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BTS reaction - you feel like the least important friend in your group

How would react the boys (BTS) if you feel like this ? If you feel like “invisible”, useless, the least important person for your friends and the other persons you talk with ? You can reject this request. Thanks for reading. 

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“Y/N, is everything okey? You wanna talk?”

He would see that there was something wrong and would listen to everything you had to say. He would give you good advice and remind you how much you mean to him, and probably tell your closest friends how you felt. Namjoon would be hurt that you felt useless and always be there for/with you.

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*looks at you with sad eyes and gives you a big hug*

I feel like if you told him, he would be very sad that you couldn’t see how much you mean to him and your friends. He would do small cute things for you to remind you how important you are. Jin would sometimes cook or sing for you and try his best for you to be happy and smile.

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“Do you want to talk about it or just cuddle?”

Yoongi would give you a worried look and be extra affectionate to remind you that your so so so important to him and he couldn’t imagine a life without you. He would cuddle with you at all times and buy you food. He wouldn’t talk too much, just showing you what he wanted to say through actions.

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“I love you, you mean so much to me, I love youuu”

You told him how you felt after him finding you crying in your bedroom. He would be totally shocked finding your happy soul crying, and run to your side asking what was up. He would try his best to cheer you up, doing silly things and keep telling you that he loves you.

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“Talk to me, tell me whats wrong babe”

Jimin would be super worried seeing you feeling like this. He would hug you and you would tell him what was on your mind. After you told him everything he would kiss your cheek, looking you in the eyes and tell you that you are important and that he loves you so much.

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“Noo, baby come here”

Taehyung wouldn’t notice that fast, but after some time he would ask if everything were okey. He would give you a lot of hugs and kisses, singing and dancing trying to make you happy. He would tell you that you mean so much to him every night before you fall asleep, kissing your forehead.

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“Please don’t say that”

He would be so confused that you couldn’t see what he saw. For him you were everything and he and your friends loved you so much. He would be hurt seeing the tears in your eyes as you told him how you felt. He would give you a big hug telling you to not say stuff like that and that he loves you.

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Time To Chill.......

Ok. I had a business dinner last night, and am just catching up. I logged in to what feels like “picturegeddon”. WTH???

Here is what I see…..it is a cute pic of Sam and Cait at the party. Quite frankly, Cait looks a little drunk, (and who can blame her after the last two weeks!), and Sam seems to be supporting her and happy to do it. I found it interesting that they were standing like this right in front of “others” and looks like a photographer walked by and said say cheese! My guess is that Cait had her arm that way not because she didn’t want to touch him, but because they already were, and that is a no-no….at least right now. You see, that is the problem with SC….they are magnets to one another, and why they have had to appear seperate during this latest shitshow. If they are anywhere near each other….they drift right on in, and that flies in the face of the current narrative. Think of this as Baftas…part 2! The parallels are right there, and we know how “happy” they were there (not)! And we would have bought it had that backstage picture not come out. This is exactly the same.

I completely understand that angst and emotions of the past two weeks, and we are entitled to them. But for heaven’s sake…stop looking for the sky to fall. We all agreed that we would not write this bs narrative for them, and don’t you find it intersting that after a day of silence on Shaggy and Scooby, we actually saw SC emerge a little (on TW, and then that pic). Have you ever thought that just maybe they were glad someone believed in them when they are spinning in this shitshow themselves?? I have said this before….when it’s dry and dusty, people are edgy, yet when it rains to clean it up we bitch about the rain!!

It is ok to think and feel, but I am sticking to what I have always seen (people….did you forget everything from January??), and I am still sitting back watching, smiling sometimes and snarking at others, but SC are still there. I can also point out quite a few “staged” events, just from the weekend alone, but I won’t put them here. Like I said earlier…I won’t write their narrative for them, and based on the carefully placed shots and everything else we have seen, they are reading our blogs and we are feeding it. If you want to feed it, feed it with what you want to see, not with help to perpetuate it. That picture was proof. And, we should be reblogging the hell out of it, not tearing it apart. We will get enough of that when Shaggy shows back up. After all, that one has been through the car wash and simonized!! But remember, you can’t really polish a clunker. And always admire the “classics” when you see them, and SC were the classics at that party.

