i can see everything now

das fünf
  1. It’s been in the 90’s all week and it’ll continue through the weekend. To me, this is perfect fall weather. Sorry not sorry. Summer r00lz.
  2. Maximum Super Difficult Adult Conversation Achievement unlocked. Beer me hard.
  3. After three years of procrastinating, today I moved my work monitors onto a proper stand and can see everything now. Metaphor Alert.
  4. The weird part of Kim and Trump’s insult war is that they’re both telling straight truths about the other guy.
  5. Thanks for the asks yesterday/today. Talking about other peoples’ crises took my mind off my own. For a while.
I wish to see mom’s eyes one more time

I wish to see mom’s eyes one more time
I know she’d cry
Ashamed of the disgrace she calls her son
I disappointed you
I betrayed everyone
Now the world is burning
Empires are falling
Mom, look at the fire I started!

I kept these paintings of rage and sorrow
They won’t save me from what I’ve become
Everything’s covered in blood, I can see now
And blood is how I’ll be remembered.

The god complex I was drowning in
The power that ran through my veins
That’s how I lived every day
I ruined hopes and dreams
And innocent ideas died
I poisoned the world with my misery
Claiming to wish to save them
But mom, I was the one that needed to be saved.

I know I won’t be forgiven
I know I won’t be forgotten
Yesterday the masses cheered my name
And today, they want me dead.

Look at me now, mom!
I’m just as I’ve always been, alone
Stuck in this dark room I’ve spent eternities before
With voices in my head screaming revenge
And bleeding nails scratching the floor
I think in this last hour of all the evil that I’ve done
I won’t beg for mercy, I know I don’t deserve it
All I want is to see mom’s eyes for one last time.

Alex A. Roman


Some photos of my kenku costume at Anthrocon 2016, taken by @adammillerstudio! Oh boy did I ever have a lot of fun! The other raven in these photos is @qawstume and the snowy owl we are mobbing is @crystumes, who made both of the blanks that we used for our masks.

If you have any questions about this costume please check out my FAQ!

How can someone make Naruto bitch about Tsunade for “not doing her job properly”, she took this ruined ass village and rebuild it,was the head of the hospital and saved many people lives while she was training Sakura.

You remove a woman that did so much,from the hokage title and you put Kakashi? Why? Because Obito told so? And he does nothing? He’s just warming the seat that Naruto will sit on next?

Like how much do you hate women,Kishimoto?


color doodles from a while ago. 
*coughs* that i almost forgot about 

Here is a simple step by step of a small still life study from last night ( about 1.5hrs ) 1- there are different ways to start but here I begin with my area of focus and paint outwards. 2 - I am constantly thinking about designing cool shapes/value/proportion relationships as I fill in the image. 3 - rough block in is like taking notes of fun ideas you can refine later. It also help with better decision making when you can see everything as a whole early. 4 - now I can push and pull interesting colors I observe up to this point, refine my edges and cut in smaller shape elements to my liking. Thanks for watching~


i’ve accepted my supreme love for gabriel reyes my guys.. i love him so much and i don’t know why.. even him as reaper is just <3____<3 and the laTEST OVW HALLOWEEN COMIC DID NOT HELP AT ALL. LET THE BBY BE HAPPY. HE MADE HIS OWN HALLOWEEN COSTUME. HE NEEDS TO BE HAPPY AND CHERISHED -cries to the sky- 

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Gabriel Reyes©Overwatch


running buddies waiting for the train to pass


you have sixty minutes to complete this test. not a minute more, not a minute less. follow the damn rules, for once.
answer every question to the best of your ability. if the question is too difficult or even unanswerable, raise your hand and someone will come.
(will someone really help? you can never know.)
if you need a drink of water, exit the room and enter the first door on your left. try not to drown, the water fountain leaks.

question 1

which of the following is not like the others?

a) i peer out of the window of my car, road rules be damned. we’re hitting seventy, maybe eighty, and it almost feels like the wind is trying to blow me out of the car and away, away, away. maybe i want it to.

b) the grass feels warm and supple beneath my bare legs, and i pluck out a dandelion. the earth sighs, but i do not hear. as i draw breath, the wind does my job for me, and the wisps have floated away. i never got to make a wish.

