to say, to be perfectly understood by Bellamy Blake, is a little rusty after six years apart. The silences between them are tinted with an awkwardness she can’t shake, their conversations fumbling no matter how well-intentioned.

Every time she sees him with the others who had been on the ring together, she’s struck with both longing and relief. As much as it stings to see him turn to Raven and Monty for their opinions, to watch him laugh easily with the others or exchange knowing looks, to know that she’s not one of them anymore, she is glad he had them. Glad he wasn’t facing his demons alone for six years.

If she couldn’t be the one to share his burden, it heals a small fraction of her to know he found others to pick up that load. But when she tried to voice that to him, it came out all wrong. 

“I–” She swallows hard, helpless in the face of his distressed expression. “You seem happy. Or– I’m just… glad you’re okay. I was worried about you up there.”

He gives a disbelieving laugh, letting his gun fall to his side like an extension of his body as he steps closer to where she stands.

You were worried about me?” He repeats, like it’s the most ludicrous thing he’s ever heard. “I thought you died, Clarke. I was out of my mind.

“So I was right to worry.”

She tips her chin up to meet his gaze head-on, unfathomably deep and impossibly warm. The intensity of his gaze makes her breath catch, his nearness making her pulse race.

“I don’t want to be the reason you were miserable for six years,” she confesses softly. “I want you to be happy and okay.”

“I got better,” he says, giving her a rueful smile. “It got easier to live without you. That doesn’t mean I stopped missing you. That I didn’t wish you were there every damn day.”

“You didn’t need me.” She returns his smile, matching its wistfulness and regret exactly. “You kept them alive. You were the leader they needed, Bellamy. All on your own.”

A frown mars his features, visible even through the scruff that now adorns his jaw.

“That’s not why–” He shifts closer in that magnetic, familiar way she knows means he wants to reach out and touch her, but isn’t letting himself cross that line. “I needed you, Clarke. Not a co-leader, not someone to be a pain in my ass, not just any friend or ally. They did their best, but– they weren’t you. Do you understand that? I need you to understand.”

Clarke stutters a laugh, unnerved by everything about this moment. Any immunity she’d built up to him before has long since vanished, and now she’s getting hit with the full, overwhelming force of him. It isn’t fair in the least.

“I understand,” she breathes.

He holds her gaze for a few beats longer.

“Okay, then.”

They fall into step, heading back toward camp without needing to discuss it. It’s encouraging. 

Clarke cracks a smile. “Sorry for insinuating you were happy.”

“Yeah,” he snorts. “You should be.”

“Won’t make that mistake again.”

He ducks his head, smiling down at his scuffed boots. “For what it’s worth, I am happy. Now. But it has nothing to do with moving on.”

Clarke smiles her own private smile, watching him take note of it from the corner of her eye.

Maybe they are a little rusty, but they’re finding their way back to each other. The way forward, side by side. They’ll get there. She can feel it. For now, she lets her hand drift slightly as she walks, grazing the back of his ever so gently.

“Sounds like we’re on the same page,” she says, tone light, keeping her eyes forward.

His hand brushes hers in return.



And it is.

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11 and Lance please

11. “Well, they were out of mens costumes so…”

Originally posted by formyfandoms

“No, absolutely not” he shakes his head, crossing his arms.

“Well, they were out of mens costumes so…” you say, handing him the costume bag. 

“Can’t I just not go?” he almost whines. 

“Do you want to see your babygirl cry?” you raise your brow, nodding your head to the next room where your daughter was waiting. 

He sighed deeply, moving to the bathroom. Lance Tucker could never say no to his babygirl. 

It’s only minutes later when you see Lance Tucker the gold medalist with a huge ego, come out in the perfect ballerina costume. Your daughter walks in just as Lance comes out and she squeals with delight when she sees him. “Daddy, we match!” and in that moment, Lance knew he’d do anything to see her smile. 

OctoberFicFest Day 18: fallow

For the inktober prompt “waiting”.

She thinks of planting a garden.  Not the garden in the basement that grows lettuce and cucumbers and tomatoes and herbs and tomatoes and, she has discovered, fish, which makes it aquaponic instead of hydroponic.  She doesn’t know how she missed the fish at first, but she has had little acquaintance with agriculture, aside from her term with Mulder investigating fertilizer.  It doesn’t seem like the solar array should be able to provide enough power for the lights and the filters and all the rest of it, but she assumes there’s always more going on than she’s aware of with Mulder’s contacts.

Now between the rest of the ways she occupies her day, she reads articles on building a garden and the best time to plant bulbs.  Mid-October isn’t the ideal time to plant, she learns, unless she wants to seed garlic and rhubarb.  Well.  She hasn’t done much in her life at the right time, and her life is more or less in order, more or less in bloom, more or less fruitful.  The warm weather has her heart as soft and open as a plowed field.  She would rather take the risk, even for one poisonous stalk of rhubarb or one stunted crocus.  Something to bring the spring.  Something to remind winter that it ends.