Try to have a good Tuesday sweet shipsters. Love to you all, and find your chill. Trust me, it’s there!!😚😍❤

Another Shitty Crowd

Fuck this crowd honestly. Here Seth is talking about his injury. Saying he feels like he deserves this. You can SEE the emotional damage it’s causing him. The man is on the verge of tears for fucks sake, and these people have the fucking balls to chant ‘CM Punk’. News flash motherfuckers. He doesn’t fucking wrestle anymore. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was a Punk fan but DAMN get over it. He has. He’s moved on with his life. Chanting his name in the middle of other wrestlers promos, matches and interviews isn’t going to make him come back.

Oh God, I am so in love with you. I am wrapped around your perfect little finger. I love everything about you, even though you break my heart every single day. This poem isn’t filled with metaphors or romanticized ideas. It’s really not even a poem. I’ve stopped seeing things through rose colored glasses. I can see that you don’t love me. I often think about how I would die for you. Why do you say that you love me? You don’t. You don’t love me. I know you don’t love me. I can see you holding his hand. I see you avoiding me to be with him. You call him your prince, and I am your “best friend.” Sure. That’s not true either. I love you with every fiber of my being. I love you. I am so in love with you. I would die for you. Do you even like me? No, of course you don’t. Who am I kidding? Your prince, who was once my friend, is now my mortal enemy. You did that. We could’ve been happy. He’s just better for you, I guess. Maybe you just like the concept of dating me because I’m a girl. Who knows?
Oh God. I probably sound crazy. I hope I don’t sound crazy. Anyways, you’ll never see this, I hope. I love you oh so much. You’ll never get it. So, please stop lying to me.
—  Unrequited Love by @rosywriting
Seeing you in the hallway makes my stomach drop to my knees. I feel like I can’t breathe when I’m around you. I attempt to say “hi” but the word just doesn’t come out. You have no idea how infatuated I am with you.
—  infatuated // 1:19pm

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tim is pissed off at jason for making a tumblr post that says 'stop👏over👏sexualizing👏tim👏drake👏 he's only six and doesn't know what thicc means' and tim complains to his girlfriend about it and later he sees that's she's reblogged jason's post saying 'as his best friend i can confirm this' and tim is like ¿¿she didn't only roast me but she friend zoned me online?? and people think they've broken up cause she friend zoned him and it's all a big mess till bruce is like FIX THIS NOW

This is one if the best Tim requests I’ve ever gotten

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Can you do a mckirk prompt where there's some sort of transporter malfunction (because there's always is) and Jim is beamed aboard but can't be seen or felt, and everyone thinks he's dead and he can see and hear everything?