c) i’m at the very top of the rollercoaster, and i’m staring down at the fall before me. the wind tips us over, and i’m light as a feather and i’m falling, and i’m not falling anymore, i’m flying, and my wings skim the top of the lake and i fall again.

d) i’m looking at you again, and the wind seems to have found a home in your eyes. a light wind could blow me away, and maybe it does; maybe i’m as fragile as a blank sheet of paper in the wind and just as empty, maybe the sound of the wind against my fingertips is home.

e) the wind is my home, the wind is where i am safe, the wind is all i can hear and my world is disappearing with the wind and my heart is shattering and the pieces are floating away in the wind and there’s something thumping against my chest and it’s the wind; the wind is all i know.

question 2

order the following events in chronological order:

- there is nothing here to find.
- not all wars are cold.
- i can see empires beyond the horizon line.
- life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
- the only part of me not buried in ash is you.
- the guillotine falls again and again and again.
- there is smoke in the air and smoke inside me.
- i sign myself away with a stroke of a quill.
- our monuments have all crumbled.
- we notch our arrows and let fly our bullets.
- rise up, rise up, rise up.
- how did this happen?

question 3

identify which of the following statements are true and which are false:

i. when i bite the my lips i taste blood
ii. when i bite yours i taste ichor
iii. did you fall from the sky to meet me?
iv. or did i rise from the earth to find you?
v. yes, i can see it now, i can see it all
vi. maybe that’s why everything you touch turns to gold
vii. and everything i touch shatters

question 4

is there a right answer for anything? or is it just the stars whispering nonsense in your ears, trying to watch you explode like they themselves did so many billions of years ago? is it just the rain hitting the paper? or is it the ink from your standardized 0.7 pilot gel pen spilling out in quicksilver rivulets all around you?

(use mla citations, and use the space below - all 93 billion light-years of space provided must be utilized.)

you have completed the test. congratulations.

this was the easy part. step outside the door to your right, and face the world again. that’s the hard part.

- the final // s.g

I hope you’re ok… I’m worried
—  WordsThatICantSeemToSay






hey guys heres a terrifying thought

homestuck, john dies at the end, and the adventure zone all have weirdly similar fanbases that are, in some cases, nearly impossible to tell apart


Desperate times, desperate measures. Or something like that

(What she’s referring to)


oneill_center The first performance of Tom Kitt & John Logan’s new musical SUPERHERO is tonight in the Barn! Jason Moore directs and Kelli O'Hara and James Snyder lead the cast. #oneillsummer

The amulet of Daylight and its armor and sword were, presumably, created together since the amulet summons the armor and sword to appear, correct? You can’t get the armor and sword without first using the amulet. By all accounts, from what we’ve seen, it shouldn’t be possible then for the amulet and armor to be capable of separating when the armor is in use. The amulet was designed to fit into the armor’s breastplate. That’s where it belongs.

until Jim inserts the last Triumbric Stone and summons Eclipse.

And Jim doesn’t rip the amulet out either, right? The amulet just doesn’t insert itself into the armor after the transformation like it normally does. Instead, it falls back into Jim’s hand and once the bridge is opened Jim lets it hit the ground behind him and the amulet doesn’t make to go after him. Almost like the amulet and armor aren’t compatible with each other anymore.

Which of course makes sense, since the amulet was crafted to house Daylight. You could argue it was meant to house Eclipse too, since Merlin was also responsible for that power’s creation, but the dude seemed pretty set on hiding Eclipse from everyone forever. Maybe he realized it was bad news when he was experimenting with it, for the amulet or the wielder. If Daylight is Merlin’s glory maybe Eclipse is his mistake. Or maybe Daylight and Eclipse are just two opposing forces that can’t coexist in the amulet.

I lean towards the former because of the amulet’s reluctance to bond to the Eclipse armor even with the Triumbic Stones in place. It’s like the connection between the amulet and armor has been severed, as if the amulet has been rewired in a sense by the addition of the Stones, as if the amulet is rejecting bonding to Eclipse. If Eclipse was meant to be there, the amulet and armor would have automatically bonded together as normal. It would’ve been a smooth transition, natural. It wasn’t.