Once, in town, as they’re making a rare trip to the store, she and Mulder are walking down the sidewalk hand in hand.  The block is scattered with walnut trees; the sidewalk is smeared with the fallen fruits, green and black and whole and shattered.  Children have been playing with them.  There is a message scrawled across the concrete with walnut ink: hAppy Halloweeen. 

Something about it breaks her heart.

“Let’s plant a garden,” she says.

“We won’t be here to see it,” he reminds her, as if she doesn’t know.

“It’ll be something, when we’re gone,” she says.

He squeezes her hand.  “How do you feel about tulips?”

“Is that a joke?”  She squints up at him.

“No!” he protests.  “I like tulips.  Mom had a yard full of them when I was little.  Dutch roots.”

“I like your two lips,” she says.  “Maybe we can find the speckled ones.”

“Sounds good,” he tells her, and they walked on through the neighborhood, to the small downtown with its one diner and its one hardware store, where they would invest in their future.

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in that scene you just reblogged about Tony and Bruce, can you explain to me why is The other guy reflecting behind Tony??? I know Tony understands him better than anyone else, so this means The other guy likes Tony or something?

re: this post 

Tony and Thor are the only two people who never see Hulk as a threat, and Tony is likely the first person ever to tell Bruce that, Hulk is not a curse. One of the first things he says to Bruce upon meeting him is ‘I’m a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster’. People laugh because it’s his typical sass, but this statement itself also carries a truth, that Tony doesn’t see the Hulk being a negative thing. It gets proven later by the scene with Tony and Bruce in the lab where Tony is trying to tell/convince Bruce that Hulk is not a bad thing. ‘You’re saying the other guy saved my life?’ It’s basically like he believes in Bruce and Hulk before anyone including themselves would. 

He’s relaxed around Bruce, he’s not on edge like everyone else, because: 
1) He’s confident that Bruce is able to have Hulk under control (unless being hostilely provoked of course) he even teases the doctor and cap loses his shits over it lmao  2) He’s more fascinated than anything by the Hulk because Hello, Science.  3) He sees a similarity between himself and Iron Man, Bruce and Hulk - A terrible privilege - He understands the feeling of always being just one step away from death, of carrying a powerful bomb that could go off anytime if something went wrong, he has shrapnels in his blood and Bruce has Hulk. 4) He also understands the feeling of feeling monstrous, insecure and damaged, and so he doesn’t want Bruce & Hulk to feel that way around him

If you were the Hulk, constantly being suppressed and misunderstood, constantly being feared of and having people either tiptoeing around you or shooting at you, you’re angry and you’re hating yourself and even your other half sees you more as a burden than anything, then here comes Tony Stark, a man who’s not scared of you, a man who thinks you’re fascinating, a man who sees you as a power that can do good, that can save lives, a man who has instantly accepted you as who you are. If you were the Hulk, would you like this Tin can man? The answer is obviously yes. 


Jokes aside, this scene breaks my heart, because the way Keith looks at Shiro like, Shiro those are some poor words, I get you were afraid!  But telling Keith that broke him a bit. You can see clearly he is trying not to let it show in the first screenshot because he already lost you once Shiro…

He is trying to reassure him, I’m RIGHT here, don’t talk like that, you are going to make it. But Keith has never been good with words, he is better with action.

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hades kylo misses you, the woman he's fallen in love with. he just feels so heartbroken when you leave, you're his main source of happiness and without you he feels very lonely. he always try to persuade you to come back faster, if it were up to him you'd never leave at all (renne)

  • it drives kylo crazy to say goodbye. the last thing that he wants to do is let you go, especially when he only sees you for half of the year.
  • he’s so head over heels in love with you, he’s always thinking about holding you and loving you, so, he always does everything that he can to get you to stay longer
  • “kylo, you know that i can’t,” you always say, but it doesn’t stop him from trying
  • he knows that you can’t stay away from the mortal world for too long, but he feels as if he’s missing half of himself when you’re away
  • the day when you’re called to leave, he refuses to let go of you. he’s so lonely down in the underworld, he doesn’t have anyone to hold him or kiss him like you do. he doesn’t have family down there, he doesn’t have friends, you’re his everything, and without you, he’s weak
  • he’ll never admit it, but the minute that you leave him, he breaks down. he cries and cries, refusing to leave his chambers. the underworld would just have to wait.