  • Jim doesn’t feel any different when he’s beamed back on board. Honestly, he feels fine. The two redshirts and Chekov, however, look pale and confused. “Where is Captin Kirk?” Chekov asks. “Here-” Jim starts, but he’s cut off by Scotty. “He should’ve beamed aboard with you lads,” he says. “I’m. Here,” Jim repeats, watching Chekov step off the platform and approach Scotty’s work station. Together, they seem to be focusing on trying to find him down on the planet they previously visited, and ignore all of Jim’s calls to them.  The two red shirts walk straight by him, too. So, he’s invisible? After exactly two seconds of sheer panic, Jim’s lips turn into a grin. He can at least have some fun with this.
  • Spock is on the Bridge when Jim arrives. The doors slide open for him, oddly enough, but the crew see no one arrive. Odd as that is, no one seems alarmed by it, as malfunctions happen quite regularly when Jim lets Scotty tinker freely on the ship. “Mr. Scott,” Spock speaks into the communicator, “please provide us a proper explanation when you tell me “I lost Kirk”. That’s impossible.“ Jim’s reaches out, a hand on Spock’s shoulder to startle him, but the other doesn’t seem to feel it at all.
  • Apparently the whole ship just loses it because they lost their captain, who’s mostly just fucking with Sulu’s and Spock’s workstations at this point. He’s trying to get a message across to Uhura for a while, too, hoping he can find a way to mess with the frequencies she listens to, but to no avail. “Captain Kirk was with us when we were beamed up,” Chekov says when Jim follows Spock to Scotty and the others. “I cannae pick him up on the scanners, sir,” Scotty says to Spock, who frowns ever so lightly when he’s stressed. “Send a search party down,” Spock says, “make sure to scan the surface again.” “Aye, sir,” Scotty says.
  • Jim strolls to medbay, hoping that somehow Bones can sense him. It’s all fun and games to be invisible, but the fun wears off really fast when Jim has this constant state of needing attention. This way, he’s not getting any. But Bones doesn’t see him at all. He doesn’t even know anything is wrong, because he’s working on the archives in med, and keeps himself occupied with that until Spock calls him over, too.
  • Everyone searches the surface all night. Spock doesn’t want to leave until they found him, which even surprises Jim because they’re on schedule, and it goes against the prime directive. Bones is on the surface, too, going around in an attempt to try and find his best friend. Jim wishes he could be beamed down again, but to no avail. 
  • “I retraced our steps,“ Scotty says to Spock and Bones when they’re back on the ship, “I can definitely see that we picked up Kirk when we beamed you up from that planet.” “But he isn’t here now, is he?” Bones counters. “Well, no. There was a malfunction in the transporter. His particles aren’t properly reattached.” “What does that mean?” Spock asks, “where is Jim now?” “Theoretically,” Scotty says, and he cringes a little while he speaks, “he just ceased to exist.” “Damn it, Scotty,” Bones calls out to him, “I didn’t bring Jim back from the dead just to have him leave again.” “I’m sorry, doctor,” Scotty says, “I cannae do more than this.”
  • It’s not true. Jim knows he still exists. The ship knows he still exists because it reacts to his presence. The doors to his quarters slide open just as it always did. If he tries hard enough, even certain buttons on his captain’s chair react to him, though it’s always too exhausting to actually send a message, no matter how hard he tries. But none of the humans seem to respond to anything. Not a touch of his hand or him calling -hell, even crying, screaming- out their names. The mood in the ship is at an all time low, too, and Jim feels just as bad. He follows Spock and Uhura for the longest time to try and draw their attention, but to no avail. They can’t stay at the planet longer, and so they leave, despite no one wanting to.
  • Bones is a whole different story. Bones is a mess. Jim’s never seen his reaction to Jim dying at the hands of Khan, but he can witness it again close up now. Bones just drinks himself to sleep and does the very same thing the next day. Doesn’t even show up for work. Spock doesn’t question it, just schedules him offline while Bones allows himself to wallow in self pity. Jim lies next to him, quietly watching his best friend go through hours of stupid footage they shot on the ship. Mostly Jim filming those short 5 second videos roaming the Enterprise’s hallways and praising literally every nook and cranny. Small shots of Bones and Jim drinking in the bar together, lots of footage of Bones calling out Jim for his erratic and idiotic behavior. Jim feels just as miserable as Bones looks, because he isn’t dead, but everyone treats him as such.
  • Bones is still a mess, but after the self pity doesn’t make him feel any better, he just kind of buries himself in work. And that’s when Jim gets an idea. Because Bones takes those long, steamy showers, and Jim reaches out for the foggy mirror in the bathroom. “I’m Here,” he writes on the mirror with his fingers, and then watches Bones step out of the water, drying himself off quietly. In any other situation, Jim would’ve found that distracting, but he’s too eager to watch Bones’ reaction. Bones wraps that towel around his waist and approaches the mirror, frowning at the fading message written down. Instead of questioning that, he just wipes it away with his hand and instead focuses on shaving. “God damn it, Bones,” Jim mutters under his breath.
  • He tries again the next time Bones showers. “Bones. Jim here.” he writes. That, at least, sparks Bones’ attention when he reads it. “Jim?” “Yes!” Jim calls out, realizing Bones can’t hear that. So he just draws a quick smiley on the mirror before that, too, fades. “You’re supposed to be dead,” Bones says, though Jim can hear the sheer relief in his voice. The foggy mirror is quickly clearing up, though, and so Bones turns on the faucet to hot, pretty much wasting his hot water. “Help?” Jim writes down, and Bones nods. “I’ll talk to Scotty and Spock.” Jim nods, realizing Bones can’t see that, and so Jim watches Bones get dressed and head out the door; following him closely.
  • Scotty figures it out after a few hours. Or so he thinks. Because Scotty’s technically not sure what even malfunctioned in the first place. They fix it by flying towards the nearest Class M Planet, and Bones and Spock beam down together, and Jim stands on his own platform, too. He’s beamed down with them, though that doesn’t seem to do the exact trick. The scanners do finally pick him up when he’s about to be beamed back up, and somehow being put together in an actual body after being invisible for a few days is not a painless process. Jim has a pounding headache when he opens his eyes, and he’s on the floor. Bones is kneeling down next to him, one of his ever-beeping machines pressed against his cheek. Spock is on his other side. “Are you okay?” Spock asks, and Jim nods. “I feel like I’ve been put through a blender.” “That seems like an accurate description of what happened,” Scotty says, and Jim huffs. Bones helps him stand up straight, though his knees still feel weak. “I’ll get you to your quarters,” Bones says, and Spock nods.
  • Jim groans when his back finally hits the mattress. Rather than letting Bones leave, though, he grabs his hand and pulls him down, too. “Thank you,” Jim says, “now stay for a little while.” “Fine,” Bones says as though it’s so much effort to do so. Jim rolls to his side, sliding an arm around Bones’ waist, and smiling fondly as Bones raises his eyebrows. “I’m just glad you managed to figure it out,” Jim says, and Bones shrugs. “I didn’t do much. I thought you were dead.” “That’s true, you were even more miserable as when we first met,” Jim points out, and Bones scoffs. “So not true.” “I saw you watching my video recordings over and over again, Bones. There’s no denying. You love me so much,” Jim jokes, but Bones looks eerily serious. “I do,” he says, and now Jim raises an eyebrow. “What-” “I do love you,” Bones says, “I thought you were dead and it just wrecked me. I’m not even gonna lie about that.” “You couldn’t, because I saw. I was there. I spent the last few days with you,” Jim points out, “I tried to hard to get that message across-” he’s cut off when Bones leans in and kisses him. Maybe it’s just that stress relief, maybe it’s more than that. But Jim is happy to receive that, sliding his arms up to wrap them around his shoulders, keeping him close for a little while. “What I was trying to say,” Jim continues when Bones pulls away, and he smiles fondly when the other rolls his eyes since Jim’s still talking, “is that I love you too, Bones.”