This is just one of many red flags that speak of ill fortune for Jim and the amulet because of Eclipse. Toby is the first to point out that the “evil poem” about Eclipse makes him uneasy. The poem itself pretty much states that you can’t be “worthy” of the amulet to prevail with Eclipse, which sounds like Jim might lose what made him worthy of Daylight while wielding Eclipse. It’s literally powered by Gunmar. Its red and black like Bular, like the infamous “Dark Side” in Star Wars…

Its use, under the circumstances, goes against Jim’s duty as a Trollhunter as well. Protection. Keeping the peace. The Greater Good. Kanjigar stresses this to Jim when Jim wants to save Claire’s brother at the risk of opening the bridge. In the finale when Jim chooses to use Eclipse over Daylight, he’s taking protection to the personal extreme. He’s not keeping the peace by picking a fight with Gunmar. And he’s not thinking about the Greater Good. He’s thinking about Aaarrrghhh!’s loss. He’s thinking about his mother’s brush with death. He’s thinking about Blinky and the friends Gunmar has threatened to take away from him.

This is all dangerous. Its the reason Kanjigar initially opposed Jim working with others, because he was gonna get his friends killed or his friends were gonna get him killed. That’s not to say that the Trollhunter doctrine isn’t without flaws however, as Kanjigar admits in the end that Jim’s friends have been a great help to him. It hints that maybe, if Eclipse is supposed to be the opposite of Daylight, some good can come from it where Daylight and the Trollhunter doctrine fail per se. I don’t think Daylight and Eclipse are cut and dry Good and Bad. But I do think Eclipse is more dangerous, is capable of more readily causing bad if not controlled.

And I do think, no matter what happens, its going to leave Jim and the amulet changed, as evidenced already by the amulet’s seemingly severed connection with its armor. I do think, no matter what happens, the amulet, like Jim, is never again going to quite fit where it used to belong.

Even if the Triumbric Stones can be removed if need be, I don’t think its going to totally undo what’s been done, not after we saw Jim “leveling up” with new weapons after gaining each Stone, not if Eclipse has a big impact on the story. The writers wouldn’t be so quick to take that away. Jim will probably have to live with the consequences of his decisions, whether he likes it or not.

Personally I’d like to see Eclipse initially damaging Jim and the amulet, but when he returns home he finds the Triumbric Stones can’t be easily removed (if removed at all) from the amulet so he’s kinda stuck with Eclipse along with Daylight. He has to learn to master both powers, at a great reluctance at first because he’s experienced how bad Eclipse can be firsthand and isn’t eager to repeat all that. But this eventually levels out into an easy balance of the two forces. Sorta like, Jim has to live with his bad choices, but he’s gonna try to make the best out of a bad situation.

I get that everyone's mad at Bran for bringing That up, but hear me out...

I think that may have given Sansa even more of a push not to listen to Littlefinger, and may even push her to do something more drastic or dramatic.

Throughout this season and the end of the last, Sansa has been shutting Littlefinger down every chance she gets, but she’s not dismissed him. He’s still with her, giving her council.

I think Bran’s comments about her marriage to Ramsay may give her a reminder of who, precisely, put her in that position. Who sold her out to a bastard (literally) and a monster of a human being (if he can even be considered that)? Who was responsible for her father’s death in King’s Landing? Who keeps switching sides, again and again?

Precisely. And Bran has just reminded her of those little facts.

Now, will this be the push to actually do something about Littlefinger? Who knows? But we know that there’s a good chance something happens to him this season. Why?

The dagger.

The Catspaw dagger that was last known to be in Littlefinger’s possession, and was shown to be in Arya Stark’s belt on the front page of Entertainment Weekly. Arya, as we know, is almost back to Winterfell, where Sansa, Littlefinger, and now Bran are all located. How will Arya get this dagger from Littlefinger? He could give it to her, yes, but I think there’s a different reason for Arya’s new ownership.

I think Arya may kill Littlefinger, because of what he’s done to her family.

Bran knows the full story. He admitted it himself in his scene with Sansa at the base of the Werewood Tree: “[being the Three-Eyed Raven] means I can see everything; everything that’s ever happened to everyone” (7x03). Now, will he tell Arya and Sansa the full extent of Littlefinger’s betrayal, or will something entirely different happen?

I don’t know; all I know is that there has to be a reason Bran chose THAT specific event to remind Sansa of.

(Please excuse this stream of consciousness that evolved into a possible plot thread.)