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what do you think is the meaning of mob being the "mask"? how do you think the conflict of him repressing his powers and emotions will end? i'm excited yet nervious

well seeing as mp100 is a bildunsroman i see it as mob’s final confrontation with who he is. throughout the series he’s belittled himself, claimed he’s worthless, downplayed what he can do. and, as the audience, it’s almost like..dramatic irony?? we’re here yelling like what are you SAYING? how can’t you see all this stuff youre capable of?! how can’t you see how much you’ve grown as a person and how nice you are?!

but that’s how it always is, isnt it? we never see our own talents. people compliment us all the time but the only thing that sticks is the one stray negative comment. we’re jealous of others for what they have and never once think about all the great qualities we possess. and that others might be jealous too. i think that, even though we clearly see otherwise, mob still sees himself as just a symbol. not a fully realized person. he’s mob, a faceless and nameless background character. it’s been more or less confirmed at this point that ??? is an amalgamation of all his repressed thoughts, so now he is forced to look inside himself and erase this self-identifying as “mob.” 

the one big character flaw mob has is that he’s incredibly emotionally fragile and incapable of respecting himself. as the series wraps up, hopefully he can embrace who he is fully, talents and mistakes and all. 

okay guys i know we already talk about this TOO MANY TIMES but i just can’t ignore my mind because so many new thoughts came as soon as I see this gif again.

First, I would like to say this is NOT FANSERVICE. why? first, Jongin doesn’t expect it to happen. what makes you think so?? ok. let me point out some obvious things to you. when kyungsoo came to him, jongin doesn’t seem to know what he is gona do because when kyungsoo raised his arm, jongin immediately catch it- like- he is surprised. ‘what is he doing in the middle of the song??’ it seems like ji is thinking THAT way. 

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You found me

Upon the reveal of The Endless true identity, our MC wants some answers. 

Warning: Angsty, quite some death mentions

-I want to know everything. I said, determined, staring at her. At me. The Endless. I didn’t really know how to call her.

She was me, yet I was not her. I wanted more than anything for my friends to live, but I just couldn’t see myself doing all the things she says I’ve done. What made me so? What would make me do all that? How is all this even possible? My mind was in a mess. I wondered if Varyyn heard me, I didn’t feel him in my head as I used to.

-Are you sure? I don’t know if you can handle it. She replied.

-Oh, aren’t you me? Because if you are, then I handled it already… 

-Well, I guess you do have a point. And the right to know. She agreed.

She handed me a cup filled with sticky fluid. I recognized the Vaanti tree sap, the same one we used when we were on our quest for the island’s heart, but a bigger dose. 

-Everything. She said. -You have to drink it all, in order to get where you’re headed. Even with dose this big, I’m not sure if you’ll have enough time to see everything.

I hesitated, but I needed to know.  

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Full of feelings about season 4 (just finished it)...Whether or not we’re dealing with original-model Shiro at the moment (I do feel that we’re seeing genuine Shiro reactions and perspective, just under the influence of a lot of stressors)…do you think that the shock of Keith’s decision at the end of season 4 could be the catalyst needed to get them to talk out the recent friction and get back on a warmer/fuzzier/more mutually supportive page?

I think it could be what they use as a reason to actually talk instead of reassuring each other through their teeth.  The problem is they both want what’s best for the other, but can’t totally hide how much giving up and stepping back hurts them, so they can see through the lies.  Yes, Shiro says the Black Lion choose Keith and he’s happy for him, but when he’s tense and unhappy the rest of the time, it makes it look like bullshit.  When Keith pulls away from the team and claims it’s for Shiro’s own good, it yanks away yet another all too tenuous support beam, when the others are already in the process of dissolving, and it’s a rejection of everything Keith has that Shiro so desperately wants back.

Like, if they could just say ‘look, this is how it is, this is how I feel, this is why I’m acting like this, I’m hurt even if it’s not your fault’, then yes, they’d be back to baseline.  Stronger, even, because for once they’re not trying to support the other to the point of bashing headfirst into each other and hurting themselves.

Keith’s decision could be why.  Lotor could be why.  One of them fucking going ‘hey maybe I can give communication a go’ could be why.

But, hey, fandom, how’s about we try fucking having a two sided argument without demonizing one side of the other for just two goddamn minutes

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Seems like Saiko really love to torture Urie doesn't she? Since the beginning with choco chip marker incident, drawing him in the form of hulk and put the drawing in his room and then we have this. She failed to make curry and gave him instant curry instead. The next day when it comes to Hsiao to cook, she took over and made that weird dish and gave it to Urie. I mean, their relationship is so sweet and cute lol

I love their relationship too!

You know what people says: “those who fight, desire each other”. Saiko’s feelings are tremendously innocent, she is in love with Urie, but he doesn’t see her as a potential partner, and thus she tries to annoy him and get his attention trough it (which is quite common with children and teenagers). However, she is also sweet and affectionate with her loved ones, which makes their relationship perfect.

I am honestly angry with Urie in this omakes,  I can’t even believe that being able to have cute Saiko cooking for him, he dedicates his time to think about sexy Hsiao.

Urie has a fetish for women in apron..

At least that’s something to look forward to“ 

No wonder why this omake is introduced as a blasphemy, the title is ACCURATE at the time to express my exact thoughts.

Just for this, Urie deserves that curry fish, and hope he eats it, ALL.

Have a nice day anon! I pray we get more of their relationship in the future 🙇