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I feel there is very little, although very strong, evidence for Tythan. We just need to see another year of these guys together to collect the juicy evidence :)

I really hope that it’s real because they are so perfect together. But even as ‘just friends’ they’re perfect af.

Imagine if they come out and then we might get lots of Tythan pics from them??? Like Tyler saying something cheesy like 'took my boy out for ice cream’ or something with a pic of him and Ethan eating ice cream whith Tylers arm around him tightly to prove Ethan’s his and ughh! Can you imagine that???

OR A PIC OF ETHAN WHERE HE’S SLEEPIN ON TYLER and then Eth is all pouty when he finds out

I’m very sorry my hand slipped and all that came out cx okay Imma leave now

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(mind reading anon here again. Imma start tagging my ask as "Monii" cause i have no tumblr *cries in korean*) So about that run episode like umm what..okay umm..Jimin was laughing too much/looked too happy for someone being manhandled by someone younger than him and Jungkook looked too natural and at ease in his role. I swear BigHit was like: so we read this fanfic and we want you to act it out. JK&JM: YES! Absolutely! Sure! 100%! *coughs* BigHit: *regrets but says oh what the heck, go all out!*

hi Monii ^^ *cries in every language* i can’t believe you don’t have a blog i’ve already planned  our wedding wtf

first of all ,it was so hot seeing that , not only because it’s like watching the kinkiest fanfic , but it’s because the whole situation was too natural for them to be only for acting ,i mean the whole jungkook manhandling jimin thing looked too casual too natural  for it to be only for a scene, like you said jungkook was so at ease playing his role , and that spank was unnecessarily too hard , don’t you think ?? i mean did you hear the sound it made? 

and most importantly jimin was loving it man, and i’m not saying this as a joke , jimin my man was giggling during the whole thing , cheeks blushing and stuff , he was having a quality time . what i’m saying is ; he sort of enjoyed it too much for someone being treated so roughly by someone younger than him i have to say.

Personally, I’m glad Lewis opted not to make many (if any) allusions or comparisons to Batman V Superman during the World’s Finest review. Not to say I don’t enjoy reading or watching those, or that I’d like to see him explain why World’s Finest is the better product, just that, if he’d left the door open to do so, odds are, it would’ve taken up too much of the review. I’m glad he just reviewed the movie for what it was so that we can draw our own conclusions.

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Sam just doesn't ring my bell anymore, like he used to. I wonder if all this f**kery causing me to see him in a different light, has made me realize he's just ok?

I get it, anon. What did it for me was all the bullshit last summer/fall with Shitner.  I still think he’s a great person and all the things everyone says he is and he has the best of intentions but a lot of the way situations have been handled that he’s involved in have not been good and it’s soured me on him a bit, unfortunately. That being said, nobody can make Caitriona light up and laugh the way he can and at this point I love him about 10 times more when it’s in relation to Cait. 

ult stevetony: ‘when in rome’

for my stony bingo card.

Tony’s slowly sipping wine. It’s not his favourite type, but it’ll do; it’s only just the morning. He’ll find something nice for the evening.

Steve’s heading towards him, frowning already, Tony sighs. This mission is plain boring, and really, forcing the Ultimates to go to Europe and chase made-up dangers? Steve should agree with him, but he clearly doesn’t.

But then Steve reaches him. “Ran out of vodka, Stark?” he asks.

Tony laughs, delighted, raises his wine glass. “You know what they say, darling. When in Rome …”

“Change your poison of choice, I see,” Steve says.

“I don’t really need a poison, now, do I?” Tony asks.

Steve looks at him sharply; something like concern in his eyes, and no, Tony can’t take it; he’s Iron Man precisely because he doesn’t want pity or months left to live.

“If something happens here, you should be sober,” Steve says finally, and good, good, they’re back to familiar territories.

“I’m basically sober,” Tony says brightly. “Nothing stronger than wine all day.”

Steve stares at him.

And I designed the suit. I can pilot it drunk.”

What would be the point otherwise, really?

Tony licks his lips—he probably looks like he’s wearing a very dark lipstick already; the joys of red wine—and Steve tenses.

Huh, Tony thinks, and does it again.

Steve’s breath catches.

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Hi! I remember you saying that you have a lot of ask in you inbox before when you couldn't answer and the like and I was wondering if you are done with those and if its ok for me to ask you some headcanon about Edward staying in the military after the promised day?

oh friend i’m SO BAD at answering asks and i have Many but always feel free to send me things :) just like, don’t expect me to do anything in a timely manner ever

so ed in the military after promise day:

i think the thing is, for ed, is that he knows he’s famous but he’s never stayed in one place long enough to realize he’s influential

he’s a symbol as much as a person, an ideal of honesty and loyalty and strength that people aspire towards. not that ed knows this of course. he’s busy.

but i can see ed staying in the military because he’s asked, because riza goes to him and says, ‘we need a little help.’ people don’t know how to feel, about grunman and roy and all these sudden changes and confusing stories.

they need someone they can trust. someone who’s of the government but who’s known to not be ruled by it. someone who fights for them, not against them.

the fullmetal alchemist.

so ed’s role would be doing all these awful pr things that he hates, but is oddly good at. ed’s good at reading people and very kind and likes kids. he’s a good public face for the military, and he’s the one they push. then as he starts dealing more with people he realizes how much he matters to them, how much power he really has inside the military with his reputation and people he knows and the things he can do.

and ed becomes what he thought he never would be - a career military man. he doesn’t care about rank, not really, because even as he rises in ranks, they all call him the same thing, even though he’ll never perform a transmutation again - an alchemist

can I just point out how much Hardy has changed since series ½ - he’s twice as lovable, twice as secretly but now more openly sweet, he’s more sensitive and his relationship with Ellie is just adorable. I would say he’s growing soft in his old age, but nah, Ellie has helped Alec to see the light and I just love him and her even more than I could ever explain.

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I feel like im getting a rough read on Corrins personality. Like im reading the supports, but i feel Corrin is too plain in any of them. Like hes always the 'straight man' in a comedy routine. .....I feel hes too normal is what im saying. Which is funny considering his crazy background.

I think it’s another thing players can judge him badly for but I personally think it’s hilarious ^^ As someone who’s usually the (only) “straight man” in every funny situation, I was able to really relate to him in his supports thanks to that. He’s calm but you can see his stillness varies depending on who he’s talking to, as his patience wears off faster with some characters: when he understands that Laslow wants to use him to attract girls and not “actually” have lunch/tea/whatever with him, he turns cold and irritated; Odin confuses him and exhaustes him; Peri dumbfounds and worries him… while he acts like a curious and eager-to-learn-more-about-his-mom kid with Orochi; like a kind, protective but somewhat strict older brother to Elise and like an embarassed “adult wannabe” with Camilla (which actually shows an immature side of him). His background (and those close to him) is crazy, but he’s not. I wouldn’t say Kamui is “plain” (or maybe he is, and in this case I sure am as well): there’s the fact that everything and everyone around him is insane, extreme or extravagant, while he’s just… calm. I think the contrast gives this impression. Yes, of course, he’s a very flawed character and I know like everyone complains about his personality but hey, I don’t really care. I really like him.

Still, it’s pretty funny xD

“The Force did protect me,” Chirrut says, and Baze scowls and corrects, “I protected you.”

And really, it’s all the same thing, because when Chirrut says The Force protected me, what he really means is The Force gave you to me, the Force brought us together, the Force flows through every living thing and it flows so brightly in you. When he says The Force is with me, he means You are with me, and the Force binds us so close together. When he says All is as the Force wills it, he means How can I ever doubt the Force when it brought something as wonderful as you into my life?

So when Chirrut says “The Force protected me,” what he means is that the Force brought him to Baze, that the Force linked them in ways too deep to even imagine, that the Force burns so fiercely in Baze that Chirrut is surprised he can’t see it himself.

So when Baze says “I protected you,” Chirrut doesn’t argue, because really, they both mean the same thing.

Marco receives a big box of stuff from Mewni from Star every month and he’s always so excited to see what she gets him. She always leaves a little note in there saying things like

“I still miss you! I hope you are doing okay in school and Jackie’s treating you good. I still can’t leave my room until Toffee goes away, but its okay!! I get to read a lot and play with dolls. Im not too old!!! I put one in here though so you can have as much fun as I’m having! Please write me back! Love you forever ❤ Star”

Marco holds the little cloth doll in his hands and smiles. Its cute….it looks like she made it. The box is also full of some cute stationary and like..a ton of corn..

He shows it all to Janna and she just rolls her eyes. “That’s cool. Star and I talk like, every day.”

“What?!? How?”

“Oh, it’s witchy stuff. You wouldn’t understand.”

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What is Lossi's story? I'm new

Oh gosh… how do I… Uhh… So Lossi is a digital program and a part of Under.net (ya can find that here @askundernet ) but when he arrived in under.net he had “forgotten” mostly everything about his identity. @butterapplego character Sai found Lossi and sorta… looked after him/ended up falling in love with him. The two bonded and unfortunately Lossi was taken, several months into their relationship, by an unknown presence (if you search for “the lost Sans event” you can see that part of the story). A synopsis is Lossi was put in a box in a random AU and people had to solve riddles to find the answer. Once Lossi was released he regained all the memories he forgot, remembered about himself and realized he was part of under.net and whatnot. He (after being in the hospital) was able to resume being with Sai and his friends. Since then Sai proposed and Lossi recently discovered he was pregnant. Yeah, that sums it up…


I miss spazzy Carl. Peter’s always such a handful that Carl often looks like a regular dad-person by comparison. People seems to forget that Peter Doherty, who wears mismatched shoes and ductapped jeans and asks for tin foil to cook eggs in, sees a soulmate in this man, what does that say about him?


(I was so sure there was a gifset of this moment but I can’t seem to find it. Let me know if you’ve posted it and want this taken down)